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The general idea is to personalize
all materials &  resist  the revisionism
 & effect of TV & all Mass Media Hype

Anything can be or become art, this is what makes it dangerous.
 Some say " there is NO process of evolution in culture or art no
one kind of art is superior to another, art is a fashion," in reality an expression of a time passing,not a litmus test of a lessor or grater degree of humanity inteligance or value as a people.

I guess that can be true some of the time. But then how does that explain the seaming progression of a classical style say starting in Africa & extending to film and TV & now the Computer & Global PC
[cell phone] Satellites .

Next thing you know electromechanical device will be made to project mental projections directly into the human mind bypassing the Eye & Ears,no immediate reason not to right?

I think that would be OK. Beside it being a question of choice it's a fact of life some humans want control of other humans action and thoughts to serve there purposes this tendency has many willing supporters  flunkies dupes and self servers.

Like Mc Luan says" the media is the massage" Opening society
to the artless likes of Andy Warhole and other "Ego less lumps", defeatist lazy piano lobsters, lounge lizards & thwarted nonentities
 that want to do the same thing over and over without questions long
as they can be rich or famous or both.

Many of us are all to willing consumers excepting any superficial expressions of triumph and projections of a false homogeneity.
All art puts the lie to sameness. No one  working in the gigantic heartless multinational super corporate land is busy building a better way for the individual to express them self intentionally, least of
all with state of the art technology what we have now with the addition
 of the super high resolution color cameras that are ultra small and can be attached to the phone on a pair of glasses that will view and project
directly to eye of the receiver of the call, all for free!

This will be an OK expression of the human fantasy of telepathy but it still will not be art.

As far as that goes most of our best literature evaporates
 on the existing grid of the standard telephone.
Think of all the letters that go unwritten replaced by a long
meaningful heart to heart's via the phone or perhaps with
 e-mail saved UN-deleted a once aborted personal literature
 might come back in to being as printed letters that we put in
the mail box or what as what Web site " rants" ?What?
A new art form?

Na! That Ain't art either in my opinion art is what ever has
no real porpoise or reason although there is something
called advertising art and Art films & art museums and art
critics and art sails and art reproduction & public art what
more could any one want ?

 All I see in that is comodified homogenized production hustle
 and bustle of commerce tried and true Hype! Entertainment
a kind of art because it almost has no purpose except to
distract. What I want is personal expression created by
individual expressing a personal vision.
 That is arts promise and basic premiss, although historically
 what we call art today began as job a commission from a
king or pope or wealthy family in the west and it was an
expression of esthetics or ethics or wealth and power it can
be much more than museum peace's passed around from
eye ball to eye ball on weekend's serving as conversation
piece or tax right off  for  propaganda Art has a spiritual
 component art does exist and can be experienced over
and over just by looking .

   The general idea for me is to personalize some castoff
materials & resist revisionism and nullification fostered by
 the corrosive effect of glib and indifferent TV and other
popular mass media controlled by big business agenda.
Read the book “Remember to remember” by Henry Miller  
or “The Book “ By Alan Watts.

              In general to try not to be a "tourist".

The general idea is to  personalize all
 materials you come in contact with, by
choice & to resist  the revisionism and
nullification fostered by the corrosive
 effect of TV & all Mass Media.