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Ice sheet could collapse. Earth Island Journal looks at ...

          or take the Ozone Hole tour...from ...

Urban Design Parameters & Microclimate


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The Shape Of Things to Come?
Top NASA Scientist Discusses The Future of Undersea Warfare
The Future of Undersea Warfare - The Shape of Things to Come?

Dennis M. Bushnell is the Chief Scientist of NASA's Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia.
 He hails originally from Westbrook, Connecticut, the hometown of David Bushnell of Revolutionary
 War "Turtle" fame, and they share a common ancestor in William Bushnell (1680-1733) of Saybrook,
 Connecticut. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the AIAA, ASME,
and the Royal Aeronautical Society and is the recipient of the NASA  medals for Outstanding Leadership
 and Exceptional Scientific Achievement.

FYI 1. this popped into my head today.

That's where I found a second reference for
Sherman Skolnick's Report
... a sub-basement. The compact, nuclear submarine-type
mechanism is called "atomic pig" because it is mounted
on legs in a room 20 by 20 by 20 feet. Occupants of ...


TVE's Earth Report...  ice sheet could collapse.
Earth Island Journal looks at ...or take the Ozone
Hole tour...From the Centre ...
at our online searchable catalogue for more
information ...

 ice sheet could collapse. Earth Island Journal looks at ... or take the Ozone Hole tour...from

 FloatingCity   links   back


I am NOT working with them but there stuff IS very nice To look at

The Venus Project http://www.thevenusproject.com/



Futurist, inventor, industrial designer and human-factors engineer Jacque Fresco
 and his associate, Roxanne Meadows, have been working diligently for many years
to create comprehensive plans for solving these social ills.

This site is still under construction  4 floatingcity
LEO - Link Everything Online

The  so called face on mars is a projection of a desperate raciest
fantasy that extends to the delusion that no human of color can or
ever could do any thing " Great " like THE GREAT PYRAMID.
Adolph Hitler made the same assumption
about Jessie Owens and other Afro-genic
 Olympians " Western man turns so often to
 myth and out right fraud in order to face what
 they can't except ." This would be a humorous
if not sad foot note of history, if not for the fact
as it is all too apparent, it is easier to lie about
previous spurious superior past civilizations
 than to learn the lesson of there demise or
mythic fraudulent origins .

I am beginning work on 2 or 3 versions  of floating cities.
Bank model, Campus  ,Resort / Retirement , autonomous city state
stile and grace are considerations currently consulting with a retired
NASA dude & a husband and wife team that are interested in it
they do modular habitats. One or there client is a municipal prison in
Bavaria, looks like a resort village with a track and a swimming pool
but the guts are vandal proof and easily made autonomous and locked
down in case of flooding or other emergency ...

Not thinking of this place as a submergible although a large disk or
oval is on the drawing board in computer #1 ...

Do you know any thing about the tube cities in China ?

Be well  Charles
As per our conversation
The text below matches almost to the letter or words to the effect, describing
The floatingcity concept.

I will assume it is public domain although it might have been published by the
 government of China and they might disagree but the fact is an invention of this
 type will be a first come first serve type of situation not likly to be patentable
As goes the law of the sea  & sovereignty requires the possession of such an
 environment as yet to be created and inhabited . ( as an autonomous nation state )
 Any way it will be a Sort of ship with the laws pertaining to that unless it is stationary
 then elections will likely be held and history will be written.
(Miles Standish eat your heart out)
This text below outlines what I have been discussing for some time now called
Floatingcity but more fleshed out. You cant patent an idea nor should one, it all
boils down to which ever succeed to achieve the goal at hand.This system they
describe has a lot of problems political,strategic & mechinical but they may be
overcome by focusing on them and experimentation.  But some sort of enclave
 city will be built, as on earth now there are many communities that are only rich
and all of the tourist ports are segregated by economics ( a recipe for disaster  )
and this system may not be an exception, but welth spent on life is better than
wealth hoarded in a bank as time goes by the US is geting that idea,
 perhaps too late ...
We have no one to blame but ourselves, if we don't do it, we don't do it ...
dead link original

This is a floating city designed to accommodate
100,000 persons.
7 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide with the capacity to be mobile ,
grow its own food,produce its own electricity and,owing to it existing
beyond the 12 mile (20km) governmental jurisdiction boundaries, create
 its own government, income system and tax base.

In essence, this mobile city becomes its own independent country .
The structural for the project is electrolytic concrete made from
seawater mineral salts that adhere to steel rebar submerged underwater
 with a small amount of electrical current applied to the bar. Over a short
 time the mineral salts form the seawater accretes onto the steel to form
a concrete material. The process is extremely inexpensive and produces
 reinforced concrete suitable for creating structures. The structure is built
underwater and is then floated to the surface when completed.
By pumping air into chambers and sea water into others as ballast much
 like a submarine. The hollow body elements can act as filters blocking
out sea life fish etc. and prepair Sea water for aditional treetment of
desalinasation and hidrogen fule cell production utalising  CP
Conductive Polymer technology (un-proven at this time ). ED

The city utilizes several different types of electrical power generation.

Five Ocean Thermal Energy Convertion units are positioned at strategic
 zones of the city to supply electricity. Banks of free-standing windmills and
PV, photovoltaic solar cells produce additional electricity.

  [ I propose  Amorphous PV made from Conductive Polymer
   skin for the entire external habitat ceilings & walls roof ] ED

The "head" of the floating city is a small (No Go) mountain range with a specially
 designed frontal structure that cuts Tsunami tidal waves into smaller, manageable
waves with little destructive effect.

It is a tidal wave barrier that requires the city to head into the on-coming wave.
An adjustable set of hydrodynamic"limbs" adapts to the needed amount of marine
 agriculture garden area depending upon population need.
The "limbs"also reduce water drag when positioned together.
 The greatest advantage to the city's mobility is that when it rests in one
 place for a while to exploit the ocean's resources it can then move
onward so that that particular area is not depleted and can replenish
itself thus protecting and preserving the ocean's bounty.

 In my version : The city grows its own food and is and agrarian-
based population utilizing advanced, nature-based technologies
that produce no toxic pollutants. Or absorbs and uses them at least this is the objective. ED

"Living Machines" and solar desalination plants create and recycle
all water for human use.The city, in essence,is a living organism based upon
ocean resources and climate.

Aerial Perspective Rendering. the "downtown" area in the distance.
The floating city has a profound educative directive to its design.
 View through an aero-taxi window.

Perspective view of a floating city neighborhood.

 All buildings are made from electrolytic reinforced concrete and are
 designed to be typhoon-proof, aerodynamic and structurally attached
to the main floating sea city structure.

A large submerged metal mesh panel, like the ones used to fabricate the
 floating sea city, is viewed underwater showing the cement like  material
 to form a huge reinforced concrete panel the metal mesh, over one to six
weeks,becomes encased with the cement-like material of ocean mineral
salts leached from the salt water.

Longitudinal elevation reveals the OTEC electricity producing units.

Elevation views show the 300-meter elongating Ocean Thermal Energy
 Conversion units that adjust their length according to ocean bottom depth.

The web content from the now defunct web site with its illustrations
vanished with my interest in this project as mysteriously as it appeared
 the uncanny similarity to my plan has cautioned me regarding further
 disclosures of my exact plans and specific materials and devices one
might employ in order to achieve the final goal.

I wish this were not the logical & practical practical thing to do.

[ this collection of 4 or 5 pages are  the fruits of 3 or years web searching
& reading ]

Having no funds to create such a device.

 I have begun to cultivate like minded people professionals in the various
 fields that are willing to share there time to achieve some of the basic goals.
To say the least security & sovereignty are now primary on there minds.
It will be always thus as to Nation States.

The simple fact is as we all have (re)discovered there is no security at any
price as has always been the case in nature we awake to a new equilibrium
each day.
So be it a university town Spring Break Party Spa , Retirement enclave or
floating factory/prison  what ever there will  there must be a vigilance on
 board perhaps citizen soldiers all just like currently in Switzerland all have
training and each home has a machine gun with wireless vid links...

The president says we are ALL on the front lines !!!

 Well if so, we all should be getting checked trained and equipped
instead of lining up for bio chips or what ever NWO Panic crap they
 are planing to ram up us like sheep.
This thing really works!
                                  Try it this it's very good
Not Found    http://www.weirs.com/w_times/99archiv/10/14/work.htm

The requested URL /w_times/99archiv/10/14/work.htm was not found on this server.
Apache/1.3.27 Server at www.weirs.com Port 80

Not Si-Fi


  Some say its hoplessly hoakey but I included The Venus project is beautifully presented.
  its lots of fun seeing the human ego at its best

    *************************** NEXT MORE ON THIS !!

  2 miles thick with 1 mile deep cracks called fissures its history is our  
  history too ..
If you think war, terrorism and man made problems like weapons drugs & oil are serious problems get
over it nothing can compare to the potential coming global Earth changes that may flood most of the earth
 effecting all  population's with 200 foot tides for the next 20,000 years.

And you thought radio active waist was  "the big secret" accident waiting to happen. Forgedaboutit!! Nothing
 short of a new paradigm regarding our use of  resources and global cooperating on an unprecedented scale
will produce anything like a survivable world.

Check it out for your self read between the lines try to visualize the reality and what it means. Let go of
politics race religion and any thing you think you already know about the "big picture" all history is a lie
 in time, there can be a world that is unified by the common struggle to be prepared to live together on
the earth in peace and common sense or continue the descent into chaos and defeatism of war and greed.

++++ all of this was pree 911++++

    XYZXYZ wrote:

       ----- Original Message -----
       From: XYZXYZ
       To: XYZXYZ
       Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2000 6:35 AM

       Subject: Re: Wow ! Under Antarctica, Clues to an Icecap's Fate
    might be the actual end of all human life ...

    Thanks XYZXYZ.
    It was grate talking with you such a positive energy... Wow !
    Clearing the desk and gearing up I need at least a week ...
    Preparing for the 18th ... etc .

    Be well please keep in touch ....

    That radio x ray  satellite or one like it  ( by NASA Landsat ) is in
    one scenario responsible for the closing down of the cold war... It sees
    atomic subs under Polar ice & Beer cans in the deepest ocean trench ...
   Some 3 Card Mountie action  ...
    A very simple B/W image on the cover of Science mag 8 or  10 years ago
    with a follow up apology to that DOD the following month regarding any
    breach  of security concerns ..
    Oops !

    Be well


    Dear XYZXYZ,

       We seem to be on the same wavelength.
        A review of  my files has turned up a couple of reasonable
    technnologies that have the capability of creating very large, floating
    foundations which, in aggregate, have the capabilities of:
           a: being infinitely expandable
           b. remaining stable, even in high seas (immune to wave motion)
           c. responding to short and long-term changes in water depth (due
       to tides, ice deposition from the East and or/West Antactica
    depositions of ice or other major sources of  such  changes.)
       These foundations can be used as bases upon which a series of
    individual buildings can be constructed within an extended time frame

       The technologies referenced  provide four useful functions:
           1. A means for establishing a peripheral barrier that can  serve

       effectively as a 360 degree breakwater that can function during,
    before or after water level changes.
           2. A means for establishing a stable platform from which
    appropriate buoys and weights can be launched for the activation of
    mechanisms for generating electrical power from wave action.
           3. A means for fabricating large, rigid platforms that can be
    used as individual building foundations.
           4. A means for supporting those platforms so that they will
    remain planar..i.e. will not impart any twisting moments to structures
    erected upon them

        I'm clearly interested in your project. Do  let me know how, if
    and when I can help and what
       basis for my participation you may have in mind.




    XYZXYZ wrote:

       Dear XYZXYZ,

       An interesting conversation this evening that I look forward to

       Your remarks about Antarctica raised my curiosity.  Found an article
    in the NY Times: October 16,1999  that rounds out your thesis in disturbing detail.

       If you haven't already put in in your files, you can download it from

       The phrases that really surprised and disturbed me  most:
    "Geothermal and volcanic heating as well as atmospheric warming apparently
    maintain a layer of liquid water and mud between the ice sheet and underlying
    rock, allowing the ice to slide fairly freely ( The
       italics are mine).

       While XYZXYZ's remark about a city floating in the air sounded
    funny, I seem to recall that  Bucky Fuller actually proposed that such a structure
    of great enough size and covered by an appropriate transparent membrane could
    indeed be supported  by atmospheric pressure since the greenhouse effect would
     provide a net  displacement of ambient air by the solar-heated atmosphere beneath
      that membrane.

       Do keep me posted.



    XYZXYZ wrote:

    Dear XYZXYZ,

       Fascinating Stuff on this new light-weight carbon material.  My
    three year old grandson
       and I have been having fun playing with the wonderful animated
    models on Soda.
       The Venus project is beautifully presented.

       I was much involved with another intentional community program back
    in the early sixties.

       I was living in ( XYZXYZ.)  XYZXYZ  appeared on  BBC one evening and
    proposed a  "survival" community that might be organized somewhere in
    the South  Seas.

       But that was long ago and far away. As I get ever closer to my 9th
      decade (which begins  within the next two years)...new adventures are still
      intriguing..but I find that time is an  increasingly precious commodity..so I
      entertain them very selectively.

       This summer my wife and I will be touring in XYZXYZ,XYZXYZ XYZXYZ,.
    After our return at the end of August we'll be visiting friends and relatives in
    XYZXYZ and   XYZXYZ until the beginning of  September  I
      So.., although I'm planning to tour with my Lap Top in hand, but I'm
    not counting on large quantities of creative output for the summer.
    Again.  Thanks for he E-mails




This is not mine but it is possibly of interest
 it's anti nuke with a twist ...
Subject: From their reactors to kids mouths?

Also check out  other Nuke Info...
This issue was as horrendous as it was stupid !
NIRS: 1999 Radioactive Metal Recycling ALERT public comment deadline 7/5/99
CMEP: Rad Metal 2/98 Update
Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project

Hello All:
          We are happy to report that the US Environmental Protection Agency received just over 150 letters in response to their proposal to allow
 the reuse of radioactive metal for consumer products. Only one or two of those comments were from companies. The majority of the letters
 told EPA that consumers do not want any radioactivity in their products. This is an amazing show of our cohesiveness on this issue--

considering we only had 3 very busy holiday months to organize. Way to go!
 EPA is in the process of analyzing the letters and will determine if they will go
 forward with a formal rulemaking process within two months.
EPA has admitted that the number of negative comments will influence this decision.

          Furthermore EPA is still taking comments despite the formal closure of the comment period on January 31 1998.

          Therefore we should not let up on our pressure to prevent the release of this harmful metal into the public realm.

 Please continue to send comments to John Karhnak john.karhnak@epamail.epa.gov. Please also copy your letter to me
          Jessica Vallette (vallette@citizen.org).
          Keep up the excellent work!

Direct your comments or questions:
Public Citizen's Critical Mass Energy Project
215 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington DC 20003
phone: 202-546-4996   fax: 202-547-7392










******************************* Cool

 Floating City Protects Shore
  (3 of 3)
  [05/03/2001 4:41:16 AM]
[05/03/2001 4:37:10 AM]
  Popular Mechanics: Technology Watch: Floating City Protects Shore: May
  Japanese Sold On Solar Homes May
 hi again Some of this stuff sounds familier some how ...
have fun
 Be well CM3
after  the editing

  Date:Oct 2000 Index b & other experiments

Tele-immersion project on Internet2 page:
If you don't have internet2 access, go here:


Re: FYI Have you ever tried searching something on dogpile.com?

Have you ever tried searching something on http://www.dogpile.com ?
It is incredibly thorough.
  makes http://www.google.com look like a country mouse

Try a long thing like this on each >
the wireless world will eliminate the hierarchies of the architecture of
the space craft Example of google search below

sun-harmony.com  ]
the wireless world will eliminate the hierarchies of the  architecture
of the space craft in outer space the wireless world will eliminate
 the hierarchies of the  architecture of the craft

Infoworld Article: Free software site makes programs that compete with
Windows applications

            Mon, 22 Jan 2001 13:52:34 -0800 (PST)
    This InfoWorld (http://www.infoworld.com) article has been sen
    to you by dan check this out...

    Free software site makes programs that compete with big-buck Windows

applications   By Brian Livingston

    READER BRIAN GANLEY wrote in, full of praise about a Web site called
    there are shareware and freeware sites up the wazoo, and I could
write 52
columns a year about nothing but the latest shareware. But it turns out Ganley is
onto something useful.

    For the rest of the article, go to:



WW III will be a guerilla information  war with no division between
& civilian participation ...
Marshall Mc Luen

  It is incredibly thorough.
  Makes http://www.google.com look like a country mouse

 Have you ever tried searching something on http://www.dogpile.com ?
 Infoworld Article: Free software site makes programs that compete with
Windows applications

            Mon, 22 Jan 2001 13:52:34 -0800 (PST)
    This InfoWorld (http://www.infoworld.com) article has been sen
    to you by dan_ochiva@intertec.com
    check this out...

    Free software site makes programs that compete with big-buck Windows applications
    By Brian Livingston  READER BRIAN GANLEY wrote in, full of praise about a Web
site called AnalogX. Sure,  there are shareware and freeware sites up the wazoo,
and I could write 52 columns a year about nothing but the latest shareware.
But it turns out Ganley is onto something useful.   For the rest of the article, go to:



    Copyright (c) 2001 InfoWorld Media Group Inc. All rights reserved.
    Reproduction in whole Or in part in Any form Or medium
    without express written permission of InfoWorld Is prohibited.

Dave Beaudin wrote: Tele-immersion project on Internet2 page:


     If you don't have internet2 access, go here:



Re: Fwd: Production Mini-plants in mobile containers
In a message dated 3/17/01 1:36:02 PM,  World Trade News,
 March 2001 Production Mini-plants in mobile containers
"...Science Network Foundation (SCiNet) will supply to countries and
  developing regions the technology and the necessary support for the
 production in series of Mini-plants in mobile containers. The Mini-plant
system is designed in such a way that all the production machinery is
fixed on the platform of the container,  with all wiring, piping, and installation
 parts; that is to say,
they are fully equipped..." To see the complete news:

"   http://www.terra.es/personal4/valleeda "

  Production Mini-plants..

Developed by World Trade News

1 FYI's Google Search: atomic pig & African Chocolate

FYI 1. this popped into my head today.

That's where I found a second reference for
Sherman Skolnick's Report
... a sub-basement. The compact, nuclear submarine-type
mechanism is called "atomic pig" because it is mounted
on legs in a room 20 by 20 by 20 feet. Occupants of ...

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