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    Harë Bushna, Harë
Is  the Republican Party in  the
 United States becoming a dangerous  cult?
 Am I the only person who has
noticed that characteristics
usually associated with religious
cults seem to be emerging within
 the Bush GOP?
Bushna, Harë Bushna, Harë Harë
The first tip- off to me was the increasing use of the term "Bushies" by
Internet bloggers. The second has been the over-the-top way in which
theBush White House attacks its critics and opponents and attempts to
 control the media.
Like the Moonies and the Rajneeshees, the Bushies have created a highly
centralized, top-down power structure where independent thinking,
criticism,and off-dogma viewpoints, both inside and outside the GOP,
seem to be systematically crushed.
Witness the methodical steamrolling of, first, former U.N.Inspector David
Kay, then former ambassador Joseph Wilson, then former Treasury Secretary
Paul O'Neill, then John Kerry, and now former terrorism czar Richard Clarke.
The Republican National coercive mind-control tactics include: highly
controlled communi-cation; a double ethical standard (it was okay to
invade Iraq on false pretenses); punishment of detractors and critics
through threatened loss of status and position (insiders),loss of privileges
(journalists),and humiliation (presidential candidates and any other
detractors).  Most of all, Bush and his minions are constantly trying to
intimidate voters with psychological threats- "If Washington's enemies
 believed Bush might waver or his opponents prevail, that could increase
support for their activities"  will drift toward tragedy.   That will not happen
 on my watch" (Bush,2/23/04).
 Condoleezza Rice cannot even answer direct questions on "Meet the
Press,"instead of repeating, over-and-over, the Administration's talking
Committee has even sent letters to U.S. broadcasters ominously warning them not to air anti-Bush
commercials from, what the Bushies term, the "soon-to-be-illegal" soft-money voter funds like MoveOn.Org.
How does the GOP know these organizations are soon to be illegal? Do the Bushies have fellow cultists in
the courts?
Please forgive all of these rhetorical questions, but is Bhagwan Bush going beyond mere political ideology
and morphing into The Charismatic Leader right before our eyes? The short list of similarities between the
Bushies and a stereotypical cult's Dr. Margaret Singer, psychologist and author of the book, Cults in
Our Midst, reveals the way to combat the growing Bush cult. She  says, "deprogramming-that is, providing
members with  information about the cult and showing them how their own decision-making power  had been
taken away from them." I do not believe many Bushies realize how controlled they really are and how far away
 they have drifted from true conservative ideology (a balanced government budget, fiscal constraint, smaller, not
larger, government) following George W. Bush. If the Republicans under Bush exhibited only one or two
 characteristics of a dangerous cult, I would not be worried, but they are all there-a highly- centralized
command and communication, the use of mind control tactics, the single charismatic leader, the double
 ethical standards-not to mention  the Bushies incredible emphasis on fundraising and building their
 war chest.         Think about it
This one is In a class by itself http://WWW/article3308.htm its all about  the rip off that is ongoing  Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!Money!
......        Take a look for yourself at http://www.whitehouse.gov/nsc/nss.html.    9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?....
  WHAT DID YOUR GRANDFATHER DO DURING WW2 {What did your Presidents Grandfather doduringWW2?}....................
the propaganda war!
American Holocaust Pestilence and Genocide No Excuse ! Except Filling the Void!


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"A puppet that is a critic not a critic that is a puppet!"

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Iraeli Factoids Jun 2003
How Cool is Google
Idle Prattle
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Find the enemy - before they find you.
         CLONE.! IF YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE.   ED...  
 Where is the training camp?Training is completed at the Direct Action
Resource Center's wilderness training facility, located an hour's drive from Little
Rock, Arkansas. The 3000 acre property features a luxury hunting and fishing lodge
surrounded by lakes, forest and rugged terrain. The facility has its own private airstrip.

Find the enemy - before they find you.
You've seen every war
 movie ever made!

 Your favorite color is khaki !

You'd never, ever, refer to GI Joe  as just a doll!
The rescue mission: sometimes you just have to blow something up.
The camp: Your adventure will take place at our facility, located in North Little Rock,
 Arkansas (see map). It is the largest urban operations training facility in the world.
                             Totaling 734 acres in size, camp highlights include:

Twenty-one structures that compose an urban training village.
Incredible shoot houses, including a 6100 sq ft house and a two-story 2500 sq ft house.
 Fast rope, urban climbing and rappel tower. Training Props: DC-9, school bus, city bus,
 two helicopters.

The Truth is, as they say Farrrr Out There. What a switcheroo fight Hitler and his monstrously evil policies
and then bend-over backwards to make His A team our own  along with a panoplies of by products from
that legacy now the uniform and the music , well not the music not  much box office in Gooses-stepping
yet ,but Tae-Chi  will do I suppose, some sort of mandatory gesture will be thunk up so we can have some
 sort of "unifying code of behavior" a sort of friendly Fascism salute, I got it how about the "girls gone wild
Mardie-Gras tit flash  1,2,3 So, go on show us your chest!  No then how's about one of them "Gang Hand
signs and an Elvis Sneer" nope!  too complex I got it the one finger you know , every body likes that one.
 Tell me the part about how and when Advertising "changed from Information to Manipulation.
Better read that book Rape of the mind  again .. or.geocities.com/refuting_kemp/index.html ED



NOT rated: The group below say they know the facts .
(Printable Acrobat .PDF file of this Complaint available

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... that exceeded background concentrations include cesium-137, plutonium-238 ... Fifty-one
Fernald workers were included in a ... first hired at age 45 years and older. ...
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History of invention in the arts  Gregory Aharonian

                    INVENT- v.t. to originate or create as a product of one's own
                 ingenuity, experimentation or contrivance; to produce or
                 create with the imagination

This is meant to be a list of firsts (a key requirement to obtain a patent).If you know of earlier instances of the following examples, please email us.  
Science News of the Year: 2003 Week of Feb. 7, 2004; Vol. 165, No.

Researchers have developed a new way to turn nitrogen into ammonia that could improve upon an energy-intensive,
90-year-old method used to make fertilizers. more...

The Brain's Word Act: Reading verbs revs up motor cortex areas  A strip of brain tissue that regulates most voluntary
movements also respond vigorously as people do nothing more than silently read active verbs. more...

With computers becoming ever more powerful, researchers are simulating nanoscale materials and devices down to the
level of atoms and even electrons. more...

Click this anti Clinton site
Consider the source

NY Post poll: Clinton voted 2nd most evil person of the millennium

In a recent NY Post poll, guess who beat out such infamous people as Pol Pot, Saddam
Hussein, Genghis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ivan the terrible and Jack the Ripper as the most
evil person of the millennium? You guessed it, Bill Clinton! Second only to Adolph Hitler.
Our  First Felon, Hillary Rodham Clinton also made the poll, taking 6th place. Both of them were "write-ins". Here are the complete results of a NY Post poll asking Americans who
they thought was the most evil person of the 2nd Millennium.

Name                              #ofVotes              %ofVotes

1 Adolf Hitler                     1664                    8.67
2 Bill Clinton                     1625 <--Write in        8.47
3 Josef Stalin                     1284                    6.69
4 Pol Pot                           919                    4.79
5 Dr. Josef Mengele                 783                    4.08
6 Hilary Clinton                    765 <--Write in        3.99
7 Saddam Hussein                    710                    3.70
8 Adolf Eichmann                    641                    3.34
9 Charles Manson                    548                    2.86
10 Idi Amin                         514                    2.68
11 Genghis Khan                     441                    2.30
12 Jeffrey Dahmer                   428                    2.23
13 Benito Mussolini                 386                    2.01
14 Ayatollah Khomeini               365                    1.90
15 Ted Bundy                        327                    1.70
16 John Wayne Gacy                  312                    1.63
17 Ivan the Terrible                305                    1.59
18 Fidel Castro                     283                    1.48
19 Jim Jones                        279                    1.45
20 Vlad the Impaler                 276                    1.44
21 Timothy McVeigh                  275                    1.43
22 Slobodan Milosevic               242                    1.26
23 Marquis de Sade                  222                    1.16
24 Mommar Khadafy                   218                    1.14
25 Jack the Ripper                  203                    1.06
Consider the source
One of the best
web sites ever

Why does Alex Chiu teach people
how to build their own Immortality
Devices?  Why does Alex Chiu
 give out FREE Immortality Devices?

ANSWER:  Once a while, some nice hearted people will spend some
money and buy the devices from me.  I don't need so much money.  All
I need is enough money to pay for rent and food.  I believe that the
Immortality Device is the most important invention in human history.  But
now, so many people are laughing at it.  This invention is so incredible, it
makes people laugh.  But this invention is so important to me.  So I am
teaching everyone how to build the device.  I am also giving the devices
out for free.  I think it's very important to educate people about this new
invention.  I don't want this invention to be forgotten because this
invention is the most important invention in human history.  I must
educate everyone and make sure everyone knows how important this

World War III has already begun

sounds familiar
Well you better turn on your anti pop up  software because these  web sites are all Free bee's WE think most are worth the troubal, you be the judge.
Most of the links below can easily be call  Left or Right conspiracy sites and  have at least 2 agendas, pluss a fair mix of skepticism.
 Sorry no ratings and no grades I was wondering what happened to Dorothy Kilgallen's secretary.

 I was surprised to learn that Franklin kept over 50 slaves in a dungeon to help with his inventions.

"My god
is not a landlord or a pimp!"

Film at 9



Or What ?
Click This

http://www.hotelamazon.net   And You all  thought R@wman was plugugly

As you can perhaps now see the 666 beast is in fact an r.mut walk in, which ever person is in charge elected or not they're addicted 2 war.


 http://www.google.com/search?read tv <

Chokehold on Knowledge----1984 is Here!!!!!
Center for International Policy Accurate Information on Colombia
Online Journal  Center for Public Integrity

Peter Dale Scott, PhD The Vince Foster Cover-Up
Gulf War Veterans  Col. Fletcher Prouty's Site
Arkansas Train Deaths, Mena, CIA and ClintonBrian Willson's Site


\Depleted Uranium, Conspiracy Theory Research List
Disinformation Subversive Site TWA 800!
We The People The Activities at Mena
CIA and Drugs - Narco-Colonialism in the 20th Century

There is an easy way to track critical legislation through Congress.
For information on legislation before the House, go to http://thomas.loc.gov.
There is an input box by "bill number" and another optional box where a word or phrase can be entered.
 Just by using appropriate key words you stand a very good chance of finding the bill you're looking for.

From Hitler-era Germany.

What makes us human, or at least civilised humans, is our ability to distinguish between things; to recognise
 that one thing is not another. Does the fact that you wear pants and Hitler wore pants make you the most evil
 man in the world? To some posters on these threads it does. I agree we should be able to distinguish between

But then you don't allow any choice but your own. It's the cartoonist's fault, you say, for not being clearer to you
 about what the picture means. Yet, I had a differnt take on it. To you, my take is invalid. Only your view is correct.
TOPICS: Culture/Society


Never again must we be deluded into misplacing responsibility for
German aggression. It is not the leader of the day, whether he be
 Charlemagne, Barbarossa, Frederick Wilhelm, the Great Elector,
Frederick the Great, Bismarck, the Kaiser or Hitler, who wages war
 against mankind. It is the German people.
 Conditioned by centuries of false indoctrination of a mad philosophy, of an absurd "soil-blood" racial theory, of a mystical paganism, the German people have ever been arch-conspirators against civilization.

 They have  deliberately plotted to destroy it and subdue all
 mankind to serfdom. They have given their brains, their
energies and their very lives through the centuries in fanatical
devotion to this task. They have used inhuman and sadistic
methods to achieve their psychotic national desires.

 They have ignored all civilized standards and restraints, and
have made barbarism an ideal. They have distorted nationalism
 into a ritual of international murder.

This is the greatest indictment of a people in all history. But it is
the truth.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing
 Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 52.

You can get the entire book at once, by dowloading the following compressed file:
                     (The zip file about one Megabyte. It contains all the chapters in HTML format.)

http://www.tarpley.net/bushb.htm#4 --  ad the cover to the link



Please try out the links to six or seven preferred URL's on political stuff More below...  #1 the first
letter A: And yes they are all better organized (than our site ) and all, but I don't think there are any answers to focus on
 life is at best haphazard and inelegance as we see is un rewarded or un punished and best efforts are ignores amid
mediocrity is rewarded while merit  & scholarship is derided and attacked in  high and low places as "journalist all purport
to be statesmen  much as monolog and dance became "performance  "Art! its all one stinking morass of shifty jive street
rap at the top and pseudo neo academic "poetry" as therapy as masturbation instead of actually looking at life people are
actually comparing themselves with the pampered airbrushed glossy images meant to impress the first time ovulating
hormone bloated screaming teen and brooding seekers of blood lost computer game player un-wear that they are killing
actual living loving breathing human beings just like them and may one day suffer the same fate at the hands of a superior
 or not, knuckle head claiming there man or woman hood was at stake or as in the case of WW2 Nazis   "I was just doing
my job " I was only following orders...

  This one is In a class by itself http://WWW/article3308.htm its all about  the rip off that is ongoing Money! Money! Money!  Money! Money! Money Money ! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money! Money!        
......        Take a look for yourself at http://www.whitehouse.gov/nsc/nss.html.    9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?.....................  WHAT DID YOUR GRANDFATHER DO DURING WW2 {What did your Presidents Grandfather doduringWW2?}.......................................
 # 1 General in America  floods CIA with welfare cheats Ghelen Ghelen was Hitler's favorite too. #6 Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol,& Cybernetics  MK Ultra October 23, 1999 http://www.raven1.net/kilde2.htm   #5. We suggest you visit http://free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/AmericanStateTerrorism.html ..........Pulls no punches minces no words!!#4 Re "Operation Paper clip" the Actual CIA website makes fiewer apologies and misstatements neither mention W. Disney or trading with the enemy Prescott http://www.mt.net/~watcher/nwonazi.html#3 The family of an alleged CIA domestic victim tells there story #2  Le Pentagate http://trans.voila.fr/ano?anolg=65544&anourl=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.effroyableimposture.net  another part of the LePentagate>{http://trans.voila.fr/ano?systran_lp=fr_en&systran_id=Voilafr&systran_f=1043977173&systran_url=http%3A%2F%2   Fwww.effroyableimposture.net%2Fdocs%2Frubrique.php3%3Fid_rubrique%3D26 }> I cant actually believe there is a URL longer than mine ... #1THE UNDERGROUND NAZI INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES http://www.anomalous-images.com/text/naznwo01.html ......................[last update: ...July 1996][PART 1] We know this group as flag defacing flag burning nut balls....................................................................................................................... BUT what if it istrue?http://free.freespeech.org/americanstateterrorism/AmericanStateTerrorism.html  "Thanks to the September 11 Reichstag fire, the state terrorists of the U.S. military and government can now affect public postures of patriotic defense. Immediatelyafter9-11 they began speaking of America as the Homeland, just as the Nazis spoke of the Fatherland. "  ~~~
Conspicuous by its silence the CIA owned  and influenced media did virtually no coverage of what may be one of the decades biggest stories.  
Only UPI issued any  statement on the CIA's admission that following WW2 II Hitler's top general in charge of espionage transferred his entire
network of thousands of spies and double agents to what became the newly-formed CIA.( 150,000 White Welfare Cheats ED.) What makes this
 much more than an interesting footnote to history is that the entire domestic and foreign history of the ideas on Eugenics, race, social
control, bio-warfare and propaganda dominate the policies of countless  (Tax exempt) "think tanks" like the Rockefeller-funded
Manhattan Institute and have influenced the  U.S. Government at its highest levels. What makes this different is that General Ghelen
was the #1 Nazi  in this program. By acknowledging a CIA connection to Ghelen the entire can of  worms can now be pried
open.(Not Bloody Likely! ED.)
What they count on is the fact that you were borne yesterday! ED.
"During the past five decades numerous isolated revelations about Nazis imported to America by the Dulles brothers, William Casey and
others have broken through the media blackout. These stories usually revolve around former concentration camp guards who hid their
identity when emigrating. "The GREAT FREE PRESS... who owns the corporate media. For starters, all ... they are directly influenced by
former high ... ABC has been owned since 1985 by ... director of the CIA, the infamous ... www.igc.apc.org/enVISION/press.htm Alt

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 I learned so many things about Franklin that I never knew. For example, I was surprised to learn that Franklin kept
 over 50 slaves in a dungeon to help with his inventions. Although the author doesn't expressely indicate it, it's
implied that one of the slaves actually gave Franklin the idea for bifocals.
Cafepress A web modle biz Sells YOUR Tee Shirt &Coffie Mugs etc.

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