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Subject:  - fwd / poem -  Date:   Fri, 19 Oct 2001 15:28:01 -040  From:  L M To:  
  (Recipient list suppressed)
"Somebody Blew Up America"
By   Amiri Baraka

They say its some terrorist,
 some barbaric
A Rab, in
It wasn't our American terrorists
It wasn't the Klan or the Skin heads
Or the them that blows up nigger
Churches, or reincarnates us on Death Row
It wasn't Trent Lott
Or David Duke or Giuliani
Or Schundler, Helms retiring

It wasn't
The gonorrhea in costume
The white sheet diseases
That have murdered black people
Terrorized reason and sanity
Most of humanity, as they pleases

They say (who say?)
Who do the saying
Who is them paying
Who tell the lies
Who in disguise
Who had the slaves
Who got the bux out the Bucks

Who got fat from plantations
Who genocided Indians
Tried to waste the Black nation

Who live on Wall Street
The first plantation
Who cut your nuts off
Who rape your ma
Who lynched your pa

Who got the tar, who got the feathers
Who had the match, who set the fires
Who killed and hired
Who say they God & still be the Devil

Who the biggest only
Who the most goodest
Who do Jesus resemble

Who created everything
Who the smartest
Who the greatest
Who the richest
Who say you ugly and they the goodlookingest

Who define art
Who define science

Who made the bombs
Who made the guns

Who bought the slaves, who sold them

Who called you them names
Who say Dahmer wasn't insane

 Who? Who? Who?

Who stole Puerto Rico
Who stole the Indies, the Philippines, Manhattan
Australia & The Hebrides
Who forced opium on the Chinese

Who own them buildings
Who got the money
Who think you funny
Who locked you up
Who own the papers

Who owned the slave ship
Who run the army

Who the fake president
Who the ruler
Who the banker

 Who? Who? Who?

Who own the mine
Who twist your mind
Who got bread
Who need peace
Who you think need war

Who own the oil
Who do no toil
Who own the soil
Who is not a nigger
Who is so great ain't nobody bigger

Who own this city

Who own the air
Who own the water

Who own your crib
Who rob and steal and cheat and murder
 and make lies the truth
Who call you uncouth

Who live in the biggest house
Who do the biggest crime
Who go on vacation anytime

Who killed the most niggers
Who killed the most Jews
Who killed the most Italians
Who killed the most Irish
Who killed the most Africans
Who killed the most Japanese
Who killed the most Latinos

 Who? Who? Who?

Who own the ocean

Who own the airplanes
Who own the malls
Who own television
Who own radio

Who own what ain't even known to be owned
Who own the owners that ain't the real owners

Who own the suburbs
Who suck the cities
Who make the laws

Who made Bush president
Who believe the confederate flag need to be flying
Who talk about democracy and be lying

Who the Beast in Revelations
Who 666
Who know who decide
Jesus get crucified

Who the Devil on the real side
Who got rich from Armenian genocide

Who the biggest terrorist
Who change the bible
Who killed the most people
Who do the most evil
Who don't worry about survival

Who have the colonies
Who stole the most land
Who rule the world
Who say they good but only do evil
Who the biggest executioner

 Who? Who? Who?

Who own the oil
Who want more oil
Who told you what you think that later you find out a lie

 Who? Who? Who?

Who found Bin Laden, maybe they Satan
Who pay the CIA,
Who knew the bomb was gonna blow
Who know why the terrorists
Learned to fly in Florida, San Diego

Who know why Five Israelis was filming the explosion
And cracking they sides at the notion

Who need fossil fuel when the sun ain't goin' nowhere

Who make the credit cards
Who get the biggest tax cut
Who walked out of the Conference
 Against Racism
Who killed Malcolm, Kennedy & his Brother
Who killed Dr King, Who would want such a thing?
Are they linked to the murder of Lincoln?

Who invaded Grenada
Who made money from apartheid
Who keep the Irish a colony
Who overthrow Chile and Nicaragua later

Who killed David Sibeko, Chris Hani,
 the same ones who killed Biko, Cabral,
 Neruda, Allende, Che Guevara, Sandino,

Who killed Kabila, the ones who wasted Lumumba, Mondlane,
Betty Shabazz, Princess Margaret, Ralph Featherstone,
Little Bobby
Who locked up Mandela, Dhoruba, Geronimo,
Assata, Mumia, Garvey, Dashiell Hammett, Alphaeus Hutton

Who killed Huey Newton, Fred Hampton,
 Medgar Evers, Mikey Smith, Walter Rodney,
Was it the ones who tried to poison Fidel
Who tried to keep the Vietnamese oppressed

Who put a price on Lenin's head

Who put the Jews in ovens,
and who helped them do it
Who said "America First"
 and ok'd the yellow stars

Who killed Rosa Luxembourg, Liebneckt
Who murdered the Rosenbergs
And all the good people iced,
tortured, assassinated, vanished

Who got rich from Algeria, Libya, Haiti,
Iran, Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine,

Who cut off people's hands in the Congo
Who invented Aids
Who put the germs
In the Indians' blankets
Who thought up "The Trail of Tears"
Who blew up the Maine
 & started the Spanish American War
Who got Sharon back in Power
Who backed Battista, Hitler, Bilbo,
 Chiang Kai-shek

Who decided Affirmative Action had to go
 Reconstruction, The New Deal,
 The New Frontier, The Great Society,

Who do Tom Ass Clarence Work for
Who doo doo come out the Colon's mouth
Who know what kind of Skeeza is a Condoleeza
Who pay Connelly to be a wooden negro
Who give Genius Awards to Homo Locus

Who overthrew Nkrumah, Bishop,
Who poison Robeson, who try to put DuBois in Jail
Who frame Rap Jamil al Amin,
Who frame the Rosenbergs,
The Scottsboro Boys,
The Hollywood Ten

Who set the Reichstag Fire

Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed
Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers
To stay home that day
Why did Sharon stay away?

 Who? Who? Who?

Explosion of Owl the newspaper say
The devil face cd be seen

Who make money from war
Who make dough from fear and lies
Who want the world like it is
Who want the world to be ruled by imperialism and national
 oppression and terror violence, and hunger and poverty.

Who is the ruler of Hell?
Who is the most powerful

Who you know ever
Seen God?

But everybody seen
The Devil

Like an Owl exploding
In your life in your brain in your self
Like an Owl who know the devil
All night, all day if you listen, Like an Owl
Exploding in fire. We hear the questions rise
In terrible flame like the whistle of a crazy dog

Like the acid vomit of the fire of Hell
Who and Who and WHO who who
Whoooo and Whoooooo! ooooooooooooooo!
Copyright (c) 2001 Amiri Baraka. All Rights Reserved.

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Carol Afua Yates

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# 2 The Real Patriotic Words of  JFK
Subject: Barry is upset...  Date:   Fri, 19 Oct 2001 14:17:09 EDT From:    To:
  I will be taking another break from my email soon, we
seem to be going around and around and coming back
 to the same place.  It's is getting back to the point where
 there is no gray area, "he who is not with me is against me."   

Subj:  Patriotic  
Date:  10/19/2001 7:52:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time From:
 ATEETONE To:  CC: There is some truth here.Makes you wonder doesn't it !!
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma School officials remove "God   Bless America"signs from schools in fear that someone   might be

Channel 12 News in Long Island, New York, orders flags
removed from the newsroom and red, white, and blue ribbons
removed from the lapels of reporters. Why? Management did
 not want to appear biased and felt that our nations flag might
 give the appearance that "they lean one way or another".

 Berkeley, California bans U.S. Flags from being displayed on city
 fire trucks because they didn't want to offend  anyone in the

In an "act of tolerance" the head of the public library at Florida Gulf
 Coast University ordered all "Proud to be an American"
signs removed so as to not offend international students.

I, for one, am quite disturbed by these actions of so-called
 American citizens; and I am tired of this nation worrying about
 whether or not we are offending some individual or   their culture.
Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, we have
experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of   Americans.
However, the dust from the attacks had barely  settled in
 New York and Washington D.C. when the "politically   correct"
 crowd began complaining about the possibility that our patriotism
 was offending others.

I am not against immigration, nor do I hold a grudge against anyone
 who is seeking a better life by coming to America.  In fact, our
country's population is almost entirely comprised of   descendants
 of immigrants; [actually slaves. ed] however, there are a few things
 that  those who have recently come to our country, and apparently
some native Americans, need to understand.

First of all, it is not our responsibility to continually try not to offend
 you in any way.
 This idea of America being a  multi-cultural community has served
only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity.

 As Americans, we have  our own culture, our own society, our own language, and our own lifestyle.

 This culture, called the "American Way" has been
developed over centuries of struggles, trials, and victories by
millions of men and women who have sought freedom.

Our forefathers fought, bled, and died at places such as Bunker Hill, Antietam, San Juan, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Korea, Vietnam, We speak
English, not Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any
 other language. Therefore,if you wish to become part of our society - learn our language!  "In God We Trust" is our national motto.  This is
not some off-the-wall, Christian, Right Wing, political slogan it is our national motto. It is engraved in stone in the House of Representatives
 in our Capitol and it is printed on our   currency. We adopted this motto
because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded
 this nation; and  this is clearly documented throughout our history.  If it
is appropriate for our motto to be inscribed in the halls of our highest
level of Government, then it is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools.

God is in our pledge, our National Anthem, nearly every patriotic song, and in our founding documents. We honor His birth, death, and resurrection as holidays, and we turn to  Him in prayer  in times of crisis.
If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the
world as your new   home, because God is part of our culture and we
are proud to have Him.

We are proud of our heritage and those who have so honorably
defended our freedoms. We celebrate Independence Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Flag Day. We have parades, picnics, and barbecues where we proudly wave our flag. As  an American, I have
the right to wave my flag, sing my national anthem, quote my national motto, and cite my pledge whenever and wherever I choose. If the
Stars and Stripes offend you, or you don't like Uncle Sam, then you should seriously consider a move to another part of this planet.

The American culture is our way of life, our heritage, and we are proud
 of it. We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change, and
 we really don't care how you did things where you came from.

We are Americans, like it or not, this  is our country, our land, and our lifestyle.

[ When M.S. Gandhi was asked what he thought of American civilization
he replied he thought it would be a good idea. MTV Snoop Doggy Spring
 Brake Show us yo Tits Jerry Springer JudgeJudy Ted Kopple Mickey Mouse Emeral  Bam!
Ann you's the Traitor Coulter Enron Nixon I am Not A Crook Oley North
Prescott bush pro Nazi Henry Ford Michel  Boy oy Boy Jackson ZaZa Gabor plastic tits Las Vegas 5 min Wedding Vending machines Slot Car
Races Racism Real Nazis Neo nazis Neo Dada Bogus IRS tax laws
Coentellpro John Edgar Hover in a dress  Alaskan Salmon Texas CIA school book depository Marilyn Monroe Suppository Jacky O'A-Junkey2
Free trade Nafta Pro Union Anti Anti communism Jerry Lefcort, William Cunsler & Flow Kennedy Billy holiday Charlie Parker Thelonious Neka DeKorningeswater Rothschield Kenwood Vineyard rip off of my poster for $ 10,000 a year no lawyer takes the cast for low profit even after 10 years which would be $100,000 + so I am still at it writing this big list to
fill in the blank left by the fact that Death of jazz was not Kenny G but Lincoln Cinter & not public school equality of so called classical music
after cracked vision of Hiphop un hip hype is so much easier than
the findum feelum fuckum forgitum slave man cave man ideological
trap popwhitie buys because its easy and allows you to believe you're
superior to 99% of the world because this is necessary for you to
 think that. ED]

Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his
 opinion about our government, culture, or society, and we will allow
you every opportunity to do so. But once you are   done complaining,
whining, and griping about our flag, our  pledge, our national motto, or
our way of life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other
great American  freedom, the right to leave.

Barry Loudermilk
If you agree, pass this onto other Americans!  It is time to take a stand!

Even if you disagree share this  myopic xenophobia it's heart felt and arrogant and ignorant classic
 whining pseudo patriot sentimental armed chair knee jerky fuzzy American an easy sell to the
members of the population that know only that they were borne, so that's all they need to know .

Kind of reminds me of the Irish Italian Greek KKK meeting that wanted to ban there Japanese
sponsor even if he was bringing the beer and sushi .
*****Subject: FYI Microchip Implants, Mindcontrol, Cybernetics How are you feeling today ?






 The racist rhetoric to be found at the URL's I put on these pages is rife with blame and
 victim & one up-man ship claiming They the "Aryans" Alpine Anglo-Saxon Indo-European
are the True Jews Or THEY are GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE !!

cosmicmajority.com  On probation all I smell is  a running dog
of military industrial complex and revisionist hokum .
the idea is  "no one but whites can or did build any thing of worth"
is linked to new Nazi rhetoric of  alt-org's and off world escapist
wishes to ignore the facts of a common human origin ask any
transplant recipient which organ donor they want, so called
White or Afrogenic with all of the genes of Genus Sapien .
cosmicmajority.com there is no there yet .
 If You're The Master Race
Then Why Do You Have
To Doctor Your Gene's ???
Mitochondria DNA  Prove
The Racists Dread, the truth ?
Youth is mislead, given false hope & that naturally leads to scapegoating instead of working .
to improve there  illusion of supremacy and un fair advantage as did Silas Rhodes poisoning
the well of others.

Speaking of the wonders of re-segregation experiments gone wrong any body remember this story ?????
Mother of 5  kills all son's by drowning, blaming
Postpartum depression ???? or An act of War !!??

I think it's Called A Black out  It looks more Like a White Out!  
It fell of the tube not worthy examining the home school loony's
Timothy Mc Veigh nipped in the but or off the radar?

Get it? That is the double standard, one black murdering assoil killa
big newz one white who says she is tired of being super mom and a
supper bible thumping heifer not news enough.

Or is it too much news not Adam & Evan the faithful bear foot and
 pregnant wants the role meaded out to her love honor and OBEY
till death do us part and in Caley they get half but in the anti union
or union free south they get the back of the paw swiped across the
 mouth one two many times and choppy chop like Ms.  Bobbitt  or
 spills splash walking on  water just like jesozus.

A tiny voice in the hinterland says I don't want to know who what
when wear or why more about that Monica Likawinski and what
was that famous prosecutor's name ...
Oh he had a real preddy name ...
Common you kin remember K kken Star thats it, and it was president

Lots of rumors fly on the web but the one below has a nugget of truth 2 it.
Talk About Your Germ Warfare
Oh! Yeah!


The human race numbers 6 billion people today, but it largely has the
 genetic variation of a pop-ulation of a few tens of thousands, Lander said.
Their are more humans living on earth now than any time in human history
that is add up all of the people ever born as of about 1975 and count
backward from 2002 and number alive now today is grater than at
 any time in human history ever.  ED    
Hey Super Man If You're The Master
   Race Then Why Do You Have
To Doctor Your Gene's ???

The entire predicate is You don't need to do any thing
to be superior  just having  " white skin " but what you
 are told that is the biggest lie of all. Actually you are a
 slave if YOU your self just rest on the laurels of others.
 YOU can do any number of fantastic things if YOU
really do want a better world? Be it .

 Why not focus on a creative approach? You might be
 surprised what good comes from trying to do for others.
  It's simple help someone in need once in a while
encourage someone younger with positive feedback .
What difference you make is actually as yet a on going
story hating others accomplishes nothing black or white
if your from a protean deprived womb you are 25% less
no matter what race you are. That's environment not race.

Guess what inbreeding will erase all of mono "racists black or white"
to become one day like the bleached thanksgiving Turkey's that seek
so called purity kind of ironic.
Oh I forgot  you did not know that turkeys and chickens  were
all colors but  now they are just white or albino due to inbreeding
 & with that goes color blindness which is as ironic for the birds
as it is for the species Sapiens.  
They will have bleached out all of there color and become pink
 Bunny eyed albino you cant be too white some say and with
that goes color blindness which is doubly funny because people
 choose in breading to strengthen there "race" meanwhile all that
 does is erase & overlap traits which leads to less adaptively and
viability or so goes the alt Race logic. I'm no genetic science and
I don't care about that as much as I use to..ED.
According to the federal Household Survey:

According to the federal Household Survey,
"Most current illicit drug users are white. There were an estimated 9.9 million
whites (72 percent of all users), 2.0 million blacks (15 percent), and 1.4 million
Hispanics (10 percent) who were current illicit drug users in 1998." And yet,
blacks constitute 36.8% of those arrested for drug violations, over 42% of
those in federal prisons for drug violations. African Americans comprises
almost 58% of those in state prisons for drug felonies; Hispanics account for

Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National
Household Survey on Drug Abuse: Summary Report 1998 (Rockville, MD: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1999), p. 13; Bureau of Justice Statistics, Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics 1998 (Washington DC: US Department of Justice,August 1999), p. 343, Table 4.10, p. 435, Table 5.48, and p. 505, Table 6.52; Beck, Allen J., Ph.D. and Mumola, Christopher J., Bureau of Justice Statistics, Prisoners in 1998 (Washington DC: US Department of Justice, August 1999),p. 10, Table 16; Beck, Allen J., PhD, And Paige M. Harrison, US Dept. ofJustice, Bureau of Justice Statistics (Washington, DC: US Dept. of Justice, August 2001), p. 11, Table 16.
P.S. Afghanistan is world’s largest producer
Junkies 2004


1. Human Cloning and eugenics should be researched to
 the fullest extent possible.
    No laws should restrict human Cloning research.

 2.NCGR - GPI: Eugenics and Human Cloning
    EUGENICS Eugenics can be defined as a "strategy
 of trying to orchestrate human evolution through programs
aimed at encouraging the transmission of 'desirable' traits
 and discouraging the transmission of 'unde

 3.Library of Eugenics - Information Resource for Eugenics,
Genetic Engineering, Cloning and Biotechnology Articles about
 eugenics, genetic engineering, DNA, religion, xenith, Evolution,
 philosophy, god, godhood, egalitarianism   www.euvolution.com
Guess what inbreeding will erase all of  you bleached tutkeys that seek so
called purity kind of ironic...
4.Genetic Cloning The cure for all diseases or doctors playing
    Genetic Cloning: The cure for all diseases or doctors playing god?
Presented on the 27th April 2000 in LT3 of The Royal College of
Surgeons in Ireland Click here to start Table of Contents Genetics
 Genetic Cloning The cure for all diseases or docto

 5.Guest Comment on NRO
    Guest writers discuss politics and culture on National Review Online.

 6.The Gene School - Common Reasons for Cloning
    Common Reasons for Cloning Common Reasons People Support
Cloning · Support of scientific research · Recovery of lost loved ones ·
 Infertility: cloning a fertile copy of themselves · Eugenics*:

 7.The Gene School - Common Reasons for Cloning Common
 Reasons for Cloning Common Reasons People Support Cloning ·
Support of scientific research · Recovery of lost loved ones ·
Infertility: cloning a fertile copy of themselves · Eugenics*:


 9.Ethics of Cloning Humans  www.msoe.edu

 10.Human cloning  Man "shall never create a life" Human cloning "
There is only one God, the Lord high God  in Heaven. No man is
God, even though he places himself up as God now, even trying  
to create life, and even trying to restore

 11.American Bioethics Advisory Commission
    Eugenics Definitions The science of improvement of the
 human race germ plasm through better breeding. Introduction
 Eugenics is an ideology, a movement, not a conspiracy.
Margaret Sanger The great work of her life was enlisting the
feminist  www.all.org

 12.Gene Engineers Promote Eugenics & Designer Babies
    zealously promoting a new bio-engineered utopia. In the world
 of their visionary fervor, parents will strive to afford the latest
 genetic improvements for their children.

 13.Eugenics, Genetics, Racism, Genocide, Mercy
 Killing & Psychiatry Eugenics, Genetics, Racism, Genocide,
 Mercy Killing & Psychiatry

 14.Cloning Debate: Glimpse of the Future Cloning Debate:
Glimpse of the Future Killing children without recourse to the
 excuse of women’s rights is a growth industry, but few people
have caught on. The cloning fight provides a teaching moment.
In 1998, it is still standard

    Eugenics Most people when they hear the word "Eugenics"
they think of Hitler and the Third Reich. They also think that
 Hitler is the one who created eugenics. But to a lot of peoples
 surprise Hitler did not create it. In fact he only used it for his
                  The Industrial World is Very Greedy


                        Our metaphor for Cloning


Have the corporations already grabbed control of new
life forms?
Plus: What's DNA been up to since our DNA exposé?
  by Jeremy Rifkin Research by Larry Gordon and Dan Smith

Friends help friends make a living .

OLD STUFF http://www.interesting.com/stuff/labels/more.html

      Foreign Affairs Mag
       click above below to go to
         Link to AIDS artical at Foreign Affairs Mag

 I was thinking about my grand mother.
Before she died of cancer she cut off her bardes and gave them to
me I took care of her until she died I was so saddened & depressed
 one day I found her medicine & took it because it had a skull and
cross bones & the words "Poison Keep Out  Of The Reach Of
Children" I took all 20 of the pills at once figuring they would do the
trick but I passed out and puked on the rug where I fell if that wasn't
enough I got a whipping and a talking to and was grounded which
wasn't much of a punishment because there weren't any kids around
 any way. When my grand Mother was alive she hadplenty to say
about life...

"Any other time this would be an easy explanation to get. I  think of almost every
thing as Foreign  especially the Pilgrims there decendancs brag on them and
 "weep with pride at there landing at Plymouth Mass On top of the endogenous
 humans they encountered & forgetting that indentured means Enslaved some  
thing they tell me  is a cause for shame ,land less and totally owned by  a gigantic
 heartless multinational Corp. of the time Read the charter They The Pilgrims  
Were property to be USED and used they were 60% a year death rate worked to
death under covenant or bond or contract debt it all boils down to slavery SLAVERY
 SLAVERY no matter how you say it THEY WERE SLAVES OWNED "Land less "
 and after they worked off the "debt"  they were  "given " lands That's if they could
 live long enough to develop it then they died most died women in child
 birth & men of Infections from cuts and wounds from work as most never bathed
 in there lives.

 So beginning with thefalse notion of racial purity and intellectual superiority as
 pornography you may see how  I see this so called nation with its Drugs Weapons
& oil pollution  fer sure dude take a train any where You  will see what what I hear
 the lazy bastards not only swindled the humans out of there land  and food but
 they didn't Evan bother to change the names of the original peoples homes well
 nearly never and when they did change the origonal name was an act of creativity
 nope it was slavery to the past  not the present that's ironic because most are Hypnotized by Hype who needs the CIA or any mollusk cabal when there
is Madison Ave & Hollywood reinventing the place to sell the toxic sludge they
call food . Mass produced to the letter of the law not with prayer to god of rain or
 sun for pure spirit and strength from the hand tilled field.

 So called junk food is now killing even them  Corn Tobacco  Hemp Weed Potatoes
 fried all once sacred.  Now like the water, air and land bordering on toxic and
almost all of it bought and sold to morons that  think they own it.

By what right except murder secret deals and fraud so call treaties guess what ...

The New Visitors are coming soon & it will do you no good to say I didn't do
it that was my Grammy's  Grandpaw's or my dad's I just took and never even
 tried to consider what I should be thankful for .   Or share with others the
greed is blinding in a culture base on debt on lack and withholding  basic
sustenance even to the point of death."

" In  Egypt some where there is a tea house that is 6,000 years
 old they wash the cups every day too. "

Some where near Florida a man fell into a lake 6,000 years ago &
drowned, he was wearing a scull cap hand woven so well & from
fibers so small that when it was filled with water, one could boil
water make tea or cook a soup over an open fire in the scull cap
 with no damage to the hat .

Has NASA or any one in so called modern society created
its equilivant for daily use how is it posibal you think you were
superior to a  to any one like that?
Ann Colter calls him a savage what a foul mouthed  pig she is.
Something else thats is Fishey!

Note the not so total attack on the "Company" as informal
 tutorial the emphases:

Note this is not so total attack an on the "Company" as informal tutorial the emphases
 on drugs is an already familiar canto of the left , however this attempt to expose
the CIA albeit a some what sophomoric approaches the meter of high comedy
you can bet not a few of this guys " friends are helping him out with a verification
here or there  but  that is to be expected , It is my contention that this sort of
 information doesn't inspire further questions of those in "in  charge " ( which may
be their motive ) such as when they will they place at the top of there agenda & in
 a more public way just what they intend to do about the dear tic and the spread
of global illiteracy . The two together kill more Americans than any or all of the so
 called Communist and are some what more easy to create policy about and the
totally eliminate , Hey guys California was  at one time awash with mosquitoes,
 likewise Panama why not get to work saving lives instead of dogging the bullets
of the Christic  Institute's lawsuit's is a no brainy Twiddle Twaddle but now Cesium
130 in the Colorado River Aquifer is a big slip-up no ?

Just who said "Dump the NRC's & Hanford's So called Nuclear Waste on Indian
 land way back 50 years ago fuck the INDIANS right Kill Um ! Finish  Um! Off! Right
"let um eat Uranium Tailing's was one Very! Very! Very! Fuking ! Wrong! Neo
Naziazzhole punk because  even an x car-wash attendant can tell you that stuff
is very lethal & for billions of years...

That man was a lowlife coward and a traitor of highest sort, to all humanity
and  possibly all future life because that stuff is going to be floating around near
the earths core, magma  and washing down on us as " rain ", may as well have been
 injected into the veins  of GIA it will very soon rain down us & that is no joke because
 if a little plutonium  in a satellite shakes your faith in the immutable logic of our
decision makers what about 50 years of every thing we ever made that was atomic
has already been dumped on our  food on us  our kids every thing forever, until we
develop some very neat new DNA anomalies &  just die out along with the rest of the
 food chain.

 Nice going you Tight wad Tory asshole ... At last White supremacist can have there
wish, at last, an all white world forever, that of there & all of our sun bleached bones
and those of all of the other mammals as the result of the death of all plant life by
which means we all starve together integrated with the soil at least.

Well not really because without the plants the atmosphere will be blown away
post haste  by the force of the suns solar wind and the cosmic rays and meteor's will
 pulverize what remained until " we " what was our earth to share is identical to the
moon or Mars or any of the other dead planetary bodies on the magnetosphere in the
 ecliptic of this particular Sun in this part of the one of countless number of Galixseys .
  No wonder Archibald Mac Liech says ...

 The earth is a small planet of a minor star at the edge
 of an inconsiderable galaxy in the immeasurable
 distance of space ,What a card!
Public arrest and incarceration at gun point has in the past meant
 for some a not so public summary execution. This project would possibly
 Stop some of the home front terrorism. But not Racism or racial profiling
 it is still wrong and Racism is still with us.
 Do some thing about it before it  is called Unpatriotic to Question
 this centuries long Evil. That way WE are truly united United States.

 Once there was a question of guns or butter now it's anthrax and
"civilians" are targets in war and must be as vigilant as a front line soldier
without "training" or a gun.  Hey! Are we as good as the Swiss?
 They all have Guns and are Citizen Soldiers aren't we as Important
or as good as they are?

 Arm this nation with  state the of the art! Train this nation if it's war
 draft every body!  We are already on the front lines so...

Or are YOU merely going to treat us as if we are children
or worse as if we are cattle?

 And cannon fodder for you strutting  bungling comb over boobs
 Well sir if this is so, YOU and your Famous So called Low IQ are
 facing a population of "not in my name" dissenters as WE see more
 of the things YOU & Your Mr. CIA DAD and Nazi loving Grand
Pappy  have done.

 The erased constitution and civil challenge may have been something
YOU think is a joke and your methods are some what clumsy but it is clear.
Personal wealth and self esteem are some times linked in this
culture but now that the Shiite has hit the fan what good is YOUR
wealth, celebrity,stardom?
Looks like you are not actively dealing with the enemies you are playing
with them using a big budget  cruse missal to line the pockets of the
cronies that make them blowing up the decrepit pathetic remnant that
 is Afghanistan.     
War is Killing and you are allowing US to be targets & cutouts for
 YOUR racist Bleached Blond global policies as well as NOT cutting
off the hand of the Devil Dope or bombing the poppy fields or any
 of your play mates.
So we all can see which side YOUR bread is buttered on.
Evan a 80 year old Grandma knows this, who do you think you are kidding?
                       © 1998-2000 Mingus Designs
 Post 911
Public arrest and incarceration at gun point has in the past meant for some a not so public summary execution. This project would possibly Stop some of the home front  terrorism.
But not Racism or racial profiling it is still wrong and Racism is still with us.
 Do some thing about it before it  is called Unpatriotic to Question this centuries long Evil.
That way WE are truly united United States.
 Once there was a question of guns or butter now it's Anthrax and "civilians are targets in war and must be as vigilant as a front line soldier without training" or
 a gun.  Hey! Are we as good as the Swiss?
 They all have Guns and are Citizen Soldiers aren't we as Important  or as good as they are?
 Arm this nation with  state the of the art! Train this nation if it's war draft every body!  
We are already on the front lines so...
Or are YOU merely going to treat us as if we are children or worse as if we are cattle?
  And cannon fodder for you strutting  bungling comb over boobs  Well sir if this is so, YOU and your Famous So called Low IQ are facing a population of "not in my name" dissenters as WE see more of the things YOU & Your Mr. CIA DAD and Nazi loving Grand Pappy  have done.
 The erased constitution and civil challenge may have been something YOU think is a joke and your methods are some what clumsy but it is clear.
Personal wealth and self esteem are some times linked in this culture but now that the Shit has hit the fan what good is YOUR wealth, celebrity, stardom?
Looks like you are not actively dealing with the enemies you are playing with them using a big budget  cruse missal to line the pockets of the cronies that make them blowing up the decrepit pathetic remnant that is Afghanistan.     
War is Killing and you are allowing US to be targets & cutouts for YOUR  racist  Anne (the media whore ) Coulter Bleached Blond global policies as well as NOT cutting off the hand of the Devil Dope or  bombing the poppy fields or any of your play mates.
So we all can see which side YOUR bread is buttered on.
Evan a 80 year old Grandma knows this, who do you think you are kidding?
I say ...
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"CHICKENS 100's of types…"
Chickens Wya ! Therws all kind ah! Chickens shoot less see then thoes
 Black Simatas thers Bantum breed of Ring Neck Samertrn's N tho's Jersey
 White Giants dumb clucks inbreed till There too Dang stupid to Shit (poop)
Hell There Al-Lbal Ta blow up on you as peck your eyes out just Caus they
CAN almost flap n' claw up to your face as quick as lightning...If you lett um!...
Mumm! Less See now thers Two Half Dozen type O! Leggerns Ans Er? Um! Thers
 Dorkens D-O--R KINGS Hal what a name dork king heads Ha! Ha! and
There a hundred variety of chickens, from every whear on earth, modern breeders
 play with them like they was machines. (Just about Aint Got No Natural Nothing LEFT )
tHERE BEEREED to White as a sorta last legs towrope or tie-up on that GENETIS ER?
DE People "IS" Gosst'a Haz! Ther! CHICKUNS YOU ALL!!
(the customer is all Wise right? right!)
BRAND...on their shaved butts!. The Good old Road Island Red is now the GOOD OLD
 ROAD o ALIENED READ # A/ID 32-908766786-/000.4 type (B) Orated or Aerated
BRAIN, YAHA! THAS CAUS-THERE OWNERS DIDN'T want uM to be distracted by
 SUPER TO ME, HA! HA! THE SUPER CHICKENS BORN on a long slow moving conveyer
 belt all there hole life is ATTACHED TO A I .V. TYPE TUBE RUNNING AND SLIPPING ON
 A DUMB TREAD MILL. SURE SOME BRAKE OFF, of there own accord some die In a pile
 of Feathers N, Ilks of all breeds and persuasions, but most do what there DESIGNED to do,
 Pump-up On There Slot or Track on the tread mill and swallow down whats pumped in to uM,
 as far as that goes, thoes hose sucking birds are being fed the chopped up remains of there
less agile brothers, its ridiculous. "ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU GO LACTO-OVA or even Vigen???"
I Love My Beer Battered Honey Mustard Dipped, Extra Crispy Micro Waveable Mystery Meat.
"Just like Momna usto make
"Yea !" .,,"Yea"... "Yaea!"
"YO! you Bet?" "Me too"
"Mee TO!" Pass the Plutonium please!"



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