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Sue Coe

Graphic Witness, a site dedicated to social commentary through
graphic imagery by artists working from the turn of the 20th Century
to the present, with related bibliographic and biographic data.

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Every thing & I do mean every thing on this website is under the banner "they saved Hitler's brain" either becaus it is or responds to that concept.
 " The above link is all about Weapons of Mass Destruction American style. Ask yourself what is a Nation State without weapons of mass destruction!?  The hole concept WOMD as a predicate for war is disingenuous at best and an artfully hilarious Hitlerisms or clever Orwellianism  take your pick. I wouldn't follow a person capable of such blatant fraud, its not the war I feared; Its a stupendously skilled Liar with  time on his hands."  R@wman
Arjun Makhijani, Saddam's Last Laugh ? http://www.tompaine.com/feature.cfm?ID=4110%20
The Dollar Could be Headed for Hard Times  if OPEC Switches to the Euro (March 2001)
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http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/index.html      Looks free I will check it out .
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So  Fun...       
This home town Parade "was so much fun." I think this is a classic picture of America, the women in this forever-young photo are at this point going on 60 at least. Heck! They may actually be dead so don't think anything about them you wouldn't think about your mother or your sister. They are all showing their beautiful corn fed legs as well as their nicest smiles behind which are masked the complexe of personal fears that informed that time and this. Those were absolutely the most care free & happiest times captured in this semi candid home town perfection collection.

Eng-bonics stink just like Ebonics. A film director I know complains to me about the use of the word ax instead of ask
 by even a PhD as in "Don't Ax me why!" It's that bugaboo of peer pressure or keeping down with the Jones. But what explanation for the mock popular Evita the Parasite or Ego Goodman of Bergdorf Haberdasher hanging out with the Windsor Pro Nazi son of E and all? The Evil Evita is on actual film down at the docks in good old Nazi haven Argentina decked out in her finery for the photo-op! I possess it and one day, when this website has video streaming or I turn it into a animated gif, you can see it in place of this fragment of my high school days. You can show the actual Evita to your kids
as you sing "Don't cry for me Argentina you useless bunch of duped wanna be honorary whites" & return to the sender.
The double speak award isalso about historical revisionism that would have us believe it doesn't matter that she is running her fingers Scrooge McDuck-style through a huge collection of

                                                                               " Evita Parione the Windsors & Nazi gold "
    © 2003  Charles Mingus III
       There are 200 lbs of diamonds for each
        human  being  on earth.

This was not one of thoes 2 lb. coffee cans (like in the movies) but one of many  bulging crate after crate of gory plunder lowered by a crane from the hold of a ship! Speaking of gory Nazi plunder what hapined to the many metric tunes of  bailed human hair at the Murcadies Benz Auto plant used as stuffing for you guest it the auto mechanical cannibalistic master race special I guess they sold it to the more popular VW boys who were no better moraly they just were more popular in post war Black & Jewish American  homes kinda of ironic  that Germony and Post war America LOVED the VW (Sub titleThe Beatle) no quotas on that love of cheep transportation and no film about it either. Speaking of strange bed fellows why no film telling us who the Windsor's playmates really were and what an underling of Nazism would do to express their contempt for Jews and persons of color which POINT RE Velveta Parone been made brings me to the question : Why can't we bring back the word MUCH. A brief time ago some diot, Orwellian, copy-righter decided to deleted the expression so much fun, for some reason of psycho-babble I guess and to erase misperceived difficulties found in using an adjective, adverb, or pronoun or any word useful for quantifying as in, anything with that word much! Thus so dangles as in `It was so fun or `so fun!,' instead of `so much fun.' I want to bring back the qualifiers so we can think better and say in plain English this is not as good as it was, it was so much better before you changed it. With that little bit of mental deletion, the effect is a sort of Psycho surgery. "If it ain’t broke, don't fix it." To be sure not all of the people in this photo are happy to be marching in this star spangled & sun baked working class version of the debutante-type Debut dance card soiree or to be ovulating or menstruating and bloated. Most were not or had not been adequately prepared to be forced to seek a mate and reproduce but all were very likely to try as is the habit of all most sapiens. Even today, fully 50% of all so-called Christian or other marriages end in divorce. I am willing to bet they would all be surprised to hear they were intentionally ill prepared for a vastly different journey, one in which it wouldn't matter if they were cute or smart or strong or funny in high school. Surely they were not prepared for the only task they were actually facing.
 In this detail of an image you see in this found art object from a heap of personal photos from what was once my living room floor in NYC at 146 Ave C before the building collapsed 25 years ago, a small but valuable part of the heap which was gathered in haste and today it graces your retina.
Ah! An actual bit of personal archeological & anthropological evidence that America has been essentially cloning (not evolving, but dumbing down) it's population, we are all aliens from out of space, strip malls hadn't yet taken over 50 years ago & there was no actual ethnicity that mattered to any other ethnicity more than there own. That was before the boom market in the value of hyper-ethnic and mock working & under class iconography, before Sushi, Tapis, Microwave Pizza, Egg-Rolls Blintzes, Burritos, Victoria Secrets, Funnel cakes, Pommes frite, Cuisines, French Fries with Mayonnaise Sauces, hip hop, Gravlox, Gangster Rap, Blowing up Funny Cars at Raceway Park, No Calorie Water & Lite Beer, before Fancy Vintage Wine, BMW's, Talking picture Cell phones, Plastic Snake-skin Spandex, Lipo-suction, Dirty Bombs, ever thinner wooden matches that snap off and fall to the floor, Infomercial's on how to make a million at your kitchen table in your Underwear, Robot pets instead of a Live Turtle because they smell & Pet Deodorant & tooth past, condom ads on TV, 2 week TV wars, Hanging from Fish Hooks Stuck in your back while singing love songs, stainless steel body hardware prosthetics, tattoos, Vanity surgery, Decorative animated Alpha-numerical Data display & ID implants, 110 million land mines globally, online kiddie porn, rent a womb, so-called surrogacy, pre-birth child selling, a new form of slavery, because people think they can own life, and must have a "white child blab! blab bla! hey if your so superior Mr. Master-race Dude why do you need to Dr. Your Genes so you can be "better" try natural section or pick your mate by the straightness of there teeth and eye color etc. visit www.TheGiganticHeartlessMultinationalCorporation.com to review some notion of the art of defusing the potential harm or benefits as the case may be... (Be sure to read Your I Ching,  Bhagavad gita & remember it  has also all been foretold in the any oneof the 1,00 plus versions of the Bible, Gospels of Thomas, the books of  the dead Tibetan & Egyptian #1 & #2  Nostradamus & the Urantia Book, Not! ) Trust that every mistake is an opportunity to make another even more enormous blunder (perhaps fatale) and long after you are dead  they holey ignorant survives will credit your efforts to another look at Kepler after Nuton or look into the collaborator Fritz Huber Haber Fritz #2 #3 area 51
 © 2003  Charles Mingus III A.K.A.  ED  (  # 2nd version  )   http://www.newton.cam.ac.uk/
The Bushy and the Clinton Death List This is
 a list of deaths related to both
 the Bush family and the Clintons,
respectively. You will find that some of the
 names are on both lists.

this one sums it up pretty well  and did i personally flench not
Coming soon Cesium 135 in Colorado river aquifer after 50 yrs years of dumping Radioactive waist  in native water supply of Four Corners.
Or " Poison in the Vadose Zone: An examination of the threats to the Snake River Plain aquifer from the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
Water resources in many parts of the United States have been polluted and continue to be threatened with contamination from wastes dumped at sites used for nuclear weapons production.
1. Some of these water resources are of immense regional and national importance. Ironically, it was the presence of plentiful water resources that was one of the primary reasons for building nuclear weapons facilities at these locations.
Water resources are particularly scarce in the West, where the value of the land itself and its habitability depend on the
availability of water. For example, much of the prolific agriculture in Idaho, on which its economy is largely built, would
not be possible without irrigation water."
NCTE Doublespeak Award... Council Awards. NCTE Doublespeak Award. Overview ... org. Past Recipients of the NCTE Doublespeak Award.
2002 The New York State Regents. ... www.ncte.org/council_awards/doublespeak.shtml

2001 NCTE National Award. The NCTE Committee on Public Doublespeak has been giving its Orwell Award annually since 1975. ...
 Defense Department Garners Doublespeak Award.   www.ncte.org/news/2001/nationalawards.shtml - [ More results from www.ncte.org ]

Life under the Chief Doublespeak Officer. By William Lutz. If there's one product American business can produce in large amounts,
 it's doublespeak. ...
4 Free Essays... Clinton administration created a commission to search ... gold fillings, wedding bands, and other jewelry stolen from Holocaust

Gold Fillings... the death camp. Soon the Nazis had a massive store of gold from dental fillings, glasses and jewelry. The Nazis extracted ...

FRONTLINE: The Sinister Face of 'Neutrality... from individuals - including gold dental fillings extracted
from corpses ...dollars worth of gold, jewelry and art ... over $100 million millions of in gold bullion to ... www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/ nazis/readings/sinister.html

Nazi Origins: The Hidden Origins of Nazism ... account" in which the SS deposited the gold jewelry, coins, bars, and dental fillings robbed from its ... some of which was extracted from gold rings, watches ... www.blackraiser.com/nazorig2.htm

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" How to brainwash anybody a confession of a "salesman"

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                                  Or this post  “The summer Is a coming and the winters gone away o.”
Sandtown is an African-American community in Baltimore. A real
neighborhood. Sandtown is where Mr. Benny still makes homemade candied
apples every October and sells them from his stand; a place where you
can buy fruit and vegetables from a pony-drawn cart for whatever deal
you can swing with the vender. Sandtown is a place where every summer
night neighbors still sit out on the marble steps of their homes
retelling the events of the day
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insight analysis, and commentary on the innovations and trends of contemporary computing, and on its growing number of                                              related technologies.  An ongoing journey towards understanding,  & profiting from, a world of exponential technological growth!                                                                                                                  All material on the Web site is copyright © 2001-2003, Jeffrey R. Harrow.  All Rights Reserved.
Please try out the links to six or seven prefered URL's on political stuff More below... #1 the first letter A: And yes they are all better organized (than our site ) and all, but I don't think there are any answers to focus on  life is at best haphazard and inelegance as we see is un rewarded or un punished and best efforts are ignores amid mediocrity is rewarded while merit  & scholarship is derided and attacked in  high and low places as "journalist all purport to be statesmen  much as monolog and dance became "performance  "Art! its all one stinking morass of shifty jive street rap at the top and pseudo neo academic "poetry" as therapy as masturbation instead of actually looking at life people are actually comparing themselves with the pampered airbrushed glossy images meant to impress the first time ovulating hormone bloated screaming teen and brooding seekers of blood lost computer game player un-wear that they are killing actual living loving breathing human beings just like them and may one day suffer the same fate at the hands of a superior or not, knuckle head claiming there man or woman hood was at stake or as in the case of WW2 Nazis   "I was just doing my job " I was only following orders... This one is In a class by itself http://WWW/article3308.htm its all about  the rippoff that is ongoing Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money Money ! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!     
 WHAT DID YOUR GRANDFATHER DO DURING WW2 {What did your Presidents Grandfather doduringWW2?}
 # 1 General in America  floods CIA with welfare cheats Ghelen Ghelen was Hitler's favorite too. #6 Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol,& Cybernetics  MK Ultra October 23, 1999 http://www.raven1.net/kilde2.htm  #5. We suggest you visit http://free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/AmericanStateTerrorism.html ..........Pulls no punches minces no words!!#4 Re "Operation Paper clip" the Actual CIA website makes fiewer apologies and missstatemente neither mention W. Disney or trading with the enemy Prescot.Bush http://www.mt.net/~watcher/nwonazi.html#3 The family of an allegged CIA domestic victimtells there story #2 Le Pentagate http://trans.voila.fr/ano?anolg=65544&anourl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.effroyableimposture.net  another part of the LePentagate>{http://trans.voila.fr/ano?systran_lp=fr_en&systran_id=Voilafr&systran_f=1043977173&systran_url=http%3A%2F%2   Fwww.effroyableimposture.net%2Fdocs%2Frubrique.php3%3Fid_rubrique%3D26 }> I cant actually believe there is a URL longer than mine ... #1THE UNDERGROUND NAZI INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES http://www.anomalous-images.com/text/naznwo01.html ......................[last update: ...July 1996][PART 1] We know this group as flag defacing flag burning nut balls....................................................................................................................... BUT what if it istrue?http://free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/AmericanStateTerrorism.html  "Thanks to the September 11 Reichstag fire, the state terrorists of the U.S. military and government can now affect public postures of patriotic defense. Immediatelyafter9-11 they began speaking of America as the Homeland, just as the Nazis spoke of the Fatherland. "  ~~~
the propaganda war!
American Holocaust Pestilence and Genocide No Excuse ! Except Filling the Void!

Conspicuous by its silence the CIA owned and influenced media did virtually no coverage of what may be one of the decades biggest stories.  Only UPI issued any  statement on the CIA's admission that following WW2 II Hitler's top general in charge of espionage transferred his entire network of thousands of spies and double agents to what became the newly-formed CIA.( 150,000 White Welfare Cheats ED.) What makes this much more than an interesting footnote to history is that the entire domestic and foreign history of the ideas on Eugenics, race, social control, bio-warfare and propaganda dominate the policies of countless  (Tax exempt) "think tanks" like the Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute and have influenced the  U.S.government at its highest levels. What makes this different is that General Ghelen was the #1 Nazi  in this program. By acknowledging a CIA connection to Ghelen the entire can of  worms can now be priedopen.(Not Bloody Likely! ED.)
What they count on is the fact that you were borne yesterday! ED.
"During the past five decades numerous isolated revelations about Nazis imported to America by the Dulles brothers, William Casey and others have broken through the media blackout. These stories usually revolve around former concentration camp guards who hid their identity when emigrating. "The GREAT FREE PRESS... who owns the corporate media. For starters, all ... they are directly influenced by former high ... ABC has been owned since 1985 by ... director of the CIA, the infamous ... www.igc.apc.org/enVISION/press.htm Alt Source:http://www.google.com/search?q=CIA+owned+and+influenced+media&hl=en&sa=N&tab=iw
 This report may be copied unedited onto other websites in the interests of public safety.
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The  9/11 You Were Never Told About - Part 1
The  9/11 You Were Never Told About - Part2

The 9/11 You Were Never Told About -
                               Part 2
Pakistani General confirms publicly that
"War on Terror" is all about Heroin

Joe Vialls, January 2002 Three days after “The 9/11 You Were Never Told About” was first published
 on the Internet, Pakistani Major General Zafar Abas has gone on the public record, confirming my claim that
 the American military has not in the past, and is not now, bombing Afghan drug assets, including heroin laboratories and drug dumps.

Speaking on Australian SBS Television on 14 January, Major General Abas said, “It is common knowledge
 that southern Afghanistan, which is infested with narcotics dumps and factories, has not been bombed by the
Americans at all.”

Major General Abas, commander of the southern Baluchistan Province of Pakistan, agreed to the interviewed
after his troops intercepted and seized a large shipment of pure heroin on its way to Europe. The single half ton shipment, the first intercepted since the “downfall” of the Taliban, is estimated to have a street value of US$1

The shipment was dispatched from Afghanistan by tribal warlords who controlled the country until 1996, and
who were recently reinstated by the CIA on behalf of the American Administration and the American people.

The public statement by Major General Abas on 14 January 2001 is very rare from the Pakistani military,
which normally bites its lip and says nothing. What the statement itself indicates is growing frustration bordering
 on desperation.

Dealing with drug dealers and American CIA spooks on a daily basis, must make the Pakistani military wonder
 how anyone in the west could really believe that “The War on Terror” has anything to do with Osama Bin Laden
or the attack on the World Trade center. Smack, anyone?

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 -- Richard Falk, Professor of International Law and Practice, Princeton University

 "This thoughtful book carefully examines the current disturbing U.S.
approach to many multilateral treaties. It is essential reading for
diplomats, policymakers and everyone else who is interested in global
security as it relates to nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons,
landmines, global warming, and international justice."

-- Pierre Schori, Swedish Ambassador to the UN

 "This book provides a comprehensive overview of how, at a time when
 Americans are keenly aware of international threats to peace and security,
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International Criminal Court

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Subject: Fwd: the patriot act at work!! scary world out there. Rember to mention the guy that sent me this use to end all his phone calls (to me) with "Remember  Waco!" ED
> > Patriot Act raid at N.Y. eatery proves chilling
> > May 8, 2003 Several weeks ago, my roommate Asher and I went to an Indian
> > restaurant just off Times Square in the heart of midtown Manhattan. We
> > helped ourselves to the buffet and sat down to begin eating.
> > Suddenly there was a terrible commotion and five police officers in
> > bulletproof vests stormed down the stairs. They had their guns drawn and
> > were pointing them indiscriminately at the restaurant staff and at us.
> > "Go to the back of the restaurant," they yelled. I hesitated, lost in my
> > own panic. "Did you not hear me? Go to the back and sit down," they
> > demanded. I complied and looked around at the other patrons. There were
> > eight men including the waiter, all of South Asian descent and ranging from
> > late teens to senior citizen. One of the officers pointed his gun in the
> > waiter's face and shouted: "Is there anyone else in the restaurant?" The
> > waiter, terrified, gestured to the kitchen.
> > The police placed their fingers on the triggers of their guns and kicked
> > open the kitchen doors. Shouts emanated from the kitchen and a few seconds
> > later five Latino men crawled out on their hands and knees, guns pointed at
> > them.
> > After patting us all down, the five officers seated us at two tables. As
> > they continued to kick open doors to closets and restrooms with their
> > fingers glued to their triggers, officials in business suits emerged from
> > the stairwell. Two walked over to our table and identified themselves as
> > agents of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Homeland
> > Security Department.
> > I asked why we were being held. The INS agent said we would be released
> > once they confirmed that there were no outstanding warrants against us and
> > our immigration status was OK.
> > In pre-9-11 America, the legality of this would have been questionable.
> > After all, the Fourth Amendment states: "The right of the people to be
> > secure against unreasonable searches and seizures."
> > "You have no right to hold us," said Asher. But they explained that they
> > did: This was a homeland security investigation under the authority of the
> > Patriot Act.
> > The Patriot Act was passed into law on Oct. 26, 2001, in order to
> > facilitate the post-9-11 crackdown on terrorism. Among the unprecedented
> > rights it grants to the federal government are the right to wiretap or
> > detain without a warrant.
> > When I asked to speak to a lawyer, the INS official told me I did have the
> > right to a lawyer but I would have to be taken to the station for security
> > clearance before being granted one. When I asked how long that would take,
> > he replied with a coy smile: "Maybe a day, maybe a week, maybe a month."
> > We insisted that we had every right to leave and were going to do so. One
> > of the police officers, with his hand on his gun, taunted: "Go ahead and
> > leave, just go ahead." We remained seated.
> > Our IDs were taken. I was questioned why my license was from out of state
> > and asked whether I had "something to hide." The police continued to hassle
> > the kitchen workers, demanding licenses and dates of birth. One of the
> > kitchen workers kept providing that day's date over and over.
> > As I continued to press for legal counsel, a female officer put her finger
> > in my face. "We are at war, we are at war and this is for your safety," she
> > exclaimed.
> > I most certainly understand that we are at war, and that we need some
> > measure of security in times like these. But I also understand that the
> > freedoms in the Constitution were meant specifically for times like these.
> > After an hour and a half, the INS agent returned our licenses. An officer
> > escorted us out. Before we left, the INS agent apologized.
> > Among the customers, there were four taxi drivers, two students, one
> > newspaper salesman. Several said they were U.S. citizens. I doubt they
> > received apologies.
> > Three days after the incident, I phoned the restaurant. The owner did not
> > want to talk about it. But I managed to ascertain that the whole thing had
> > been one giant mistake.
> > Loaded guns pointed in faces, police officers kicking in doors, taunting. A
> > mistake.
> > And a legal one, thanks to the Patriot Act.
> > Jason Halperin is a New York city resident.
> >
                        One more sign "They'er hear"
Thank's R.  ED.
Subject: what's going on?
   Date: From:
        "R" <@>Mon, 16 Jun 2003 13:19:02 -0700
A gentleman who was employed in the USA,a British subject, all
his papers in order, married to a US citizen and father of their
two young children, participated in a demonstration against the
war in Iraq this past winter; he also circulated some emails
to support his position against the planned US invasion.

He was ordered to remain in federal prison pending a hearing
that would perhaps be held six months later. He was informed
"foreign nationals in the USA have no right to dissent."

Rather than go to prison, he chose  to return to the UK, which
he's had to do alone.

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