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The "fine print" this page is the stuff from this week 9/11/2001
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Subject: [BRC-NEWS] Even In The Ruins, Race Matters

The Black World Today

September 27, 2001

Even In The Ruins, Race Matters By
Playthell Benjamin

One morning a few days after the terrorist attack on the
World Trade Center a young Afro-American woman called
 in to C-Span and asked whether all the talk about the new
unity of purpose being forged in the fires of adversity would
 survive after the state of emergency had passed, "or will
 racism still be here?" Judging by the phone calls that
ensued many listeners, this writer included, thought it a

Of course racism will be with us long after this incident recedes
into memory, most callers argued. And after listening to James' story, (he asked that his last name not be used) one of the few African American men working on the site, that naivete seems magnified.

"There is racism all over down in the disaster area," he
says "and it's blatant too!"

Perhaps, along with a history of racist exclusion in the
 uniform services and the building trades, that's why we
 observe a sea of white faces every time we are given a
tour of the site on TV. "See, part of the problem is that there
 are a lot of out of town guys that they have put in authoritative positions, and they don't know how to deal with diverse races because many of them come from all white towns around the country where they  have never had to deal with black and
Hispanic people."

According to James the problem for black construction
workers, who are a small percentage of the rescue force,
begins when they approach the site. "There are thousands
 of workers down there, and to enter the site you have to go
through armed checkpoints," he says," one guy will ask you
for your ID and another guy standing two feet from him
watching the whole procedure will stop you and put you
through it again." And he was quick to point that this was
the attitude of the armed white men securing ground zero
whether they were military or civilian cops.

"If you are my color," James says, pointing to his rich
ebony colored skin, "you can see the pure racism on their
faces." However light brown skin Hispanics and
Afro-Americans are encountering even bigger problems.
 "But if you are just dark enough to be an Arab, then you
 really got a problem. My cousin is light skin and he gets
 a lot of hassles.

"When we walk through check points it's usually three of
us and we all have the same union issue and state ID's, but
they let us pass and pull him aside. He and I have the same
last name but that doesn't matter; sometimes they detain
him for ten minutes or more just checking out his ID. But
 while they be checking us out to the max, always calling in
supervisors to double check our ID's, the white boys just
flash their cards and walk on through."

Work clothes have been donated to the rescue workers in
such abundance that the site managers are giving them
away to workers. But James tells us "If you are black and
walking off the site with one of the big bags they give you
to carry the work gear you are asking for trouble. We often
get stopped leaving the site. A crowd of black and white
 workers can approach the security people with bags and
they pull the black workers over, like they suspect us of
 looting or something.
 I mean their whole body language during the interrogation
is aggressive, looking us up and down with their hands on
 their guns. It's really annoying, seems like every single day
there's something. But you just look past it because we've
got a serious job to do. But we talk about it all the time
amongst ourselves."

The real drag about all the suspicion of looting is that
James has witnessed white cops looting. Recently some media
talking heads were expressing disbelief that any of "these
heroes could be engaged in looting." Perhaps that's why they
are not reporting incidents like the one James describes:
"See, there are still a lot of stores in the disaster area
that have broken windows and at night some of these areas
are without lights. So it's a thieves paradise except there
aren't suppose to be any thieves out there, and it would be
nearly impossible for them to get off the site with there
loot. But the other night I saw six white cops get busted
with several Rolex wristwatches that they had stolen from an
expensive shop in the financial district. I saw this happen
but I have not seen a word of it on television!"

Having gone into the Navy right out of high school, where he
was a basketball star with college scholarship offers, James
has recently returned to civilian life and is resuming his
education. Since his college is located in the disaster
area, he is not falling behind in his classes. A sensitive
and intelligent young man who is barely twenty, James is
highly conscious of the role misguided American foreign
policy has contributed to the rise of militant Islam.

The aircraft carrier on which he was assigned once steamed
to the Persian Gulf and participated in an action against
Iraq. At the time he didn't understand the purpose of the
mission but as a flight director on deck "I saw the weapons
director load the planes with weapons and they came back
empty." This experience has made him skeptical of what the
media or government tells us about what's going on in the
world, and he is far less hawkish than the politicians
calling for the invasion of Afghanistan.

After spending many hours digging through the rubble James
believes that the final toll maybe exceed the present
estimate of around 6,400 casualties. As the stench of death
grows more pronounced with each passing day at the site,
James finds that his military training helps him to cope
with the grotesque reality that now consumes twelve hours of
his day. "The smell of rotting bodies is getting so bad that
they may eventually have to evacuate some parts of this
city," he says. "Right now some of the guys I'm working with
are getting sick because they can't eat their lunch after
smelling the stench. But the military trained me to cope
with a situation where mass killing was taking place."

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    Turning Off Volume.com

    Turning Off Volume.com
Add another "urban entertainment site"
to the dot-com dustbin: Volume.com,

backed by  Home Box Office (HBO)

, is shutting down. A spokeswoman for HBO, which is owned by AOL  Time Warner, blamed adverse economic conditions on the closure.  "There isn't a viable marketplace for the site to be profitable," she said.   The failure of Volume.com, headed up CEO Kevin Dowdell, a former HBO executive, follows a  string of similar shutdowns of Web properties targeted to minority audiences: Urban Box Office, Hookt, and 360HipHip have been closed or sold. Yet, high-profile sites such as  Blackplanet.com and BET.com remain in operation.
  A heartfelt e-mail apparently sent from Volume.com execs instructs users to write  their thoughts on a "Goodbye" message board. In an ironic twist, users get a dead link

victims of hype


    Feds Worry About Monopolistic
 Music Subscription Services
   by Thomas Coyle
   In an apparent bid to root out illegal price-setting, the
   Department of Justice wants to know how several online music
   distributors arrived at the fees they intend to charge users for
   downloading music from the Internet, according to today's Wall
   Street Journal.

   To that end, the Justice department has issued civil subpoenas
   demanding that online music distributors, as well as the Recording
   Industry Association of America--a music industry lobbying group
   that represents Big Five music companies Sony, Vivendi, AOL Time
   Warner, EMI, and Bertelsmann--hand over documents showing
   how they set user and licensing fees.

   The move could put a serious wrinkle
 in the large labels' attempts to dominate
online music distribution.
   With Napster's free-for-all distribution model
effectively quashed under the weight of legal action
 by the Big Five, online music distribution is about to
 be dominated by two rival (though as yet
 commercially inactive) ventures in which the Big
Five themselves play huge parts.

  One is Pressplay, a joint venture of media companies
Sony and Vivendi, and software-maker Microsoft, which
 supplies the technology. Pressplay's rival, meanwhile,
 is MusicNet, a joint venture of AOL Time Warner,
 Bertelsmann, and EMI that uses RealNetworks' technology
  The latest phase of the federal probe, which became public
 in August, is focused on  whether the labels have used
 their copyright power over musical recordings to fiddle
 with the amount they would pay artists, but especially the
 amount they would charge   consumers.

   "The issue from the consumer standpoint is similar to
 the early days of CDs," said David Bench, an analyst with
 Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder. "Compact disks were more
expensive that vinyl recordings, even though the cost of
manufacturing them was lower. It was a case of
   how much they could get away with charging."

An abundance of nice hypocrisy hits NYC
click photo to go to the real article this is an experiment
Attack fallout:
Petty, everyday acts of kindness
Epidemic of kindness reported in New York.

The transformation of Rudy  Giuliani from cranky dumb dumb advocate martinet to admired public servant is evidence of the new makeup job hat hides his true goulish kemo

By Michael Kinsley

SEATTLE, Oct. 12 — New Yorkers reportedly are being nice to each other these days, and some are finding it strange. On a radio call-in show
the other day, a caller described the amazing scene he had witnessed on a crowded subway car. It seems that a woman was sobbing, and
not just one but two different people actually approached her to ask if she was OK!

NON-NEW YORKERS might find the amazement more amazing than the incident
 itself. And of course New York has witnessed many, many acts of genuine heroism
and enormous compassion on and since Sept. 11. But New York has never lacked
 for grand gestures. It is the petty, everyday kindness of strangers that surprises people.
Although New Yorkers seem to be enjoying their niceness epidemic, they may be
disconcerted as well. What if this keeps up? Can civilization survive without sharp
 elbows and tough skins? O! Brave new world, that has nice people in it. What will
it be like?

HAVE A NICE DAY Can civilization survive without sharp elbows
and tough skins? O! Brave new world, that has nice people in it.

That, I think I can tell you: It will be like Seattle. The shock of adjustment that
New Yorkers report undergoing will be familiar to anyone who has moved
from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest. People here really are nicer
 in the mundane interactions of life. On the highway, they let you cut in if you
 need to change lanes. At a downtown store, they’re happy to make change
or let you use the lavatory without buying anything. At the supermarket, the
checkout cashier at the end of a long shift is still saying “Have a nice day”
as if she really wants you to. The average person’s stockpile of empathy,
just sitting there waiting to exude, is enough to win a presidential primary
 in a midsized East Coast state.
This does not mean that Seattleites are better people in any moral sense.
 In fact, there are cynics — yes, even in the Pacific Northwest there are
 cynics — who believe that the shallow surface kindness camouflages a
 deeper egocentrism and indifference to others. (This directly parallels
 the belief among some sentimentalists — yes, even in New York there
 are sentimentalists — that underneath the tough New York hide beats
the softest of hearts).

In the early days after Sept. 11— before the patriotism kicked in — some
 local media and citizens were referring to the catastrophe as “the terrorist
 attack on the East Coast,” which does unintentionally suggest a capacity
for psychological distance. But let us assume that people in Seattle and
New York share roughly equal amounts of innate goodness per person.
 Is the Seattlelike veneer of niceness New Yorkers are now enjoying
something worth trying to preserve?
Well, there are pros and cons.

On the negative side, it’s darned exhausting to be nice all the time,
especially if you’re not used to it. “How are you” and “Have a nice day”
 are just the start of what it takes to get into and out of a casual
conversation. I’m still working on what to say when someone says
 “How are you?” and you say “Fine. How are you?” and he then says,
“Just great! And how are things?” And while I’m not one of those snobs
 who objects to being invited to have a nice day (“Miss Manners”
 Judith Martin’s classic response: “Thank you but I have other plans”),
 I really do start to feel oppressed when commanded to have a nice
day AND take care of myself AND be good, simultaneously. Who
 has that kind of time?

WHERE’S THE MOXIE? On the negative side, it’s darned
exhausting to be nice all the time, especially if you’re
not used to it.

New Yorkers also might legitimately worry whether all this niceness
 will make them soft. Will they still have the moxie they need to deal
with other New Yorkers, let alone with Osama bin Laden? As you get
 used to people being extraordinarily nice all day, even run-of-the-mill,
 look-we’re-both-busy commercial brusqueness starts to bruise. A
full-throated bit of N’Yawk sarcasm is like a knife in the belly.
On the other hand, a culture of niceness is darned pleasant.
The pleasure New Yorkers are feeling does not wear off and does
not have to be small consolation for a horrible loss in order to be
enjoyable. And so what if the niceness is just on the surface? Heck,
 that is where we spend most of the day anyway.
Another plus: The niceness culture is egalitarian. Cynics (them again)
 mock practices like waitresses introducing themselves and everybody
going by first names, but these things really do break down barriers, in
a small way, without being preachy about it. New Yorkers might claim
 that their (former?) culture of insult is egalitarian too, citing the famous
 passage in George Bernard Shaw’s “Pygmalion” (and in “My Fair Lady”):

Liza: He treats a flower girl as if she was a duchess.
Higgins: And I treat a duchess as if she was a flower girl.

But treating everybody equally badly is not many people’s ideal of
 egalitarian behavior.

Finally, some of all this surface niceness surely must trickle down to
 deeper places in the communal soul. That’s not just a romantic notion.
In a famous book published 16 years ago called “The Evolution of
 Cooperation,” a game-theory economist named Robert Axelrod
came very close to proving scientifically that niceness can be
contagious. It won’t work with Osama bin Laden, but it could well
work with the noisy upstairs neighbor.
Once you start acting nice, day after normal day, it surely becomes
a habit that is harder to break when tested by an extraordinary day.
Grouchy old New York responded so nobly on Sept. 11. Just think
what might have happened if New Yorkers had been nice already.

Michael Kinsley is the editor of Slate.

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* Senate looks to IT for terrorism prevention

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E-Business Communication Strategy
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e-business might be the saving grace for holiday retail sales.

E-Marketing & Commerce
(Source: eBCA) Companies are seeing the benefits of personalization
technology, but when will consumers reap the rewards they have been

Web Development & Design
(Source: eBCA) With the number of unique
 Web sites nearly doubling in the past year
 from 17 million in November 2000 to more
than 32 million today, it's more important
than ever for your site to entice eyeballs to

Infrastructure & Site Management
(Source: IDG.net) A U.S.
Senate subcommittee heard how technology
 could be employed to help prevent future
terrorist attacks.


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October 15, 2001 Six tips for creating a sticky site With the number of
 unique Web sites nearly doubling in the past year from 17 million  in November
2000 to more than 32 million today, it's more important than ever for your  site
 to entice eyeballs to stick.
(eBCA) -- How do users interact with the Web? This fundamental question has
given rise to an entire field of study created  to support the
aims of Web site usability. Research organizations have been founded, studies
 commissioned, and test after test performed in an effort to determine exactly what
 visitors are looking for when they go to the Web for information--all in an effort to
 entice more users and keep them coming back for more. With the number of
 unique Web sites nearly doubling in the past year from 17 million in November
2000 to more than 32 million today, it's more important thanever for your site to
 entice eyeballs to stick.

To better understand how consumer eyeballs behave on the Web, Ziff-Davis'
Smart Business Labs teamed up with usability specialists from eyetracking.com
 to figure out what makes a site more or less sticky--in other words, what makes
visitors stay at a site for a longer period of time. The study recruited testers to surf
through 20 sites, recording their eye movements every step of the way and keeping
 notes on how much time was spent on each site. From the study came a list of six
 concepts to keep in mind where Web design is concerned:

1. Keep things simple: click this
 The tests revealed that users typically passed over important content when a
 page was weighed down with too much text and
graphics. Also, easily recognized navigational tools such as tabs and hyperlinks
 were more effective than elaborate and detailed tools. Visitors tended not to
 stay long enough to figure out how to use those tools.

2. Make sure your search engine works: When looking for specific
 items, users preferred using a search tool over clicking through pages of
product listings. This finding jives with a recent report from Jupiter that says
 "80% of online users will abandon a site
if the search function doesn't work well."

3. Keep important information "center stage":
Overall, the testers spent about  20% of their time focusing on
center screen.
Treat this space as prime real-estate, the researchers say, placing the site's most
important features or products
 in this space.

4. Remember the text: While testers spent 19%
of their time scanning graphic icons on a site,
 they neglected to click when the link lacked a descriptive label.  5. Get rid of lists:
Users don't like sifting through long lists to find
 a product. In fact, not a single user bothered to scroll down a page when they
were engaged with a task.

6. Remember to include your logo: To the
 surprise of the researchers,
testers spent as much as 25% of their time
 on a site viewing the   ,
especially when placed in the upper-left corner.

: >) =0= ( < : edit
Don't go to the bathroom on
October 28th. CIA
intelligence reports that a major
plot is planned forthat day. Anyone
 who takes a poop on the 28th
will be bitten on the ass by an
alligator. Reports indicate that
organized groups of alligators are
planning to rise up into unsuspecting
 American's toilet bowls and bite
them when they are doing their
dirty business.

I usually don't send emails like
this, but I got this information from
 a reliable source. It came from a
friend of a friend whose cousin is
dating this girl whose brother knows
 this guy whose wife knows this lady
 whose husband buys hotdogs from
 this guy who knows a shoeshine guy
who shines the shoes of a mailroom
 worker who has a friend whose drug
dealer sells drugs to another mailroom
worker who works in the CIA building.
 He apparently overheard two guys
talking in the bathroom about alligators
 and came to the conclusion that we
are going to be attacked.
So it must be true
 Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 02:48:51 -0500

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