"In the province
of the mind, there are
 no limits."
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  "In the province of the mind, there are no limits."
January 06, 1915 - September 30, 2001


R@wman says" I love Shusi, and If they are so smart
 why can't Flipper tell them how to keep out of the Tuna
fisherman's nets.

Maybe the Dolphins should replace
the Turkys as guest for Thanksgiving.

  "In the province of the mind, there are no limits."
January 06, 1915 - September 30, 2001

 "It's a nasty rumor that as a biologist he was little more than a
CIA shill as a sort of Pimp to the Dolphins getting them high &
getting them Layed while spouting his Rod Mc-Cluing type poetry
and dreaming of UFO's & escaping the moral debt that weighs
down any but the most x of x Nazis I guess he was just a "almost
Nazi Scientist" like... What ever.. giving them drugs
 ( LSD)  and trying to make them watch TV " & talk to him. At least
 one woman I use to know said she "did a dolphin for Lilly" ( as a
deeply spiritual You know Metaphysical head type if it feels good
do be do it 60's trip ) and that person was more concerned that
what he (Lilly) was focusing on, only on the Squeaky clean
domesticated (Uncle  Tom Dolphins ) which got all of the attention
and Movie work as the pretty ones but the Dolphins in the REAL
WORLD were suffering terribly (  getting cuts and scarred from
propellers and killed by fishermen in the "Tuna " nets and should
be spoken for as the Real Dolphins with real problems such as
we are all well aware are we are  KILLING THEM and there Whale

John C Lilly
Thanks 2  "Mr. Clayton"  4 the
Mystery of the Silver Rings

Project Delphis: Mystery of the Silver Rings .
The young dolphin gives a quick flip of her head, and an undulating ...

 by Don White, Creator of Project Delphis

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From Deane Juhan, Job's Body:
"If I lie motionless
for a period of time in
a sensory isolation
tank, or if I adopt a
stress-free and
motionless meditation
posture, I begin to
lose the crisp sense of
my physcial boundaries,
and my mental picture
of the spatial
relationships of my
body parts undergoes
bizarre distortions. My
feet and hands may seem
miles away. My body as
a whole may seem
incredibly dense and
heavy, or large and
inflated like a huge
balloon. I may feel my
physical self
dispersing like a gas
into the void, or I may
feel no connection
whatever between my
conscious awareness and
my living cells.
"Such induced
hallucinations are
often triggered by the
disassociation of the
sensory and motor
elements that are
welded together in our
normal states of
perception. This
disassociation can also
be accomplished by
various drugs, such as
the opiates or the
hallucinagens, whose
pharmaceutical effects
disrupt our
sensory/motor unity in
various ways. In all
these situations, the
Excerpt from an interview with Dr. John Lilly M.D.  
(from Mavericks of the Mind):
DJB: "Have you ever given
 ketamine to a dolphin?"
JOHN: "No. I gave them
acid to see if it would
knock out their
respiration. It didn't.
I couldn't understand
what was happening to
them on LSD except for
one thing they did.
They turned around
along the tank at the
same time, and suddenly
they turned their beaks
down and turned on
their sonar straight
downwards. I remember
on my first acid trip
that suddenly the floor
disappeared and I saw
the stars on the other
side of the earth,

so I stamped my foot on the
floor to find it.
That's what they were

[yeah like they told him...ED]

"Also, the dolphin Pam
had been spear-gunned
three times by Ricco
Browny in the "Flipper"
series. The first time,
Pam went over to Browny
and pulled the spear
from him. The second
time, she took one look
at him and turned away.
The third time she ran
like mad and wouldn't
go near him or any
humans. It was just
awful. So when we got
her she was staying
away from us with the
conscious activity of
the mind leaves far
behind the concrete
feed-back loops between
my nerves and my
muscles, and without
the solid underpinning
of movement correctly
correlated with
sensation, my thought
processes confuse some
of the basic
distinctions between
internal feeling states
and objects.

The marvelous or hideous
phantasmagoras of my
imagination take on as
much palpable reality
as anything else I am
experiencing at the
[ I was going to say that ...ED]

The same hallucinatory effects
occur in the muscularly and
sensorily suppressed state of

other dolphins.
 So I gave her LSD and she
climbed all over us. It
was marvelous."

[Doing the humpy jumpy Yikes!]

Will to Power...
September 2000


               Freek Google Search result  

Masive 60s website full of
 more than words can say!

 What there about Diva says something
 bout Rhomdaz

The searches name sake and full circle
 to and from

4 Dolphin nazi riboflavin
Dolphin nazi

Nazi dolphin
This chillin account of a social thread
wound so tightly it ground what
promised to be a glorious Renisansce
to a screaching halt. ED

Look for Dark Side Of The 60s[...]

It has been observed by probability theorists, the largest
proportion of the truth arrives as a faculty of coincidence. [...]
[...] To fully appreciate the law of synchronity -- the meaning that can
be revealed by an inadvertent encounter, or a chance event -- it is
.necessary to put aside all rational logic of reasoning to concentrate
instead on the accidents and chances that provide new ways of
understanding. The hazards and casualties that happen to us are
intelligible only within a system of meaning, and meaning is the
products not of individual minds, but of relationships. It is this pattern
of relationships that both defines the individual and is defined by him,
and it is this complex of affinities that perishes with death. The law of
synchronity is grounded in this dark arrangement of contingencies. As
Confucian scholar Wang Fu-Chih puts it, "only a man of highest
integrity can understand this law; basing itself on its revelation he can
grasp the symbols, and observing its small expressions, he can
understand the auguries".
In other words, the devil is in the details.
- Brottman, pp. 33-34

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    "In the province of the mind, there are no limits."
January 06, 1915 - September 30, 2001

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