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R@wman says" register and vote for the party that will mandate by law that women have at least 50% of the legislative representation
 in all State & Federal governing bodies."
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Our friend Anna loves this photo so ...

Dissolve the anger.  Keep the clarity.
Guillem Ramos-Poquí

Gold is where you find it make your own art  
   Jim Wilson's KillerSwan

Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted: Technology will make available,
to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret
warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need
be appraised. The weaponization of space with  scalar potential
interferometer weapons is the key and the United States
government produced a document named "Joint Vision for 2020"
under the auspices of the U.S. Space Command that outlines the
plan for Full Spectrum Dominance.

Do you know why we don't Build Schools Libraries and Hospitals instead of Bombs.
   Radio plays Spoken  word
visit noizart.com

a weekly international radio program

      Somebody should make a movie about

                Terrible things can happen to


Very cool very useful


 logolounge.com/Article101                                                          RIAN HUGHES
  Rian Hughes calls himself a “commercial artist”—what a graphic designer was called before
the field got so over-specialized, he says. “If you were a commercial artist, you did it all. Classic
poster designers such as Cassandre didn’t call in a typographer to  do their type—they did it
 themselves. This was graphic design in its boldest sense,” the founder of Device, a London-
based consultancy, says.
Specialization has its benefits, but designers who pursue this route usually find themselves
as minute and minor components of the job, not the architect or big-idea person. Today,
talented people with a proclivity for steering are encouraged to become art directors:
They don’t have the opportunity to get their hands dirty at all.
Hughes is one of those rare individuals who still does it all—design, type, illustration,
concepting, and working directly with clients. The scope of his work is expansive, ranging
from CD covers and condom instructions to an animation for an airline,  Hawaiian shirts,
bicycle helmets and more traditional projects, including logos. Clients include advertising
 agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, BMB&B, and Young and Rubicom; music companies
 such as A&M, Transient and Mercury; comics  producers such as DC Comics, 2000AD,
 and Wildstorm; as well as games publishers, T-shirt companies and watch


Just What it says .addictedtowar.com/


despair.com/frownies< Funnier than most humor  funny is money   


Pree 911 claptrap was fun but pail Bob has worn thin
 Funny IS Money! http://www.bigempire.com/vegas/

  1999 OLDY
I don't want to achieve immortality through my work...
 I want to achieve immortality by not dying. (Woody Allen)
OUT OF PRINT BOOKS http://www.abebooks.com/
 passamaquoddy WPA


CLASIC WEB PAGE http://www.alamut.com/past/9903_mar.html
ITS UPDATED LINK http://www.alamut.com/index.html
These guys have deep pockets but the web site screams DU L L !   The project looks like
 a lot of TEXT!!!
In a time when there is ample proof that we morons are not capable of thought  beyond basic tic-tac-toe & and iconic Picto- graphs.  We are all TV short term brain dead . So Looser web site O De Day # 2. Hey guys pick up on the pace  a bit.
Try concepts like transference, imprinting and pattern reasoning and while you are at it a little Species precognitive  wouldn't hurt . I think we are tired of hearing about Them, and what They are doing . What are we going to do .
That that is the question. The thing is we need problem solvers and whistle blowers.

  You guys should hook up with some of  the professionals like  Adbusters.org  and pay them
some real $ instead of waiting  every 4 years, finance
a real propaganda machine like the other guys.

 Pay for some think tanks and implement some solutions stop the short  term add hock patch work citizen action BS or you and the other liberal  Republicans will be responsible for killing off the middle class and increasing the scope  of poverty
in America...  

Not the Russians who said. "You will destroy your selves, We will burry you"  In both cases "Funny is money"

 Air Brush
Ann  Coulter
As for M iss Hiss  A.  she is as they say getting long in the tooth, boys you made the mistake of keeping Phyllis Schlefley even though people mistook her for Minnie Pearl, so howzit go ? Better dumper her before she dumps your lead in the cheese cake factor. Besides do you need such an obvious beard, just this side of a whining bulimic adrenalin junkie incapable of  hearing any thing any one says to her unless it is  a trigger or buzz word and then she pounces on it like a cat with distemper because she is late for her next Dye job or Bo-Tox-Ttesterone

 What makes her a looser?  Time!   But don't buy her
 book talk  to any one who actually bought it and read it.
Treason or Reason ?

  Try's too hard to ignore Race as the #1 of American's
300 million problems now and thanks to ideologue like
 her probably forever.  Oh yeah "One Person one vote  
& equal pay for equal work. she hates that too (it may
lead to a solution an then harpies like her are outta work.
A national With a sprit of fairness would kill them all off
 like the sun does a vampire ...

Take every thing you can as an advantage & remake your pathetic
racist inbred DNA ,  wash  them genes  as hard as you can, Lucy
is still there. What a clown Steven Hawking has become, can't accurately define the notion of the universe right so, now he wants eugenics guess what you perfidious fool Hitler would have snuffed
his cripple ass out a  useless feeder he killed even the blind ! You
Botched it You fix It.

Any one with 1/2 a mind can see this master race Shit cuts both
ways ask China ? Who Is  Superior? What are you going to
do Give um a Billion Small pox blankets, Aids,LSD ? and try to kill them.

  now that is a real book title. No, IT should be
called Traitors? Right...
 Ann  the  lip  Coulter
what a suckup.

The best space website on the planet earth, bar none.

 The Lunar and Planetary Institute is a focus for academic participation in studies of the current state, evolution,
 and formation of the solar system. The Institute is housed in the USRA Center for Advanced Space Studies
(CASS), located at 3600 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, Texas, 77058, and includes a computing center,
extensive collections of lunar and planetary data, an image-processing facility, an extensive library, education
and public outreach programs, resources, and products. The LPI also offers publishing services and facilities
 for workshops and conferences.

If you know what "Species Prerogative " means, you can add a definition to the dictionary.

"None are free until all are free"
  Hitler passed a law banning the sale of any book newer than 25 years old to a Jewish person.
 Today without Hitler we in NYC provide the children with books the average age of 50 years old.
    ( Editors note: NYC student allowance for the Library is
   PALTRY $6.00 per child yet in the Suburbs its $22.00
          per child. Sources Ch 1 NYC March 2002 )

   This policy amounts to slow motion genocide and a violation of the Nuremberg Accords.
       Nelson  Mandela
                                        Tunis, 13-15 June 1994

 A very good link http://www.inequality.org/
 My radicalism isn't naive [1], but it is based on simple questions.
Why are people poor?

 How come people starve when there's enough food
 to feed the world?

Why has there never been a woman president in this country?

 Why is the median income for Blacks and Latinos more than 30 times
lower than that of whites?

Why does the richest 1% of the U.S. population own more wealth than
the bottom 92% combined?

 Why do schools where rich people live get so much more funding than
the schools where poor people live, and how is that "equal opportunity?"

My radicalism is a refusal to ignore or turn away from these questions.

Following them through to their conclusions means a commitment to
working for some serious changes in the way society is organized.
 (For more statistics on how insane the distribution of wealth in the U.S.
 and the world is, see "facts and figures" from www.inequality.org.)

 The only general answer i've found to these questions is also fairly simple:
 this system exists not because of some kind of silly mistake, but because
it benefits the rich, the white,men, North Americans, etc.

A whiteboy's notes on racism and antiracism

 It's not "prejudice" that's the real problem today. It's an entrenched system
of white supremacy that governs U.S. society and most of the world that is
 the problem.


 I'm a socialist.
The economic system we have now, capitalism, says democracy is fine for making political decisions, but it isn't fine when it comes to making economic
decisions, such as what work needs to be done and what aspects of that work should be prioritized (e.g.,research to develop Viagra, or to produce cheap
HIV/AIDs treatments?), who gets the rewards of that work and in what
proportions, etc. I think the economy, like every facet of social life,should
 be democractic.

[more to follow]

   " Evita Parione the
Windsors & Nazi gold "
   © 2003  Charles Mingus III
  YO!Talk about YOUR BIG LIE!
Yo!  Strom Check out this Cool  site
Funny Is Money
There are 200 lbs of diamonds for each  human  being  on earth.
Click this to see one of my computer generated images.
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 In response to questions as to dealing with the hazards to be found while surfing .ED. I can't vouch
for viability of the anti virus list or the shops referred to at the P.C. info page they only are leads.
AVG 6.0 is a Free Edition  Anti Virus AVG+6.0+freeGoogle+Search
& there are a number of Free Firewall's at Free ware site
on the web I like& used Zone Alarm from Zone Labs Inc.
Zone alarm Google+Search All I will say is it worked for
me good luck.

At the very heart of every human rests innate love and despite superficial materialistic tendencies
 acquired through bad habits, which goes against the grain, this love remains the same. That is true
 human nature and the purpose of our creation. Along with this awareness comes, super-consciousness,
 telepathy, wisdom and insight, as practiced by the illumined Underworld inhabitants, known throughout
mythology and history as, the Wise Ones, Sages or Magi, who occasionally reincarnate on Earth.

You could argue that the ?cocooned? inner-earth environment is conducive to natural living, as it is not
subjected to harsh extremes in weather or outside threats, but? we have the technology to make the
surface world a place of abundance and plenty for all, we could make the deserts bloom, only our
governments don?t have the inclination, because free food or energy would not be profitable and the
despots would lose their control over our lives. Whether you live in an igloo or mud hut, if you have the
liberty to provide for your daily needs and requirements and that of the wider community, without inane
laws or interference, there would be no cause for war and we could live in peace. Because the law
worketh wrath: for where no law is, there is no transgression. (Romans 4,15)

If they are unable to penetrate it, then it must be heavily defended by technology surpassing the US
military in which case those who dwell therein could have invaded and conquered the surface at any
time in history in their ?unidentified flying objects.?

They haven't, therefore I do not perceive them as hostile. All hostilities are being orchestrated on the
surface by the satanic globalists, against the environment, animals, people, especially children and all
 that is good and true.

The reason why the notion that we are alone in the universe and the only intelligent life-form has persisted
 for so long, is because anyone who dared to suggest otherwise was persecuted. Giordano Bruno, a 16th
Century monk was convicted of heresy for daring to forward the outrageous suggestion of other inhabited
worlds in the universe. The penalty for this heinous crim was to be burnt at the stake on the Square of
Flowers in Rome.
 As NASA explains; An all out attempt to contact beings on other planets could lead to sweeping changes,
perhaps even the downfall of civilization itself.? This is why the UFO cover-up is watertight, their grip on
power is what is at stake and that is why Star Wars is the future.

Zbigniew Brzezinski predicted: Technology will make available,
to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret
warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need
be appraised. The weaponization of space with  scalar potential
interferometer weapons is the key and the United States
government produced a document named "Joint Vision for 2020"
under the auspices of the U.S. Space Command that outlines the
plan for Full Spectrum Dominance.

And that includes the Hollow Earth, the Holy Mountain from whence shall come, the triumphant, Heavenly
Host of Angels.

 "For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hidden, that shall not be known."
 (Luke 12,2)
Time reveals all things (tempus omnia revelat).
Over 400,000 copies of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory original 1979
edition of Nuclear War Survival Skills have been sold by various private
publishers. A few additions and modifications, some helpful and others
http://www.ki4u.com/free_book/s73p905.htm (1 of 4) [9/18/2003 4:51:59 AM]

.Edition Notes - Nuclear War Survival Skills, Free 280 pg Book On-Lin...Q! Potassium Iodide (Iodine) OTC Sources, Radiation Protection Info!

Also check this thin film product  
The real deal they say  I created a product design graphic and plan to do one too…
Once we have our PV and CP,s . http://www.thegiganticheartlessmultinationalcorporation.com/id415.htm

Opus One Multihome WWW Server
Welcome to the Opus One Multihomed WWW server. You are asking for a
 WWW site which this server does not know about (multihome.www.opus1.com).
Please select from one of the WWW sites listed below.

Check this stuff out fantastic if true..


Air powered motor!!!
 I was curious  so there it is some thing 4 nothing ,
air powered motor



Check this stuff out fantastic if true!!
" I've been trying to avoid fluoride, but it is insidious."

Some say gastley but  it fits our historicalpatern ...
"We" went to Trioply to kill all of the (Terrorist of old) the  Pirites"

                 The Lucom Plan: Use the Neutron Bomb
                         Wilson C. Lucom
                         Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2001

A friend says
"Maybe we should be selling aluminum lined hats and aluminum insoles."   

Dr. Shole's makes a aluminium and polymer thermal insole in a variety of sizes . not sure if there is any cure for mind controol...ED



> Field of tears
He took a patch of harsh mountain land and turned it
 into a thriving farm. But when Korea was flooded with foreign imports he was ruined - and last week, during
the world trade talks, Lee Kyung-hae plunged a knife
into his heart. Jonathan Watts on one man's struggle
 against the system
> Tuesday September 16, 2003
> The Guardian
> With sticks of incense and wreaths of white camomiles,
the tenant farmers of Jangsu come to pay their last respects
Lee Kyung-hae.