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* One more  FYI  3/4/04 this stuff is very timely even though some of it is last year news. I think you should read KEVIN PHILLIPS.

 FYI 3/4/04 this stuff is very timely even though some of it is last year news.
I think you should read the KEVIN PHILLIPS stuff.
Be well Charles.

1. Art...

$20/One Day

Ticket price includes AIPAD's Annual Membership Directory and Illustrated Catalogue
(360 pages, over 250 illustrations).

There will be an Opening Night Preview Reception on Wednesday, February 11th, 2004 by invitation of the
 Exhibitors. For 2004, The Photography Show will be open to the public one extra day.
Now in its 24th year, THE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW is internationally recognized for unparalleled connoisseurship.
 It has become an invaluable event for museum curators, the established and beginning collector, interior designers
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Security: For security reasons, all portfolios, briefcases and large handbags must be checked at the New York
 Hilton Cloak Room.

The shows over and Now I Am Curious...
 Only Salvador Dali can do such a corn-ball thing and get away with it, come to think
of it he didn't. Some time all art is really about is being the clever one doing it first.

Click the .jpg to go to the link
Philippe Halsman Volupte Mors, 1951 Vintage gelatin silver print  23 3/4 x 19 5/8 inches

Click the blue text above to go to the link


Seeing this name http://www.zabriskiegallery.com/ in the on line
 http://www.aipad.com catalogue triggered a memory.
I was just wondering what was doing at Noah Goldowsky Gallery.
I was in a group exibition in the 60's with I. Rice Pereira and was
just curious enough for a Google Serach on it & her.

Born August 5, 1907, Chelsea, Massachusetts, U.S.
died January 11, 1971, Marbella, Spain original name Irene Rice American painter who
 explored abstraction and metaphysics in her work.
Irene Rice moved a number of times with her family before they settled in Brooklyn, New York City
 After exploring other careers, from 1927 to 1930 she studied at the Art Students League in New York.
In 1929 she married commercial artist Humberto Pereira, …

She had a stronger influence on me than I remembered.

Which led to this artist list...
Check this out

2. Politics: & or                                            

Next is a Bill Moyers interview with Kevin Phillips

2. Politics: & or

NOW with Bill Moyers. Transcript. Bill Moyers Interviews Kevin Phillips. 5.17.02 | PBS

BILL MOYERS: With me now is a man who has been tracking the political and economic history of
American wealth for a long time. Kevin Phillips and I were both young men in Washington in the 60s. We
were on different sides but had a mutual interest in politics that reached workaday people. He was the chief political strategist for Richard Nixon's victory in 1968 and wrote the bombshell book on the emerging
 republican majority. Ten years ago his best-selling book on the politics of rich and poor influenced the
1992 elections.  his new book, WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY, he is writing about how big money and
political power are the In invisible hand in the hidden story of the American experience. Good to see you

Good to see you again.

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Nice to be here.

BILL MOYERS: You keep referring in "Wealth and Democracy" to a plutocracy. What do you mean by

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, the plutocracy ... and I think we have one now and we didn't, 12 years ago when I
wrote THE POLITICS OF RICH AND POOR is when money has ceased just entertaining itself with
leveraged buyouts and all the stuff they did in the '80s, and really takes over politics, and takes it over on
both sides when money not only talks, money screams. When you start developing philosophies in which
giving a check is a First Amendment right. That's incredible. But what you've got is that this is what money
 has done. It's produced the fusion of money and government. And that is plutocracy.

BILL MOYERS: But hasn't money always held politics hostage?

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, it's usually been very influential. And sometimes it really hasn't been too influential,

But what we've seen in the '80s and '90s is that it's taken control of both parties, pretty much taken control
of the culture, and controls the whole dynamics of politics. And that is ...

BILL MOYERS: But the si- ...

KEVIN PHILLIPS: ... a plutocracy in a way that we haven't had before, since the gilded age.


But the signers of the Declaration were representatives of America's first and wealthiest families.

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, they were, but, you know, a funny thing about that, because they were
simultaneously people who were furious with the British. Furious with the British for taxing them, for not
letting them make their pig iron into hammer and spades, for not paying the right amount of money for

And if you read what they had to say, it sounds like the American version 100 years earlier of what the
people out in the plains said about the bankers in New York and the railroad owners in Minneapolis. So
 they were fighters in a way. And Thomas Jefferson pretty much stuck with that. You had a divergence
within the founding fathers of those who became, in the American context, pretty conservative, and those
 who like Jefferson maintained their anger they had against the British economic elites in the United

BILL MOYERS: But where is that anger today? Because the ... the two men who spoke most consistently
 with what you're saying in WEALTH AND DEMOCRACY in 2000, John McCain and Willi... Bill Bradley,
Senator Bradley, both got defeated in their primaries. And they were the ones who were registering the
discontent of which you are ... are writing about. What happened? The peop... that the majority of people
 don't share your convictions and mine?

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, I'm not certain whether they do or they don't. But the ... the key thing in the year
2000 was that if you look at all the psychological profiles of the United States, of the electorate during
 that period, even though the Nasdaq had started to crash they still thought things were pretty good. The
real dive didn't come until after the election when you had the miserable elections stalemate and the sagging economy.

So that basically, you never get one of these reactions against big money until you've had this speculative
implosion. And normally I think if we were seeing any kind of debate in Washington, and the Democrats
 have all kinds of things they could say about the Bush dynasty and Enron, for example, it's mind blowing,
but they don't.


KEVIN PHILLIPS: I think partly because they're so interested in raising money that they can't see their
 soul in the mirror.

BILL MOYERS: What has happened to the word equality? When you and I were young men in politics it
was a common reference in our political discourse. Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, a lot of others too,
but you don't hear it in the political lexicon anymore.

KEVIN PHILLIPS: You hear it in twisted ways. There is a view in some conservative circles that it doesn't
matter much what concentrations of wealth you have or disparities of income. It's equality of consumption.
 It's the right to have Nike shoes, to listen to a boom box, to take a plane ride. And ...

BILL MOYERS: Nothing wrong with that.

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, no, but on the other hand, that didn't solve problems in a depression when you
had the right to watch a plane fly over Kansas. Or turn on the radio. So you've got these different ledgers
that are kept. And people that try to say "consumption is the yardstick" usually have it in mind that
democracy is not ... that income differentials are not, they stand for a different philosophy.

BILL MOYERS: Didn't the word "equality" disappear because the people who believe in inequality won the elections?

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, there's a certain truth to that. And going back to the time when we were both in
politics on different sides of the aisle, the ... one of the great weaknesses, in my opinion, in liberal politics,
 was to start talking about social equality in a way that had never really occurred in the United States.
People came to this country as immigrants and they ... they suffered all kinds of hardships and "no Irish
need apply" and everything you could name. Nobody ever tried to draw blueprints for bussing the Irish
around Boston ...


KEVIN PHILLIPS: ... or things like that. And there was a sense that equality in the social sense could
 be obtained through government, that became powerful in the '60s. And in my opinion, that was the
beginning  of the tending of the idea of equality in the sense of ... of economics. Now, conservatives
will still say all that matters is equality of opportunity.

BILL MOYERS: The market will produce the equality.

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Yes, exactly.

BILL MOYERS: You ... you know that I was quite taken with your book "The Politics of Rich and Poor," what, a decade ago?


BILL MOYERS: 1990. In it you told of how the wealthy had made great gains in their power. They had ...
are you writing the same thing now? Has it changed quantitatively and qualitatively?

KEVIN PHILLIPS: I think there are two stages, the 18- ... the 1980s were the first stage in the sense that
Ronald Reagan wanted people to have a chance to get rich. He liked entrepreneurs, he liked people who
owned 14 department stores or two movie studios. It wasn't for the big old steel companies or anything,
but he liked money. And he and Don Regan, the Treasury secretary, created a political culture in which
fashion became in, making money became in, paper entrepreneurialism was the key, all the leveraged
buyouts. And that was a whole culture of... people got a lot of money at the top.

But what you got then in the 1990s was, in my opinion, stage two. And this was the technology mania,
and the rise of the securities markets, taking technology and making this incredible bubble out of it. And
 a new crowd of people got rich. Plenty of the old people, but a whole lot of new people. New people who
 tended to have a more liberal politics in many cases, to name Internet companies, things like Yahoo!
and AskJeeves, and what have you.

If you look at the list of new money in the Forbes 400 say in 199... 1998 or 1999, when the Internet crowd was coming in big time, we've got an awful lot of Democrats. And the Democratic Party has in its own way started to be a party of a different type of wealth. The Republicans have the smoke stacks and the polluters and the ranchers and the oil companies, and the Democrats have a lot of the communications media, a lot of biotechnology, a lot of the coming stuff ...

So what we've got are two sets of people in Washington who basically because of the whole demand of financing campaigns go to people with money. They go to different sets of money and you've sort of got what you had in politics before the Civil War: the Democratic Party, that basically was in with a southern plantation aristocracy, and Republicans who are in with the merging industry. Nobody was for the little guy.

BILL MOYERS: What's the ordinary Joe and Jane to do? I mean, the guys running these cameras working here, whom you've met, they can't write big checks to either political party or political candidates, and yet it's a struggle not to leave people despairing today when they read an analysis such as "Wealth and Democracy." What are the average folks to do?

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Well, one thing I think they have to do is they really have to say on certain issues,
which are not strictly party issues, we've just got to mobilize on the issues, whether it's campaign finance
or other things like that. But secondarily they've got to work to make the party system make a difference.
You can't have two parties that represent different flavors of great wealth and expect not to see all these weaknesses continue to grow.

BILL MOYERS: But you've already said that both parties spend all their time raising money. And they
don't listen to the people running the cameras. They listen to the people writing the checks.

KEVIN PHILLIPS: Yeah, well, some of the time they do, because you keep reading about votes in
Congress periodically, where these outrageous proposals, be they tax or trade or other things, they only
make it through by one, two, three votes. People are standing there twisting arms of Presidents, giving them six post offices and three favors.

Now, if there wasn't some responsiveness to public opinion and a sense that things have gone too far,
that wouldn't happen. So the trick is to mobilize somehow or other institutions in this political culture that
will take those issues on which Congress ... some of them would like to be made to vote against their
contributors. And, you know, I'm ... I'm not sure how to do it. I think ...

BILL MOYERS: It took a rich man, Ross Perot, to make it happen in any significant manifestation ...
eight years ago, ten years ago.

KEVIN PHILLIPS: But see, part of the thing in ... in the United States, is that the minority of rich people
 are usually on the side of trying to make America work like America. You had in the last election, in the
three people who were running sort of as populist, John McCain, millionaire, son and grandson of four-
star admirals, Bill Bradley, multi-millionaire, former basketball player, even Ralph Nader's got three or
four million dollars worth of investments. So all kinds of people go against what should be their interest
financially because of what they think is the right thing to do. That's really something to build on.

 Bill Moyers. Transcript. Bill Moyers Interviews Kevin Phillips. 5.17.02 | PBS

source: Phillips (1991, 9)

http://lilt.ilstu.edu/gmklass/pos138/datadisplay/goodcharts.htm#General Principles
Three Theories of Justice: Utilitarianism, Justice as Fairness, and Libertarianism


Sample review
Bordewich, Fergus M.
Doubleday: New York, 1996
 The tragic past of Native American peoples has set the stage for the
enormous problems they face in contemporary America. Bordewich tells a
story of an entire race that has coped with wide spread genocide and
continue to struggle to exist in a very complex society. The modern day
Indian faces a multitude of problems; identifying with their own culture,
assimilating into American culture, attempting to keep part of traditional
ancestry alive.

Bordewich seems to en grain himself with past and present chronicles
of Native Americans. In essence, the reader is able to almost "walk in the
shoes" of Indians. The stories so graphic in nature, leaving the reader in
agony, hitting so close to home. He tells the story of one Indian tribe in
California that was basically eradicated in a 12-hour period, through the
course of one night. White settlers preyed upon men, women and children,
without remorse, leaving wounded infants still attempting to feed from
mothers that were slaughtered

To truly understand the plight of the Indian it is necessary to know
their past. It is difficult for other Americans to understand the modern
day Indian without taking into account their past. Almost everyone has
heard or read stories, shallow in nature, that have vaguely portrayed
Native Americans. However, the adverse affects which continue to afflict
Indians will never be known by most Americans simply because we have
 chose to marginalize historical events almost as if they never occurred.
Some of those that do recognize the history of Native Americans, such
as the whites currently living close to reservations, have somehow
concluded that the Indians have been given more than enough. According to
Bordewich, they believe Native Americans are eager to take hand-outs and
will continue to take as long as the government allows it. Maybe they are
unaware of the contributions Indian tribes have made over the years.
The Navajo proved to be an integral part of WWII, due to the language
barrier they provided for the Japanese. Prior to their involvement the
Japanese had continually broke our military codes. Bordewich points to the
economic success of the Choctaw tribe in Philadelphia, MS. Through the
wisdom and passion of Chief Martin a rural southern town is able to sustain
quality of life not paralleled by other town in the area. In Philadelphia
an industrial park hosts major corporations such as AT&T, Xerox, Navistar
and Boeing- all solicited by Chief Martin. He laid the plans for a
thriving industrial park at a time when almost 80% of his tribe was
unemployed. Now with full employment of its own members, nearly half of
the tribe's workforce are black and white Mississippians. The mayor of the
town firmly believes if it had not been for the efforts of the Choctaw,
Philadelphia would be in the same position as other rural towns- companies
struggling to meet their payroll and inadequate funds for police and fire

Identifying the true identity of Native Americans is complex, is more
than an understatement. Bordewich eludes to historian Robert E. Berkholder
Jr.'s perspective that the "Indian" identity is basically a figment of the
white man's imagination or is largely one of a Euro-American perspective.
Berkholder noted accounts of history that detailed Columbus' description of
Native Americans as "peaceful, simple peoples, unaware of evil." While
other Euro-American perspectives depict Indians as savages. Even more
interestingly is the dilemma faced by Indians in contemplating which of
these labels fit, if either. Over the years Native Americans have
struggled to truly identify themselves from their own ancestry and that
perpetuated by whites.

The old saying that there are three sides to every story- each of the
two parties sides and the truth, lends well to native American history.
Bordewich reflects the stories of Native Americans as they fell victim to
whites and vice versa. However, the truth of the matter doesn't lye
entirely in the old newspaper archives, written by biased white
journalists, or the oral traditions passed on by Indians, subject to
"modification" as time passes- both were sources of information for
Bordewich. The truth lies somewhere in between, probably closer to the
Native American accounts but, in which those in academia and anthropology
have a difficult time recognizing...
Religion, Politic s and the Triumph of Anglo-
America by Kevin Phillips

bestselling author of The Politics of Rich and
Poor and The Emerging Republican Majority
At the start of the new millennium, Americans
look out on the world triumphant in our political
and religious freedom, the power of our armed
services, the wealth of our businesses, and the
dominance of our language and ideals. It is no
exaggeration to say that for the past two
centuries Anglo-America has dominated world
politics and transformed global culture.

Kevin Phillips
      . . . is a political analyst and author whose
1969 book, The Emerging Republican
Majority, won him instant recognition. Among
his eight prior books is also The Politics of Rich
 and Poor (1990). Mr. Phillips is a commentator for National Public Radio's
Morning Edition, a contributing columnist for
the Los Angeles Times and repeatedly has
been a national elections commentator for
CBS Television News. He left Washington, D.C.,
 for Connecticut, where he now makes his

 If you think the English Civil War, the American Revolution and the American Civil War
are just history -- think again. According to political analyst Kevin Phillips, each of
these wars is a ladder to the next. Together, they set the context for what Mr.
Phillips considers today's most important question: Can a mature society create
mechanisms for people who disagree to let off steam when that society's middle
class will not tolerate war?
      Religion, economics and war were inextricably intertwined in the three Anglo-
American encounters. (Mr. Phillips calls them The Cousins' Wars in his newest
book by the same title.) The big winners of all three were also similar -- democrats
with a small "d" and republicans with a small "r". Each time, the people who won
were those who were more democratic, adventuresome, entrepreneurial, middle-
class, and urban, low-church instead of high-church and hostile to monarchy.
First, the wars. Mr. Phillips says that we didn't waste them, they actually settled some big issues.
Things changed when they were over. Democracy prevailed. The middle class ascended into comforts
 which make wars unacceptable. War is (mostly) out but tensions still mount among people who disagree --
hence today's culture wars, which our current political system is not resolving.

      Economics next. All three cousins wars are characterized by moves away from the feudal and the mercantile, toward
industrialism and an entrepreneurial strain. But with the end of the American Civil War which assured democracy and a
republic, capitalism ran amok. It took the the Populist and Progressive Movements and the likes of Teddy Roosevelt to reign
in the rampant abuses. We've fallen off the track again, according to Mr. Phillips, who joins critics of today's unbounded
capitalism from both the political left and right. He decries today's condition as financial mercantilism focused on
aggrandizing only the financial sector of the economy. But the solution may be in the problem. Mr. Phillips is confident
today's speculative bubble will -- however painfully -- burst, taking today's excesses with it. Sadly, he sees it taking a crisis
of that proportion to get people re-engaged in the (small "d" democracy which carried the day three times before.

      Religion? Mr. Phillips is confident that we have only a decade or two to redefine the Puritan God. We simply can no
longer afford the God who won the Cousins' Wars -- The God of Success, the Marketplace and War.

      While a fourth cousins' war is probably not on the horizon, the past is not passed. Ethnic conflicts flare around the
world. Lingering ethnic patterns still impacting Anglo-Americans (think Ireland), stretching all the way back to the Protestant
Reformation and the Catholic Counter-Reformation. Perhaps the ultimate lesson to be learned from the Cousins' Wars is
 the need for people to find ways to get along.

[This Program was recorded April 28, 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia, US.]

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I just sort of stumbled on this
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Or promotion of folks with a gift for gab.
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$15.00 to be a judge... But who is counting is important, and how...
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The Future Of Plastics
If today is a typical day on planet Earth, we will lose 116 square miles of rainforest, or about an acre
a second. We will lose another 72 square miles to encroaching deserts, as a result of human
mismanagement and overpopulation. We will lose 40 to 100 species, and no one knows whether the
number is 40 or 100. Today the human population will increase by 250,000. And today we will add 2,700
tons of chlorofluorocarbons to the atmosphere and 15 million tons of carbon. Tonight the Earth will be
a little hotter, it's waters more acidic, and the fabric of life more threadbare.*
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Blueprint for the role of Arts & Culture in the redevelopment of Lower Manhattan.
By Stefan Umaerus. E-mail: StefanU@aol.com, URL: http://stefanumaerus.com

The rebuilding on the World Trade Center site in downtown Manhattan will, in a ten year perspective, open up new
possibilities for the development of the entire area south of Houston Street. This is an excellent opportunity for the
 Arts & Culture sector to increase its role in the area. This should be done now, to ensure that cultural institutions,
 including art galleries, will play a future vital role in the area.
Develop the area west of City Hall, and north of the WTC site into a cultural district, with
 art galleries and cultural institutions.
With a future redevelopment of the area west of City Hall, and north of the WTC site, into a district with art galleries
 and cultural institutions, replacing the discount outlets, and tobacco stores now in the area, downtown Manhattan will
 not only benefit economically from the increased flow of visitors, the architectural and visual appearance of the area
will also improve. Like many urban districts throughout the US in close proximity to government and administrative
buildings, the area is now rundown.
Downtown Manhattan, will, in the years to come have an excellent transportation infrastructure, with the plans for new
 transportation hub now in the making. This new equivalent to the Grand Central, will ensure an increased flow of visitors
 from all over the world to the area. The numbers are already are impressive - studies have been made - despite few
 high caliber cultural attractions in the area.
Real estate interests, and the fashion industry forced artists and art galleries out of SoHo around 1996 and currently
 art galleries have mainly relocated to Chelsea.
The area west of City Hall - the intersections Murray Street, Broadway, West Broadway - can prove especially attractive
 for the second tier galleries, now clustering in the less attractive spaces in the vicinity of Chelsea. The location will
provide them with a prime location, and they can thus compete more successfully with the current major players on
 the gallery scene. This can, eventually provide for a, much needed, shift of paradigm in the visual arts.
This relocation is likely to happen following the rebuilding on the WTC site. Models can be found in other cities:
Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain, is an excellent example. The new art museum, Museu d'Art Contemporani de
Barcelona (MACBA), designed by the architect Frank Gehry, has paved the way for exactly the cultural revitalization,
 I outline above, of the old quarters of the city.
Few art galleries are now downtown, and the buildings in the area west of City Hall is currently being developed as
apartment buildings and condominiums. With a decisive interest in the area from the Arts & Culture sector, this trend
 is not inevitable. I believe that, for example, the NYC opera, already have arrived at the conclusions I outline above,
 and a cooperative effort by all parties involved, will not only improve Lower Manhattan, but also provide a model for
urban redevelopment, for other cities in the US, and, indeed, throughout the world.
New York, November 25, 2003.
Stefan Umaerus

Stefan Umaerus, has created and exhibited cross-cultural art projects for galleries, museums, and cultural institutions since 1985.
He lived and worked in loft in SOHO, New York until 1996. For a documentation of the art projects and the exhibitions, please see
the web site: URL: http://stefanumaerus.com. Contact Stefan Umaerus by E-mail at: StefanU@aol.com.

Nordic Expo 2004: Launching Scandinavian Artists & Designers in New York City
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Nordic Expo will feature more than thirty-six participants from the five Scandinavian countries: Denmark, Finland,
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Or in case you missed this intrepid group of winners because of current events.
They slipped into history without my noticing there mighty All American Achievements.
That may have been  due to my tunnel vision I think of these things as samples of our "cultural"
estimate of our selves seldom find myself drawn to "The Arts" any more than I am drawn to
Basketball played with all of the players wearing in-line roller-skates as depicted
in a Mickey "D" Ad . I saw while Channel surfing being careful not to "Tune In"
The Ted Koppel Show, Night line actually its really the Mickey Mouse TV planet  CIA
 William Casey Reinhardt Galen Tokyo Rose knows it all Bill O Rilley show.

I only know 2 people that got the Pulitzer Prize and both ae cool but I only
am in touch with one of them.

The pulitzer Prize ... You would think that they gave out more money...
$5,000. ouch  not much money these days barely 2 months rent.

Actually I like the concept of one person one vote and making it like a
Peoples award... In art and Literature...
But that would be another World unlike "real" TV   where there are nothing
but endless contest's with no more content than the premise of the self title which
is fine except now I find myself rating the Ad's and looking for the "funny is the
 money shot" not the super animated High Tech Computer Graphics but the
best bit or gag ! The very well thought and plain and simple true gem of state of the
art actual thinking.
Generates hope some one else out there is not on auto pilot ( present company excluded)
I am sending this because you haven't asked me to stop mailing you all this random
 juxtapositioning of web snips.  Its a sort of Diary / scrap book...

 no more time (or room its 145 meg's @ $50.anually)
forthe heck of it I am trying out this Click this page format just to wind down from the
last 6 years exploring the web.

and the winner is...

Apr. 11, 2000

Apr. 11, 2000

Winners of Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism, Letters, Drama and Music, Announced Today at the Journalism School
By Kim Brockway and Abigail Beshkin
For distinguished fiction by an American author, preferably dealing with American life, Five thousand dollars ($5,000).

Awarded to "Interpreter of Maladies" by Jhumpa Lahiri (Mariner Books/Houghton Mifflin Company). Also nominated as finalists in this category were: "Waiting" by Ha Jin (Pantheon Books), and "Close Range: Wyoming Stories" by Annie Proulx (Scribner).
For a distinguished play by an American author, preferably original in its source and dealing with American life, Five thousand dollars ($5,000).

Awarded to "Dinner With Friends" by Donald Margulies. Also nominated as finalists in this category were: "In The Blood" by Suzan-Lori Parks, and "King Hedley II" by August Wilson.

For a distinguished book upon the history of the United States, Five thousand dollars ($5,000). Awarded to "Freedom From Fear: The American People in Depression and War, 1929-1945" by David M. Kennedy (Oxford University Press).

Also nominated as finalists in this category were: "Into the American Woods: Negotiators on the Pennsylvania Frontier" by James H. Merrell (W.W. Norton Company), and "The Cousins' Wars: Religion, Politics, & The Triumph of Anglo-America" by Kevin Phillips (Basic Books).
For a distinguished biography or autobiography by an American author,Five thousand dollars ($5,000).
Awarded to "Véra (Mrs. Vladimir Nabokov)" by Stacy Schiff (Random House).
Also nominated as finalists in this category were: "Clear Springs: A Memoir" by Bobbie Ann Mason (Random House), and "Galileo's Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love" by Dava Sobel (Walker & Co.).

For a distinguished volume of original verse by an American author, Five thousand dollars ($5,000).

Awarded to "Repair" by C.K. Williams (Farrar, Straus and Giroux).
Also nominated as finalists in this category were: "Elegy for the Southern Drawl" by Rodney Jones (Houghton Mifflin Company), and "Midnight Salvage, Poems 1995-1998" by Adrienne Rich (W.W. Norton & Company).

General Non-Fiction
For a distinguished book of non-fiction by an American author that is not eligible for consideration in any other category, Five thousand dollars ($5,000).
Awarded to "Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II" by John W. Dower (W.W. Norton & Company/The New Press).

Also nominated as finalists in this category were: "The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory" by Brian Greene (W.W. Norton & Company), and "Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds" by Scott Weidensaul (North Point Press/Farrar, Straus and Giroux).

   Have you ever herd of any of these people?

Tony Auth, born in Akron, Ohio, and raised in Southern California, has been drawing since the age of five.

   Tony Auth, born in Akron, Ohio, and raised
in Southern California, has been drawing
since the age of five.

He graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1965 and worked for six
years as chief medical illustrator at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, a large teaching hospital
affiliated with the medical school of The University of Southern California.
In 1967, while still working as a medical illustrator, Auth began doing political cartoons. He
first drew a single cartoon each week for Open City, a Los Angeles weekly. After a year,
 he began creating three drawings weekly for the UCLA Daily Bruin. Those cartoons were
used widely in other college newspapers. In 1971, The Philadelphia Inquirer hired him as
staff editorial cartoonist, and he is currently a member of its editorial board.

Auth has won several awards, including the Pulitzer Prize
for editorial cartooning.

 ANOTHER Nazi propaganda emulating anti-Israel cartoon
 "Little Green Footballs" pro-Israel website ^ | 8/5/3 | Auth
Posted on 08/05/2003 8:04:32 AM PDT by  NativeNewYorker
I wrote: “Cartoons like this, not seen in the West since the bad old days of Julius Streicher
and Der Stuermer, are getting more and more common. ”
When I wrote that, I was simply repelled by what seemed to me to be obvious, gut-churning antisemitism.
Auth/Phil Inq.
From Hitler-era Germany.

What makes us human, or at least civilised humans, is our ability to distinguish between things; to recognise that one thing is not another. Does the fact that you wear pants and Hitler wore pants make you the most evil man in the world?
To some posters on these threads it does. I agree we should be able to distinguish between things. But then you
 don't allow any choice but your own. It's the cartoonist's fault, you say, for not being clearer to you about what the picture means. Yet, I had a differnt take on it. To you, my take is invalid. Only your view is correct.
TOPICS: Culture/Society

To: ZviTheWise
Most likely it's a coincidence -- the subjects of both are very different, the Nazi-era one being simple hate propaganda, but the new one apparently referring to effects of the Israeli wall/fence plan.

That is what is referred to as a 'distinction without difference'. You may be willing to give the benefit of the doubt to
 the 'cartoonist', but I believe he knows exactly what he is doing, and is probably aware of the earlier Nazi version
 of what he did.

40 posted on 08/06/2003 3:31:25 PM PDT by spodefly (This is my tagline. There are many like it, but this one is mine.)

To: NativeNewYorker
Check out this Nazi Propaganda. In its Anti-Americanism it looks
 like it would be right at home at DU, or anywhere on the Left. It also has the Star of David:
 28 posted on 08/06/2003 1:06:52 PM PDT by ww.freerepublic.com/%7Eplutarch/" \o "Since 2000-05-18"

To: Plutarch
1944, Dutch Nazi propaganda posterWOW

29 posted on 08/06/2003 1:17:24 PM PDT by NativeNewYorker (Freepin' Jew Boy)

To: SupplySider; Huck
It means the Israelis are fencing off the "Palestinians" into disconnected ghettos while keeping most of the land for themselves.
Yeah, the Israelis sure do have most of the land, don't they?

30 posted on 08/06/2003 1:52:05 PM PDT by Alouette (Every democratic politician should live next door to a pimp,
 so he can have someone to look up to.)

Comment #31 Removed by Moderator

To: Schlepp; Huck
A good response. The nature of the cartoon is pretty obvious, and I've no doubt it has it's fans. But face it, a conservative forum is probably the wrong place to defend it. IMO, Huck is just chumming these threads for reactions.

32 posted on 08/06/2003 2:11:29 PM PDT by SJackson

To: Schlepp
What makes us human, or at least civilised humans, is our ability to distinguish between things; to recognise that one thing is not another. Does the fact that you wear pants and Hitler wore pants make you the most evil man in the world?
To some posters on these threads it does. I agree we should be able to distinguish between things. But then you don't allow any choice but your own. It's the cartoonist's fault, you say, for not being clearer to you about what the picture means. Yet, I had a differnt take on it. To you, my take is invalid. Only your view is correct.

33 posted on 08/06/2003 2:12:51 PM PDT by Huck

To: SJackson
So if you post your point of view, it's called posting. But if I post mine, it's chumming? You have a lot of gall.

34 posted on 08/06/2003 2:14:57 PM PDT by Huck

To: Alouette
Yeah, the Israelis sure do have most of the land, don't they?
I wasn't referring to the whole middle east. I was referring to the state of Israel and the "disputed" territories.

35 posted on 08/06/2003 2:16:44 PM PDT by Huck

To: Huck
I wasn't referring to the whole middle east. I was referring to the state of Israel and the "disputed" territories.
It would seem you are going to great effort to avoid that little stumbling-block that we call "context."

36 posted on 08/06/2003 2:57:51 PM PDT by Alouette (Every democratic politician should live next door to a
 pimp, so he can have someone to look up to.)

To: Huck
Take a good look at the fence. It leaves 80-90% of the Disputed territories in Arab hands.
You are either massively ignorant or disingenuous.

37 posted on 08/06/2003 2:58:45 PM PDT by rmlew ("Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute.")

Louis Nizer was born February 6, 1902 in London, England, but would live in the United
States for most of his life. Nizer graduated in 1924 from the Columbia School of Law and
soon began to make his name as a legal talent and a superb speaker in and out of the
courtroom. Nizer was a founding partner in the law firm of Phillips, Nizer, Benjamin, Krim,
 and Ballon in New York City. During his long and distinguished career Nizer represented
many celebrities including Charlie Chaplin, Mae West, and Johnny Carson.

In addition to sustaining his legal career Nizer also wrote many books. In 1973, Louis Nizer wrote
 The Implosion Conspiracy, which examined the Rosenberg trial and execution. The book relies
heavily on the trial transcript, but also includes many moving stories of the Rosenbergs' lives in
the months following their trial. Nizer is best known for My Life in Court, a best seller describing
 some of Nizer's own cases. Louis Nizer died on November 10, 1994 at the age of 92.
Louis Nizer What to do with Germany 1944

 Read This Book
Industry of Identity Deficit - Author: Betsy U. Chang
... Betsy U. Chang was born in Seoul, Korea in 1954
. In 1964, her family moved to Hong Kong where she
 attended King George V School until 1972
. She holds a B.Sc. ... www.id-deficit.org/author.htm

       This book is a response to (1) the reports of the
       killing of James Byrd Jr., a resident of Jasper,
       Texas, on Sunday morning, June 7, 1998 and (2) the
       coupling of identity deficit with the industries of
       identity, which will continue to compound social
       problems while disproportionately filling the coffers
       of commercial interests.

  A True Must Read!



Subject:   - complex scandal -
   Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 03:46:32 -0500
   From:  <LM>
     To: (Recipient list suppressed)

As you've probably noticed, the British tabs (as in, Murdoch) on Saturday
led with an allegation that John Kerry had behaved incorrectly with an
intern (at least she's female).  The short version is that he met her in
the summer of 2002 and invited her to work in his campaign for Senate;
since he was unopposed in that election, he clearly needed a lot of
volunteer help.

The story seems to have surfaced on the Drudge Report, which simply said
that reports said, and so forth.  The girl, meanwhile, is a graduate of the
Columbia Journalism School who was graduated in the spring of 2002 and went
directly to a night job at AP in New York.  Jumping forward, she's now in
hiding at the Kenya estate of the parents of her (soi-disant) fiance,
Israelis who moved to this popular vacation spot only a two-hours' flight
south of Tel Aviv.  The British tabs are camped encircling the Kenyan
estate; the American press, such as it's called, is camped at the entrance
to to the girl's parents' home outside Philadelphia.  Her father said
several days ago that Kerry is a "sleazeball"; on Monday, I think, he said
that Kerry is a fine American and his family would vote for him.

In betwixt, the young journalist, Alexandra Polier, known as Alex,
apparently issued a statement that I read on a borrowed Blackberry.  Its
nondenial denial was reminiscent of a Clinton nonstatement, it seemed to
have been composed by a lawyer, it represented Alex very poorly, and it
caused the reader to query whose lawyer wrote this drivel and whose side
was he on, anyway?

To my thinking, the big story here is not that Kerry's habitual, casual
arrogance has now probably generated the data that will ensure his not
being elected (never a big likelihood, to start with).  What grabs the mind
starts with this:  a fairly reliable report has emerged that there exists a
videotape on which Alex explains in detail the entire affair.

Who got this gem?  Here's what my preliminary research suggests.

At the behest of US intell, it looks as though British signals
intelligence, using American-made equipment, has for a long time been
getting all the dirt on every single US politician.

Reciprocally, US sigint has done the same for the Brits using British
equipment; in each case, the spy group slides well past domestic laws
forbidding this stuff.  Then they just trade info.

In case you've been trying to forget, every single nonlocal telephone call,
every e-mail, every cell phone call, is recorded by a an Omnivore-type
software or a cell tower near you.  It's a good thing  you have nothing,
and I mean nothing, to hide.

So back to to Alex.  My limited research shows that her communications with
Senator Kerry were recorded by British sigint and sent to US intell
(probably not to the notorious big acronyms, but to those tiny shops having
no name that do so much of the important stuff).

Next, someone in this loop quickly sent out an interview team with a camera
to go record Alex's full thoughts on the subject of the junior senator from
Massachusetts, the Yalie who dated an Auchincloss in order to hang out with
Kennedys; the Skull and Bones inductee favored by the Democratic Party even
as it knows he surely could not win in November; the parvenu who married
first a millionairess then a billionairess.

One supposes that Alex's motive in supplying devastating details to a
camera was that she was really, really peeved.

What enterprising media conglomerate got this global scoop?  Seems to be
the FBI.  Who leaked it? Hold your hat: it was forwarded to that famous
news-gathering op named the GOP.

Not a long leap thither to Matt Drudge.

.          .          .          .          .          .          .

Three little data remain.  First, all preliminary reports are probably
disinformation, so much of this story may be inaccurate (although I'm a
little fond of my sources in this case).

Second, it's only fair to say that Alex Polier was a genuinely committed
student of journalism and a serious practitioner of the craft at AP.  She
has a somewhat-developed political philosophy as well as a moral analysis
of the larger society (sorry;I dunno about the transitory stuff).

Third, if the story above is at least close to accurate, then here's what
may be happening.  The much-sought WMD from Iraq has obviously not surfaced
in the world press.  I think it'll show up conveniently before the November
US presidential elections, but that's speculative.  Meanwhile, even if WMD
whereabouts are being withheld by Bush and Blair for their own reasons,
someone has to take the blame.

Bush and Blair have been loudly blaming their intell services for dire
misinformation.  In response, those very effective little shops sometimes
called OGAs (other government agencies) are using this example of
publicized sigint on Kerry to illustrate to Bush and Blair that, if these
two continue their calumny, the OGAs will bring down the American president
and the British prime minister in just the same way.

In short, OGAs are threatening Blair and Bush with catastrophic information
release if these two don't immediately cease blaming their intell services
for "unfound" WMD.

.          .          .          .          .          .          .

In summary, and despite being kind of inchoate at three in the morning, I
think we see a battle of Titans in the geosynchronous firmament.  Do not
mess wit' the guys controlling the signals-gathering technology.  Did you
need a clearer clarion?

No not that engaged by half...I do wonder when we will sell out to China outright and stop
pretending that Pentagonareah has no remedy...

Candidates? That's what you call them, they all look like a gaggle of goons right out of central
 casting with names to match ... Not a honest bone in the poor beastly little head's
Not one dares to call for mass resignations of CIA,  65$ billion a year that's a lot of silk stockings and chocolate.

"The hole world is an insane asylum & New York's the emergency  ward." R@wman...

Q: Are you going to vote in the next election?
A: "Sure but there hasn't been a president since JFK died of Pentagonareah, their all puppets
they follow orders or else... Start singing Gawd BlezAmerika... And Crying Crocadile tears...

Q:That sounds cynical and un-patriotic...
A:"Hey its patriotic to care about what's messed up about America this country has had
some divergent views about what’s patriotic, take Prescott Bush and Benedict Arnold (they
are related you know ) Arnold only wanted money and position but bush was a true Nazi traitor,
Hitters banker shit he was censured and that doesn't make the history books they both did
it for money  but Bush was working to finance Frigging Adolph hither  instead of hanging him
for treason he was reelected to a second term by that stupid selfish sack of shit the state of
Connecticut .Tucket if that isn't insane what is ?
Q: Don't know...
A: Don't know or wont say...
Q: Aha! Yup! Crazy like a fox,  this movie aint over yet, not till they are sweeping the tickets
  stubs up off the floor in Hicksvill...
"It's Nürenburg  all over again you idiot, the Patriot Act my ass..."

Some ART Stuff

More Art                                       

13. Tools for Peace
Which Path to a Safer World?
$4,000---1 rocket launcher
or Enroll 2 children in Head Start
$14,000---1 cluster bomb
or 2 home health aides for disabled elderly
$40,000---1 Hellfire missile
or Associate Degree training for 29 RNs
$145,600---1 Bunker-buster guided bomb
or Rent subsidies for 1,000 families
$586,000---1,000 M-16 Rifles
or Annual salary/benefits for 15 RNs
$763,000---1 minute war on Iraq
or Improve, repair, modernize 20 schools
$46 million---1 hour war on Iraq
or WIC program nutrition for 200,000 families
$130 million---7 unmanned Predator drones
or Eradicate polio worldwide
$275 million---3 tests of missile defense system
or Best vaccinations for 10 million children worldwide
$350 million---6 Trident II missiles
or Childcare for 68,000 needy children
$413 million---Amphibious Warfare Landing Ship Program
 or 7,000 units of affordable housing
$494 million---1 year military aid to Colombia
 or Prevent cuts to education programs (FY2003)
$1.1 billion---1 day of war on Iraq
or Minimum support to save Amtrak train service
$1.2 billion---2 months U.S. war force in Afghanistan
or Annual salary/benefits for 38,000 elementary teachers
$2.1 billion---1 Stealth bomber or Double federal funding for mass transit
$12 billion---1 year cost of war in Afghanistan (2001/2002)
or Healthcare coverage for 7 million children
$16 billion---1 year nuclear weapons program
or Save 11 million lives worldwide fighting infectious diseases
$38 billion is 1 month U.S. current military spending

* * *

14. A Man Walks Into a Pet Store
A man goes into a pet shop to buy a parrot. The shop owner points
 to three identical looking parrots on a perch and says, "the parrot on the left costs $500."
"Why does the parrot cost so much?" asks the man. The shop owner says,
"well, the parrot knows how to use a computer."
The man then asks about the next parrot to be told that this one costs
$1,000 because it can do everything the other parrot can do plus it
 knows how to use the Linux operating system.
Naturally, the increasingly startled man asks about the third parrot to be
 told that it costs $2,000. Needless to say this provokes the question,
"What can it do?"
To which the shop owner replies, "to be honest I have never seen it do
 a thing, but the other two call him boss!"

15. The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
The TUC Library Collections at London Metropolitan University launch the second phase of their
 website today---the full original manuscript of the novel The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
by Robert Tressell.  
Voted one of the nation's 100 best-loved books in the BBC's recent Big Read event, The Ragged
Trousered Philanthropists is an influential classic of working class literature. This unique resource,
numbering 1,700 fragile pages, has previously only been accessible to researchers who had to make
 the trip to London.
Now, thanks to a grant from the New Opportunities Fund, readers around the world can access the
 manuscript online and read the book as the author intended, both with and without the publishers'
Accompanying the online manuscript are photographs, documents and other ephemera from the
Tressell family archive.  
You can view the manuscript of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
From: Christine Coates c.coates@londonmet.ac.uk ##

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' (RTP) is a very readable account of how capitalism operates in the
workplace, but in some ways it is also a very contradictory book. It rarely lets the bosses and 'Idlers' off the
hook, yet the nearest thing to a working-class hero, Frank Owen, shows little faith in winning economic reforms
 through collective action. It shows that some workers get 'some of their own back', some of the time, but
 marginalizes trade unions. However, it demonstrates that do-it-yourself reforms are temporary, and that
 individual workers are powerless against the bosses, so it provides an excellent case for organising against
capitalist exploitation, which is why it has been part of many trade union activists' tool-kits for almost a century.
RTP also offers a socialist critique of many of the ideas that seek to justify class society, and it retains an ultimate
 faith in the coming Co-operative Commonwealth; yet it does not tackle (let alone solve) the problem of how to
 get there. Owen is clear that the basic problem is politically rooted in 'The present system - competition - capitalism.'
 And he rejects reformism: 'it's no good tinkering at it. Everything about it is wrong and there's nothing about it that's
 right. There's only one thing to be done with it and that is to smash it up and have a different system altogether.'
 But he sees his job as winning workers to socialist ideas, which are rarely tested in practice, and he offers no
 political strategy, or even a set of tactics.
Towards the end of the book Owen hands over the baton to the middle-class socialist, George Barrington.
 He has a plan: 'you must fill the House of Commons with Revolutionary socialists'. Yet he assumes that the
 state is a neutral machine whose drivers will be allowed to steer society towards socialism, unmolested by
 capitalists, their hangers-on, the armed forces, the judiciary and the civil service, not to mention rival imperial
 powers. Of course, we have seen this plan fail - above all in Chile in the early 1970s. Yet while RTP was
close to the cutting edge of British socialist thought when it was completed in 1910, it could not have been a
fully Marxist novel, because by then Marxism had hardly touched the British working class. Its politics wobble
 between reform and revolution, but it contains some key Marxist ideas. The 'Great Money Trick', above all,
has been put to work by generations of socialists to illustrate why we need to 'Blame the System', and to
encourage us to build the kind of party needed to get rid of it altogether.
Sadly, the book that /tressell.php" Robert Noonan wrote was not the one that was published, three years after his death,
 on 23 April 1914. The editor, Jessie Pope, cut out much of its socialist politics and all of Barrington's ideas
 about revolutionaries, while the publisher, Grant Richards, aimed his expensive edition at the liberal middle-class.
 The book sold quite well until August, when sales 'died', just as reformist socialist leaders forgot their
 internationalist rhetoric and got behind their 'own' national ruling classes in the Great War. However, after the
 experience of the imperialist slaughter and the example of the Russian Revolution of October 1917, some rank
 and file socialists cottoned on to RTP, and in 1918 Richards published an even shorter version for a working-
class market. This cheap but politically gutted edition sold very well, especially when the General Strike was
 betrayed by union leaders terrified of taking political responsibility in 1926, and when the Labour Prime Minister,
 Ramsay MacDonald, helped the Tories make workers pay for capitalism's crisis after 1931.
In the early 1930s a handful of socialists in the Labour Party thought about building a socialist alternative, but
most of them stayed. However, especially after Hitler came to power in 1933, many other socialists joined the
 Communist Party of Great Britain. In 1935, as Stalin was moving right towards a Popular Front perspective,
 The Richards Press reissued the 1914 edition of RTP. Then, in 1940, during World War 2, Penguin published
a sixpenny paperback of the 1918 edition. From 1941, after Hitler broke his pact with Stalin and Russia joined
the Allies, Communists pushed the Penguin edition, especially in the armed forces and the trade unions. Ironically,
 what was left of its socialist content contributed to Labour's landslide victory in 1945, and to the 1947-8 alliance
 with US imperialism which is still with us today. Eventually, in 1955, just before Stalin's crimes were made public,
 and thanks to Fred Ball and Jack Beeching, the reconstructed 'complete' edition appeared from the Communist
Party publisher, Lawrence & Wishart. A paperback followed in 1965. To date RTP has sold well over a million
 copies in more than one hundred printings and at least six languages, and it continues to sell very well indeed.
Some supercilious people argue that RTP appeals, above all in periods of working-class defeat, because of its
 'pessimism' and 'elitism'; and it is true that the book is sometimes very hard on workers: 'They were the enemy...
 They were the real oppressors...They were the people who were really responsible for the continuation of the
present system... No wonder the rich despised them and looked upon them as dirt. They were despicable. They
 were dirt. They admitted it and gloried in it.' So, 'Truly the wolves have an easy prey.' But are millions of working-
class readers masochists, or are today's socialists just plain stupid?
Most of the negative outbursts about workers in RTP do not come from the socialists, Owen and Barrington.
Their arguments with workmates are reported as dialogues, and, sometimes, as bitter and sarcastic monologues.
 But often, especially after they win the argument but lose the vote, it is the narrative voice which 'reports' their
thought processes as they deal with their frustrations. In the 1920s the Russian literary theorist, Valentin Volosinov,
 argued that this technique was an ideal way of representing 'class struggle in the head.' But whose heads? The
 narrative voice addresses not Owen and Barrington, but us, the readers, so we, too, are involved in the ideological
 struggle, and are encouraged to take sides all the time.
We live in a capitalist world, and imperialism remains red in tooth and claw. So we face the same basic choices
as Owen and Barrington. Do we give in to sophisticated despair, blame other workers, and claim that they can't
 or won't change? Do we argue that, since capitalism is allegedly all-powerful, we should settle for a few crumbs
from the table? Or do we carry on, like Noonan, patiently explaining how the 'Great Money Trick' works, then go
 on to organise fighting unions, and to build a party, rooted in the working class, which, amongst other things, sends
 socialists (including revolutionaries) to Parliament? RTP continues to offer this choice, and its socialist ideas remain
 very relevant to those of us prepared to put them into practice in these increasingly anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist
Dave Harker, 29 May 2003
Dave is the author of 'TRESSELL: The real story of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' (London: Zed Books,
June 2003. Paperback: £12.99/$25.00; ISBN 1 84277 385 2. Hardback: £50.00/$75.00; ISBN 1 84277 384 4).

Singing Bush's praises

Blue-rinse Republicans turn gangsta rapper to mark Texan independence day and support
 "good old George"

Matthew Wells
Wednesday March 3, 2004

"Our interests have been continually depressed through a jealous and partial course of legislation, carried
 on at a far distant seat of government, by a hostile majority, in an unknown tongue."
No, not the words of beleaguered Texas Democrats in 2004, but just some of the gripes contained in the
Texas Declaration of Independence, of March 2, 1836.
It is a little-acknowledged fact that having thrown off the shackles of Mexican rule, and overcome temporary
 setbacks like the Alamo debacle, Texas was an independent republic for nearly 10 years. At that point, the
 US did a sort of hostile corporate takeover, and President Sam Houston became just another governor.
There was no forgetting that bolshy spirit of defiance last night in the suburban Dallas stronghold of state
senator Florence Shapiro, who brought her favourite Republicans together to celebrate sticking it to the Mexicans.
At one point, the Dallas police choir went into a medley of rousing tunes, and half the room got up from their
decorated tables, extended their right arms and stuck out two fingers, like the gangsta rappers do. It was
 explained to me that The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You is the cue for all state university graduates to make
 like a longhorn bull.
It's one thing to witness boozed-up youths engaging in this activity, but just surreal when it's a gang of blue-rinse
Texas may have felt like a state apart for most of its history, but these days, it's about as close to the White
 House as you can get. Most people in the room introduced themselves as friends of the president, and
 delivered a heartfelt reminiscence.
Judge Ron Harris is the big man of Collin County: a kind of mayor and city manager rolled into one:
 "I saw him just before the Iraq war. I just rang him up and dropped by the White House. We were
talking and then he was on the phone to the prime minister of the Netherlands, and was due to speak
 with the Danish leader.
"I said I'm only little old me, and I'd better go, but George said to me, don't: they can't vote for me - but you did."
The "good old George" perspective is just about the only one you will find in groups like these. In a state
where alliances are strong at every level of the political process, and there is no shame in asking everyone
 you meet for money, there is no pretence. You pay for what you get, and the more you pay, the more you get.
Senator Shapiro describes the president as a "dear friend" who has a deep desire to do what is right. She
too had the benefit of a makeover from Karl Rove, Bush's election strategist, and describes him as a "fighter,
 a brilliant strategist." Texans stick together more than most and she is looking forward to doing her bit in the
 fight against Kerry.
Bill Phelps is a lobbyist based in the state capital, Austin, and he is celebrating the night by sporting a
 Lone Star tie. I ask him if the president doesn't overdo the Texan thing just a little, given that he's a scion
 of east coast privilege; Harvard, Yale:
"Yes, he does play that down for sure, but remember he's a Texan by choice. He could have filled up the
gas tank and just left. He never did. I used to pick him up in my old '57 T-Bird when he was on the road
against Ann Richards. Sure, he was inexperienced for the first few years in the White House, but he's a
fast learner."
Sitting down to eat a barbecue meal of beans, coleslaw and brisket, it becomes clear the evening is no
t only about celebrating Texan pride and thanking the friends and staff of Senator Shapiro - as she had told me earlier.
This too, is about money and filling campaign coffers. Two evangelical insurance saleswomen explain that their company
 paid $1,000 dollars for the table. Only journalists get to eat for free around here, and even the police choir are passing
 round the hat, in order to pay for their trip to Normandy, where they will sing on Omaha Beach for the 60th anniversary
of D-Day.
Between mouthfuls of pecan pie, Lisa Burris explains why she thinks John Kerry would be a threat to national security:
"With George Bush, I feel like he is led by God. I know that he prays daily, and we pray for him every week in church.
 I say grace for him at home. It might not have been the best decision he ever made, but going into Iraq, he did what
he felt was right.
"With Kerry, I would definitely feel less safe. He doesn't have the backbone. Everything is so emotional in these difficult
days and we need to be able to trust our president. Kerry believes in God only when it's convenient."
While this meeting was underway the first results of the Super Tuesday primaries were streaming into newsrooms
 around America, but there's little interest here in what the other side are up to. Lisa and her friend Pat are worried
 about what a Kerry-run America would feel like.
It would be a place where gay marriage might be tolerated, where taxes might not be cut anymore, where Christian
 morality and certitude might not govern policy. Texas might go back to being just another southern state and they
 worry that they won't understand what's being done in Washington:
"I feel like America has so much strength and so much courage. We can bring peace to the Middle East and we
 don't know what else was planned for us by those hijackers. George Bush knows what to do," says Pat.
The speeches begin, and there is a lot of positive affirmation flowing around the room. No one mentions Texan
Independence Day much, and there is a long longlist of local political candidates for office who are introduced,
 brought to their feet, and applauded.
The MC for the evening is a local radio host who heaps oleaginous praise on the senator. He finishes with an
"I was originally from Massachusetts. Can you BELIEVE that? Can you believe it? But as I always say, I got
 here as quick as I could."

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Subject: "I would vote for Saddam Hussein before I would vote
 for Bush." Ron Willett who lost his 29-year-old son, John Charles
at Trade Center  Date:   Thu, 4 Mar 2004 15:09:17 -0800
 Sept. 11 Families Disgusted by Bush Campaign Ads
 Thu Mar 4, 2004 01:54 PM ET
 By Mark Egan
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Families who lost relatives in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks voiced outrage on Thursday at President Bush's first ads of his re-election campaign that use images of the devastated World Trade Center to portray him as the right leader for tumultuous times.

 "Families are enraged," said Bill Doyle, 57, of New York, who is active in several Sept. 11 family groups. "What I think is distasteful is that the president is trying to use 9/11 as a springboard for his re-election."

 "It's entirely wrong. He's had 3,500 deaths on his watch, including Iraq," said Doyle, whose 25-year-old son Joseph died at the trade center.
 Long time Bush adviser Karen Hughes defended the four commercials -- which began running on Thursday in at least 16 important battleground states -- as "tastefully done."
 "September 11 is not some distant event in the past," Hughes told ABC's
"Good Morning America."  "It's a defining event for our future and important that we learn the lessons of that day. All of us feel deeply that tragedy but
 it's also important to recognize the impact it had on our national public
 policy," she said.

Two ads refer to the hijacked airliner attacks as the Bush campaign seeks to present him as a leader who rose
to the challenge. One ad shows World Trade Center ruins behind an American flag. Another shows firefighters
 removing the flag-draped remains of a victim.
 Ron Willett of Walnut Shade, Missouri, said he was disgusted when he saw the ads. Willett, who lost his 29-
year-old son, John Charles, when planes hit the trade center, said he is now so upset, "I would vote for Saddam
Hussein before I would  vote for Bush."  "I think it is an atrocity," his wife, Lucy, added. "He should not be allowed
 to use those images at all."


 With Republicans holding their political convention in New York in late August, victims said they hope
Bush does not make it worse by speaking at the site now known as Ground Zero, which many view as sacred.

 "If he does, there will be a protest and it could get ugly," said Doyle.
25 Rules for being a Good Republican
 1) Being a drug addict is a moral failing and a crime, unless you are a millionaire conservative radio jock, which makes it an "illness."
 2) You have to believe that those privileged from birth achieve success all
 on their own.
 3) You have to believe that the US should get out of the UN, and that our highest national priority is enforcing UN resolutions against Iraq.
 4) You have to believe that government should stay out of people's lives
 but it needs to punish anyone caught having private sex with the "wrong"gender.
 5) You have to believe that pollution is OK, so long as it makes a profit.
 6) You have to believe in prayer in schools, as long as you don't pray to
 Allah or Buddha.
 7) "Standing Tall for America" means firing your workers and moving their jobs to India.
 8) You have to believe that a woman cannot be trusted with decisions about her own body, but that large multi-national corporations can make decisions affecting all mankind with no regulation whatsoever.
 9) You have to believe that you love Jesus and Jesus loves you, and that Jesus shares your hatred of AIDS victims, homosexuals, and Hillary Clinton.
 10) You hate the ALCU for representing convicted felons, but they owed it to the country to bail out Oliver North.
 11) You have to believe that the best way to encourage military morale is to praise the troops overseas while cutting their VA benefits.
 12) You believe that group sex and drug use are degenerate sins that can only be purged by running for governor of California as a Republican.

13) You have to believe it is wise to keep condoms out of schools, because we all know if teenagers don't have condoms they won't have sex.
 14) You have to believe that the best way to fight terrorism is to alienate our allies and then demand their cooperation and money.
 15) You have to believe that government medicine is wrong and that HMO's and insurance companies only have your best interests at heart.
 16) You have to believe that providing health care to all Iraqis is soun government policy but providing health care to all Americans is socialism personified.
 17) You believe that global warming and tobacco's link to cancer are "junk science," but Creationism should be taught in schools.
 18) You have to believe that waging war with no exit strategy was wrong in Vietnam but right in Iraq.
 19) You have to believe that Saddam was a good guy when Reagan armed him, a bad guy when Bush's daddy made war on him, a good guy when Cheney was doing business with him, and a bad guy when Bush needed a "we can't find Bin Laden" diversion.
 20) You believe that government should restrict itself to just the powers named in the Constitution, which includes banning gay marriages and censoring the internet.
 21) You have to believe that the public has a right to know about the adulterous affairs of Democrats, while those of Republicans are a "private matter."
 22) You have to believe that the public has a right to know about Hillary's cattle trades but that Bush was right to censor those 28 pages from the Congressional 9/11 report because you just can't handle the truth.
23) You support state rights, which means Ashcroft telling states what locally passed voter initiatives he will allow them to have.
 24) You have to believe that what Clinton did in the 1960s is of vital national interest but what Bush did decades later is "stale news" and "irrelevant."
 25) You have to believe that trade with Cuba is wrong because it is communist, but trading with China and Vietnam is just dandy.

13.  Tools for Peace Which Path to a Safer World?

$4,000---1 rocket launcher
or Enroll 2 children in Head Start

$14,000---1 cluster bomb
or 2 home health aides for disabled elderly

$40,000---1 Hellfire missile
or Associate Degree training for 29 RNs

$145,600---1 Bunker-buster guided bomb
or Rent subsidies for 1,000 families

$586,000---1,000 M-16 Rifles
or Annual salary/benefits for 15 RNs

$763,000---1 minute war on Iraq
or Improve, repair, modernize 20 schools

$46 million---1 hour war on Iraq
or WIC program nutrition for 200,000 families

$130 million---7 unmanned Predator drones
or Eradicate polio worldwide

$275 million---3 tests of missile defense system
or Best vaccinations for 10 million children worldwide

$350 million---6 Trident II missiles
or Childcare for 68,000 needy children

$413 million---Amphibious Warfare Landing Ship Program
 or 7,000 units of affordable housing

$494 million---1 year military aid to Colombia
 or Prevent cuts to education programs (FY2003)

$1.1 billion---1 day of war on Iraq
or Minimum support to save Amtrak train service

$1.2 billion---2 months U.S. war force in Afghanistan
or Annual salary/benefits for 38,000 elementary teachers

$2.1 billion---1 Stealth bomber or Double federal funding for
 mass transit

$12 billion---1 year cost of war in Afghanistan (2001/2002)
or Healthcare coverage for 7 million children

$16 billion---1 year nuclear weapons program
or Save 11 million lives worldwide fighting infectious diseases

$38 billion is 1 month U.S. current military spending

Thank you and so long 4 now. Be Well CM3

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-------------------- II-7
Figure II-6. Conceptual illustration of geologic and hydrologic relationship in Los Alamos area.
Ephemeral and interrupted streams have deposited alluvium that ranges from less than 1?m (3?ft) to as much
as 30?m (100?ft) in thickness. Run-off in canyons infiltrates the alluvium until its downward movement is
impeded by layers of weathered tuff and volcanic sediment that are less permeable than the alluvium. This
creates shallow bodies of perched groundwater that move down gradient within the alluvium. As water in the
alluvium moves down gradient, it is depleted by evapotranspiration and movement into underlying volcanics
(Purtymun 1977). The perched alluvial groundwaters show the effects of discharges from the Laboratory.
Perched groundwater occurs at intermediate depths in conglomerates and basalts beneath the alluvium in
portions of Pueblo, Los Alamos, and Sandia canyons. It has been found at depths of about 37?m (120?ft) in the
midreach of Pueblo Canyon, about 45?to 60?m (150 to 200?ft) beneath the surface in lower Pueblo and Los
Alamos canyons near their confluence in basalts in Los Alamos Canyon at 61 to 76?m (200 to 250?ft)
(Figure?II-6), and in Sandia Canyon near the eastern Laboratory boundary at a depth of about 137?m (450?ft).
This intermediate depth perched water has one known discharge point at Basalt Spring in Los Alamos Canyon.
The intermediate depth groundwaters communicate with the overlying perched alluvial groundwaters and show
the effects of radioactive and inorganic contamination from Laboratory operations.
The main aquifer of the Los Alamos area is the only aquifer in the area capable of serving as a municipal
water supply. The surface of the aquifer rises westward from the Rio Grande within the Tesuque Formation
into the lower part of the Puye Formation beneath the central and western part of the plateau. Depth to the
main aquifer is about 300?m (1,000?ft) beneath the mesa tops in the central part of the plateau. The main
aquifer is separated from alluvial and perched waters by about 110 to 190?m (350 to 620?ft) of tuff and
volcanic sediments with low (<10%) moisture content.
Water in the main aquifer is under artesian conditions in the eastern part and along the Rio Grande (Purtymun
1974b). Continuously recorded data on water levels collected in test wells since fall 1992 indicate that the main...
R@wman Says : What if the real terrorist poisoned the water 50 or so  years ago trying to kill the indigenous people, to cull the population down with radioactive waist and instead have destroyed the aquifer this is a what if. They  wont even live to realize is was a really  evil extension of an  already existing perfidious method of  dealing with what they perceived as a problem and a Nazi like final solution at the time seemed like a good idea as they say . But in reality Cesium 130  or what ever is a permanent part of  the permanent aquifer and soon will surface as a totally lethal final solution for the California bread basket which supplies over 30 % of the food crop  produced in the USA. and that is a lot of food too bad the short sited assholes and the professional yes men suck ups didn't factor in the permanence of  radio active waist and the fact that it can go wear ever the water will flow and if one was to look closely at the strata and think hey what are we going to do with all that shit after it kills the Indians , how do we get rid of it so we can use the land after they are dead ? Wear will it go after all it will be lethal for thousands of years ...Daaaahhhhuuuuaaaahhhh  ~ Ouuups! Mr. Bam! Shucks!!... 

Uniting for peace    www.uniting-for-peace.net
 © 2004 C. Mingus                                                                         " Well that's it ."
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 Subject:  Cannibalism is technically not a crime in Germany.
   Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 22:21:02 -0800


Cannibal savouring movie deal
By Martin Wortmann
December 14, 2003

A German cannibal is in talks over a movie deal about his story, his defence lawyer said as a
court heard further grisly details of how he killed and ate his apparently willing victim.

Armin Meiwes has already begun writing a book in prison about his life and actions, his lawyer
Harald Ermel said during a break in the trial on Friday.

He said several movie offers had been made, but denied that one of them was potentially worth
millions of dollars.

A forensic scientist testified that Meiwes's victim would have been still alive, albeit barely
conscious, when his throat was cut.

"He was moving his head about, he was still breathing and there were mouth movements," Manfred
Risse said after watching Meiwes's home-made videos of the killing.

Meiwes, 42, a computer expert, has admitted he killed Bernd Juergen Brandes and ate most of his
flesh, but claims his victim was already dead when he cut his throat.

But Mr Risse challenged that version, saying the accused must have known that Brandes was still
alive at that point.

Meiwes is accused of murder for the purposes of sexual satisfaction, which carries a life
sentence, and disturbing the peace of the dead.

 Cannibalism is technically not a crime in Germany.

His defence claims that he is guilty, at worst, of killing on demand, which is punishable by up to five
 years in prison.

Ermel said Brandes, a 43-year-old engineer, had a death wish and would have chosen someone else
to kill and eat him if he had not met Meiwes.

The hearing resumes tomorrow.

This story was found at:

Mad Cow Disease What the Government Isn't Telling You!

What is the evidence for a cover-up in Mad Cow Disease?

(By the way, Beef is the largest revenue
 source for American agriculture nationwide.

 It is a $150 billion dollar industry. Since the FDA protects the pharmaceutical industry, the very industry that it's supposed to police, why wouldn't the USDA (U.S. Dept of Agriculture) protect
 the Beef and Sheep Industry, even though the USDA is supposed to CONTROL it?)

According to the USDA, "virtually all U.S. feed manufacturers use meat and bone meal in their
feeds" and most U.S. cattle are fed such rendered animal tissues. In 1989 alone the U.S.
rendered two million tons of cattle for use primarily in animal feed and pet food. There has been
 a substantial increase in the use of animal protein in commercial dairy feed since 1987.

Dr. Gibbs, who recently chaired a World Health Organization investigation into the disease says
 "Do I believe BSE is here in the U.S., of course I do," Gibbs made this admission at a University
of Wisconsin symposium.

With more than two decades of prion research behind him, Dr. Stanely Prusiner, the scientist who
 coined the term "prion" and received the Nobel Prize for his work, agrees that Mad Cow Disease
 MUST be present in the U.S."_)

Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system by natural therapies, so her body could
 heal itself. Dr. Day is an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and best selling author was for 15 years on the faculty
 of the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine as Associate Professor and Vice Chairman of the Department of Orthopedics. She was also Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at San Francisco General Hospital and is recognized world-wide as an AIDS expert.She has been invited to lecture extensively throughout the U.S. and the world and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including 60 minutes, Nightline, CNN Crossfire, Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, The 700 Club, John Ankerberg Show, USA Radio
     Network, Art Bell Radio Show, Three Angels Broadcasting Network and Trinity Broadcasting Network.
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Chokehold on Knowledge----1984 is Here!!!!!
Center for International Policy Accurate Information on Colombia
Online Journal  Center for Public Integrity

Peter Dale Scott, PhD The Vince Foster Cover-Up
Gulf War Veterans  Col. Fletcher Prouty's Site
Arkansas Train Deaths, Mena, CIA and ClintonBrian Willson's Site


\Depleted Uranium, Conspiracy Theory Research List
Disinformation Subversive Site TWA 800!
We The People The Activities at Mena
CIA and Drugs - Narco-Colonialism
in the 20th Century
There is an easy way to track critical legislation through Congress.
For information on legislation before the House, go to http://thomas.loc.gov.
There is an input box by "bill number" and another optional box where a word or phrase can be entered.
 Just by using appropriate key words you stand a very good chance of finding the bill you're looking for.

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... and hide billions of dollars in debt from investors ...
killed 19 American airmen at Dhahran,Saudi Arabia;
 bombed ... Out 10% of Jordan's GNP
09-Apr-03 Iraq Occupation. ...

Decieve Envagle & Objiscate

... as Former Secretary of State James Baker,
Ex-Secretary of ... a
"front" organization for the Saudi royal family. ... 11 terrorist attacks, the Carlyle
 Group has reaped ...

Talk of diverting water has some upset

Bush and Canada to discuss it; impact on Great Lakes feared

July 19, 2001


The Great Lakes weren't mentioned by name, but President George W. Bush's comments Tuesday that
he wants to talk to Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien about piping water to southwestern and western
states has some people in Michigan upset.

Bush, while speaking to foreign reporters at the White House, said he would be interested in discussing a
 North American water pact with Canada and Mexico. Chretien and Bush will attend the Group of Eight
summit in Italy this weekend.

"I look forward to discussing this with the prime minister ...at any time because water is valuable for a lot of
our countries," Bush was quoted as saying in Wednesday's Toronto Globe and Mail.

James Clift, policy director at the Michigan Environmental Council, a statewide environmental group, said
diverting any water from the Great Lakes region sets a bad precedent -- even if it's from Canada.

"Any withdrawal is going to have some link to a U.S. water body," Clift said.

Besides, if the first withdrawal from a smaller Canadian lake is successful, Clift said, people may suggest
the next export be from one of the Great Lakes.

He also said he thought it was strange that the president wouldn't study water usage and conservation in
the U.S. first.

"I'm concerned about this supply side thinking of, 'We need, we need, we need.' We can get by with what
we've had if we used it a little smarter," Clift said.

Mike Donahue, executive director of the Great Lakes Commission, said moving water to a growing area
is a losing proposition.

He said the U.S. needs to embrace water conservation. Besides, with water levels in the Great Lakes
 declining during the past few years, there isn't an excess amount to be sent elsewhere. Lakes Michigan
and Huron have dropped about 4 feet the past four years, nearing record-level lows.

People in Michigan and other Great Lakes basin states are "hugely sensitive about draining the lifeblood
 of our resource and sending it to another part of the country where the growth has been ill-advised,"
Donahue said.

A spokeswoman for Gov. John Engler said Bush's comments were vague and that the governor will wait to
 see what happens at the meeting between the president and prime minister. However, the spokeswoman
said, Engler's position that he will not support diversions of Great Lakes waters has not changed.

Environmentalists and politicians are among those in the Midwest concerned that a power shift in
 Congress may cause Great Lakes water diversions to become a reality. Texas and Arizona each will
 gain two congressional seats in 2003. California, Nevada and Colorado each will gain one.

At the same time, seven of the eight states in the Great Lakes region, including Michigan, each will lose
 at least one congressional seat. New York and Pennsylvania will lose two.

The threat of diversion by pipeline or supertanker is remote because of huge costs, some opponents
of such a plan argue. But others wonder if the Lake Michigan diversion that flows to Chicago and on to
 the Mississippi River could be increased and then some sort of shorter pipeline be built along the river
 further south.

Annex 2001, an amendment to the Great Lakes Charter of 1985, is a framework the governors of the
eight Great Lakes states say will go a long way to preventing diversions of Great Lakes water. The
 governors signed the agreement last month, outlining the process and setting the standards by which
 any new diversion is judged.

Under the 1985 charter, Great Lakes governors have to approve diversions greater than 5 million gallons
per day. Under Annex 2001, an automatic review would be triggered by withdrawal of more than 1 million
 gallons a day.

It likely will be three years before Annex 2001 would be finalized and sent to Congress for approval..

An outright ban on removal of Great Lakes water would be unconstitutional and violate international law.

U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Menominee, said he was very concerned and quite alarmed by Bush's comments.
 An opponent to water diversions, he sent letters to Bush and Chretien expressing his opposition to moving
water between countries.

Bush's idea, Stupak said, "sets a dangerous precedent which would then subject our Great Lakes to
exploitation by other states or even other countries."

# To read the full text of Annex 2001, go to www.cglg.org/projects/water/annex2001.pdf.

Contact DAN SHINE at 313-223-4554 or dshine@freepress.com.

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Something I don't care about :ED
         Martin C. Martin:   martin at metahuman.org
Meeting (a man who claimed to be) Roger Waters
I was at a party on Saturday December 12, 1998 in Pittsburgh (of all places), and as we arrived, the host was all excited. He claimed that one of the guests was -- you guessed it -- Roger Waters. However, everyone was supposed to play it cool, treat him just like another guest, and his name for tonight was "Fred." Aparently the host
had met him in a local Pittsburgh bar a little while ago.

The party was almost all 35 - 45 year old guys, a crew that goes skydiving together.
If you've ever been to one of these parties, you know what I mean. There were only
3 women there. It was in a well lit basement out in the sticks (it was on a 3 acre plot
of land, mostly woods with a dirt road leading up to the house.) As best I could tell from the way "Fred" was acting you couldn't be sure whether he really was Roger Waters or was an imposter. He looked to be in his mid 50s, and had a strong British accent, which is incredibly rare in Pittsburgh. (Any foreign accent is rare in Pittsburgh outside the Universities.) He claimed to be born in some small town in England, and then to have
 lived in many different places in England and the rest of the UK. We talked a bit
 about Pittsbugh, and "Fred" quoted Paul McCartney as saying he (Paul) liked Pittsburgh, because it was a blue collar town like Liverpool or Manchester. "Fred"
said all that blue collar means is that the rich are very rich and the poor are very poor.

The thing about "Fred," though, is that he was rather annoying. He would typically make some sort of anoying small talk with people, and you could see that he wasn't very interested in talking to them.

For example, when someone mentioned they were born in Oxford, Fred said
"That's where your soon to be axed president [Bill Clinton] was educated.
And he's using the Oxford English definition of sex, which is intercourse.
So you see, it wasn't purjury when he said he didn't have sex with Monica. And he was using the Oxford English definition of relationship, which
 involves feelings and emotions. So he didn't commit purjury at all." The
host countered, "But he said he was never alone with her, and she has
stains on her dress." Thinking quickly, he said "Well, he's a voyeur" and
 went back to his game of billiards. It was hard to have a conversation with
 him, since all he'd do was tell bad jokes and speak with a kind of arragance,
 as if his opinion was the final word on any topic.
At some point the people at the party put on a skydiving video (and turned the sound up, which was thankfully mostly music), and most people stopped and stared at the video. The only "young" people were some guy in his early twenties who looked like
a slightly cleaned up Axle Rose, and his girlfriend who looked like a 20 year old
Stevie Nix, but thinner. She was pretty attractive, and after half an hour, all "Fred" did was make really cheezy small talk with the girlfriend, mostly about how he wanted to kiss her bellybutton. She let him touch it once, then she had to keep telling him (politely) that he couldn't touch it again. I think the only time he stopped talking to her for more than a minute was to stare at the video when it switched to a bunch of clips of women flashing T&A at some concert. Looked like he hadn't seen a young woman's body in
 a decade.

At one point he told a joke. "If you were in a skydiving accident and tore your knee and had to get a new one, where would you go?" Someone ventured a response. "No," said Fred, "to Africa, where the Negros!" People politely chuckled, and "Fred" admitted the joke wasn't very good, or in good taste.

God, he was so pathetic. At some point I leaned over to my friends and said "Make me a promise? If, when I'm his age, I'm that cheezy, desprate, and just plain annoying, will you put a bullet in my head?" They laughed that knowing laugh and asked me to do the same for them. A little while later came the highlight of the evening, when people brought out their cameras to take a picture of "Fred" kissing the girl's bellybutton. He pointed to it for one picture, touching her belly right next to the button. She said (politely, with a smile), "Now I told you you could only touch it once!" He said "No, I'm touching *next* to it." "Oh!" she laughed, "and that's completely different?" Then he turned to the camera and said "I'm just doing some naval research." I glanced at my friend across the room, and he held his hand in the shape of a gun and "shot" me. I couldn't help but laugh. If this had happened 10 years ago, when I was 19 and Pink Floyd was still one of my favourite bands, it would have made for some major inner conflcit. As it was, I'm disillusioned and jaded, so I was just disappointed.

But hey, if it was really him, I played pool with Roger Waters (he was good for an amature and beat me pretty easily), and bumbed smokes from him. So, it was well worth it.
         Martin C. Martin:   martin at metahuman.org

Something I do care about...ED
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KRIS, A reviewer, March 8, 2004,
Who is Ben Franklin? I love biographies because they provide so much information about a person. This
one is no different. I learned so many things about Franklin that I never knew. For example, I was surprised
to learn that Franklin kept over 50 slaves in a dungeon to help with his inventions. Although the author doesn't expressely indicate it, it's implied that one of the slaves actually gave Franklin the idea for bifocals.
 Is that true? Who is this Franklin? Did he really sign the four major documents of the revolution? Is he who
the author says he is? Read the book and find out!

 Bennet/Colson   Wall Street Journal   10Jan2000  Clintons shrug at sex trafficking

"Over the last 10 years, the numbers of women and children that
have been trafficked have multiplied so that they are now on a par
with estimates of the numbers of Africans who were enslaved in
the 16 th and 17 th centuries."

 — Laura J. Lederer
The original of the article below was published on the Internet by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW)
based at the University of Rhode Island.  The CATW has also prepared an index of related documents.

This topic is relevant to the Ukrainian Archive not only because of the frequency with which the victims in the
sex slave trade are Ukrainian, but also because of the involvement of Bill Clinton and the Rodham family with the
East European mafia, which of course conducts the international sex slave trade.  Other articles on the Clinton's
position on trafficking in women can be found in the PLUNDER WOMEN INDEX whose link appears at the top of
 the present page.
The Clintons Shrug at Sex Trafficking Wall Street Journal, Monday, January 10, 2000 By William J. Bennett and
 Charles W.Colson...

Over the past few months the Clinton administration has lobbied for the United Nations to adopt a protocol that would
lend legitimacy to prostitution and hard-core pornography.This effort has been spearheaded by the President's Interagency Council on Women, a group whose honorary chairman is none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Although the proposal
has drawn opposition from across the political spectrum, the administration is forging ahead with its plans.  Whether it
 succeeds in these morally indefensible ambitions will depend on a crucial U.N. vote scheduled for later this month.

First some background.  It's been estimated that each year some two million women and children world-wide are sent
into lives of sexual bondage, usually as prostitutes.  "Over the last 10 years, the numbers of women and children that
have been trafficked have multiplied so that they are now on a par with estimates of the numbers of Africans who were
enslaved in the 16 th and 17 th centuries," according to Laura J. Lederer of Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of

 What we are dealing with, then, is a huge number of human-rights violations.

Yet in Vienna a week from today — when the U.N. Convention on Transnational Organized Crime votes on its protocol
 to combat international trafficking in women and children — White House representatives will take the first step toward
 legitimizing the sexual-trafficking business.  Negotiations on this Vienna Protocol have been going on for the past year
and a half.  Since December, however, the White House delegation has worked to narrow the definition of sexual
trafficking, in a way that would allow certain prostitution rings to flourish.  It has done so despite the objections of a
majority of the G-7 countries and other developing nations, whose women are the principal victims of sex trafficking.
Existing U.N. Convention To secure its goal, the Clinton administration must effectively repeal an existing U.N.
 convention that strictly forbids prostitution and requires punishment of any person who "procures, entices or leads
 away, for the purposes of prostitution ... even with the consent of that person." The Clinton group also believes that international actions against pornography rings should be restricted to pornographers who work without the "consent
" of the women they use, thereby granting the international pornography "industry" the sort of legitimacy and legal
status it has long sought.  Hillary Clinton has been quite active as the honorary chairman of the President's Interagency
 Council on Women, speaking out about the evils of sexual trafficking.  In Reykjavik, Iceland, in October, she said:
 "No government and no citizen should rest until we stop this modern form of slavery, protect its victims and prosecute
those who are responsible."  But as is so often the case with the Clintons, what they do is at odds with what they say.
The White House position, should it prevail, would effectively ensure that prostitution and pornography would be treated
as legitimate career options for women, as long as women "consent" to it and no force is involved.  In defining the term
sexual exploitation, the administration has supported using the phrase forced prostitution rather than simply prostitution.
  In this instance the adjective forced makes all the difference.  If the administration's position is accepted, the focus of
attention would shift from the profiteers who traffic in women to the supposed state of mind of the victimized women.
 It would create loopholes long sought by perpetrators, insulating them from criminal prosecution.  "Practically speaking,
this [new definition] is a virtual bar to prosecution," says J. Robert Flores, a former prosecutor with both the New York
District Attorney and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Even if it were practical to distinguish between consent and force in such cases, the administration's position would still
 contradict common sense and decency.

  Prostitution and pornography inevitably exploit women, whether they consent to it or not.
  And it is not only conservatives who are opposed to the administration's policies in this matter.
In a stinging letter sent last week to Mr. Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Patricia Ireland, Eleanor Smeal and other feminist leaders
wrote that "the definition of trafficking advocated by the administration would not cover some of the most
 common methods of sex trafficking which prey on and profit from the economic desperation of women, girls, and
 their families by securing their 'consent' to sale in prostitution."  The letter goes on to explain why narrowing the
definition of sexual trafficking will hurt, not help, potential victims.
These objections have been echoed by women's groups from Bangladesh to Ukraine, and by the European Women's
 Lobby, a human-rights coalition of more than 2,800 dues-paying member organizations.  They recognize what the
Clinton administration does not: There can be no meaningful "consent" to one's own sexual exploitation — particularly
 when one lives in poverty and desperate circumstances.
The Clinton administration purports to be pro-woman.  Nevertheless, in addition to its effort to weaken the Vienna
Protocol, the administration has steadfastly opposed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.  This bipartisan
legislation was passed unanimously by the House International Relations Committee, with the support of a broad
 coalition of religious, human-rights and women's groups.  The legislation's definition of sex trafficking would include
 any "purchase, sale, recruitment, harboring, transportation, transfer or receipt of a person for the purpose of a
 commercial sex act."

End to U.S. Subsidies Mrs. Clinton's Council on Women has opposed the bill because it allegedly imposes "
mandatory sanctions" on countries that do not prosecute the most severe forms of trafficking.  This is a double
 standard; the administration supports sanctions against countries that do not adhere to other, far less important
standards of commercial conduct.  And it is dishonest.  The bill requires that the president either end nonhumanitarian
foreign aid to offending countries or provide such assistance pursuant to a waiver.  The only "sanction" is an end to
U.S. subsidies, and even this sanction is not mandatory.
What, then, needs to be done?  First, the Clinton administration should see to it that the Vienna delegation's position
 is reversed forthwith, well before the final Jan. 17 vote.  Second, Congress should uncover the reasons why the
administration has taken the current position.  
Third, the administration should cease its opposition to the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

The reasons for the Clinton administration's course of action are hard to fathom.  What is certain is that if it does not
 reverse its course, its actions in Vienna will be counted as yet one more shameful act committed by this deeply
corrupt administration.Mr. Bennett is co-director of Empower America . Mr. Colson is chairman of Prison Fellowship
 Ministries Bennett/Colson: Clintons shrug at sex trafficking

Stewart Bell   National Post   18-May-2000   Israel still enslaves Slavic women "Many women are subjected to
 violence, including rape.  Yet most of the people who commit such human rights abuses are never brought to justice
 by the Israeli government." — Amnesty International The National Post article below is available online.  See also the
 Ha'aretz report of 18-May-2000.  An Amnesty International news release also outlines this report.
Thursday, May 18, 2000

Abuse of imported prostitutes ignored: Amnesty

Police should target pimps and not their victims, report says Stewart Bell  National Post

ISRAEL - A new report by Amnesty International accuses Israel of failing to protect the human rights of women and
girls imported from the former Soviet Union to work in the country's booming sex trade.
Recruited in Eastern Europe by underworld agents, the women are treated as commodities, bought and sold by pimps
and traffickers for thousands of dollars and held in debt slavery, said the report to be released today.
"They are locked up in apartments and have their passports and travel tickets confiscated," it said.  "Many women are
subjected to violence, including rape.  Yet most of the people who commit such human rights abuses are never brought
 to justice by the Israeli government." Amnesty said it was concerned that governments are treating the global
Stewart Bell: Israel still enslaves Slavic women"....
http://www.ukar.org/bell01.html (1 of 3) [3/23/2004 9:08:06 PM]
My God Is not a Landlord Or a Pimp.

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