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Caution ! Satire - Creation Science Museum
 Why Do People Create Elaborate Websites That Mock
Landover Baptist Creation Scientist, Dr. Fred Neiman, announced
findings related to his research into the female soul early this
week. "The absence of either salvation or condemnation for
women finds extensive support in the Word of God." He reported.
"Jesus said that the sole reason God created women in the first
place was to provide company and service to men (1 Corinthians
11:9), God determined that men would be lonely living alone, so
he created women purely to keep men company and serve their
needs (Genesis 2:18-22). Women are therefore completely
subordinate to men (1 Corinthians 11:3). It stands to reason,
though, that once men enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be
one with God, and will no longer be lonely and in need of mortal
companionship. Thus, the reason behind having women will no
longer exist. Women, like the members of the animal kingdom,
will fall by the wayside."
Dr. Neiman went on to say that, "once men reunite with their
maker, they will no longer be burdened with the care of women.
After all, women were inferior creations from the start. Women are fond of self-indulgence
(Isaiah 32:9-11). They are silly and easily led into error (2 Timothy 3:6). They are subtle
and deceitful (Proverbs 7:10; Ecclesiastes 7:26). They are zealous in promoting superstition
and idolatry (Jeremiah 7:18; Ezekiel 13:17, 23). And they are active in instigating to
iniquity (Numbers 31:15-16; 1 Kings 21:25; Nehemiah 13:26). It was the inherent
weakness of women that led them to be deceived by Satan (Genesis 3:1-6; 2 Corinthians
11:3; 1 Timothy 2:14). Consequently, women were cursed from the start (Genesis 3:16).
There is simply no room in heaven for such flawed and inadequate beings."
Pastor Deacon Fred warned the congregation that there was no reason to be alarmed.
"Dr.Neiman's conclusions still need to be formalized," he assured. "I am certain that our team
of religious experts will find some way around these Scriptures."  Some of the women present
were visibly shaken by the report. A teary eyed Sister Taffy Crockett said through choked
sobs, "I've heard of colored women not having souls... but me? NO!  This is outrageous!"

Head Pastor, Rev. Ebeneezer Smith, had some comforting words for the ladies of Landover.
"I personally want to assure all female members of this church that until we examine Dr.
Neiman's research to our complete satisfaction, consider yourselves saved."

Copyright 2000, Americhrist Ltd. All rights reserved.
Women Probably Don't Have Souls
http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news0500/femsoul.html (1) [09/08/2002 8:03:28 PM].

Science Means Satan In Latin http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news1100/science.html

July 2000
All You Can Eat: Endangered Species Dinner
Animation: The Jesus Fish
Ex Negro Ministry -HTML
Ex Negro Ministry -PDF
Film Review: Disney's Dinosaur Turning Kids Into Sex Maniacs!
Creation Scientists Prove: Circles are of Satan
 Learning To Treat People of Color Like Human Beings
Historical Society: Grand Opening
Surfin' the Net With jesus (July Edition)
he Americhrist Newsletter
http://www.landoverbaptist.org/letter.html [09/08/2002 7:50:20 PM].
Look Out Satan!
Baby Jesus Comics : Baby Jesus Comics are a great way to get God's Bible
message out to young people.
Brother Harry's Bible Study : Updated monthly; Brother Hardwick is considered to be the, "Bible Answer Man," by Christian elite around the world. His daily war on Satan in Yahoo message boards and Christian chat rooms all over the net is available in full context by clicking above.

Ex-Negro Ministry: God can change the behavior of homosexuals, He has
shown the people of this church that He can change the behavior of Negroes as well.
 PDF page available here>

Which leads us to another
 Rawman Rant on Race
and Religion.

The above Bible-thumping fraud
 is fake ( a perody ) unlike the Euroscientists Tory crap below...
Elaine Pagels and the neuro-politics of paradise
by Alex Burns (alex@disinfo.com) - January 07, 2001
In December 1945 a collection of fifty-two Gnostic Christian texts and codices was uncovered at the Egyptian town of Nag Hamm? which has radically altered our perceptions of Judeo-Christianity. For many years, these documents were shrouded in mystery, until a group of scholars broke this silence to publicly release this material.
Scholar Elaine Hiesey Pagels had been part of an international team which published an English edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and was to become a key platyer in the religious studies publishing war that exposed the social construction of Salvation by institutionalized Christianity. Her credentials were impeccable, and indicated what was to come: a B.A. from Stanford University in 1964; Ph.D from Harvard University's graduate religious studies program in 1970; recipient of the prestigious Rockefeller fellowship (1978), a Guggenheim fellowship (1979), and MacArthur Prize fellowship (1981). She is currently the Harrington Spear Paine Professor of Religion at Princeton University.
Pagels had attracted academic interest for her books The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis (1973) and The Gnostic Paul (1975), but it was The Gnostic Gospels (1979) which catapulted her to public prominence (winning her the US National Book Critics Circle Award and the US National Book Award), and which brought much of the Nag Hammadi material to the general public. Pagels provocatively contended that institutionalized Christianity had emerged from personality-driven cliques and petty infighting, and that Western history might have been radically different if Gnostic texts dating from 200 AD had been included in the Christian canon.
Although not a cohesive movement (Valentinus's sect is amongst the most famous), Gnostic Christian sects placed greater emphasis on personal direct experience of the Judeo-Christian God's revealed knowledge. Gnostic Christians also suggested a very human relationship between Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, and that the Resurrection was principally a symbolic act. Psycho-analyst Carl Gustav Jung had gradually uncovered the alchemical methods of Gnostic Christianity, and attempted reconstructive rituals had been preserved by Rosicrucian offshoots such as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley. But in the hellish glare of atomic mushroom clouds, the emergent Global Brain evidently decided that this hidden current had to manifest itself, and quickly.
Traditionalist scholars objected to Pagels' textual interpretations and feminine emphasis (Pagels' research should not be confused with the more recent feminist/consensus values publishing industry), but she had cross-referenced orthodox apologetic arguments against Valentinian texts. This in-depth research continued with Adam, Eve and the Serpent (1988), which examined how the primordial Creation myths have shaped our consciousness.
The 1987 death of her six-year old son, and 1988 death of husband Heinz Pagels (a famous quantum physicist and Chaos Theory icon) led Pagels to reflect on the construction of enemies and how humans cope with tragey and catastrophy.

 The Origin of Satan (1995) traced the cultural evolution of Satan from a Life After Death judgment figure
to an innately evil archetypal force used to demonize heretics and segments of the Jewish community.
There was abundent evidence that Satan was used as a scare-crow figure to get the deeply divided
 Christian community to cohere as a group in the face of manufactured external threats.
"Which leads us to another Rawman Rant on Race
and Religion.
So Why Do You Think They Called It  The Dark Ages ?ED.

Then Why Do You Think They Called It  The Dark Ages ?
 The Moors who were Black Africans
( to day Black is still resonant with 'evil' projected on them)

The Moors were not a manufactured evil created to oppress members the Jewish community,
 you can throw out  this crap about  "some"  segments of the Jewish community being the
 victims of a conspiracy that is a cover up for the complicity & the duplicity  of some within
the epoch of the Islamic domination over Europeans non Christian and Christian alike,  some
segments of the French  &  some from the Jewish community worked on both sides during
the nearly 1,000 years (800 years) that Moors dominated Europe regarding the Enslavement
 of Europeans, Slavs & German’s the Moors, Blacks conquerors of Europe as another form
of commerce .
Read Roman historical text regarding the German Cannibals feared by the Romans as
 barbarians and worse. They later return to there old habits during the so called CRUSADES
 as the Normans sacking Jerusalem Killing gutting & cooking children on spits like so many
sheep or goats and eating Christians Jews And Moores alike Yum! Yum! Yum!...ED.
But that was a Holey War!

Read the book "Golden Age of the Moor " by Van Sertima
 ISBN:1-56000-581-5 (C) 1992 ISSN : 0270-2495

"Franks & Jews traded Slavs & Germans who had been taken prisoner ... on the Frankish territories
... Thus Slave & Slave became interchangeable terms...Slavs were also traded out of the Adriatic  ...
Franks & Jews made young boys into Eunuches...  Franks were to become the French.

     With the contributions of individuals such as Zaryab.  Spain flourished.  But amidst the beauty and wealth, a socio-political plague was spreading: “Jews who had ... been slaves
now began trading in slaves.”  According to T.B. Irving, between the years of 786 and 1009, “Franks and Jews traded Slavs and Germans who had been taken prisoner ... on the
Frankish territories.  Thus “Slav” and “slave” became interchangeable [terms] ... They
 [the Franks and Jews] made young boys into eunuchs at Verdun...
So they could "PUNK" them later ED. ... The slaves were  driven from France to Spain
 in great herds like cattle... "
 "From  between the years 786 and 1009 Blacks Contributed culture to &
 ruled Europe many years  ending around 1492 with the Conquista. And
then Christopher Colombus passed on the “blessings of slavery” to the so called New World replacing the population and clamming supremacy over another half of the world a world away ED."

Read the book "Golden Age of the Moor " by Van Sertima ISBN:1-56000-581-5 (C) 1992 ISSN : 0270-2495
" When they reached their destination, the men were purchased as servants or laborers, the women as household help or concubines ... Many women were also imported from Galacia,
for their blonde appearance attracted the Arab gentlemen.  Slaves were also traded from out
 the Adriatic.  These captives too were Slavs, and their merchants chiefly Christians.”

" This slave trade changed the racial mix in Al-Andulus.  
The use of Europeanwomen as concubines gradually
 lightened the complexion of Moorish Spain ..."
Read the book "Golden Age of the Moor " by Van Sertima ISBN:1-56000-581-5 (C) 1992 ISSN : 0270-2495

Into what Aribs, Portoricans Jews what?
Beside the additional Black Sorrow of the Flee born so called Black Death contracted
due to a general lack of any concept of hygiene or facilities for protecting water the
disease spread very rapidly because no one not even the Kings bathed once in there
 entire lives.

Why do you think they called it the Dark Ages spending a 100 years rewrighting the
History of Europe to erase as much of the history of those times ('Black Days')  as it
took time  to erase the books  the poetry the songs just as any history of Carthaginians was plowed into the earth for 100 years after  being ground up with
salt one of the earliest acts of GENOCIDE prior to that of the WW2 Genocide the holocaust of the 6 million Jewish gypsies Slavs and others including the tiny minority of German Blacks among Hitters first victims.

 But seriously the pallid lies of if those time will always be the Predicate of the white wash of the future Europeans  who stole most every thing and rename every thing
as "white" what ever that is, it's no surprise we might some day face a resurgence
 of a Moorish Back Lash as ( Arab descendants perhaps make an attempt  as we all are circling the drain ) at Re-ascendance of "global" domination all be it no one can factor the Asian equation 1.5 Billion Worker feeder State we call China ( You cant
 Give them AIDS or Drugs ) plus 1.5 Billion Islamic  spread around the globe.

 No wonder the Polish pope was trying to knit together a "white "sweater including
 x Russia but he over looks the fact that  x Russia is also largely Asian and Non christian that has all but eluded most thinkers and Geopolitical Kneelers Like
G. W. B. & crew . ED "

Pagels' uncovering of anti-Semitism's theological roots and the memetic mutation of the Gospel of Love (Agape)
into irrational hatred was again attacked by Traditionalists, but well received by a public who still remembered the shadowy specter of the Inquisition and genocidal Crusades.

Pagels' magisterial and witty writings reveal an important neuro-political lesson: Salvation must be found from personally mediated truths. Heed her call and remember. Always.

I don’t know if this is the R. Metzger  dope fiend of Alpert Leary Metzger and LSD ? CIA Fame or not but If it is & You Are he. I don’t trust you any more now than the first day I met you and your croney baloneys!

It may suite you to white wash the color of Christ or Jesus or what ever but I know  you especially obfuscate the truth of ‘Black’ history at every opportunity in any matter that would eliminate the purloined stature of the  x holy roman empire that is Germany during that historical pivot in the ebb and  flow that is the nature of global Civilization. What do you want now with your confabulations:
" Is it possible, through historical research, to travel back two thousand years and get a glimpse of Jesus the man?   (  Read my book “Jesus was a Black Nigger”ED.)

Or, like Paul's vision on the road to Damascus, can the real Jesus be only known through faith? “

One fact certain the Anglo-Saxon is obviously dependant on the thin veneer of lies you and your cohorts  spue to butter your bread as honourary whites like they did in South Africa or as Donnish De Suza does for the super racist Republicrat’s that pay him .

They wear the history of others as a "sacred robe made largely of the skin of others" who have lived thousands of years on earth as a people China Rome Africa Oops! Mitochondrial DNA Lucy and Carbon Dating were not tools invented to “discover Whites (Skin is) are Minor Glitch in the genetic development of Saipan Saipan only some estimated 20,000 years and the last Ice Age accounts for skin Collor only.

(See Eve out of Africa “ a very unusual program from the Discovery Chanal.)

During which time WE as a species have by ‘the nature of the beast’ conspired among ourselves to obligingly “die off “and be replaced!

By what day glow nuked-out cockroaches or an extraterrestrial race of morphing Lizard people to shy to show them selves.

As a matter of fact neither Anthropology or Archeology are equipped to achieve Napoleon Bonaparte there  inventors goals, to create a Scientific Discipline to prove a desired opinion that Egyptians were not Black Africans more properly the NUBIANS as the fathers of Egyptian Civilization .

In there attempt to prove that “white” peoples built them or at least that Ptolemaic ‘mixed races ‘Roman Egyptians’ were the builders of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids a harrowing feet to Whites unimaginable to them that Blacks did in fact do it and not with Slave Labor, a Colonialist Paradigm that some what to them justified more of the same.

Actual & Philosophical Slavery and the Pseudo-scientific Cannibalism of Eugenics all are tools that have co-formed so as to re write all of Human history and make it "white" although this can never be done to any degree of satisfaction in the mind of the people of color be they Chinese, Jews or Gentile Egyptian who were Jews or early Christians as Semites or the Moore they out number WHITES and there cohorts most of whom are dupes and camp followers living on the lies they
 parrot as long as they maintain the “Blond Blue eyed Jesus Myth’  Whites as The Chosen People etc. controlling the “media is only a short term solution” consider the current crop today young of willing to work with what ever works.
 There is clearly a yearning for the lowest common denominator and the easy way out it’s the nature of the beast.  Buddhism is in your mind a better way pricicly because it has no loyalty to any one but the self.
 By the way 8 out of 10 of earths inhabitants are forced to live on $1.00 a day us as the largly White West suck them dry. So who cares about extraterrestrials taking over really.
" Is it possible, through historical research, to travel back two thousand years and get a glimpse of Jesus the man?   (  Read my book “Jesus was Black”ED.)
Or, like Paul's vision on the road to Damascus, can the real Jesus be only known through faith? “

the real jesus
by Richard Metzger - December 24, 2001

During the time of the biblical Jesus, there was widespread expectation amongst the Jews that a kingly Messiah, descended from the house of King David, would arise and establish God's kingdom on earth. To Christians today, Jesus is the living fulfillment of the Old Testament prophesies. To others, however, he was merely one of a number of false claimants to the throne, a figure whose testament is heavily colored by myth and church dogma. Is it possible, through historical research, to travel back two thousand years and get a glimpse of Jesus the man? Or, like Paul's vision on the road to Damascus, can the real Jesus be only known through faith?

Somewhere between the messianic expectations of the Jews and the high christology of the later Christian Church, was a person who lived in history - who breathed, ate, and had friends and family like the rest of us, then died an abrupt and ignoble death. Yet, aside from the New Testament, contemporary history is almost silent about Jesus. With the help of recent archaeological findings and current bible scholarship, however, there is a great deal we can discern about the events surrounding Jesus and thus gain new insights into the man himself.

The Real Jesus is a critical examination into the life and times of Jesus. I have tried to take a balanced approach in presenting information, some of which is quite controversial. Rather than dismiss some of the more contentious speculations outright, I have presented arguments and counter arguments and allowed logic to dictate which position is correct. For the most part, however, I have relied on conventional biblical scholarship, multiple attestation of sources, and old fashioned common sense to select the material on these pages.

For those who feel that this material directly challenges fundamental tenets of their Christian belief, I can only say that the uniqueness of Jesus and his message emerges with startling clarity. His teachings of selflessness and fellowship are as relevant today as they were two thousand years ago and I can only hope that Christians will find a renewed sense of meaning and strength in Jesus' words and actions.
~~ Richard Shand, The Real Jesus, introduction.

Check out the Disinformation Dossier on Biblical Prophecies.
jesus...god...santa claus
Author: RaW_SKuLL
Date:   02-10-01 17:46

This isn't going to be a long message, fellows. I just remembered Santa Claus a while back, laying back and remembering the past. I remembered how well it kept me from being a BAD LITTLE BOY. Then I look at society today, and realize, DAMN. Isn't GOD just a more grown up version of Santa Claus? I maen look.
Santa Claus is used to keep little kids in control. @!#$ up, little kids, and watch out, you won't get any presents, you'll get a big, fat dirty lump of coal. Do nice litle boy and girl things, and you'll get exactly what you want for christmas. Same is with god. ( I will continue to write god in lowercase because I have no respect for a coward such as he) god is used to keep adults that are dumb enough to believe in @!#$ that doesn't exist in line. @!#$ up, adults, and watch out, your soul will burn in hell for all eternity for your sins!! But, walk the road that
I, god, have paved for your tender feet to walk upon and thou shall go to heaven, and live in peace. Never in my life have I heard such a crock of @!#$ to keep ignorant people in line. People have even went outta thier way to kill people in order to keep the religion alive. Oh yeah, and Jesus... He's the gateway to believing in god, through sympathy. Of course this is my opinion, so don't be offened by what I have said, hope-filled christians. Don't reply to insult me. I pave my own road thank you. Oh yeah, fellow non-believers, EVERYONE HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION!! REPLY AND SEND ME YOUR OPINIONS. NOTHING IS GREATER THAN ONE HUGE RELIGION BASH!! Thank you all.

By Tim Wise

Ask a fish what water is and you'll get no answer. Even if fish were
capable of speech, they would likely have no explanation for the element
they swim in every minute of every day of their lives. Water simply is.

Fish take it for granted.

So too with this thing we hear so much about, "racial preference."

While many whites seem to think the notion originated with affirmative
action programs, intended to expand opportunities for historically
marginalized people of color, racial preference has actually had a long
and very white history.

Affirmative action for whites was embodied in the abolition of European
indentured servitude, which left black (and occasionally indigenous)
slaves as the only unfree labor in the colonies that would become the U.S.

Affirmative action for whites was the essence of the 1790 Naturalization
Act, which allowed virtually any European immigrant to become a full
citizen, even while blacks, Asians and American Indians could not.

Affirmative action for whites was the guiding principle of segregation,
Asian exclusion laws, and the theft of half of Mexico for the fulfillment
of Manifest Destiny.

In recent history, affirmative action for whites motivated racially
restrictive housing policies that helped 15 million white families procure
homes with FHA loans from the 1930s to the '60s, while people of color
were mostly excluded from the same programs.

In other words, it is hardly an exaggeration to say that white America is
the biggest collective recipient of racial preference in the history of
the cosmos. It has skewed our laws, shaped our public policy and helped
create the glaring inequalities with which we still live.

White families, on average, have a net worth that is 11 times the net
worth of black families, according to a recent study; and this gap remains
substantial even when only comparing families of like size, composition,
education and income status.

A full-time black male worker in 2003 makes less in real dollar terms than
similar white men were earning in 1967. Such realities are not merely
indicative of the disadvantages faced by blacks, but indeed are evidence
of the preferences afforded whites - a demarcation of privilege that is
the necessary flipside of discrimination.

Indeed, the value of preferences to whites over the years is so enormous
that the current baby-boomer generation of whites is currently in the
process of inheriting between $7-10 trillion in assets from their parents
and grandparents - property handed down by those who were able to
accumulate assets at a time when people of color by and large could not.

To place this in the proper perspective, we should note that this amount
of money is more than all the outstanding mortgage debt, all the credit
card debt, all the savings account assets, all the money in IRAs and 401k
retirement plans, all the annual profits for U.S. manufacturers, and our
entire merchandise trade deficit combined.

Yet few whites have ever thought of our position as resulting from racial
preferences. Indeed, we pride ourselves on our hard work and ambition, as
if somehow we invented the concepts.

As if we have worked harder than the folks who were forced to pick cotton
and build levies for free; harder than the Latino immigrants who spend 10
hours a day in fields picking strawberries or tomatoes; harder than the
(mostly) women of color who clean hotel rooms or change bedpans in
hospitals, or the (mostly) men of color who collect our garbage.

We strike the pose of self-sufficiency while ignoring the advantages we
have been afforded in every realm of activity: housing, education,
employment, criminal justice, politics, banking and business. We ignore
the fact that at almost every turn, our hard work has been met with access
to an opportunity structure denied to millions of others. Privilege, to
us, is like water to the fish: invisible precisely because we cannot
imagine life without it.

It is that context that best explains the duplicity of the President's
recent criticisms of affirmative action at the University of Michigan.

President Bush, himself a lifelong recipient of affirmative action - the
kind set aside for the mediocre rich - recently proclaimed that the
school's policies were examples of unfair racial preference. Yet in doing
so he not only showed a profound ignorance of the Michigan policy, but
made clear the inability of yet another white person to grasp the magnitude
of white privilege still in operation.

The President attacked Michigan's policy of awarding 20 points (on a
150-point evaluation scale) to undergraduate applicants who are members of
underrepresented minorities (which at U of M means blacks, Latinos and
American Indians). To many whites such a "preference" is blatantly

Bush failed to mention that greater numbers of points are awarded for
other things that amount to preferences for whites to the exclusion of
people of color.

For example, Michigan awards 20 points to any student from a low-income
background, regardless of race. Since these points cannot be combined with
those for minority status (in other words poor blacks don't get 40
points), in effect this is a preference for poor whites.

Then Michigan awards 16 points to students who hail from the Upper
Peninsula of the state: a rural, largely isolated, and almost completely
white area.

Of course both preferences are fair, based as they are on the recognition
that economic status and even geography (as with race) can have a profound
effect on the quality of K-12 schooling that one receives, and that no one
should be punished for things that are beyond their control. But note that
such preferences - though disproportionately awarded to whites - remain
uncriticized, while preferences for people of color become the target for
reactionary anger. Once again, white preference remains hidden because it
is more subtle, more ingrained, and isn't called white preference, even if
that's the effect.

But that's not all. Ten points are awarded to students who attended
top-notch high schools, and another eight points are given to students who
took an especially demanding AP and honors curriculum.

As with points for those from the Upper Peninsula, these preferences may
be race-neutral in theory, but in practice they are anything but. Because
of intense racial isolation (and Michigan's schools are the most
segregated in America for blacks, according to research by the Harvard
Civil Rights Project), students of color will rarely attend the "best"
schools, and on average, schools serving mostly black and Latino students
offer only a third as many AP and honors courses as schools serving mostly

So even truly talented students of color will be unable to access those
extra points simply because of where they live, their economic status and
ultimately their race, which is intertwined with both.

Four more points are awarded to students who have a parent who attended
the U of M: a kind of affirmative action with which the President is
intimately familiar, and which almost exclusively goes to whites.

Ironically, while alumni preference could work toward the interest of
diversity if combined with aggressive race-based affirmative action
(by creating a larger number of black and brown alums), the rollback of the
latter, combined with the almost guaranteed retention of the former, will
only further perpetuate white preference.

So the U of M offers 20 "extra" points to the typical black, Latino or
indigenous applicant, while offering various combinations worth up to 58
extra points for students who will almost all be white. But while the first
of these are seen as examples of racial preferences, the second are not,
hidden as they are behind the structure of social inequities that limit
where people live, where they go to school, and the kinds of opportunities
they have been afforded. White preferences, the result of the normal
workings of a racist society, can remain out of sight and out of mind,
while the power of the state is turned against the paltry preferences
meant to offset them.

Very telling is the oft-heard comment by whites, "If I had only been black
I would have gotten into my first-choice college."

Such a statement not only ignores the fact that whites are more likely
than members of any other group - even with affirmative action in place -
to get into their first-choice school, but it also presumes, as
anti-racist activist Paul Marcus explains, "that if these whites were
black, everything else about their life would have remained the same."

In other words, that it would have made no negative difference as to where
they went to school, what their family income was, or anything else.

The ability to believe that being black would have made no difference
(other than a beneficial one when it came time for college), and that
being white has made no positive difference, is rooted in privilege itself:
the privilege that allows one to not have to think about race on a daily
basis; to not have one's intelligence questioned by best- selling books;
to not have to worry about being viewed as a "out of place" when driving,
shopping, buying a home, or for that matter, attending the University of

So long as those privileges remain firmly in place and the preferential
treatment that flows from those privileges continues to work to the
benefit of whites, all talk of ending affirmative action is not only
premature but a slap in the face to those who have fought, and died, for
equal opportunity.

[Tim Wise is an antiracist activist, essayist and lecturer. Send email to
mailto:  timjwise@m

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