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Check out Prescott Bush the Nazi as the real author of GWB's true,
   motivation and follow through on Hitler agenda Eugenics and Manifest
   Destiny . The booze & dope is just self medication.

Click this rides again chaosacrossamericacompolicestate
 WAR!  UNNNNNNnnn! HhhU! UNNnnn! hHU! WAR!
UGH! What Is IT Good 4! Absolutly NUTHIN!

The spirit of the American military has changed since the days of the World War II movies. In those days the US military was a citizen army of draftees and volunteers protecting the shores of the US and its allies after a clear act of aggression by a foreign country. These days the military has become a publicly funded career option for professional soldiers and soldier bureaucrats. The military no longer confines itself to the defense of the US. It has taken an active role in the internal struggles of other countries, often working closely with the Central Intelligence Agency to shore up military juntas and autocratic regimes against the citizens of those countries.
These actions are largely covert and illegal and often aimed at civilians. Killing Hope by William Blum documents 55 such military-CIA interventions in foreign countries since the Second World War.
So-called "surgical strike forces" are sent on hundreds of missions a week throughout tBecausehe world, without declaration  of war. According to The Tampa Tribune, March 1, 1996, the Special Operations Command, made up of covert operations units in the four services, works closely with the CIA and performs 280 missions a week. These are the "black bag" operations. "

I strongly recommend for anyone who wants to find further
I strongly recommend, for anyone who wants to find further background material on the issues herein
 check out the websites at dieoff.org,

"It is the mark of an educated mind to
 be able to entertain a thought without
 accepting it. "Aristotle

Subject:  Re: TEXus USA http://texusa.com/
In a message dated 3/7/2003 3:52:37 PM Eastern Standard Time,  " It's a tragedy that
colored poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, Johnny Cochran, Al Sharpton,
 Harry Belafonte, Cynthia McKinney and Louis Farrakhan as well as racist colored
organizations like the NAACP make things so hard for decent,  thinking, educated
black people."
http://texusa.com/ is one of the most direct and contrary web site on the web !!
A must read.

Lets divide America more than it already is, Khrushchev said "We will bury you " meant WE
 the USA will self destruct,and the Russians would be there and give us last rights. Perhaps
Free speech is the Power that is making us stronger and free thought is worth defending
 and fighting for.. Register and vote!

                                                                                 Keep the dream alive !!
why ?Because
                                                        Why ?  mkultra+cheney+rumsfeld        Because we can!

Take a look for yourself at
  WHAT DID YOUR GRANDFATHER DO DURING WW2 {What did your Presidents Grandfather do during WW2?}
- Adapted from Ramsey Clark's address to the half a million demonstrators at the January 18 th National March on Washington
 Stop War organized by International A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism).