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Streets of Tehran
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Starring: Orafai, Fereshteh Sadr Almani, Mariam Palvin Mamizadeh, Nargess Saboktakin,
 Elham Arab, Monir Naghavi, Fatemeh Faramarzi, Mojgan Directing: Panahi, Jafar Rating:
 Not Rated Run Time: 91 minutes Audio: Stereo Description: Banned in Iran, Jafar Panahi's
 THE CIRCLE is set almost entirely on the busy streets of Tehran - a place where
women are restricted by numerous laws, including a repressive dress code, and can
only travel accompanied by a man. The beginning of the film focuses on two women,
Arezou (Mariam Palvin Almani) and Nargess (Nargess Mamizadeh), who have been
given temporary leave from prison and have no intension of returning. They attempt to
 flee to Nargess's hometown, which she claims is as beautiful as a Van Gogh painting,
but are deterred by police. Meanwhile, their friend Pari (Fereshteh Sadr Orfani), who
has just escaped from jail, is pregnant and needs an abortion. Panahi's lens continues to
shift from one woman to another as this eye-opening tale circles back on itself. More
serious in tone than the director's brilliant, lighthearted debut, THE WHITE BALLOON, THE
CIRCLE shares many of its technical and narrative flourishes, making it another example
of Iranian cinema at its best and most politically aware.
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A current trend in Iranian cinema
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 Iranian cinema
Starring: Hashemian, Amir Farrokh Seddiqi, Bahare Naji, Mohammad Amir
 Sarabandi, Fereshte Directing: Majidi, Majid

Rating: PG (MPAA)Run Time: 88 minutesAudio: StereoNotes: Persian
Special Media Shipping
We only charge $1.40 for shipping a single media item, $2.80 for two media items, $2.95 for three or more media items. Continental US only.Returns
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Description: In this simple family drama from Iran, two children invent an intricate plan to conceal the loss of a pair of shoes. Ali (Amir Farrokh Hashemian) and his sister Zhara (Bahare Seddiqi)
 are living in a poor neighborhood. Their mother is suffering from illness and their father is overworked and underpaid. When Ali is sent out to pick up his sister's shoes, a blind street peddler accidentally swipes them. Afraid that he will get a beating if his parents find out, he and Zhara concoct a plan  by which she will wear Ali's sneakers to school in the morning and he wil l wear them to school in the afternoon. But the plan has its flaws because Ali is late to school everyday and his principal threatens to expel him. In a final act of determination, Ali enters a race to win the third place prize, a new
 pair of sneakers. Majidi's acclaimed film is an example of a current trend in  Iranian cinema where children are used as central characters in order to circumvent censorship issues. His later film THE COLOR OF PARADISE about a little blind boy received similar international critical attention. CHILDREN OF HEAVEN received an Academy Award Nomination in 1998 for Best Foreign Film.
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Adger W. Cowans
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" I am practicing with my eyes as a
musician does with his instrument."

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Just as I said. I have been saying it all along. Rather than calling it any thing like ?"There is a revolution just beginning" (among Europeans) Melinest
 and Eurocentrest hominids agree! http://www.electric-cosmos.org There is a revolution just beginning in astronomy/cosmology that will rival
 the one set off Copernicus and Galileo.  This revolution is based on the growing realization that the cosmos is highly electrical in nature.  It is becoming
clear that 99%   of by the universe is made up not of "invisible matter", but \rather, of matter in the plasma state.  Electrodynamic forces in electric plasmas are much stronger than the gravitational force.
Time reveals all things  (Tempus Omnia Revelat).
The scanned celery root looks like the fleshy spawn of a mutant creature with what appear to be stunted fingers, tentacles & a verity of rodent  tails.
One might say "I will  never eat anything as ugly as that" but things are seldom what they first appear to be it is actually quite savory and worth a try.

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Shortcut to A Closer Look at John Currin
"Currin, who had recently completed his M.F.A. at Yale  University, was living in Hoboken, N.J., and trying
 to figure out how  to break into the New York art  world. As he tells it, he realized  that the best way to
 stand out from the crowd of aspiring young artists was to do the thing nobody..."
Aside from his erudition, Currin is  also a masterful provocateur. For  his first solo show at the Andrea
Rosen Gallery in 1992, he presented a group of acerbic  fantasy portraits of aging Park  Avenue
doyennes rendered in a  pared-down, linear style that did the job without calling too much  attention
 to itself. In the press  release, Currin described them as  "paintings of old women at the end of their
cycle of sexual  potential ⦠between the object of  desire and the object of  loathing"âa deliberately
sexist  barb aimed at the "politically  correct" art establishment. ("I  meant it to sound mean. And I
meant it to sound harsh," he later  admitted.) Kim Levin, a critic for  the Village Voice, took the bait.
 "Boycott this show," she wrote, virtually guaranteeing a minor  stampede of curious readers
  heading downtown to see what  the fuss was about.
Get the all new . . .Ann Coulter Talking Action Figure

My web site is possibly on the list at this Canadian web index?
Title: Canada resources Description: Canada related news, books and regional resources
Very little is known of the Canadian country since it is rarely visited by anyone but the Queen and illiterate sport fishermen. P J O'Rourke  
Samples:.                Jello/  or  "Facts, Inc."

(1) http://www.surrealist.org/links/bushlinks.html (2) http://www.surrealist.org/norimuster/bushcrisis.html
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typical example:
"While researching the CIA project MKULTRA, I find that Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld
were working for President Ford at the time that The President apologised to the widow Olson...The offical story is that the CIA gave Dr Olson LSD and it drove him insane and that is
 why he"fell or jumped" out a hotel window to his death.
 The US government gave the widow a large cashpayment and
said they were sorry...
Check out these interesting White House Memos...The Olson family says it was a murder coverup... The CIA killed him because after eating LSD he quit his job at Ft. Deitrick Biological
 weapons laboratory and he was a security risk...
 He had a "radical change of beliefs" and decided that  designing bioweapons was a bad thing to do with his

En liten social kommentar från The Mothers of Invention (Frank
Zappa - "Freak Out", 1966)Som en slags vinjett för det som komma
skall vill jag ha en artikel som ursprungligen publicerades i The Oregonian: "It can't happen here -- Or can it?" av Richard L
Clinton (april 2003):
 Two old friends of mine -- a Jewish couple in their 80s, both retired university
 professors who fled Nazi Germany in the late 1930s and eventually became
 U.S. citizens -- made a stunning remark to me a few months ago: "You know,
 all our lives we have blamed our parents and our parents' generation for allowing Hitler to gain control. Now we're beginning to see how powerless they
must have felt to stop what was happening all around them."

My friends' melancholy comment came back to me and a palpable chill ran
 down my spine when I read about the Gestapo-style arrest of U.S. citizen
 Maher "Mike" Hawash. Two weeks ago, police took the 38-year-old Intel
software contractor from his Hillsboro home and put him in solitary
confinement (according to his wife) in a federal prison. No charges have been
 filed against him, and his attorneys reportedly are forbidden to discuss the
case. What is happening to our country?

LINT TRAP is a weekly caroon by  Matt Wuerker. http://www.mwuerker.com/
              It appears in newspapers and magazines across the country from The Christian Science
Monitor and The Philadelphia Daily News to Metro Santa Cruz and Z Magazine.  For reprint information

About the cartoonist Matt Wuerker is a freelance cartoonist/illustrator whose work appears in magazines and newspapers across the country. His new book,"The Madness of King George: The Ingenious Insanity of our most 'Misunderestimated' President" done with writer Michael K. Smith, will be out in December from Common
Courage Press. (www.mwuerker.com) These cartoons represent the opinions of their authors and not
 necessarily the official position of the Center for American Progress.This great cartoon is used in Krigskrönikan with permission from Matt Wuerker. "
4 cuts both ways


Some Still Scared of LSD,
                           After All These Years
                           a letter by Robert Merkin posted at
                           April 17, 2003

   photo from Erowid Chemical Vaults
 The Hamilton (Ontario Canada) Spectator ran an "anniversary" feature on LSD Wednesday,
April 15, 2003, so Robert Merkin decided he would "drop 'em a line."
Letters to the Editor The Hamilton Spectator To the Editor:

Re "The LSD Colours: Mostly Shades of Grey" (16 April): It's sort of sweet and childlike to hear
 retired Hamilton narc John Gruhl sum up thirty-five years of LSD this way: "... it's a verydangerous narcotic. And there's nothing good about it -- it's only evil."

If forced to reduce a profoundly rich, vast and complicated phenomenon to an eight-year-old boy's
comic-book battle between good and evil, my experiences and those of most people I know who
used LSD were mostly good.

 As the decades roll by since our LSD summers, I notice that my
richest friendships and deepest admirations linger  with those who
indeed chose to spend a season in their young adulthood taking
trips to destinations where LSD sent them. We all came back. But
we returned with a deeper understanding of ourselves, a deeper appreciation of what should be important in life, and a  deeper sense of realities beyond just (in the words of a rock song) "birth, school, work, death."

None of us became drug detectives, though it wouldn't at all surprise me if some became
 "protect and serve"-style community police officers.  Some have suggested LSD destroyed peoples' ambitions. I found quite a different phenomenon. Those who took LSD seemed to
make conscious choices to lead less aggressive, less rapacious, less material, less shallow lives.
 Beauty, nature, love, friendship, creation and celebration were raised to much higher priorities in their subsequent lives. They sought to understand the moral and ethical dimensions of life more clearly.

 I would not insult or patronize them
by justifying their post-LSD lives by
their financial achievements --
 "I took a lot of acid and now I run a
Fortune 500 company." But they did
okay, they kept themselves as afloat
as or higher and drier than most people; I never saw one of those
mythical burnout acidheads in my years managing a winter homeless

Though I've heard all the "Dragnet" horror stories about people who used LSD, the only real
horror stories I ever personally encountered were the things that happened to people when the copsarrested them. And LSD didn't  cause those horrors; legislators, prosecutors and judges
did. That people went to prison for wanting to take LSD  is far more surreal than anything I experienced on an acid trip If the music seemed strangely repetitive or unstructured,
 it wasn't banal, mechanical, predictable and manipulative like most pop music; the most
beloved of the LSD musicians were adored because they were trying to take us on original
and unexpected adventures.

In the entire body of acid music, there are no glorifications of gang violence,violence toward
and abuse of women, no gay-bashing, no racism, no encomiums to material possessions
and superwealth.Nobody took acid and suddenly lusted to become super-rich and menace
 their neighbors. Nobody took acid and suddenly wanted to bomb  Vietnamese or Iraqis.

 In some unspecified academic and intellectual communities, your Nobel prize in literature and
 the sciences is inextricably intertwined with your youthful acid trips -- it was a drug of particular
 appeal to big IQs, the creative crowd, and the voraciously curious and adventurous. It was a
drug for romantics, in most senses of that word.

I do not mean to extol LSD's virtues or make  magical, paradisical
claims for it. Rather, I  would contrast it with the rigid, simplistic, puritanical, aggressive, hypercompetitive and  often warlike culture
 of LSD's lifelong bitterest enemies.  LSD's promise of inner discovery was always attractive to those who had read Socrates:
"The unexamined life is not worth living."

To write LSD off as "only evil" -- this isn't just a cop,
 this is a dumb cop. In his retirement, he's probably
keeping his health afloat on medicines discovered
 by old Berkeley acidheads.


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