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Space Investing
Cosmic dividends...
I'm often surprised by how often people are surprised that there exists a large commercial space industry. Most space profits come from space companies
that work in the industrial infrastructure, such as in the distribution of TV programs
from Hollywood and New York to local cable providers, and so have been invisible
 to the general public.
More and more space services, however, deal directly with the public such as home satellite TV, satellite radio, GPS, and mobile satellite phones.
Under the broadest definition of the space industry, estimates reach an annual value of around $85 billion worldwide.
For overviews of the industry see the Satellite Survey at ViaSatellite and the Satellite Industry Survey (pdf) from the Satellite Industry Association and Futron.
More than half of this involves purely commercial activities and that part is growing
 much faster than defense and other governmental space activity.
So perhaps you are a small investor wondering if space might offer some bargains with a chance for big growth.
The biggest space money maker is, of course, satellite telecommunications. However, this broad category now spans many sub-categories:
Space Investing

Other space industries outside of telecommunications are also growing. See the following links for information on some of these:

Space Business News
(See also the HobbySpace News links)
The Space Show - Dr. David Livingston interviews leading figures in the development of outer-space commerce. Recent and Upcoming shows.
Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Reports
 Discussion Groups

These companies run the really big money makers of space.
Their satellites, either owned or leased, provide long distance telephone connections, TV distribution for broadcasters and cable TV, data links for large companies, etc.
Even though construction and launch may cost up to a couple of hundred million dollars, once in orbit they usually last 10-12 years and pay themselves off within a couple of years. From then on it is pure gravy.
These satellite companies in turn will lease transponders to other companies who specialize in offering particular services using satellites. See, for example, the following:
Direct-to-home satellite broadcasting now reaches over 18 million subscribers in the US. (See DBS growth table at SkyREPORT.com). In Europe DBS started earlier than the US and has several million subscribers. It is also growing quickly in Japan and other areas around the world.
The low earth orbit constellations like Iridium and Globalstar are usually thought of at the mention of satellite phones. However, there are, in fact, two geostationary satellite phone services and, unlike the LEO system, they have been a success.
They had the advantage that they could begin offering services as soon as the first satellite was orbited while the LEO companies had to launche their huge constellations before signing a single customer.
Inmarsat pioneered mobile satellite communications with briefcase sized systems that quickly became popular with journalists and workers in remote areas. The service was always a premium one and not intended for a handheld consumer phones. Company now has over 250k users.
Thuraya currently has a single satellite that serves Europe, North and Central Africa, the Middle East, the CIS countries and South Asia. A second satellite will be launched in January 2003. The company serves mobile handheld phones that use GSM when available. The compnay had sold 150,000 handsets as of June 2003.
STRATOS: Global Communications | Inmarsat, Iridium, VSAT | Broadband | Telecom
SwanSat - seeks to launch 3 GEO sats to supply integrated communications links ranging from telephone to interenet.
Subscribers to satellite phones (summer 2003):
93,000 - Globalstar - Aug.13.03 PR
100,000 (est) - Iridium
150,000 -Thuraya (GEO system) - SpaceNews July 28, 2003
260,000 (portable terminals) - Inmarsat
603,000 total
Mobile systems to receive DBS TV in planes, cars, boats, and mobile homes from GEO sats are also now available. E.g.
Frank Kennedy`s Satellite TV (TVRO) - lots of sat TV links.
While the low earth orbit telephone constellations (see below) are struggling to gain a market, Inmarsat has been offering moble phone systems for several years. Although generally expensive and bulky, the sizes and prices have been falling (see the Shopping section on mobile phones.)
In-flight telephones have been available via satellites for sometime and now internet will soon be available as well.
JetBlue offers 24 channel satellite TV for every seat. The new Delta spinoff airline Song also will offer standard satellite TV.
Verizon Airfone JetConnect - not a direct linkg. Instead, emails, web pages refreshed every 15 minutes via a satellite connection.
Auto/Boat Sat TV:
See also the section on LEO constellations (e.g. Iridium & Globalstar) which are also in use for aviation communications.
The quarter second delay to and from geostationary sats was once thought to be a fatal problem for the TCP/IP protocols of the Internet. But this problem has, in fact, has been overcome with sophisticated packet routing processors.
The apparent delay to the user is not usually very significant considering the many other delays on the Internet of the same order of magnitude. For interactive applications, e.g. multi-user gaming, the lag is a big minus. But otherwise, the high data rates (up to 2MB/s in some current services) are perfect for downloading large files or for streaming video to large numbers of receiving sites.
There are roughly 5 ways that satellites (so far only geostationary ones) currently participate in the Internet:
High rate "backbones" - high speed links between major Internet service service providers, e.g. BroadLogic,. Cyberstar , InterPacket.
Web Cache services - see entry below.
Direct-to-Business - until recently, the VSAT business networks used other types of protocols than the Internet's TCP/IP. Now companies like Tachyon are beginning to provide high speed (up to 45 Mbps) Internet links directly to businesses from geo-satellites.
Direct-to-home/small Business - see below
LEO internet systems , which will provide both high speed home and mobile links, are in development but none will fly for 2-3 years.
One company, Datron Systems (via its ASA Electronics division), has announced development of a system to receive DirectPC from vehicles. This grows out of from their other business of providing mobile receivers for DBS TV.
Espresso Education Ltd - uses satellite to deliver resources to schools.
Providing broadband internet connections directly to homes and small businesses via satellite is often given a poor chance compared to DSL and cable modems.
However, Hughes Network Systems reports the following survey of consumers:
21 percent are "broadband rich" and currently have access to cable and DSL;
18 percent are "broadband limited" and currently can choose from cable or DSL, but not both;
24 percent are "broadband waiting" and will not have access to cable or DSL for 3 to 5 years;
37 percent are "broadband never" and include areas that don't have - and most likely will never have - DSL or cable.
So there is certainly a market available for satellite broadband in areas in the "broadbanc never" category, i.e. rural regions. However, Direct-to-home TV not only found a big market in rural areas, it also has done surprisingly well in suburbs among consumers unhappy with their cable providers.
Satellite internet will also find a suburban market if the prices are similar to terrestrial levels. (Note that, unlike the failed satellite phone systems such as Iridium, DTH prices are very competitive with the alternative, i.e. cable TV.)
DirecPC , a spinoff of Hughes DirecTV, was the first to provide Internet links to the home in the US but it is only a 1-way satellite connection. The satellite only provides the downlink segment. Uploading from the user is still by telephone modem. The downlink can be up to 400kps.
Now, Hughes is offering 2-way broadband via its DirecWay program. The cost will be around $60 per month plus the one time cost of a dish and installation fee. The monthly cost is comparable to the current $50 range for DSL and cable broadband.
The large number of projects that rose up to provide satellite broadband for 2-way direct-to-home & small business internet services have been hit hard by the telecom recession. The ones with satellites orbit are adding subscribers but not as fast as hoped. Those without satellites in orbit are trying to stay alive while the launches are delayed.
The services that are currently available use satellites that are in GEO orbit (so there are noticable delays in response) and use lower frequency Ku band transponders. The systems were not designed for providing large numbers of users with broadband 2 way communications.
Newer Ka band satellites with higher bandwidths would have been launched in the next year or so but with the financial crisis they may be delayed indefinitely.
Here are some DTH internet companies and projects:
StarBand Communication(formerly Gilat-to-Home) -this VSAT company received investments from EchoStar and Microsoft for this 2-way broadband internet system that began in 2000. It has about 40k subscribers as of Spring 2002. EchoStar pulled out of the company to focus on its merger with DirecTV. This caused major disruption in its operations and it had to go into bankruptcy to re-organize. However, it appears to be a temporary condition and service continues.
DIRECWAY! - Hughes 2-way internet for small businesses and consumers.
SPACEWAY - Ka band system under development by Hughes for 2003. Would provide higher bandwidth than the Ku band system currently used by Direcway.
Helius Incorporated "Satellite based access for local area networks (LANs)" - provides various satellite internet technology including support for DirectPC.
Inmarsat - in addition to their mobile phones, Inmarsat also offers some attache case sized Internet systems. Too expensive for home use but good for your sailing boat or summer house in the mountains.
Miraxis - ordered two Ka band GEO sats from Loral for home and business 2-way broadband. 40MB/s download, 2MB/s upload.
SkyWay USA - Highspeed Broadband Solutions - downloads via satellite, uplink via phone lines.
WildBlue (formerly iSky) now has satellites under construction for direct to home (or small business) 2-way services with performance/price in similar range as DSL.
Tachyon now offers 2-way service but prices are aimed more towards small businesses than home use.
EuropeOnline - up to 2MB/s
The web magazine Satellite Broadband is now defunct but still online to provide archived data in this area.
While light fiber ground lines are offering faster and faster speeds, your net downloads can still grind to a crawl
 if the server of the information you want is overwhelmed by requests.
One approach to solving these slowdowns is to distribute copies of the latest versions of these popular pages around the Internet. Then the page can be retrieved quickly from the local site.
Preferably the caching takes place as close to the user as possible (or as close to the edge as they say) ,
typically at an ISP or a large intranet.
This caching of web pages is offering opportunities for third party companies. These companies will maintain
the ISP cache banks for a fee. (SkyCache: How It Works)
The startups listed here are using satellites to distribute the web data to the caches at ISPs. They take advantage
 of the point-to-multipoint capability of satellite communications cheaply to distribute pages to many sites at
Streaming of video and audio, e.g. RealMedia, also takes up lots of bandwidth, especially for live events where
 many users require service simultaneously. Satellite distribution of streams is therefore another market that
these companies are seeking.
This new space communication business will provide CD quality digital radio to subscribers beginning in autumn
of 2001. In the US the service is aimed primarily for mobile applications.
Worldspace aims at the developing world with digital radio. It relies on public radio and advertising based services rather than subscription.
[Note that the 3 Sirius satellites are not in geostationary orbit but in large ellipitical orbits. The sats are spaced along the orbits so as to keep at least two satellites always visible from North American. This type of orbit puts
 the sats at apogee at higher altitudes than the geosats, which must reside directly above the equator and so
 from North American are visible towards the south.]
XM expects to generate positive cash flow by start of 2005. Needs 4 million subscribers.
After recent (Mar.03) recapitalization, Sirius needs about 2 million subscribers to break even; expected by early 2005.
Technical and historical info at:

# Private company

Continue to
LEO + Support Space Businesses - information & links concerning businesses that rely on satellites in low and medium altitude orbits. Also, links to various businesses, such as those that build ground stations, that support the systems based in space.

New Space Businesses - information about newly developed space businesses outside of the telecommunication area such as remote sensing. Also, info on proposed space businesses such as lunar and asteroid projects.

Space Business Resources - various resources related to space businesses such as links to space investment sites, research reports, etc.

Satellite Industry Assoc:

Total world sat revenue for 2000:
$86.8 billion
Satellite services:
$49.8 billion
includes DTH TV
$42 billion
Ground equipment
$21.2 billion
Satellite Manufacture
$12.1 billion
World launch revenue
$3.7 billion

Hobbyists Create aMulti-Billion Dollar
Space Industry
In the early 1980's people driving in the US countryside began to notice strange
bowl shaped objects appearing on lawns and hillsides. About 3 meters wide, the
dishes pointed blankly at the sky.
Tinkerers, hams and electronic hobbyists began the satellite TV revolution when
they discovered how easy it was to pick
 off the satellite signals intended for cable TV companies.
Distribution of TV programming via satellite had revolutionized the cable industry
in the 1970's, allowing Hollywood and New York media centers to provide three or
four dozen channels to the cable companies who previously could only obtain
 a handfull of channels via terrestrial transmissions.
Initally, the home C-band receivers who were grabbing these programs were
 treated as pirates. However, most of the receivers were in rural areas without
access to cable TV. Eventually the number of C-band users reached about 2
million in the US. Seeing this large market, companes like Hughes and Echostar were motivated to begin their Ku band direct-to-home  (DTH) TV satellite services
 to provide hiqh quality digital signals via small dishes of less than a meter wide.
There are now almost 20 million DTH satellite TV subscribers in the US.
The number of C-band users has dropped to less than 700, 000 and is expected
 to continue to drop. Eventually C-band reception willl return to being of interest
primarily to hobbyists (see the TVRO section.)
However, we can thank the hobbyists for spawning the hugely successful DTH
industry in the US.
We hope to see many more such industries arise from space hobbies.

Copyright © 1999 - 2003 HOBBYSPACE, All Rights Reserved

"Find the enemy - before they find you."

 Where is the training camp?Training is completed at the Direct Action
Resource Center's wilderness training facility, located an hour's drive from Little
Rock, Arkansas. The 3000 acre property features a luxury hunting and fishing lodge
surrounded by lakes, forest and rugged terrain. The facility has its own private airstrip.

Find the enemy - before they find you.
You've seen every war
 movie ever made!

 Your favorite color is khaki !

You'd never, ever, refer to GI Joe  as just a doll!
The rescue mission: sometimes you just have to blow something up.
The camp: Your adventure will take place at our facility, located in North Little Rock,
 Arkansas (see map). It is the largest urban operations training facility in the world.
                             Totaling 734 acres in size, camp highlights include:

Twenty-one structures that compose an urban training village.
Incredible shoot houses, including a 6100 sq ft house and a two-story 2500 sq ft house.
 Fast rope, urban climbing and rappel tower. Training Props: DC-9, school bus, city bus,
 two helicopters.


This is for the smugg anti comminunest among my friends wishing for instant equity without some sort global historical justice.
If thats not you check it out any way
American Holocaust Pestilence and Genocide No Excuse ! Except Filling the Void!

Louis Nizer What to do with Germany 1944
Louis Nizer's modest proposal for handling war criminals.
"There are about 50 million German men and women within the
procreation ages, and it is estimated that twenty thousand surgeons
 performing about twenty-five operations daily could sterilize the
entire male population of Germany within three months, and the
 entire female population in less than three years." — Louis Nizer

Many reflections spring to mind when reading the Louis Nizer plan for punishing the German people for
 World War II, but two of these reflections stand out as having particular relevance to the Ukrainian

Why pick on Ukrainians today?

That is, in Louis Nizer's book, What To Do With Germany (1944), Nizer offers a long and detailed list of all
those that he thinks need to be punished. However, Ukrainians are nowhere on Nizer's list. Therefore, if
 Jews today have placed Ukrainians at the head of the line of those deserving punishment — as they seem
 to have done in Canada — then this must have happened in one of two ways:

(1) All those that Nizer advocated be punished have already been punished, so that punishment today
devolves to those who were not important enough to make it into Louis Nizer's book. However, this is an
 impossibility, because — as the reader will instantly see below — Nizer's list of the Germans that merited
punishment came nowhere close to being exhausted in war crimes proceedings.

(2) Jews have moved Ukrainians to the head of the line, jumping over the hundreds of thousands of
 Germans who had concerned Louis Nizer in 1944.

If the latter interpretation is indeed correct, then we must ask what the reasons might be. Why are
 Ukrainians, whose contribution to wartime atrocities did not merit any mention by Louis Nizer, today
 featured as the sadistic executors of Nazi policies during World War II?

What caused what?

In discussing cause and effect in the UKAR Introduction to Symon Petliura, it has been pointed out that
 Jews strangling Ukrainian independence can lead to Ukrainian pogroms, just as Ukrainian pogroms can
 lead to Jews strangling Ukrainian independence, perhaps simultaneously in an escalating spiral. It has
 been argued that a similar effect took place in the case discussed below. That is, German awareness
 of the Jewish plans to wreak vengeance on Germany intensified German hostility toward Jews, and
resulted as well in Germany not surrendering earlier in the war, with hundreds of thousands of lives
needlessly lost, and much property needlessly destroyed. Particularly incensing to the Germans were
the privately-proposed Kaufman plan of 1941 to destroy the German people through mass sterilization,
 as elaborated below, and most particularly the Morgenthau Plan of 1944, which is more Draconian than
 the Louis Nizer plan below, and which unlike the Nizer plan was for a time adopted as official United
 States Government policy.

Who is Louis Nizer?(Google search)
I find at hand the following entry:Nizer, Louis, (1902- ), U.S. lawyer, author. Active in areas related to arts, copyright, plagiarism, etc. Author of courtroom reminiscences and book on Rosenberg Case. (Geoffrey Wigoder (ed.), Encyclopedic Dictionary of Judaica, Len Amiel Publisher, New York-Paris, and Keter Publishing House, Jerusalem, 1974, p. 455)

In 1944,
Louis Nizer Tells the World:

What to do with Germany

Louis Nizer advocates that 5,000 Germans should be put to death
 without trial, as a condition of the armistice:

Nazi group leaders must be the first to be punished. Proof of their
guilt is abundant. The armistice terms should simply declare them
 guilty. It would be farcical to try Hitler, Himmler, Goering,
Streicher, Ley or other mass murderers. They have written the
evidence of their guilt in blood on every pavement in Europe.
The dossiers of the United Nations are bulging with data of their
unsurpassed brutality. A trial tribunal should permit them to be
heard on the questions of proper identification and the extent of
the punishment, but no more.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing
Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 95.

Those condemned by name in the armistice should include the Fuehrer,
 the members of his cabinet, the Gauleiters, and the members of the High
 Command, governors of the occupied regions, and the leading bureaucrats in the state, municipal and Nazi Party organizations. These
 would number approximately five thousand men. Death penalties should
 be demanded.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company,
Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 96.

Louis Nizer advocates that death penalties should be sought in
trials against an additional 150,000 Germans:

Next, the leaders of German mass organizations should be indicted and
 tried. The Gestapo and Labor Front have about 75,000 such officials. In
additions, there are about 75,000 subordinates who organized and taught
 the S. S., the Peasant Front and other such organizations. This entire
group of about 150,000 men were the whole-hearted fanatical Nazis upon
whom the ruling group relied. Death penalties should be sought against
each of them.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 97.

Louis Nizer advocates that uncounted hundreds of thousands of
 other Germans should also be brought to trial, sometimes with
the death penalty sought:

Every German officer above the rank of colonel, including corresponding ranks in the Air Force and Navy, every member of the Gestapo, S.S. officials, and members of the German People's Court and of the German Reichstag, should be indicted and tried.

Every German official, no matter how subordinate, who at any time gave or performed orders for the execution of hostages or the murder of conquered nationals, should be indicted, tried, and the death penalty sought.

In addition, the armistice should provide for the complete dissolution of the Officers Corps of the German army as well as of the army itself. Those among them who have violated any criminal or international law should be tried, and appropriate severe penalties imposed.

Any administrator, no matter how subordinate, who participated in the plunder of foreign countries, all directors of the German Steel Trust, of I. G. Farben or of the other German cartels, who, as we shall see later, participated in the conspiracy against world peace should be indicted, and appropriate severe penalties imposed.

Irrespective of rank or position, every soldier or civilian should be tried, against whom charges are filed involving any violation of law.

It is only by such thorough methods that the backbone of Nazism and Prussianism can be smashed and the danger of future aggression reduced.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 97.

Louis Nizer advocates that due process be suspended. Although
Nizer appears to apply his arguments to the summary executions
 which he advocates for the leading 5,000 Nazis, the same
arguments can support some similar but unspecified suspension
of due process in all war crimes proceedings, and Nizer nowhere
advocates that traditional protection of the rights of the accused
be reverted to for any category of war crimes proceedings.
Thus, Nizer appears to suggest that all war crimes proceedings
might benefit from some relief from what he views as a finicky
 judicial propriety:

It may be contended by those finicky about judicial propriety that no injury could come from a public trial [as
 compared to summary execution] and that it would avoid criticism against the "absolutism" of the procedure
[of summary execution]. However International Law is still to be molded on these critical problems, and it
 would have a salutary effect if the rule adopted were suitable to the heinousness of the offenses and the
public anxiety for swift and certain punishment. The enormity of the crimes announced by the criminals themselves and the existence of millions of witnesses, make the requirement of proof an empty formalism.
 Since the purpose of the procedure is also to deter future international crime, any lumbering, awkward ritual
to prove the self-evident would only cause contempt rather than respect for law. There is a point at which solicitude for a possible innocent victim of a severe rule becomes mawkish over-caution. We must be
 concerned with the dictates of common sense.

The ordinary man and woman must feel the majesty of law, the directness and practicability of its procedure,
 and its avoidance of routine ceremony. Only then will the thirst for retribution be directed into healthy legal
channels. Otherwise, frustration may set in motion forces of violence far more serious than any legal

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, pp. 95-96.

Louis Nizer recommends several other post-war measures, among
 them de-industrializing Germany:

First, that all plants and machinery which produce war material be scrapped, removed or demolished.

Second, that the machine tool industry, steel mills, power houses and important "heavy industries" be destroyed or taken from German control. While physical operation could be left to Germans, international trustees should determine personnel of management, contracts, investments and foreign arrangements. [...]

Third, that stocks of metals, oil or other strategic war materials in excess of normal domestic consumption be removed from the country and never replenished.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 193.

Louis Nizer contemplates several other measures which could be
taken against the Germans, and rejects them — for example,
extermination of the German people through sterilization.
 Curiously, though, Nizer claims to know people who advocate this
particular measure. Although he does not identify who these people
 are, he demonstrates that they have worked the sterilization
program out in detail and that he has followed their plan, and he
lingers over the option long enough to demonstrate its feasibility.
Possibly, Nizer is relying on the writing of Theodore N. Kaufman,
Germany Must Perish, Argyle Press, Newark NJ, 1941:

Others, stirred to consuming hatred by
German brutality, suggest that they be
destroyed as a race by eugenic sterilization.

They argue that if compulsory serum treatments are justified by their benefits to the community,
sterilization of the German people might similarly be considered a protective measure to immunize the
world forever against the virus of Germanism. They point out that the surgical procedure is simple,
 painless and does not even deprive the patient of normal instincts, or their gratification. Vasectomy,
the operation on the male, simply requires a slight incision since the sperm duct lies just beneath the
skin. The operation takes only ten minutes to perform and the patient may resume work immediately afterwards. Ligation of the fallopian tubes, the operation which renders the female sterile, is more
difficult but not much more dangerous.

There are about 50 million German men and women within the procreation ages, and it is estimated that
twenty thousand surgeons performing about twenty-five operations daily could sterilize the entire male population of Germany within three months, and the entire female population in less than three years. At
 the normal death rate of two per cent per annum or one and a half million people yearly, the German people
would practically disappear within two generations.

We reject this proposal but not because of German protests. They have forfeited all right to protest, for
 they themselves set this precedent. It is estimated that in Germany 300,000 people have been sterilized
 and in Poland 700,000 people. They [the Germans] have not been beyond the abolition of education so as
 to make populations slave-fit, the physical and mental corruption of the masses by pornographic and drug
incitation, and the systematic extermination of whole peoples.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, pp. 4-5.

On the basis of a statement made by Julius Caesar in the first
century BC, Louis Nizer offers his psychiatric diagnosis of the
German people in the twentieth century AD:

Caesar wrote: "Their whole life is composed of hunting expeditions and military pursuits; from early boyhood
they are zealous for toil and hardship. Those who remain longest in chastity win greatest praise among their
 kindred; some think that stature, some that strength and sinew are fortified thereby. Further they deem it
 a most disgraceful thing to have had knowledge of a woman before the twentieth year."

Psychiatrists will find in this observation fruitful material for their studies of the root causes of German
 sadism and of the inferiority complex which seeks to express itself through conquest and domination. The
well-known tendencies in Germany towards homosexuality became public knowledge when Hitler justified
 his purge of Roehm and his adherents on the ground that they had been guilty of practices of degradation
 which corrupted the governing circles. Hitler's and Hess' own "aestheticism," Goering's abnormal practices
(as determined by a Swiss court), and the evil conduct of the Streichers and other Nazi leaders, fit well
 into the characteristic pattern of bestiality.

The study of psychotic behavior is still in the exploratory stages, but Caesar's report on the training begun
ages ago by the German people to deny and invert normal instincts as part of the tribal custom may be a
significant clue to sick German conduct. It is possible that German cruelty and blood lust is traceable to
sexual inhibitions? Is there significance in the pornographic tendencies of the Germans fed by such official
documents as Streicher's Stuermer?

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, pp. 18-19.

Louis Nizer teaches that Germans are collectively responsible for
the crimes of World War II because they collectively suffer from
 the disease of Germanism:

Millions of little cogs.

There was the Kaiser before Hitler, and Bismarck before the Kaiser and Frederick the Great before Bismark —
 indeed, two thousand years of Germanism to account for. Under each ruler millions of Germans fought
fanatically, heroically, sacrificially. Theirs was not conduct induced by compulsion. Theirs was a will to
execute a program and a readiness to die for it. The vaunted efficiency of German aggression depends on
millions of little cogs acting in perfect coordination which involuntary compliance could not possibly produce.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 13.

Twice in one generation.

[N]o people can be innocent who have twice in one generation burst forth in aggression against all their
neighbors, near and far. How is it that one spot on the surface of the earth, no larger than Texas, should
so persistently explode and ravage the world?

And what were the toasts, the slogans, the anthems, the battle cries of this people? "Der Tag" — when Germany will rule the world. "Deutschland uber Alles". "Tomorrow we will rule the world." Rule the world!
 Rule the world! No people who can thrill to such a mission are innocent victims of wicked leaders.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 17.

Charlemagne's maddening refrain.

Other leaders had waged war because "from their youth up war is their passion." Plunder and the
gratification of conquest were the driving force. But Charlemagne decreed an objective. It was not
modest. He sought to conquer the world, a refrain which has since run through German existence with
maddening and devastating persistence. He fought a war every year. His brilliant gifts were devoted to
annihilating his neighbors and robbing them of their possessions. Germans followed him with fanatical
devotion for the same principles which inspired them to follow the Kaiser and Hitler in our generation.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, pp. 23-24.

A cult of mass murder.

The Germans have developed a philosophy which makes
a religion of war and a cult of mass murder. They consider
 it their mission to subjugate all other peoples to slavery.
They exclude the doctrines of the sacredness of human
life and liberty and substitute for it the ideal of war. The
unique phenomenon of Germanism is that its conspiracy
against world peace is not mere gangsterism or nihilism.
 It is an intellectual movement, if you please. It is
supported by a philosophy carefully devised, nurtured
and inculcated into every citizen.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis
Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 27.

Wagner incites lynching.

Only in Germany could a great artist like Wagner immerse his talent in blood lust and supply
 an emotional incitation of German mass murder. The significance lies not in some particular
theory, but in the association of cultural and intellectual thinking in Germany with mob
standards. Lynching is thus raised to the level of national policy.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York,
1944, p. 28.

The greatest indictment of a people in all history.

Never again must we be deluded into misplacing responsibility for
German aggression. It is not the leader of the day, whether he be
 Charlemagne, Barbarossa, Frederick Wilhelm, the Great Elector,
Frederick the Great, Bismarck, the Kaiser or Hitler, who wages war
 against mankind. It is the German people.
 Conditioned by centuries of false indoctrination — of a mad philosophy, of an absurd "soil-blood" racial theory, of a mystical paganism, the German people have ever been arch-conspirators against civilization.

 They have  deliberately plotted to destroy it and subdue all
 mankind to serfdom. They have given their brains, their
energies and their very lives through the centuries in fanatical
devotion to this task. They have used inhuman and sadistic
methods to achieve their psychotic national desires.

 They have ignored all civilized standards and restraints, and
have made barbarism an ideal. They have distorted nationalism
 into a ritual of international murder.

This is the greatest indictment of a people in all history. But it is
the truth.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing
 Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 52.

Louis Nizer does not add collaborators from among the conquered
peoples to his list of those deserving punishment because he
recognizes that the conquered peoples were victims who turned
 against Nazi occupation:

Suppose Hitler had possessed an infinitesimal part of Napoleon's, or even Frederick the Great's, administrative
 capacity, he might have created a "new order" in the conquered territories, which might have given the
semblance of security, peace, and a little justice. Then millions of exhausted, disillusioned people might have
 accepted their conqueror and eased his problems. Instead, his one-track mind, devoted to butchery and terrorism, fanned the dying embers of resistance, so that constant revolution and anarchy burned the heels
 of the oppressor.

Louis Nizer, What to do with Germany, Ziff Davis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1944, p. 51.

He who  is without sin cast the first stone. This stuff sounds so familiar...ED

 and  influenced media did virtually no coverage of what may
be one of the decades biggest stories.  Only UPI issued any
statement on the CIA's admission that following WW2 II Hitler's
top general in charge of espionage transferred his entire network
 of thousands of spies and double agents to what became the
 newly-formed CIA.
 ( 150,000 White Welfare Cheats ED.)
What makes this much more than an interesting footnote to history
 is that the entire domestic and foreign history of the CIA has been
molded by these former Nazis whose ideas on Eugenics, race,
 social control, bio-warfare and propaganda dominate the
policies of countless   (Tax exempt) "think tanks" like the
Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute and have influenced
the  U.S. government at its highest levels.

  What makes this different is that General Ghelen was the
 #1 Nazi  in this program. By acknowledging a CIA connection
 to Ghelen the entire can of  worms can now be pried open.
(Not Bloody Likely! ED.)
What they count on is the fact that you were borne yesterday!ED.

"During the past five decades numerous isolated revelations about
Nazis imported to America by the Dulles brothers, William Casey and
others have broken through the media blackout. These stories usually
revolve around former concentration camp guards who hid their identity
 when emigrating. "

... who owns the corporate media. For starters, all ...
they are directly influenced by former high ...
 ABC has been owned since 1985 by ...
director of the CIA, the infamous ...
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