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October 07, 2001 12:36 AM Subject: best of the imc stories over the last week
this is a great service that one guy does on his own.
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   Check out books Of interest the 2 books titles are
 as follows.
the book "Hit Men" by Fredric Dannen
 ISBN 0-8129-1658-1  Black Athina by Martin Bernal
 ISBN 0-8135-1276-x

The Golden age of the Moors"
 Page 167,168,169. ISBN 0270-2495 by Ivan Van Sertima
( ED. )

 #1 " The 13 Th. Tribe "
 about the Kazaria  it was said this book is banned,
 probably an idle rumor.
 & # 2 " How the Hebrews became the Jews "
More info on books GO TO R4D

---- Original Message ----- From: xyz
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2002 8:35 PM Subject: Black Think Tank

Hi Folks, Some of these statements probably need checking into, but if valid the
 information is disappointing ! Noted is the site for the Think Tank.

peace,  L
Not exactly a real

Here are a few of the things learned at the
 Black Think Tank this week.
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2002 8:35 PM


   1. The first Americans or native Americans going back to
 13,000 BC  were  black!  Look up the Folsom people who
 lived in Arizona.

   ED: Facts:
I ain't buying this one even if it is true "WE Blacks"
waged war against THE PEOPLE we were told to kill
 for land.
 By & for Whites to take on the spot, or later by taking
 it from US  by there "post  civil wars " massacres in
 Oklahoma and Wilmington NC to name two  black built
cities we settled and thrived in but fell victum to white
 greed, envy & there myth of Whites "biblical right to
Dominion over  all" used in South Africa,South America
& the  Union of South Africa . That  conseption of religion
 as rights over all ( UBER ALLUS ) is still largely believed
 drilled in to there heads by the preachers and teachers.

This is why the White Right Wringers demands "GOD'S "
return to the public school . " Prey to God, God Feer God !
Obey God There God IS a WHITE man!

In a message dated 4/19/2003 5:31:05 PM Eastern Dayligh

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a
 revolutionary act."  -- George Orwell

Two thousand years ago a crack pot lunatic (Niechie's
description, not mine) named Paul  deceived the whole
world with the biggest bullshit story ever told which made
the following two thousand years-- including now-- ' a time
of universal deceit.' Don't know what George is referring to
but that's the BIG picture.  why sweat the details when the
populations of all of south America including Mexico bow
down to a European version of God shoved down their
ancestors throats after their cultures and heritages and
wealth and land were taken away. Ditto for African slaves
who's offspring populate the Babtist churches in droves.
To talk about 'universal deceit' as only applied to the time
 we live in -- like while GW is president, trivializes the big lie.
Since Mr. J hung up on the cross-- or as the bs story
goes-- deceit has been the order of the day. And night.

Your Revolutionary,

Can you Name a single Female Angle in there so called

   2. Best reason to stop our use of the term African
 American and say Black.    A white person who was
born in Africa, who moves to America is an African
 American and qualifies for financial aid, etc.,
 but will get the jobs/pay  privileges afforded to whites.
Or as A Catholic priest I once knew always said GOD is all colors ...
he meant except Black... Black isn't a color as any Jr. G Man knows...
And besides there are no Blacks in our books except as workers and
dupes... Side Kicks etc. Ah but the true key lies in the truth, black is
all color an instead of space being empty blackness it is infinite
matter and "we can't see or comprehend this any more than we
can see radio waves with our naked eye or look at the sun and
see its magnetosphere or that of our planet for that matter...

Jelly Fsh & Squid are a proto human the sea
 holds all component life forms that ever
came to land as a sort of parts kit waiting
 for reassembly ...After WE blow it .

 There is room or not on the food chain for all human beings
  or IS America plotting like Hitler & Stalin did with England
Germany South Africa and Russia to nock off a few billion
 competitors of color ?
Not in my name , not in the name of  ( fill in the blank) ! ED.

   3. Look up the Slavery Law of 1665
(which stayed in effect until 1968)
and  the Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion
 (1638): both laws state that blacks must
  be excluded from the benefits afforded
 whites and that blacks must remain
Noncompetitive with whites,except in
sports and  entertainment.

   4. Two white men: Bill Gates and Larry Elision,
combined have more wealth  than the combined
wealth of all 36 million blacks in America.
Civil Rights did not change the economic landscape
 or the balance of power in America.

   5. Asians received 80% of all government
 minority set aside contracts.  Hello!!!!!!!

6. Blacks eat more fish than whites
by a four to one margin.  For every
dollar whites spend on fish, blacks
spend nine dollars on fish. Fish sold
 wholesale for $1 will retail at $2.50

Guess what business we should be
in as Blacks?

   7. There are no black owned national cable or
major network television stations. The black woman
 who owns our only black owned radio stations,
plans to sell to white owners after hearing the deal
Bob Johnson received  for selling BET.
(Cathy Hughes is from OMAHA, ya'll!)

  8. There are no black owned companies on the Wall
 Street Stock Exchange  where blacks own the majority
 or controlling interest of the stock.

   9. 96% of all black inmates are men.

  10. Over the next two years 440,000
black inmates will be released   from
 prison. The State has no place to put
 them as they reenter society.

 Halfway house business!

ED:perhaps  on the model of DELANCYST.org

   11. In 1860, 98% of all Blacks in America worked
 for White people. 2001,  98% of all Blacks in
America still work for white people.

   12. In 1860, blacks in America had a combined net
worth of half of one  percentage point.

Guess what in 2001, after Civil Rights, Jesse
 Jackson,  Oprah, Shaq, NAACP, and Urban
League, our combined net worth is half a  
percentage point.

13. For every dollar earned by a Jewish person, that
dollar touches 12-18  Jewish hands before it leaves their community.

For every dollar earned by a Black person it leaves the
community soon as he or she earns it.

Hey what about Chinese Mexican Irish German Italian
 English Money how many hands touch it ? So what?
  this info is so incomplete to mean any thing but you
 guessed it Whites the "mystery race agglomeration"
 are too what ( fill in the blank)and honorary whites also
 have more cake what's new?

   14. Last week in Washington, DC Black teenagers where
arrested and booked for eating McDonalds on the metro
 subway. Cops cited the recent 5-4 court decision as the
 permission to arrest lawbreakers even for minor offenses.

   15. 67% of all hate crimes in America are against Blacks.

All crime is an act of hate... ED

After we get  through being pleased that we have carpet
 in ouroffice, a secretary, our  name on the door and make
 six figures, we do not own anything. What will happen if you
 miss six months of work without pay? All we have left our
children is debt not an inheritance.
You cannot pass welfare or food stamps onto our kids as
 a nest egg!  We are not even in the race.

By the way, the word "race" hit the English language in the
16th century when Europeans held a contest to see who
will win the race to gather the most wealth through
exploitation of Blacks.
 You must read Powernomics by Claude Anderson.
This is our blueprint to create wealth, not just have a job,
but be a business owner, so you can hire people, be listed
 on the stock exchange, develop businessesto meet our
This is "Good Food" for thought. Print this and put it on
 your wall, tell your children and your grand children and
 please,  please, pass it on to all of your "Black Friends." >>

What did your Presidents Grandfather do durring ww2?

Or go to Michael Moors See Stupid White Men


If you blame "others for your problems " YOU " empower them
,weather they ask you to or not, by hating them and focusing on what they did to you "YOU" can get lost in anger and  forget that the thing they fear most is love that encompasses all  life ...

 Be strong.

 " Friends help friends make a living "


Vote register and vote  
More importantly it is Israel that gets $22,000 per citizen per year WE don't even really vote to the maximum of our potential or elect each other. They use the political system we ignore it ...
Africans don't even get $00.22 per person  yet 80 % of all  Chocolate comes from Africa...

To name just one thing we buy a lot of convenience  foods as mere consumers of  junk foods  take potatoes as French Fries and Potato Chips which, if we by purchasing collectively would own Idaho as a matter of fact

. Consuming is investing without any return or profit  If WE
were to merrily threaten to boycott the potato or Chocolate Candy to receive political redress as consumer we would
 alter the commodes price within days.
And a massive crash would occur driving the price lower...

This is a stupid comparison, better to compare Chinese or Muslim or Mexican Eastern European Jews are  % 2 of us population but they focus on images self image personal
style and fashion  fad don't enter in to confuse there personal
conceptions that does not change with a preachers personal twist with an eye toward self praise  Jews practice Financial Karate.

As a culture Jews practically were forced to focus on money, commodities, indices , mental states, the effect of words, mental games, riddles, myths long symbolic stories, almost every thing is about teaching or learning  and have built a culture around quantification and factual manifestations,  judgment laws & the weakness of others.

They care about each other & there children and this too is
built into the culture and religious planing.

So get this Planing, Calculation, Sharing,Caring about each other working together using law ( or the letter of the law for profit ) not breaking them but teaching them .

Measure twice CUT once.

ED:Learn & practice Financial Karate, judo, kung Fu, what
ever works WE Should Do it and teach it . Instead of envying any one we should emulate what's good that any people do,  
our culture is about looking cool or strong, hip, practicing dance steeps & B ball prowess not product development and market share except for a handful of displaces salesmen of chemicals  & meat as one preacher describes dope dealers
 & pimps.  

                "except in sports and  entertainment"

America doses addicts
 with addictive drugs!
We should use Naltrexon
 or Clonidine instead
 of Addictive Methadone

Naltrexon or Clonidine instead of Addictive Methadone ) Methadone forces the "Addict to Stay in the Inner City" instead o Constructing a "real life " as a Land owning American Farmer with Government Grants subsidies for them and there children and Professional Healthcare Workers & Therapist to aid
 in there recover  in some Heart Land State of there choice instead of Locking them in the “Inner city” Concentrating on How little of the American Dream they actually have access to .           
  See the map Of the US  

Scientist suggest that  Naltrexon or Clonidine may be used  in sequence to first effect a nearly
painless Withdrawal  from Heroin and  then to maintain  the ex-addict in a prevention program.
 (Perhaps creating a Patient specific patch design for the former addict to ware ) Neither substance
 is addictive-- giving them a significant advantage over the very Addictive Methadone  ( which  being
sold as an illicit drug on the street at this writing )

According to Panacea & Pious News “All of the [Withdrawal] symptoms ended within a two hour
period “ Dr. Old told Pious News , It appears to be “quite effective” treatment for “Acute opiate withdrawal ” he said Clonidine, given twice daily over a one week period effects the Locus Ceruleus portion of the brain- The same aria affected  by morphine . ( and Government Subsidies ) But contrary
to the action of Morphine and Heroin , Clonidine works  on the Non- Opiate receptors in the Brain
 Region ,according to Dr. Old . Naltrexon and its derivative CNA work on receptor sites in the brain
 to block the attachment
 of Narcotic Molecules. While they are cautious that tests are  still in the animal stages the result would
 be a “Prophylactic “much longer acting than any thing yet developed!!

Freeing significant funds for many legal settlements resulting from Sweat Equity Law suites deriving
 the many years of Grants and Virtual-Welfare checks paid out to so many in so called Middle
 America of the so called heartland's moral majority that were actually the proxy for the Drug trade of
the so called Inner City. " We've got  to rehabilitate  ALL OF Our HUMAN RESOURCES  its a hole
new ball game, 911 means we must expend whatever resources required to create a Level playing
 field for ALL of AMERICA, Its Opportunity Knocking That's what this country IS ALL about We cant Afford not to All we can and then some!. Lets Get Rolling America !!! Live the Dream!!
  [On the Armenian front, a federal court ruled in the 1920's that
Armenians were white, and thus eligible for citizenship under the
 law at the time, which restricted naturalization to "free white people."

 In Russia, though, I understand they still refer to Cauacasians
(I use the word in the proper sense of "people from the Caucausus")
 as "blacks."

Solomon Moore and Robin Fields are Los Angeles Times
reporters. ctnow.com is Copyright © 2002 by The Hartford
Courant ctnow Produced by The Hartford Courant

`White' Has A Colorful History August 10, 2002

Go back far enough in U.S. history and many Americans who see themselves as white could have been considered minorities at one time. To Benjamin Franklin, for example, "white" referred only to those of Anglo-
Saxon descent.

"Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes are generally of what we call a swarthy complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only excepted, who with the English, make the principal body
of white people on the face of the Earth," Franklin wrote in a 1751 essay, "Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind and the
Peopling of Countries, Etc." Like Franklin, early U.S. laws regulating marriage, property rights, citizenship, voting and other facets of life viewed whiteness as a hereditary attribute. But the laws employed varying, often conflicting, standards for determining who had it. Someone could be deemed  white for purposes of citizenship, but
 non white under marriage laws - and thus barred from marrying a white.

Between the Civil War and World War II, Japanese, Arab, Afghan,
Armenian, Indian and other immigrants sued in U.S. courts, trying to
prove themselves white and therefore eligible to enter the country,
hold jobs or become citizens. Courts made contradictory rulings.

In 1910, an immigrant from India named Dolla was pale enough to persuade a court that he was white. Ten years later, the Supreme
Court ruled that another Indian immigrant was not.

The unprecedented wave of immigration at the turn of the 20th century
made the racial identity of newcomers a more contentious issue than
ever. A 1911 congressional commission sought to quiet the controversy by cataloging the identities of the immigrant flood. It
 issued a Dictionary of Races or People, which put Slavs, Poles, Italians,Russians and others in 45 nonwhite racial subgroups.

This prompted intense opposition from immigrants, especially
 Jews, who were placed in a "Hebrew" category. Many immigrants feared ostracism if the dictionary's distinctions became policy or law. Ultimately, the government discarded these categories. People with diverse origins came to be seen, and to see themselves, as white.

Mexican Americans became part of a similar debate as the United
States expanded west in the 19th century, absorbing sizable Hispanic populations. After the end of the Mexican-American War in 1848,
census enumerators counted people with Spanish surnames as white.

That practice continued until 1930, when a separate "Mexican" racial
category was created. Mexican Americans successfully lobbied to
have the designation dropped in 1940. Once again, enumerators classified virtually everyone with Spanish surnames as white.

Solomon Moore and Robin Fields are Los Angeles Times reporters.

ctnow.com is Copyright © 2002 by The Hartford Courant

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