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Can a floodlight fit in the palm of your hand?
The LED Mini Floodlight is a long-lasting reliable light that uses five powerful LED bulbs to project high-quality light.

Thanks to innovative technology itís possible to have a powerful, compact light. The Inova X-5 LED Mini Floodlight uses five powerful LED bulbs to project a high-quality light that gives you full spectrum colors and maximum depth perception at night or in surrounding darkness.

It has a whopping 110,000 plus hour lamp life with a convenient 3-way On/Off/Intermittent switch that makes for easy handling while itís casing is made from crush-resistant Aircraft Grade Hard Anondized Aluminum, to withstand the elements. 4 5/8" in length and 13/16" diameter.

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... Home > Communication > View All > AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio & Lantern Click to enlarge
Introducing the New & Improved Solar Dynamo Lantern with AM/FM Radio! ...

AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio & Lantern Light
... emergency or survival kit. This AM/FM Solar Dynamo Radio & Lantern
Light recharges by hand or in the sun! It is especially designed ...

Multi-Band Solar / Dynamo (Hand Generator) Radio/Light/Lantern
... Combo AM/FM/Weather Radio & Bright Long Lasting Flashlight with Emergency LED
Flashers & Siren 5-Way Powered {Solar, Hand Generator, AC, Car/Boat & 'C ...

Solar Radio, Solar Powered Radio, Solar Flashlight - New Zealand ...
... Solar Powered Radio, Giant Solar Lantern. Solar Powered Radio/Giant Solar
Lantern -Here is our largest solar light and radio - be prepared. ...

Solar & Dynamo Radio, Solar Lantern,Solar System,Solar Torch.... ...
... Solar Torch..... Solar & Dynamo Radio, Solar Lantern,Solar System,Solar
Torch..... Posted On Jul 18 2003 __________ Offer ID #: 94. ...

ClimaTerra Outdoor Healthy Products
... Radio, siren, lantern and torch in one. Charged by solar, dynamo, alkaline battery,
or adapter. Has compartment for C sized batteries (not included). ...

Solar and Dynamo Products
... Dimensions: 8" X 3" X1.5". $29.50. AM/FM Dynamo and Solar Radio with
Lantern. Same specifications as the above mentioned Dynamo and ...

Sell Solar And Dynamo Radio With Torch Solar Lantern Solar System
... Profile, Sell Solar And Dynamo Radio With Torch Solar Lantern Solar
System. Post Date: August 03, 2003 Expiry date: January 29, 2004. ...

Innovationhouse.com - Freeplay Lantern
Freeplay S360 AM/FM/Solar Radio. The new Freeplay S360 AM/FM/SOLAR radio provides
20 t0 30 minutes of high quality broadcast sound from 60 turns of the handle. ...
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