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R@wman says" register and vote for the party that will  mandate by law that women have at least 50% of the legislative representation in all
State & Federal governing bodies." This Fortune city site is under re construction
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So long Joe! "Do you believe god tells jokes?"
 A friend sent this to me :>>  Sent: Thursday, August 28, 2003 8:07 PM Subject: Bill Maher comment This is from today's local paper around the California recall election.  Bill Maher's comment on Schwarzenegger:  "Finally, a candidate who can  explain the Bush administration's positions on civil liberties in the original German."   ;-)
2 Follow the instructions  carefully & READ the responding page carefully!!!!!  On the Web go to: Type in: "Weapons of Mass Destruction" There are two buttons below the field where you would type in your search topic. On the   left is "Google search" on the left  "I'm feeling lucky."Press: I'm feeling lucky. Read the page Very Carefully!  Click: the Regime change button, or try again later.  Enjoy.
Not!   Sunday, June 29, 2003 How coy
is Google !!?  Author Reinhardt Glean.
 Not part of initial query was correct. No title
at top No find : test 1
Free e-book
   Ann Coulter

Before the Gatewood Galbraith for Governor Campaign in 1991, few
Kentuckians knew hat the plant that the federal government had
demonized for over 50 years as "Marijuana -Assassin of Youth," was,
in fact, Cannabis Hemp, the most traded commodity in the world until
 the mid-1800s, and our state's number one crop,industry, and most
important source ofrevenue, for over 150 years.

Today, thanks to the efforts of pioneer hemp researchers and public
advocates such as Galbraith, Jack Fraizer, Jack Herer, Chris Conrad,
 Ed Rosenthal, Don Wirtshafter and others, the federal government's
 unjustifiable suppression of our state's right to develop our most
valuable and versatile natural resource, is facing increasing opposition
from an informed public. Hemp is now recognized as the number one
agriculturally renewablel raw material in the world, and perhaps the only
 crop / industry which can guarantee us industrial and economic
 independence from the trans-national corporations.

 "Shadow of the Swastika" is a follow-up to my earlier work, "Cannabis
 Hemp: the Invisible Prohibition Revealed," which I wrote and published
 in support of the Galbraith Campaign. Since publication of that booklet,
there has been growing public acceptance of the evidence that Marijuana
Prohibition was created in 1937, not to protect society from the "evils of
the drug Marijuana," as the  Federal government claimed, but as an act
of deliberate economic and industrial sabotage against the re-emerging
Industrial  Hemp Industry.

Previous investigations  by hemp researchers have been limited
to the suppression of free-market competition from the hemp
industry, and focused on the activities of  three prominent members
of America's corporate, industrial and banking establishment during
the mid- to late-1930s:

WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST, the newspaper and magazine tycoon.The expected rebirth of cannabis hemp as a less expensive
 source of pulp for paper meant his millions of acres of prime timberland,
 and investment in wood pulp papermaking equipment, would soon be
worth much less.

In the 1920s, about the same time as the equipment was developed
to economically mass-produce raw hemp into pulp and fiber for paper,
he began the "Reefer Madness" hoax in his newspaperand magazine publications.

As Secretary of the Treasury he created the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, and
appointed his own future nephew-in-law, Harry Anslinger, as director. Anslinger
would later use the sensational, and totally fabricated, articles published by
Hearst, to push the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 through Congress, which successfully destroyed the rebirth of the cannabis hemp industry.

A prominent member of one Congressional subcommittee who voted in
favor of this bill was Joseph Guffey of Pennsylvania, an oil tycoon and
 former business partner of Andrew Mellon in the Spindletop oil fields in

THE DU PONT CHEMICAL CORPORATION, which owned the patents on synthetic petrochemicals and industrial processes that promised billions of
 dollars in future profits from the sale of wood pulp paper, lead additives for gasoline, synthetic fibers and plastics, if hemp could be suppressed.
At the time, du Pont family influence in both government and the private
 sector was unmatched, according to historians and journalists.

This publication, however, reveals documented historical evidence that the
suppression of the hemp industry was only one key part of a much larger
conspiracy in the 1930s, not only by the three corporate interests named
above, but by many others, as well.

Congressional records, FBI reports and investigations by the Justice
Department, during the1930s and 1940s, have already documented
evidence of this wider plot. A list of the corporations named include
Du Pont, Standard Oil, and General Motors, all of which were proven to be
conspiring with Nazi industrial cartels to eliminate competition world-wide
and divide among themselves the Earth's industrial resources and
commercial markets, for profitable exploitation.

This conspiracy succeeded. It is now obvious that this lack of serious
competition in the industrial raw materials market caused our present -
and totally contrived - addiction to petrochemicals. Its success is directly
 responsible for the most troubling problems we now face in the 1990s;
serious damage to our environment, concentration of economic and
political power into fewer and fewer hands, and the weakening of the
 rights of individuals and states to determine their own futures.

It is more and more evident that, given the historical record, the
 structure of the New World Order is being built upon the Foundation
 of Marijuana Prohibition, and only the relegalization of free-market
 hemp competition can save us.

R. William Davis July 4, 1996 Louisville, Kentucky
An Open Letter to All Americans
a a a a a a a a a a a a advertisement t t t t t t t t t t t t t t
Yes, a world-first material being used for the
 first time in hemp plastic.Save the planet.
 Save your conscience. Save your CDs!
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Help us get these to all your music buddies!!
Orders from 500+, preferably 10,000+.
 Commissions for big sales/ introductions.
or call 07050 600 418 or fax
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a a a a a a a a a a a a advertisement t t t t t
a very  seriously funny and believable webzeen
Links from SUMERIA.NET
Alt serch engin list

September 23, 2003 -2:33PM
Copyright  © 2003. The Sydney Morning Herald.
Australian investigative journalist John Pilger says he has evidence the war
against Iraq was based on a lie which could cost George W Bush and Tony
Blair their jobs and bring Prime Minister John Howard down with them.

Subject:   top 40 lies about the war on terror Date:  Sat, 2 Aug 2003 05:03:07 EDT
Bring 'em On! The Bush administration's top 40 lies about war and terrorism
By Steve Perry  City Pages Wednesday 30 July © 2003
Author's note: In the interest of relative brevity I've stinted on citing and quoting
sources in some of the items below. You can find links to news stories that elaborate
on each of these items at my online Bush Wars column,
The Bush administration's foreign policy plan was not based on September 11, or
terrorism; those events only brought to the forefront a radical plan for U.S. control
of the post-Cold War world that had been taking shape since the closing days of the
 first Bush presidency. Back then a small claque of planners, led by Wolfowitz,
generated a draft document  known as Defense Planning Guidance, which
 envisioned a U.S. that took advantage of its lone-superpower status  to
consolidate American control of the world both militarily and economically,
to the point where no other nation could ever reasonably hope to challenge
 the U.S. Toward that end it envisioned what we now call "preemptive"
wars waged to reset the geopolitical table.  moredown
"Women make their beds each morning and they assume
everyone - criminals on the lam, animals in their burrows -
 does the same."
        from Bachelor Home Companion

  Nazi VS  Anti-Nazi

It's a  Bullet its a Bomb its a BOMB its a Bullet !
  *Ethnic Bomb’ Now Linked to Korean Intrigue
 Exclusive to American FreePress
 By Gordon Thomas
What is this baloney every one should know we
did that first and ask what natoin on earth does
not have so called weapons of mass distruction!

Large Hadron Collider
  Cern ; Oxford university chemistry department,

     Covering the Nanospace and reporting on disruptive technologies such as MEMS, Quantum
Computing, Nanomedicine, Nanoelectronics, Nanotubes, Self Assembly, Nanoscale Materials,
 & Molecular Biology.
    NEWS    Last Update Thursday August 28, 2003 09:45:16 PM    

    NewsFactor August 28, 2003 In a field that is so young and is moving so quickly, it's
    hard to see the milestones, but it has advanced from the theoretical research phase to
    patented techniques that will form the foundation for its growth and development. One
    such patent has just been issued to the University of Tulsa for batteries that are so
    small that 40 could be stacked across the width of a human hair. Chemistry professor
    Dale Teeters and two of his former chemical engineering students, Nina Korzhova and
    Lane Fisher, have constructed thousands of tiny batteries, each of which can deliver
    up to 3.5 volts.
    ScienCentral August 28, 2003 What if all you needed to pack for your summer
    vacation was a comfortable T-shirt that kept you dry if it rained, and fought off germs,
    too? Nanotechnology could lead to lightweight clothing that’s waterproof and germ
    proof. Some nanotechnologists are working on ways to make paints, roof tiles, and
    other surfaces that can stay dry and clean themselves, just as the lotus leaf does. To
    come up with new materials with what they call the “lotus effect,” researchers are
    working from the molecular level up.

    SmallTimes August 28, 2003 Organizers of a new nano conference promise to make
    this one stand out from the others by emphasizing business and products, rather than
    research and theory. NanoCommerce 2003, scheduled for Dec. 8-11 at Chicago's
    Hyatt Regency McCormick Place and Conference Center, will gather together
    business leaders from a wide range of industries to talk about how to sell their
    nanotechnology-enabled products.
    PRNewswire August 28, 2003 Nanophase Technologies Corporation (Nasdaq: NANX),
    today announced commercial availability of bismuth oxide nanomaterials. Bismuth
    oxide is incorporated into specialty polymers and materials for bone implants, dental
    prosthetic devices, catheters, sutures and surgical instruments to make them
    detectable by X-rays without the toxicity or carcinogenicity associated with other
    heavy metals. When incorporated into other plastics, benefits such as X-ray detection
    of toys and objects swallowed by children, or X-ray detection of plastic firearms at
    airport security stations, can be achieved.

    EETimes August 28, 2003 The creation of MIT's Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies
    poses the reasonable question of whether nanotech has anything in its bag of tricks to
    improve the lot of the common grunt. The institute's founders and the U.S. Army,
    which kicked things off with a $50 million grant, clearly believe there is something to
    the concept of applying the smallest of small technology to the battlefield. But getting
    there, starting with today's tentative stabs at mining the molecular and atomic world,
    could turn into a torturous journey.

    EETimes August 28, 2003 In recent years some promising research has suggested
    that the surface properties of materials can be controlled at the molecular level. The
    ability to control surface properties would be useful to the futuristic combat gear being
    developed at MIT, since it would enable the creation of fabrics that could instantly treat
    injuries such as broken bones or hemorrhages. The Institute for Soldier
    Nanotechnologies' Team 04 has already reported a breakthrough in switchable

    * AlphaGalileo August 28, 2003 Story [6] - Nanoparticle structure is no fait accompli.
    The precise configuration of the component atoms can be altered after the
    nanoparticles have been made, simply by changing their environment, research in this
    week's Nature suggests. In the future, nanoparticles could be modified post-synthesis
     to endow them with new properties.


Have you ever tried searching something on ?
It is incredibly thorough.  makes look like a country mouse

Try a long thing like this on each >
the wireless world will eliminate the hierarchies of the architecture of the space craft in outer space

Example of google search below

the wireless world will eliminate the hierarchies of the
architecture of the space craft in outer space...

A :

the wireless world will eliminate the hierarchies of the  architecture of the craft

30 foot  tide    hydropower St. Johns River  1930  WPA The New Deal Professor Lee Arnald  Parafoil   turbulance  power

 1. Passamaquoddy WPA  

 2.  Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project

 3. Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project WPA

[PDF] Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project Q: Upon returning to the United
... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
... That is what was happening there at Passamaquoddy because the labor
that we used on all the construction work was WPA [Works Progress Administration]

                          3.  Tide Plotter
                            Tide software tables graphs etc Highly recommended prediction prog
                            Sponsored by:

     [PDF]Q: A: Q: A: Yesterday you spoke of Sam Sturgis' part in ...
     File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
     ... I got a few of our principal engineers from Passamaquoddy, particularly those who  had been involved
in hydraulics and in ... WPA money was available at that time. ...

Google Directory - Regional > North America > United States > ...
... A Visit with Henry Mitchell: -
to sites on Maine Native Americans, Wabanaki, Penobscot, and

NARA | Facilities | Massachusetts
... 1938 (Massachusetts only); T937, Index to Reference Cards for WPA
Project Files ... Records
of the Passamaquoddy Tidal Power Project, New England Division Office

Category: Society > Issues > ... > Prisons > Privatization > Articles
Commentary, by Carol Strick, about the ties between corporations and prisons.
 [North Coast Express] tiesthatbind.html

   Subject: Hitlers nephew, william patrick, set up a bloodanalysis shop in long island:
                     Getting to know the Hitlers (Filed: 20/01/2002)

Telegraph | News | Getting to know the Hitlers
... David Gardner's book The Last of the Hitlers (BMM, £16.99) is on sale this week.
A Channel 5 programme based on the book, Hitler's Living Relatives, will be ... news/2002/01/20/whit20.xml
                       Getting to know the Hitlers (Filed: 20/01/2002)  FOR more than 50 years, the
                       relatives of Adolf   Hitler have hidden under false names ifn Long Island, New York.
                       They have not spoken publicly since the Second World War. In a revelatory new  book
    to be launched this week, they break their silence. David Gardner tells their story.

        No small potatoes mail/m_gallery.html     


  now that is a real book title. No, IT should be
called Traitors? Right...
 Ann  the  lip  Coulter
            what a suckup


Dissolve the anger.  Keep the clarity.

"Every time we do something, you [Shimon Peres] tell
me America will do this and will do that... I want to
tell you something very clear: Don't worry about
American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people,
control America, and the Americans know it."
? Ariel Sharon
Israeli Prime Minister
Knesset, Tel Aviv, October 3, 2001
  Israel: The Alternative By Tony Judt,
New York Review of Books, 10/23/03
©  2003  
The Middle East peace process is finished, It did not die:
 it was killed.  We give the most money  $22,000 each a year
per person for the last 50 years for weapons not hospitals and
 schools and a better life... We profiteer there suffering this is
 the Eisenhower warning writ large WOMD Israel has nukes.
"Neither Jewish morality nor Jewish tradition can be
used to disallow terror as a means of war... We are
very far from any moral hesitations when concerned
with the national struggle. First and foremost, terror
 is for us a part of the political war appropriate for the
circumstances of today... "
  Yitzhak Shamir
Israeli Prime Minister, Zionist terrorist
in an August 1943 article titled ?Terror?, written for Hazit
the journal of Lehi, the terrorist organization he belonged to
 [ Why will none of these Casseroles say that "Preemptive" Strike is Adolph Hitler's SS policy!ED]   
   Summer search Back   
Rawman says" register and vote for the party that will  mandate by law that women have 50%
of the legislative representation in all state & Federal governing bodies."

Bush said he insulates himself from the “opinions” that seep into news
coverage by getting his news from his own aides. He said he scans headlines,
 but rarely reads news stories. “I appreciate people’s opinions, but I’m more
interested in news,” the president said. “And the best way to get the news is
from objective sources, and the most objective sources I have are people on
my staff who tell me what’s happening in the world.”—The Associated Press,
September 22.
It's all in how you use it.
Start looking for a better way:State of California project:
VOXNYC: "Alternative Energy"
CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq and Failed July 2, 2003  Pentagon Whistleblower Reveals CIA/DoD Fiascos...
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small craft warning

YearZero Magazine: Protest, culture, arguments, chaos, Noam ...
... am definately delighted that, once again, John ywaninglyboring Pilger ... Though I find
Pilger's tone overly emotive at ... it wrong), I actually enjoyed this article. ... 4500e5b04718f890aa373366243f165f.php -
Still cant find the book...  
Rheinhard Gehlen
( We corrected the spelling  and still search for what may be arguably the most important book
ever written in America after the holey books, take your pick but the fact is it is an "honest" attempt
 at "the truth" albeit 50 years after the fact. This title never made it to the "best seller list but it should
and all funds go to the victims this guy and his SS & CIA   spawn  produced! )
Click this cool link
The Brain Machine Interfaces Program represents a major DSO thrust area that will comprise a multidisciplinary,  
multipronged approach with far reaching  impact. The program will create new technologies for augmenting human
 performance through the ability to noninvasively access codes in the brain in  real time and integrate them into
 peripheral device or system operations.Thanks Chris
Hollow earth revisited
Getting to know the Hitlers (Filed: 20/01/2002)
The Truth is, as they say Farrrr Out There. What a switcheroo fight Hitler and his monstrously evil policies
and then bend-over backwards to make his A team our own  along with a panoplies of by products from
that legacy now the uniform and the music , well not the music not  much box office in Gooses-stepping
yet ,but Tae-Chi  will do I suppose, some sort of mandatory gesture will be thunk up so we can have some
 sort of "unifying code of behavior" a sort of friendly Fascism salute, I got it how about the "girls gone wild
Mardie-Gras tit flash  1,2,3 So, go on show us your chest!  No then how's about one of them "Gang Hand
signs and an Elvis Sneer" nope!  too complex I got it the one finger you know , every body likes that one.
 Tell me the part about how and when Advertising "changed from Information to Manipulation.
Better read that book Rape of the mind  again .. ED

Click this to see my current Collages July 24 03 ED

["I lik this stuff it's very crispy" ED]

Re: Rent a poet for a revolution
  Manifesto for the Abolition of Bureaucracy

 by Valery Oisteanu
Valery Oisteanu <>

  To be and not to be in failed American democracy
  Watch the surf going up
  While the Navy bombs beaches of Puerto Rico
  Can we survive the environmental conspicuous consumption
  Living next to the nuke dump, next to the oil drilling
  Can you keep any individuality in the age of cloning?
  Can you be yourself in a genetical brain manipulation society
  Let¹s abolish medieval bureaucracy
  Abandon the shabby machines of voting
  The rigged system behind closed doors
  De-vote electoral college
  Delete the elite
  Dissolve two party system
  To be or not to be an American is the question
  Dissent by any means necessary
  Against cultural colonialism
  Art as an instrument of exploitation should be abolished
  All artists should go on strike
  Against the prostitution of the art institutions
  Against art as money laundering machine
  Against the academies, the prizes, the competitions
  And the army of dealers, auctioneers and agents
  Power to the creative
  Power to the poets who are resisting greed, hate and intolerance
  Ride the volcano of revolution into the sea
  Blessed are the shamans, the stray holy-men of jazz
  The underground gurus who are proving
  That the collective subconscious is not a given
  It has to be created
  So power to the creator

DON'T call her Mammy
 Meet Mary Ellen Pleasant
Mary Ellen Pleasants... and financial backer of abolitionist John Brown, who was ... The action
 failed and Brown was hanged for ... of the Emancipation Proclamation, Mary Ellen Pleasan...
Still Mary, both as "Mrs.Ellen Smith"
(white boardinghouse ... So, in 1858 Mary decided
to return East ... from slavery and to help abolitionist John Brown end slavery ... : A site on the life of Marry Ellen Pleasant who was called the mother of Civil

Called the Mother of Civil Rights from work begun in the 1860s, her achievements went unsurpassed until the 1960s. Pleasant was the most talked-about woman in 1880's San Francisco. When other African Americans were rarely mentioned, she claimed at least 100 articles. Her dramatic life -- an underpinning of "the American Story" -- encompasses slavery, abolition, the gold rush, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the turn of the century; she helped shape early San Francisco, covertly amassing a joint fortune once assessed at $30,000,000! Americans today deserve to know her because she could love across boundaries of race and class without losing sight of her goal - equality for herself and her people.
However, until now Pleasant's true saga has been obscured.

["It  was my fathers dying wish that I make a movie or play   
about her because we are related".

Maybe she should have left me some movie money.

Who knows some how there maybe a coin or stamp of her
 after she is home work in public school for a couple of years. She was a total Capitalist..

Oh yeah there is a secret about John Brown  and Mammy Pleasant's  its X rated because that guy was a bible freak,
killing machine and she was black & gave him money made
from the gents that frequented her boarding house in San-Francisco looking for the close company & tender
ministrations of there nubile blossoming  daughters.. . ED]
This country is so racist that it hides the history such as the  Abolitionist
 Frederic Douglas & child labor rights activists Chares Dickens were
partners speaking in a lecture series that toured throughout Europe.

That  was then this is now...
Honorary Whiteness just like in South Africa what's next  Pass Books ?
Or forced SOTB  implants?  Whites are now claming Statisticly mix race people once considered Afrogenic, are not "Black Black" simply because of the graying and browning and yellowing and infertility & birth rate (Abortion as Birth control etc)  of American whites as well as the broken
promise of cloning to "replenish"?.. Heather Locklear is black...You know
like some Puerto Rico and Jamaicans and Louisianan's are. Color is
not the thing its the Genes dominant and recessive etc,etc...  

Does Race Exist? SIDEBAR
November 10, 2003Overview/Genetics of Race By Michael J. Bamshad and

 Steve E. Olson
The outward signs on which most definitions of race are based--such as skin color
 and hair texture--are dictated by a handful of genes. But the other genes of two
people of the same "race" can be very different. Conversely, two people of different
 "races" can share more genetic similarity than two individuals of the same race.
Nevertheless, scientists can use genetics to sort most large populations according
to their ancestral geographic origin. This approach does not work as well for
populations resulting from recent mixing with other groups, however.
The medical implications of racial genetic differences are still under debate.

It’s The Immigration, Stupid
By Peter Brimelow... Descendant of a slave but called indentured
["These immigration fanatics want Pass Books (Internal Id) for America just like old Apartheid South Africa.
 but turn a "blind eye to get Cheep Labor. Also says he likes the English part of Heather Locklear ED]
Perhaps he is champing at the bit to get one of these nifty implants.
Hey how can you unify America by trying to make it an all whit enclave?  Look around, you are too mean to even have kids,
no wonder you want to clone your self,you are loveless, too bad  because only you can choose to believe in all humanity.  
Center on the facts, not your racist fears every unwelcome group that has come to this land has added something good.
Try this, whatever you say about another country or group that is critical apply that same standard  to your self.
         Entire families—including children-- work from dawn to dusk for as little as $1,500 for the three-month harvest season.
         They live in squalid shantytowns and cope with disease, filth and exhaustion.    just do a google search
Example: I  have not ever read an article about the Democratic or Republican
 administrations lack of interest in the American poor yet these guys rant on
and on about foreign countries mistreatment of there citizens

We ignore the Homeless and  the official poor in American and more and more the soon to be poor middle class while these
 so called conservatives bleat about every thing from issues of national security and Immigration which they claim is the same
 thing, that makes it all go away...

They say "All's fair in love and war." But that's not necessarily true. Every lover has his or her limit. And,when
it comes to war, there's a whole body of international law that governs armed conflict and seeks to limit injury
and death among non-combatants. On this edition of Making Contact, we take a look at International
Humanitarian Law and how it applies to depleted uranium weapons and humanitarian aid in Iraq.
ArticleI The Power of RED

       The working class and the
       employing class have nothing in
       common. There can be no peace so
       long as hunger and want are found
       among millions of the working
       people and the few, who make up
       the employing class, have all the
       good things of life.
       Between these two classes a
       struggle must go on until the workers
       of the world organize as a class, take
       possession of the means of
       production, abolish the wage
       system, and live in harmony with the

The United States has changed dramatically since September 11th, 2001. The FBI can obtain data
 more easily than ever: searching homes, libraries, and  databases, all without probable cause. The
government also has secretly detained and deported thousands of Arab and Muslim men.
We’ll examine how these actions are in conflict with the Constitution.

  We’ll also hear about Patriot Act II, which
 expands the government’s data collection powers.

|   Why we Fight  | , I mean it if it is not to help kid's have a better world why bother?

A very British hyphen ~ [Birth rights a round the corner]
[If your from another country and are a mother this may be funny if you're a father from
 a top country and want your newborn to be a citizen of your native land look at what
 these folks had to deal with to secure citizen ship for there child. ED]
"11th September (yes, that 11th September): I was in New York, and so was stranded there for a week
 before I could get a flight out. Luckily I had a webcam with me, and local calls are free in the USA. So I
  found a local ISP and got connected, and we were able to video conference whenever we wanted.

Organic semiconductors span from quantum mechanics to human disease.
For example, like Schroedinger's Cat, Darwin's deaf white kitty illustrates a macro quantum phenomenon. This is strong electron-phonon coupling in potent sound-absorbing organic semiconductors such as inner-ear melanin. Likewise, these materials promise exciting new technology such as organic light-emitting diode ( OLED ) displays, as well as literal "printed" circuits. Finally, the conducting polymer melanin figures in (e.g.) melanoma, deafness, and Parkinson's disease.
a.  b.  c.  a. Melanin, a Typical Polyacetylene (Nicolaus)
b. Melanin Bistable Switch-- First Organic Electronic Device ?
c. Voltage-Current Relationship for Melanin Switch, ( copyright AAAS, 1974 )
  R. Nicolaus: "The most simple melanin can be considered the acetylene-black from which it is possible to derive all the others..... Substitution does not qualitatively influence the physical properties like conductivity, colour, EPR,
 which remain unaltered." from The Nature of Animal Blacks ( "acetylene-black"
 = polyacetylene) I.e., melanin is a synonym for polyacetylene and vice-versa. In retrospect, melanin researchers first defined much thought "new" in this area, e.g., polyacetylene photoconductivity. Further, many tissues involved in energy transduction and/or electrical activity contain melanin, e.g., the inner ear, brain, and eye. So likely nature first discovered the interesting electrical properties of polyacetylenes.

Are you un hypnotized

"Here is a more curious case:
white cats, if they have blue
 eyes, are almost always deaf."
 " nice to have a reasonable
  explanation of the blonde
  blue-eyed inability to listen"

  Date:  Thu, 21 Aug 2003 07:05:21 -0700 (PDT)   From: S <>

 In Scandinavia, some European countries, and 13 Latin American
 or South American countries, it
is mandated by law that women
have 50% of the legislative representation in governing

Black Afrikaner' story to become film

'Black Afrikaner' story to become film The true story of a black girl born to white parents in apartheid South Africa is to be made into a film by Miramax, the company behind such Oscar-winning smashes as A Beautiful Mind and Shakespeare  In Love.Skin, to be released next year, will be based on the life of Sandra Laing - already filmed as a documentary in  the 1970s, which was immediately  banned by South Africa's Government at the time.  Though her parents, brothers and grandparents were all white, and her  parents members even of the National Party, Ms Laing was, through a genetic quirk, born with dark skin.   She was raised as an Afrikaner, and in her early years treated as white - but as she approached puberty, her skin turned ever darker, and her  hair became more tightly curled.   "I always asked my parents why am I different to them, and they said  to me that I mustn't worry, I am their child," Ms Laing told BBC World Service's Everywoman programme. "The kids were teasing me that I was black, when I took my clothes off  they would laugh at me.  "I would stand behind a cupboard because my body was black, not the  same as their bodies." Legal fight  Sandra's skin-colour was most likely a genetic throw-back to a mixed-race ancestor.   The headmaster of the school, Mr Van Tonder, did nothing to discourage what was happening to Sandra. "He always blamed me and punished me," Ms Laing said. "Lots of times I was locked in a black, dark room."

Ms Lang grew up when apartheid tentions were highest           


When 10-years-old, Sandra was escorted out of school by two  policemen and told she was expelled, although no reason was given.  Although Sandra's father Abraham  tried to get her into nine other  schools, she was turned down
 by all  of them, and eventually the whole community began to turn against the  family.  "We went to a restaurant and ordered food, and then the manager came to us and said to my father that I must go outside, I can't eat  there," Ms Laing remembered. She was eventually sent to a boarding school 900km from her home.

 In 1967 Sandra was reclassified as white when, as a direct result of a campaign by her father, the law was changed to say that the child of two white parents could not belong to another racial group.

At the age of 15 she eloped to Swaziland with a black employee of her parents, Petrus Zwane, knowing her father would never permit the  marriage.  Her father never forgave her - he threatened to kill her if she ever  returned to the house, and told the rest of the family they were to have no contact with Sandra. However, Tony Fabian, director of Skin, said he believed her father had been acting in his daughter's best interests. "There is no question in my mind that Abraham Laing adored his child," he told Everywoman.  "The things that he did, he did in order to protect her... in South Africa at that time, to live as a black person and to be stripped of all the  privileges of being white, was something that like all parents he wanted  to protect her from.   "What he didn't reckon on was  Sandra herself not being accepted  by the white community." On her return to South Africa, Sandra was forced by law to move to a black township - without running water, electricity, or sanitation. Worse was to come, as she was  informed by apartheid officials she could not keep her two babies, both  born with black skin, as she was now officially white and people of different races were not allowed to  live in the same house. Officials told her she would need her father's permission to be classified as coloured (mixed-race) in order to  keep the children, but he refused. By now her husband Petrus had turned to drink, and her children were taken into care - it would be 10 years until she got them back. Reunion  In the meantime she remarried and had a further two children.  Although still shunned by her brothers, she did track down her mother Sannie in a nursing home shortly before she died in 2000.  "She had three strokes, she didn't remember anything," Ms Laing said.  "The second time I went back, she was much better and the sisters said  that since she saw me she was much better."  A book about her life was recently published, the profits of which went  back to Ms Laing, who has used them to set up a small business. "I am trying to forget the past and live my new life," she said. "I just wish that Mandela was our president when I was born - maybe I  wouldn't have left home, I would have finished school, and I would have  seen my brothers all the time."
The bunker to be effective is built under  hospitals schools or zoos.

Over 400,000 copies of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory original 1979
edition of Nuclear War Survival Skills have been sold by various private
publishers. A few additions and modifications, some helpful and others (1 of 4) [9/18/2003 4:51:59 AM]

.Edition Notes - Nuclear War Survival Skills, Free 280 pg Book On-Lin...Q! Potassium Iodide (Iodine)
OTC Sources, Radiation Protection Info!

Also check this thin film product  
The real deal they say  I created a product design graphic and plan to do one too…
Once we have our PV and CP,s .

Opus One Multihome WWW Server
Welcome to the Opus One Multihomed WWW server. You are asking for a
 WWW site which this server does not know about (
Please select from one of the WWW sites listed below.

Check this stuff out fantastic if true..


Air powered motor!!!
 I was curious  so there it is some thing 4 nothing ,
air powered motor



Check this stuff out fantastic if true!!
" I've been trying to avoid fluoride, but it is insidious."

Some say it's gastley, but  it fits our historical
patern ...
"We" went to "We" went to Tripoly to kill all of the (Terrorist of old)
 the  Pirites"to kill all of the (Terrorist of old)
 the  Pirites"

                 The Lucom Plan: Use the Neutron Bomb
                         Wilson C. Lucom
                         Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2001

A friend says
"Maybe we should be selling aluminum lined
 hats and aluminum insoles."   

Dr. Shole's makes a aluminium and polymer
 thermal insole in a variety of sizes . not sure
if there is any cure for mind controol...ED



> Field of tears
He took a patch of harsh mountain land and turned
 it into a thriving farm. But when Korea was flooded
 with foreign imports he was ruined - and last week,
 during the world trade talks, Lee Kyung-hae plunged
 a knife into his heart. Jonathan Watts on one man's
struggle against the system
> Tuesday September 16, 2003
> The Guardian
> With sticks of incense and wreaths of white camomiles,
the tenant farmers of Jangsu come to pay their last respects
Lee Kyung-hae.

Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted: Technology will make available,
to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret
warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need
be appraised. The weaponization of space with  scalar potential
interferometer weapons is the key and the United States
government produced a document named "Joint Vision for 2020"
under the auspices of the U.S. Space Command that outlines the
plan for Full Spectrum Dominance.

Just a look around It's back to biz as usual


No find test 2 4:56 PM EST

June 29 ,2003 4:46 PM

C: Rheinhart Gelan FROM HITLERS BUNKER TO THE PENTAGON Rheinhart Gelan booh search
initiated 5:01 PM Follow up  6/29/2003 5:02:24 PM

 1 .  

Well there is one hitch you must spell it correctly.
Hummm! I guess I am not the only one that is a bad speller, although
I am famous world wide for my atrocious incredibly abominably poor

 Re: spelling I found this on the web ...

" ... My spelling is atrosush. I will post some here for those who want it. ... "

I make no claim as to its invention but it is admirably unusual.

 MLK   "A time comes when silence is betrayal"

000   Optical Delusions & bunny Duck Confusions!
Or its a gargantuan circus side show of frees & geek's.

Saint-Georges, Chevalier de (1739-1799)

    Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799)
Composer, Violinist & Conductor born in the
    West Indies to African & French parents
Violin Concertos;  Orchestre de Chambre Bernard
Thomas [Bernard Thomas Chamber Orchestra]; Jean-
    Jacques Kantorow, Conductor;  Arion 68093 (1990)

Saint-Georges, Chevalier de (1739-1799) -
      Essay, bibliography and a discography. Includes information about other
composers of African descent.

      Joseph Boulogne (Saint-Georges) -
      Biographical essay from Composers Net.

     Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges
 (1739-1799) -
Arataria Records biographical
essay with musical, revolutionary,
and military history.
 4     Saint-Georges, Chevalier De (1739 - 1799),  France -
     Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music,
bibliography, and links from Dr. Estrella's Incredibly Abridged Dictionary
 of Co/mposers.


> Field of tears
> He took a patch of harsh mountain
land and turned it into a thriving farm.
 But when Korea was flooded with foreign imports he was ruined - and
last week, during the world trade talks, Lee Kyung-hae plunged a knife
into his heart. Jonathan Watts on one
man's struggle against the system
 Tuesday September 16, 2003
 I was curious  so there it is some thing 4 nothing ,air powered motor

air powered motor

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Check this stuff out fantastic if true!!

" I've been trying to avoid fluoride, but it is insidious."

[Some say gastley but  it fits our patern...
"We" went to Trioply to kill all of theTerrorist
(of old) the Pirites" ED]
The Lucom Plan:Use the Neutron Bomb
  Wilson C. Lucom Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2001
Check this stuff


A collection of public protest posters.
" No, but lots died when Clinton casually lobbed million dollar cruise
 missiles into aspirin factories. I consider both of them (and Gore too)
 indicative of the poison the two parties have perpetrated for a long
 time. The shrub may have his Cheney and Rumsfeld, but Clinton bailed
 out the hedge fund investors on our dime. A virulent, deadly pox on both
  their houses!!! "   Don

[I must confess this is a much better website than mine so go there now they are a artist group and very facile & prolific. ED]
So any white boy can be come wealthy by imitating a black one and visa versa..
CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq and Failed July 2, 2003  Pentagon Whistleblower Reveals CIA/DoD Fiascos...
click bar
rescott Bush financed Hitler, GHW killed 4.73 million, "W" only 10,000 deaths so far.

Re: I do not understand the us goverment -- uwe

"Prescott Bush ( The President's Grandfather) financed Hitler into
power from 1922 onwards ( Giving him $50 Million cash) and had
his assets confiscated by the  US Government in 1942 under the
Trading with the Enemy Act he was kicked out for
far worse than Bill Clinton for TREASON!.
That was Prescott Bush's contribution to 54
 million deaths." Along with the Wall St. investors
 that also supported the Murdering Scum that used Reichstag fires and Blitzkriegs on  civilians to terrorize
&  enslave the world.

Click the logo above if you care to see it at this site go to The Fire This Time  by clicking this text.

"Kill um all let god sort um out~ SOF"                   "Though shall not  Kill" God
Reinharh Ghelen The
This guy gave orders & set the Agenda for "Our " Most powerful Bureaucracy perhaps tainting it forever...Fess up boy's.
Sneering from his grave... Like the
Vampire Nazi he was. Proud of his exported legacy of race hate & run amok death squad assassins...
Professional racist make money too.

Shown in full dress uniform ca. 1969)
was chief of Hitler's Soviet intelligence
 unit, with a vast network of deep cover
agents and countless files. After WWII,
he cut a deal with the US, turned over his entire apparatus, and was installed
as head of West German intel, where
he served as lord and master until
1969. During his reign as German
intelligence chief, he not only employed
many unrepentant Nazi agents, but continued to network with the Diaspora
 through Latin America and the world.

For a tast of amature racism and by compairison, the Big Lie South African stile.

  Cern ; Oxford university chemistry department,


Chapter 6: COINTELPRO - New Left, Part 2


Chapter 5: COINTELPRO - Black Liberation Movement

We suggest you visit Cointelpro

My web page keeps growing  the whole site is forming and
re-forming amoeba like in the back of my mind.  We are in a perpetual rebuilding process as I  learn to use the tools.                                                                    
More Like This
This also stretches what's left of my brain or what ever this is that keeps me awake blab blab blab. I have turned off the TV for the most part and guess what?  The multi-personality is back regurgitating and misspelling stuff, poised to say something inappropriate in public.
ONCE UPON A TIME: Like the time I was popping off to an ex-Nazi at a Bachelor party that my  fiancée of   3 years set up with a  bunch of her Boss's Corporate cronies or hers (or more likely my Dad's and/or her Dad's, Swiss Westmoreland Kissinger types, real geezers), we arrive by cab and are directed to separate entrances as though we were planning to split up at this party. Two matron types whisk her away at the top of the steps as a this very liveried dude, the butler or the owner of this town house, carriage house, practically shoves me to  this heavily studded, over
"The gentleman's entrance, Sir." It opens easily and once inside he turns on his heels and scurries away chattering orders to two much younger attendants as though finally relieved of the ordeal of our encounter.
I enter the immediate long hall and peer tenuously into the first room just off the main hall way. It is empty except for a pale, gaunt, black-haired man wearing a Black bow tie and tux, smoking a French cigarette with it's typical acrid, bluish smoke curling up in invented, spiraling rivulets toward the dark, sculpted ceiling. This  guy says, "So, Mr. Mingus, what would you have us do about the impending riots?" in a thick, but polished, German accent, and I say, trying to get a rise out of him, something like a ferocious fantasy of a modern Madison Ave Psycho Fascist capitalist Tool, you know, tongue in cheek like a Lenny Bruce bit, almost in  dialect, but clearly  sarcastic and heavily ironic, very Jules Fifer. ( as if this guy really was Kernel Klink) "Well,  you take the T.P.F. busses with the windows made  of bullet proof glass and deploy all that (I was guessing) barbed wire we (the city of New York) just bought and cordon off the main points of the Lower East Side and Harlem cutting off the rioters in the there neighborhoods, and then "we" announce an Amnesty on TV & Radio for all those giving up there weapons. Then and we put all of the school-aged kids in the abandoned Army barracks in New Jersey. If the holdouts refuse to give up, we'll we make another public offer of amnesty but first turn off the water. Then  “we” turn on some gas and any one stupid enough to still hold out will gas themselves. I laid this on pretty heavy and Herr. Corn-ball Kernel kink buys it!!!
He leaps to his feet as it to began a standing ovation &  rushes over to me and does a Hitler salute  & clicks his
heals two times Klack! Klack! (how do they do that ?), saying what he construed to be the highest complement
that he probably gave any one in his entire life, conceding he was a real Nazi X, or otherwise he's standing super
serious, gushing and grabbing for my hand warmly. I reach up in reflex and he clasps my hand with both of his as
he says  "Had HITLER Met YOU he would never have killed a single Jew!!"

Meaning Jews, in his estimation, are "naturally superior to Blacks so they were (also) misjudged by
him and by Hitler because, as far as cruelty and efficiency and economy,I had described a perfect
final solution, albeit off the cuff, and so more's the reason to "honor me with his appraisal and praise."

“You must meet my dearest friend,” he says, sweeping me in to the room of hovering, tuxedoed super rich geezers sucking on Havana's, nipping some very expensive Napoleon brandy and idly fingering  various delicacies as drone
like servants scurried about them in a ballet of cigar ash catching as they talked through there clenched teeth. Get it?
This guy blurts out, “Gentleman, you must meet Herr  Mingus !!!

But first let's have Pierre (not his real name ) tell us all the story of how WE  first met.

Thereby hangs a tale. This Guy Pierre is French old school right out of Casablanca, a cross between Peter Lory and  Pierre Salinger in a rumpled Sears Roebuck navy blue blazer and a old Bertie on top of his balding comb over. In a cackling gurgle, dignity mustered as if this hopefully will be the last time in his life he ever has to say this, yet with
some strain of pride and gratitude, he says "Politics make strange bed fellows.

" As he is saying this, a door to the dining room opens briefly casting him, so to speak, in a sort of spot light.

“Would you believe it?

This Man,” pointing to Herr. Shickelbuddy, “this man executed my entire family right in front of me.
Of course I was a mere child at the time...
And That was War..."

He went into all of the details in turn,  telling us of this hideous deed, somehow detaching himself as he spoke in an
even voice, his heavy accent almost melting away as if  insulating himself with tones of humor returning to him like
he was much practiced at it. And then the  X-Nazi Oil magnate says "What ever," brushing him aside with a sweeping theatrical Bull fighting gesture and continues “And now I want to introduce you to the brilliant Mr. Mingus”  I fainted
dead away on the spot  where I stood and spent the entire evening in a torpor from the Guzzled Napoleon. I can only dimly recall eating an entire Chocolate Tortere??????????? Cake.

Most all of the evening is a blank. A mind wipe names and location. It did happen in Manhattan.
These people are all real and probably still alive albeit old, old, old, but still powerful, so powerful they think that they
are part of global leadership, unbroken by time, concreted to the so-called Holy Roman empire and other so called high

 In my weakest attempt at a self mocking bravado I say “Fuck'em if they can't take a joke.

 Sung to the tune of Tom Weights Does Sherley Tentpole  ~   Produced by Jackques Meedoff & Stu Pidassso

Working on this  set of Mirrors  

 Looking Through The Looking Glass At 911
- By Stephen Simac

 It's been a year since the 9/11 attacks on America and the public
 still has very little factual information about what happened that
day or the events  leading up to it. Verifiable details have been
 buried under "national security" secrecy as deeply as the victims
of the Twin Towers under the  rubble and dust of the collapsed World Trade Center (WTC).

Avalon Project : Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression - Volume 1 ...
... He then talked about the Bundnis-alliance-into ... to the employees of the former
Austrian National Bank he declared .
.. abroad into gold, and that Germany stood ready ...
DeutscheBank GoogleSerch

"The former German Minister of Technology has estimated
that up to $15 billion of insider trading occurred before 9/11.
Still unknown stock traders knew what airlines would be
hijacked as well as what corporations would be hardest hit
by their targets and placed billions in short selling puts on
 those companies. They also bought heavily in US. Treasury bonds, gold and oil futures which rose in value after the event
as could have been expected if the attacks were known about.

DeutscheBank in Germany had the most connections to insider
trading including placing the short selling of puts on United and
 American Airlines used by the hijackers and re-insurance groups covering the Trade Center.

DeutscheBank is still keeping their anonymous investors
 names secret, through special rules called portage.
In fact our government investigation has not even asked them for this information.

Their bank in Hamburg held three of the named hijackers bank accounts.

 One of DeutscheBank's senior investment agents was
 convicted of money laundering and arms trading for
 Pakistani and Egyptians just weeks before 9/11.

Their global private banking chief resigned on Sept. 12.

The German bank probably has no worries about
being investigated by the SEC.

They hired away its chief of enforcement and
 investigation only 20 days after the attacks.

They don't have much to worry from the congressional
 joint committee either; the former head of the banking
division that handled the short selling puts  was Buzzy

He's now the number three man in the CIA, appointed by George Bush, president..."

911 Censorship In America This Website Was Removed From Google And Every Major Search Engine. Why?
[This may have been true but today the 911 time is at the top at ED]
Comprehensive Minute By Minute Timeline On 911 by Mark Elsis,
Comprehensive list of 65 websites

 The looming Question is "what if they are right...
[It is very important to think when you search, is there another way to say this, that can encompass
the subject from it's apposing point of view in this case the website above fairly or unfairly states
 the US government didn't create an accurate time line and they do not display the US governments
 Time Line nor should they..... IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to think for your self,and challenge
 any something for nothing readymade packaged deal with an agenda that you may not actually agree with  but have swallowed hook line and sinker because of the emotional appeal and the converse can become the case so be aware of your motives and check the facts as you find  them. Wright nothing in stone don't jump to conclusions search share and question every thing. ED]

GS2) us government timeline is accurate 911
Library - Internet Reference Collection - September 11, 2001
... a glossary of terms, a timeline and links ... based group dedicated to providing accurate
and comprehensive ... news sources, including selected US government websites ...
 GS3) 911 us government timeline is accurate
 GS4) 911 us government timeline is not accurate

War news: Sept. 11 News Service, the war on terrorism and Iraq
... The legendary Cold War propaganda outlet for the US government now has a website ... weeks
to 18 months left in the war, say two US academics on ... The 911 Timeline. ...

These guys say they have all of the Answers and Questions

In the case of intelligence agencies and recent events, one can conclude that:
"The maximum of professionalism does not allow for perfectionism."ED


[ "To further circumvent the kowtowing and cowing no show Congrass
 Bush  Rumsfeld  & Chaney want to streamline the Constitution ?" ]

9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?


  9-11: America's , Reichstag Fire?

CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq and Failed July 2, 2003  Pentagon Whistleblower Reveals CIA/DoD Fiascos...
click bar

Reinhard Gehlen the predicate of the CIA, the ultra so called Right & even some Libertarians whine about how they despise big government
 yet  they seem to worship at the tit of neo eugenics spawn of the national socialist Reinhard Gehlen and are impatiant to manufacture some
 free  market master race bumps on the old log as an act of free will?... All I can say is If you are the master race why do yu neend  to doctor
you genetic's.   
This guys name is a truelly an Evils Shit Magnet a google search of just the name

  The first result was an anti death squad site


Reinhard Gehlen the predicate of the CIA, the ultra so called Right & even some Libertarians whine about how they despise big government
 yet  they seem to worship at the tit of neo eugenics spawn of the national socialist Reinhard Gehlen and are impatiant to manufacture some
 free  market master race bumps on the old log as an act of free will?... All I can say is If you are the master race why do yu neend  to doctor
you genetic's.   
This guys name is a truelly an Evils Shit Magnet a google search of just the name

  The first result was an anti death squad site

How can we trust our leaders to manage impeachment when they can't even manage their hair?
BY CYNTHIA HEIMEL | Those of us who watch the impeachment trials have been
shocked -- shocked! -- by the appearance of our congressional leaders. Have
 they no pride? No decorum? Have they no mirrors?
Google Search: profitable covert operations.

Who Could Suffer Seriously If the Public Learned Of the ...
... Destruction of profitable covert operations, or exposure
of prior corrupt operations perpetrated under cover of
government offices and covert government blocks to

profitable covert operations At Any Cost: US Covert Operations
... It's a very profitable business and if you try to stop it,
 we'll ... The CIA and its supporters claim that covert operations are necessary for promoting national ...
 Yeah like the ever do any thing but line there pockets with blood money ED

[PDF]Covert Operations
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... Covert plans to operate SecurityLink as a wholly ... subsidiary,
quarantining it from Cambridge's healthy operations. ..
. could be a very profitable undertaking for ...

Drugs and the Fiancing of US Covert Wars
... he met US Government-sponsored con man Lawrence Richard Hamil,
a Department of Defense
shadow player, who taught him the ropes of profitable covert operations. ...

Spy Museum in WashDC - Stealing History Through "National ...
... or more people in wars and covert operations they have ...
 principal and vice president of operations at Malrite...
. even wind up being a profitable venture: Unlike ...

Military History Concepts
... For more information see
The History of Covert Operations...
 taken over the country they were hired
 to protect focusing on running profitable
enterprises such as ...

Who's Who? in the Guardian Office and OSA
... As a profitable sideline, he provides UK Scientologists with Hubbard's chemical ...
for much of the planning of Operation Snow White and other covert operations. ...
CBS News | Exclusive: Send In The Spies? | May 4, 2003 19:44:22
... Ringling Brothers is also a highly profitable enterprise under the tight control
of a ... deputy director of operations for the CIA and head of covert operations. ...
Miscellaneous Press Releases...
 COVERT OPERATIONS US.intelligence covert operatives relate ...

of never-before-told Black Operations to eliminate ...
 Your Company to Profitable Competitive Leadership ...
Web Blog Directory - PR Web (The Free Wire Service) Miscellaneous ...
... 11:04 GMT) US.intelligence covert operatives relate ...
of never-before-told Black Operations to eliminate ...
 Take Your Company to Profitable Competitive Leadership ...


... sources and methods resulting from the secret importation of Hitler's own Nazi ...
Reinhard Gehlen, to redesign the US's Intelligence apparatus);. ...
BUNKER DUTY". ...  Hollow Earth

                             FIGHT FOR TRUE FREEDOM

 -- The War on Terrorism™ rages on in Washington this
 week, as officials in the
U.S. capitol mobilized for
 the latest wave of military
strikes against Al Queda
and other international
terrorist organizations.
\[All memebers of the new
administration are anxious
 to use their secret power
summoned from their visit
to the nether world it is
magic this perpetual war thing.]
   [We dont need Osama]
The War on Terrorism™
contenues !
Ah The Fog of War...
Sources at the Pentagon cite top secret
 intelligence reports that led the White
House into their latest attacks against
 any nations that harbor terrorists, have
 weapons of mass destruction, or will
potentially have weapons of mass
destruction at some point in the next
100 years.

[Who Knew that we could baffal them
with that bullshit for so long ,wow are
 they lost or what.]
Originally commissioned to plan a localized military offensive against Iraq, military strategists
quickly realized that the criteria they were using as justification for the attack could actually be
applied to every nation in the world, including the United States and its closest allies.

Dissolve the anger.  Keep the clarity.

 [ Will none of these Casseroles say that "preemptive" wars is Adolph Hitler's policy!? ED]

Subject:   top 40 lies about the war on terror
Date:  Sat, 2 Aug 2003 05:03:07 EDT From:

Bring 'em On! The Bush administration's
top 40 lies about war and terrorism
 By Steve Perry  City Pages Wednesday 30 July 2003

  Author's note: In the interest of relative brevity I've stinted on citing
and quoting sources in some of the items below. You can find links
to news stories that elaborate on each of these items at my online
Bush Wars column,

CIA Use of Nazi Research

Strange everything is about lost id, genetics chemicals and the hunt for money and perfection...  Hmm?                                 

Click this line of  to read a sample of the text on this page  Go to Preface
 (The Elkhorn Manifesto)
The Real Reason the Government Won't
 Debate Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re legalization An Open Letter to All Americans
By  R. William Davis Documented Evidence
 of a Secret Business and Political Alliance Between the U.S. "Establishment" and the
Nazis -Before,During and After World War II -
 up to the Present...
  We don't know who at did
       this but we will work a HLS virsion into the mix our apologies to Don Knots and
       others... Exibit A:                                                           Exibit B:    

A Shrine To Don Knotts Nip it in the bud! So Why Don
Knotts? So why would somebody make a shrine to Don
Knotts anyways? Biography Man, Myth, Legend - A
brief history of Don Knotts. ...Description: A tribute to
 one of the most talented and cheesy entertainers in
modern history. Category: cheesy Arts > cheesy
Celebrities > K > Knotts, Don
Whats this some sort of SOF Hit Man Ad?
Don Knots Name: Don Knots. Occupation: Agency
Cleaner / Cyborg / Ex-Cook. Metal Traits: Cognition 3d12:
Scrutin+ize (2), Search (2), Trackin' (2). ...

6. 1953: MK/Ultra
    The CIA picked up the Navy's Project Chatter and throughout the 1950s and '60s ran tests on involuntary
and unwitting subjects using truth drugs and electro-magnetic fields to see if it could indeed control a
subject's mind without the subject's being aware. This research continued despite the fact that the United States signed the Nuremberg Code in 1953 stipulating that subjects must be aware, must volunteer, must
 have the aid of a supervising doctor, and must be allowed to quit the experiment at any moment.
Rheinhart = Rheinhard like
 Gelan = Gehlen
 how to search for a book   :-) Internaut = U

We suggest you visit Cointelpro  

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 thats right 4h nazie


IN Rheinhard Gehlen we are not talking about some obscure  neo Naz nut
or a right wing crack pot John Birch Society flipped out on the supposed
differences between the mythical Commie demons' ...Once our WW2 partners
against the original Axis of Evil .

 Rheinhard Gehlen a sworn enemy of all but a tiny minority of a common humanity
 that desired the erasure of all but same and damned near achieved his and his
 bosses goals, is we are told in what must have been an easy decision to " Join "
 the other side and become the master race warier  fighting the battle in reverse.

And somehow rather than corrupting America he Hitler's X we are told initiated a
Superman like quest  for truth & Justice in the American way.

We have that one man to thank for the so called Cold War...  and all of the Gestapo
like things that go on in his absence now he is actually off the mortal coil who
knows how long his legacy will remain...  And unwind like a well tuned Grandfather
clock tick tocking away ...

Eugenics Germ warfare super surveillance German ingenuity... Tick Toc...
Who cares how they dressed. I suppose an Armani Suite is nicer...

                              The whole Planet is
McVeigh worked for government with a implant?

Cut to the chace

"Approximately 250 people die every day in Iraq due to the effect of the sanctions."
?UNICEF, April 1998    

           "How long the civilian population, which is totally innocent on all this,
should be exposed to such punishment for something that they have never done?
" ?Hans von Sponeck, before resigning as second UN Assistant Secretary General and
Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq, BBC Online, 8 February 2000.

"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism."— Thomas Jefferson

Quiz! Question ?
What other government officials succumbed to seduction
during the Clinton administration ?
#1 Bob (Clinton is a Scum bag )  Bar ?  
#2 Newt (abandoned sick wife for girlfriend )Gingrich?
#3 Well Rudy Guilinani? Was it mayor ,Hizhoner thumping someone else ?
But might he  have had a bigger secret than his oh too obvious comb over .
We don't really care!  If our politicians LIE TO US !
 But NO comb over was ever elected President !!
If you can LIE to Your Self we are much more warred.
Of course if you ware a wig get a good one like Burt
 Reynolds or George Washington...
It is rumored that Dolly Madison was porked by GW
and Benjamin F. as well  as the Kink of France.
Yeah they fiddled around where do you think all of these bastards
 come from. See Ya! Mr.. Mean Petty Stingy public school destroyer
Library Closer  what's next burning  the books in the library's you closed ?
You were a sorry excuse for mayor  advocating Dumb Dumb bullets
 Boo! Creepy as the day is long Go back to busting the mobs balls that's
 your best real job.  Making room for the new mob.

 Monrovia California I use to live there but now I live in NYC

Check this site out  its full of fun stuff
Copyright KEN RINALDO 2000 All Rights Reserved

A stunning presentation
Russian and talented photographer
  very artistic nude under water

Yes I would too do it again people should know what goes on in the world on the higher circles.ED (3 of 11) [9/6/2003 4:49:42 PM].
"The activities under investigation are fraudulent but no longer constitute
an act of treason. Van Meegeren is even congratulated by the assembled
experts for the quality of his work.

1st Expert: We must confess sir that we find your oeuvre excellent.
Defendant: Thank you.

Expert: It is not easy for us to admit we have been made fools of.
Defendant: Of course not.

1st Expert: I'm afraid that your forgeries provided us with something
we had all along hoped to find.

Yes, you provided the plugs to fill the holes in our
knowledge. Your work was carefully planned and executed
to bridge an absence of material between two important
periods of time, a number of years about which we have
absolutely no information. In addition, for some of us, your
work fulfilled a personal and secret ambition to uncover
once in our lifetime a truly great masterpiece. By informing
yourself of our desires you laid a trap for us, some of us
walked in eagerly, others less quickly, but in the end we all
entered and now we have all been caught out.

1st Expert: Of course we are not stupid, it is just that you
caught us at aweak moment, our defenses were down.
But have no fear sir, we would have found you out in your
 little game sooner or later.

It was our own hard working dedication and enthusiasm
which did us in, our desire for truth and fine things blinded
and betrayed us.
Illustration 3.
The Day of Van Meegeren's Trial
To prove his claim to the court, Van Meegeren is
locked in a room in the fall of 1945 with a police
guard and six witness to paint another 'Vermeer'.
After two months of work he produces another
Vermeer forgery, 'Young Christ'.
The Day of Van Meegeren's Trial"

FROM : (3 of 11) [9/6/2003 4:49:42 PM].
[It still boils down to something for nothing.ED]


Democracy is an art.The American
Constitution can't defend it self. That is your right your duty  your obligation.
Democracy in action.                   Art by Mother Nature
Mcl, factoid  IT IN  Space it+in+space =Google+Search
 But my brother lives in uncluttered  Hawaii  "Relax your mind and float down stream, this is not dying"  Baetles
Have a nice Fall "The opposite of a bomb is a book"  up previous nextPlease use  the mouse back button &  or arrows to  navigate  

Like now the only good
 thing you can say about
the media is they have
good haircuts and good
suites ED.
Ted TV Koppel included

Farrakhan CIA shill The Nation of Islam in 1996

... The Million Man March put the Black Nation outside the ...
 By using a shill he is able to viciously ...
Description: Argues that the Nation of Islam continues to use an
 anti-Semitist discourse.
Category: Society > Religion and Spirituality > ...
> Islam > Nation of Islam
                            Findings         B&WvsW&B      Oldy but Moldy

Re: [Fwd: Coded message from Hussein to Bush] To:     Recipient List Suppressed:;
Saddam decided to send George W. a letter to let him know his still in the game. Bush opened the
 letter and it appeared to contain a coded message     *370HSSV-0773H* George W. couldn't figure
 it out, so he shared it with Colin Powell.Powell and his aides had no clue either, so they sent it to
 the CIA.  No one could decode it so it went to the NSA--and then to MIT,NASA, the Secret Service...
 the list got longer and longer. Eventually they asked Mossad in Israel for help.
 Cpt. Moishe Pippick took one look at it and replied:
"Tell the President he is looking at the message upside down..."

This conspiracy succeeded. It is now obvious that this lack of serious
competition in the industrial raw materials market caused our present -
and totally contrived - addiction to petrochemicals. Its success is directly
 responsible for the most troubling problems we now face in the 1990s;
serious damage to our environment, concentration of economic and
political power into fewer and fewer hands, and the weakening of the
 rights of individuals and states to determine their own futures.

An Open Letter to All Americans
If you know what "Species Prerogative " means, you can add a definition to the dictionary.
 Yet another  R@wman rant below is the first example out side of the various world  religions attempts at "Species Prerogative"
which have been up to now minute in actual beneficial manifestations.  And as to  the so called predictions of Nostradamus
 (the scribe who worked during renaissance for the Medici family and stole paper from them (a crime punishable by death,
 hence "he wrote in secrecy") and created  by lingual ("coded") notes & copies of from there apolitical old testament bible
 so as far as species prerogative goes they were nothing but vague incantations fixed in hypnogogic concept of time and
male dominance over women & there ability to choose procreation (treating women as if the were cattle as in Chattel. They
 lived in a vision of a "glorious past " thus a renaissance or re-new-ance. This is a partial predicated for.America and our
panoply of laws but there virtually made for men only or "so called conservative white men" who use law and frippery &
 the letter of the law ant the abridged action to achieve dominance of others with a supposed mandate from there god to do so.
This is an un-tenable and illogical  for the 8 out of 10 human beings that must share the global resources that the minority
wish to squander to the detriment of all. Species Prerogative addressee this by redefining the ineffable  nature of the future,
a future based on a best effort of all, for all not manifest by a law or any sort of delectation merely by it thinking it "that sounds
 like a reasonable thing to do, and setting out to do "it" without wasted energy creating rather than destroying.
Deigning a use of the worlds resources or a RE-NEW-ANCE of the concept of humankind that  includes all , swear of the vast
gulf of grinding poverty and the scope of pain and suffering that results from all the varieties of hunger and the potent wish of me
first and all of this is in my control, letting go of that and going forward when and as possible with an beliefs in the concept of
universal suffrage and that corny old concept the rights of man the inalienable rights of all human kind to life liberty and the
pursuit of happiness at  least the right to think about as the Beatles and Gandhi and Martin Luther King said we  must do.
Design a world and the tools that we all need draft people  to become doctors and  teachers not soldiers or killers build schools
and hospitals  not turn every thing into weapons drugs and oil which we burn rather than use to create a renewable infrastructure
 that all can share in  relative harmony verses living on the assumption that none are worthy but me and mine.
 Too many people see the concept of becoming free from the mass hypnoses of various types that condemned working together
while declaring the validity of doing so without choosing a method of achieving at least global and universal suffrages for women
as well as a garmented of equal work for equal pay with out regard for so called race religion.
This idea is one that as they say "it's time has come" if not now when?  
R@wman says" register and vote for the party that willmandate by law that women have at least 50%
of the legislative representation in all State & Federal governing bodies."  This Fortune city site is under
 reconstruction & Federal governing bodies."
 This Fortune city site is under re construction

But this is utter hog wash!

Nostradamus on World War III
Responses to
Last-modifed: 94/08/13 NO RIGHTS RESERVED. Any part of this FAQ may be copied in whole or
 in part under no restrictions.
(This FAQ on Nostradamus interpretations and related material is available
World War III (part 6)
a. Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death
b. Nuclear confrontation in the Middle East
c. Mediterranean campaign and the battles of Gibraltar
d. Bomb sent at New York by the Antichrist, France retaliates
e. Bacteriological warfare strikes New York and London
f. Antichrist conquers Europe
g. The Antichrist invades Britain h. The crucial meeting on the naval carrier
i. Seas, rivers, lakes boil; famines lead to insane cannibalism
j. Antichrist's commander succumbs to key strategic failure
k. Russia breaks free of the Antichrist
l. North Pole Alliance of North America, Europe, Russia forms
m. Ogmios confronts the Antichrist, fate of world in balance
n. Antichrist eventually dethroned
a. Overview: horrible battles, weapons, devastation, death
I. p.55
Because of the new awareness the western civilization has come upon, and because of the accelerated
 rate of the shifting of the earth's crust, and because of the conjunction of the planets, the war *might*
 be avoided. Depending on the speed at which the natural events occur. For as in any civilization, when
 natural disasters occur this is more prominent than military conquest.
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With the contributions of individuals such as Zaryab.  Spain flourished.  But amidst the beauty and wealth,
a socio-political plague was spreading: "Jews who had ... been slaves now began trading in slaves."  
According to T.B. Irving, between the years of 786 and 1009, "Franks and Jews traded Slavs and
Germans who had been taken prisoner ... on the Frankish territories.  Thus "slav" and "slave" became interchangeable [terms] ... They  [the Franks and Jews ] made young boys into eunuchs at Verdan ...

The slaves were driven from France to Spain in great herds like cattle.  When they reached
their destination, the men were purchased as servants or laborers, the women as household help or concubines ...

Many women were also imported from Galacia, for their blonde appearance attracted the
 Arab gentlemen.  Slaves were also traded from out the Adriatic.  These captives too were
Slavs, and their merchants chiefly Christians."

This slave trade changed the racial mix in Al-Andulus (Spain)...
The use of European women as concubines gradually lightened the complexion of Moorish Spain ...
 "Through these various processes [Moorish,Black African] Spain became more Caucasian in
 "blood" than is generally realized...

 It was always blond women, weather Slavs, Germans ,or Galicians, who were in special demand".
 This practice was not exclusive to Spain; W.E.B. DuBois notes that during the16th century "the Mohammedan rulers of Egypt were buying white slaves by the tens of thousands in Europeans
Asia and bringing them to Syria, Palestine and the Valley of the Nile." White slavery became wide
spread in Spain, Africa and the Mediterranean.

The Polygamous family structure common to many African cultures expedited the process of amalgamation and the consequences wrought havoc upon the inhabitants of Al-Andulus.]
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima ... Dr. Ivan Van Sertima's Reply to Criticism. Webpage design: Kenneth Ritchards
 Copyright © 1998 Kenneth Ritchards. All rights reserved. Revised: April 24, 2003...
[ More results from ]

Maybe the Dolphins should replace
the Turkys as guest for Thanksgiving.

  "In the province of the mind, there are no limits."
January 06, 1915 - September 30, 2001

"It's a nasty rumor that as a biologist he was little more than a
CIA shill as a sort of Pimp to the Dolphins getting them high &
getting them Layed while spouting his Rod Mc-Cluing type poetry
and dreaming of UFO's & escaping the moral debt that weighs
down any but the most x of x Nazis I guess he was just a "almost
Nazi Scientist" like... What ever.. giving them drugs
 ( LSD)  and trying to make them watch TV " & talk to him. At least
 one woman I use to know said she "did a dolphin for Lilly" ( as a
deeply spiritual You know Metaphysical head type if it feels good
do be do it 60's trip ) and that person was more concerned that
what he (Lilly) was focusing on, only on the Squeaky clean
domesticated (Uncle  Tom Dolphins ) which got all of the attention
and Movie work as the pretty ones but the Dolphins in the REAL
WORLD were suffering terribly (  getting cuts and scarred from
propellers and killed by fishermen in the "Tuna " nets and should
be spoken for as the Real Dolphins with real problems such as
we are all well aware are we are  KILLING THEM and there Whale

   " Evita Parione the Windsors & Nazi gold "
    © 2003  Charles Mingus III
  YO!Talk about YOUR BIG LIE!
Yo!  Strom Check out this Cool  site
 Funny Is Money
     There are 200 lbs of diamonds for each  human  being  on earth.

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Rawman says" register and vote for the party that will  mandate by law that women have at least 50% of the legislative representation in all State
& Federal governing bodies." This Fortune city site is under re construction