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"Naturally the common people don't want war: neither in Russia,  nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy and it  is always a simple matter to drag  the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship,
 or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.Voice or no voice, the people can always be  brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.It works  every time."       Herman Goering at the Nuremberg Trials.                                                                                                                                                            
MKultra Rumsfeld Cheney Dr Joseph Mengele

W. H .O. Murdered Africa. by WilliamCampbell Douglass, MD. (September1987 National ...
September 28, 2001
       Part I THE BUSH FAMILY OLIGARCHY Funding the Hitler Project
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The Brain Machine Interfaces Program represents a major DSO thrust area that will comprise a multidisciplinary,  
multipronged approach with far reaching  impact. The program will create new technologies for augmenting human
 performance through the ability to noninvasively access codes in the brain in  real time and integrate them into
 peripheral device or system operations.

While researching the CIA project MKULTRA, I find that Richard Cheney and Donald
Rumsfeld were working for President Ford at the time that The President ...

"We believe that the government and the police have embarked on a strategy of repression
to stop, crush or marginalize the burgeoning progressive movement that gained world attention in the protest against the WTO in Seattle last year."
International Action Center attorneys announcing the filing of a class-action lawsuit on behalf of protestors at the WTO Ministerial meeting in Seattle, Washington, April 1999



typical example:


          For many Americans, the 1950s were a docile decade. In U.S.
         history books, the period is mostly portrayed as a mellow, orderly
         one, especially in light of the social upheavals that followed in the
         1960s. But for the CIA, the "I Like Ike" years were packed with
         adventure and action, much of it conducted outside of the public's
         view. Few programs were sheltered with more secrecy than the
         Agency's mind control experiments, identified together with the
         code-name MKULTRA.

         Concerned about rumors of communist brainwashing of POWs
         during the Korean war, in April 1953 CIA Director Allen Dulles
         authorized the MKULTRA program, which would later become
         notorious for the unusual and sometimes inhumane tests that the CIA
         financed. Reviewing the experiments five years later, one
         secrecy-conscious CIA auditor wrote: "Precautions must be taken
         not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but
         also to conceal these activities from the American public in general.
         The knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit
         activities would have serious repercussions in political and
         diplomatic circles."

         Though many of the documents related to MKULTRA were
         destroyed by the CIA in 1972, some records relating to the
         program have made it into the public domain, and the work of
         historians, investigative reporters, and various congressional
         committees has resulted in the release of enough information to
         make MKULTRA one of the most disturbing instances of
         intelligence community abuse on record. As writer Mark Zepezauer
         puts it, "the surviving history is nasty enough."

         The most notorious MKULTRA experiments were the CIA's
         pioneering studies of the drug that would years later feed the heads
         of millions: lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD. The CIA was
         intrigued by the drug, and harbored hopes that acid or a similar drug
         could be used to clandestinely disorient and manipulate target
         foreign leaders. (The Agency would consider several such schemes
         in its pursuit of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who they wanted to send
         into a drug-induced stupor or tirade during a public or live radio
         speech.) LSD was also viewed as a way to loosen tongues in CIA
         interrogations. "

Book Review: Myths of Madness by Don D. Jackson(1 of 5)

At Skull and Bones, Bush's Secret Club Initiates Ream Gore
1.Try to remember that Spartan society was 100% completely
Homosexual cultural and religious military civilization and died out
shortly after it defeated all of its "enemies".Because it defeated "its"
 Enemies it turned its energies on its own children and the rest as
 they say is history...

2. And the difference between  Japan & China is not only the size but
 the quiet ambition and longest unbroken view of human history extant
on this planet Earth.
They over came Opium and  that servile Cooley labor Image they have
 their ample supply of Nukes and some say a budding Middle class with
 an appreciation of Populux which will only make them wish to travel the
globe as WE have done and soon after purchase as though they
invented money ( which they did) there aren't enough Diamond in South
Africa nor gold in the Swiss banks to match or "balance" there potential...

#3. If I were you I wouldn't give any more IQ test it only makes YOU look
stupid without really caring about that "superior" aspect as you do to    
define yourself as crafty, inscrutable, ambiguous, Machiavellian, controoled
chaos,Draconian etc. the Chinese wrote the Frigging book slick...    

Add to that list Fun Loving not complex Acetic Geezer Metaphysics
, Theosophy,Pataphicis whatever you try... there is what you have
done how you already have treated the "Other", its still on your breath
you cant fool any one but your self perhaps...ED
Globalists Fabricating "War of Civilizations" by World-
Class Author Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Bin Laden, Bush Serve the Same Master
Globalists Fabricating "War of Civilizations"

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

The Washington Child Sex Ring Coverup
 The Franklin Child Sex Ring Implicating the Bush Whitehouse
click copy for full scale copy

     Wednesday, April 10, 2002

  BERLIN Germany's role as Israel's most steadfast European ally,
a foreign policy doctrine that was enshrined and sustained by the
 legacy of the Holocaust,is beginning to crack with the country quietly
 suspending weapons sales to Israel and leading politicians, led by
conservatives, employing strikingly harsh language to criticize Israeli
military action in the West Bank policy adviser to Prime Ministe Ariel
Sharon of Israel, that were described as "cool."

"In a widely publicized letter to Israel's ambassador to Germany,
Norbert Bluem, a former labor minister under Chancellor Helmut
Kohl, described the Israeli offensive as a "war of annihilation" -
 the very term employed by Adolf Hitler to describe the 1941
 invasion of the Soviet Union."

From The Archive The Atlantic Monthly | December 2003

A prominent financier argues that the heedless assertion of American
power in the world resembles a financial bubbleand the moment of
truth may be here   by    George Soros

Dr. Joseph Mengele, Famous Quotation/
"The more we do to you,the less you seem to
believe we are doing it."

The Burton Report® represents a collection of three online educational Informatives® these are internet
 journals first published on January 1, 2000 and dedicated to the principle that health care and the health
 care process must be based on truth as well as the patient's best interest.  The information presented is
intended for dissemination.  Any alteration of Burton Report® is a violation of copyright.

Experimentation,Plutonium, and Colonel Stafford Warren
In 1953 the Nuremberg Code was developed as a result of atrocities
 committed in the guise of "medical research" during the second
world war. In 1994 Eileen Welsome, a reporter for the Albuquerque
Tribune, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, for her investigative reporting
 of a dark episode in American History relating to secret medical
 experiments. Her subsequent book "The Plutonium Files: America's
 Secret Medical Experiments In The Cold War" published by the Dial
 Press in 1999 is a fascinating as well as riveting narrative of this
 American experience.
In the 1940s a leading participant in
 performing potentially lethal medical
 research on unsuspecting military
 personnel and hospitalized patients
 was Army Colonel Stafford Warren,
a Professor of Radiology at the University of Rochester (New York) School of Medicine and Dentistry
and Chief of the Manhattan Project
Medical Section.

Dr. Joseph Mengele
Shiro Ishii
Stafford Warren, in his capacities as a U.S. medical officer (radiologist) and
medical faculty member at the University of Rochester appears to have had
primary responsibility for the now infamous plutonium injections performed
 on unsuspecting patients at Strong Memorial Hospital (Teaching Hospital
 of the University of Rochester) in 1945 along with Colonel Hymer Friedell
(also a M.D.).  A top secret and constantly guarded clandestine facility, the
"Manhattan Annex" was constructed across the street from the University
of Rochester Medical School. This endeavor was connected by a tunnel to
 the medical school itself.
 The facility was destroyed after WWII , and its activities were actively kept
hidden from the public until over a half-century later. By 1977 only one
survivor, Jeanne Connell remained, to tell the tale. That same year Connell,
and the heirs of the other human subjects, each received $400,000 from the
U.S. government with an official apology.
 (O'Neill et al., Betrayal of Trust, People Magazine, May 5, 1997).

The need for knowledge regarding the effects of plutonium on humans was
 information important to the needs of the United States during the 1940s.
There was, however, no justification to commit crimes against humanity in
 order to gain this knowledge as many individuals would have willingly
volunteered for such studies if provided with informed consent and
responsible overview.

In fact, this exact precedent had been established in 1900 when the United
 States Army Yellow Fever Commission, in Havana, Cuba, asked for volunteers
 to be bitten by mosquitoes laden with yellow fever. Full disclosure of risk,
including possible death, was provided to all of the volunteers. Some of
the first to step forward were physicians Jesse Lazear and James Carroll.
Volunteer nurse Clara Louise Maass died from the effects of this transmitted
 disease. This situation was groundbreaking in establishing the basis of
informed consent by a conscientious approach to human experimentation
 by ethical health professionals. In contradistinction to the valiant yellow
 fever volunteers none of the physicians involved in plutonium
experimentation ever used themselves as test subjects.

One of the great moments of the Clinton administration were the actions
 of Secretary of the Department of Energy, Hazel O'Leary, and her official
response upon learning about "America's Nuclear Shame" (term coined by
CNN's Bernard Shaw). Her integrity and leadership did not permit the government
 to resort to the, not infrequently practiced, Washington protocol of denial,
character assassination, "cover-up" with associated subsequent "damage

In addition to wearing his cap as a Manhattan Project Officer Colonel
Stafford Warren was, at the same time, also involved in the development
of radiographic media at the University of Rochester School of Medicine
 and Dentistry. He, and his associates Strain and Plati, developed the
myelographic oil-ester Pantopaque® for which they received U.S. Patent
2,348,231 which was issued on May 9, 1944. The Parisian Report
chronicles the tale of this saga and the Burton Report® documents the
relationship of Pantopaque® to the neuropathologic entity "adhesive
arachnoiditis". In one of medicines great mysteries Pantopaque®, which
 was never shown to be "safe", was initially introduced for use in small
amounts (1-2cc) for locating spinal tumors, it then appeared on the world
 scene for high volume (12-15cc), routine use, in diagnosing disc
A number of clinicians have published on the dangers of oil myelography.
In 1942 Van Wagenen (a neurosurgical colleague of Warrens, at the
 University of Rochester) identified Pantopaque® as causing chemical
meningitis in 30 patients where "space-displacing masses within the
 spinal canal were suspected". Despite this important information
Pantopaque® was subsequently distributed to the United States military
 by Warren, under circumstances inconsistent with American Medical
Association principles and Food and Drug Administration requirements.
Only minimal effort has ever been directed to documenting the numbers
of military personnel who became disabled following oil myelography and
 spinal surgery during the period 1940-1985. How many military veterans
experienced a Pantopaque® myelogram during this period is simply not
known but, there are clearly many thousands of veterans whose lives
were destroyed from this experience. Should the United States Veteran's
Administration ever initiate a meaningful attempt to identify (and also
 assist such suffers) it would most certainly open another important
chapter of American medical history. Because we have not yet endeavored
to learn from this appalling experience in medical care and poor science
 many unfortunate patients continue to suffer from similar problems.

Medical Research and Human Subjects
As with many well-intentioned efforts in the field of
health care the legitimate concerns about protecting
the rights and welfare of human subjects participating
medical research have now assumed a life of their

Until the mid-part of the 20th century concerns regarding medical ethics
basically related to therapeutics with little attention being directed to medical research.
This changed dramatically in 1946 when 20 high-ranking Nazi physicians were
placed on trial in Nuremberg, Germany and charged with war crimes against
 humanity or performing experimental procedures on human beings without
 their consent.
With the publication of "The Plutonium Files" by Eileen Welsome in 1999 the
citizens United States finally became aware of similar human experiments on
unknowing hospital patients in the 1940s.

The Nuremberg trials verified society's need for
fundamental ethical standards in the conduct of
research involving human subjects.

The creation of the Nuremberg Code reflected this need. This Code was
subsequently incorporated into the Declaration of Human Rights
of the United Nations.

In the United States, in 1953, the Nuremberg Code served as the impetus
 for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to produce the first federal policy for
 the protection of human research subjects. Efforts by the World Medical
Association and the World Health Organization subsequently led to the 1960
Declaration of Helsinki which was adopted by the World Medical Society in
1964. Its recommendations on biomedical research and the use of human
subjects was updated in 1975, 1980, and 1989.

In 1966, Henry Beecher, physician-researcher from Harvard University and, in
1967, Maurice Pappworth, physician-ethicist from England issued intelligence
 documenting that significant abuses existed in the conduct of research
involving human subjects at many of the leading medical research institutions
in America and Britain. These, and other, revelations regarding violations in
 the ethics of research led the United States Congress, in the 1970s, to bring
pressure on the (then) Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW)
to generate federal regulations and to create a National Commission for the
Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. One
 of the results of this was the publication, by the Commission, of the Belmont
 Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human
Subjects of Research.

At the "grass roots" level these activities led to the creation of Human Subject
 Research Review Committees at medical facilities throughout the United

These Committees were originally organized for the expressed purpose of
 protecting the rights and welfare of patient participants in medical research
 projects and to make sure that informed consent existed. These Committees,
 ostensibly composed of peer physicians, scientists, and consumer
representatives, have, over the years, also become progressively involved in
 additional areas of inquiry including:

Review of the Research Project
Quality Assessment of the Research Protocol
Determination of Investigator Integrity
Determination of Real or Potential Researcher Conflict of Interest
Disclosure of Real or Potential Conflict of Interest by Participating Parties

There can be no question but that the need to protect the rights and welfar
 of the human subject participants in medical research is paramount. The
 Burton Experience has been that the role of the Institutional Human
Subject Research Review Committees has changed over he past 2

 While their concern has remained the welfare of the patient they have
become distracted by the increased scope of their overview and their own

 Part of this is reflected in their change of name to: Institutional Review
 Board (IRB).

As IRBs involvement in assessing research protocols has become so
 involved that it has become, in many cases, a serious liability to the
performance of the research itself. This is particularly true when the
research is inherently safe offering minimal (if any) risk to the human
subject. Those types of research requiring the more stringent overview,
 i.e. those involving high risk to the human subject are frequently "short-
schrifted" because of valuable time wasted on other, relatively
 meaningless, discussions. There are now many talented researchers,
performing important scientific studies who are totally frustrated by the
frivolous  delays in their work created for them by IRB committees and
 This is a important issue.

 It deserves attention.

 Better review criteria and guidelines are needed.
Informatives® Forensic Medicine Page


All third party trademarks & Copyright are hereby acknowledged  © 2000-2003


* They Live - dedicated to the film (some bandwidth required}cable
Here are some cheerful little quotes from the movie ...
You see them on the street. You watch them on TV.You might even vote for one this fall.You think they're
people just like you.You're wrong......Dead wrong. "We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles
sleep The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent.
They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices ...their intention to rule
rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance.They have made us
indifferent, to ourselves, to others, we are focused only on our own gain. They are safe as long as they
are not discovered ...that is their primary method of survival.
 Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated...they are dismantling the sleeping middle class.
 More and more people are becoming poor.We are their cattle.We are being bred for slavery."
"They use their tongues to deceive, The venom of snakes is under their lips, Their mouths are full of
bitterness and curses, And in their paths nothing but ruin and misery, The fear of God is not before
their eyes, They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders, They have recruited the rich and the
 powerful, And they have blinded us to the truth, Our human spirit is corrupted, Why do we worship
greed? Because, outside the limit of our sight, feeding of us, Perched on top us from birth to death,
 Are our owners, our owners, They have us, They control us, They are our masters, WAKE UP!
They are all about you, all around you."
still it is only a movie.... isn't it ?
Disclaimer - All Images and sounds on this site remain the property of the original copyright holder.

This film  is a premo presentation and fits somewhere between obsession on class & race issues  or it a classical is mimicking  paranoia or schizophrenia which does not exist in that parallel reality but is seen as
  an manifestation of the manipulation maintained and promulgated by an  (Outside or alain) elite as they are called or the powers that be .I generally like all the films that remind me of complex political concepts but have
 cleverly over simplified highly polarized definitions of the world with in an us vs them we with them clamming
that shadowy territory dosing out plenty of blame and venting against those owning modern media or the media
workers that appear to speak to the down to the average charters who then feeling  attacked and threatened "rise up” and defeat the perceived over loads in less than an hour. Ah!
The perennial happy ending...

#3. The 13 Monkeys, #2. The Matrix 1,2,3,etc, #1. They Live, #4. The The Fight Club,
#5 AlienThe Terminator 1,2,3, #6 Brazil # 7 Total Recall, Rambo ,2,3.4, 1984 and of Course Flash Gordon Etc.
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On 20 June 1951 Harry S. Truman signed a directive establishing the Psychological Strategy Board.
The directive read, "Directive to: the Secretary of State, The Secretary of Defense, The Director of
Central Intelligence: It is the purpose of this directive to authorize and provide for the more effective
 planning, coordination and conduct, within the framework of approved national policies, of
psychological operations. There is hereby established a Psychological Strategy Board responsible,
within the purposes and terms of this directive, for the formulation and promulgation, as guidance to
the departments and agencies responsible for psychological operations, of over-all national
psychological objectives, policies and programs, and for the coordination and evaluation of the
national psychological effort.

The Board will report to the National Security Council on the Board's activities and on its
 evaluation of the national psychological operations, including implementation of approved
objectives, policies, and programs by the departments and agencies concerned. The Board
 shall be composed of: a. The Undersecretary of State, the Deputy Secretary of Defense, and the
Director of Central Intelligence, or, in their absence, their appropriate designees; b. An appropriate
 representative of the head of each such other department or agency of the Government as may,
from time to time, be determined by the Board. The Board shall designate one of its members as
Chairman. A representative of the Joint  Chiefs of Staff shall sit with the Board as its principal
military adviser in order that the Board may ensure that its objectives, policies and programs
shall be related to approved plans for military operations..."

The director and architect of the Psychological Strategy Board was Gordon Gray. Henry Kissinger
was Gray's consultant. Kissinger was also the paid political consultant to Rockefeller family. Gray,
Kissinger, and Rockefeller were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Gray served in the
administrations of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Gordon Gray was
 heir to the R. J. Reynolds tobacco fortune and President of the University of North Carolina. Gray
was abroadcast and publication media specialist. Gray was instrumental in keeping the
uniformed electorate uninformed by [missing text? -Ed.]

Eisenhower signed Presidential Executive Order 10483 replacing the Psychological Strategy
 board with the Operations Coordinating Board. The Operations Coordinating Board was
 composed of :
(1) The Under Secretary of State, who shall represent the Secretary of State and shall be the
chairman of the Board.

(2) The Deputy Secretary of Defense, show shall represent the Secretary of Defense.
(3) the Director of the Foreign Operations Administration

 (4) the Director of Central Intelligence,and
(5) a representative of the President to be designated by the President.

 (6) the Undersecretary or corresponding official of any Presidential agency that has been
 assigned responsibilities for implementation of national security policy.

(7) The Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

 (8) The Director of the United States Information Agency. On 19 February 1961,
 President John F. Kennedy issued a Statement abolishing the Operations
 Coordinating Board.

No President ever wrote or signed an Executive order establishing the Special Group. No
President had a way of abolishing the Special Group. The Special Group was not established
 by Executive Order, it established itself. This was no accident. This was illegal. When Kennedy
 killed the Operations Coordinating Board, the Special Group operated as normal without the
designated Presidential representative.

The Special Group is alive and well today. It consists of the Secretary of State, the Secretary of
Defense, and the Director of The CIA, none of which are elected officials. The only way to abolish
this ad hoc committee is to abolish the Department of Defense, The Central Intelligence Agency
and the Department of State. President Clinton, Secretary of State Warren Christopher, and
Director of the CIA John Deutch and his predecessor James Woolsely belong to the Council
 on Foreign Relations. Les Aspin, Secretary of Defense William Perry's predecessor also
belonged to the Council on Foreign Relations.


The Joint Chiefs of Staff have defined psychological operations (PSYOPS) as those that:

"include psychological warfare and, in addition, encompass those political, military, economic
 and ideological actions planned and conducted to create in neutral or friendly foreign groups
 the emotions, attitudes, or behavior to support achievement of national objectives." Another
 proposal"develops the concept of 'strategic psychological operations' as aimed at influencing
and shaping decision-makers' power to govern or control their followers." Wake up America,
we the American people, are among the groups being targeted and controlled.

Council on Foreign Relations members in the State Department, The National Security Council,
 the Central Intelligence Agency, and in the Department of Defense continue to control the lives
of the American people through well planed psycho-political operations. These psychological
 operations rob American citizens of the present, by creating false reality worlds. These false
reality worlds are created to trick the American public into acting not in their own best interest
 but in the best interest of a group of subtle fascists intent on creating one world order under
their control.


The Council on Foreign Relations is a branch of an international group of co-conspirators called
the Round Table Group.

Council on Foreign Relations members control both Government agency, and "private-industry"
news sources. Round Table Group members in different nations control the news sources in
 their countries. The Council on Foreign Relations propaganda machine manipulates
 American Citizens to accept the particular climate of opinion the Round Table Groups are
seeking to achieve in the world. Council on Foreign Relations members working in an ad
 hoc committee called the "Special
 Group" and through a vast intragovernmental undercover infrastructure called the "Secret Team"
formulate this opinion in the United States.

Other branches include; Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Canadian
 Institute of International Affairs, the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, the
Australian Institute of International Affairs, the South African Institute of International Affairs,
the Indian Institute of International Affairs, the Netherlands Institute of International Affairs,
the Japanese Institute of Pacific Relations, the Chinese Institute of Pacific Relations, and the
Russian Institute of Pacific Relations.

Addresses: The Council On Foreign Relations 58 E. 68th Street, NY, NY, 10021, 212-734-0400;
 England's Royal Institute of International Affairs - Chatham House, 10 St. James' Square,
 London, SW1Y 4LE, UK -930-2233 Tx RIIA 89669 - Founded 1919; Canada's Canadian Institute
 of International Affairs CIIA - 15 King's College Circle, Toronto, ON M5S V9 (416) 979-1851
 & 31 Wellesley Street, Toronto M4Y 1G9, Canada Founded 1928; the Netherlands Institute
 of International Affairs
(Alexanderstraat 2, 2514 JL Den Hagg, Netherlands phone (070) 46 64 29 - Founded 1945;
 the European DeBilderberger Group ( 1 Smidswater, Den Haag,
Netherlands, phone (070) 45 21 21 - annual conferences initiated 1954;
and the American Trilateral Commission 345 East 46th Street, New York NY, 10017,
USA phone 212-616-1180 - Founded 1973 members are individuals from the USA and in
 countries including Canada, Australia, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany,
Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and UK.

Oswald framed                 " it was a cia job "         death on earth units"             DOEU 2

 Bin Laden, Bush Serve the Same Master-- Globalists Fabricating "War of Civilizations"
 by World-Class Author Henry Makow, WPh.D.
Bin Laden, Bush Serve the Same Master

Globalists Fabricating "War of Civilizations"

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

The headquarters of Islamic terrorism is London England, where the Anglo-American Establishment sponsors the radical "Muslim Brotherhood" in order to advance its long-term
 goal of plutocratic global dictatorship.

These globalists have fabricated a bogus "war on terror" to crush the remaining vestiges
of nationalism and democracy in both Muslim countries and the West. Expect more incitements
 like the current "Miss World " imbroglio to convince both sides the other endangers its way
of life.

In a comprehensive online report, the perceptive Hawaii-based researcher Peter Goodgame
concludes: "Osama bin Laden is not, nor has he ever been, the leader of the international
Islamist movement which is directed by the International Muslim Brotherhood."

Goodgame continues: "Osama bin Laden has been used effectively as a figurehead for the
 Brotherhood's militant branch to take responsibility for its atrocities, but he is not the
mastermind… By the same token, the Muslim Brotherhood is a tool by the British-based
 Globalists whose main objective is to overthrow the established world order and create
a new one-world system of global governance."

Goodgame cites former British Intelligence officer, Dr. John Coleman, who says the Muslim
Brotherhood is a secret freemason order set up by the great names of British Middle East
Intelligence, T.E. Lawrence, Bertrand Russell and St. John Philby to "keep the Middle East
backward so its natural resource, oil, could continue to be looted."

The Muslim Brotherhood has been used to check nationalist movements led by such figures
 as Nasser, Bhutto and the Shah of Iran who tried to develop their countries. Without the
 British, "radical Islam would have remained the illegitimate, repressive minority movement
that it has always been, and the Middle East would have remained stable and prosperous," Goodgame says.

The Muslim Brotherhood is now a powerful faction in the global oligarchy. Goodgame quotes
Robert Drefuss, author of "Hostage to Khomeini" (1980):

"The real Muslim Brothers are … the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the
 curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places
them in the oligarchic elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the
 European black nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy.

And the Muslim Brotherhood is money. Together, the Brotherhood probably controls several
tens of billions of dollars in immediate liquid assets, and controls billions more in …everything
from oil trade and banking to drug-running, illegal arms merchandising, and gold and diamond smuggling. By allying with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Anglo-Americans are not merely buying
 into a terrorists-for-hire racket; they are partners in a powerful and worldwide financial

By fabricating a bogus war between Islamic fundamentalism and the West, the globalists are
 able to attack their real enemy, humanity. Pulling the strings, they will ensure that both
Western and Muslim states are degraded and finally completely subjugated to their odious

The globalists have long been using wars to subvert, demoralize and destroy Western
civilization. They backed the Nazis and the Soviets in World War Two. They created the
 Punch and Judy show that was the Cold War. They tied U.S. hands while backing Ho Chi
Minh in Vietnam.

Who are they? Also called the illuminati, they represent a recrudescence of the alliance
between Rothschild finance and European aristocracy secretly coordinated by a Satanic
 dogma hidden in freemasonry.

They plan a new feudalism that will impoverish
 the middle classes, depopulate and enslave
the masses, and leave only the rich served by
a technocracy. The whole world will resemble
 a repressive third world country governed by
the IMF, UN and World Bank.
Boinkey !Oinkey!Boinkey !Oinkey!
 Gehlen sucessor to Hitler, Prescot Bush fundraser foe Hitler and CIA's #1 Bigbrother

The globalists are headquartered in London and centred on the Rothschild-dominated Bank
of England, MI-6 and the secretive Round Table society, which spawned the Royal Institute
of International Affairs. The American branches include the Council on Foreign Relations,
 CIA and the Rockefeller foundations which all ensure the American people continue to
finance and enforce one-world tyranny. The Bush family has owed its prominence to this
 cabal ever since grandfather Prescott Bush helped arrange financing for Nazism.

Zionism is supposed to represent the "West" in this sham war with Islam. Americans are being
groomed to become like Israelis, victims of daily acts of "Muslim terror." Last week, when
another suicide bomber struck in Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu said, "Whether the explosion
 takes place in Bali, Moscow, New York or Jerusalem we are all united in a war against a common
 terrorist enemy."

According to Swiss journalist Richard Labeviere ("Dollars for Terror: The United States and
Islam" 2000) radical Islam is an essential "complementary enemy" to Zionism, which also
seeks regional hegemony. According to the "Yinon Memorandum" (1982) Israel intends to
splinter the Arab countries into several small cantons along ethnic lines. None of these will
 be able to challenge Israel, which, like the US is a disposable tool of the globalist agenda.

The Palestinian terrorist "Hamas" movement is a product
 of the Muslim Brotherhood. According to Labeviere, it
serves the interests of the Israeli right wing, and has
received secret financial support from the Israeli "Shin
Beth." (203-205). Thus, Palestinian suicide bombers play
straight into Ariel Sharon's hand.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, "Muslim terrorist attacks" are an excuse to lay the foundations
of a police state. These attacks, which could become nuclear or biological, might serve as a
 pretext to declare martial law, suspend elections and round up dissidents, i.e. anyone who
 does not buy the lie.
This may seem incomprehensible to Americans now when the economy is still being propped
up. Once the US has done the globalist's dirty work, interest rates could rise and debt ridden
Americans could be stripped of their assets, as they were in the Depression.

The Homeland Security Act is designed to control all US law
enforcement agencies so that elements in the CIA and Mossad
can target Americans with impunity, like they did on Sept. 11.
 American agencies were designed to remain independent so t
hey could serve as a check on each other.

The Act is also designed to allow George W. to place his henchmen in positions of control. Remember, he is a product of a secret Satanic cult, the "Skull and Bones." This sounds
 gruesome but the Twentieth Century provided many precedents. The illuminati was behind
 both Nazi and Communist mass slaughter and terror. Our position is akin to the European
 Jews who disbelieved warnings of the holocaust.

There is even a provision in the Homeland Security Act against whistle blowers. Why? Another
 provision allows mandatory vaccinations while giving vaccine manufacturers immunity from
prosecution. Why? The "Total Information Awareness" program will "red flag" troublemakers by
 monitoring all personal communications and financial transactions, even your library records.
 You didn't attack the WTC. Why are you targeted?

What is the justification for this destruction of freedom, which Bush is sworn to protect? In 14
months since Sept.11, 2001, there has been NOT ONE Muslim terrorist attack in the US despite
the bloody American invasion of Afghanistan. If "Al Queda" were capable of pulling off Sept. 11, don't you think it would have planned an encore? Don't get me wrong: I am grateful to the
Mossad and CIA for sparing us. But Americans simply don't deserve freedom if they accept this
obvious ruse and its ominous consequences.

In conclusion, mankind is in the clutches of a diabolical multi generational conspiracy. A
 Satanic, criminal cartel has subverted all social institutions and is slowly crafting a brutal
 global dictatorship. Our political and cultural leaders are witting and unwitting puppets.
They are fabricating a phony war between Islam and the West in order to subjugate both.

I realize this vision seems incredibly bleak. The mass media casts a powerful delusion of
 normalcy over us. However, expecting the worst means you will never be disappointed.
If you are wrong, you are relieved. If you are right, you are prepared.

Henry Makow, Ph.D. is the inventor of the board game
Scruples and the author of "A Long Way to go for a Date."
 His articles on feminism and the new world order are
archived at his web site
He welcomes feedback at
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 (Christian) WORK.

         Prescott Bush
Avrial Harriman
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JEWS IN HIS GERMANY FACTORIES .                             

Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed
By by John Buchanan
from The New Hampshire Gazette Vol. 248, No. 1, October 10, 2003

By John Buchanan

Exclusive to The New Hampshire Gazette

WASHINGTON - After 60 years of inattention and even denial by the U.S. media, newly-uncovered government documents in The National Archives and Library of Congress reveal that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Nazi war machine from 1926 until 1942, when Congress took aggressive action against Bush and his "enemy national" partners.

The documents also show that Bush and his colleagues, according to reports from the U.S. Department of the Treasury and FBI, tried to conceal their financial alliance with German industrialist Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who, beginning in the mid-1920s, personally funded Adolf Hitler's rise to power by the subversion of democratic principle and German law.

Furthermore, the declassified records demonstrate that Bush and his associates, who included E. Roland Harriman, younger brother of American icon W. Averell Harriman, and George Herbert Walker, President Bush's maternal great-grandfather, continued their dealings with the German industrial baron for nearly eight months after the U.S. entered the war.

No Story?

For six decades these historical facts have gone unreported by the mainstream U.S. media. The essential facts have appeared on the Internet and in relatively obscure books, but were dismissed by the media and Bush family as undocumented diatribes. This story has also escaped the attention of "official" Bush biographers, Presidential historians and publishers of U.S. history books covering World War II and its aftermath.

The White House did not respond to phone calls seeking comment.

The Summer of '42

The unraveling of the web of Bush-Harriman-Thyssen U.S. enterprises, all of which operated out of the same suite of offices at 39 Broadway under the supervision of Prescott Bush, began with a story that ran in the New York Herald-Tribune on July 30, 1942. By then, the U.S. had been at war with Germany for nearly eight months.

"Hitler's Angel Has $3 Million in U.S. Bank," declared the headline. The lead paragraph characterized Fritz Thyssen as "Adolf Hitler's original patron a decade ago." In fact, the steel and coal magnate had aggressively supported and funded Hitler since October 1923, according to Thyssen's autobiography, I Paid Hitler. In that book, Thyssen also acknowledges his direct personal relationships with Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and Rudolf Hess.

The Herald-Tribune also cited unnamed sources who suggested Thyssen's U.S. "nest egg" in fact belonged to "Nazi bigwigs" including Goebbels, Hermann Goering, Heinrich Himmler, or even Hitler himself.

Business is Business

The "bank," founded in 1924 by W. Averell Harriman on behalf of Thyssen and his Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart N.V. of Holland, was Union Banking Corporation (UBC) of New York City. According to government documents, it was in reality a clearing house for a number of Thyssen-controlled enterprises and assets, including as many as a dozen individual businesses. UBC also bought and shipped overseas gold, steel, coal, and U.S. Treasury and war bonds. The company's activities were administered for Thyssen by a Netherlands-born, naturalized U.S. citizen named Cornelis Lievense, who served as president of UBC. Roland Harriman was chairman and Prescott Bush a managing director.

The Herald-Tribune article did not identify Bush or Harriman as executives of UBC, or Brown Brothers Harriman, in which they were partners, as UBC's private banker. A confidential FBI memo from that period suggested, without naming the Bush and Harriman families, that politically prominent individuals were about to come under official U.S. government scrutiny as Hitler's plunder of Europe continued unabated.

After the "Hitler's Angel" article was published Bush and Harriman made no attempts to divest themselves of the controversial Thyssen financial alliance, nor did they challenge the newspaper report that UBC was, in fact, a de facto Nazi front organization in the U.S.

Instead, the government documents show, Bush and his partners increased their subterfuge to try to conceal the true nature and ownership of their various businesses, particularly after the U.S. entered the war. The documents also disclose that Cornelis Lievense, Thyssen's personal appointee to oversee U.S. matters for his Rotterdam-based Bank voor Handel en Scheepvaart N.V., via UBC for nearly two decades, repeatedly denied to U.S. government investigators any knowledge of the ownership of the Netherlands bank or the role of Thyssen in it.

UBC's original group of business associates included George Herbert Walker, who had a relationship with the Harriman family that began in 1919. In 1922, Walker and W. Averell Harriman traveled to Berlin to set up the German branch of their banking and investment operations, which were largely based on critical war resources such as steel and coal.

The Walker-Harriman-created German industrial alliance also included partnership with another German titan who supported Hitler's rise, Friedrich Flick, who partnered with Thyssen in the German Steel Trust that forged the Nazi war machine. For his role in using slave labor and his own steel, coal and arms resources to build Hitler's war effort, Flick was convicted at the Nuremberg trials and sentenced to seven years in prison.

The Family Business

In 1926, after Prescott Bush had married Walker's daughter, Dorothy, Walker brought Bush in as a vice president of the private banking and investment firm of W.A. Harriman & Co., also located in New York. Bush became a partner in the firm that later became Brown Brothers Harriman and the largest private investment bank in the world. Eventually, Bush became a director of and stockholder in UBC.

However, the government documents note that Bush, Harriman, Lievense and the other UBC stockholders were in fact "nominees," or phantom shareholders, for Thyssen and his Holland bank, meaning that they acted at the direct behest of their German client.


On October 20, 1942, under authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act, the U.S. Congress seized UBC and liquidated its assets after the war. The seizure is confirmed by Vesting Order No. 248 in the U.S. Office of the Alien Property Custodian and signed by U.S. Alien Property Custodian Leo T. Crowley.

In August, under the same authority, Congress had seized the first of the Bush-Harriman-managed Thyssen entities, Hamburg-American Line, under Vesting Order No. 126, also signed by Crowley. Eight days after the seizure of UBC, Congress invoked the Trading with the Enemy Act again to take control of two more Bush-Harriman-Thyssen businesses - Holland-American Trading Corp. (Vesting Order No. 261) and Seamless Steel Equipment Corp (Vesting Order No. 259). In November, Congress seized the Nazi interests in Silesian-American Corporation, which allegedly profited from slave labor at Auschwitz via a partnership with I.G. Farben, Hitler's third major industrial patron and partner in the infrastructure of the Third Reich.

The documents from the Archives also show that the Bushes and Harrimans shipped valuable U.S. assets, including gold, coal, steel and U.S. Treasury and war bonds, to their foreign clients overseas as Hitler geared up for his 1939 invasion of Poland, the event that sparked World War II.

That's One Way to Put It

Following the Congressional seizures of UBC and the other four Bush-Harriman-Thyssen enterprises, The New York Times reported on December 16, 1944, in a brief story on page 25, that UBC had "received authority to change its principal place of business to 120 Broadway." The Times story did not report that UBC had been seized by the U.S. government or that the new address was the U.S. Office of the Alien Property Custodian. The story also neglected to mention that the other UBC-related businesses had also been seized by Congress.

Still No Story?

Since then, the information has not appeared in any U.S. news coverage of any Bush political campaign, nor has it been included in any of the major Bush family biographies. It was, however, covered extensively in George H.W. Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, by Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin. Chaitkin's father served as an attorney in the 1940s for some of the victims of the Bush-Harriman-Thyssen businesses.

The book gave a detailed, accurate accounting of the Bush family's long Nazi affiliation, but no mainstream U.S. media entity reported on or even investigated the allegations, despite careful documentation by the authors. Major booksellers declined to distribute the book, which was dismissed by Bush supporters as biased and untrue. Its authors struggled even to be reviewed in reputable newspapers. That the book was published by a Lyndon LaRouche's organization undoubtedly made it easier to dismiss, but does not change the facts.

The essence of the story been posted for years on various Internet sites, including and, but no online media seem to have independently confirmed it.

Likewise, the mainstream media have apparently made no attempt since World War II to either verify or disprove the allegations of Nazi collaboration against the Bush family. Instead, they have attempted to dismiss or discredit such Internet sites or "unauthorized" books without any journalistic inquiry or research into their veracity.

Loyal Defenders

The National Review ran an essay on September 1 by their White House correspondent Byron York, entitled "Annals of Bush-Hating." It begins mockingly: "Are you aware of the murderous history of George W. Bush - indeed, of the entire Bush family? Are you aware of the president's Nazi sympathies? His crimes against humanity? And do you know, by the way, that George W. Bush is a certifiable moron?" York goes on to discredit the "Bush is a moron" IQ hoax, but fails to disprove the Nazi connection.

The more liberal Boston Globe ran a column September 29 by Reason magazine's Cathy Young in which she referred to "Bush-o-phobes on the Internet" who "repeat preposterous claims about the Bush family's alleged Nazi connections."

Poles Tackle the Topic

Newsweek Polska, the magazine's Polish edition, published a short piece on the "Bush Nazi past" in its March 5, 2003 edition. The item reported that "the Bush family reaped rewards from the forced-labor prisoners in the Auschwitz concentration camp," according to a copyrighted English-language translation from Scoop Media ( The story also reported the seizure of the various Bush-Harriman-Thyssen businesses.

Still Not Interested

Major U.S. media outlets, including ABC News, NBC News, The New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Los Angeles Times and Miami Herald, have repeatedly declined to investigate the story when information regarding discovery of the documents was presented to them beginning Friday, August 29. Newsweek U.S. correspondent Michael Isikoff, famous for his reporting of big scoops during the Clinton-Lewinsky sexual affair of the 1990s, declined twice to accept an exclusive story based on the documents from the archives.


After the seizures of the various businesses they oversaw with Cornelis Lievense and his German partners, the U.S. government quietly settled with Bush, Harriman and others after the war. Bush and Harriman each received $1.5 million in cash as compensation for their seized business assets.

In 1952, Prescott Bush was elected to the U.S. Senate, with no press accounts about his well-concealed Nazi past. There is no record of any U.S. press coverage of the Bush-Nazi connection during any political campaigns conducted by George Herbert Walker Bush, Jeb Bush, or George W. Bush, with the exception of a brief mention in an unrelated story in the Sarasota Herald Tribune in November 2000 and a brief but inaccurate account in The Boston Globe in 2001.
John Buchanan is a journalist and investigative reporter with 33 years of experience in New York, Los Angeles, Washington and Miami. His work has appeared in more than 50 newspapers, magazines and books. He can be reached by e-mail at:

Reinhard Gehlen Add sub: Category IE:ILLICIT DRUGS etc.
 and names
Though he agreed not to hire any former Gestapo,
SS or SD members, he sought them out and put
 them on the payroll - the CIA's payroll -
 regardless of hispromise.
And the CIA did not stop him.
click pix
Gehlen was pleasantly surprised by what happened
 next. His new employer, the OSS, not only encouraged
but financed an escape mechanism set up by Gehlen
 for former Nazis.  The Gehlen Org established, with
United States Offoce of "Stratigic" Scervises
( USOSS= OSS) help, "rat lines" to provide an
 underground escape network to be used by former
 war criminals to escape prosecution by German war
 crimes tribunals. By way of this organization, over
 5,000 Nazis secretly made their way out of Europe to
 relocate around the globe.
Most went to South and Central America. The countries of
choice were Argentina, Chile, Nicaragua and El Salvador.
Within a few years after their arrival in these particular
countries, the infamous right-wing government "death
squads" made their first appearances.
This guys name is a true  Evilshit magnet a google search of just the name


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Review this collection of links to Reinhard Gehlen
  Add sub: Category IE:ILLICIT DRUGS etc.
On January 11, 1999, in accordance with the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act
 (PL ... with German General REINHARD GEHLEN that it has kept ... known
 as the Gehlen Organization. The network was aimed ...

Reinhard Gehlen ILLICIT DRUGS  "
    AltaVista found 1 result ANTIFA INFO-BULLETIN, Number 257
    ... world wars, hundreds of lesser wars, illicit drugs, pronography (sic), a myriad of
    religious ... near Munich, that was run by Gen. Reinhard Gehlen, formerly Adolf Hitler's
    chief anti-Soviet spymaster ...

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CIA, civil disobedience, civil war ... Full Auto, g8, Gangsters, GATT, GEHLEN, General Alexander M. Haig Jr., General Haig, genocide ...

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Fifty Years Of Drug Trafficking By CIA and Other Government Operations

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Walt Disney was a very famous Anglophile
who was in bed with the FBI and the
intelligence community, and spied for
 most of his life on his fellow movie-makers
 in Hollywood.

The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto Translated
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 The Innovations We're Missing
 The Innovations We're Missing Contributed by
The Architecture of Modern Political Power
Picture this.
All the electricity that powers your house is generated
 on your roof and in your basement. On your roof, you
have some vacuum solar panels for heating your
 house and hot water. You also have some panels
filled with water and genetically engineered
photosynthesizing microbes that turn
water and atmospheric carbon dioxide into methanol.
 This methanol is skimmed off to power silent-running
thermionic generators in your basement, and a furnace to
heat the house and hot water when there's not enough
sunlight. At any given time, you store many months' worth
of methanol, so that you can make it through cold dark

 Some of the methanol is also apportioned for your
 car, your snowblower, snowmobile, lawn mower,
wherever fuel is needed. If you're living in an urban
 area, you probably have to buy the methanol since
you don't have a monopoly on the roof.

This methanol is produced either in a microbe
 farm, or in a hemp farm where hemp is processed
into a variety of fuels and chemicals for use in industry,
 agriculture, and food. Hemp seeds also directly supply
the fuel to power jet engines in aircraft.

The air conditioning in your house and car uses
 thermionics,runs dead silent except the sound of the
 breeze from the vent,and is almost perfectly efficient.
It also lasts for decades and never needs any sort of
 recharge. Your car uses thermionics to generate
electricity from the methanol, and stores energy in
 vacuum magnetic bearing eddy-compensated flywheels.

 Each of the four wheels has its own motor generator
 with traction control, and when you use your brakes
the motor-generators transfer the power to the flywheel
so that the energy can be used later for acceleration
 or hill-climbing.

Non-vehicular applications that require large bursts of
 electrical power (welding, power tools, high-power
amplifiers, etc.) use the same flywheel battery technology.

 Your pocket computer's CPU is a volumetric hardware
-microthreaded fault-tolerant ULSI device, with thousands
of processors in the space of a cubic inch. It uses a
maximum of 3 watts of power; when it is not working hard,
most of it is idled and it uses only a couple hundred

Memory is distributed throughout the volume, to the tune
of many gigabytes of RAM, and companion photocrystal
volume memory cartridges (no moving parts) store a
terabyte each. On many computation-intensive tasks
 (rendering, searching, etc.) it is faster than a Cray
T3E supercomputer.

 Its display looks like a pair of eyeglasses, but is a
variable translucency zoned high resolution panoramic
stereoscopic imager that uses solid state rasterized
 lasers to create a perfectly sharp distortion-free image
regardless of you runcorrected vision.

Sensors embedded in the viewer detect your direction of
 gaze and brain activation patterns, so that you only have
to direct your gaze and think your commands to control the

You can write memos moving nothing but your eyes, and do
it faster than any typist can, and if you are very practiced,
 faster than anyone  could speak it.

 In fact, you can make music, drawings and cartoons, a
whole spectrum of such creative endeavors, with a similar
degree of immediacy and fidelity.

The ``eyeglasses'' directly stimulate  your cochlea
electromagnetically, creating perfect audition regardless
 of your level of natural hearing degradation. The vision and
sound are completely undetectable by others.

 Your electronic communications pass transparently through
a fine mesh of point-to-point pay-per-packet frequency
 hopping spread spectrum microwave links positioned on
private rooftops and short towers across the country, each
 with a bandwidth of between 100mbits/s and 2gbits/s. If you
aren't running your own node in the microwave mesh,
 you can jack into this network by subscribing to wireless
LAN's, each of which covers an area with a radius of about
 a quarter mile, and can handle between 10mbits/s and
100mbits/s at a time. LAN's can coexist, and the entire
system is almost completely impervious to accidental or
 deliberate interference.

In fact, it can survive the electromagnetic pulse from a
high altitude nuclear explosion, as can your computer,
your car, and the electrical systems in your house  and

The  microwave mesh is owned by thousands of distinct
 individuals and companies, and there is an almost infinite
 number of usable routes to get information from one place
 to another.
No one is in a position to control  the network as a whole.

Link providers compete with each other to provide the
highest level of service and the lowest price. For
 applications that require it, binding bandwidth guarantees
can be purchased.

 Using the mesh, your town library gives you access to
every publication in the Library of Congress, including
 every movie and record album, and you only pay for the
packets to get it there. You can also buy any publication
for download to your own computer.

When you place a phone call, it passes over a LAN
and the mesh, and you can choose various levels of
 quality, from minimum usable audio, to high-fidelity
audiovisual. You can
 choose any level of security, up to iron-clad privacy
and guaranteed authenticity with trace-foiling. You can
make your own ``telephone'' filter out calls and email from
anonymous callers, telemarketers, and lists of bothersome
individuals and companies.

 Satellites are routinely launched for about $20,000, using
 a combination of specialized electromagnetic artillery and
 rocket assistance.

The entire nation, and neighboring portions of Canada and
Mexico, are protected by a missile defense which is capable
of knocking out an incoming intercontinental ballistic missile
or reentry vehicle every second for up to 10 minutes, and
a lesser pace while recharging.

 Populated areas are thoroughly protected against cruise
 missile and other atmospheric attacks.

And the border regions of the country are surveilled with
such resolution that large birds and beaching seals are detected and identified as such, as are small submarines.

All ports of entry are equipped with machines that directly
detect explosives, radioactive material, chemical and
biochemical toxins, and biological weapons, regardless
of their manner of camouflage.

 This is not today's reality, but it could have been -
 if it weren't for the anti-innovationalism of the