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R@wman says" register and vote for the party that will mandate by law that women have at least 50% of the legislative representation
 in all State & Federal governing bodies."
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John F. Kennedy was far from perfect, in his personal life,
or in some of the decisions he made as president. However,
 unlike most presidents, he had some good ideas, and he
had plans to enact them. For example, he had plans to
abolish the unconstitutional Federal Reserve system, which
 prints worthless money backed by nothing, and charges
interest on it, making us a debtor nation. He wanted to use
United States Notes, and he signed a presidential document,
called Executive Order 11110, on June 4, 1963. This gave
JFK,  as U.S. President, legal clearance to create true
money, that would belong to the people, and eliminate the
criminal Federal Reserve Bank, and their false money.
Kennedy had already begun issuing U.S. governmentmoney that was free of debt to  replace the Federal Reserve dollars
 we have been using...

The major  criterion for this page is that it contain some fact that by exposure to it one
may find a somewhat improved status as regards the topic at hand this case the nature of
 propaganda's hold on the mind in general and how the subject (propaganda relates to the
 title a simple task if "we" assume one ,You dear reader are at once a fact finder self motivated
 to find any truth that might aid you in "your" effort to live free from the constructs if others
and to "see" life as what it is, a totally blank slate at least while you are in it.)

As to free will...

Example...Remember Words rhymes with Birds ..

1. Remember the World of words is thick as smoke from the first utterances of man till today.
A. chosen at random from an author who is as far as I can tell creates fine vintage smoke ..

Every predictor of the future is a "false profit" as they say it, it is false.
 I am reminded of that kid's joke "I never tell the truth, I always lie."

A son of a former mayor of NYC was requested to do a study about population and
 education tracking dumping dumbing down (desegregation etc.) he titled it something
 like the Browning... something about empower or peril awaits as cities need "fully"
 functional enfranchised citizens its only fair & blab blah blah...

Which begat a pluthera of articles in national magazines of the hand wringing type saying
how sorry we should be for exploiting the poor and holding them back ( actually admitting it)
It was kicking around for a while then it did what reports "white papers are wont to do it
was promptly forgotten... So No peace dividend No New Shining City on a Hill ( Some
body has got kneel down and polish it right...) So no sharing the wealth no hand up or
 trickle down just babble on Babylon Armageddon is a movie about a giant meteors
and Cousin Brucey was cool in it as a father!
Lots of kool music to... But where are the four horsemen oh now I get it  Disney does
Aladdin and we get US Gov. *Ben Laden  Bionic Billionaire.  like The Arnold another
Super Star .

(And Just like Tome Jode's in Grapes of Wrath With Henry Fonda  Says "I'll Be There"....)
["THEY" Killed it and Him. ED]

The answer to a unified American citizenry is from the Right (white) Wing is World

Its more fun and IF we fockup Jesus WILL come and we all get to go to Heaven and
Live for ever...  Its END TIMES MAMBO!
                                                                     "Yippy Were All Gonna Die!"
 Re: new American century web site link
  Neo-conservative site: http://newamericancentury.org/

The assumption is "the best defense is a good offence...

As you can perhaps now see the 666 beast is in fact an r.mut walk in, which ever person, is "WHEN" in charge elected or not they're
 addicted 2 war & the business of war is killing and hate selling freer and fragmentation sowing nationalism devil divides and conquer.

Business and the Holocaust from Stock Maven provides information leading
up to the Holocaust showing major ties between corporations and the Nazis
with articles, book excerpts, historical and recent news media reports, war
 crimes trial transcripts, government and organization resources.

Hey Laydee!!!
What about his Grandpa Prescott wake the bleep up!
Read up & quit apologizing & start criticizing &
 agitating these mooks!

How four generations of arms, oil, fascism, and US Govt. defiance
made America's First Family
by Charles Shaw

Prescott Bush,1.5 Million Dollars and Auschwitz:
How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust
What is more dangerous for the future of our country than a conspiracy
to assassinate a president? It is a conspiracy to manipulate and control
what the American people are told by the national news media. There
are scores of unanswered questions surrounding the event of the
afternoon of March 30, 1981. For instance, John Chancellor, eyebrows
raised, informed the viewers of NBC Nightly News that the brother of the
 man who tried to kill the president was acquainted with the son of the
man who would have become president if the attack had been
successful. As a matter of fact, Chancellor said in a bewildered tone,
Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush had been scheduled to have
 dinner together at the home of the vice president's son the very next

night. And, of course, the engagement had been canceled. . .
Then a peculiar thing happened:
The story vanished. To this day, it has never been reported in the New York Times,Washington Post
 or many other metropolitan  newspapers, never
again mentioned by any of the television news
networks, and never noted in news magazines
except for a brief mention in Newsweek, which
lumped it with two ludicrous conspiracy scenarios
as if the Bush-Hinckley connection didn't deserve
some sort of explanation.

(1 of 8) [10/17/2003 2:40:20 AM]

While the US government publically appears to be fighting the war on
drugs, it is actually the principal supplier to the millions of drug users in
While it sends recreational drug users and small time dealers to prison,
 it is making billions of dollars from their covert CIA drug smuggling operations.Here are just a few: Operation Snow Cone - Parent Central
American drug smugglingoperation. Various operations under Operation Snow Cone include:*Operation Watch Tower - Operation Watch Tower consists of secret radio beacons stationed at remote
locations between Columbia and Panama.
The beacons help CIA drug pilots fly from Central America to Panama
at near-sea-level without  being detected by high flying U.S. drug
interdiction aircraft. Pilots of the drug flights home in on the low frequency signals emitted by the beacons to reach their destination
at Albrook Army Airfieldin Panama.

 Operation Toilet Seat - The CIA uses Boeing 727 and C-130 aircraft
 to haul drugs from Central and South America. The drugs are dumped
 out the rear ramps of the aircraft into waters offshore of the U.S. in waterproof...
1 of 5) [10/17/2003 2:40:23 AM]

 Zionism in the age of the Dictator  
+++++++++++++ZIAD Google SEARCH+++++++++++++++++
        Saving Private Power

 As I see it Michael Jackson, He got it all wrong some seemingly very lucky people are light years off.



You may say, what does this event have to do with prophesy? Well in the scriptures the number three is significant of men made perfect. Where ever the number three is found in the creation or in the scripture it is representative of the just men made perfect by the redemption in Jesus Christ. This writer has a tract called "The Number Three". This tract points out the significance of the number three. . He will be glad to send it to you If you call the number at the end of this tract. The number three in scripture indicates perfection in the spirit. These three men are types and shadows of the sons of God in the end times who come into perfection in Jesus Christ. They become bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. Just as Jesus was with the men in Nebuchadrezzer's furnace, He will also be with his perfected people in the anti-Christ furnace of tribulations. They will have the bond of death gone from them forever. In Revelations it says the Anti-Christ will make an image of the beast and cause all men to worship it. All that don't will be killed. Many in this day will go through the furnace of anti-Christ tribulation. some will be killed but some will not have a hair on their head touched. They will come out of his tribulation fire perfected in Christ. This is what the significance of the three Israelites is. The only thing that was burned on them was their bonds. The bonds of death will be gone forever on the people who come into perfection by going through the anti-Christ furnace of Tribulation"
Don't seek the facts or the "meaning" nor pretend to understand read this and the entire text as if
you were from any other planet and ask what does this have to do with life now ,why are these long
dead people from far away who may be in fact black African and never seen TV or a car or cell-phone
or a book but lived once what if all words are lies designed to miss led all that read them to breath
them in as if they're real life when real life is the future not the past this now not the long ago dead
other world of Africans painted by some misguided artiest as local friends and family so as to "vivify"
 some belief system as he was paid to do by his clerical employers as an attempt at cooption
 of the power of belief thereby transferring some how an otherwise non thinking unified non
reading public ( No books NO reading NO Paper  no magazines  No TV radio Cell-phones) unconscious
 through object lessons depicted on walls in what are today.
And what better way was there ?

Try to stop us (The State And WE they will kill you.) yes most religion as its very core concept uses
freer of DEATH Your DEATH against YOU.
As the comic Dick Gregory once said in Punch line of a joke "I saw that (White) dude with nails
through his hands and feet nailed up on some wood and I KNEW THEY MEANT BUSINESS!

The total text:
This one will be inserted into the Ouchygobbeldegook processor and condensed to suitable random
 edits and appear below  the original text ...

 Text to speech then speech to text...

 Spell Checker wilily Nellie in a variety on tools  and back at least once to text to speech via a speech
 to text and skim and edit without thinking about it No cheating ! save the results and decimate
the groups of words and collections of whatever is not what you like eliminate obvious glitches and
add salt and pepper to taste ...
Serves one .
digital scissors are as good as scotch tape and the original William Burroughs method of making
your friends read it.
We have definitely found some valuable flitting phrases and what's cool you don't need to think about
it and so what if you chuck the hole thing.
start with some text you can recognize immediately not related to any thing [topic] you
 {normally read } sports pages for some tech manual History science,non fiction, make a collage
 and submit it to the rambling scrambling and wallah ! Eureka you find a real gem a real thing of
 beauty an original thought because this ain’t your grand pappy's Weegy Board it is more like
 using a Mirror to create a drawing.

Drawing on the Right or left side of the bane take your pick.
 Caution Satire ahead!

Chapter 1 Nebuchadreser the king of Babylon brought Daniel, Shadrach,Meshacl and Abendego from Israel to Babylon. He put them in the same quarters with his priests and soothsayers. (The First one world religion) They did not want to eat the King's food. Probably because it had pork and other meats that God had forbidden them to eat. God kept them fat and healthy on pulse (bread) and water.

Chapter 2 Nebuchadrezzar had a dream about the end times but he forgot what the dream was about. This troubled him, so he commanded his soothsayers to tell him what the dream was and what it signified. His men told him that it was impossible to tell him what the dream was about because no man could do that. But if the king SHOULD tell them what the dream was they could interpret it for him. This infuriated the king. He said they were a bunch of fakers. If they just interpreted dreams they could interpret it any way they wanted to. But, if they got their information from the gods they should be able to tell him what the dream was all about. He then said if they couldn't tell him what the dream was about he would kill them all. This included Daniel and his three friends. Daniel went to the Lord in prayer and God told him everything. God told him it was a dream about the time of the end but it started with Nebuchadrezzer's Kingdom. In the dream was a huge image of a man. His head was of gold, this was Nebuchadrezzar's kingdom. His breast and arms were silver, this was the kingdom of Persia. His belly and thighs were brass, which was the kingdom of Greece under Alexander The Great. His legs were of iron which represented the Roman Empire. And his feet were of iron and clay, this represents the end time kingdom of the anti-Christ. Then a stone that was cut out without hands (doing the cutting) smote the image on his feet that were of iron and clay and broke them to pieces. Then the feet of iron and clay, the legs of iron, the belly of brass, the breast of silver and the head of gold, in their turn broke into pieces and became as chaff on the threshing floor and the wind came and blew them away and there was no more found of them. Note that Psalm 1:4 says, The ungodly are not so but like the chaff that the wind driveth away. This is exactly what will happen to this ungodly world system that is taking shape right now. It is an ungodly kingdom

Daniel tells Nebuchadrezzar that the god in Heaven revealed the secrets in the dream that will happen in the latter days. All the kingdoms mentioned above where kingdoms that were in power before or during the time of Christ. All except the one made up of Iron and clay. This is the end time world kingdom of the anti Christ. The iron is money and riches (economic system) of the inner circle of rich and powerful men who are behind the present organization of the one world government. They are called the illuminatti. These men will back the antichrist. They are Lucifer worshipers. These men in this inner circle, and their ancestors have been working toward a one world system of government for several hundred years. Tex Marrs has written a book about these evil men called "The Inner Circle". You can probably find this book in a Christian book store

Verse 43 says whereas you saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but they shall not cleave to one another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. The clay represents the people who make up this end time kingdom of the beast. Even though the Iron of economics is the strength of the system, people of the beast kingdom will have many diverse cultures and religious beliefs. There is a movement now going on that is uniting all the religions of the world into a "one world religion". However, it will not be a strong union because of the diverse cultures and religions, and this will probably help to cause the destruction of the anti Christ kingdom. The sons of the living God (stone not made with hands) will strike the beast on its feet and the beast will be no more. When this body of Jesus Christ manifests itself the peoples of this world system will know for sure who Jesus is. Note that the feet of the beast image is the only part of the image in contact with the earth. The rest of the image represents those kingdoms that have died and gone on into perdition.

This beast image is nothing more than the Babylonian religious system that has been in existence since Nemrod. Nemrod's father was Cush the son of Noah. You see that this system came into being right after the flood. Abraham was called out of this Babylonian system by God Almighty in order to bring fourth salvation through his seed Jesus. Babylon has been the tool of satan all down through the ages to stop God's plan of redemption through Israel. After David's death Israel dropped off into idol worship. This was brought about by this evil devil inspired occult religion of the Babylonian system. This same system has paralleled the church of Jesus Christ down thorough the years. Paganism came into the church around the 3rd century, and corrupted the church for many centuries during the "dark ages". Many of the adherants of this evil Babylonisn system are right now at work within many denominations in an effort to destroy them. However God has always had his remnant. And he used them to bring about the Protestant reformation.

This evil Babylonian occult system has been trying to subvert the true church right down to modern times. Stories like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" have been written to make fun of Jesus and his 12 apostles. The occult books called the Harry Potter stories have been an attempt to cause our children to honor the occult practices of witch- craft and sorcery. This evil occult religion called "The new Age" is doing it's best to subvert the church. Their beliefs such as reincarnation were Originated in the mid-east which is in the region of Babylon. These people do not believe that sin exists and believe that all people will be saved and join their "god" karma. However, God is still in charge. This is evidenced by the prophesies that are coming to pass in this time just as he said they would.

There is another event in the book that is a type and shadow of things that are prophesied in this last day that we are in. The three Israelites that were with Daniel play a part in this prophesy. Meshac, Neshack and Abenego. Nebuchadrezzar had a huge golden image made It was 6 feet wide and 60 feet high. This is 66. Nebuchadrezzar is a type of the 666 anti-Christ. However, he was not the fullness of evil represented by the three sixes. The King put out an order that whenever the sound of the devil music was heard the people were to fall down and worship the image. Any one who refused would be thrown into a furnace of fire. The priests of the King were jealous of these Israelite men and they watched them to see if they would worship the image. Of course, they refused and this was reported to the king. This made the king very angry and he commanded them to be thrown into the fire. The furnace was heated 7 times hotter than it ever was. It was so hot that when they were thrown into the fire, the men who threw them in were killed by the heat. However when the King looked into the flames he saw the three men and also another man who appeared to be a son of God. They were walking around in the fire and the flame did not burn them. This really shook the king up and he called for them to come out. When they came out their clothes were not even scorched and not even the hair on their head was singed. The smell of smoke was not found on them. The only thing that was burned was their bonds that they were tied with.

You may say, what does this event have to do with prophesy? Well in the scriptures the number three is significant of men made perfect. Where ever the number three is found in the creation or in the scripture it is representative of the just men made perfect by the redemption in Jesus Christ. This writer has a tract called "The Number Three". This tract points out the significance of the number three. . He will be glad to send it to you If you call the number at the end of this tract. The number three in scripture indicates perfection in the spirit. These three men are types and shadows of the sons of God in the end times who come into perfection in Jesus Christ. They become bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. Just as Jesus was with the men in Nebuchadrezzer's furnace, He will also be with his perfected people in the anti-Christ furnace of tribulations. They will have the bond of death gone from them forever. In Revelations it says the Anti-Christ will make an image of the beast and cause all men to worship it. All that don't will be killed. Many in this day will go through the furnace of anti-Christ tribulation. some will be killed but some will not have a hair on their head touched. They will come out of his tribulation fire perfected in Christ. This is what the significance of the three Israelites is. The only thing that was burned on them was their bonds. The bonds of death will be gone forever on the people who come into perfection by going through the anti-Christ furnace of Tribulation

Now if we go to Revelations Chapter 1 starting with verse 13 we see another great image. It says it was like the son of man. (The Christ body of Sons) He is clothed in a garment of gold. (gold signifies the glory of God) His head and his hair like wool, as white as snow. (white indicates purity) His eyes like flames of fire. (power) His feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace. Out of his mouth went a two edged sword and his countenance was as bright as the sun shining in his strength.

Notice that the feet were like brass. In the ark of the covenant (Book of Genesis) as well as in the temple that Solomon built, Gold signified the glory of God. Almost every thing in the Holy of Holies, where the spirit of God was present, was made of gold. Brass, however, signified flesh. The vessels in the outer part of the temple were made of brass. This is where the comon people came to worship. only the high priest could enter the Holy of Holies. Notice that the feet of this image is the only part of this body that is in contact with the earth. It signifies the people of God who are changed into his likeness while still alive and on the earth. The rest of the body was not in contact with the earth. They are the members of Sonship who have already gone into the heavens to be with the Lord. Only the feet are changed into the glorious body of Christ right here on the earth. The bible says, "In a moment in the twinkling of an eye we will be changed"

That's why the feet of iron and clay signify the kingdom of the beast in the last days. They also are in contact with the earth. When Jesus Christ comes in this great glorious body of Sons they will smite this bestial image on the feet and destroy it forever. The feet of Iron and clay are the people of the anti-Christ end time kingdom and the feet of brass are the sons of the kingdom of god. Notice that the brass feet are described as burning in a furnace. This means that they have been in the furnace of the anti-Christ tribulation. However Jesus Christ was with them just like he was with the three men in Daniel's time. They have come out of this furnace in the glory of God. They are in a glorified body that bonds of death no longer hold. They are set free from death in Jesus Christ forever. Glory to God!!

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the Covenant Laws of Sonship. All Rights Reserved.
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"tex marrs"
"tex marrs" Free Will has no limit..
... Control translates into power." - Tex Marrs. ... The religion which has introduced civil ... This
is genuine Christianity and to this we owe our free constitutions of ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat -
... means that God works sovereignly (that is, with no advice from ... 11:35, and 1 Co 4:1.
It has nothing, Scripturally, to do with being free of the ...

  One logical question is why do mere interpolators of that text (the bible) if it actually said what the author
  purported it to say, WHY such contempt for the ORIGINAL of PLACE? Africa from which ALL of the
 people in the bible world (*and Times) came. From Current day IRAQ Terkute birthplace of  Abraham, Salidean
& Saddam. Thousands of Teachers (and teachings rooted in the Hamerabi Codes from Babylon ) Mesopotamia
  Not Greece of Rome but Egypt so called North Africa...

Not GERMANY Not Finland  Not England not the new kid on the block the pretender to the
throne AMERICA with all of the multi national puppet like tentacles from the past all blowing
smoke up your you know what for gosh knows what reason.

Perhaps to DELAY any concept of reality "that" REALITY is what ever YOU
 want it to be.

Free Will has no limit.

Don't try Do.

Do and fail is better than not practicing or doing .

The Greeks once controlled the sea Romans once controlled the land.
Romans placed a rowing ship high enough on a hill  overlooking the sea and IMAGINED as they
rowed Practicing for a year.

Then combined that 'EXPERIENCE" (imagined) at Rowing and defeated the Greek navy by
maneuvering there boats right up to the Greek ships lashing them together and battling the Greeks
As if on land using the decks of the ships as if they WERE LAND  and close combat was
 undefeatable ( but until that time no strategy via the sea allowed the Romans  any opportunity
to reach Greece by sea) AND THE REST IS  HISTORY.

The Greeks as prisoners of WAR * Conquered peoples defeated in war were the Slaves.

But the many Greeks found this to there liking, say some the Greeks were in the position of
CIVILIZING The Hyper active Romans with there art. (Song & Dance)

Now ask your self why do I like  BB King Otis Reading Thelounious Monk Ray Charles
why do so many Imitate and copy the ESSENTIAL EMOTIONAL TEMPLATES until the so called
American civilization is saturated to its core with Greek Civilization copied it self into Roman
And Roman became MORE GREEK than the GREEKS THEMSELVES.

                      And Fine Art 4GedAbiod it!  Salvadoooor Doodeley,Walt Dizzy,Marilyn Minrow

  Picasso Mickey Angelo Andy Warhol Wig of William De Kooning Art should be
  easy like Kenny G John Tesh Yonnie Laurence Whelk  BeeGees Abba Dillon FiftySence Snoop MnMmmmm
  HuMMMMMMMMmmmmm? Its All Greek 2  me.Dauh! Do U mean that Dis  Is A Multy Cultural Market
4 So So Advertising is SkistaShistaFazzzzzzIAL! YaHHHOoo! Deley!DoDeleyKabobin Whacha!Ma Call it!?
 By Charles Mingus III Language Bastards !

  Dauh! Do    U mean that Dis  Is A Multy  Cultural Market  4 So So Advertising is
SkistaShistaFazzz zzzIAL! YaHHHOoo! Deley!DoDeleyKabobin Whacha!Ma Call it!?

 ... THIS BLINDING ABSENCE OF LIGHT by Tahar Ben Jelloun. ... at Terrorism by Deborah Drucker
2)Bionic Beings: The ... Americans admit they may never get bin Laden.}. ...

 ... THIS BLINDING ABSENCE OF LIGHT by Tahar Ben Jelloun. ... at Terrorism by Deborah Drucker
2)Bionic Beings: The ... Americans admit they may never get bin Laden.}. ...


          This is an example of search method and why there are no accidents.
Ohmkay! boy and girls & HowCoolIsGoogle fans this is the point at which Google starts Thinking for its xyzelf .
Pick a topic any topic .
black=evil white=good
evil good                                                                                 note no  Devil

Americans keep telling themselves white=evil black=good
  do the math
Americans keep telling themselves black=evil white=good

black=evil white=good
brown=evil   white=good
green=evil white=good
try any permutation in order to avoid the given or already found
blue=evil  white=good
same same same white = evil    blue  = good
red=evil   white=good
 flipop flopp
3.  red=good white=evil
5. ouchy666.txt
Devil = good    ?

Divil = evil
... The Legend of Evil. ... Thin Noah spoke him fairly, thin talked to him sevarely, An'
thin he cursed him squarely to the glory av the Lord: -- "Divil take the ass ...

... Rudyard Kipling's Evil Influence. City and State 9 (Nov. 22, 1900). ... Citation:
"Rudyard Kipling's Evil Influence." City and State 9 (Nov. 22, 1900). ...
and so on
the point is I did not look for any thing it was a feed back into what I know already or
think about and select even if I did not put the words   into the serch slot the feed back can
only be something like what already is inthere like a spell checker that omits or creates
spasific type of sintax for letters etc the web is sort of a Weegy board .

Great selection of new and used.
Browse items open to USA. affiliate


Rudyard Kipling Divil = evil
And some say that is the work of the Devil
ouija is the work of the Devil

And last but not logicaly least

or my fave  

EQUIDENCE.ORG - [ Translate this page ]
... REMARQUE Remark. Ce site Internet n'est pas proposé au public par l'espion US Google
- CIA The US spy Google-CIA does not propose this Web site to the public. ...
September 28, 2001 http://watch.pair.com/

                                             Part I
                      THE BUSH FAMILY OLIGARCHY
                            Funding the Hitler Project
                         the rise of the third reich

     In 1933, shortly after Hitler's appointment as Chancellor of Germany, the German Parliament
     was set on fire by the Nazis and the Communists were blamed for this act of terrorism against
     the German people. Following the Nazi-inspired arson, Hitler exploited the outrage of the
     German citizens to arrogate to himself dictatorial powers, which he promised would be used to
     rid Germany of Communists. The next day, Chancellor Hitler demanded from the German
     cabinet an emergency decree which would enable him to deal decisively with the domestic
     crisis. President von Hindenburg signed the decree "for the Protection of the people and the
     State."  An account of this watershed event is found at The History Place:

              The exact sequence of events will never be known, but Nazi storm troopers under
           the direction of Göring were also involved in torching the place.  They had
           befriended the arsonist [a Communist named Van der Lubbe] and may have known
           or even encouraged him to burn the Reichstag that night.  The storm troopers, led by
           SA leader Karl Ernst, used the underground tunnel that connected Göring's
           residence with the cellar in the Reichstag. They  entered the building, scattered
           gasoline and incendiaries, then hurried back through the tunnel.
               The deep red glow of the burning Reichstag caught the eye of President
           Hindenburg and Vice-Chancellor Papen who were dining at a club facing the
           building. Papen put the elderly Hindenburg in his own car and took him to the
               Hitler was at Goebbels' apartment having dinner. They rushed to the scene where
           they met Göring who was already screaming false charges and  making threats
           against the Communists.
               At first glance, Hitler described the fire as a beacon from heaven.
               "You are now witnessing the beginning of a great epoch in German history... This
           fire is the beginning," Hitler told a news reporter at the scene.
               After viewing the damage, an emergency meeting of government leaders was
           held. When told of the arrest of the Communist arsonist, Van der  Lubbe, Hitler
           became deliberately enraged.
               "The German people have been soft too long. Every Communist official must be
           shot. All Communist deputies must be hanged this very night. All friends of the
           Communists must be locked up. And that goes for the Social Democrats and the
           Reichsbanner as well!"
               Hitler left the fire scene and went straight to the offices of his newspaper, the
           Völkischer Beobachter, to oversee its coverage of the fire. He stayed up  all night
           with Goebbels putting together a paper full of tales of a Communist plot to violently
           seize power in Berlin.
               At a cabinet meeting held later in the morning, February 28, Chancellor Hitler
           demanded an emergency decree to overcome the crisis. He met little resistance from
           his largely non-Nazi cabinet. That evening, Hitler and Papen went to Hindenburg
           and the befuddled old man signed the decree "for the Protection of the people and
           the State."
               The Emergency Decree stated: "Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of
           free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly
           and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic
           communications and warrants for house  searches, orders for confiscations as well as
           restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise
               Immediately, there followed the first big Nazi roundup as truckloads of SA and SS
           roared through the streets bursting in on known Communist hangouts and barging
           into private homes. Thousands of Communists as well as Social Democrats and
           liberals were taken away into 'protective custody'  to SA barracks where they were
           beaten and tortured.
               "I don't have to worry about justice; my mission is only to destroy and
           exterminate, nothing more!" - Hermann Göring, March 3, 1933.
               Fifty one anti-Nazis were murdered. The Nazis suppressed all political activity,
           meetings and publications of non-Nazi parties. The very act of  campaigning against
           the Nazis was in effect made illegal. 1.

the rise of the fourth reich

     More recently, the U.S. government's response to a frightened and enraged U.S. citizenry over
     the September 11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center has been eerily reminiscent
     of Hitler's strategy' that is (1) geared to exacerbate the reaction of fear and hostility and (2) to put
     on a fast track three initiatives which bear an uneasy resemblance to the Nazi takeover of
     Germany. The irony is that the rapidity and recklessness with which the U.S. government would
     abrogate the Bill of Rights places the Bush administration and Congress in the same camp with
     the enemies of freedom they purport to oppose:

     1.    The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001

          The U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee is presently steamrolling through
     the Congress a bill which would increase the power of U.S. law  enforcement agencies.  Attorney
     General John Ashcroft said the FBI needed additional surveillance and enforcement powers
     immediately and the Department of Justice demanded the bill be enacted by September 28.  The
     House Judiciary committee was scheduled to vote on the Bush administration's bill the morning
     of  September 25, however, in response to an outcry the vote now is set to take place next week.
     (Two days after the catastrophic attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the Senate
     voted on anti-terrorist legislation, which increased Internet surveillance, after senators were
     given just 30 minutes to read the measure.)

          According to The Electronic Frontier Foundation, "...the DoJ has sat on this bill, a 'wish list',
     for some time, waiting to take advantage of a tragedy like the World Trade Center attack to ram
     it through Congress with little debate or objection."

          The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 would eliminate the legal requirement for government agents
     to get permission from a judge before being allowed to search homes and download computer
     files. Under the proposed law, the information gathered could be used in court, a legal change
     which presently violates constitutional protections against search and seizure. The proposed
     bill would also eliminate the requirement for a judge to sign a warrant in order for government
     agents to get billing records from hotels, phone companies, and other businesses, replacing
     judicial review with an administrative subpoena. Essentially, agencies would be able  to sign
     their own search warrants and conduct searches in routine secrecy, without having to notify the
     subject of the search.

          Additionally, this law gives broad surveillance powers to the federal government, and
     authorizes the issuance of wiretaps by a secret seven-judge court in Washington, D.C. The DOJ
     bill proposes a host of Wiretap Act expansions which are not limited to terrorism investigations,
     and which vastly increase the power of  the federal government to conduct surveillance of the
     reading habits and correspondence of the American people. The DOJ bill would expand the
     power of the  police to record the phone numbers of incoming and outgoing phone calls on a
     phone line to include surveillance of Internet surfing and e-mail. 2.

          Coverage on Monday, September 24, of the Anti-Terrorism Act was limited to Attorney
     General John Ashcroft's testimony urging hasty passage of the sweeping new police powers
     sought by the Bush administration.  Although Ashcroft’s testimony was open to television
     cameras, the committee's Republican staff ordered camera crews to leave when civil liberties
     and free-speech advocates were called to testify. This happened in violation of House rules
     which state, "Whenever a hearing or meeting  conducted by a committee or subcommittee is
     open to the public, those proceedings shall be open to coverage by audio and visual means."

     2.    The Office of Homeland Security

          From: Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States

         "On the evening of September 20, President Bush allied himself with the worst enemies of
     freedom. He made a seemingly innocuous -- even a  comforting-sounding -- announcement. He
     said he had created the cabinet-level Office of Homeland Security, with Pennsylvania governor
     Tom Ridge as its head. (See: Transcript)
         "Most people were utterly unaware of the significance of Bush's new bureaucracy. But for
     anyone watching the advance of police-state policies in America, absolutely nothing could have
     been more ominous.
         "The Homeland Defense Agency is not a new idea. Conceived by a bi-partisan commission
     headed by former senators Gary Hart and Warren Rudman,  this Clinton-era conception,  'The
     Phase III Report Of The U.S. Commission On National Security/21st Century,' is nothing less
     than the framework for a permanent military-bureaucratic American police state.
         "The new Homeland Defense Agency is the lynchpin of a plan that extensively reorganizes
     both the executive and legislative functions of the U.S. government. Among other things, the
     plan makes the National Guard a national police force. It extensively federalizes both the study
     and the work of science, mathematics, and engineering. It creates numerous new
     sub-bureaucracies. The Homeland Security agency itself is to 'be built upon the Federal
         "Emergency Management Agency, with the three organizations currently on the front line of
     border security - the Coast Guard, the Customs Service, and the Border Patrol - transferred to it.'
     The plan calls for the new agency to oversee activities of the Department of Defense, as well as
     to assume a variety of duties now held by agencies from the Department of Commerce to the
     FBI." 3.

     3.    Compulsory National Identification Cards

          One of Hitler's methods of controlling the German citizenry was mandatory national I.D.
     cards. No one could obtain work, food or travel without such cards and by means of the
     information on them, those who were socially unfit for the new German state could be easily
     identified and eliminated.  Within two weeks of the WTC/Pentegon attacks, ORACLE
     Chairman and CEO Larry Ellison called for the United States to create a national identification
     system to thwart terrorists and  offered to donate the software for this massive enterprise. Under
     Ellison's proposal, Americans would be photographed and fingerprinted and the information
     would be placed on a database used by airport security officials to verify identities of travelers
     at airplane gates.

               "'We need a national ID card with our photograph and thumbprint digitized and
          embedded in the ID card,' Ellison said in an interview Friday night on  the evening
          news of KPIX-TV in San Francisco. 'We need a database behind that, so when you're
          walking into an airport and you say that you are Larry Ellison, you take that card
          and put it in a reader and you put your thumb down and that system confirms that
          this is Larry Ellison,' he said." 4.

          In an Address to the Congress, Congressman Ron Paul offered a more sensible alternative to
     the draconian measure of compuslory national ID cards:

               "Precise identification of all travelers on all our air flights is a desired goal. A
          national ID issued by the federal government would prove to be disastrous to our
          civil liberties and should not be considered. This type of surveillance power should
          never be given to an intrusive overbearing government, no matter how well
          intentioned the motives.
               "The same results can be better achieved by the marketplace. Passenger IDs
          voluntarily issued by the airlines could be counterfeit-proof; and loss or  theft of an
          ID could be immediately reported to the proper authorities. An ID, fingerprints,
          birth certificates, or any other information can be required without any violations of
          anyone's personal liberty. This delicate information would not be placed in the
          hands of the government agents but could be made available to law enforcement
          officers like any other information obtained with probable cause and a warrant." 5.

the real terrorist network

     The foregoing analysis may appear on the surface to be an unfair comparison between the early
     period of the George W. Bush administration and the rise of Hitler's  Third Reich, with the
     obvious implication that more unhappy parallels will occur in the days ahead.  For those who
     are skeptical that the present crisis could be at all analogous to early developments in Nazi
     Germany, George Bush: An Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton
     Chaitkin presents solid evidence that genocide is very much a part of the Bush family tradition.

     This Unauthorized Biography is dismissed by some critics because the authors' material often
     appears in the publications of Lyndon LaRouche, who was a federal political prisoner during
     Bush's tenure after having been imprisoned on trumped up charges and flimsy evidence.  The
     Public Information Research Database speculates concerning Lyndon LaRouche:

          "It's also fair to ask what makes LaRouche tick. One theory is that he may be secretly
          sponsored by the Vatican. How else does one explain the tantrums against
          Freemasonry and secret societies (such as Bush's Skull and Bones), against Anglican
          apostasy (dope-pushing British imperialism), and against anything that smacks of
          planned parenthood or population control (the Malthusian activism of the
          Rockefellers)? When these tirades are occasionally juxtaposed with respectful
          quotations from His Holiness, it makes us wonder." 6.

     Notwithstanding the controversy surrounding Lyndon LaRouche, the quality of the
     Tarpley-Chaitkin research on the Bush oligarchy stands on its own merits as solid
     documentation assembled from newspapers, interviews, government documents and other
     credible sources. The PIR Database describes it as "a massive compendium of elitist connections
     not found elsewhere."  The first few chapters should convince skeptics of the fascist connections
     of the Bush family and of the gravity of the present crisis in America, which extends far beyond
     Osama bin Laden's terrorist network to the larger network of Anglo-American elites -- who
     financed the Nazi terrorist machine and whose objective remains the extermination of every
     individual deemed unworthy of survival in the New World Order.

     The grandfather of President George W. Bush (Skull & Bones, 1968) was Prescott Bush (Skull &
     Bones, 1917), and his great grand father was George Herbert Walker.  Prescott Bush and George
     Herbert (Bert) Walker were directors of the London-affiliated New York banking house of
     Brown Brothers-Harriman and its various fronts, which funded and directed the
     military-industrial complex behind Hitler and the Nazi revolution. In 1919, George Herbert
     Walker had organized W.A. Harriman & Co which merged with the British Brown Brothers in
     1931. In 1924, Averell Harriman (Skull & Bones, 1913) and Fritz Thyssen, the German
     industrialist who began funding Hitler in 1923, set up the Union Banking Corp in New York to
     handle funds supplied to it through Thyssen's Dutch bank for American investment.  Prescott
     Bush, who had been an officer of the W.A. Harriman bank since 1926, was a director of the
     Union Banking Corp from 1934 through 1943.  According to government documents, "all of the
     shares of the Union Banking Corp., were held for the benefit of members of the Thyssen family."

     The federal government did not crack down on the Bush-Harriman/Nazi operation until 1942.
     After the war, Congressional investigation revealed that Fritz Thyssen's German Steel Trust,
     Germany's largest industrial corporation [which interlocked with Union Banking Corporation]
     produced a high percentage of Germany's national output of metal products and explosives.
     Vesting Orders signed by the Office of Alien Property Custodian, Leo T. Crowley, which were
     "published in obscure government record books and kept out of the news, explained nothing
     about the Nazis involved; only that the Union Banking Corporation was run for the 'Thyssen
     family' of 'Germany and/or Hungary'-- 'nationals...of a designated enemy country.'"

              In October 1942, ten months after entering World War II, America was preparing
          its first assault against Nazi military forces. Prescott Bush was managing partner of
          Brown Brothers Harriman. His 18-year-old son George, the future U.S. President, had
          just begun training to become a naval pilot.  On Oct. 20, 1942, the U.S. government
          ordered the seizure of Nazi German banking operations in New York City which
          were being conducted by  Prescott Bush.
              Under the Trading with the Enemy Act, the government took over the Union
          Banking Corporation, in which Bush was a director. The U.S. Alien Property
          Custodian seized Union Banking Corp.'s stock shares, all of which were owned by
          Prescott Bush, E. Roland 'Bunny' Harriman, three Nazi executives,  and two other
          associates of Bush. 1.

              'E. Roland Harriman--3991 shares' [chairman and director of Union Banking Corp.
          (UBC); this is 'Bunny' Harriman, described by Prescott Bush as a place holder who
          didn't get much into banking affairs; Prescott managed his personal investments]
              'Cornelis Lievense--4 shares' [president and director of UBC; New York resident
          banking functionary for the Nazis]
              'Harold D. Pennington--1 share' [treasurer and director of UBC; an office manager
          employed by Bush at Brown Brothers Harriman]
              'Ray Morris--1 share' [director of UBC; partner of Bush and the Harrimans]
              'Prescott S. Bush--1 share' [director of UBC, which was co-founded and sponsored
          by his father-in-law George Walker; senior managing partner for E. Roland Harriman
          and Averell Harriman]
              'H.J. Kouwenhoven--1 share' [director of UBC; organized UBC as the emissary of
          Fritz Thyssen in negotiations with George Walker and Averell Harriman; managing
          director of UBC's Netherlands affiliate under Nazi occupation; industrial executive
          in Nazi Germany; director and chief foreign financial executive of the German Steel
              'Johann G. Groeninger--1 share' [director of UBC and of its Netherlands affiliate;
          industrial executive in Nazi Germany]
              "all of which shares are held for the benefit of ... members of the Thyssen family,
          [and] is property of nationals ... of a designated enemy country...."

              By Oct. 26, 1942, U.S. troops were under way for North Africa. On Oct. 28, the
          government issued orders seizing two Nazi front organizations run by  the
          Bush-Harriman bank: the Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless
          Steel Equipment Corporation. 2.
              U.S. forces landed under fire near Algiers on Nov. 8, 1942; heavy combat raged
          throughout November. Nazi interests in the Silesian-American  Corporation, long
          managed by Prescott Bush and his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, were seized
          under the Trading with the Enemy Act on Nov. 17, 1942. In this action, the
          government announced that it was seizing only the Nazi interests, leaving the Nazis'
          U.S. partners to carry on the business. 3.
              These and other actions taken by the U.S. government in wartime were, tragically,
          too little and too late. President Bush's family had already played a  central role in
          financing and arming Adolf Hitler for his takeover of Germany; in financing and
          managing the buildup of Nazi war industries for the  conquest of Europe and war
          against the U.S.A.; and in the development of Nazi genocide theories and racial
          propaganda, with their well-known results.
              The facts presented here must be known, and their implications reflected upon, for
          a proper understanding of President George Herbert Walker Bush  and of the danger
          to mankind that he represents. The President's family fortune was largely a result of
          the Hitler project.  The powerful Anglo-American  family associations, which later
          boosted him into the Central Intelligence Agency and up to the White House, were
          his father's partners in the Hitler  project. 7.

     How and to what extent did the Bush family direct the Hitler Project from the 1920s until it was
     partially broken up in 1942?  "In what way were Hitler's Nazis themselves hired, armed and
     instructed by the New York and London clique of which Prescott Bush was an executive

     Equally germane is the question why?  "How important was the Nazi enterprise for which
     President Bush's father was the New York banker?"  What possible interest would George
     Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush have had in overseeing the Nazi operation?

race purification & the eugenics internationale

     George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were active in the leadership of the eugenics societies
     that were popular among the wealthy classes in the first half of the twentieth century. Prescott
     Bush was the Connecticut director of the Mental Hygiene Society which originated at Yale
     University in 1908. The headquarters of the American Eugenics Society was also at Yale (also
     home of the Order of Skull & Bones) until its relocation to and merger in 1952 with the
     Population Council, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller and John Foster Dulles, lawyer
     for Brown Brothers Harriman.

     The Mental Hygiene Society of which Prescott Bush was a director was a project of the Order of
     Skull and Bones. The society "would evolve into the CIA's cultural engineering effort of the
     1950s, the drugs and brainwashing adventure known as 'MK-Ultra'...an anti-American project
     which poured drugs into the country and worked to fabricate the drug-sex youth culture." 8.

               "A behavior control research project was begun in the 1950s, coordinated by the
          British psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute, with the  Scottish
          Rite Masons, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other British, U.S., Canadian, and
          United Nations agencies. The project became famous in the 1970s under a CIA code
          name, 'MK-Ultra.' Its notoriety for brainwashing by drugs, hypnosis, electroshock,
          and other tortures caused many books to be written about the project, and the U.S.
          Senate conducted hearings which exposed many of its abusive features. President
          Gerald Ford appointed a commission headed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller,
          to correct the CIA's misconduct. There was a widespread anti-establishment view at
          the time,  that here was the fox appointed to guard the hen house." 9.

     The Mental Hygiene movement was organized into the World Federation of Mental Health by
     none other than Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England who, with Hjalmar Schacht,
     the financial engineer of the Nazi rearmament program and member of the British Round Table,
     and Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, conspired to precipitate the Great
     Depression.  Under Adolf Hitler, Hjalmar Schacht was appointed Minister of Economics. [See:
     Eugenics: All in the Family]

              "The Mental Hygiene movement was organized into the World Federation of
          Mental Health by Montagu Norman, former Brown Brothers partner and Bank of
          England Governor. Norman had appointed as the federation's chairman, Brigadier
          John Rawlings Rees, director of the Tavistock Psychiatric Clinic, chief psychiatrist
          and psychological warfare expert for the British intelligence services...
              "The world financial crisis led to the merger of the Walker-Harriman bank with
          Brown Brothers in 1931. Former Brown partner Montagu Norman and his protégé
          Hjalmar Schacht paid frantic visits to New York that year and the next, preparing the
          new Hitler regime for Germany." 10.

     The interaction between the British, American and German Eugenics societies laid the
     foundation for implementation of the race purification ideology behind Hitler's Third Reich. In
     1912, the First International Congress of Eugenics was held at the University of London. The
     president of the Congress was Major Leonard Darwin, son of Charles Darwin and one of the first
     English vice presidents was Sir Winston Churchill, later Prime Minister of England. In 1921, the
     Second International Congress of Eugenics was held in New York City. The sponsoring
     committee included  Herbert Hoover, later President of the U.S., and the Carnegie Institute of
     Washington (Rockefeller).  Madison Grant, a director of the American Eugenics Society, was the
     treasurer. The event was held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where
     Averell Harriman served on the Board of Directors.

     In 1932, the Third International Congress on Eugenics elected as its president Dr. Ernst Rudin, a
     psychiatrist who directed the various branches of the Rockefeller-founded/funded Kaiser
     Wilhelm Institute in Germany, and designated Rudin president of the worldwide Eugenics
     Federation. In 1933, Rudin was commissioned by Hitler's Minister of the Interior to write a
     sterilization law for Germany. Rudin's Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases in
     Posterity was modeled on statutes already passed in Virginia and other states in the U.S. When
     Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in Germany, Ernst Rudin praised Hitler, giving
     credit to him because "the dream we have cherished for more than thirty years of seeing racial
     hygiene converted into action has become reality."

               "The most important American political event in those preparations for Hitler was
          the infamous 'Third International Congress on Eugenics,' held at New York's
          American Museum of Natural History August 21-23, 1932, supervised by the
          International Federation of Eugenics Societies. 9 This meeting  took up the stubborn
          persistence of African-Americans and other allegedly 'inferior' and 'socially
          inadequate' groups in reproducing, expanding their  numbers, and amalgamating
          with others. It was recommended that these 'dangers' to the 'better' ethnic groups and
          to the 'well-born,' could be dealt with by sterilization or 'cutting off the bad stock' of
          the 'unfit.'
              "Italy's fascist government sent an official representative. Averell Harriman's sister
          Mary, director of 'Entertainment' for the Congress, lived down in Virginia
          fox-hunting country; her state supplied the speaker on 'racial purity,' W.A. Plecker,
          Virginia commissioner of vital statistics. Plecker reportedly held the delegates
          spellbound with his account of the struggle to stop race-mixing and inter-racial sex
          in Virginia.
              "The Congress proceedings were dedicated to Averell Harriman's mother; she had
          paid for the founding of the race-science movement in America back in 1910,
          building the Eugenics Record Office as a branch of the Galton National Laboratory
          in London. She and other Harrimans were usually escorted to  the horse races by old
          George Herbert Walker--they shared with the Bushes and the Farishes a fascination
          with 'breeding thoroughbreds' among horses  and humans. 10
             "Averell Harriman personally arranged with the Walker/Bush Hamburg-Amerika
          Line to transport Nazi ideologues from Germany to New York for  this meeting. 11
          The most famous among those transported was Dr. Ernst Rudin, psychiatrist at the
          Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography in Berlin, where the
          Rockefeller family paid for Dr. Rudin to occupy an entire floor with his eugenics
          'research.' Dr. Rudin had addressed  the International Federation's 1928 Munich
          meeting, speaking on 'Mental Aberration and Race Hygiene,' while others (Germans
          and Americans) spoke  on race-mixing and sterilization of the unfit. Rudin had also
          led the German delegation to the 1930 Mental Hygiene Congress in Washington,
             "At the Harrimans' 1932 New York Eugenics Congress, Ernst Rudin was
          unanimously elected president of the International Federation of Eugenics  Societies.
          This was recognition of Rudin as founder of the German Society for Race Hygiene,
          with his co-founder, Eugenics Federation vice president  Alfred Ploetz.
             "As depression-maddened financiers schemed in Berlin and New York, Rudin was
          now official leader of the world eugenics movement. Components of his movement
          included groups with overlapping leadership, dedicated to:
              -sterilization of mental patients ('mental hygiene societies');
              -execution of the insane, criminals and the terminally ill ('euthanasia societies');
              -eugenical race-purification by prevention of births to parents from 'inferior' blood
          stocks ('birth control societies').
              "Before the Auschwitz death camp became a household word, these
          British-American-European groups called openly for the elimination of the 'unfit' by
          means including force and violence. 12." 11.

     Behind the Tavistock Institute and its brainchild, MK-Ultra, was the largesse of the Rockefeller
     Foundation, "a global instrument for radical social change, using American money and British
     strategy." British psychiatry: from eugenics to assassination by Anton Chaitkin explains the
     interest of John D. Rockefeller in psychiatric genetics, which "applied to psychiatry the concepts
     of eugenics (otherwise known as race purification, race hygiene, or race betterment) developed
     in London's Galton Laboratory and its offshoot Eugenics Societies in England and America."
     Besides Rockefeller and the British Crown, the familes of Warburg and Harriman were the
     primary funders of eugenics internationally.

          "The foundation's 'German centers combined the search for organic signs of mental
          illness with eugenic projects.... The [Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in
          Munich] had initially been endowed with 11 million marks, contributed by Gustav
          Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach [head of the Krupp  steel and arms family] and
          James Loeb [Paul Warburg's brother-in-law], an expatriate American of the
          Kuhn-Loeb banking family. Loeb mobilized his American-Jewish friends to support
          the institute,' and they invited the foundation to reorganize and expand the Munich
          enterprise. Loeb also continued  financing the institute. Loeb's relatives, the
          Warburgs, owners of Kuhn Loeb bank, were the intimate banking partners of
          William Rockefeller. Together with him they had set up the Harriman family in big
          business, using capital supplied by the British royal family's personal banker, Sir
          Ernst Cassell. The  three families, Rockefeller, Warburg, and Harriman, together with
          British Crown agencies, jointly sponsored much of the social engineering enterprise
          we shall describe here. The Rockefeller Foundation made an initial grant of $2.5
          million in 1925 to the Psychiatric Institute in Munich, gave it $325,000 for  a new
          building in 1928, and continuously sponsored the institute and its Nazi chief Rudin
          through the Hitler era. The foundation paid for a 1930-35  anthropological survey of
          the 'eugenically worthwhile population' by Nazi eugenicists Rudin, Verschuer,
          Eugen Fischer, and others." 12.

     Through funding the "research" of Ernst Rudin and Otmar Von Verschuer, they also financed
     the horrific experimentation of Verschuer's medical commandant, Josef Mengle, the "Angel of
     Death" of Auschwitz whose experiments on children, especially twins, provided scientific data
     for the Kaiser Wilhem Institute:

          "Of the 3000 twins who passed through Mengele's labs, only 200 survived the war.
          Depending on the type of experiment endured by the twins, they were driven to
          various labs at Auschwitz or neighboring Birkenau camp. Most received routine
          blood and x-ray tests, often on a daily basis... Mengele's  experiments both physical
          and psychological; experimental surgeries performed without anesthesia,
          transfusions of blood from one twin to another,  isolation endurance, reaction to
          various stimuli, injections with lethal germs, sex change operations, the removal of
          organs and limbs, incestuous impregnations... Mengele injected chemicals into the
          eyes of children in an attempt to change their eye color... Unfortunately a strict veil
          of secrecy over the experiments enabled Mengele to do his work more effectively,
          and 'twins who were subjected to the most grusome procedures took his secrets to
          their graves.' The full extent of his grusome work will never be known because the
          records he sent to Dr. Von Verschuer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute were shipped
          out 'in two truckloads' and destroyed by the latter. Any remaining notes Mengele
          carried with him on his escape to South America and  those were never found." 13.

     It seems that Satanism, the Illuminati and mind control are heavily interlinked with the CIA.
     According to Fritz Springmeier, Josef Mengele was used by the Illuminati to develop
     trauma-based mind control by experimenting on Jewish victims in the Holocaust, and after the
     war Mengele was smuggled to the U.S. to put mind control into practice as one of the CIA's
     main mind control programmers.  The author of "Mind Control The Ultimate Terror" credits
     Mengele with development of the MK Ultra mind control program:

          "Dr. Joseph Mengele of Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the MK
          Ultra and Monarch mind control programs. Mengele and hundreds of other high
          ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the
          aftermath of World War II in an Operation designated Paperclip. The Nazis continued
          their work in developing mind control and rocketry technologies in secret
          underground military bases. The only thing we were told about was the rocketry
          work with former Nazi star celebrities like Warner Von Braun. The killers, torturers,
          and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy
          in their underground military facilities which soon became home to thousands upon
          thousands of  kidnapped American children snatched off the streets and placed into
          iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling. These children would be used to further
          refine and perfect Mengele's mind control technologies. These children (at least the
          ones who survived the 'training') would become future mind controlled slaves who
          could be used for anything from sexual blackmail to assassinations."

role of george h.w. bush:
eugenics revived as population control

     To predict the imminent rise of the Fourth Reich may seem radical to readers who do not know
     about the Bush role in funding/directing the Nazi's genocidal program and the revival of
     eugenics projects through the alliance of wealthy families that was forged in the first half of the
     century. The close ties between the Bush family and other eugenically-obsessed elites remained
     strong and George H.W. Bush (Skull & Bones, 1948) picked up where his father left off with the
     added daunting task of making the dirty work of eugenics once again look respectable in
     America. Thus, Margaret Sanger's Birth Control League reappeared as Planned Parenthood
     Federation, and eugenics as a whole emerged as population control.

     As Ambassador to the United Nations, CIA Director and Vice President and President of the
     United States, George H.W. Bush worked to implement eugenics operations on a global scale,
     surrounding himself with advisors who were the offspring of the same wealthy sponsors of
     Nazism and the eugenics societies: Farish, Draper and Gray.

     William Farish III managed the fortune of his best friend, George H.W. Bush, during his terms
     as Vice President and President of the United States. William Farish's father, whose daughter
     married Averell Harriman's nephew, was president of Standard Oil of New Jersey/Rockefeller.
     Citing Charles Higham's Trading With The Enemy, the Bush biographers state:

          "In 1933, as what Hitler called his 'New Order' appeared, John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
          appointed William S. Farish the chairman of Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey (in 1937
          he was made president and chief executive). Farish moved his offices to Rockefeller
          Center, New York, where he spent a good deal of  time with Hermann Schmitz,
          chairman of I.G. Farben; his company paid a publicity man, Ivy Lee, to write pro-I.G.
          Farben and pro-Nazi propaganda and  get it into the U.S. press." 14.

     The Warburgs, Rockefeller's partners in banking and the development of Nazi eugenics,
     initially directed I.G. Farben, which was essentially the same entity as Standard Oil of New
     Jersey. William S. Farish then directed this concern which opened Auschwitz in 1940.

          "The German chemical company IG Farben and Rockefeller's Standard Oil of New
          Jersey were effectively a single firm, merged in hundreds of cartel arrangements. IG
          Farben was led, up until 1937 by the Warburg family, Rockefeller's partners in
          banking and in the design of Nazi German eugenics.  Following the Nazi invasion of
          Poland in September 1939, Britain and Germany declared war on each other and
          World War II began. But later that  month, Standard Oil executives flew to the
          Netherlands on a British Royal Air Force bomber and met with IG Farben executives.
          Standard Oil pledged to keep the merger with IG Farben going even if the United
          States entered the war. This was exposed in 1942 by Sen. Harry Truman's
          investigating committee, and President Franklin Roosevelt took hundreds of legal
          measures during the war to counter the Standard Oil-IG Farben cartel's supply
          operation for the enemy war machine. In 1940-41, IG Farben built a gigantic factory at
          Auschwitz in Poland, to utilize the Standard Oil-IG Farben patents with
          concentration camp slave labor to make gasoline from coal. The SS guarded the
          Jewish and other inmates and selected for killing those who were unfit for IG Farben
          slave labor. Standard-Germany President Emil Helfferich testified after the war that
          Standard Oil funds helped pay for the SS guards  at Auschwitz. On March 26, 1940,
          six months after the Standard Oil-IG Farben meeting, European Rockefeller
          Foundation official Daniel O'Brian wrote to  the foundation's chief medical officer
          Alan Gregg that 'it would be unfortunate if it was chosen to stop research which has
          no relation to war issues.'  The 'non-war- related' research continued. {The
          Rockefeller Foundation defends its record by claiming that its funding of Nazi
          German programs during World War II was limited to psychiatric research.}" 15.

     William Draper III [CFR] was co-chairman for finance of George H.W. Bush's vice presidential
     campaign and directed U.S. Aid to International Development (USAID), the United Nations
     depopulation org, under the Bush administration. Draper's father, Gen. William H. Draper, Jr.,
     founded the Population Crisis Committee and the Draper Fund, was vice president of Planned
     Parenthood and advised President Johnson to establish USAID, which uses U.S. taxpayer
     monies to surgically sterilize large portions of the populations of underprivileged nations. (The
     rationale for establishing USAID was to safeguard America from the "security threat" of
     overpopulation in underdeveloped countries.) General Draper had been a high official of Dillon
     Reed's German Credit and Investment Corp. which managed the financial interests of Fritz
     Thyssen, Hitler's chief sponsor, along with Union Banking Corp.

             “In Africa, according to the American government in 1976 and ever since, there is a
          threat to American national security interests: population growth.   The Agency for
          International Development (USAID) was given the responsibility of defending
          America from this grave threat….

             “In 1991 Robert Retherford, (East-West Institute, Hawaii; funded by USAID)
          became president of the American Eugenics Society, (from 1973 called the Society for
          the Study of Social Biology) until 1994.
             “In 1991 a report by William H. Draper III's (S&B 1950) agency, U.S. Agency for
          International Development, (USAID) asserts that 254 million couples will be
          surgically sterilized over the course of the 1990s; and that if present trends continue,
          80 percent of the women in Puerto Rico and Panama will be  surgically sterilized.
          The United Nations Population Fund claims that 37 percent of contraception users in
          Ibero-America and the Caribbean have  already been surgically sterilized [by 1991].
          Spokespersons for USAID also said that surgical sterilization is the Bush
          administration's ‘first choice’  method of population reduction in the Third World.
             “In 1992, according to officials at the U.S. Agency for International Development,
          (USAID), its Population Account received $300 million, a 20 percent increase over
          the previous year. Within this project, a significant sum is spent on political and
          psychological manipulations of target nations, and rather blatant subversion of
          their religions and governments.” 16.

     Boyden Gray was chief legal advisor to George H.W. Bush as president. Gray's grandfather,
     Bowman Gray, owned R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and his father, Gordon Gray, founded
     Bowman Gray Medical School in Winston-Salem, NC as a center for eugenics/sterilization
     research. Boyden Gray's father organized the pilot project for the present worldwide
     sterilization program. Dr. Claude Nash Herndon, who was professor of  medical genetics at
     Bowman Gray Medical School, became president of the American Eugenics Society in 1953 at
     which time the society merged with the Population Council under Rockefeller patronage.

               "When Boyden Gray was four and five years old, his father organized the pilot
          project for the present worldwide sterilization program, from the Gray family
          household in North Carolina.
               "It started in 1946. The eugenics movement was looking for a way to begin again
          in America.  Nazi death camps such as Auschwitz had just then seared the
          conscience of the world. The Sterilization League of America, which had changed
          its name during the war to 'Birthright, Inc.,' wanted to start up again. First they had
          to overcome public nervousness about crackpots proposing to  eliminate 'inferior'
          and 'defective' people. The League tried to surface in Iowa, but had to back off
          because of negative publicity: A little boy had recently been sterilized there and had
          died from the operation.
               "They decided on North Carolina, where the Gray family could play the perfect
          host. Through British imperial contacts, Boyden Gray's grandfather, Bowman Gray,
          had become principal owner of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Boyden's father,
          Gordon Gray, had recently founded the Bowman Gray  (memorial) Medical School
          in Winston-Salem, using his inherited cigarette stock shares. The medical school was
          already a eugenics center.
               "As the experiment began, Gordon Gray's great aunt, Alice Shelton Gray, who had
          raised him from childhood, was living in his household. Aunt Alice had founded the
          'Human Betterment League,'' the North Carolina branch of the national eugenical
          sterilization movement...
              "In 1950 and 1951, John Foster Dulles, then chairman of the Rockefeller
          Foundation, led John D. Rockefeller III on a series of world tours, focusing on  the
          need to stop the expansion of the non-white populations. In November 1952, Dulles
          and Rockefeller set up the Population Council, with tens of  millions of dollars from
          the Rockefeller family.
              "At that point, the American Eugenics Society, still cautious from the recent bad
          publicity vis-a-vis Hitler, left its old headquarters at Yale University.  The Society
          moved its headquarters into the office of the Population Council, and the two
          groups melded together. The long-time secretary of the  American Eugenics Society,
          Frederick Osborne, became the first president of the Population Council. The Gray
          family's child-sterilizer, Dr. Claude Nash Herndon, became president of the
          American Eugenics Society in 1953, as its work expanded under Rockefeller
               "Meanwhile, the International Planned Parenthood Federation was founded in
          London, in the offices of the British Eugenics Society.
               "The undead enemy from World War II, renamed 'Population Control,' had now
          been revived.
               "George Bush was U.S. ambassador to the United Nations in 1972, when with
          prodding from Bush and his friends, the U.S. Agency for International
          Development first made an official contract with the old Sterilization League of
          America. The League had changed its name twice again, and was now  called the
          'Association for Voluntary Surgical Contraception.'  The U.S. government began
          paying the old fascist group to sterilize non-whites in foreign  countries.
              "The Gray family experiment had succeeded.
              "In 1988, the U.S. Agency for International Development signed its latest contract
          with the old Sterilization League (a.k.a. Association for Voluntary  Surgical
          Contraception), committing the U.S. government to spend $80 million over five
          years." 17.

     As we have seen, the psychiatric genetics research wing of the eugenics movement ventured
     into the mind control business which, they discovered, was greatly facilitated through the use of
     drugs. Prescott Bush's oversight of the Mental Hygiene Society, which emerged in the '50s as
     MK-Ultra, presaged the oversight of his son, George Herbert Walker Bush, over Dope, Inc, the
     drug smuggling partnership of the American and British governments.  What was the goal of
     the Anglo-American drug operation in terms of American culture? A report was issued in 1967
     by a Study Group for the Effects of Psychotropic Drugs on Normal Humans, which held a
     conference to outline the desired course for the United States to the year 2000. The preface to the
     report projected a new paradigm -- the "sensate society" which craves sensory experience would
     replace the rational, work-oriented traditional society:

          "...the present breadth of drug use may be almost trivial when we compare it to the
          possible numbers of chemical substances that will be available for the control of
          selective aspects of man's life in the year 2000.... 'The American culture ... [is]
          moving toward a 'sensate society.'... A greater emphasis is being placed on sensory
          experience and less upon rational or work-oriented philosophies. Such a
          philosophical view, coupled with the means to  separate sexual behavior from
          reproduction or disease, will undoubtedly enhance sexual freedom.... 'It
          seems...obvious that the youth of today are no longer afraid of either drugs or sex.
          Again, the philosophers and spokesmen for the avant-garde advocate the personal
          sensory experience as the {raison d'etre} of the coming generation. Finally, we are
          moving into an age in which meaningful work will be possible only for a minority:
          In such an age,  chemical aphrodisiacs may be accepted as a commonplace means to
          occupy one's time. It will be interesting to see if the public morality of the next 30
          years will change as much as it has in the last 30. 'If we accept the position that
          human mood, motivation, and emotion are reflections of a neurochemical  state of
          the brain, then drugs can provide a simple, rapid, expedient means to produce any
          desired neurochemical state that we wish. 'The sooner that we cease to confuse
          scientific and moral statements about drug use, the sooner we can rationally
          consider the types of neurochemical states that we wish  to be able to provide for
          people.' This is the historical thinking of the British strategists who want to destroy
          the U.S. presidency and the American republic. And this is the criminal apparatus
          with which they have equipped themselves to do it." 18.

national revival? ...conservative revolution?

     Many evangelical Christians have bought the Big Lie that President George Bush, Jr. (Skull &
     Bones, 1968) -- whose Cabinet represents corporations such as GM, Alcoa, Monsanto which
     supported  Nazi Germany and were directly involved in IG Farbens' slave labor factories, the
     Holocaust and eugenics 19. -- is a 'born-again' Christian, and even a conservative who will lead
     America in a national revival of traditional values. This fiction has largely been believed by
     those who also hold fast to an illusion of end-time revival and are therefore hard at work
     reclaiming America for God. The patriotic theme is nothing new ~ a similar utopian motif was
     fabricated for the German masses and peddled to credulous Christians there as well. The
     following excerpt from Richard Terrell's Resurrecting the Third Reich captures the patriotic
     devotion of Germans to their fatherland and the delusion that they were called to save the
     world. The patriotism of the German people coupled with an irrational (mythological)
     perception of their origins and destiny was psychologically manipulated by Hitler to the point
     where a widespread flight from reason ensued:

          "What was to take possession of the German consciousness was a militant
          romanticism... According to this way of thinking, the Divine Spirit is manifested in
          the spirit of a people, in their collective genius and total culture or Volkgeist...
          Germany developed a kind of communal mysticism which  contained its own
          Teutonic concept of a chosen people, called to redeem civilization from its
          decadence...rallies were glorious pageants that stirred the  emotions, which
          depended not on any revelation of Scripture, but on pure feeling... Even today, still
          photographs of these meetings have a powerful and  gripping presence... The
          Volkish concept of the social organism was effectively symbolized in mass meetings
          that expressed a sense of eternity, awe,  and mystery, effects stimulated by cathedral
          of light nighttime mass meetings in which antiaircraft lights sent brilliant shafts of
          illumination into the darkened sky.’ 20.

     Little wonder that, prior to 1933, many of Germany's Protestant clergymen were naively
     impressed with the patriotic/conservative platform of the National Socialist Party and
     recommended the Nazi programme to Christians as worthy of their support. The Rise and Fall
     of the Third Reich by William Shirer provides a sobering account of one prominent minister
     who failed to recognize early enough that Hitler used Christian terminology only as an artifice
     to enlist the Protestant leadership in his service.

               "The Reverend Martin Niemoller had personally welcomed the coming to power
          of the Nazis in 1933. In that year his autobiography, From U-Boat to Pulpit, had been
          published. The story of how this submarine commander in the First World War had
          become a prominent Protestant pastor was singled  out for special praise in the Nazi
          press and became a best seller. To Pastor Niemoller, as to many a Protestant
          clergyman, the fourteen years of the Republic had been, as he said, 'years of
          darkness' and at the close of his autobiography he added a note of satisfaction that
          Nazi revolution had finally  triumphed and that it had brought about the 'national
          revival' for which he himself had fought so long -- for a time in the free corps, from
          which so many  Nazi leaders had come.
              "He was soon to experience a terrible disillusionment... 21.

     Many of the historic revivals -- which modern false prophets compare to the present
     pseudo-revival -- are found to be, upon closer inspection, planned and orchestrated by human
     agents for political purposes. The fruit of the 1904-05 Welsh Revival is a case in point.  One
     convert of the Welsh Revival was David Lloyd George who later became the British Prime
     Minister of Great Britain. The administration of Lloyd George (1915-1919) was chiefly
     influenced by the Round Table of Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner, whose objective was to
     reestablish the British Commonwealth of Nations and, ultimately, to bring the world under the
     hegemony of a restored British Empire. During Lloyd George's war administration, the Milner
     Group dominated the British delegation to the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, at which venue
     they founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and Council on Foreign
     Relations (CFR).

     In 1917, as Foreign Secretary in the administration of Lloyd George, Arthur Balfour issued the
     Balfour Declaration. Addressed to Lord Rothschild, the declaration, which had been secretly
     authored by Lord Milner, stated that Britain would regard with favor the establishment of a
     national home for the Jews in Palestine. Future Prime Minister Arthur Balfour and Lord
     Rothschild also happened to be members of the highly secretive, globalist Apostles Club. An
     important fact which has been concealed by the Zionists is that the plan for the State of Israel
     was formulated in the secret societies of Great Britain.

     Was the Welsh Revival also planned in the secret societies as an instrument of social change?
     Here is Lloyd George's account of the revival in Wales. Do we recognize the familiar revival
     propaganda and theme of city transformation (typically minus specifics to verify the assertions)

             "On January 11th The Times noted that David Lloyd-George, who later became the
          British Prime Minister, said the Welsh revival gave hope 'that at the  next election
          Wales would declare with no uncertain sound against the corruption in high places
          which handed over the destiny of the people to the horrible brewing interest...'.
             "Lloyd-George even saw one of his political rallies taken over by the Welsh
          revival. He was impressed as a young girl prayed in the presence of 2,000 people.
          He said in one town the tavern sold only 9 cents worth of liquor drinks on Saturday
             "The Times observed that 'The whole population had been suddenly stirred by a
          common impulse. Religion had become the absorbing interest of  their lives. They
          had gathered at crowded services for six and eight hours at a time. Political meetings
          and even football matches were postponed...  quarrels between trade-union
          workmen and non-unionists had been made up...'" 22.

     Also among the converts of the Welsh Revival were George and Stephen Jeffrys who in 1915
     founded the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance. The Jeffrys taught the British-Israel Replacement
     doctrine which maintains that the Anglo-Saxon nations are the lost tribes of Israel. To promote
     the current false revival as authentic,

     Richard Riss, leading PR agent for said false revival, quotes George Jeffrys' account of the
     Welsh Revival: "...during the Welsh revival (1904-1905), Evan Roberts, its primary leader, wrote,
     'after many had prayed, I felt some living energy or force entering my bosom, restraining my
     breath, my legs trembling terribly; this living energy increased and increased as one after
     another prayed. Feeling strongly and deeply warmed, I burst forth in prayer.'" 23.

     The Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance launched the ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson, who
     founded the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in the United States. Mrs.
     McPherson's ministry was fundamentally unscriptural and her personal life was fraught with
     scandal--moral failure, divorce, worldly extravagance and family strife. Sister Aimee committed
     suicide in 1945. According to some occult sources, which are usually behind the promotion of
     phony revivals, Aimee considered herself to be the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene, the wife
     of Jesus Christ in British Israel doctrine. Daniel Mark Epstein's biography, Sister Aimee: The
     Life of Aimee Semple McPherson, identifies the origins of the International Church of the
     Foursquare Gospel and the Assemblies of God, where Aimee started her ministry, in the British
     Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance, which was the fruit of the Welsh revival. The following
     statement by Aimee Semple McPherson's biographer reveals her close association with the
     Jeffrys. Note the Foursquare symbols of Aimee's vision, which were also the emblem of Elim
     Foursquare Gospel Alliance:

          "She called her religion the Foursquare Gospel, after a vision she had in Oakland in
          1922. Aimee was preaching on the prophet Ezekiel's vision of Man,  Lion, Ox and
          Eagle, when suddenly she began to shake with emotion. She saw in the mysterious
          symbols 'a complete Gospel for body, for soul, for spirit and eternity.' ... Those four
          cornerstones -- Regeneration, Baptism in the Spirit, Divine Healing, and the Second
          Coming -- upheld an evangelistic  association called the Elim Foursquare Gospel
          Alliance, which George Jeffrys founded in Ireland in 1915. He and his brother
          Stephen were England's greatest evangelists after Wesley and Whitefield, and Aimee
          had worked with Jeffrys. The Elim Foursquare Gospel influenced the American
          Assemblies  of God, which embraced the same four principles before Aimee had her
          vision in Oakland in 1922." 24.

     According to British-Israel doctrine, the Lion, Ox (Unicorn), Man, and Eagle (Phoenix) represent
     the tribes of Judah, Ephraim, Reuben, and Dan. The Lion represents also Great Britain and the
     Eagle (Phoenix or Serpent) the United States. Therefore, England is considered to be the tribe of
     Judah and the United States, the tribe of Dan (the tribe which will produce the Antichrist):

          "...ancient Israel traveled in four brigades of three tribes each ... Each of these
          brigades had a dominant tribe; these were: Judah, Ephraim, Reuben, and Dan. These
          four tribes provided four chief emblems: Lion, Ox or Unicorn, Man, and Eagle or
          Serpent. To quote briefly from W.H. Bennett, 'Of the  twenty-two tribal emblems of
          ancient Israel, at least nineteen still are, or until very recently have been, emblems of
          one or another section of the  Celto-Saxon people. We also noted that, of the four
          Brigade emblems, two, the lion and the Eagle, are the chief emblems of Britain and
          the United  States; that another, the Man, is a prominent feature of the official Arms
          of Denmark, Iceland and Greece; and that the Ox is also common to the heraldry  of
          several sections of the Celto-Saxons. So all four of Israel's Brigade emblems are in
          use among the Celto-Saxons today.;" (Symbols Of Our Celto-Saxon  Heritage, page
          89) 25.

     Nesta Webster's much maligned volume, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements, informs
     the uninitiated that the Grand Lodge of England displays these very emblems, which are the
     Masonic Coat-of-Arms and an important symbol used in the black art of Jewish Cabala.

          "...At any rate, the masonic coat-of-arms still used by Grand Lodge of England is
          undoubtedly of Jewish design.' 'This coat,' says Mr. Lucien Wolf, 'is  entirely
          composed of Jewish symbols,' and is an attempt to display heraldically the various
          forms of the Cherubim pictured to us in the second vision of Ezekiel---an Ox, a Man,
          a Lion, and an Eagle---and thus belongs to the highest and most mystical domain of
          Hebrew symbolism.' 3. 'In other words, this vision, known to the Jews as the
          'Mercaba,' 4. belongs to the Cabala, where particular interpretation is placed on each
          figure so as to provide an esoteric  meaning not perceptible to the uninitiated. 5. The
          masonic coat-of-arms is thus entirely Cabalistic..." 26.

     It becomes apparent that the esoteric (Cabalistic) meaning of these symbols in the cult of
     Freemasonry and is really no different than that which undergirds the British-Israel Elim
     Foursquare Gospel Alliance and its extension based in the United States, the International
     Church of the Foursquare Gospel. However, the uninitiated masses in the U.S., many of whom
     are Christians who hold membership in Foursquare Gospel churches, are told that these
     symbols represent the pillars of the Gospel. The four symbols of the Foursquare denomination
     (and their interpretation) are also the symbols of the Christian and Missionary Alliance,
     founded by A.B. Simpson, who said they symbolized the Fourfold Gospel: Jesus Christ our
     Savior, Sanctified, Healer, and Coming King. "Simpson attributed the term, Fourfold Gospel, to
     a suggestion of the Holy Spirit at the opening of the 1890 convention at the New York Gospel
     Tabernacle." 27.

     Anton Chaitkin's compelling expose of the British Origins of Pentecostalism reveals that British
     Freemasons and their intelligence agents have been masquerading as patriots and revivalists,
     using political and religious movements to mobilize the masses toward cooperation with Great
     Britain's political aspirations. Christians who are snared by their false teaching will be held
     accountable by God for following false prophets, of which Jesus warned in Matthew 7:15:
     "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are
     ravening wolves."

     The promotion of an endtime revival by false prophets like Richard Riss contradicts the clear
     teaching of Scripture concerning the period which will immediately precede the Second Coming
     of Christ. Christians who fall for the revival propaganda, national or otherwise, are working for
     a movement which is in direct violation of Scripture, and are in fact advancing the agenda of the
     Antichrist. Instead of revival, Jesus and his apostles warned that there would be unprecedented
     deception leading many to apostasize from the true faith.

      For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders;
             insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.  Matt. 24:24

      Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling
              away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition...  II Thess. 2:3

revival or mind control?

     In the final analysis, Evangelical Christians have been pawns in the dialectical process---the
     secret societies' method of slowly but inexorably moving huge portions of humanity into their
     new order.  The takeover of both political parties has been vital to the Masonic plan to force the
     U.S. into a world government and there is no substantive difference between the major political
     parties anymore. A Democratic administration would be no different than the present
     Republican administration, except that American conservatives would object strongly to the
     removal of their civil liberties under a liberal Democrat such as Al Gore.  Because they believe
     George Bush to be a Christian, their guard is down and Christian conservatives will surrender
     the Bill of Rights trusting their liberties will be restored once terrorism is eradicated.  However,
     anyone who reads the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush, Sr.  will be confronted with facts
     about the Bush family that render suspect the motives and intentions of our current president.

     Through the organization and manipulation of mass movements based on ideologies in
     dynamic opposition to one another, a huge shift away from absolute truth occurs. The
     philosophers Nietzsche, Heidegger and Hegel made up the antithesis to the thesis of what was
     left of tradition in the mid-nineteenth century. By using all three as the background to World
     War II, the conspirators forged the synthesis, which was the Holocaust. After the war, they
     claimed that since God had been so cruel, man must find a new way to think of God. The
     answer was immanent humanism, or that man is god.  Everything that matters in the way of
     their revolution has devolved from this gnostic premise, the antithesis of Christian doctrine.

     The Order of Skull and Bones is part of a global network of secret societies known as the
     Brotherhood of Death. Skull and Bones, was created as an American chapter of the German
     Thule Society which trained Hitler in occult doctrine. Dope, Inc.: The Book That Drove
     Kissinger Crazy is the Executive Intelligence Review's (LaRouche) expose of the
     Anglo-American oligarchy's drug smuggling syndicate since the days of the Opium Wars, in
     which covert operations George H.W. Bush was the kingpin.  The authors identify the struggle
     for ideology of the gnostic Thule Society against the Judeo-Christian tradition:

              "Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party is the paramount case in the West of a Gnostic
          movement come to power.  Hitler's world conception was specifically Gnostic.  As a
          child, Hitler attended the Lambach Abbey School in Lambach-am-Tram in upper
          Austria.  Since at least 20 years before Hitler's birth,  Lambach had been a center of
          Gnostic practice.  Its abbot, Father Theodore Hagen, was adept in astrology and in
          the fundamentals of the Gnostic heresy, with particular affinity for thirteenth-century
          Catharism and Islamic Sufism.  This Benedictine monk caused a swastika to be
          engraved over the entrance  to the abbey school.
              "When Hitler went to the abbey in 1899, there was also a young Cistercian monk,
          Adolf Joseph Lanz, who was later to lead Hitler through the racialist cult networks of
          Vienna.  In 1900, Lanz threw aside his habit, went to Vienna and founded the Order
          of the New Temple, inspired by the Knights Templar.  In 1905, using the name of
          Georg Lanz von Liebenfels, he began to publish the racist cult journal Ostara,
          dedicated to propagandizing in favor  of the war between the 'Sons of Light' and the
          'Sons of Darkness'; that is, the war between the blond, blue-eyed Aryan and the dark,
          scheming Jew.
              "In Munich, Hitler was routed into Gnostic circles revolving around the Thule
          Society, named after the mythical 'Ultima Thule' homeland of the Aryans in the
          north, and made up of south German, Swiss, and British oligarchs dedicated to
          creating a mass-based party to indoctrinate defeated Germany with Gnostic ideas.
          Hitler became its chosen spokesman.
              "Hitler's mission was to destroy Christianity and Judaism in favor of the ancient
          pagan religion.  When the war was lost, Germany being invaded on  every front,
          catastrophe looming, Hitler's lieutenants clustered around him to know what the
          Fuhrer would do.  Hitler told them that, whatever the  outcome of the war, the
          greater war had been won.  One hundred years after his death, he predicted,
          Christianity would no longer exist as a significant  force in the world.  That was
          victory, he said, To destroy Christianity, Hitler reasoned, one must first destroy its
          'agent,' the 'bacillus the Jew'; that nation  of priests,' as Nietzsche had angrily called
          them.  The Holocaust was planned to do just that." 28.

     The synthesis has already occurred in the great mass of people. One Freemason correctly
     observed that there are very few who are "immune to the dialectic." This assertion would not
     have been made if the dialectic and its method of synthesis were not the hidden agenda of the
     occult societies. Also, the dialectic is evolutionary. The conservative revolution today, some
     new movement tomorrow. Thus, the dialectic itself represented a huge shift away from absolute
     truth.  The conspirators mean to take the masses through revolutions fomented out of the
     dialectical operation toward a synthesis of all points of view -- the Third Way politics of the
     radical center -- to a society based on natural law, man's determination of morality in place of
     God's. Marilyn Ferguson's Aquarian Conspiracy perceptively describes the nature and course of
     revolutions -- abandonment of the moral values which inspired the revolution -- a phenomenon
     which is coming to pass before our very eyes:

          "Most historical movements have their last will and testament along with their
          manifesto. They have known more surely what they oppose than what  they are. By
          taking a firm position, they trigger an inevitable countermotion, one that will
          disorient their fragile identity almost at once. Then rapid metamorphosis and
          self-betrayal: pacifists who become violent, law-and-order advocates who trample
          law and order, patriots who undo liberties,  'people’s revolutions' that empower new
          elites, new movements in the arts that become as rigid as their predecessors,
          romantic ideals that lead to  genocide." 29.

     Law-and-order advocates who trample law and order? ...patriots who undo liberties? ...romantic
     ideals that lead to genocide"?  Like Reverend Neimoller and the German Protestants, we fear
     that American Evangelicals will rue the day they called for a conservative revolution:

               "By the beginning of 1934, the disillusioned Pastor Niemoller had become the
          guiding spirit of the minority resistance in both the 'Confessional Church' and the
          Pastors' Emergency League...On the first of July, 1937, Dr. Niemoller was arrested
          and confined to Moabit prison in Berlin. On June 27  he had preached to the
          congregation, which always overflowed his church at Dahlem, what was to be his
          last sermon in the Third Reich. As if he had a foreboding of what was to come he
          said, 'We have no more thought of using our own powers to escape the arm of the
          authorities than had the Apostles of old. No more are we ready to keep silent at
          man's behest when God commands us to speak. For it is, and must remain, the case
          that we must obey  God rather than man.'
               "After eight months in prison he was tried on March 2, 1938, before a
          Sondergericht, one of the 'Special Courts' set up by the Nazis to try offenders  against
          the State, and though acquitted of the main charge of 'underhand attacks against the
          State' was fined two thousand marks and sentenced to seven  months' imprisonment
          for 'abuse of the pulpit' and holding collections in his church. Since he had served
          more than this time, the court ordered his  release, but he was seized by the Gestapo
          as he was leaving the courtroom, placed in 'protective custody' and confined in
          concentration camps, first at  Sacchsenhausen and then at Dauchau, where he
          remained for seven years until liberated by Allied troops." 30.

George Bush: An Unauthorized Biography


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http://www.anomalous-images.com/text/naznwo01.html (1 of 7) [12/8/2003 3:07:09 PM]  
  [PART 1]
[last update: July 1996]
by Agent 'Wolverine'
(Pretty inflammatory title, huh? Well, let's just see if there's any evidence whatsoever that something so
unbelievable could be happening here in America. The following information may sound almost
unbelievable to some, in fact almost as unbelievable as the reports of horrendous genocidal atroci- ties
that had made their way out of Nazi Germany during the course of World War II -- those reports that
many in the U.S. Government believed were too incredible to be true, those reports which they finally
believed... yet only when it was too late to do anything about it. As for the information which follows, I
cannot claim full responsibility for these revelations. The only explanation that I have for the
consolidation of this information as it appears in this database is that it is the result of a supernatural
manifestation of synchronicity, wherein I was 'led' to be in the right place at the right time in my research
into the current activities of the 'Nazi' conspiracy in present times. Apparently "Truth" is a vital force in
and of itself. The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it
will, like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and nothing can stop it.
Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet it cannot be destroyed. I believe that what you will read
throughout this database is information which has been suppressed for years, yet which is now breaking
forth like water from a shattered dam, in spite of all attempts to hold it back. It is information whose time
has come. So be it. - Wolverine)
(Quote from Louisiana District Attorney James Garrison... during the trial of Clay Shaw -- accused by
Garrison of coordinating factions of the Mafia, the CIA and the Military-Industrial Establishment in the
conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963)
As World War II was drawing to a close and General George Patton was making his deadly push into the
heart of Europe in pursuit of Nazi forces who were beginning to realize that their fascist empire was
about to crumble -- or so it seemed -- a counter-measure was put into effect by deep-level agents of the
Nazi S.S. This bold and brazen plan was to effect not only an escape of the inner core of the Nazi S.S.
but also to implement an infil- tration of the United States' military-industrial establishment using Nazi
S.S. 5th column agents in America who would be instructed to blend-in with the population and
coordinate their corporate armies in preparation for a future attempt to take control of the American
government from within!
So, how were the Nazi's able to infiltrate the heart of American Intelligence without giving themselves
away? They would have to have recieved backing from a very powerful organization already operating
within the confines of the American Republic. The only thing more powerful than the American govern-ment
itself, the Nazis discovered, were the multi-billion-dollar corporate empires which had a
considerable influence on the American political sys- tem behind-the-scenes. One of the most powerful
of these financial empires had put Dwight D. Eisenhower into the presidency, as well as one of their own
family members into the Vice Presidency. This financial empire was none other than the
ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION. This foundation had a great deal of influence in the media and, in
turn, in manipulating public opinion in favor of their own political agendas.
According to the well-known International economist Dr. Antony Sutton, the Rockefellers not only
helped to finance the Nazi Empire -- the Rockefellers being long-time members of Bavarian-German
secret societies that were determined to rule the world by establishing a totalitarian 'New World Order' --
but their STANDARD [EXXON] OIL company had literally provided the 'fuel' for the Nazi War
machine's conquest of Europe.
Nelson Rockefeller (who was later manipulated into the Vice Presidency) initially brought 3000 crack
Nazi S.S. agents into the United States and gave them new identities and positions within their corporate
empire, or within allied corporate structures, most of these being part of the so-called Military-Industrial
Establishment. This super-secret operation was called PROJECT PAPERCLIP. Also, several former
Nazi scientists from the Peenemunde Aerodynamics Institute which built the 'V-1' and 'V-2' rockets
which reigned terror upon England were placed in positions of influence within these corporate/military
establishments as well.
The UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION [NWO] was initially created by the Bavarian secret orders
(or the Bavarian Empire) and is ultimately being run from Bavaria, Germany -- although they will never
admit to this. Former U.N. Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, an Austrian, has been accused by many of
being an undercover Nazi war criminal. He was allegedly one of several Nazi infiltrators who helped
form the 'unofficial' genocidal policies of the UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION. The Genocidal
and Population Con- trol plans of the United Nations are not too difficult to document. The U.N. -N.
W.O. (UNITED NATIONS - NEW WORLD ORDER) also plans to foment anarchy and race riots in
America in preparation for the implementation of Executive Orders which will be used to establish
martial law and the presence of a UNITED NATIONS "peace keeping force". They will use the excuse
that since "we" have sent "peace keepers" to other countries, we in America are not exempt from U.N.
intervention in a time of internal instability. However, these U.N. 'Blue Helmets', once they have estab-lished
their presence, WILL NEVER LEAVE willingly. Instead they will be used to force Americans to
conform to the fascist Bavarian "New World Order" via its "Trojan horse", which is known today as the
Now before you accuse me of suffering from paranoid delusions, I would CHALLENGE you to read this
entire series of files, and THEN you can accuse me of paranoid schitzophrenia if you wish...
When and if a "U.N. Police Action" is taken against America, the first order of business will be to
confiscate all personal weapons (take away the right to bear arms -- in fact the Gun Control Act of 1968
was lifted in its entirety from the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938, which was supposed to curb "gang
activity" between Nazi and Communist Party thugs); outlaw all non-sanctioned religious activities
(remove freedom of worship -- or initiate an "inquisition" against all religions that are not approved by
the "New World Order"); and confiscate all two-way communications devices such as computers,
telephones, fax machines, etc. (disabling freedom of speech -- of assembly, free expression, etc. You
doubt that such Executive Orders for "Emergency" contingencies are on the books? Then read the
concluding files in this series. Better yet, read all the files in order and you'll get a remarkable overview
of what is taking place in this world. Remember, knowledge is power and power is protection. - Wol.).
These three foundational freedoms, as well as the rest of the BILL OF RIGHTS, will be eliminated if
these enemies of freedom and justice have their way. 'Dissenters' will either be shot on site or will be
taken to one of the 13 [or more] CONCENTRATION CAMP centers that have been prepared and ARE
NOW operational within the United States. Eleven of these have been identified as follows:
Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas; Ft. Drum, New York; Ft. Indian Gap, Penn- sylvania; Camp A. P. Hill, Virginia;
Oakdale, California; Eglin Air Force Base, Florida; Vendenberg AFB, California; Ft. Mc Coy,
Wisconsin; Ft. Benning, Georgia; Ft. Huachuca, Arizona; Camp Krome, Florida.
There is much evidence that the Nazi's have also been infiltrating the 'militia' movements through
right-wing para-military factions such as 'The Order'. This may serve several purposes, among them
being to discredit the militias, and more importantly to bring them under Fascist control. A
fascist-controlled militia might be swayed into accepting a totalitarian government under the cover of
anti-Socialist "Americanism". Actually Nazism IS Fascist-Socialism [National Socialism] in its worst
form, but the Bavarians with their Machievellian / Hegalian philosophy do not want us to be aware of
this. They have intentionally created a chasm between the Republican and Demo- cratic parties through
their control of the media. In the same way they have more-or-less conditioned Americans to vote for
either one of two agendas -- two political parties, both of which have been infiltrated by National
Socialist agents -- even when there are very qualified can- didates within other parties that have been
ignored by the media. Those within the militias or patriot movements who fall for the 'White America'
propaganda have apparently not read-up on the writings of the founding fathers in regards to the
conviction that all men are created equal. We had to endure a bloody civil war over whether or not we
were going to maintain this philosophy, or revert to a perpetual slave state.
The threat to America is not one of race, but of ethics. We are not endangered by any particular race, but
by a racist philosophy. America was intended to be a land where the oppressed from EVERY
COUNTRY might come and seek refuge from the tyrannies under which they suf- fered in their own
lands. The threat comes instead from those national or international socialist governments who are
enraged that there would be some place on earth where people would band together in a republic which
would seek to exclude the foreign elite from ruling over the 'lower classes' as their absulute overlords.
Sadly however, these tyrants have targeted and infiltrated America for the specific purpose of destroy-ing
her Constutution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and all of the founding
principles upon which they were based. In our references to Germany, Austria and Italy as major threats
to America throughout these files, we do not use these terms in reference to the German, Austrian or
Italian races or cultures in themselves. Instead, we refer to the ages-old secret organizations and societies
which com- pose the remnants and descendants of the inner elite of the old Roman [and the so-called
'holy' Roman] Empires which have continued to flourish in direct succession from the ancient pagan cults
which controlled the inner core of that ancient empire. That ancient empire never really died, but still
spreads its deadly tentacles throughout the world in search of that which it can devour, control and
conquer. And it is still determined to bring the entire planet under its absolute control, as has been its
ageless goal...
Another organization that should be looked into is the German- spawned O.T.O. or ORDO TEMPLI
ORIENTUS, Aliester Crowley's cult which had deep fascist political connections. Also, the German born
SKULL & BONES SOCIETY of which both George Bush and his father Prescott were members. Bush
Sr. assisted in the financing of the Third Reich in collaboration with the Rockefellers, and George Bush
.himself had stated at one point "Isn't it about time we forgive the Nazi War Criminals?". Bush's constant
reference to a "New World Order" and his former position as CIA and later MJ-12 director (although the
latter position was not a 'public' office) is suggestive.
John Hinkley Jr., the one who tried to assassinate President Reagan when Bush was vice president, had
strong ties with American Nazis as well as to the Bush family. Well, George [Herbert] Bush couldn't
have wanted to take control the presidency by default now could he? It is interesting to note that Sirhan
Sirhan, the man who killed Robert Kennedy, was involved with a circle of 'spy'chiatrists who had deep
fascist "Intelligence" agency connections. Sirhan was also a very susceptible hypnotic subject, which is
why many have alleged that he was used as a programmed "Manchurian Candidate" type sleeper-assassin
by a fascist element within the CIA. The CIA itself is an extremely compartmentalized and
factioned organization, and the NSA and NSC which ultimately supervise the CIA may have wanted it
that way, so that it could be more easily regimented.
Another recent "connection" involved a former employee of the CIA's Wackenhut Security Organization,
which has a strong presence with- in the Nevada Test Site, one of the most sensitive military research
centers on the planet. This employee, Michael Riconosciuto, implied that fascist infiltrators have taken
control of certain parts of the Test Site, especially the underground facilities where mind control, bio-genetic
and advanced aerospace research is being carried out. There are unconfirmed "rumors" that
people have been abducted and taken to these facilities for research purposes. Riconosciuto actually
made an attempt to get a helicopter filled with documents and evidence of illegal and unconstitutional
activities, out of the Test Site. The air- craft according to Riconosciuto was shot down and all five
personnel on board were killed. Michael Riconosciuto's father, the late Marshall Riconosciuto, was a
blatant supporter of Adolph Hitler, and was a close associate of Fred L. Crisman -- the man who
Louisiana Attorney and JFK assassination investigator James Garrison tied to Clay Shaw. Garrison had
identified Shaw as the CIA - Mafia go-between in the JFK assassination. In fact, when Shaw heard that
he had been ordered to appear at a court hearing supervised by Garrison to examine his potential ties to
the assassination, one of the first persons he called was Fred Crisman. Apparently Clay Shaw was
terrified at the prospect of being convicted. Crisman had connections with the Military-Industrial
Complex, the CIA, Organized Crime, and the Operation Paperclip crowd according to Garrison. If there
was anyone who had an over- view of the fascist conspiracy in America, it had to have been Crisman.
Clay Shaw may have been convicted if not for the fact that Garrison's star witness David Ferry had died
mysteriously just a few days before the hearing was to begin (see the movie "J.F.K.")... But let's return to
the beginnings of the Nazi fifth-column infiltration of the United States intelligence, government and
corprate structures.
After the initial 3000 Nazi's were brought into America, means were implemented to bring in even more
of their numbers. Do you think the Nazi Movement just gave up and died when the Allies liberated
Europe? Don't kid yourself. They merely went UNDERGROUND. The secret Nazi underground empire
is now even more determined to destroy America than it ever was, because it was America with it's "all
men are created equal" philosophy which ensured the destruction of the Nazi military forces in Europe
under the American General George Patton.
Under Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen and his 300 Nazi S.S. agents, in association with Otto Skorzeny
and former C.F.R. president Allen Dulles -- who was Nelson Rockefellers cousin, the CIA and the NSA
were formed to replace the Naval Intelligence agencies of World War II. This was imple- mented with
the help of the Rockefellers and Nazi sympathizers within U.S. Intelligence who were mostly initiates of
Bavarian Masonry. Of course the most powerful positions in the CIA and NSA were given to the Nazi
agents themselves. It was quite a feat to create a Nazi Intelligence "fifth column" in America without us
being aware of it. It was even more of a feat to carry out a partial fascist coup d'etat of the American
government in 1963 when the Nazi "german-ated" CIA killed president John F. Kennedy -- along with
over 200 material witnesses throughout the ensuing years -- in true Nazi fashion. Earlier that year,
Kennedy had threatened MJ-12 member Gordon Gray that he was going to "dismember" the CIA unless
they got out of the international drug trafficking business. Kennedy had fired Allen Dulles as CIA
director because of his deceitful dealings with other government agencies, since Dulles had worked to
make the CIA not just an intelligence-gathering service but the absolute controlling-force over all other
government Intelligence agencies and a "secret government" in and of itself. Dulles apparently had a
personal vendetta against the President.
As for General Reinhard (Richard) Gehlen, this war criminal was formerly the head of Nazi military
intelligence on the Eastern Front, where a lot of the worst atrocities were committed. Gehlen was
'appointed' head of the counter-espionage service of the new West German state UNDER C.I.A.
In 1951, as the democratically-elected president of Guatemala Juan Jose Arevalo left office, he
commented sadly, "Roosevelt lost the war, the real winner was Hitler." Arevalo was essentially pressured
out of office by Col. Jacobo Arbenz, who immediately imposed a National Socialist dicta- torship on
Guatemala which included the illegal confiscation of lands and corporations. During his reign of terror
tens of thousands of Guatemalans turned up missing, never to be seen again. Their fate has been a matter
of debate, however there are those who claim that Arbenz was a member of a secretive 'underground'
occult order. After his atrocities became too widespread for comfort, the CIA supposedly backed the
overthrow of the Arbenz regime, however they left the country in no better condition when they allowed
it to revert back to a military police state where demo- cracy was just as dead as it had been under
Now ask yourself, just WHY has the CIA been so interested in over- throwing third-world countries and
installing their own puppet dictators? Could it be that they are involved in a long-term program to
implement a global fascist dictatorship?
One of Gen. Gehlen's covert operations included the financing of and diversion of attention to the "Red
Menace" while the Nazis continued to consolidate their control [like termites] into the "woodwork" of
the American establishment. The Nazi cancer can also be likened to a "tapeworm" that has eaten through
the "body" of our Constitutional government, devouring billions of dollars through illegal taxation to
support their continued war crimes. Where has all this money gone? Mostly toward the building of
multi-billion-dollar underground New World Order / Nazi-CIA operational "Black Budget" bases or
bunkers from where they intend to implement their planned take-over of North America. Some of these
secret facilities are reportedly located in, near or directly 'below' the following areas:
*Dougway, Utah [works "in conjunction with" the Groom Lake, NV base] *Dulce, New Mexico
[Archuleta Mesa, Mt. Archuleta NE of town] *Los Alamos, New Mexico [underground research base;
works icw Dulce] *Mercury, Nevada [multi-leveled underground facilities; works icw Groom Lake]
*Madigan Military Hospital [50 mi S. of Seattle, WA], via sub-basements *Deep Springs / Bishop,
California [exact location uncertain...] *Montauk Point, Long Island [8-level underground facility below
'closed' AF base] *Lancaster, California [Military-Industrial Facilities surrounding the city] *Langley,
.Virginia [CIA headquarters -- at least 7 levels deep] *Page, Arizona [via hydroelectric dam? Works icw
Dulce & Groom Lake] *Reno, Nevada [exact location of underground facility uncertain...] *Granite Mt.
[E. of S.L.C., UT; underground "Storage Vault" serves as a "cover"] *Ute Mountains, Utah-Colorado
[Sleeping Ute Mt., etc. Works icw Dulce base] *Mt. Lassen, California [exact location of underground
facility uncertain...] *Mt. Weather, near Blumont, Virginia [Underground FEMA headquarters] *I.T.T.
Corporate headquarters, New Jersey [underground base access terminal]
There are reportedly over 120 of these full-fledged "ground-scrapers" that have been built with funds
gathered from the Nazi corporate empire, international CIA drug activities [with the assistance of the
Bush family's ZAPATA offshore oil platforms through which drugs were funneled into the U.S.,
by-passing customs agents], and illegal taxation of Americans. Top positions of the IRS are reportedly
occupied by Nazi agents, and it is said that approximately 5% of the tax income is skimmed off the top
and channeled to various Nazi projects. These N.W.O. ground-scrapers or bases are connected via
subways using nuclear excavation technolo- gies developed by their contacts within Rand and Los
Alamos Labs. At this time, these nuclear-tipped drills are capable of excavating a tunnel at a rate of 5
miles per hour with absolutely no waste material. This is accom- plished by the nuclear drill which melts
and cracks the surrounding rock into a state of incandescence, and the molten rock is then pressed into
the peripheral cracks as the machine passes through, where it cools into an extremely tough, glazed
casing or lining.
So then, exactly where are the Krauts hiding? Can we name some of the institutions which are actually
covers for the Nazi corporate cons- piracy?
I will divide the following groups into three different 'agendas', you might say, in which the Nazis are
involved. First we have those organizations which are involved in world Corporate-Political control. In
other words, those corporations that are using their financial and political muscle to work toward the
establishment of an agenda which Adolph Hitler himself referred to in the title of his second book, which
was called the 'New World Order'. The International corporate terror and extortion rackets run by Otto
Skorzeny and the German 'Krupp' family would fall into this category (The Krupps built munitions plants
for the Nazis during World War II; financed the secret microwave-mind-control projects of the
Brookhaven National Laboratories that were carried out within a secret underground facility below
Montauk Point, Long Island; and also control a major portion of the I.T.T. Corp.). Ab- solute global
economic control is intended to be a major factor in the estab- lishment of the 'Fourth Reich', and these
Nazi's reportedly CALL themselves 'THE ORDER' [OF THE FOURTH REICH]. This absolute global
economic control can be seen by the fact that the incorporation's for all of the inter- national economic
'bar codes' must all be registered through a central pro- cessing center in -- you guessed it -- Germany.
Here are some of the alleged Corporate Nazi institutions or organizations, to name a few:
Next we have those that are involved in the Global Aryan Master Plan, Racial Genocide, and even Ritual
Abuse, Mind Control, and Human Sacri- fice rings. OK, before you say this is going too far, go and dig
up some history on the satanic or occult links of the Bavarian Illuminati, Bavarian Nazi Party, the
Bavarian Thule Society, the Rosicrucian Order of Bavaria, the Bavarian Vril Society, the Bavarian Skull
& Bones Society, and all of the lesser-known but numerous interlinking societies that are tied-in with the
above. Why Bavaria? Simply because during the Roman Occu- pation of Egypt in ancient times, Bavaria
served as the military center of the Roman (and later the so-called 'Holy Roman') Empire, and the deeply
occultic Bavarians -- the fierce HUN tribes who had so much pull in the Roman government that they
could more-or-less install whoever they wanted into the Roman Empirium -- had 'adopted' the
gnostic-satanism practiced by the early Egyptian sorcerers, and brought it to Germany and Rome. This
included the practice of ritual abuse and sacrifice. The "Holy Roman Empire" [HO.R.E.], which we can
thank for dragging all of Europe down into the Dark Ages, has traditionally encompassed Germany,
Austria and Italy -- the "Triple Alliance" which had initiated the first AND second World Wars. Here
then are some of the modern-day covers for this activity (by the way, have you ever wondered what
happens to a large majority of America's missing children, the so-called 'Milk Carton Kids'? Also, the
reference to the 'American Psychiatric Association' is based on the fact that the APA may have had some
connection with the CIA 'spy'chiatrists and hypnotherapists who had known ties to Sirhan Sirhan before
his assassination of Robert Kennedy; the fact that the original APA mem- bership for some strange
reason included over 2,000 German nationals who 'immigrated' to the U.S. following WWII; and the fact
that the APA is an organizational member of the NATIONAL COALITION TO BAN HAND- GUNS --
which is now known today as the C.S.G.V.):