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The initial drawing took only 45 min. the image is almost actual size
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"I fear for Jerusalem."

          And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake,
          such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.
                                 Revelations 16:18

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 What the Jewish Talmud teaches the Jews
concerning the non-Jewish majority - -
Radio Islam:  The Ideology Behind Occupation of Palestine,
 Racism and Massacres - Ahmed Rami - Maroc -  Morocco -
  The Talmud: Judaism's holiest book documented and exposed


The very words cause many people to grin at what appears to be simply a play on words. No one reads about such people in European authored history books and there are only a few references to "Ethiopian Jews" in white Jewish sources. Yet Black Hebrews have existed since biblical times. In fact, they are the original or prototypical Hebrews.  Of bible times not Europeans.

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Black Hebrews?

The very words cause many people to grin at what appears to be simply a play on words. No one
reads about such people in European authored history books and there are only a few references to
"Ethiopian Jews" in white Jewish sources. Yet Black Hebrews have existed since biblical times. In
fact, they are the original or prototypical Hebrews.

Their story begins with the Patriarch Abraham (2117-1942 BC), a native of the Sumerian city of
Ur in ancient Mesopotamia. Archaeological discoveries have proven that the earliest inhabitants of
southern Mesopotamia were members of the "Brown Race," i.e., the Negroid branch of humanity.

It has been confirmed that the ancient Sumerians were akin to the modern Black Dravidians of
India. The Sumerians also had an affinity with a people known as the Elamites, the very first
Semitic group mentioned in the Bible (Gen. 10:22). The Elamites were a black-skinned and
woolly-haired people as the colorful glazed artwork on the royal palace walls of the ancient Persian
city of Susa clearly show.Thus Abraham, the native of Sumerian and the founding father of the
Israelite nation, was a black man. The black racial origins of the Patriarchs is not based on mere
conjecture, it is in complete agreement with the picture one gets from examining the identity of the
earliest inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia.

This truth is grossly neglected, suppressed, and distorted in most European and American
historical texts which are flavored with race prejudice. Fortunately, however, there are enough well
authored and highly researched works by Black historians that challenge the Eurocentric revisions
of history and correct the various erroneous views regarding the ethnic identity of the Hebrews.

Biblical history relates that the descendants of Abraham, namely Jacob (Israel) and his twelve sons
and their wives, 70 in all, migrated from Canaan to Egypt around the year 1827 BC During their
sojourn in Egypt the Children of Israel multiplied from being a family of 70 souls to a nation of
over 3 million people at the time of the Exodus which took place in 1612 BC

This astounding number of people in so short a time can only be adequately explained by
intermarriage between the family of Jacob and the native Egyptian populace. It is an established
fact that the ancient Egyptians were a black African people. Thus, even if the Hebrews were not
black before they arrived in Egypt, which is unlikely given Abraham's background, they were
definitely black by the time they left Egypt under Moses

The biblical Hebrews were indistinguishable from native Egyptians and Ethiopians. The Bible is
full of examples which demonstrates this, and even ancient secular historians remarked of the
physical appearances of the Hebrews. The historian Tacitus, for example, stated that it was a
common opinion among the Romans that the Jews "were an Ethiopian race." In Roman times
Palestinian Israelites were classed among Black Africans because it was almost impossible to tell
them apart.

Hence, the Eurocentric notion of the Black Hebrew as a kind of Johnnie-come-lately in Hebraic
history does not accord with the facts. On the contrary, the historical record is abundantly clear
that the majority of white European Jewry are not Hebrews in the biological sense but are actually
the descendants of converts to Judaism during Greco-Roman and Mediaeval times. Professor
Roland B. Dixon states emphatically that: "The great majority of all Jews [Ashkenazi] to-day are
'Semites' only in speech, and their true ancestry goes back not so much to Palestine and Arabia as
to the uplands of Anatolia and Armenia, the Caucasus and the steppes of Central Asia, and their
nearest relatives are still to be found in these areas today" (Racial History Of Man, p. 175).

Caucasian Jews are not the lineal descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Nor do they
constitute a separate race but rather a religious fraternity which adheres to the ethnic tradition of a
people whose origins are inextricably linked to Black Africa.

But if the original Hebrews were black where are their descendants in the world today? Are all
black people Hebrews? The answer to the latter question is obviously no. The Israelites were only
one of several black people existing in ancient the ancient world. Nevertheless, it is certain that the
ancient Hebrews customs and practices who's legacy originated in Africa, were adopted by that of
white Jews in Europe. Very little is heard about the hundreds of thousands of Black Hebrews living
in various parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, India, Arabia, the Caribbean islands, South
America, and North America.

The history of Black Hebrews in North America is perhaps one of the most important chapters in
US history which has yet to be fully written. The ancestors of African Americans came from West
Africa during the era of slavery. That particular region of Africa was once home to a number of
Black Hebrew tribes that migrated from North and East Africa over many centuries. In speaking of
these migrations, Dr. Yoseph A. A. ben-Yochannan writes that: "In North Africa, just before the
period of Christianity's legal entry into Rome - due to Constantine "the Great" conversion in the
4th century - there were many Hebrew (Jewish) 'tribes' that are of indigenous African (the so-called
'Negroes') origin.

These African Jews, as all other Romanized-African of this era, were caught in a rebellion in
Cyrene (Cyrenaica) during 115 C.E. against Roman imperialism and colonialism. This rebellion
also marked the beginning of a mass Jewish migration southward into Sudan (Sudan or West
Africa) along the way of the city Aer (Air) and into the countries of Futa Jalon and Senegal
(Sene-Gambia) which lie below the parabolic curve of the Niger River's most northern reaches,
where the City of Tumbut (Timbuktu, Timbuctoo, etc.), Melle (Mali) presently stands." ("African
Origins of the Major Western Religions," 1970, p. 76).

Dr. Ben goes on to relate that Black Israelite immigrants from northern and eastern Africa merged
with indigenous groups in western Africa to become the Fulani of Futa Jalon, Bornu, Kamen, and
Lake Chad. They also formed the parent-stock of groups such as the Ashanti, the Hausa, the B'nai
Ephraim (mentioned in earlier posts), and the Bavumbu (Mavumbu or Ma-yomba). All of these
groups suffered tremendous population decreases during the years the Atlantic slave trade was in
operation, others were completely eliminated.

Thus, every so-called African American has Israelite ancestry in their family tree whether he or she
knows it or not. Even in the very crucible of slavery the descendants of West African Hebrew
captives in America struggled to keep their heritages from being obliterated by forced assimilation
and acculturation. Their distinctive traditions became submerged in Christianity but always
remained a part of the oral tradition via the so-called Negro Spirituals which praise the memory of
ancestors and kinsmen like Moses, David, Joshua, and Daniel.

Since the African-American conviction of having Israelite ancestry antedates the Civil War it is not
surprising that the earliest Black Hebrew congregation to be established in North America was
founded in the 1880s in Chattanooga, Tennessee by F. S. Cherry (the group later moved to
Philadelphia). Cherry was a railroad worker and seaman who was fluent in both Yiddish and
Hebrew. He adamantly preached that so-called American Negroes are really the lost sheep of the
House of Israel whose true legacy was stolen from them during slavery. He urged his hearers to
investigate their history in order to rediscover this truth and reclaim their heritage.

In 1896, a man by the name of William S. Crowdy established another Hebrew congregation in
Lawrence, Kansas. In 1899, Leon Richlieu established the Moorish Zionist Temple in Brooklyn. To
date there are literally hundreds of uncharted Black Hebrew congregations in North America. They
do not exist because of an aversion for mainstream American Protestantism or an attraction to
white Jewish culture. As stated earlier, Black Hebrews have always been in the world; and they
repudiate the notion that they are usurpers of the heritage of white Jews.

The great proliferation of Black Hebrew groups occurred after World War I during the Great
Migration of Blacks from rural areas in the South to urban centers in the North. There were at
least nine Black Hebrew congregations in New York in the early 1900s, one of which was founded
by a West Indian named Arnold Josiah Ford called "Beth B'nai Abraham Congregation." In 1918,
another West Indian born Israelite named Wentworth Arthur Matthews founded the
"Commandment Keepers," and emerged as one of the leading Black Israelite rabbis in Harlem.
Born in 1892 of African Hebraic parentage in Lagos, West Africa, Matthews moved with his family
to St. Kitts in the West Indies before coming to America in 1911.

Branches of the "Commandment Keepers" exist in many American cities such as Philadelphia,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cincinnati, Chicago, Ohio, Virginia, and New Jersey. In 1965, the
"House of Judah" was founded by William Lewis in Wetumpka, Alabama. The group later
purchased a twenty-acre tract near Grand Junction, Michigan where they practice a communal
life-style. Black Hebrews feel that by reclaiming their Israelite identity they have also recovered an
important part of their ancestral heritage. They hold to the conviction that their "Hebrewness" is
directly traceable to their African forebears of Israelite extraction who were brought to this
country during slavery. They are cognizant and proud of their non-Hebrew African heritages but
like many other people with mixed backgrounds they opt to give certain of their forebears a more
pronounced place in their identity.

Black Israelite groups in America are decentralized and varied in ideology.Unlike white Orthodox
Jews, Black Hebrews reject the Talmud, a collection of commentaries, as being on a par with the
Bible and so they do not conform to rabbinical judgments which emphasize the need of conversion
to Talmudism in order to be considered "truly" Jewish.

Since the Bible recognizes patrilineal as well as matrilineal descent, Black Hebrews (like Reform Jews) do not place any special significance on having a "Jewish" mother as do Orthodox Jews. Another major reason why the Talmud is rejected is due to its role in creating the so-called Hamitic Myth which is the doctrine that teaches that all black-skinned people are the cursed descendants of Ham in the Bible.

It was the promulgation of this erroneous myth, passing under the guise of "Jewish" talmudic
scholarship, which provided the moral pretext for European slavery of Africans. The Talmud was
not the product of ethnic Hebrews but of proselytized Babylonian sages who worked on editing it
from the 3rd to in the 6th century A.D. It should not be used as the litmus test on Hebrew identity,
particularly since it was of men who were clearly prejudice of Blacks, Israelites or otherwise.

A major dilemma facing many Black Hebrews who wish to settle in Israel has to do with the
Talmud and the fact that conversion is a mandatory prerequisite for gaining Israeli citizenship.
The Black Jews from Ethiopian were not allowed to immigrate to Israel until they agreed to
undergo a ceremonial conversion to white Judaism (which was tantamount to a denial of their own
Hebrewness) and embrace the Talmud. However, many Ethiopian Jews, particular in the aftermath
of the recent blood scandal in Israel, are seriously rethinking their decision to adopt the Talmud
because it has not given them equal status with other white Israelis.

Ethiopians Jews occupy the bottom rung of Israeli society today because they are black and are
not considered "true" Hebrews because of their blackness. American Black Hebrews wanting to
join their Ethiopian brethren feel that the Israeli Law of Return is unjust because it forces
recognition of a racist text (the Talmud) in order to be considered eligible for citizenship It is truly
ironic that the descendants of the original Hebrews are not considered to be Hebrews even in their
own land because they happen to look like their distant forebears.

MAY 1999

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What did your Presidents Grandfather do durring ww2?
                                          YES   NO

IT'S FREE WILL... Does not excuse, this is BS

 We have purchased a nation & again Germany is some how deep into
 it behind the scene giving ( selling as we do ) 1/2 of all the weapons to
 Israel too.
To keep the Holocaust  victim  from returning to Europe and getting real
 reparations , some how there is no "Law of return for Holocaust Jews to
 return to  Europe " & yet English & Americans can decree one and say
 there is one that is 5,000 years old for a state Israel  but none for  the Palestinian that were forced to relinquish 75% of the best land on a
 planet  that has at least 200,000 years of human history .

"In a widely publicized letter to Israel's ambassador to Germany, Norbert
 Bluem, a former labor minister under Chancellor Helmut Kohl, described
 the Israeli offensive as a "war of annihilation" - the very term employed by
 Adolf Hitler to describe the1941 invasion of the Soviet Union."

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Check out books Of interest the 2 books titles are as follows.

the book "Hit Men"by Fredric Dannen, ISBN 0-8129-1658-1 .

 "Black Athina by Martin Bernal
 ISBN 0-8135-1276-x

" The Golden age of the Moors" Page 167,168,169. ISBN 0270-2495 by Ivan Van Sertima
( ED. )

 #1 " The 13 Th. Tribe " about the Kazaria  it was said this book is banned, probably an idle rumor.
 & # 2 " How the Hebrews became the Jews "
I never found this book , I never looked for it either. Lost interest Or stoped thinking this was very important IE, some one told me a brief version ... But some peopl wont quit they blame Faracon for discussing it I chalk it up to poor schollarship.

  Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 11:20 AM
  Subject:   Asks Critical Questions

  Isn't there some irony somewhere in European Jews, who are not Semitic, calling Arabs and Palestinians, who are, anti-Semitic?





  A. When Governor McGreevey sought, last year, to appoint GOLAN
  CIPEL, an Israeli national, New Jersey Home Security Advisor,
  Republicans opposed it, saying that Cipel would not be given any
  National Security Information, since he was a foreign national!

  B. When ever anyone raises questions or has an independent
  position about Israel, The ADL immediately calls them
  "Anti-Semitic." As if criticism of Israel was proof of Anti-Semitism.
  This is nothing but a form of blackmail, extortion,
  character assassination and slander!

  C. Just recently, the ADL, in collaboration with the American
  Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) succeeded in
  defeating two Afro-American incumbent Congresspersons,
  Cynthia McKinney, in Atlanta and in Alabama for the
  same reason they are attacking me, for holding opinions about
  Israeli policy in contradiction to the political line of the
  ADL & AIPAC on Israel, pointing out as well, the wholly biased
  and one-sided Bush US stance on the Middle East,
  which invariably comes down on the side of the Israelis.

  2. The ADL is upset about the lines of the poem which ask,
  "Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers to stay
  home that day?/Who told Sharon to stay away!"

  a. QUESTION: Are they upset because they think the number
  is too HIGH?  If so, what is the actual number of Israelis warned
  and by whom?

  b. Are they saying there were no Israelis warned?

  c. Are they saying there were no Israelis workingat the Twin
  Towers? That there are no Israeli corporations who were tenants
  at the WTC?

  d. How many Israelis were at the Twin Towers 911?

  e. How many Israelis died that day?

  We know American Jews, Blacks, Latinos, Italians, Irish,
  Asians, Haitians were killed that day. The ADL viciously
  tries to focus on American Jews killed like the other
  Americans. But they should answer the Question,

  In the face of the war frenzy that the counterfeit President
  Bush is leading, in conjunction with the continuous Israeli
  assault on the Palestinians, while cynically costuming
  themselves as "Victims," which now appears to be nothing but
  a means of "Ethnic Cleansing*" of the Palestinians from their
  own land (*as communicated by 95 Israeli Professors in their
  "Urgent Warning" to the peoples of the world.) It goes deeper
  than merely defending a poem and a poet's right to write that
  poem, it gets as deep as asking are these American opinions
  shaping this attack, or is this slander and insidious
  disinformation supposedly coming out of the wooden
  mouths of various dummies actually coming from a Ventriloquist,
  Israel Imperialism?

  It is important for all democratic-minded people to join me in
  asking these questions and demanding answers! The cartoonish
  opportunism of New Jersey legislators bringing (4) four resolutions
  to the Legislature to force me out of the Poet Laureate position
  are IN VIOLATION of the Constitution of the US.... First, of
  my 1st amendment right to an opinion and of the section that
  forbids the power to Congress and the States to make "Ex-post
  Facto" laws, i.e., laws passed in the present that make
  something done before that illegal!

  I have already stated my intention to sue all involved,
  BOTH individually and as AN ANTI-constitutional "covenent,"
  if this outrage is made into a fraudulent "law"!

  As for the position as New Jersey Poet Laureate, the
  Proclamation signed by the Governor and Secretary of State
  (28 August 2002 and of the Independence* of the United States,
  the two hundred and twenty-sixth) describes the Laureate's
  work as "...to engage in activities to promote and encourage
  poetry for the two-year period April 2002 to April 2004."
  Certainly there is no one who can honestly say that
  I'm not doing my job!

  I Will Not Apologize, I Will Not Resign!