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  Anarchy Joe  
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There is enough Chaos & Anarchy on earth
 kinda looks like it is the nature of the beast.

land mines--hidden disasters waiting to happen--are buried
around the world in nearly 70 countries.  And at the rate people
 are currently working to find and remove these threats, the United
Nations' Landmine Database estimates the job will take another
1,100 years. Potential victims don't have that long to wait.

The Day That Anarchy Came To Lithia Springs
   Rob Moody [send him mail] is a financial planner in Atlanta and
      lives in Kennesaw, where every household is required to own a
             gun. June 20, 2001

 My dictionary defines anarchy as "Absence
of any form of political authority," while chaos
is defined as "A state or place of total confusion
 or disorder." I cant count the number of times
Ive heard some Republican law-and-order type
reject a proposal to expand the sphere of liberty
 by saying,

  "But then wed have anarchy," when
  what they mean to say is, "But then
 wed have chaos.

" The word anarchy has gotten a bad rap, not only
 by being substituted for chaos, but by its use by
 left-wing anarchists, who I believe actually want
the opposite of anarchy.
What do most people think of when they hear the word anarchy? I think of some guy throwing a bomb, or chaos
 in the streets. As libertarians, we need to reclaim and rehabilitate that word before it becomes unusable.

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