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Heartfield versus Hitler
 From the cover of John Willett's book about John Heartfield

Hitler was no surprise
Willett's book Heartfield versus Hitler is an absolute refutation to the many who attempted to excuse their tolerance and/or support of Hitler's rise to power with the disingenuous claim:  "We did not know."

As Heartfield's images from the 1930s make clear, Hitler's character and intentions were far from secret.
 See also the work of American journalist George Seldes
who like Heartfield not only predicted the consequences
of the Third Reich, but also documented the multifaceted support Hitler received from business interests both in the United States and Germany.

Other books about John Heartfield's life and work Other sources
on major financial and institutional support from Hitler from the United States.

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Business and the Holocaust from Stock Maven provides information leading
up to the Holocaust showing major ties between corporations and the Nazis
with articles, book excerpts, historical and recent news media reports, war
 crimes trial transcripts, government and organization resources.

Hey Laydee!!!
What about his Grandpa Prescott wake the bleep up!
Read up & quit apologizing & start criticizing &
 agitating these mooks!

How four generations of arms, oil, fascism, and US Govt. defiance
made America's First Family
by Charles Shaw

HEIR TO THE HOLOCAUST Prescott Bush,1.5 Million Dollars and Auschwitz:
How the Bush Family Wealth is Linked to the Jewish Holocaust
What is more dangerous for the future of our country than a conspiracy
to assassinate a president? It is a conspiracy to manipulate and control
what the American people are told by the national news media. There
are scores of unanswered questions surrounding the event of the
afternoon of March 30, 1981. For instance, John Chancellor, eyebrows
raised, informed the viewers of NBC Nightly News that the brother of the
 man who tried to kill the president was acquainted with the son of the
man who would have become president if the attack had been
successful. As a matter of fact, Chancellor said in a bewildered tone,
Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush had been scheduled to have
 dinner together at the home of the vice president's son the very next

night. And, of course, the engagement had been canceled. . .
Then a peculiar thing happened:
The story vanished. To this day, it has never been reported in the New York Times,Washington Post
 or many other metropolitan  newspapers, never
again mentioned by any of the television news
networks, and never noted in news magazines
except for a brief mention in Newsweek, which
lumped it with two ludicrous conspiracy scenarios
as if the Bush-Hinckley connection didn't deserve
some sort of explanation.

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While the US government publically appears to be fighting the war on
drugs, it is actually the principal supplier to the millions of drug users in
While it sends recreational drug users and small time dealers to prison,
 it is making billions of dollars from their covert CIA drug smuggling operations.Here are just a few: Operation Snow Cone - Parent Central
American drug smugglingoperation. Various operations under Operation Snow Cone include:*Operation Watch Tower - Operation Watch Tower consists of secret radio beacons stationed at remote
locations between Columbia and Panama.
The beacons help CIA drug pilots fly from Central America to Panama
at near-sea-level without  being detected by high flying U.S. drug
interdiction aircraft. Pilots of the drug flights home in on the low frequency signals emitted by the beacons to reach their destination
at Albrook Army Airfieldin Panama.

 Operation Toilet Seat - The CIA uses Boeing 727 and C-130 aircraft
 to haul drugs from Central and South America. The drugs are dumped
 out the rear ramps of the aircraft into waters offshore of the U.S. in waterproof...
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 Zionism in the age of the Dictator  
+++++++++++++ZIAD Google SEARCH+++++++++++++++++
        Saving Private Power

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens
  can change the world: indeed it's the only thing that ever does" -
                             Margaret Mead

Put simply the Nazi's are the CIA .
Conspicuous by its silence the
did virtually no coverage of what may be one of the decades biggest stories.
Only UPI issued any statement on the CIA's admission that
following WW2 Hitler's top general in charge of espionage transferred his entire network of  thousands of spies and "double" agents to what became the newly-
formed CIA.

What makes this much more than an interesting footnote to history is that the entire
domestic and foreign history of the CIA has been molded by these former Nazis
whose ideas on Eugenics, race, social control, biowarfare and propaganda dominate
 the policies of countless "think tanks" like the Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute
 and have influenced the U.S. government at its highest levels.

During the past five decades numerous isolated revelations about Nazis imported to
 America by the Dulles brothers, William Casey and others have broken through the
media blackout. Thesestories usually revolve around former concentration camp
guards who hid their identity when emigrating.
What makes this different is that General Ghelen was the #1 Nazi  in this program.
By acknowledging a CIA connection to Ghelen the entire can of  worms can now be
pried open.

The GREAT FREE PRESS    enVISION/press.htm
... who owns the corporate media. For starters, all ... they are directly influenced by former high ... ABC has been owned since 1985 by ...
director of the CIA, the infamous ... www.igc.apc.org/
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