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Cool images  by Adam Finkelstein

the tree of comedy
Stand-Up Comedians on Television
... Woody Allen · Jackie Vernon · Stanley Myron Handelman · Slappy White · Rodney
Dangerfield · Bob Saget · Janeane Garofalo · Mike Nichols and Elaine May ...

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advertising stinks
manipulation not information



Drillbits & Tailings: November 21, 1998: Page Two
Canadian Mercenary Miners Killed By Angolan Rebels
A Canadian-owned Angolan diamond mine with close ties to South African mercenaries
suffered heavy casualties after an attack by armed men. Eight mine workers were killed,
24 wounded while another ten are missing, suspected to have been kidnapped.

The Yetwene mine in north-eastern Angola, which is run by DiamondWorks, was attacked
on November 8 by about 100 armed men. The company claims that the men were members
of the UNITA (National Union for the Total Independence of Angola) rebel group which has a
30,000 member army. UNITA has has not confirmed involvement but has said it is investigating the incident.

"The surprise attack took the form of a well-planned military operation, timed to coincide
 with the maximum number of staff on site (during a shift change) and in the pre-light dawn,"
a company press release asserts. Other reports indicate that no diamonds were stolen nor
was any of the major mining equipment damaged but the attackers took food and other

DiamondWorks has well established connections to mercenaries who helped
defeat UNITA forces in recent years. For example Tony Buckingham of Branch
Energy, a British company which owns a quarter of the shares of DiamondWorks,
is well known as the man who brokered the entry of Executive Outcomes,
a South African mercenary army which includes former members of the apartheid death squads, into Angola.

Executive Outcomes's sister company, Strategic Resources Group, was responsible for the
 downing of planes carrying UNITA supplies, and carried out intelligence work and intercept
flights for the Angolan government in 1994.

Discussions in the British parliament last week revealed that Tim Spicer of Sandline
International, an affiliate of Executive Outcomes, has been hired to help DiamondWorks
rescue their employees.

Spicer, a former member of the Special Air Services (SAS) an covert British fighting force,
 was tried last year in Papua New Guinea courts for providing a mercenary force to take
over a copper mine on the South Pacific island of Bougainville. The mission failed when
the local army rebelled against the mercenaries.

Foreign mining companies in Angola told the press that they were beefing up their private armies as a result of the incident. One company says it already forks out US$500,000 a month for security, with additional air transport costs of US$600,000.
The current war in Angola between the Angolan government and UNITA to seize control of \the diamond mining region, which has raged for the last three months, has created nearly
half-a-million internal refugees. The war is expected to intensify in coming months when
Angolan troops are called back from fighting another war in the Congo, where the armies
 of a half-dozen African countries are fighting for control of that mineral rich country.

SOURCES: Diamond Works press releases, November 16 &17, 1998. "Mercenary link to
Angola mine attack" by Chris Gordon, Johannesburg Mail & Guardian, November 13, 1998.
"Foreign mines beef up security after Angola attack" by Darren Schuettler, Reuters,
November 12, 1998. "Papua troops attempt to quell riots in capital" by Richard Savill,
Daily Telegraph, March 21, 1997.

The Crash of 1929

On October 19 1987, the Dow-Jones industrial average suffered a
major devaluation. The Dow lost over 500 points. Stock trading
markets worldwide were all suffering similar declines. At the time,
there was a lot of concern over what this meant to the overall economy
of the world. The reason for this concern comes from the fact that the
last time there was a large devaluation in the stock market, there
followed a depression. Economists used a yardstick from the Jazz Age
to evaluate this 'correction'; the yardstick was the crash of October

All During WW2 Cannibal  Jokes by Cannibal Nazis

The World's Greatest Entertainer

  Al Jolson Al was the son of a Russian cantor. He immigrated
 to America & became known as the world's greatest entertainer.
 He was a pioneer in the entertainment industry - the first to make
a talking picture, the first to cut a long playing record, the first to
take a top class Broadway show on tour, the first to have two films
made about his life, and the first to entertain troops in three wars.,
 World War I, World War II, and Korea. He was the first to sing songs
 by Irvin Berlin and he gave George Gershwin his first big break.

Q & A with
Coletrain Phelps
Q: If Osama Bin Ladden is found how should he be punished?

A: It would behoove the United State of America to deal with Mr. Bin Ladden in the most judicial and prejudicial manner necessary to vindicate both parties of any wrong doings so that they amicably come to a harmonious agreement and there by excluding, excuse me, and there by NOT exacerbating any maladjusted malcontents of fanatical pious factions.



"He doesn't have to Marry a white Girl He "is" a white Girl Just like  Jesus!
As famous and “pretty".We all have free will, right nobody put a gun or  a
Chip to his head right! Or he did it to him self ! This nation and it's pursuit of
"HIGH CULTURE" is apparently only capable Copying and copy-cating
others or Self Parody. Preparing for a 1/2 baked sequel. In the Blue eyed
Disney Cartoon fantasy which is a blatant fraud foisted on all kids like
burger meat .

 Bizarre History
Just blink to see any of the many faces
that have entertained and mystified .
         More Bizarre!!
Michael Jackson Says We Don't Love Our Children Enough-And He Wants to Help?

Note from R4D
Hitler Joseph Garbles & Dr. Joseph Mengele
In this world where book & film titles are as moronic as the names
given to horses at the race track I wish to remember or recognize
 that I remember something about WW2 and the hidious Eugenics
 and torturing experiments of Hitlers policies as carried out by
 "The more we do to you,the less you seem to believe we
are doing it.".
 As I see it Michael Jackson ,Jacks, Jocco, The Kid, The king of Pop
what ever you call him "the kid " bleached with a (bleached) dream
is Dr. Joseph Mengele final triumph ...ED                    back
Hitler Joseph Garbles & Dr. Joseph Mengele
 Thanks to a Inbread xenophobic Eurocentric Nation White Bread
 Anti black America fetish of Dr. Joseph Gerbles, Mengele and Hitler

September 12, 2003
Interior Decorating, by Hitler
Bizarre. Apparently the magazine Homes and Gardens did a feature on Hitler's mountain retreat in a 1938 issue.
Posted by josephgrossberg at September 12, 2003 12:24 PM | TrackBack | Filed under: News

        "The most important American political event in those preparations for Hitler was the infamous 'Third
     International Congress on Eugenics,' held at New York's American Museum of Natural History August 21-23,
     1932, supervised by the International Federation of Eugenics Societies. 9 This meeting  took up the stubborn
     persistence of African-Americans and other allegedly 'inferior' and 'socially inadequate' groups in reproducing,
     expanding their  numbers, and amalgamating with others. It was recommended that these 'dangers' to the 'better'
     ethnic groups and to the 'well-born,' could be dealt with by sterilization or 'cutting off the bad stock' of the 'unfit.'
                "Italy's fascist government sent an official representative. Averell Harriman's sister Mary, director of
     'Entertainment' for the Congress, lived down in Virginia fox-hunting country; her state supplied the speaker on
     'racial purity,' W.A. Plecker, Virginia commissioner of vital statistics. Plecker reportedly held the delegates
     spellbound with his account of the struggle to stop race-mixing and inter-racial sex in Virginia.
                "The Congress proceedings were dedicated to Averell Harriman's mother; she had paid for the founding of
     the race-science movement in America back in 1910, building the Eugenics Record Office as a branch of the
     Galton National Laboratory in London. She and other Harrimans were usually escorted to  the horse races by old
     George Herbert Walker--they shared with the Bushes and the Farishes a fascination with 'breeding
     thoroughbreds' among horses  and humans. 10
               "Averell Harriman personally arranged with the Walker/Bush Hamburg-Amerika Line to transport Nazi
     ideologues from Germany to New York for  this meeting. 11 The most famous among those transported was Dr.
     Ernst Rudin, psychiatrist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography in Berlin, where the
     Rockefeller family paid for Dr. Rudin to occupy an entire floor with his eugenics 'research.' Dr. Rudin had
     addressed  the International Federation's 1928 Munich meeting, speaking on 'Mental Aberration and Race
     Hygiene,' while others (Germans and Americans) spoke  on race-mixing and sterilization of the unfit. Rudin had
     also led the German delegation to the 1930 Mental Hygiene Congress in Washington, D.C.
              "At the Harrimans' 1932 New York Eugenics Congress, Ernst Rudin was unanimously elected president of
     the International Federation of Eugenics  Societies. This was recognition of Rudin as founder of the German
     Society for Race Hygiene, with his co-founder, Eugenics Federation vice president  Alfred Ploetz.
              "As depression-maddened financiers schemed in Berlin and New York, Rudin was now official leader of the
     world eugenics movement. Components of his movement included groups with overlapping leadership, dedicated
              -sterilization of mental patients ('mental hygiene societies');
               -execution of the insane, criminals and the terminally ill ('euthanasia societies'); and
               -eugenical race-purification by prevention of births to parents from 'inferior' blood stocks ('birth control

              "Before the Auschwitz death camp became a household word, these British-American-European groups
     called openly for the elimination of the 'unfit' by means including force and violence. 12." 11.
+++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++

[Nazi War Criminal  of the "Angel of Death of Auschwitz," Dr. Joseph Mengele ]
 "Angel of Death of Auschwitz," Dr. Joseph Mengele. ...
 at Nuremberg, and was the last major Nazi war criminal to die in Spandau under highly ...

This book was quoted by both Sen. Bilbo in Take Your Choice: Seperation or Mongrelization and by Earnest Cox in
White America. While some of Grant's material has been amended and updated in the years since 1916, it still
erves as an important work in the study of racial origins.
Take every thing you can as an advantage & remake your
 pathetic racist inbred DNA ,  wash  them genes  as hard
as you can, Lucy is still there. What a clown Steven
Hawking has become, can't accurately define the notion of
 the universe right so, now he wants eugenics guess what
you perfidious fool Hitler would have snuffed  his cripple ass
 out a  useless feeder he killed even the blind ! You Botched
it You fix It.

The critical mind can see this
 master race shit cuts both ways
 think China ? Numbers...

Who Is  Superior? What are you
 going to do Give um a Billion...

 Small pox blankets, Aids,LSD ?
and then try and pretend they
did it to them selve?

Ok OK I can't spell !!! this previous txt
was bad Ok OK!
below the bar
  Note from R4D
  In  a world where film titles are as moronic as the names given to horses
  at the race track I wish to remember or recognize that I remember WW2
  and the Eugenics and torturing experiments of Hitler policies as carried
   out by Mingler as I see it Michael Jackson ,Jacks, Jocco, The Kid, The
  king of Pop what ever you call him the kid bleached with a (bleached)
   dream is Minglers final triumph . Thanks to a xenophobic Eurocentric
  nation America is Dr. Minguler ,Or he did it to him self ! This nation and
  it's pursuit of HIGH CULTURE is apparently only capable of Parody.  Preparing for a sequel.He doesn't have to Marry a white Girl He "is"
 a white Girl Just like  Jesus! As famous and “pretty”.

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I have an Idea  to use the WWW, how about a Web Site that mentally
Un Hooks people from here Brain Washing .. Like a World Facts map
"With a map linking All of the Sites world wide so people can research
 this stuff and get good grades in school some thing but still showing in
light way the serious scary stuff we all know about but never discuss.
( This might even use the Chat Room feature ? ) Or a WWW that actually
proposes that commercial exploitation of a com-mercial & neat as the
 original corporate stuff so the mascot "speaks" with the authority
of the featured creature as an example Exxon's Tiger or Tony the
Tiger (Kellogg's Corn Flakes Creial Mascot )  says "Hey kids did you
know that my Boss made$$ Billion Last year and I really gotta Live Like
 (Show Photo) this even though I help him earn it, as a spokes Critter  
don't you think I deserve a Better Life ? & Working conditions We
Tigers are an Endangered Species and are nearly extinct ! Wild life
funds and most charitable Org's. are over worked under staffed  or afraid
and don't act like we Tigers are a Priority once We Die Out we will
only be A Dam Cartoon !!
Us we the two most famous Product Critters in out Native Lands Ok...
That Would Be

      A Degree in Dabbling
       If you're stuck in a rut with nothing to do,
         then set up a studio where you can scratch
        your artistic itch. Find a quiet corner of the
        house where you can let your creative juices
        Every master artist needs plenty of supplies.
       Make sure you're stocked up on colored paper,
       glue, cardboard, magic markers, crayons,
       paint, string and anything else you'll need.

Now you're ready to concoct some cool creations. Grab a few empty milk jugs and juice
cans to make your own action figures. With homemade clay, craft an army of menacing
figures with paper-clip horns andspaghetti-noodle hair.

BBC was recently told by Niaz Naik, a Pakistani Foreign Secretary, that
 senior American officials were warning them as early as mid-July that  
military action for mid-October was being planned for Afghanistan. In
1996, the Department of Energy was issuing reports on the desirability
 of a pipeline through Afghanistan, and  in 1998, Unocal testified before
 the House Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific that this pipeline was
crucial to transport Caspian Basin oil to the Indian Ocean.

Given this evidence that a military operation to secure at least a portion of
 Afghanistan has been on the table, possibly as early as five years ago,I can't
 help but conclude that the actions we are seeing put into motion now are
part of a pre-September 11th agenda. I'm absolutelysure of that, in fact.
The planning alone for operations, of this scale,that are now taking shape,
 would take many months. And we are seeing them take shape in mere weeks.

And it can also be a question about whether or not there was
foreknowledge of the event, and that foreknowledge is being
covered up.

To dismiss this concern out of hand as the rantings of
conspiracy nuts is premature. And there is a history of this
 kind of thing being done by national political bosses, including
 the darling of liberals,  Franklin Roosevelt. The evidence is
very compelling  that the Roosevelt Administration deliberately
 failed to act to stop Pearl Harbor in order to mobilize enough
national anger to enter the World War II.

I have no idea why people aren't asking some very specific questions about
 the actions of Bush and company on the day of the attacks. Follow along:
Four planes get hijacked and deviate from their flight plans, all the while
on FAA radar.
The planes are all hijacked between 7:45 and 8:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

This is an event already that is unprecedented. But the President is not
notified and going to a Florida elementary school to hear children read.

By aroun

This elephant in the living room is being studiously ignored.

In fact,the domestic repression has already begun, officially and unofficially.
It's kind of a latter day McCarthyism. I participated in a teach-in at Chapel Hill,
North Carolina, on the 17th of September, and though not a single person on
the panel excused or justified the attacks, and every person there offered either
 condolences and prayers for the victims, we were excoriated within two days
as "enemies of America." Yesterday an op-ed called for my deportation
 (to where, one can only guess). Now Herr Ashcroft is fast tracking the biggest
abrogation of US civil liberties since the so-called anti-terrorism legislation
after the Oklahoma City bombing-which by the way hasn't resulted in anti-
terrorism but in the acceleration of the application of the racist death penalty.
 The FBI has defined terrorist groups not by whether any given group has ever
acted as terrorists, but by their beliefs.

Some socialists and! ! anti-globalization groups have already been identified
 by name as terrorist groups, even though there is not a single shred of evidence
 that they have ever participated in any criminal activity. It reminds me of the
Smith Act that was finally declared unconstitutional, but only after a hell of a
lot of people served a hell of a long time in jail for the crime of thinking.

I think this also points to yet another huge problems that the Bush regime was
facing. Worldwide resistance to the whole so-called neoliberal agenda, which
is a prettied up term for debt-leverage imperialism. While debt and the threat
of sanctions has been used to coerce nations in the periphery, we have to
understand that the final guarantor of compliance remains military action.

For a global economic agenda, there is always a corresponding political and
military agenda.

The focal point of these actions in the short term is Southern Asia, but they
 have already scripted this as a worldwide and protracted fight against terrorism.
 It's far better than drug wars as a rationalization, and the drug war thing was
being discredited in any case. Leftists are regaining power and popularity in
Venezuela,El Salvador, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia, the Dominican
Republic, Haiti, Brazil, and Argentina.

Cuba has gained immense prestige over the last few years. The empire is beginning
 to unravel. We can hardly justify intervention in these places by  saying they are
not towing the economic line by allowing the absolute domination of their societies
 by transnational corporations. That exposes the agenda. So we simply claim they are
supporting terrorism.

There's a very smart technology being employed to do a very dumb thing.
What they are responding to is not September 11th, but the beginning
 of a  permanent and precipitous decline in worldwide oil
production, the beginning of a deep and protracted worldwide
recession, and the unraveling of the  empire.

This brings me to a point about what all this means for Americans'
security,  which they are perfectly justified to worry about. The actions being
prepared by this administration will not only not enhance our security, it will
significantly degrade it.
 Military action against many groups across the  globe, which is what
 the administration is telling us quite openly they are planning to do,
will put a lot of backs against the wall. That can't be very secure.

The concept of war being touted here is a violation
 of the principles of war on several counts, and will
inevitably lead to military catastrophes, if you're
inclined to view this from a position of moral and
political neutrality.

And the people who are now in possession of half the
 world's remaining oil reserves are subject to destabilization
 for which we can't even pretend to predict the consequences-but
 loss of access to critical energy supplies is certainly within the
realm of possibility. Worst of all, we will be destabilizing Pakistan,
 a nuclear power in an active conflict with its neighbor, and we will
 be provoking Russia, another nuclear power.

The security stakes don't get any higher, and Americans
 can ill afford to ignore nukes.

And I think that this domestic agenda is a tremendous threat
 to the security of anyone who is critical of the government
or their corporate financiers, and we already know that the
real threats are against populations that can  easily be
scapegoated as the domestic crisis deepens.

There is a very real  threat right now of
creeping fascism in this country, and that
 phenomenon requires its domestic enemies.
 Historically those enemies have included
leftists, trade unionists, and racially and
nationally oppressed sectors.

This whole "state of emergency" mentality is already being
used to quiet the public discourses of anti-racism, of feminism,
 of environmentalism, and of both socialism and anarchism.
And while there is token resistance by officials to anti-Muslim
 xenophobia, the stereotypical images have saturated the media,
 and the government is already beginning
 to openly re-instate racial profiling.
It is only a short step from there to go after
 other groups.

 We have long been prepared by the
 ideologies of overt and covert racism,
 and racism as both institution and
corresponding psychology in the
United States is nearly  intractable.

It's for all these reason, I say emphatically that we can not acceptanything
from this administration; not their
policies nor their bullshit stories.

What they are doing is very, very dangerous,
and the time to fight back against them, openly,
 is right now,before they can consolidate their
power and their agenda. Once they have done
 that, our job becomes much more difficult.

More Bizarre !!
All one Die off Blow Back Gang!
Poltroon of the week Mr Jim Crow!
sults 91 - 100 of about 16,200. Search took 0.18 seconds.
Meat Results 1 - 20 of about 10,000. Search took 0.15 seconds

Prepair to become a non meat eater

 Read the following text through to the end it convinces me the link of mistrial show and RAP is stronger
 than most people will admit. And white guys can do almost any thing to defame and at the same time
 profiteer with a race card .

[I bet you wouldn't do this for a million bucks...
Not that its possible today. ED]
So any white boy can be come wealthy by imitating a black one and visa versa..
The Bluegrass Messengers

Jim Crow (A Comic Song)
Old-Time Breakdown- widely known; Words and Music by Thomas Dartmouth ("Daddy") Rice,1808-1860;
ARTIST: From American Song Sheets, Series 1, Volume 5
CATEGORY: Fiddle and Instrumental Tunes; DATE: Late 1820?s;
RECORDING INFO: Wine, Melvin. Cold Frosty Morning, Poplar LPI 40290, LP (1976), cut# 13;
Fiddler Henry Reed; Wine, Melvin. Visits, Heritage (Galax) 033, LP (1981), cut# 19;
RELATED TO: ?Uncle Joe;? ?Hop Light Lady;? ?Hop High Ladies, the Cake's All Dough;? "Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe?" Hop Up Ladies;? ?Hop High, My Lulu
Gal;? ?Miss McLeod o Raasay's? ?Miss McCleod's/McCloud's Reel? "(Miss) McCloud's Reel," "Mrs. MacLeod Raasay," "Miss McLeod's Reel," "Did You Ever Go To Meetin' Uncle
Joe, Uncle Joe?" "Do You Want to go to Heaven, Uncle Joe?" "Run Here, Johnny, There's a
 Bug Done Got on Me."

OTHER RELATIONS TO: John Crow; Old Buzzard; Blackberry Blossom (Irish) ; Cutty Sark
 ; Coal Branch Reel "Green Mountain," "Knickerbocker Reel," "Billy Boy," "Sally's Hornpipe," "Walk Jaw Bone," "Whitewash Station."

OTHER NAMES: Jump Jim Crow; There's a whole collection of broadsides (under Black
Faced Minstrelsy) in the Bodleian Library (printed in British Isles) entitled- Crow Family;
Miss Jane Crow; Billy Crow and the Death of Jim Crow;

SOURCES: Fiddler Henry Reed; Augustus Clapp (Stephen Collins Foster) published a Jim
 Crow Song Jubilee later in 1847. Song sheets also in Levy. Sigmund Romberg published a version.  "Minstrel Songs, Old and New" (1883) page 209; Traditional Music in America, Folklore  Associates, Bk (1940/1965), p 83a (Jim Crow); Traditional Music in America, Folklore  Associates, Bk (1940/1965), p424b (Jim Crow); Randolph 252, "Jump Jim Crow" (1 text,  1 tune); Gilbert, p. 18, "Jim Crow" (1 text)

NOTES: D Major. Standard. ABC. The name of this old minstrel tune appears in a list of traditional Ozark Mountain fiddle tunes compiled by musicologist/folklorist Vance Randolph, published in 1954. It is also in the repertoire of fiddler Henry Reed. In the 1960's Braxton County,
 W.Va., fiddler Melvin Wine (1909-1999) returned to fiddling after a 20 year hiatus and was 'discovered' by young revival fiddlers, eager to learn authentic tunes. "'One song I played, Jump
 Jim Crow, the young people just hungered for that one,' Melvin says. 'I played it so many time at
 (the West Virginia State Folk Festival at) Glenville, I wore the feathers off the crow'" (Mountains
of Music, John Lilly ed., 1999, pg. 11).
This song and dance was created by Thomas ("Daddy") Rice in the 1820?s and is the earliest
 and one of the most popular minstrel songs both in the US and abroad.. The chorus connects it
 to  Uncle Joe/Hop High Ladies? family of songs (tune of McLeod's Reel) but I consider them
different The song is also important as a source of lyrics for other minstrel songs and bluegrass
songs. Here's some info about Jim Crow from The Harvard Theatre Collection, The Houghton
Library:in 1822, English actor Charles Mathews mounted a one-man show in black-face called
"A Trip to America," based on the dialect, songs and dances he observed while in the United
States. During a visit to New York's African Theatre, Mathews claimed that an actor performing
the role of "Hamlet" was interrupted by calls from the audience for the slave song "Opossum up
 a Gum Tree," an incident that Mathews used to construct one of the most popular segments of
his show.

Thomas Dartmouth "Daddy" Rice popularized the black-faced minstrel on the American stage
with his 1828 caricature of a crippled plantation slave, dancing and singing the words:

"Weel about and turn about and do jus' so,
Eb'ry time I weel about, I jump Jim Crow."

After touring American cities, Rice took his immensely popular act to London in 1836. By then
"Jim Crow" had proliferated in prints and sheet music, and he became a stock character in
minstrel  shows, along with his counterparts Jim Dandy and Zip Coon. White audiences readily
accepted the stereotype of the happy-go-lucky, singing, dancing, grinning buffoon as
representative of blacks, at the same time that white hostility and violence against free blacks

Ira Aldridge, one of the few black actors of the period to portray Shakespearean characters
before white audiences, sometimes ended an evening's performance with a rendition of
"Opossum up a  GumTree" or "Jump Jim Crow," which he delivered with pathos rather than

umor before offering a plea for the abolition of slavery.

MORE NOTES: From, Inside the Minstrel Mask,: Readings in Nineteenth Century Blackface
Minstrelsy' Ed Annemarie Bean, James V. Hatch and Brooks McNamara, Wesleyan Uni Press
 1996 -Alexander Saxton writes: He [Rice] tried unsuccessfully to break into New York theatre, then drifted west, working as a stagehand and 'bit player' throughout the Mississippi Valley. In
1831, imitating a shuffle he had seen performed by
 a black man on the Cincinnati levee, Rice for the first time 'jumped Jim Crow' - and Jim
Crow made Rice's fortune.

Adapting his act to various issues - eventually including a minstrel burlesque of Uncle Tom -
 Rice was applauded in London and became a perennial  favorite  at New York's
famous Bowery Theatre. ['Inside the Minstrel Mask' p69].

NOTES ON THE NAME- JIM CROW: According to Mezz Mezzrow's "Really the Blues", Jim
Crow was a term used by persons of colour to refer to white racists. The south is sometimes
referred to as the ?Jim Crow South,? meaning that it perpetuates racial stereotypes from an
earlier age. Interestingly, Eric Lott notes the overlaps with clown and harlequin traditions
registering first 'in British productions such as "Cowardy, Cowardy Custard; or Harlequin Jim
Crow and the Magic Mustard Pot" (1836)' which 'marked a trend beginning in the 1830s of
appending the name  Jim Crow to all sorts of British clowns and Punch-and-Judy figures'
 ['ITMM' p10-11].
EVEN MORE NOTES: Eric Lott has an essay titled 'Blackface and Blackness'. In it, he notes  
that the first song sheet edition of 'Jim Crow' was published by E. Riley in the early 1830s. He
quotes selected verses from it and gives his source as Sam Dennison 'Scandalise My  Name:
Black Imagery in American Popular Music NY, Garland Publishing 1982 pp51-57.

From Ceolas: A song popularized on the minstrel stage of the mid-19th century. Dave Evans
remarks on the similarity of the title "Jim Crow" to "John Crow," a folk name for a buzzard,  
and suggests that the "Jim Crow" song and dance is perhaps derived from the slave dance  
"The Buzzard Lope" (see Parish, Slave Songs of the Georgia Sea Islands, 1942).

From fiddler Henry Reed's web-site:Jim Crow/Jump Jim Crow" has its origins in the
minstrel stage, where the tune was used for an often extravagant or elaborate set dance.
The song and dance was created by Thomas ("Daddy") Rice. The published versions show
connections to Henry Reed's set. The pace in this set is slower than in typical breakdown
 tunes, suggesting its use in a clog or other slower-paced fancy dance.

From the Traditional Ballad Index: Randolph has a report that this song has been heard
 as far afield as Delhi, India. It can perhaps be questioned whether "Jump Jim Crow"
 and "Uncle Joe" are the same song, as all they have in common is the chorus. Since,
however, the song consists of unrelated lyrics that readily "float," it seems best to put
 them together. ? RBW. Is this really a single song? The tune for "Hop High Ladies"

 is "Miss McLeod's Reel," a Scottish/Irish tune, whereas I believe the tune for
"Jump Jim Crow" is quite different. ?PJS. The eternal problem of the folk song
collector. Which is more important: Lyrics or tune? The tunes ARE different in some
 instances, and so are the "extreme" versions of the lyrics -- but as in other cases of
 continuous shading, I have to classify together. For whatever it's worth, the "Jim Crow"
 versions seem to be older; Gilbert claims it was introduced in 1828
by Thomas D. Rice, and Spaeth (A History of American Popular Music, p. 71) amplifie
 with a bit of folklore (not automatically false) that Rice heard the chorus from a Black
walking down the street and made it his own.

In other  words he may have stolen it ( what else is new? ED)

Here are 150 sets of lyrics from American Memory Song Sheets:
Before Ebonics & Rap & Ax Me.
Here are 150 sets of lyrics from American Memory Song Sheets:COMPLETE IN 150 VERSES: One ting tickle me, To see both brack and white, For ebery little jig a ma gee, Dey get a patent right.

Chorus: So I wheel about. I turn about, A I do just so, And ebery time I wheel about, I jump Jim Crow. In dis here city,Soon as de day do peep,You nebber cotch a wink ob sleep, For de damn patent sweep.

Down dare by de park, To save your shoes from cracking, Dere's a goose's Gosling, Wid his patent French  Blacking, One ting puzzle me I tink it past belief, Da gib ole Hays a patent right. For catching ob de tief. But ob all de patent right, Massa Cronly is de king, For de president give him one, For making best gin sling. So when I go to Washington, I hab you all to know, I mean to get a patent right, For jumping of Jim Crow. Here am I from ole Kentuck, As I hab yon all to know, I's come to learn de Yorkers,De style to jump Jim Crow; Oh dat is de place for niggars, Dey fatten dem on mush, But if dey go de hul figur, Dey make dem cry, OH HUSH? A lofer slept in de park, It is a fact I am told, A watchman left de gate open, An de lofer cotcht a cold. I nebber like New Orleans, Nor I think I nebber shall, Until de white man luff um be, De pretty creole gal. Den dere is Charleston,De bragging Nullifiers, He said he'd lick uncle Sam, But uncle made them liars. But bress dat Baltimore, Wid a monument of stun, Erected to de memory, Ob great massa ineWashington. Dan dare is de state, Where de niggers lan from guinny, De birth place ob dat great man, Tree cheers for ol Virginny. They hanged a tory once, Its true I declare, Dey found him living in a tree, Wid an ole brack bear. Den there is Philadelphia, Wid dere water on de hill, But I tink dare whiskey better, An I tink I eber will. If you hab got de blue, And for fun you do lack, Just go in Division-street. An buy a Comic Almynack. Ice cream is bery good, And so is lemonade. But I likes better dan dese, To kiss de pretty maid. Cuff hoe de bacco, Sambo drive de plongh. Nobody plays to day, But our ole sow. Damn ole sow, She grunt all de day, An upset de swill tub, When massa gone away, Oh de Flatbush niggers, Dey kick up dare heels, Dey come down to Market, An dance dare for ells. Dey raise a mighty dust. An tink dey make a show. But I nebber seed one of dem. What could jump Jim Crow. When you see lazy nigger, What lub to tole about. You may be berry sartin, He raised near Wallabout. I want to go to Canada, For de only song dey sing. Is dat damn Brittany, An God shave de king. But we laugh at de Canada,And de British turned our back on,For de tune ob Yankee Doodle, An hurrah for Jackson. De ole Wirginny neggar, He knows noffin at all, Only for to pull de trigger, An handle de snob awl. To shoot de turkey buzzard, I once took a gun, An when I cocked it at him. Lord how he run. Dat was in ole Wirginny, An I shoot him on de tail, Den I filled my gun wid brandy, An kicked him wid a rail. I once went a stiching, To mend my ole shoe, An I sit in kitchen, Wid ole Wirginny Lew. He took de iron Crobar, To mend his tarnal boot,And he laid him on he knee, But he wouldn't no how shoot.
 I cheated de Yankee, An will do it again, I poked him off wid corn stalk, For de best sugar cane. Massa sent me to buy oyster. Now warnt I deep, I gutted dem on road, For fear dey would'nt keep, I'm a screamer, So gib me your daughter, And you'll find me up an down, Like a yard of pump water.
O I'm a real Indian doctor. An I got in a box, A settler for a rattlesnake, An a cure for chicken pox. Ole women like me, An tink me very cute, Kase I cure all dere pain, Wid a little yarb and root. De New York doctor, Sure to go to hell, Where dey send dare patients, Wid dare debelish Calomel. Oh I'm a ratler, An go de hole team, When I travel round de country, An cure de folks by steam. Two Grahamites went to Philadelphia, For to cut a swell, But where dey lodged de first night,
I should'nt like to tell. Dey made excuse of business, But dey went more for fun, When de mayor heard dey were Yorkers, Dey had to cut an run. He fined dem ten dollars. An bid em off to prance. For being found in Shippen-street, A learning how to dance, It took away de cash,Dis paying ob de fine, So dey glad to get to York, By de commodation line,But now
dey are back agin, Dey must do de best dey can, An make up for lost time, By de Graham plan. De way to bake a hoe cake, Ole Virginny neber tire, Stick de hoe cake on the foot, And hold it to the fire. Old Sam Peacock, Stole a side of leather, Well done Sam, Can't you teal anoder. Dere's meet
 upou de goose foot, And marrow on de bone, Dere's pretty gals in our house, And mammy's not at home, I listed in de army,An sarve uncle Sam, Any other sarvice, Aint worth a damn.At New Orleans town, De British went to teal, But when dey see ole Hickory, Dey took to dere heel.Lord how
dey cut dirt, And did'nt stop to trifle,For dey did'nt like de site, Ob
de dam Yankee rifle.I'm a touch of de snapping turtle, Nine tenths of a bull dog, I've turned the Mississippi, All for a pint of grog. I went to New-York, And I tink I cut a swell, And de first place I stopt at, Was Holt's new hotel.I went up stairs, To peep at de nation, And dere I met ole Hays, And all de corporation. An alderman got up to top, And called for a glass ob gin, Says he, I'm nearer heaven, Dan I shall eber be agin. Dey hab so many good tings, As true as I'm a sinner, I tink rader went ahead, Ob de corporation dinner. Dey bid me help myself, An cut and come again, An sure I wasn't slow, When dey brought de Champaign. But I don't admire de liquor, It bery good for some, But we gentlemen ob color,
Always prefer de niggar rum. When I was in Philadelphia, I had to laugh
in de treet, To see the butcher women In de market selling meat. Dere
you can see de women, Slipping on like a sled, With a tub full of Mackeral, Which dey carry on dere head..Sister Dinah hab g b a hint, Dat Abery will swing, An on dat gran occasion, A verse or two I'll sing. It is his last appearance, I guess upon the stage, An I tink de naughty feller, Will exit in a rage. Now my verses are de best kind, And dis I'm sure's no bore, For ebery  time I dance and sing,De people cry encore. For poets are a poor set, As you must all know, For the more they try to write, De poorer dey do grow. O I saw a dandy niggar wench, An I thought that I should die, When I saw her wink at me, And roll round her eye. She was brack as de debil, An she hab such a squint,Dat when she wink at me, I couldn't take de hint. Election coming on, An I'l try if I can, Just to be elected, For a Sembly man. I tink if I get in, I should suit em to a hair, And de next ting dey would do, Would be to make me mayor. For de duties ob de Sembly men, I tink is bery funny. For dey only hab to eat dinners, And spend pe peoples money, Dey dont mind what folks say, Tho it comes from ebery quarter, And all de people wants Is a little wholesome water. But dat dont concarn dem,  For what do you tink! Why water is the only ting, Dat dey do not drink I stopt at Washington city, De capitol ob de nation. An I ax'd massa Jackson To give me a situation. Says he, Jim Crow, What can you do? I can nullify de boot, And put de veto on de shoe. Says he, Jim Crow, What can you do for me, Says I, Massa Jackson, I can plant a hickory tree. Forty eleben debils, Lived in Noah's ark, Jona was de fisherman, What swallowed down de shark. It rained forty days, It rained forty nites, And Noah's Ark rested, On de Brooklyn Hites, O by trade I am a carpenter, But be it understood, De way I get a liben is, Bysawing de tick ob wood. I hab a sneaking notion, If there's fun to be had, It's not in skinning cat fish Or in eating raw shad, I was at a ball de odder night, A lady tried to faint, We poured water on her face Nor tinking dere was paint. And sich
 a nasty figgur, I'm sure was nebber seen, A face with streaks of red and white, Dat before looked bery clean. Dis song is getting long,
But will be longer still, For I'm fully tarmined, To gib you your fill.
 If you want to buy a song, De one you like you'l meet In a very great variety At 257 Hudson Street. If I was a regular sweep I'd set the town
 a ringing, So musical my verses are, For scantimental singing, But de real fun ob all is, And dis you all well know Is to gib de scientific touch, Ob jumping Jim Crow.

I'm a full blooded nigar Ob de real ole stock, An wid my head and shoulders, I can split a horse block, I struck a Jersey niggar,
In de street de oder day, An I hope I neber stir, If he did'nt turn grey,
 I'm bery much afraid ob late, Dis jumping will be no good, For while de Crows are dancing De Whites will saw de wood. But if dey get honest By sawing wood like slaves Dere's end to the business, Ob our friend massa Hays I met a New-York niggar Dressed quite clean But de way he bused de Delphians, I thought was bery mean, So I knocked down dis Sambo And shut up his light For I'm jist about as sassy As if I was half white, But he soon jump up agin, And gan for me to feel, Says I, go away niggar, Or I'l
skin you like an ell.Dere's anoder niggar As cunnin as a fox, He's a great steam scourer, And his name is Dandy Cox. I hab a gal in dis city She's as quick as a trigger, And she nebber looks so handsome, As when kissed by a nigger. A white kiss is good enuff But it dont sound so keen As when giben by a brack man, Wid a great broad grin. When I do kiss de lubly creatures, I screw my mouth jist so, For it makes me feel so bery good, Dat I don't know what to do. But I nebber kissed a white gal And I hope I neber will, For you hab to be so delicate, You cannot get your fill. I went to de chicken coop, And I got upon my knees, I tink I die a laughing, To hear de chickens sneeze. De great Nullification, And de fuss in de south, Is now before Congress, To be tried by de word ob mouth. Dey hab had no blows yet, An I hope dey nebber will, For its berry cruel in bredren, One anoders blood to spill. Wid Jackson at de head Dey soon de ting may settle For ole Hickory is a man,Dat's tarnal full ob mettle.  Should dey get to fighting, Perhaps de bracks will rise, For deir wish for freedom Is shining in deir eyes, An if de bracks should get free,I guess they'll feel some bigger,An I shall consider it, A bold troke for de niggar.! I am for freedom, An for union altogeder, Although I am a brack man, De white is called my broder. What stuff it is in dem To make de debil brack, I'll prove dat he is white, In de twinkling of a crack.
For you see lobed brodders, As true as he hab a tail,It he berry wickedness, What make he turn pale.I went to da Hobok, To had a promenade,
And dare I saw de pretty girls, Drinking de lemonade. Dat sour and dat sweet, Is berry good by gum, But de best lemonade is Made by adding rum. At de Swan Cottage, Is de place I tink, Whar dey hab dis 'licious And toxicating drink. De Filadelphi grog shop, You can see as you pass,
And dey sell de bess ob licker, For six cents a glass; Some go to Weehawk,
And some to Brooklyn hites, But dey better stay at home, If dey want to see de sites. To go to de museum. I'm sure it is der duty,  If for noting else, Jist to see de sleeping beauty. And dere's Daddy Lambert. An a skeleton on he hunkies, And likeness of Broadway dandy, In a glass case ob monkies. Dere was one Sam Patch, Who took de ugly leap, He'd better stay in New-York. And be a chimney sweep. And if minded he profession, And not too fond ob de cup, When oders were getting down, He'd sure be getting up.
I seen a pretty gal, Wid a tippet and a muff, I dont know what her trade is, But I guess she's up to snuff. She went in de dry goods store, And winked at de clark, She ax'd him to come to her house, A little arter dark. He went to de tree balls, He watch went up de spout, Kase de master inde store.
 An he no chance for sourkrout. Dis wicked boy do dat, All for a painted face, Which bery soon I see, Will bring him to disgrace. I'm for union
to a gal, And dis is a stubborn fact But if I marry and dont like it,
I'll nullify the act. I'm sure dere he gals enuff, To hab a fair chance, And if I dont get a good one, I'll laff it off and dance. I'm tired of being a single man, And I'm tarmined to git a wife, For what I tink the happiest,  Is de sweet married life, It's berry common among de whites, To marry an get divorced. But dat I'll neber do, Unless I'm really forced. I tink I see myself on rail road, Wid a wife upon my arm, An to foller up de fashun, Dare sure can be no harm. An I caution all white dandies, Not to come in my way,For as sure as dey insult me, Dey'll in the gutter lay. De Chesnut street belles,When dey carry full soil, Around dem wear a funny ting, Just like a fox's tail.When you hear de name of it, I sure it make you roar, Why I ax'd em what it was, And dey said it was a boar. My sister Dinah I see. Has made a great debut, But she cannot dance like me, No more can one ob you. She's my sista it is true, But dat is not de ting, For what is de use ob wenches, Trying to jump, dance and sing. And Cuffelena hab got a plan. Into effect she'll carry, And dat is to make a match, And her lubly Sambo marry. But as for poor Dinah, It's jist as mudder said, She be a berry sassy gal, Wid a soft place on de head, She's a tarnal sassy nigger, As you I guess can see, Or she wouldn't make a fuss, And try to blackguard me,Now my brodder niggers, I do not tink it right, Dat you should laff at dem, Who happen to be white. Kase it dare misfortune, And dey'd spend ebery dollar, If dey could only be Gentlemen ob color. It almost break my heart, To see dem envy me, And from my soul I wish dem, .Full as brack as we. For I am as true a nigger, As ever yet was born, An I am a little fractious, When I hab a small horn. For I'm of dancing family, An I'd rader dance dan pray, For ob de two professions, De dancing's de best pay As I was born in a cane break, An Dinah in a dough trough I hope you'll see the difference, And hussle her off, Now before I leave you, One ting I hab to ask, If de making ob dese lines, Be not a plagy task. But if you're not contented, An tink it is not right I'll come agin some oder time, And dance all night. Now white folks, white folks, Don't take offence, An when I take a benefit, I'll treat to stone fence. O white folks, white folks, I glad to hear you holler, But I'll not jump Jim Crow agin, Unless you hit me with a dollar. I went to the play house, Where I hope ebery body go, Dare I saw a big niggar,  Making fun ob Jim Crow. O if you want to buy a funny song, I'll tell you where to go, Find de printer up in Hudson-street, For he also keeps Jim Crow. .And if you no find him, There's one I'm sure you'l like, He lives in Division street, Just opposite to Pike. I hear massa Randolph, Behaved mighty droll, De folks dat held ole Andy back, Was very big fools. Best let de ole man fight it out, Den Randolph get enuff, An no fear ob de general, For ole Hickory's hard stuff. The man dat insults de laws, To prison ought to go, He must be damn sassy feller, Worse dan Jim Crow.I travel on de Rail Road,Straight to Amboy, De car go mighty smooth, But it got too many bad boys And went in de front room, Two brack fellers fight, Den de bad fellers keep it up,   Cry huzza, darkie's that's right. Spose in dem cars young ladies Catch a bad scent, Before she got to steamboat,  She wish she neber went. I cum to Philadelphia, Dat very pretty city, De ladies dress both neat and fine, Dere beaus are smart and witty, White folks, white folks, I bid you all good bye, Soon as eber hay time come, Jim Crow will to de country fly..But may peace and plenty,Eber be Merican people's fate.So hurra for industrious Philadelfia. And N. Y. de great commercial State.
From COLLECTION: American Song Sheets

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Here are 150 propositions of the lyric of American sheets of song of memory(report):
VOLLSTANDIG in 150 POETRIES: bells tickle me, brack and also knows, For ebery
 little device of drilling my gee to see Dey to receive a right of patent.

Choir: so I the wheel on this subject. I turn, I make exactly so, And ebery the time I the
wheel for this subject, I jump Jim Crow. In the ré sharp here look at the city (chirps),
 Soon as the day of, really, you nebber cotch a blinking if the sleep, For of condemns
the bends opened (patentees).
Provoke below by the park of, your shoes of cracs, Dere (saves to save(spare),
Gosling of the goose, Wid its French blackness (patented) opened, bells muddles
 up to me I tink the previous faith, There Gives the hay ole a right of patent. To catch
 profoundly if of. But if all the right of patent of, Massa Cronly is king Für of the
 presidents of, looks to him(her) u [Attention ! Le texte B traduire est trop long.
La traduction a été tronquée.]

Now do you feel superior, if so why do you
still need to doctor your genes?
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