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We Will Never Run Out of Oil
... There will still be oil in the ground 10 years from now, and 50 years from now and
500 years from now ... Let's suppose that the supply really is quite limited ...

Releases & advisories: Oil Supply Shortages Likely After 2007, New ...
... The rate of major new oil field discoveries has fallen dramatically in recent years.
There were 13 discoveries of over 500 million barrels in 2000, six in ...


Small potatoes

 George Wein a Life in, and for, Jazz            by Nat Hentoff

This kinda makes Me wonder what went on with the "Newport Rebels", I wish there was a similar blow by blow
 account of what  went on during the 60's Jazz "War" between Joe Glazer and the concert & record industry
 moguls "back in the day " when The musicians were Thelounious Monk John Coletrain Charles Mingus &
Dizzy Glespy  who created there own Jazz Festival by renting some farm Land. (Miles was a company man
 all the way) But that was before Kennedy assanation  & the Beetles Award winning Soft Soap Brainwashing
 And LSD and CIA intervention in domestic afairs  when Black Men spoke English & worked together as giants
 to give us more than Pimp BS . But that is another story ED.

[PART 1]
[last update: July 1996]


by Agent 'Wolverine'

(Pretty inflammatory title, huh? Well, let's just see if there's any evidence whatsoever that something
 so unbelievable could be happening here in America. The following information may sound almost
unbelievable to some, in fact almost as unbelievable as the reports of horrendous genocidal atrocity's
that had made their way out of Nazi Germany during the course of World War II -- those reports that
many in the U.S. Government believed were too incredible to be true, those reports which they finally
believed... yet only when it was too late to do anything about it. As for the information which follows, I
cannot claim full responsibility for these revelations. The only explanation that I have for the consolidation
 of this information as it appears in this database is that it is the result of a supernatural manifestation
 of synchronicity, wherein I was 'led' to be in the right place at the right time in my research into the
current activities of the 'Nazi' conspiracy in present times. Apparently "Truth" is a vital force in and of
 itself. The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will,
 like a seed, break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and nothing can stop it.

Truth can be suppressed for a "time", yet it cannot be destroyed. I believe that what you will read
throughout this database is information which has been suppressed for years, yet which is now breaking
forth like water from a shattered dam, in spite of all attempts to hold it back. It is information whose time
has come. So be it. - Wolverine)


(Quote from Louisiana District Attorney James Garrison... during the trial of Clay Shaw -- accused by
Garrison of coordinating factions of the Mafia, the CIA and the Military-Industrial Establishment in the
conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963)

As World War II was drawing to a close and General George Patton was making his deadly push into
 the heart of Europe in pursuit of Nazi forces who were beginning to realize that their fascist empire was
about to crumble -- or so it seemed -- a counter-measure was put into effect by deep-level agents of the
Nazi S.S. This bold and brazen plan was to effect not only an escape of the inner core of the Nazi S.S.
but also to implement an infiltration of the United States' military-industrial establishment using Nazi
S.S. 5th column agents in America who would be instructed to blend-in with the population and
coordinate their corporate armies in preparation for a future attempt to take control of the American
government from within!

So, how were the Nazi's able to infiltrate the heart of American Intelligence without giving themselves
away? They would have to have received backing from a very powerful organization already operating
within the confines of the American Republic. The only thing more powerful than the American government
itself, the Nazis discovered, were the multi-billion-dollar corporate empires which had a

 To all, From Russia, again support and understanding, this is an Email from Dmitri,
at Module Research Center (RCModule). They build computers in Russia, and are
heavily into Artificial Intelligence, Graphics, Etc.

 See them at www.module.ru
They are great people and make fine products, this hurt knows no boudaries,
 and transends nations. Be sure to remember our friends everywhere when
this is all said and done.

    Physicians for a National Health Program is a not-for-profit organization of
  physicians, medical students, and other health care professionals that support
     a national health insurance (NHI) program. Specifically, we believe that a
    single-payer system (where the government finances health care, but keeps
     the delivery of health care to mostly private control) is the only solution to
  solving the United States' many health care problems: 43 million citizens with
     no health insurance, many more with only limited coverage, skyrocketing
     health insurance premiums, malpractice costs, long-term care issues, and
      relatively poor health indicators, when compared to similar industrialized

"Political hate speech":A case study in the
 use of language as a political weapon
        By Brendan Nyhan
                    January 26, 2004

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  free hosting

the news spin

(chicken little was right)
The Unknown story, the

Big picture

Bev says Spinsanity.com is fair

clayton wrote:




 Left handed sculptur

 We have no connection with them & it is not a Mingus Designs product check them out anyway.

Dung flies
Naturally occurring dung flies. The adults
 prey on house flies and other adult insects;
the larvae feed on dung.

If you ever walk past the manure pile or a wheelbarrow full of manure and a swarm of golden, fuzzy, sometimes red-eyed, bee-like insects are swarming around the manure, don't disturb them! They are dung flies, beneficial insects that prey on pest flies and other adult insects. They seek out manure, lay their eggs in it and the larvae will tunnel down into it feeding on the dung as they go. Dung flies may resemble bees in appearance, but they leave man and animal alone. And they are not toxic to the environment.

Spiders are not the only beneficial insects.

Wouldn't you love to say good-bye to biting, stinging, pesty flies? And mean it? Better yet, wouldn't you love to never have to say hello to them? I would. Flies are a part of the horse world – where there is a horse, there is manure, and where there are horses and manure, there are flies. Flies such as house flies, horn flies, stable flies, greenhead flies, deer flies, snipe flies, black flies and whatever other unfavorites you can think of breed in the manure and feed on the horse's (and your) blood. Flies are annoying and can cause many problems. There is no escaping them – or is there?

"The Democrats are the party that says government will make
you smarter, taller, richer, and removethe crabgrass on your lawn.
The Republicans are the party that says government doesn't work
and then they get elected and prove it."
Buyer Beware!!!
Rush is Falling on his sword in public,but receives his golden parachute and creates a very useful media flap and  Republican smoke screen...
Most current illicit drug users are white LIMBAUGH I AM. Like Arnold on streoids,which leads to kedney  failure & life long diolisis just like Osama Ben Ladil... But It's not true Arnold Schwarzenegger has end-stage kidney disease (ESRD) as was rumored a result of his abuse of Illegal Steroid Druggs...
"In the name of Dorthy Killgallen & Jeanne Davies..."
 [Illegal Perscription]
drugs Drugs DRUGS!I am a High Class
 DOPE FIEND and have power and privilege.
[for years spent hypocritically mocking others, Bob Downey & Jerry Garcia junkies like myself ]
PROBLEM'...[ Because someone ratted me out! ]

[after hiding it and lying about it for years like Hitler's Dr. Joseph Gerbils ]
[To further the illusion of respectability & mock
your gullibility...But don't bother I have insurance ]...

 Some think it's The first crack in the 'egg'.... developing... Like Humpty
Jumpty Dumpty ... Or not... They don't link Rush to the stories linked
below ... Its the Same old Hummer like that Monica BJ  but it's the so-
called Media scamming us again it's perhaps designed to cover up the
Arnold- Enron give back deal & the Demo-Repubc-Rat amendment  in
the offing allowing foreign born Republicans to be President of the

Tim Wise is a Nashville-based writer and activist and can be reached at tjwise@mindspring.com
Tim+Wise=Google+Search  School Shootings and White Denial   
Complexhttp://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=10560 By Tim Wise, AlterNet  March 6, 2001
"But listen up my fellow white Americans:
your children are no better, no nicer, no
more moral, no more decent than anyone else.


Dysfunction is all around you, whether
 you choose to recognize it or not.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, and Department of Health and
 Human Services, it is YOUR children, and not those of the urban ghetto,
who are most likely to use drugs.

That's right: white high school students are seven times more likely
 than blacks to have used cocaine; eight times more likely to have smoked
 crack; ten times more likely to have used LSD and seven times more likely
 to have used heroin. In fact, there are more white high school students who
have used crystal methamphetamine (the most addictive drug on the streets
 than there are black students who smoke cigarettes. "
 "Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of
society. If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't
test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance,
 greed and love of power..."
       P.J. O Rourke  http://www.quotemeonit.com/orourke.html

"Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of
a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before
 starting a war." Otto Von Bismark
According to the federal Household Survey:
According to the federal Household Survey,

"Most current illicit drug users are white.
There were an estimated 9.9 million whites (72 percent of all users), 2.0 million
blacks (15 percent), and 1.4 million Hispanics (10 percent) who were current
illicit drug users in 1998." Check Google>*<   update
 Most current illicit drug users are white non-Hispanics, a group
that accounts for 74 percent of all users. However, the ...

And yet,blacks constitute 36.8% of those arrested for drug violations, over 42%
of those in federal prisons for drug violations.

African Americans comprises almost 58% of those in state prisons for drug
felonies; Hispanics account for 20.7%.
              Junkies 2004                                                                                                                   Copyright © 2003 by Mingus Designs.
Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National
Household Survey on Drug Abuse: Summary Report 1998 (Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1999), p. 13; Bureau of Justice Statistics, Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 1998 (Washington DC: US Department of Justice,August 1999), p. 343, Table 4.10, p. 435, Table 5.48, and p. 505, Table 6.52; Beck, Allen J., Ph.D. and Mumola, Christopher J., Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prisoners in 1998 (Washington DC: US Department of Justice, August 1999),p. 10, Table 16; Beck, Allen J., PhD, And Paige M. Harrison, US Dept. ofJustice, Bureau of Justice Statistics (Washington, DC: US Dept. of Justice, August 2001), p. 11, Table 16.
P.S. Afghanistan is world’s largest producer of HEROIN

Junkies 2004                                                                                                                   Copyright © 2003 by Mingus Designs.   
Tim Wise is a Nashville-based writer and activist and can be reached at

School Shootings and White Denial
By Tim Wise, AlterNet
March 6, 2001

I can think of no other way to say this,
so here goes: white people need to pull
 our heads out of our collective ass.
Two more white children are dead and thirteen are injured, and another "nice" community
is scratching its blonde head, utterly perplexed at how a school shooting the likes of the one
yesterday in Santee, California could happen. After all, as the Mayor of the town said in an
interview with CNN: "We're a solid town, a good town, with good kids, a good church-going
town…an All-American town." Yeah, well maybe that's the problem.
I said this after Columbine and no one listened so I'll say it again: white people live in an
 utter state of self-delusion. We think danger is black, brown and poor, and if we can just move
 far enough away from "those people" in the cities we'll be safe. If we can just find an
 "all-American" town, life will be better, because "things like this just don't happen here."
Well bullshit on that. In case you hadn't noticed, "here" is about the only place these kinds
 of things do happen.
Oh sure, there is plenty of violence in urban communities and schools.
But mass murder; wholesale slaughter; take-a-gun-and-see-how-many-you can-kill
 kinda craziness seems made for those safe places:
 the white suburbs or rural communities.

And yet once again, we hear the FBI insist there is no "profile" of a school shooter. Come
again? White boy after white boy after white boy, with very few exceptions to that rule (and
none in the mass shooting category), decides to use their classmates for target practice,
and yet there is no profile? Imagine if all these killers had been black: would we still hesitate
 to put a racial face on the perpetrators? Doubtful.

Indeed, if any black child in America – especially in the mostly white suburbs of
 Littleton, or Santee – were to openly discuss their plans to murder fellow students, as
 happened both at Columbine and now Santana High, you can bet your ass that somebody
 would have turned them in, and the cops would have beat a path to their doorstep.

 But when whites discuss their murderous intentions, our stereotypes of what
danger looks like cause us to ignore it – they're just "talking" and won't really do
anything. How many kids have to die before we rethink that nonsense? How many
dazed and  parents, Mayors and Sheriffs do we have to listen to, describing how
confused "normal" and safe their community is, and how they just can't understand
 what went wrong?

I'll tell you what went wrong and it's not TV, rap
music, video games or a lack of prayer in school.

What went wrong is that white Americans decided to ignore dysfunction
and violence when it only affected other communities, and thereby
blinded themselves to the inevitable creeping of chaos which never
remains isolated too long. What affects the urban "ghetto" today will be
coming to a Wal-Mart near you tomorrow, and unless you address the
emptiness, pain, isolation and lack of hope felt by children of color and
the poor, then don't be shocked when the support systems aren't
there for your kids either.

What went wrong is that we allowed ourselves to be lulled into a false
 sense of security by media representations of crime and violence that
portray both as the province of those who are anything but white like us.
We ignore the warning signs, because in our minds the warning signs
don't live in our neighborhood, but across town, in that place where we
lock our car doors on the rare occasion we have to drive there. That
false sense of security – the result of racist and classist  stereotypes –
then gets people killed. And still we act amazed.

But listen up my fellow white Americans: your
children are no better, no nicer, no more moral,
no more decent than anyone else.

Dysfunction is all around you, whether
 you choose to recognize it or not.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, and Department of Health and
 Human Services, it is YOUR children, and not those of the urban ghetto,
who are most likely to use drugs.

That's right: white high school students are seven times more likely
 than blacks to have used cocaine; eight times more likely to have smoked
 crack; ten times more likely to have used LSD and seven times more likely
 to have used heroin. In fact, there are more white high school students who
have used crystal methamphetamine (the most addictive drug on the streets
 than there are black students who smoke cigarettes.

What's more, white youth ages 12-17 are more likely to sell drugs: 34% more likely,
in fact than their black counterparts. And it is white youth who are twice as likely to
binge drink, and nearly twice as likely as blacks to drive drunk.

And white males are twice as likely to bring a weapon to school as
are black males.

And yet I would bet a valued body part that there aren't 100 white people in Santee,
California, or most any other "nice" community who have ever heard a single one
 of the statistics above.

Even though they were collected by government agencies using these folks'
 tax money for the purpose.

Because the media doesn't report
 on white dysfunction .

A few years ago, U.S. News ran a story entitled: "A Shocking look
 at blacks and crime."

 Yet never have they or any other news outlet discussed the "shocking"
 whiteness of these shoot-em-ups.

Indeed, every time media commentators discuss the similarities
in these crimes they mention that the shooters were boys, they
were loners, they got picked on, but never do they seem to notice
a certain highly visible melanin deficiency. Color-blind, I guess.

White-blind is more like it, as I figure these folks would spot color mighty
damn quick were some of it to stroll into their community. Santee's whiteness
 is so taken for granted by its residents that the Mayor, in that CNN interview,
 thought nothing of saying on the one hand that the town was 82 percent white,
but on the other hand that "this is America."
Well that isn't America, and it especially isn't California, where whites
are only half of the population.

This is a town that is removed from America, and yet its Mayor thinks
 they are the normal ones – so much so that when asked about racial
 diversity, he replied that there weren't
 many of different "ethni-tis-tities." Not a word. Not even close.

I'd like to think that after this one, people would wake up. Take note. Rethink their
stereotypes of who the dangerous ones are. But deep down, I know better. The
folks hitting the snooze button on this none-too-subtle alarm are my own people,
after all, and I know their blindness like the back of my hand.

Tim Wise is a Nashville-based writer and activist and can be reached at
 Most current illicit drug users are white non-Hispanics, a group
that accounts for 74 percent of all users. However, the ...

... With respect to absolute numbers, most current illicit drug users
are white. There were an estimated 9.9 million whites (72 percent ...

... The rate for Hispanics was 6.2 percent. Most current illicit drug users
were white. There were an estimated 8.7 million whites (74 ...

... 8.6 percent of part-time workers are current illicit drug users. 8; Alcohol is the
most widely abused drug ... of heavy drinking and current illicit drug use are ...
... This racial/ethnic group is comprised mainly of Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders,
and Native Americans. Most current illicit drug users were white. ...

... According to the federal Household Survey, "most current illicit drug users are white. There were an estimated 9.9 million whites ...

Race, Law Enforcement & Prison. printer friendly version. According to the
Federal Household Survey, "most current illicit drug users are white. ...
Race, Law Enforcement & Prison. According to the Federal Household
Survey, "most current illicit drug users are white. There were ...

... high school. The National Household Survey on Drug Abuse of 1998 found
that "most current illicit drug users are white. There were ...

... followed by sniffing drug, were the most easily available to current illicit drug
users, as shown in figure 10.2. Rural respondents, students, white collar job ...

The end of Junkies !
There's good & bad news now you can buy *this stuff over the counter!! (Not ! the service of healing you of that nasty Jones only cost you $1.000.00 Please don't steal my stereo to pay for your
treatment ok!) Alls I Know is it is better
than Methadon at *Least its Not addictive...

They're opening a detox clinic at or in (where else)
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC My bet is
the street price for throes babies will skyrocket. Who needs some doctor or PhD. Social worker breathing down your neck to earn a living off
your self medicating misery any way?
''?''The stuff is cheaper than asprin !! That means
Millions more hard drugs addict with the promise
that this little pill can make the little dope boat have
calm waters whenever you want and you can get back to your life come Monday with no one the wiser only your uren sample provider will know...
Try the WaybackMachine

Financial post Friday Feb..
 2001 Toronto Canadian...

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Darleen Zerafa

Naltrexone is a pure long-acting opioid antagonist.
 It is used in the treatment of opioid addiction to prevent relapse.
Extensive clinical trials have shown that naltrexone has very low toxicity and no euphoric effects, does not cause physical dependence and consistently blocks the effects of customary amounts of heroin and other addictive opiates 1.
If a patient taking naltrexone tries to inject or smoke heroin (or any other opiate), there will be no euphoria or relaxation 2.
Naltrexone was later combined with clonidine to improve and refine the medical approach of the detoxification 3.
Compared with standard in-patients detoxification programs, the naltrexone-clonidine combination has a number of advantages. Effectively, the withdrawal symptoms are compressed into 2 or 3 days .
Locally the with clonidine was introduced in June 1996 at Dar l-Impenn to detoxify heroin addicts.
To evaluate current treatment of heroin addiction using naltrexone and clonidine and to determine its therapeutic outcome.
1. To evaluate the treatment using naltrexone and clonidine being given at Dar l-Impenn.
2. To study the information that is being given to the patients and carers to prepare them for this treatment and after care.
3. To study patient’s characteristics and to analyze what is motivation them to seek this particular treatment.
4. To evaluate the therapeutic outcome six months after detoxification.
5. To determine the pharmacist’s role as part of the health care team in the treatment of opioid addicts using naltrexone.
6. To propose a protocol for the dispensing of naltrexone from community pharmacies to these patients or their carers.
Study 1
1. Patient’s biodata and treatment given at Dar L-Impenn was evaluated by studying the treatment charts (medical records) of 116 patients who had been admitted at Dar L-Impenn for detoxification between 6th June 1996 and 6th June 1997.
2. Patients (total of 116) that underwent detoxification by naltrexone over the period June 96-June 97, were contacted six months after being detoxified and invited to participate in the study. During an interview conducted personally these patients were asked about their experience while undergoing detoxification, what are their views about naltrexone, and how this treatment effected their lifestyle. During this interview patient’s quality of life and the therapeutic outcome was determined. The quality of life was determined by using a questionnaire devised by Dr C. Bradley. It is subdivided into depression, anxiety, positive well-being and energy.
Study 2
A questionnaire was given to all practicing community pharmacists. Pharmacists were accessed whether they are informed about the treatment of opioid addicts using the naltrexone-clonidine combination and asked if they are willing to participate in the dispensing of naltrexone.
Study 1
Between 6 June 1996 and 6 June 1997, 116 opiate dependent patients were admitted at Dar L-Impenn to undergo rapid opiate detoxification. 93.97% of the patients were males. 42.24% of the patients were in the range of 21 to 25 years.
Subject Characteristics
Marital Status
Educational level
Trade school
Post secondary
Cannot read or write
Development of treatment
Over one year period treatment was modified to improve outcome. Over the first few months naltrexone was administered on the first day of admission and was given over a four day period in increasing doses, as a single morning dose in combination with clonidine.
Treatment was then modified with clonidine being administered on its own for the first two days to control withdrawal symptoms after which the naltrexone-clonidine combination is introduced in the same therapeutic regimen as before.
Treatment Outcome
78.81% completed detoxification successfully. Success rate from methadone treatment is in the region of 30 %4. This improved outcome obtained from detoxification by naltrexone was probably due to shorter duration of in-patient treatment.
60.34%(n=70) of the patients accepted to be interviewed. Out of these 22.86% (n=16) were on naltrexone and were attending group therapy. The other 75.7% had relapsed and were on methadone. General well-being and quality of life were found to be directly related to treatment outcome, stability within family and at work. 37% (n=26) claimed to have a good quality of life. Most of these patients were attending group therapy.
Study 2
A questionnaire was given to 200 practicing community pharmacists. A response rate of 63% (n=126) was obtained. 56.35% were females, 42.24% were between 25 and 35 years.
8.73% indicated that they are willing to dispense naltrexone to patients or their carers on a daily basis. 24.6% would do so on a weekly basis and 42.86% are not willing to dispense naltrexone. 23.81% gave no response. The reasons given were mainly due to lack of time, unavailability of adequate place and security of the pharmacy. Only 15.87% of the pharmacists said that they were informed about the subject and 63.5% said that they are willing to attend a seminar.
Todate pharmacists do not form part of the health care team involved in the treatment of opioid addicts. This study would identify what the role of the pharmacist in this treatment is, and propose a protocol for the dispensing of naltrexone.
1. Brewer C.; Naltrexone: helping ther heroin user to get clean and stay clean; British Journal of Hospital Medicine 1986; 401.
2. Robert E.Willette; Narcotic Antagonists, American pharmacy 1982; vol. NS22, no.8; 450-455.
3. Gold M, Dackis C, Washton A; The sequential use of clonidine and naltrexone in the treatment of opiate addicts; Conseptual Issues in alcoholism and Substance Abuse 1984; 19-39.
4. Camilleri M.; Rapid opiate detoxification and beyond; The Malta experience, May 1997.

"America is a police state America is a police state"

Or it's a gargantuan circus side show
 of freek's & geek's & Junkies?

by Neal Boortz
Posted: May 13, 2003
About 10 days ago, some obscure British diplomat opined that America was becoming a police
This utterance brought on the usual expressions of outrage from Americans who have grown
somewhat weary of the anti-American sentiments of foreign leftists.

(1 of 6) [7/27/2003 7:27:41 PM].

Now that the rhetoric has died down a bit, can we take a second look at what this anti-American firebrand had to say?
 While it's almost certainly true that this British politician's statement had malicious, rather than benevolent, overtones,
 perhaps we should consider whether there might be some truth in his words. Let's take that "police state" charge
and run with America is a police state it for a few hundred words.

First, a definition: The Internet's dictionary.com website defines "police state" as: "A state in which the government
 exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic and political life of the people, especially by means
of a secret police force."

Simple enough! All we have to do now is discern whether or not our beloved country exercises what might be called
"rigid and oppressive controls" over our "social, economic and political life." I'm certainly not here to argue that America
has become a police state in the image of any number of communist, fascist or theocratic regimes you could name.
Let's just say that we need to look at this picture a bit more closely.

First, our social life: We begin early here, with zero-tolerance rules in our schools. Would you say that kicking a
 young girl out of school because her Tweetie Bird key chain is a weapon is just a bit rigid?
How about expelling an Eagle Scout who inadvertently came to school with his Boy Scout ax in the trunk of his
car after a Scout meeting the previous night?

America is a police state

(2 of 6) [7/27/2003 7:27:41 PM].

As we move into adulthood, we face Republican Sen. Rick Santorum's expressed belief that
 the nuances of our sex lives ought to be subject to government regulation based on majority rule!
In Santorum's America, you would presumably have to get your government's blessing before you
 became too adventurous with your mate in the privacy of your home.

In some states=AD Alabama, for instance =AD the "improper" use of a battery-operated device
could land you in the pokey!

And what of the sanctity of your home? In Covington, Ga., you are required by law
 to submit to government inspections of your home. They even measure the temperature
 inside your refrigerator! If you resist the inspection, you will be arrested and jailed while
the government inspectors prowl through your stuff.

In government colleges and universities across the nation, students are
subject to disciplinary action if they utter an "offensive" or "insensitive" thought.
We're running out of space ... So let's move on to our economic lives.

The level of taxation burdening the average American family in 2003 is America is a police state

higher than that imposed by the British Crown in pre-revolutionary war
America. Many Americans work into the month of June without earning one
single penny for themselves. We are forced to "contribute" almost 15 percent of
 our earnings into a bankrupt income redistribution vote-buying scheme that is
 sold to us as a retirement and insurance plan. Our government goes to extreme
 measures to make it as difficult as possible for us to provide for the health-care
 needs of our families, preferring instead to build dependence on employers and

Our government can pry into your bank accounts without your knowledge or permission, and just recently tried
 to enact a program that would require your bank or credit union to notify the government in the event you engage
 in any economic activity that doesn't track with your past behavior.
Remember, also, the forfeiture regulations. We actually had a U.S. senator introduce legislation that, if it had
become law, would have permitted any local or federal law enforcement officer to seize your cash if he happened
 to find you carrying more than 10 grand in an airport, bus station, interstate highway or most other public places.
 No arrest, no questions, America is a police state no charges ... just take the money. The legislation failed, but
police agencies seize cash from hapless citizens just the same.
We find evidence of government rigidity and oppression in our political lives too. Just try to get a third party on
a ballot in almost any state.
It's difficult to impossible. Gerrymandering voters into congressional districts shaped like drunken tapeworms
denies many voters an effective voice in Congress. And let's not forget the Democrats' efforts in 2000 to wipe
out the votes of Americans serving abroad in the uniform of our armed forces.
Finally, what about the definition's reference to "secret police?" Consider the IRS, the DEA and the ATF.
The IRS, for instance, pays your neighbor or co-worker to spy on your economic and social behavior. Space runs
 short, the examples do not. For further reading, I refer you to the Bush administration's Patriot Acts I and II.

Happy reading. USA PATRIOT Act I (H.R. 3162)
http://www.epic.= America is a police state

Patriot Act II (draft)

God Bless the Republic Death to the new world order. Long live the Fighters!


"Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the
citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged
 sword.  It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.  And
when the drums of war reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with
hate and the mind has 'closed', the leader will have no need in seizing
the rights of the citizenry.
  Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will
 offer up all their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know?
 For this is what I have done.
--Julius Caesar [Up one level] America is a police state

google search jugular splatter

 So Miss Ann you're saying "My only regret  with Timothy McVeigh
 "  is he did not go to the New York Times Building"
22 Aug 2002 19:23:32 -0700

"It's ok to blow up  Oklahoma's GSA building and the World Trade Cinter Building "
 & kill kids there just collateral damage!
Just little American children they are your enemy because they might what one day
 have grown up to read that Worthless  NY Times ?"
God dam right you shouldnt say it and if you think it  I hope you might live to rethink it .
As an American YOU might be free in the USA to say what ever  you want but one day
 that way of devaluing others will catch up with you and Your Kind . ED

by Agent 'Wolverine'
We're all one big nuclear family no one can be completely free on a planet defiled by
lethal substances that will remain radioactive for hundreds, thousands, and even
millions of years.

Support Technology for Life First!





N   o    2 Industrial Slave Labor

WW III will be a guerill a information  war with no division between military, civilian participation ...
It's your duty to question any government authority claming to be God like Adolph Hitler did during


 Sapiens predisposition to reason mathematically,
is a mechanism of devious cheating & penetrating
& detection of cheating .

Many believe apartheid fell because of demo-graphics , it did not ,has not. White-ruled South
Africa was, is able to maintain apartheid  when they made up a quarter of the population.
A majority can  appear to have a largest share of influence over the society because of numbers.

Apartheid appeared to fall because of demo-graphics. But Nelson Mandela stated  he was the
defacto president and the  former president ,then his vice president was "the one in charge of
the day to day duties" & " Things are largely the same economically unfortunately " ! How can a
 minority rule over

 majority, the minority must have several advantages :a. It must be in control of finance, trade ,
 monetary & banking policies including every aspect of the economy. From the distribution of land,
 food ,health ,education ,culture &  other resources.

 b. It must be capable of maintaining "order" through an effective military, police & para-military
force & have an effective means of " supervision" to enable the ruling class to quickly identify
and punish or destroy those who pose a threat to the establishment. c. It must systematically
control mass communications of all kinds, including the print & broadcast media, academic press,
the arts, theater, music  any other means by which ideas can be disseminated to large numbers
 of people. d. The regime can also benefit by having  ties to supporters outside the country which
 it did, does. - The United States & Israel.

Radioactive Household Goods

NOT SAFE  No 2 Radioactive Household Goods


We're all one big nuclear family. No creature can be free on
a planet defiled by radioactive substances that will remain
lethal for hundreds, thousands, & even millions of years.
Support Technology for Life First! STAY UN-HYPNOTIZED

 A banker that sent same PV. although more fleshed out in the article. B on B Crime in my openion is a product of
segregation, crime is economic political and cultral.

Subject: Black-on-black crime Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 09:04:50 -0600 From: "NTo: Undisclosed-recipients:;
 December 27, 2002 Black-on-black crime.. Keep the faith, discovery is a beauityful thing to shair. Be well
 practice Kindness, Heaven is Nigh. CM3
 PS shouldnt you or some one make such a film to tweek the old beast? I bcc: to   (sender );
 Fri, 27 Dec 2002 10:13:22 -0500 (EST): Black-on-black crime Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 09:04:50 -0600  T
o: Undisclosed-recipients:;

December 27, 2002 Black-on-black crime Deborah Simmons The photos of the sniper suspects continue to be splattered on
news pages and in newscasts around the world. What Trent Lott said and what he meant continue to spin the news, spurring
headlines about how wide an umbrella the Republican Party wields and whether the party of Lincoln holds an umbrella at all.
Black Entertainment Television and its founder, Bob Johnson, continue to get grief for pulling the plug on that network's news
programming. While each of those controversies are certainly worthy of running commentaries, there is a more profound
problem that momentarily grabs attention: black-on-black violence. The statistics demand our collective attention. Homicide is
the No. 1 cause of death for young black men, those between the ages of 15 and 24. Homicide is the No. 2 cause of death for
young black women, those between the ages of 15 and 24. While cancer, diabetes and heart disease are claiming the lives of
too many 25-to-44-year-old "brothers," many more are murdered by other blacks. For black women 25 to 44, homicide is the
fifth-leading cause of death. Black Americans are six times more likely to be slain than whites. In sum, 94 percent of black
Americans slain between 1976 and 1999 were slain by (no drum roll, please) other black Americans. Nothing on the news
palette is more threatening and more urgent. Indeed, the discontinuance of news shows on BET might mean a proliferation of
stereotypical entertainment — with young blacks dancing and singing and making merry like Christmas on videos. But that is
our fault. Mr. Johnson explained his unfortunate decision to Kojo Nnamdi, during a recent broadcast on WAMU radio: "As a
businessman, when I look at businesses and programs that are not making money, I have to make a decision about ... the
interests of the shareholders ... I have to ask how much money you want me to lose ... I'm not in business to lose money." That
"BET Tonight with Ed Gordon" and "Lead Story" were money-losers cannot be blamed on white America. BET, like the
clothier FUBU, was created for us and by us. That we preferred cheap entertainment vs. news-we-could-use is as revealing as
Mr. Lott's tributory to Strom Thurmond.

 But even Jim Crow pales against our willingness to be more distrustful of police than the killers, druggies and purse
snatchers preying on our children and our neighborhoods. D.C. Police Chief Chuck Ramsey,whose department is
 waging a losing battle with a high homicide-closure rate, says blacks won't even speak out against these thugs and killers.

 Even when there are thousand-dollar rewards involved, witnesses prefer to covet criminals.

 And, the irony of ironies is that we ask for halfway houses to be built in our already violent communities.

What happened, black America?
 When did we lose our way?
Why do we prefer to shake our groove things instead of keeping up with current events and keeping our neighborhoods safe?

 Why do we find more satisfaction in yakking about Trent Lott, who you wouldn't know if he were standing right next to you,
 than chatting up police about that gun-toting drug dealer who stands up the corner night and day?

Shouldn't we, as we did before integration, take better care of our own?

We don't have to wait — and can't afford to wait — for the so-called black leaders to crook their fingers our way.

While the outspoken Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have stakes in what happens in our communities,
their cloisters are not threatened. They have bodyguards.

They don't have to walk to bus stops in the wee hours of the morning, just as the killers and thieves and prostitutes are
 turning in for the day.

 They don't have to worry about their children walking through alleyways littered with crack bags and used hypodermic
 needles, and they don't have to worry about their children stepping on used condoms on playgrounds, either.

 They're too busy juggling their scheduled TV
appearances and frequent-flyer miles. No,
black America, curbing black-on-black crime is our
urgent responsibility.

 Look again at who's on the losing end this battle. It's not Trent Lott, or the Republicans or Democrats, for that
matter. So, as we celebrate this season, and pray for our families and world peace in the coming year, let's not forget that
danger lurks on the homefront, too, and resolve to fight the good fight.

Deborah Simmons is deputy editorial page editor for The Washington Times. Her column appears on Fridays.

 first draft:
[ That's right blame the victim Deborah... A job well done thank you very much for deflecting
from the cause of BOBC the lack of services and general neglect.

That’s method works every time just like a greedy landlord that turns off the plumbing  and
calls the health department and the policies when things start to stink.

  Don't you get it kiddies politicians don't lead the culture the culture leads the politician
cant create a society they follow the society, at least in the black street authenticity Miles
 Davis Billy Holiday Charlie Parker Langston Hughes James Baldwin John Coleraine
 Thelonious Monk Max Roach Lionel Hampton royal flush of Count Basiey Duke Elington
 and Nat King Cole all struggled and thrived and provided a real body politic a America
envied the world over we let them go for
bozoes that play the recordings of others and call it playing music!
 As history of all people shows what people do is what there are.
So if you are serving the larger community you will remain a service oriented people
depending on the kindness of strangers just as a vagrant un-motivated misdirected
 servile population dealing drugs (a service ) and having sex for money  (a service
same as it ever was pimps supply a service for the man right ) and bus driving and a
hole host of non challenging secure posts as underlings that as
they say are a dime a dozen.

It is the rarest exception where we own and grow a business, They have even stolen
 soul foods crown what, who "fried chicken" some bogus Plantationcracker Kernel
 and have turned the Mexican Buretto into “The Rap” or the “hot pocket” so even
 Mexican Americans run out to the fast food joint
and the super market freezer to buy possessed ready maid dinners.

 Love was once dinner you fed your kids now the pop’in fresh Glue n’ Fat is raising
 cholesterol to the roof and there is an epidemic Diabetes etc.

 Life is cheep because nobody has any thing they can see that is a manifestation of value.

So No art of any kind but slick moves and shallow low life jokes replace prayer no poem
no painting no sculpture no music no dance out  side of pop culture (and "main stream" =
money stream instead
of self  esteem and self image control once a part and parcel of the black church now also
gone commercial ) that believe it or not is still so called white or main stream or majority
because of the money to be made selling you to you... And you thought art was just about
stuffy white stuff and so with no demand for equity
 and no successful competition to create a respected space within the culture at large our
institutions will not grow.
A people without a cultural focus is little more than a product to be possessed
for marker share .

 How can we have maintained a resistance to the vibes of the Beatles & Roiling Stones glib high
 shrill easy cool pop siren song recapitulating Little Richard and Howling Wolf creating massive
estates and Knight hoods fore themselves  for garnering the spirit
and resisting it  from those complex moody deeply spiritual Black (Jazz)Artist as the nation treasure
went into a buskers hustle flimflam techy slap and tickle and forgot its deeper roots and needs.

 So it's no wonder nobody gets the connection between all of the arts and letters and the booming
of high crimes and misdemeanors abandoning the infrastructure is mearly part and parcel of the
 re-colonization of American culture (If you! don’t make it you wont have it. no one can do it for you...

I think Amiri Baraka said "Esthetics is Ethics" ...   ED ]
                                                                         Dont buy this recording.

 George Wein a Life in, and for, Jazz            by Nat Hentoff

This kinda makes Me wonder what went on with the "Newport Rebels", I wish there was a similar blow by blow
 account of what  went on during the 60's Jazz "War" between Joe Glazer and the concert & record industry
 moguls "back in the day " when The musicians were Thelounious Monk John Coletrain Charles Mingus &
Dizzy Glespy  who created there own Jazz Festival by renting some farm Land. (Miles was a company man
 all the way) But that was before Kennedy assanation  & the Beetles Award winning Soft Soap Brainwashing
 And LSD and CIA intervention in domestic afairs  when Black Men spoke English & worked together as giants
 to give us more than Pimp BS . But that is another story ED.


Thank you ... One good rambling rant deserves another... CM3

That is my motive for attempting to teach Multi media I feel we must  mass produce
 our heritage works and support those that try .

Generally we truly do not need ...

Microsoft Encarta  or Ken Burns productions Inc. or anybodies commercial definition
of our culture ... We need our own Institutions to create something  more than the
commercial mind can conceive more than black exploitation films and rap records
 the commercial mind has bin the bane of our existence from the time of reconstruction ...

It was commercial interests in Road Island Banks ( The home of the famous New Port
 "JAZZ  festival )  that saw Slavery ,Sugar & Rum as viable its the cannibalistic nature
of commercialism that causes farmers to feed dead meat to other cattle and cause the
 abomination of Mad Cow disease ,as I say this cannibalism profit at all cost thing is not new.

The same practice that the English have of feeding cows to cows is going on in the USA
WE  have a law abiding bunch of farmers or what .

So why doesn't our Beef give us mad cow disease if we " Process " our cattle the  same
way as the English do or did ? I.e.: feeding Cows, Pigs & Chickens to Cows, Pigs &
 Chickens  & generating mad cow disease in cows first then the humans that eat the
 infected beef give it to humans in-utero passing it on to the un born . What we did So
 far that is different is WE  "cook the remains longer at a Higher temperature and So
 Far that kills the Virus ! Why do any humans Feed cows to cows forcing them to become
 Cannibals  ?!

Profits and a cultural cannibalism that is natural as invisible to them " They Think Its ok
 They are the Cannibals Corrupt corporate so called capitalist , but that is just a clean
sounding word for Profit at all cost Cannibalism !!

A this English mistake " Proves it ! Just look at any news video from the time & there
 minister of Agriculture. forcing his daughter to eat " English Beef ! And look at her natural
response and expression of fear & violation on her face ...

Till to day and into the foreseeable future, All art is political and as a part of life I feel
it is not the only reason to live.. This is perhaps why I don't perform.

" remember, and this isn't South Africa, not yet " One night late on the
Opera Show...

 I was watching  because IT was the interview of the Grate Man Nelson
Mandela and I was interested in this one. On several points one was, stile:
 that is they also shows carefully & beautifully edited film clips of highly
charged  historical footage as a the tipical teaser of the of  interview ...

First she shows a bunch of singing ,dancing and demonstrating & White
Police Brutality to the demonstrators , much like they do on MLK's B day,
then some small talk comparing him to Gandhi & King,then Mr. Mandela
speaks about  Forgiving the whites and the meaning of  his " revolution "
in SA, then as I am about to be lulled to sleep with dreams of peaceful
coexistence with the most evil empire ever to slash & burn its way on this
earth ( not withstanding Ronald Rragins point about Russia being it )
Nelson Mandela speaking very quietly so much so I had to turn up the
sound to hear him clearly, in a very mater of fact way he claimed to"
merely be the Defacto President of South Africa "You Know I was not
the President ! On A day to day biases "..." NOT THE President , I was
Not the Actual President, the former Apartheid Regime's President
remained in Government ( Behind the scenes ) as the Dejury President ...
 I was the Defacto President HE was the De-jury President he ran the
Government in all the day to day matters" ...

" Then again ... The.. You see the economic situation has changed little,
White's still "... " Own  the best land and are paid more money fore the
same amount of work, the masses still live in grinding poverty with little
hope of change ...

It is interesting that this information IS released in plane sight on the
Disney Channel ...

No remarks of any aspirations or hope for a grater share of the vast
wealth of that nation for the people, for "Black "Africans...

And Just yesterday I was Channel surfing and saw him again with the
Quean of England shaking hands...

The Narrator of the news program said Nelson Mandela also signed
 a deal on that ocasion with England making SA a part of the English

Blacks stooges  sign treaties and whites take the profits in diamonds
and deal dope & death all over the world .

As we discuss the name of a entertainment  that is a basic academic
dead issue in terms of it being out of our hands...

There are no songs about that because... " We" don't care or buy or
support what we say we are interested in .

What conceivable value is a word if there is no definition that can be acted upon and what if,
for a majority of whites it means just another way to be cool and Feel ok Wid Dat !  

How is it any different than what Al Joleson did in his day wearing Black Face  except this time it's called
 Hip HOP or Gangster Rapp & instead of the name being Joleson its MnM or what ever pose is working today...
 I don't care what you call it ,it sounds the same to me.Tom Jones, Engerburt Humperdink & Joe Cocker
 all imitators of Ray Charles .

 Marvin Hammlish copyrighted Scot Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag and won an Academy award for writhing it
 and the score of the film the sting! "

One of the pop group Millie Vanillin was driven out of "the Business " and killed him self  for shame of
 "not being Authentic for "Lip Syncing" for not being authentic he became a laughing stock for practicing
 fraud for faking it because someone else did "the Vocals  ,as others if white are rewarded & regarded highly
 for doing the same thing in films...
Historically  as George and Ira Gershwin ripped off and rendered Classical Colored Music  ( in a stultified
stereo type ) of Scott Joplin W.C. Handy and all of the musicians they could to become Americas most
"beloved Jazz Composer " of Rhapsody in Blue ,as in De black folk Blew it again!! ( NO Distribution ) The
 only pay back in 100 years is Pop star Michael Jackson and that is only because he like Al Joelson's
exploit's  the fanatic fancied delusions of so called whites.

 That of the supreme trans-race ritual act , where one can slip on the skin of "The Other" in an exchange
of the others power a kind of Cannibalistic act taken to an extreme by the likes of Jeffery Daumer in resent
past & in so called ancient times, in the days of the Druids & Celtic rituals .Although some might argue that
 Christians were Equal in there cannibalism when the defeated the Muslims in Jerusalem they slaughtered
and eat 10,000 in one day in the city of Jerusalem there were Jews, Arabs, Moors & Christians all were
killed cooked eaten and defiled in the name of GOD !  But today things are different right ...

This century may be the last for the African ...
" remember, and this isn't South Africa, not yet "
I think Its far worse because in SA the people see daily a little more clearly, they must ...


    5  definitions  found
    From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]:
    Water  \Wa"ter\  (w[add]"t[~e]r),  n.  [AS.  w[ae]ter;  akin  to  OS
    watar,  OFries  wetir,  weter,  LG  &  D.  water,  G.  wasser,  OHG.
    wazzar  Icel.  vatn,  Sw  vatten,  Dan.  vand,  Goth.  wat[=o],  O.
    Slav.  &  Russ.  voda,  Gr  'y`dwr,  Skr.  udan  water,  ud  to  wet,
    and  perhaps  to  L.  unda  wave.  [root]137.  Cf  {Dropsy},
    {Hydra},  {Otter},  {Wet},  {Whisky}.]
    1.  The  fluid  which  descends  from  the  clouds  in  rain,  and
    which  forms  rivers,  lakes,  seas,  etc  ``We  will  drink
    water.''  --Shak.  ``Powers  of  fire,  air,  water,  and
    earth.''  --Milton.
    Note:  Pure  water  consists  of  hydrogen  and  oxygen,  {H2O},  and
    is  a  colorless,  odorless,  tasteless,  transparent
    liquid,  which  is  very  slightly  compressible.  At  its
    maximum  density,  39[deg]  Fahr.  or  4[deg]  C.,  it  is  the
    standard  for  specific  gravities,  one  cubic  centimeter
    weighing  one  gram.  It  freezes  at  32[deg]  Fahr.  or
    0[deg]  C.  and  boils  at  212[deg]  Fahr.  or  100[deg]  C.
    (see  {Ice},  {Steam}).  It  is  the  most  important  natural
    solvent,  and  is  frequently  impregnated  with  foreign
    matter  which  is  mostly  removed  by  distillation;  hence
    rain  water  is  nearly  pure.  It  is  an  important
    ingredient  in  the  tissue  of  animals  and  plants,  the
    human  body  containing  about  two  thirds  its  weight  of
    2.  A  body  of  water,  standing  or  flowing;  a  lake,  river,  or
    other  collection  of  water.
    Remembering  he  had  passed  over  a  small  water  a  poor
    scholar  when  first  coming  to  the  university,  he
    kneeled.  --Fuller.
    3.  Any  liquid  secretion,  humor,  or  the  like  resembling
    water;  esp.,  the  urine.
    4.  (Pharm.)  A  solution  in  water  of  a  gaseous  or  readily
    volatile  substance;  as  ammonia  water.  --U.  S.  Pharm.
    5.  The  limpidity  and  luster  of  a  precious  stone,  especially  a
    diamond;  as  a  diamond  of  the  first  water,  that  is
    perfectly  pure  and  transparent.  Hence  of  the  first  water,
    that  is  of  the  first  excellence.
    6.  A  wavy,  lustrous  pattern  or  decoration  such  as  is  imparted
    to  linen,  silk,  metals,  etc  See  {Water},  v.  t.,  3,
    {Damask},  v.  t.,  and  {Damaskeen}.
    7.  An  addition  to  the  shares  representing  the  capital  of  a
    stock  company  so  that  the  aggregate  par  value  of  the
    shares  is  increased  while  their  value  for  investment  is
    diminished,  or  ``diluted.''  [Brokers'  Cant]
    Note:  Water  is  often  used  adjectively  and  in  the  formation  of
    many  self-explaining  compounds;  as  water  drainage;
    water  gauge,  or  water-gauge;  waterfowl,  water-fowl,  or
    water  fowl;  water-beaten;  water-borne,  water-circled,
    water-girdled,  water-rocked,  etc
    {Hard  water}.  See  under  {Hard}.
    {Inch  of  water},  a  unit  of  measure  of  quantity  of  water,
    being  the  quantity  which  will  flow  through  an  orifice  one
    inch  square,  or  a  circular  orifice  one  inch  in  diameter,
    in  a  vertical  surface,  under  a  stated  constant  head;  also
    called  {miner's  inch},  and  {water  inch}.  The  shape  of  the
    orifice  and  the  head  vary  in  different  localities.  In  the
    Western  United  States,  for  hydraulic  mining,  the  standard
    aperture  is  square  and  the  head  from  4  to  9  inches  above
    its  center.  In  Europe,  for  experimental  hydraulics,  the
    orifice  is  usually  round  and  the  head  from  1/2  of  an  inch
    to  1  inch  above  its  top
    {Mineral  water},  waters  which  are  so  impregnated  with  foreign
    ingredients,  such  as  gaseous,  sulphureous,  and  saline
    substances,  as  to  give  them  medicinal  properties,  or  a
    particular  flavor  or  temperature.
    {Soft  water},  water  not  impregnated  with  lime  or  mineral
    {To  hold  water}.  See  under  {Hold},  v.  t.
    {To  keep  one's  head  above  water},  to  keep  afloat;  fig.,  to
    avoid  failure  or  sinking  in  the  struggles  of  life.
    {To  make  water}.
    a  To  pass  urine.  --Swift.
    b  (Naut.)  To  admit  water;  to  leak.
    {Water  of  crystallization}  (Chem.),  the  water  combined  with
    many  salts  in  their  crystalline  form  This  water  is
    loosely,  but  nevertheless,  chemically,  combined,  for  it
    is  held  in  fixed  and  definite  amount  for  each  substance
    containing  it  Thus  while  pure  copper  sulphate,  {CuSO4},
    is  a  white  amorphous  substance,  blue  vitriol,  the
    crystallized  form  {CuSO4.5H2O},  contains  five  molecules
    of  water  of  crystallization.
    {Water  on  the  brain}  (Med.),  hydrocephalus.
    {Water  on  the  chest}  (Med.),  hydrothorax.
    Note:  Other  phrases,  in  which  water  occurs  as  the  first
    element,  will  be  found  in  alphabetical  order  in  the
    From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]:
    Water  \Wa"ter\,  v.  i.
    1.  To  shed,  secrete,  or  fill  with  water  or  liquid  matter;
    as  his  eyes  began  to  water.
    If  thine  eyes  can  water  for  his  death.  --Shak.
    2.  To  get  or  take  in  water;  as  the  ship  put  into  port  to
    {The  mouth  waters},  a  phrase  denoting  that  a  person  or  animal
    has  a  longing  desire  for  something  since  the  sight  of
    food  often  causes  one  who  is  hungry  to  have  an  increased
    flow  of  saliva.
    From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]:
    Water  \Wa"ter\,  v.  t.  [imp.  &  p.  p.  {Watered};  p.  pr  &  vb  n.
    {Watering}.]  [AS.  w[ae]terian,  gew[ae]terian.]
    1.  To  wet  or  supply  with  water;  to  moisten;  to  overflow  with
    water;  to  irrigate;  as  to  water  land;  to  water  flowers.
    With  tears  watering  the  ground.  --Milton.
    Men  whose  lives  gilded  on  like  rivers  that  water  the
    woodlands.  --Longfellow.
    2.  To  supply  with  water  for  drink;  to  cause  or  allow  to
    drink;  as  to  water  cattle  and  horses.
    3.  To  wet  and  calender,  as  cloth,  so  as  to  impart  to  it  a
    lustrous  appearance  in  wavy  lines;  to  diversify  with
    wavelike  lines;  as  to  water  silk.  Cf  {Water},  n.,  6.
    4.  To  add  water  to  (anything),  thereby  extending  the  quantity
    or  bulk  while  reducing  the  strength  or  quality;  to  extend;
    to  dilute;  to  weaken.
    {To  water  stock},  to  increase  the  capital  stock  of  a  company
    by  issuing  new  stock,  thus  diminishing  the  value  of  the
    individual  shares.  Cf  {Water},  n.,  7.  [Brokers'  Cant]
    From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]:
    Pennywort  \Pen"ny*wort`\,  n.  (Bot.)
    A  European  trailing  herb  ({Linaria  Cymbalaria})  with
    roundish,  reniform  leaves.  It  is  often  cultivated  in  hanging
    {March},  or  {Water},  {pennywort}.  (Bot.)  See  under  {March}.
    From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]:
    n  1:  a  clear  colorless  odorless  tasteless  liquid;  "he  asked  for  a
    drink  of  water"  [syn:  {H2O}]
    2:  the  part  of  the  earth's  surface  covered  with  water;  "they
    invaded  our  territorial  waters"  [syn:  {body  of  water}]
    3:  source  of  water;  "the  town  debated  the  purification  of  the
    water  supply";  "first  you  have  to  cut  off  the  water"  [syn:
    {water  system},  {water  supply}]
    4:  (archaic)  once  thought  to  be  one  of  four  elements  composing
    the  universe
    5:  salty  fluid  secreted  by  sweat  glands;  "sweat  poured  off  his
    brow"  [syn:  {perspiration},  {sweat},  {diaphoresis},  {sudor},
    6:  liquid  excretory  product;  "there  was  blood  in  his  urine";
    "the  child  had  to  make  water"  [syn:  {urine},  {piss},  {pee},
    {piddle},  {weewee}]
    7:  saline  fluid  secreted  by  lacrimal  glands;  lubricates  the
    surface  of  the  eyeball  [syn:  {lacrimal  secretion},  {lachrymal
    v  1:  pour  water  on  "Water  the  lawn"  [syn:  {irrigate}]
    2:  provide  with  water:  "We  watered  the  buffalo"
    3:  secrete  or  form  water,  as  tears  or  saliva:  "My  mouth  watered
    at  the  prospect  of  a  good  dinner";  "His  eyes  watered"
    4:  fill  with  tears;  "His  eyes  were  watering"

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You gotta eat something...
invenvironmental network news ocean nch could bring sustainable energy ,food http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=ISO-8859-
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TIDEPOOL:A Daily News Source For the Pacific Northwest Rain Forest Coast.
Covering Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon, Northern California"
news, northwest news, environment, ecology, sustainable economy, ecotrust, interrain pacific."
week of JULY 4 -- 9.1999 | updating each
friday at noon
Climate Shift Could Revive Salmon Runs Some of the top biologists
in the Pacific Northwest say a Pacific Ocean climate shift is improving
 the food supply for salmon, possibly setting the stage for a recovery of
the migratory fish. The climate shift is forcing cold water loaded
with nutrients upward toward the ocean surface, supporting smaller
fish eaten by salmon. Encouraging signs include a threefold increase
in the number of male chinook salmon returning to the Columbia River
compared to the 10-year average, a large increase predicted in
Willamette River chinook, and improved forecasts for winter steelhead
trout and coho salmon.<From the Oregonian.>

Climate, Ocean Conditions Play Big Role in Salmon Productivity< By Ed Hunt>

Last Best Chance for Salmon Recovery<>By Ed Hunt>

More Salmon News and Resources
BC Logging Dispute Heads to Supreme Court

A community's struggle to halt
clearcutting on Denman Island will be fought in B.C. Supreme Court
today in Vancouver as the Islands Trust seeks an injunction against a
company logging its own private timber lands. The case will turn on
the legality of a new Islands
Trust bylaw that seeks to impose community standards of sustainable
forestry on private timber owners.
Tom Babb, a Denman Island trustee on the Islands Trust, said the
issue involves the attempt by a few corporate owners controlling a
big piece of the island to override the wishes of the vast majority
of residents. "Logging is a legitimate pursuit and is part of the
island economy," Babb said in an interview. "Nevertheless, it should
be done in a sustainable way."(7/9/99) From the Vancouver Sun.<BR>

More Forest News and Resources updated 7-7-99 </FONT></P>
Killing the Sea Otters?
Federal and state biologists were
hoping for good news when they set out in boats and airplanes to
count California sea otters, but they found instead that the
population has dropped for the fourth straight year. The recently
completed count shows that the otter population off the Central Coast
has dwindled to 2,090, down 12% from the 1995 high for this century.
If the population drops to 1,850, the California sea otter could be
considered closer to extinction and listed as "endangered" under
federal law. experts fear that the sea otter decline is carrying some
indecipherable message about the marine environment.(7/8/99) From
the LA Times<BR>

id.oceans.html">More Ocean News and Resources updated 7-7-99<BR>

</FONT><FONT COLOR="#AF0000"><A HREF="id.hot.html">More Climate
Change News and Resources</A></FONT><FONT COLOR="#AF0000"> updated

SIZE="+1"><A HREF="http://www.seattle-pi.com/business/ads07.shtml">Endangered
Salmon Sales?</A></FONT><BR>

</B>Headlines report a $400 million effort to save salmon on the
Columbia and Snake rivers. Others announce that the United States and
Canada agree on an urgent plan to rescue salmon runs in Washington,
Oregon and British Columbia. Still others tell readers there are
other threats to Pacific Northwest salmon, such as Caspian terns
feasting on young salmon in Washington rivers. Now, the Alaska
Seafood Marketing Institute says <B>consumers are confused about
whether it is okay for them to eat salmon because they fear
threatening and endangering the fish.</B><I> (7/7/99) From the
Seattle P-I</I><B><I><BR>

COLOR="#000000"><A HREF="http://www.adn.com/stories/T99070608.html">The
Salmon Keep coming in Bristol Bay</A></FONT><I><FONT COLOR="#000000">
7/6/99) From the Anchorage Daily News.<BR>

COLOR="#000000"><A HREF="http://www.nationalfisherman.com/ondeck/news/070599nw.html#13">Big
Run A Mixed Blessing For Bristol Bay</A></FONT><I><FONT
COLOR="#000000"> (7/6/99) From the Fisherman's News<BR>