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  WW III will be a guerilla information  war
                   with no division
 between military & civilian participation ...
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Sick nuclear workers:
The deception ends
To build America's mammoth arsenal of nuclear weapons, the U.S.
government and its contractors knowingly put thousands of workers in
harm's way. But when workers complained of health problems, the
government lied about the hazards, spent millions fighting their claims in
court, and colluded with contractors to hide risks. Finally, on October 30,
2000, the Clinton administration took a giant step towards righting this
wrong, signing into law a compensation program for sick nuclear workers.
Why, after six decades of denial, did the government finally change its tune
and admit that it had put workers at risk? Michael Flynn explains in "A Debt
Long Overdue."
Nuclear weapons workers aren't the only ones whose health and well-being
have been jeopardized by the government's "science-based" radiation
policies. In "The Burden of Proof," Arjun Makhijani recounts the numerous
other victims?including the atomic vets, uranium miners, unwitting subjects
in plutonium experiments, and "downwinders"?of the government's nuclear
activities. With the passage of the nuclear workers compensation law,
writes Makhijani, "the sweeping scope of the human cost of the Cold War"
is finally coming out into the open.
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The legislation, however, is only a first step, writes Robert Alvarez in "Making It Work."
 Now that the government has admitted it made people sick, it next has to establish an
 administrative process for assessing thousands of claims, determine who is eligible, and
 provide claimants with a fair judicial review of decisions. It may be a long time before the
 checks get into the mail.
Visualizing the unthinkable

The U.S. nuclear weapons targeting plan?known as the SIOP?is a closely guarded secret,
to put it mildly. Not even members of Congress with top secret clearances are permitted a
But as BretLortie reports in "A-Do-It-Yourself SIOP," researchers at the Natural Resources
Defense Council have developed a computer program that can mimic the secret plan, allowing
anyone to better visualize theoutcome of a nuclear attack scenario. A better public understanding
 of what it means to target countries like Russia and China with thousands of nuclear weapons
might lead to a more rational war plan.
Nuclear weapons, the next generation?
A small but influential elite, writes Stephen I. Schwartz in "The New-Nuke Chorus Tunes Up,"
 wants the United States to build a new generation of highly accurate, bunker-busting nuclear
Answers from above

 And don't forget:Plutonium,
the contest
To accompany last issue's special section on plutonium disposal, the
Bulletin announced its idea for handling the world's "excess" stock of the
 stuff: a contest, with more than $3,000 in prizes. We're inviting
artists, architects, and general visionaries to submit their artistic work
for what we're calling the "Plutonium Memorial," a facility that would
house the world's unwanted weapon plutonium.
We see the memorial, were it actually ever to be built, as a grand and
 visible emblem reminding the world that short-sighted paths to power
can lead to a big pile of problems. We'll judge the entries and present
the winners in an issue next year.

Click here for rules, deadlines, and details
The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is published bimonthly by the Educational Foundation
for Nuclear Science, 6042 S. Kimbark Ave., Chicago, IL 60637. (773)702-2555 Fax: (773)702-0725
(c)2001 The Educational Foundation for Nuclear Science
Questions or comments? E-mail us at bulletin@thebulletin.org

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What to do ?
  Get a Giggler counter take it shopping ??.
 Subject: From their reactors to kids mouths?
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