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This is a photo  of a  prop  in use I created
it  for The Living Theater. This Lantern is
 not  for sale yet  & is only a lamp  prototype.
Concept peace's
 © 1998-2001 Mingus Designs
Lamp Cam

http://www.nukalert.com/   The real deal they say    http://www.ki4u.com/mre.htm
 We have no connection with them & it is not a Mingus Designs product check them out anyway.
 I designed this for my  puppet   © 1998-2001 Mingus Designs

 We have no connection with them & it is not a Mingus Designs product check them out anyway.

 I designed this for my  puppet   © 1998-2001 Mingus Designs
 We have no connection with them & it is not a Mingus Designs product check them out anyway.

Public arrest and incarceration at gun point has in the past meant for some a not so public summary execution. This project would possibly Stop some of the home front  terrorism.
But not Racism or racial profiling it is still wrong and Racism is still with us.
 Do some thing about it before it  is called Unpatriotic to Question this centuries long Evil.
That way WE are truly united United States.
 Once there was a question of guns or butter now it's Anthrax and "civilians are targets in war and must be as vigilant as a front line soldier without training" or
 a gun.  Hey! Are we as good as the Swiss?
 They all have Guns and are Citizen Soldiers aren't we as Important  or as good as they are?
 Arm this nation with  state the of the art! Train this nation if it's war draft every body!  
We are already on the front lines so...
Or are YOU merely going to treat us as if we are children or worse as if we are cattle?
 And cannon fodder for you strutting  bungling comb over boobs  Well sir if
this is so, YOU and your Famous So called Low IQ are facing a population of "not in my name" dissenters as WE see more of the things YOU & Your Mr. CIA DAD and Nazi Sucking Grand Pappy  have done.
The erased constitution and civil rights challenge may have been something
 YOU think is a joke and your methods are some what clumsy mock  patriotism. But it is clear.
Youre personal wealth and self esteem are some times linked in
 this culture but now that the Shit has hit the fan what good is
YOUR wealth, celebrity, stardom? Show us your true face.

Looks like you are not actively dealing with the enemies you are playing with them using a big budget  cruse missal to line the pockets of the cronies that make them blowing up the decrepit pathetic remnant that is Afghanistan or where ever you  can be sure there is no one that can prevent your pals plundering.
War is Killing and you are allowing US  to be targets & cutouts for YOUR  
racist  Anne (the media whore) Coulter Bleached Blond global policies as
well as NOT cutting off the hand of the Devil Dope or  bombing the poppy fields or any of your play mates as Tony  Blair claimed he would because
England now suffers the fate worse than death that of loosing another
 generation to Heroin like we did in the  60's.

So we all can see which side YOUR bread is buttered on.
Evan a 80 year old Grandma knows this, who do you think you are kidding?
I say ...