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Ballast Sorry guys this thing as usual got outta hand ! But funny as Hell.
" It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."  Aristotle
Editors Note: There is no Mingus Mag nor Nag I am just enjoying the synchronicity of the WWW and that hypocrisy stuff. WE invented Germ warfare. Small Pox.Anthrax etc. dumped it on Native Americans or "Savages" Ann The Postulant Orafas Coulter  Opines.

Cheryl's Daily Diatribe: Wednesday, October 30, 2002
             Is It the Beginning of the End for America?
There is certainly plenty of circumstantial evidence mounting already. On October 28,  
"Common Dreams "reprinted an article first  published in the Madison Times in April 2001  
which describes the obsessive hatred G.W.  Bush had of Wellstone http://www.commondreams.org/views01/0424-07.htm Here is an excerpt:  "The Bushies
despise Wellstone, who unlike most Senate Democrats has been fighting spirited battles
against the new administration's policies on  everything from the environmentto the tax cuts
for the rich to military aid for the "Plan Colombia" drug war boondoggle. Other Democratic
senators who face re-election contests in 2002 are, according to polls, more vulnerable than
Wellstone. But the Bush camp has been focusing highest-level attention on "Plan Wellstone"
— its project to silence progressive opposition."

Certainly looks as if "Plan Wellstone" achieved its goal of "silencing" Wellstone, doesn't it?
To give you an idea of just what sort of human beings we are talking about when we are
talking "Bushies," also known as "Freepers" (short for "Free Republic" — an outrageous                                      misnomer for one of the most anti-freedom groups to ever hit the American scene), consider
their behavior following Wellstone's death. Democrats.com constructed a memorial site
 for Wellstone, open to those wishing to post tributes or comments. The site was attacked
by Bushies with the infantile, vicious thuggery of the Nazis smashing windows of Jewish
homes and shops and covering their walls with obscene graffiti. Ghoulish, obscene, chillingly
sociopathic messages were posted that gloated over the death. These are Bush's strongest,
core followers — the love  it or leave it, you're with us or against us,my country right or wrong,
pack of bigots whose colossal ignorance is surpassed only   by their lack of compassion and
respect for any group other than themselves. These are Bush's devotees ... the Lord of the Flies and his maggots...  http://www.unknownnews.net/cdd1030.html
There was a time dolphins and science were more important than
people today nobody cares about either as much as they use to...

Dolphins (sushi) were more important than people
  for a hot minute.

Subject: A coupal O' Duces FYI's Fwd: Mystery of the Silver Rings & FW: Harvard
and the black educational elite References: Content-Type: multipart/related;

    An America Apart

Thanks 2 R  wrote: Life is Good! R ----Original Message Follows----
FW: harvard and the black educational elite >>POV: harvard and the black educational elite

  Harvard: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Institution By Shelton Amstrod
  Issue Number 19 - December 5, 2002
       There is not a more coveted degree by the status-starved Black elite than that which is
       conferred by  Harvard University. The Cambridge center of traditional American
       intellectualism can lay claim to having stamped a goodly number of government and
       industry leaders with its crimson imprimatur. A negro wearing a Harvard brand has
       always earned special attention of the masses, mostly because of the white custom
       of unilaterally elevating its negro matriculants to race leadership.

       BlackCommentator.com has expertly repudiated Harvard's Randall Kennedy, who is
       currently touring the lecture circuit telling whites for $25 a head that there is no longer.
       any word that is objectionable in describing the Black race

has served to raise a deeper issue still.  An internet search of Randall Kennedy reveals that
every single mention of this white man's trusty ne'er-do-well is appended to an equally
prominent mention of his affiliation with Harvard - an inferential certification of
 Kennedy as a racial authority.
A study of early Black nomenclature reveals that emerging from the American slave
 system, Blacks often took the name of the white man who had enslaved them as their
 new surname. Thus, the former "Toby, President Washington's nigger" became Toby
       Washington, and so forth. Kennedy has linked himself to Harvard - and they to him -
       in precisely the same way, making themselves just as responsible for Nigger:

      So, what is Harvard University to Black folks? And why have so many Blacks with
       suspect motives, and having no organic relationship to any Black institution, been
       placed in front of Blacks to speak on Blacks' behalf? Maybe it is time to examine the
       legacy of this institution to understand the nature of those Blacks who so proudly wear
       its brand. Such Blacks continue to be given extraordinary access to public airwaves to
       opine on and interpret the Black condition for white America. More than a generation
       ago Adam Clayton Powell confidently asserted that Harvard has "ruined more negroes
       than bad whiskey." A brief racial history of America's intellectual Vatican puts its
       special role, and Powell's biting assessment, in proper context.

       Harvard College was founded in 1636 (just six years after the settlement of Boston)
       with the intent of academically assisting the clergy in their attempts to brainwash the
       Massachusetts Indians into accepting white European customs and religious beliefs.
       In this they were wholly unsuccessful, having only graduated one Indian, who died just
       a year later. Once conversion failed, the ol' Pilgrim/Puritan standby of massacres and
       mayhem was employed, and the Red man was no longer welcome at Harvard. Thus, in
       1698 Harvard tore down its "Indian College" and used the bricks to construct the new
       Stoughton College--named for the family of the man who has been "credited" with the
       annihilation of the Pequot Indians in 1637.

       Quiet as it's kept, the slave trade was the primary economic force in the development
       of Boston's elite, and most of that class were trained at Harvard. Puritan minister and
       president of Harvard (1685-1701) Increase Mather held African slaves. Benjamin
       Wadsworth, president from 1725-1737, was a member of one of the leading
       slaveholding families in New England. "Servants are very Wicked," he once wrote,
       "when they are LAZY and IDLE in their Masters Service. The Slothful Servant is justly
       called Wicked..." In 1756, the First Parish Church at Cambridge was made off-limits to
       Blacks when Harvard officials objected to their sitting in the gallery. In 1773 Harvard
       hosted a debate in which Blacks were defined as "a conglomerate of child, idiot and
       madman." Many of the early ship-owning slave traders of New England sent their
       children to Harvard, as did many of the Southern plantation owners. The grand wizard
       of the Massachusetts Ku Klux Klan graduated from Harvard in 1853. One of the most
       viciously anti-Black newspapers in Boston history was run by a Harvard graduate.

A host of paragons of race hate acquired their intellectual bearings at this Cambridge
center of white supremacy, including many icons of American history. John Adams,
Samuel Adams, Josiah Quincy, Theodore Roosevelt, to name a few, have proudly
ascended to the upper echelon of America's racial villainy. John Adams "shuddered at
 the doctrine" of racial equality and spoke in Hitlerian terms of "quieting the Indians
forever." Samuel Adams and Josiah Quincy both enslaved Black Africans.

 Roosevelt voiced the common Harvard creed that Blacks were backward savages
who needed strong white rule to bring them into civilization. The Africans, this
Harvard-trained American president believed, were "ape-like, naked savages, who
 dwell in the woods and prey on creatures not much wilder or lower than themselves."

Divinity school graduate Ralph Waldo Emerson asserted matter-of-factly that
"it is better to hold the negro one inch below water than one inch above it."

       Harvard, a pillar of the Brahmin establishment, "did its best to stifle anti-slavery
       [legislation]." When expelled German scholar Charles Follen sought refuge in
       America, he found it on the Harvard faculty. But when he became an abolitionist in
       1833, he was immediately fired. When Harvard graduate Charles Sumner criticized
       slavery in a speech to the student body in 1848, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
       recorded the reaction: "the shouts and hisses and the vulgar interruptions grated on
       my ears." Two of the college's honorable presidents, Jared Sparks and Cornelius
       Felton, were strong supporters of the notorious Fugitive Slave Bill, which aligned the
       northern "free states" with the Southern slave-owners in apprehending runaway Black
       slaves. When a Southern slaveholder came up to a Boston court to use the fugitive
       slave law to reclaim "his slave" Anthony Burns, Harvard students acted as the
       slaveholder's bodyguards.

       Distinguished Harvard graduate Lemuel Shaw was considered to be the most
       influential state judge in American history. Shaw considered Blacks who escaped from
       chattel slavery to be "fugitives from labor" and ordered their immediate return. When
       two Black women were arrested in 1836 as escaped slaves, Shaw allowed the slave
       catchers to correct their warrant so that they could re-arrest the Black women right in
       his courtroom. The Blacks who came to court refused to stand by and allow for this
       outrage and attempted to rescue the women. Shaw himself tried to stop them before
       he was knocked to the floor during the successful escape.

       As chief justice the Harvard-trained Shaw delivered the unanimous opinion of the
       Massachusetts Supreme Court which upheld the legality of school segregation,
       providing the basis for the doctrine of "separate but equal" - America's official racial
       policy until 1954. Between 1872 and 1949 at least eleven state courts cited Shaw's
       opinion to justify their own state's segregationist policies. (In 1956, when Virginia
       Senator Robert Byrd read his infamous "Defiance: The Southern Manifesto" he was
       joined by 19 Southern Senators and 70 Representatives, including J. William Fulbright
       and Strom Thurmond. Byrd cited Shaw's opinion to buttress his last stand against the
       Supreme Court's desegregation order.)

       The many well-to-do Harvard students from Southern plantation families did not have to
       long for the amenities of their beloved slavocracy; upon their arrival at the University
       each cracker was given a Black servant they euphemistically called a "scout." All the
       while Blacks served Harvard's white faculty and enrollees as janitors, custodians, and
       waiters. The first record of these "scouts" at Harvard is noted by Samuel F.  Batchelder,
      in Bits of Harvard History, as he contemptuously recounts the tribulation of these unpaid,
 overworked Harvard slaves:

 What ebony face with rolling white eyeballs grins sheepishly at us
from this mildewed page? Who was this blackamoor who surreptitiously
helped himself to beer and (possibly under its influence) made so free
of little Sam Hough's bed? Have we not here the first darkey "scout"
of Harvard, progenitor of the whole tribe of college coons and great-
grandfather of all Memorial Hall waiters? What fluky breeze of
fortune wafted this dusky child of nature from a languorous coral
strand to the grim confines of Calvinistic Cambridge? Were colored
brethren already hanging round the Square looking for odd jobs ere
that classic forum had become clearly distinguishable from the
encircling wilderness?

      But always, Blacks seeking to better themselves attempted to break through Harvard's
       rigid racial barriers. When three Black men attended lectures at the Medical School in
       1850, groups of white students protested their presence and prevailed upon the faculty
       to expel them. Harvard president Charles Eliot (term 1869-1909) stated his belief in
       separate educational facilities for Blacks and whites and suggested that Harvard may
       implement such a policy. He maintained - quite accurately - that the white man in the
       North is no less averse to the mingling of races than his Southern counterpart.

Race hater Louis Agassiz, the dean of the Nazi-approved philosophy of scientific
racism, and for whom a Harvard campus building is currently named, warned fellow
whites, "Let us beware of granting too much to the negro race...lest it become
necessary hereafter to deprive them of some of the privileges which they may use to
their own and our detriment." Agassiz found his views of the Black man warmly
received and echoed by Harvard deans Henry Eustis, who considered Blacks "little
above beasts," and Nathaniel Shaler, who believed Blacks "unfit for an independent
place in a civilized state." In 1922-23, President A. Lawrence Lowell barred Blacks
from living in the freshman dormitories saying, "We have not thought it possible to
compel men of different races to reside together."

Around that time, Harvard's venerable newspaper, the Crimson, excitedly
announced the presence of the school's very own Ku Klux Klan chapter.
 Without a trace of indignation, it trumpeted the KKK's campus membership drive.
The paper even promised to respect the secret identities of the KKK leaders, and
announced the possibility of the establishment of the branch of the KKK called
 Kamelia, the female KKK, at Radcliffe. By 1960 Harvard was writing letters to
 white students asking if they had problems with being assigned a Black roommate.
(Black students received no such "courtesy.") In the '80s, Bell Curve author, the now
 dead Richard Herrnstein, successfully restored Harvard's white-hooded
intellectual tradition, which seemed tohave been usurped briefly by some loud
but ineffectual liberal '70s campus activism.

So, here comes Randall Kennedy, bookending this tradition to the
proud nods of his white campus puppeteers. Ultimately, those Blacks
who seek to append themselves to this corrupt legacy will suffer a
 shameful disgrace. For increasing numbers of Blacks today are
 in complete agreement with the great "uneducated" freedom fighter
 Fannie Lou Hamer, who could not have been clearer when
 recounting the battles she fought for political representation
and justice:

   Everybody that would compromise
 in five minutes was the people with
 a real good education. I don't understand
 that - I really don't to save my  life.
 Them folks will sell you -they will sell your
 mama, their mama,  anybody else for a dollar.
--Fannie Lou Hamerback
  Shelton Amstrod is a researcher and editor at CBIA Publishing in Detroit.


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Editors Note this is not the White nigger or "white Nigger" by  Eastern Europen
 jewish author Norman Maler  or that Niggers crazo or nigger from Heavard or even
 the white Keffer or desendant of  mythical "Quean of Sheba" turned  lumpin proll
darkeyover night  http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2944922.stm  but she can
still earn some money for any white willing to exploite her.
 This should be called a white nicer as the name is not what they called them selvse.

Shortcut to Mind Control The Ultimate Terror

  > http://www.homosapiens.net/
  > http://www.konformist.com/related_links.htm

Book Review Sex and Racism in America
Book Review. Sex and Racism in America by Calvin C. Hernton. I've
always been very curious why some people are against interracial ...
about time for a redo
  Subject:   FW: About the white nigger
Date:  Wed, 18 Jun 2003 17:40:01 -0500
   From:  <M@.net>
     To:  C <@.net>
From: D <@.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 18:47:09 +0000
To: <@.net>

T below is that link, about white slaves and the white nigger.....
be interested in hearing what you think about this....S

From: "C<@.com>
To: <@.com>
Subject: About the white nigger
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 21:34:10 -0400

Know more about the "white nigger". An interesting
article from a website cataloguing a range of articles
 about multiracial subject matter and cultural diversity.....

our American "founding fathers" might have been quite
out of their minds... ("might of?"...) Please read... shares
 some  insight......


Jimmy Knepper, Versatile Jazz Trombonist,

Jimmy Knepper, a jazz trombonist best known for his productive but stormy association with Charles Mingus,
died on Saturday in Triadelphia, W.Va. He was 75.

The cause was complications of Parkinson's disease, his wife, Maxine, said yesterday from their Staten Island
home. Mr. Knepper was living temporarily at the home of his daughter, Robin Rios, in Triadelphia, Mrs. Knepper said.
Over the course of a career that began when he was in his teens, Mr. Knepper was a featured soloist in countless
bands, big and small. But his reputation as one of the most original trombonists of his generation rests largely on
 the music he made with Mingus from 1957 to 1962.

Mr. Knepper's distinctively gruff sound and loose-limbed phrasing were essential elements in some of the most
celebrated albums by Mingus, the great bassist and composer, including "The Clown," "Tijuana Moods" and
"Mingus Ah Um."

The jazz critic Leonard Feather wrote that Mr. Knepper's "solos with Mingus are intricate, beautifully structured and
complete statements."

But relations between the plain-spoken Mr. Knepper and the notoriously volatile Mingus were often tense, and they
came to an abrupt and violent turning point during preparations for a New York concert in 1962. Mr. Knepper recalled
in a 1981 interview with Lee Jeske of Down Beat magazine that in the course of an argument about Mr. Knepper's
role as music copyist for the concert, Mingus "just kind of slapped me in the mouth," and the blow "just happened to
break off my incisor."

The injury seriously affected Mr. Knepper's embouchure; it took him several years to regain his full range on the

Mingus was convicted of third-degree assault (his sentence was suspended), and a fruitful collaboration was
seemingly ended forever. Surprisingly, though, Mr. Knepper worked with Mingus again in the 1970's, appearing on
the album "Let My Children Hear Music" in 1971, at a Carnegie Hall concert in 1976 and on the last three albums
Mingus recorded before his death in 1979.

Mr. Knepper characterized his return to the Mingus fold as a kind of grim inevitability.

"It was very depressing to think that I'm linked with this guy for the rest of my life," he told Down Beat in 1981,
referring to his earlier days with Mingus. "And now I feel the same way."
The link proved enduring: he spent much of the 1980's as a member of Mingus Dynasty, a group devoted to playing
Mingus's music and made up primarily of former Mingus sidemen.
James Minter Knepper was born in Los Angeles on Nov. 22, 1927. Although he was not yet 30 when he first worked
with Mingus, he was already a seasoned veteran, having spent time in several big bands, including those of Charlie
Barnet, Woody Herman and Claude Thornhill. During his five years with Mingus, he continued to work occasionally
for other bandleaders, most notably Stan Kenton. In 1960 he went to Africa with a small group led by the flutist
Herbie Mann, and in 1962 he was a member of the Benny Goodman ensemble that toured the Soviet Union.

Mr. Knepper recorded only occasionally as a leader or co-leader, and he never led a band of his own. But if he was
something less than a star, he was greatly admired by fellow musicians for his skill as an improviser and for his
ability to function comfortably and creatively in any context. He played in the pit bands of several Broadway musicals
and, from 1968 to 1974, with the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra. Throughout the 80's and 90's he regularly
toured Europe as a freelance soloist.

In addition to his wife, Maxine, a former jazz trumpeter, and his daughter, Ms. Rios, he is survived by four
grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Knepper's son, Timothy, died in Los Angeles in 1991 at age 34, she said.

Mr. Knepper once said that jazz "shouldn't be taken very seriously" and that "in a
lot of ways, it's just shallow, superficial and pyrotechnical." But whether or not those
words were a true reflection of his feelings, he always played jazz with great passion
and fervor - even if he found it a less-than-ideal way to make a living.

"It's hard for a jazz musician to live a rational life, unless he has an independent
 income or a busy maximum of work," he said in 1977. "You really have to be
 dedicated to the music to be able to survive."

         © New York Times, 1987

Will follow ED.
May you live in interesting times.This says it all: Quote of the day..."You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, The Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn't want to go to war."

Counterintelligence: Recommended Tools
               for Media Analysis                    
                 Amacord Search Center

                     They Were White and They Were Slaves:
                     The Untold History of the Enslavement of
                     Whites in Early America by Michael A. II Hoffman

The Nub of IT..
6 of 6 at people at Amazon.com found the following review helpful:

This cause makes emotional sense, June 7, 2000
Reviewer: J. Jiumaleh from USA Slavery was a curse on our nation from its founding and Jefferson had to strike paragraphs decrying it from the Declaration of Independence or lose the support of southern states. It remained a hot political debate throughout the country's early history but regardless of the strong feelings it evoked, no one was yet prepared to go to war over it.

Tenzer's book helped me understand on an emotional level what would make a northern farmer or tradesman pick up arms and go to fight his countryman in this terrible war. What made a difference was the threat he felt slavery posed to himself, his way of life and to his children and
grandchildren. Even now we hear of atrocities in far away places and send money or write our leaders but rarely get personally involved. Tenzer's thesis is that many historical events coincided in the middle 1800s to convince northerners that their own rights and freedoms were or would be threatened by legal slavery and its expansion. He has the historical documentation to show that the eroding line between slave and free was much on the mind of the average person and  contributed to the country's willingness to take up arms over an issue that had so far only risen to the level of a disagreement.

 While I would like to think that the north was full of abolitionists so disgusted by slavery that they were willing to risk their lives to end it, Tenzer's book suggests that most were only willing to get involved when the threat began more personal. This is sadly consistent with human behavior and struck me as one of the best explanations for why the war happened when it did and received the support it did in the north.

Another part of the book that was fascinating to consider was the discussion of miscegenation and the historical situation of mixed-race people. Too often the subject of propaganda and stereotype, Tenzer shows how statistics on mixed-race people were manipulated to create
 notions of sickliness and inferiority which still plague that group today.
I was stunned to see how much of what was passed off as "science" then (a very self-serving science for a small group of elites) is still largely accepted as fact today.

  "The Forgotten Cause" is an important addition to every Civil War buff's reading list. It should stimulate lots of thought including some worrisome questions about why this "cause" has been forgotten in our politically correct times.
The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War:  A New Look at the Slavery Issue by Lawrence R. Tenzer
7 of 7 people found the following review helpful: American History, as taught, has ignored this thesis., February 8, 1998 Reviewer: joeaaii@aol.com Strong evidence, painstaking research that may explain why 'the war to free the slaves' did not provide any civil rights for the freed slaves until a second 'war' a century later. The thesis that capital owns labor is still alive and this book provides evidence of intentions to make slaves of all workers (poor, black or otherwise). Much of this mindset has not changed today only the catch phrases and nuances have changed.
"Some Poltrunes wont or cant quit!"  
5 of 10 people found the following review helpful: Historically innaccurate, May 12, 2000  Reviewer: A reader from Georgia : Tenzer's main tenant that white slavery was a very real and powerful emotive force can not be seriously contemplated. If Lincoln and the northern states were really worried about the possibility of white slavery would it not have been simpler to have attempted to create a new federal law, or implement a racially discriminatory law into the american constitution which would then ultimately have resolved this issue and prevented the war. Tenzer's arguement is interesting, but can not be treated as a serious explanation for the war itself. We need only look at the way in which blacks received greater equality in the north than the south since the war to realise segregation was an issue predominant in the south than the north. And that civil rights for blacks would create irreconcilable division between the north and the south which would have lead to prolonged or further conflict. Therefore Tenzer's arguement can only be seen as an underlying factor which may have been exploited for political reasons in the north, but on the whole is nothing more an exaggeration of a feeling amongst a small minority and entirely inconsequential to the actual causes of the war.
Paperback: ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.75 x 8.75 x 5.75  Publisher: Scholars Pub House; (November 1997)  ISBN: 0962834807

Excellent! Shows that slavery was a threat to whites,
J uly 22, 1998 Reviewer:A. D. Powell
 (see more about me)  2 of 5 people found
the following review helpful:
Irish American - NOT African American May 2, 2003 Michael Morris Healy, an Irish immigrant, arrives in the United States around 1815 and
establishes a plantation near Macon, Georgia. Healy and his mulatto common-law wife,
 Eliza Clark Healy, have 10 children. All of the children are sent North to be educated,
 baptized as Catholics, and leave any social disabilities of Georgia behind them. The children achieve great success as Irish-Americans:
Tenzer also destroys the argument of those neo-Confederates (like Ashcroft) who contend that the Southern states (called The Slave Power in the North) were merely resisting the tyranny of a federal government. The Slave Power effectively controlled  Congress and
the Presidency for most  of the antebellum period. The "3/5  
Rule"  gave congressmen from the slave  states the right to represent slaves  (people who obviously couldn't vote),  thereby giving them far more power  than they would have received
 if they had been limited to repre! consenting free persons.

Southern Strategy in its earliest stages.

R@wman Says
"It all boils down to expensive books. Books all this stuff
is likely about books never written, things never said.
 Why because real people have lives too complicated by
 living to take the time to explain them, and then they die." ED  
If they were a little swifter they would have figured out things, like voting & writing has
 an accumulative effect on the people around you and where as I recon shooting people
and linching people up just changes the surface not the root cause which is not color
but attitudes about life, any one is suspect after the Donor Party, which was a warning
 sign way back then, when the going gets tough the tough get there knife and forks.

Our TV Hero

  As promised the  so called white Nigger
click the pages to go to Amazon.com
Jim Goad (Author)  


 2 3 4 5 6 7  
Attaboy hear is your "white" liberal, check out what she has to say..
 "As a white woman in my early 50s..."
by Donna Lamb
© Copyright 2000
October/November 2000
As a white woman in my early 50s, like many people of my generation and ethnicity, I've had only the most superficial contact with hip hop music or dance over the years. When I've had the good fortune to come upon hip hop dancing being performed on the street or in a city park--usually by a group of about 4 or 5 African American and Latino young men--I've been
so rivetted Icould hardly tear myself away to continue on with
my activities...
Therefore, I was so glad when, earlier this year, in DanceAfrica 2000 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music
 in New York City...
  This thing really works!
R@wman says" I love Shusi, and If they are so smart why can't

Flipper tell them how to keep out of the Tuna fisherman's nets.
 Maybe the Dolphins should replace the Turkys as guest for Thanksgiving.

  "In the province of the mind, there are no limits."
January 06, 1915 - September 30, 2001

 "It's a nasty rumor that as a biologist he was little more than a CIA shill as a sort of Pimp to the Dolphins getting them high & getting them Layed while spouting his Rod Mc-Cluing type poetry and dreaming of UFO's & escaping the moral debt that weighs down any but the most x of x Nazis I guess he was just a "almost Nazi Scientist" like... What ever.. giving them drugs
 ( LSD)  and trying to make them watch TV " & talk to him. At least one woman I use to know said she "did a dolphin for Lilly" ( as a deeply spiritual You know Metaphysical head type if it feels good do be do it 60's trip ) and that person was more concerned that what he (Lilly) was focusing on, only on the Squeaky clean domesticated (Uncle  Tom Dolphins ) which got all of the attention and Movie work as the pretty ones but the Dolphins in the REAL WORLD were suffering terribly (  getting cuts and scarred from propellers and killed by fishermen in the "Tuna " nets and should be spoken for as the Real Dolphins with real problems such as we are all well aware are we are  KILLING THEM and there Whale buddies!!"

FYI http://www.johnclilly.com/ John C Lilly

Thanks 2 Clayton  Mystery of the Silver Rings

Project Delphis: Mystery of the Silver Rings Mystery of the Silver Rings. by Don White, Creator of Project Delphis.
The young dolphin gives a quick flip of her head, and an undulating ... http://www.earthtrust.org/delrings.html

                                         by Don White, Creator of Project Delphis


The young dolphin gives a quick flip of her head, and an undulating silver ring appears--as if by magic--in front of her.
The ring is a solid, toroidal bubble two feet across--and yet it does not rise to the surface! It stands erect in the water
 like the rim of a magic mirror, or the doorway to an unseen dimension. For long seconds the dolphin regards its
creation, from varying aspects and angles, with its vision and sonar. Seemingly making a judgement, the dolphin
 then quickly pulls a small silver donut from the larger structure, which collapses into small bubbles. She then
 "pushes" the donut, which stays just inches ahead of her rostrum, perhaps 20 feet over a period of up to 10 seconds.
 Then, stopping again, she regards the twisting ring for a last time and bites it--causing it to collapse into a thousand
tiny bubbles which head--as they should--for the water's surface. After a few moments of reflection, she creates
This isn't fantasy, it's real. And it isn't magic, just marvelous. It is a rare dolphin behavior, and we first saw it in the
play of two baby dolphins. It gives us a little more insight into the superb level of control dolphins can exercise on
 their water environment, and underscores the fact that we can still discover things about dolphins by simply
watching them.

I first saw this behavior on one of my relatively rare trips out to the Delphis lab; the project's principle scientist Ken
Marten said that "the two babies, Tinkerbell and Maui" had been doing it for a little while. My reaction: "Wow, neato.
 How the heck do they DO that? Try to get some photo and video shots of it. It sure is cool". Ken, along with Suchi
Psarakos, Research Assistant and computer programmer, did indeed document the silver rings (although video and
photos don't do the rings justice), and this has made it possible to both analyze the physics behind the phenomenon
 and to watch the dolphins do this trick in slow-motion.

As it turned out, small silver rings weren't the only toys the dolphins were making for themselves: some of the
creations were as large as a basketball rim. And Tinkerbell proved able to create a silver helix, spiraling perhaps 20
feet long, that would spring into life in a fraction of a second and remain stable in the water as she swam past,
observing it with sonar and vision then--presto! she would grab a small silver ring from the helix to play with, while the
rest of the helix degraded into bubbles which would belatedly "remember" to rise to the surface.

This was a wonderful mystery to ponder. My attempts at re-creating the rings in a swimming pool succeeded only
 in getting water up my nose, but my guesses were confirmed--with better and more rigorous explanation--by the
fluid dynamics class of Suchi's close friend Hans Ramm at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

The silver rings, as it turns out, are "air-core vortex rings", and the helices are a similar phenomenon. Invisible,
spinning vortices in the water are generated from the tip of a dolphin's dorsal fin when it is moving rapidly and turning.
According to Hans: "Being unstable without a boundary nearby, the vortex line tends to form into a more stable form
such as a helix. When the dolphins break the line, the ends are drawn together into closed rings. Owing to the
Bernoulli effect, the higher velocity fluid around the core of the vortex is at a lower pressure than the fluid circulating
farther away. Air is injected into the rings via bubbles released from the dolphin's blowhole." The energy of the water
 vortex is enough to keep the bubbles from rising for a reasonably long period--on the order of 10 seconds. There also
seems to be a separate mechanism for producing small rings, which a dolphin can accomplish by a quick flip of its

There is little doubt that this is what is occurring. However, understanding the physics should not diminish our
 appreciation of this spontaneous act of creation by a dolphin mind. These young dolphins have detected, understood,
 and manipulated a subtle aspect of their environment, for no reason other than play.

Creation of these rings by dolphins isn't new. (far from it--dolphins were probably blowing magnificent silver rings while
our anscestors were hanging off tree limbs). It does seem to be a relatively rare behavior, though: it has been seen
before only in specific group of dolphins documented by Diana Reiss and Jan Ostman at Marine World. "The fact
 that ring-blowing is rare and that we have two babies doing it suggests that one baby learned it from the other",
 comments Ken Marten. "Whether it was a case of observational learning, or one "taught" the other, we don't know...
 but it'd sure be interesting to know."

The social situation also seems to affect ring-blowing: " The babies made them most intensely when they were the
 only two dolphins in the tank and when there was only one adult. The behavior stopped entirely when they were
 outnumbered by adults, " observed Suchi. "During one intense session with Tinkerbell there were often two or
 three rings visible in the tank at one time. She frequently swam over to me in an excited state, then went and
made some more."

The reaction to our documentation of these rings has been universal--people are fascinated by them. Dr. Ken Norris,
 the world's leading expert on dolphins, had never seen it before. Robert Wolff of Apple Computer's Advanced Design
Group made a "quicktime" movie of ring-blowing for display on Mac computers. Arthur C. Clarke, Earthtrust Advisory
 Board member, thought they were wonderful--but debated my offered contention that they might be the first
 "extraterrestrial art", pointing to interesting "artistic" achievements by other nonhuman animals.

For myself, I do consider these rings to be "art": the creation and observation of artifacts by a nonhuman mind,
 with no use other than entertainment and aesthetics. One must be constantly wary not to anthropomorphize the
actions of other species-- to treat them as though they were human. But after watching a dolphin create one of
 these kinetic sculptures--observe it from many angles--and then destroy it with a bite--it seems a long leap of
logic to ascribe any other motive.

This can, and will, be debated... but the beauty of the rings is beyond debate. As evidence mounts for "self
awareness" and other "intelligent" qualities in dolphins, I think that it must cause us again to ask the question:
what are these creatures, that they spin silver lariats for the sheer joy of creation? And what sort of creatures
 are we, if we cannot appreciate and protect them?

Those to whom a wrong was done in there youth in the name of correctness can grow to carry out similar deeds in the same vain in the future with devastating unforeseen consequences to untold millions in Viet Nam .
Yes my dear it's Herr. Kissinger he's asked for you specifically, lets not keep our guests waiting, shall we.

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"Which leads us to another R@wman Rant on Race and Religion.

So Why Do You Think They Called It  The Dark Ages ?ED.

Then Why Do You Think They Called It The Dark Ages ?
 The Moors who were Black Africans
( to day Black is still resonant with 'evil' projected
on them)

The Moors were not a manufactured evil created to oppress members the Jewish community,
 you can throw out  this crap about  "some"  segments of the Jewish community being the
 victims of a conspiracy that is a cover up for the complicity & the duplicity  of some within
the epoch of the Islamic domination over Europeans non Christian and Christian alike,  some
segments of the French  &  some from the Jewish community worked on both sides during
the nearly 1,000 years (800 years) that Moors dominated Europe regarding the Enslavement
 of Europeans, Slavs & German’s the Moors, Blacks conquerors of Europe as another form
of commerce .
Read Roman historical text regarding the German Cannibals feared by the Romans as
 barbarians and worse. They later return to there old habits during the so called CRUSADES
 as the Normans sacking Jerusalem Killing gutting & cooking children on spits like so many
sheep or goats and eating Christians Jews And Moore's alike Yum! Yum! Yum!...ED.
But that was a Holey War!

Read the book "Golden Age of the Moor " by Van Sertima
 ISBN:1-56000-581-5 (C) 1992 ISSN : 0270-2495

"Franks & Jews traded Slavs & Germans who had been taken prisoner ... on the Frankish territories
... Thus Slave & Slave became interchangeable terms...Slavs were also traded out of the Adriatic  ...
Franks & Jews made young boys into Eunuchs...  Franks were to become the French.

     With the contributions of individuals such as Zaryab.  Spain flourished.
 But amidst the beauty and wealth, a socio-political plague was spreading:
“Jews who had ... been slaves
now began trading in slaves.”  According to T.B. Irving, between the years
 of 786 and 1009, “Franks and Jews traded Slavs and Germans who had
been taken prisoner ... on the
Frankish territories.  Thus “Slav” and “slave” became interchangeable
 [terms] ... They
 [the Franks and Jews] made young boys into eunuchs at Verdun...
So they could "PUNK" them later ED. ... The slaves were  driven from
France to Spain
 in great herds like cattle... "
 "From  between the years 786 and 1009 Blacks Contributed culture to &
 ruled Europe many years  ending around 1492 with the Conquista. And
then Christopher Columbus passed on the “blessings of slavery” to the so called New World replacing the population and clamming supremacy over another half of the world a world away ED."

Read the book "Golden Age of the Moor " by Van Sertima
ISBN:1-56000-581-5 (C) 1992 ISSN : 0270-2495
" When they reached their destination, the men were purchased
as servants or laborers, the women as household help or concubines ...
 Many women were also
imported from Galacia,
for their blonde appearance attracted the Arab gentlemen.  
Slaves were also traded from out
 the Adriatic.  These captives too were Slavs, and their merchants
 chiefly Christians.”

" This slave trade changed the racial mix in Al-Annulus.  
The use of European women as concubines gradually
 lightened the complexion of Moorish Spain ..."
Read the book "Golden Age of the Moor "
 by Van Sertima ISBN:1-56000-581-5 (C) 1992 ISSN : 0270-2495

Into what Arabs, Porto-Rican's Jews what?
Beside the additional Black Sorrow of the Flee born so called Black Death contracted
due to a general lack of any concept of hygiene or facilities for protecting water the
disease spread very rapidly because no one not even the Kings bathed once in there
 entire lives.

Why do you think they called it the Dark Ages spending a 100 years re-righting the
History of Europe to erase as much of the history of those times ('Black Days')  as it
took time  to erase the books  the poetry the songs just as any history of Carthaginians
was plowed into the earth for 100 years after  being ground up with salt one of the
earliest acts of GENOCIDE ( they even ground up the pets the potery there homes)
prior to that of the WW2 Genocide the holocaust of the 6 million Jewish gypsies Slavs
and others including the tiny minority of German Blacks among Hitters first victims.

 But seriously the pallid lies of if those time will always be the Predicate of the white
 wash of the future Europeans who stole most every thing
and rename every thing as "white" what ever that is, it's no surprise we might some day
 face a resurgence of a Moorish Back Lash as ( Arab descendants perhaps make an attempt
  as we all are circling the drain ) at Re-ascendance of "global" domination all be it no one can
factor the Asian equation 1.5 Billion Worker feeder State we call China ( You cant
 Give them AIDS or Drugs  they mean Bizness) plus 1.5 Billion Islamic  spread around the globe.

 No wonder the Polish pope was trying to knit together a "white "sweater including
 x Russia but he over looks the fact that  x Russia is also largely Asian and Non Christian
 that has all but eluded most thinkers and Geopolitical Kneelers Like G. W. B. & crew . ED "

They call them Weasels!  We call them Brave hardworking courageous & true Crusader Rabbit's fans world wide.
   Hey News max who pays you to hate the truth.
All one Die off Blow Back Gang!
"The notion that a radical is one who hates his country is
naive and usually idiotic. He is, more likely, one who likes
 his country more than the rest of us, and is thus more
disturbed than the rest of us when he sees it debauched
 He is not a bad citizen turning to crime; he is a good citizen
 driven to despair. "  -- H.L. Mencken

             Water as fuel?
Nobody Wins...

 Socialism: You have two cows.
You keep one and give one to your neighbor.

Communism: You have two cows.
The government takes them both and provides you with the

 Fascism: You have two cows.
 The government takes them and sells you the milk.

Bureaucracy: You have two cows.
The government takes them both, shoots one, milks the other,
 pays you for the milk, and then pours it down the drain.

Capitalism: You have two cows.
 You sell one and buy a bull.

Multi National Corporateism:
You have two cows. You sell one, force the other to produce
 the milk of four cows and then act surprised when it drops dead.

Democracy: You have two cows. The government taxes you
to the point that you must sell them both in order to support a man
in a foreign country who has only one cow which was a gift from
your government.

 You kill all the cows blame it on the Jews . Buy milk from Switzerland with funds confiscated from “the week unless feeders ” claim it to be the nectar of the Nordic Cow gods.
( to sell it to the passant )
Then create just add water synthetic milk  from Cow Manure
 ( secretly with "Jewish genius' Fritz Hauber's formula ) Claim it to be the nectar of the Super Nordic Blond Clone Moo Cow gods (kill him) Burn all of the books Cut funding for Schools & Libraries Federalize & Nationalize Your Police into a Personal Sect Security Fan Club. Declare yourself to be a GOD.

Put your self on the nations postage stamp's and collect 1/2 of all of the money from it's sale.
Put that money in Secret Swiss Bank Accounts.
Fake your death.
Move to a Vatican villa.
Die in your bead.

  May you live in interesting times.This says it all:
Quote of the day...
"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, The Swiss hold the America's Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn't want to go to war."

Your American past
  [On the Armenian front, a federal court ruled in the 1920's that
Armenians were white, and thus eligible for citizenship under the
 law at the time, which restricted naturalization to "free white people."

 In Russia, though, I understand they still refer to Cauacasians
(I use the word in the proper sense of "people from the Caucausus")
 as "blacks."

Solomon Moore and Robin Fields are Los Angeles Times
reporters. ctnow.com is Copyright © 2002 by The Hartford
Courant ctnow Produced by The Hartford Courant

`White' Has A Colorful History August 10, 2002

Go back far enough in U.S. history and many Americans who see themselves as white could have been considered minorities at one time.
To Benjamin Franklin, for example, "white" referred only to those of Anglo-
Saxon descent.

"Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes are generally of what
we call a swarthy complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only
excepted, who with the English, make the principal body of white people
on the face of the Earth," Franklin wrote in a 1751 essay, "Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind and the Peopling of Countries, Etc."
Like Franklin, early U.S. laws regulating marriage, property rights, citizenship,
voting and other facets of life viewed whiteness as a hereditary attribute.
But the laws employed varying, often conflicting, standards for determining who had it. Someone could be deemed  white for purposes of citizenship, but non white under marriage laws - and thus barred from marrying a white.

Between the Civil War and World War II, Japanese, Arab, Afghan,
Armenian, Indian and other immigrants sued in U.S. courts, trying to
prove themselves white and therefore eligible to enter the country,
hold jobs or become citizens. Courts made contradictory rulings.

In 1910, an immigrant from India named Dolla was pale enough to persuade
 a court that he was white. Ten years later, the Supreme Court ruled that another Indian immigrant was not.

The unprecedented wave of immigration at the turn of the 20th century
made the racial identity of newcomers a more contentious issue than
ever. A 1911 congressional commission sought to quiet the controversy by cataloging the identities of the immigrant flood. It
 issued a Dictionary of Races or People, which put Slavs, Poles, Italians,Russians and others in 45 nonwhite racial subgroups.

This prompted intense opposition from immigrants, especially
 Jews, who were placed in a "Hebrew" category. Many immigrants feared ostracism if the dictionary's distinctions became policy or law. Ultimately,
the government discarded these categories. People with diverse origins
came to be seen, and to see themselves, as white.

Mexican Americans became part of a similar debate as the United
States expanded west in the 19th century, absorbing sizable Hispanic
populations. After the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848,
census enumerators counted people with Spanish surnames as white.

That practice continued until 1930, when a separate "Mexican" racial
category was created. Mexican Americans successfully lobbied to
have the designation dropped in 1940. Once again, enumerators classified virtually everyone with Spanish surnames as white.

Solomon Moore and Robin Fields are Los Angeles Times reporters.

ctnow.com is Copyright © 2002 by The Hartford Courant

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The Bone of It...
by Lawrence R. Tenzer
October/November © 2001

Charles Mackay, a Scottish journalist, visited a slave auction where he had the following memorable encounter:

"One man--who to my inexperienced eyes seemed as white as myself, and whom I at once put down in my
 own mind as an Irishman, of the purest quality of the county of Cork--got up from his seat as I passed, and
 asked me to buy him."

"I am a good gardener, your honour," said he, with an unmistakable brogue. "I am also a bit of a carpenter, and
can look after the horses, and do any sort of odd job about the house."

"But you are joking," said I; "you are an Irishman?"

"My father was an Irishman," he said. At this moment the slave-dealer and owner of the depot came up. "Is there
not a mistake here?" I inquired. "This is a white man." "His mother was a nigger," he replied. "We have sometimes
much whiter men for sale than he is. Look at his hair and lips. There is no mistake about him."

Mackay was a Scotsman who had experienced a virtually white, brogue-speaking Irishman as a slave. Feeling
disgusted, he related that he "longed to get into the open air to breathe the purer atmosphere." A similar reaction
to that of Mackay was had by a Mr. C. (identified only by this first initial) who visited a slave auction in Georgia with
 his friend, New England physician Charles G. Parsons. The following is their particularly eloquent and telling account:

"We saw a handbill in the bar-room in which forty-four female slaves were advertised for sale. Stepping out
into the street, we found those girls sitting on the sidewalks. At the farther end of the row was a very beautiful girl,
apparently perfectly white, and neatly dressed. The moment Mr. C. looked at her, he exclaimed, 'What do you think
that white girl is sitting there with those negroes for?' "

"I presume she is a slave, sir," said I.

"That can't be!" replied Mr. C.,-- "just look at her! Why I never saw a prettier girl in my life."

Now Mr. C. had heard that likely quadroons are held as slaves and sold in the market; but he had never believed
that a young lady, so entirely American, so elegant in form and feature, so intellectual in appearance, with pure
blueeyes, and the perfect red and white Caucassian complexion, was in the same degraded condition as the
African girl....he was unprepared to believe it, when I said to him, "she is a slave, sir!"...Still incredulous, Mr. C.
stepped up to the drover and asked, "Is that white girl a slave, sir?"

"That's not a white girl; she is a nigger, sir," replied the drover...

"What do you ask for her?" inquired Mr. C.

"I was offered 1800 dollars for her last night. I want 2000 for her."...

"Why can that white girl--"

"That isn't a white girl; that's a nigger, sir, I tell you," interrupted the drover, contemptuously. At the same time he
removed a woolen cap from her head, which exposed the light brown hair, and added, "you see her hair is waved."

This is regarded as evidence that African blood is mingled with the white. Mr. C. had now become excited, and he
exclaimed-- "Well, then, can that white nigger do more work than one of your black niggers, that you ask so much
more for her?"

"Oh no;" replied the drover,--and perceiving that Mr. C. did not comprehend the superior value of female beauty to
physical ability in a slave, he added-- "but you know she is a high priced fancy girl."

"By heavens!" vociferated Mr. C.,"'it is too bad!" and turning to me with his clinched hands raised towards the
heavens, he added, "I will never say another word against the abolitionists, so long as God lets me live!"

With so many white slaves throughout the South, it is not surprising that curiosity would exist as to their ability to
escape North and there pass into white society. Such an inquiry was made by Frederick Law Olmsted, a reporter
 for the New York Times who traveled extensively throughout the slave states. During a visit to a plantation in the
spring of 1854, he recorded a dialogue he had with two overseers. One of them pointed out a slave while she was
 working in the field and said, "That one is pure white; you see her hair?" (It was straight and sandy.) ... It was not
uncommon, he said, to see slaves so white that they could not be easily distinguished from pure-blooded whites....

"Now," said I, "if that girl should dress herself well, and run away, would she be suspected of being a slave?
 (I could see nothing myself by which to distinguish her, as she passed, from an ordinary poor white girl.)"

"Oh, yes; you might not know her if she got to the North, but any of us would know her."


"By her language and manners."

"But if she had been brought up as [a] house-servant?"

"Perhaps not in that case."

"The other thought there would be no difficulty; you could always see a slave girl quail when you looked in her eyes."

Olmsted also took note of white slaves in a group of people of color he saw in Richmond who were dressed
in Sunday finery. "Nearly a fourth part seemed to me to have lost all African peculiarity of feature....
There was no indication of their belonging to a subject race, except that they invariably gave way to the
white people they met."

As explained earlier, the term mulatto could be used to denote a person who looked white in appearance.
 The term quadroon (or quatroon), even though literally one who was three-fourths white, when used in New
Orleans could mean the same thing. Visitors to that city commented on the virtual whiteness of many of the
 so-called quadroons. Isaac Holmes, an Englishman who traveled in America for four years, recollected that
 "although the term quatroon would infer a person of three-fourths white extraction, yet all between the colour
of a mulatto and a white acquire in New Orleans this appellation.

Some, indeed, are to all appearance perfectly white." George William Featherstonhaugh left from Maryland
 and toured throughout the slave states. He also saw the New Orleans quadroons. "A woman may be as fair
 as any European, and have no symptom of negro blood in her," Featherstonhaugh stated, "but if it can be
proved that she has one drop of negro blood in her vein s, the laws do not permit her to contract a marriage
 with a white man; and as her children would be illegitimate, the men do not contract marriages with them.

" Reverend Philo Tower from New England wrote of "the life of a mulatto girl, or a quadroon, as they are called"
 with some having "clear, beautiful white skin, with rosy cheeks, making the very perfection of loveliness and
beauty...forbidden by the rules of society to hold rank above the lowest, blackest slave." The actor George
 Vandenhoff said of the New Orleans quadroon, "Some of them showed no tinge of their descent at all; but
could boast complexions--not blondes, certainly, but--of Anglo-American whiteness. Yet, all these girls had
 in their blood the fatal taint of Afric's sun; though, in some, it was diluted, by admixture, to an infinitesimal
point, that required the nicest eye to detect it--if, indeed, it could be detected at all."
© Copyright 2003


Just want to know how you would defend your home country, what book, what rules would you observe.
While You are at it why don't you kill the bullshit. ED.

Sound off

 Sound on

KEB' MO' - The Door
 Official Website on Sony Music
one of the best websites so far

Leonard Cohen Nights ...
Cohen is rarely subtle, which makes Famous
Blue Raincoat a stand out amongst his large repertoire. 13. ...
 Heart Like a Wheel, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, 1975. ...


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