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 a very good link http://www.inequality.org/

well put together site
 My radicalism isn't naive [1], but it is based on simple questions.
Why are people poor? How come people starve when there's enough food
 to feed the world?

Why has there never been a woman president in this country?

 Why is the median income for Blacks and Latinos more than 30 times
lower than that of whites?

Why does the richest 1% of the U.S. population own more wealth than
the bottom 92% combined?

 Why do schools where rich people live get so much more funding than
the schools where poor people live, and how is that "equal opportunity?"

My radicalism is a refusal to ignore or turn away from these questions.

Following them through to their conclusions means a commitment to working
for some serious changes in the way society is organized. (For more statistics
 on how insane the distribution of wealth in the U.S. and the world is, see
"facts and figures" from www.inequality.org.)

 The only general answer i've found to these questions is also fairly simple:
 this system exists not because of some kind of silly mistake, but because
it benefits the rich, the white,men, North Americans, etc.

A whiteboy's notes on racism and antiracism

 It's not "prejudice" that's the real problem today. It's an entrenched system
of white supremacy that governs U.S. society and most of the world that is
 the problem.


 I'm a socialist. The economic system we have now, capitalism, says democracy
is fine for making political decisions, but it isn't fine when it comes to making
economic decisions, such as what work needs to be done and what aspects
of that work should be prioritized (e.g.,research to develop Viagra, or to produce
cheap HIV/AIDs treatments?), who gets the rewards of that work and in what proportions, etc. I think the economy, like every facet of social life,should be

[more to follow]

Swarthmore College (All of this is horribly academic.)
2002. "Colonial Super-exploitation in Southern Africa: Mines, Migrancy, and Indirect Rule."html, pdf
2002. "Esperando en silencio: la narración del destino amargo en 'Es que somos muy pobres.'"html, pdf
2002. "La identidad desestabilizada: el viaje mágico de Aura." html, pdf
2001. "The 2001 Elections in Nicaragua: Investigations and Analysis." html, pdf. [short version: html, pdf]
2001. "Reclaiming Democracy: Sandinista Nicaragua and Lessons for the Left." Word.
2001. "Black Reconstruction in South Carolina." html, pdf.
2001. "Pascal's Triangle, Combinations, and the Binomial Theorem." pdf.
2000. "Hobbes, Mill, and the Denial of Difference." html, pdf.
2000. "Social Hierarchy and Classroom Performance." html.
1999. "Gender and 'Progress' in Dangarembga's Nervous Conditions." html, pdf. [revised May
2001: pdf ]
1999. "The Case of Mumia Abu-Jamal." [coming soon]
1999. "In Our Image: Empire As We Like It." [review] html, pdf.
Selected works by the semi-collective:
Basset, R. K. 2001. Background to Israel-Palestine conflict. [soon] html, pdf.
Delgado, C. 2001. "The Evolution of the Welfare Queen Myth." html, pdf.
---. 2000. "Objectifying the Other: Foucault and the Rise of the Prison-Industrial Complex."html, pdf.
Coming soon: annotated bibliographies. Send me short
(2-10 paragraph) critical summaries of books you like,
especially on left social, political, cultural

Woah! Britney Spears guide to Semiconductor Physics: semiconductor physics, Edge Emitting
Lasers and VCSELs

Organic semiconductors span from quantum mechanics to human disease. For example, like Schroedinger's Cat, Darwin's deaf white kitty illustrates a macro quantum phenomenon. This is strong electron-phonon coupling in potent sound-absorbing
organic semiconductors such as inner-ear melanin. Likewise, these materials promise exciting new technology such as organic light-emitting diode ( OLED ) displays, as well as literal "printed" circuits. Finally, the conducting polymer melanin figures in  (e.g.) melanoma, deafness, and Parkinson's disease.
?????????hoax 4 sure !!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a little known fact, that Ms Spears is an expert in
semiconductor physics. Not content with just singing
and acting, in the following pages, she will guide you
in the fundamentals of the vital laser components that
have made it possible to hear her super music in a
digital format.

Dr. Eugene F. Mallove Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine
 Director, New Energy Research Laboratory
  PO Box 2816
 Concord, NH 03302-2816
                Ph: 603-228-4516
                Fx: 603-224-5975
Not just another elobrate Hoax web site
every body checks out...
From:   "eric" <eric@v...>
                Date:  Tue Apr 16, 2002  1:31 am
                Subject:  free energy - general updates

                Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics - there is
                actually some good physics discussion here:

 the following is a good overview of high mileage carb claims:

                The following quote comes from another list:

                      I already mentioned the book; "THE
                     FREE-ENERGY DEVICE HANDBOOK"
                     "A compilation of Patents & Reports"
                     published by Adventures Unlimited
                     Press ISBN 0-932813-24-0, copyright
                     1994, by David Hatcher Childress
                     It lists many alleged
                     "FREE-ENERGY" devices starting
                     with Lodestone at
                     top of ramp so iron ball would roll up
                     to it then fall back down over and
                     over. The "Letter of Peregrinus" was
                     written in 1269 describing how
                     work, and how maybe they could be
                     used for perpetual motion. So in the
                     733  years since then, why haven't any
                     working models been found?

                     That book has many other alleged
                     "free energy" devices described.
                     Check for it at your local book store, very

                  Eugene "this time we're almost there" Mallove recently preached the following CF hagiography:

                ----- Original Message -----
                From: Integrity Research Institute, Thomas Valone
                To: Integrity Research Institute, Thomas Valone
                Sent: Sunday, April 14, 2002 1:37 AM
                Subject: Navy Report Supports Cold Fusion

                Future Energy eNews                                                                April 15, 2002

                ----- Original Message -----
                From: "Eugene F. Mallove" <editor@infinite-energy.com>
                To: "Eugene Mallove" <editor@infinite-energy.com>
                Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 7:28 PM
                Subject: New Navy Report Supports Cold Fusion


                A new official report just out, prepared by the U.S. Navy, is strongly
                supportive of cold fusion research:

                TECHNICAL REPORT 1862, February 2002
                Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System
                (In two volumes)

                It is a public document with unlimited distribution, so we are posting below
                some of the introductory material in each of the volumes.

                Infinite Energy will be making copies of the full report -- hard copy, CD
                version, and perhaps web site posting. We'll keep you posted about the
                availability of the full document.

                I wish to highlight in particular this statement from the Foreword:

                "As I write this Foreword, California is experiencing rolling blackouts due
                to power shortages. Conventional engineering, planned ahead, could have
                prevented these blackouts, but it has been politically expedient to ignore
                the inevitable. We do not know if Cold Fusion will be the answer to future
                energy needs, but we do know the existence of Cold Fusion phenomenon
                through repeated observations by scientists throughout the world. It is
                time that this phenomenon be investigated so that we can reap whatever
                benefits accrue from additional scientific understanding. It is time for
                government funding organizations to invest in this research.

                Dr. Frank E. Gordon
                Head, Navigation and Applied Sciences Department
                Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego"


                Dr. Eugene F. Mallove
                Editor-in-Chief, Infinite Energy Magazine
                Director, New Energy Research Laboratory
                PO Box 2816
                Concord, NH 03302-2816
                Ph: 603-228-4516
                Fx: 603-224-5975

                TECHNICAL REPORT 1862, February 2002

                Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System

                Volume 1: A Decade of Research at Navy Laboratories

                S. Szpak, P. A. Mosier-Boss, Editors

                Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

                SPAWAR Systems Center San Diego

                SSC San Diego
                San Diego, CA 92152-5001

                SSC SAN DIEGO
                San Diego, California 92152-5001

                P. A. Miller, CAPT, USN Commanding Officer

                R. C. Kolb, Executive Director


                    The work described in this report was performed for the Office of Naval
                Research through the collaboration of Space and Naval Warfare Systems
                Center, San Diego (SSC San Diego); the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons
                Division, China Lake; and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).

                Released by
                G. W. Anderson, Head
                Applied Research & Technology Branch

                Under authority of R. H. Moore, Head, Environmental Sciences Division

                Contributing authors (in alphabetical order)

                Dr. Pamela A. Mosier-Boss
                Code D363
                Spawar Systems Center San Diego
                San Diego, CA 92152-5000
                (619) 553-1603; FAX (619) 553-1269; e-mail bossp@spawar.navy.mil

                Dr. Scott R. Chubb
                Code 7252
                Naval Research Laboratory
                Washington, DC 20375-5343
                (202) 767-5270; FAX (202) 767-3303; e-mail scott.chubb@nrl.navy.mil

                Professor Martin Fleischmann, F.R.S.
                Bury Lodge, Duck Street
                Tisbury, Salisbury, Wilts SP3 6LJ
                United Kingdom
                FAX (+44) 1747 870845

                Dr. M. Ashraf Imam
                Code 6320
                Naval Research Laboratory
                Washington, DC 20375-5343
                (202) 767-2185; FAX (202) 767-2623 e-mail imam@angil.nrl.navy,mil

                Dr. Melvin H. Miles
                Department of Chemistry
                Middle Tennessee State University
                Murfreeboro, TN 37132
                (615) 904-8558; e-mail mmiles@mtsu.edu

                Dr. Stanislaw Szpak
                3498 Conrad Ave
                San Diego, CA 92117
                (858) 272-9401


                Twelve years have passed since the announcement on 23 March 1989 by
                Professors Fleischmann and Pons that the generation of excess enthalpy
                occurs in electrochemical cells when palladium electrodes, immersed in D2O
                + LiOH electrolyte, are negatively polarized. The announcement, which came
                to be known as "Cold Fusion," caused frenzied excitement. In both the
                scientific and news communities, fax machines were used to pass along
                fragments of rumor and "facts." (Yes, this was before wide spread use of
                the internet. One can only imagine what would happen now.) Companies and
                individuals rushed to file patents on yet to be proven ideas in hopes of
                winning the grand prize. Unfortunately, the phenomenon described by
                Fleischmann and Pons was far from being understood and even factors
                necessary for repeatability of the experiments were unknown. Over the next
                few months, the scientific community became divided into the "believers"
                and the "skeptics." The "believers" reported the results of their work with
                enthusiasm that at times overstated the significance of their results. On
                the other hand, many "skeptics" rejected the anomalous behavior of the
                polarized Pd/D system as a matter of conviction, i.e., without analyzing
                the presented material and always asking "where are the neutrons?" Funding
                for research quickly dried up as anything related to "Cold Fusion" was
                portrayed as a hoax and not worthy of funding. The term "Cold Fusion" took
                on a new definition much as the Ford Edsel had done years earlier.

                By the Second International Conference on Cold Fusion, held at Villa Olmo,
                Como, Italy, in June/July 1991, the altitude toward Cold Fusion was
                beginning to take on a more scientific basis. The number of
                flash-in-the-pan "believers" had diminished, and the "skeptics" were
                beginning to be faced with having to explain the anomalous phenomenon,
                which by this time had been observed by many credible scientists throughout
                the world. Shortly after this conference, the Office of Naval Research
                (ONR) proposed a collaborative effort involving the Naval Command, Control
                and Ocean Surveillance Center, RDT&E Division, which subsequently has
                become the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego (SSC San
                Diego); the Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division, China Lake; and the
                Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). The effort's basic premise was to
                investigate the anomalous effects associated with the prolonged charging of
                the Pd/D system and "to contribute in collegial fashion to a coordinated
                trilaboratory experiment."

                Each laboratory took a different area of research. At San Diego, our goal
                was to understand the conditions that initiate the excess heat generation
                (the Fleischmann-Pons effect) and the search for evidence that indicates
                their nuclear origin. To eliminate the long incubation times (often weeks),
                Drs. Stan Szpak and Pam Boss decided to prepare the palladium electrodes by
                the co-deposition technique. Initially, they concentrated on tritium
                production and the monitoring of emanating radiation. More recently, they
                extended their effort to monitoring surface temperature via IR imaging
                technique and showed the existence of discrete heat sources randomly
                distributed in time and space. This discovery may prove to be a significant
                contribution to the understanding of the phenomenon.

                At China Lake, Dr. Miles and his collaborators showed that a correlation
                exists between the rate of the excess enthalpy generation and the quantity
                of helium in the gas stream. Such a correlation is the direct evidence of
                the nuclear origin of the Fleischmann-Pons effect.

                The research at NRL was directed toward the metallurgy of palladium and its
                alloys and the theoretical aspects of the Fleischmann-Pons effect. In
                particular, Dr. Imam prepared Pd/B alloys that Dr. Miles used in
                calorimetric experiments. It was shown that these alloys yielded
                reproducible excess enthalpy generation with minimal incubation times
                (approximately 1 day). The theoretical work of Dr. Chubb contributed much
                to our understanding of the Fleischmann-Pons effect.

                Although funding for Cold Fusion ended several years ago, progress in
                understanding the phenomenon continues at a much slower pace, mostly
                through the unpaid efforts of dedicated inquisitive scientists. In
                preparation of this report the authors spent countless hours outside of
                their normal duties to jointly review their past and current contributions,
                including the "hidden" agenda that Professor Fleischmann pursued for
                several years in the 1980s when he was partially funded by ONR. Special
                thanks are extended to all scientists who have worked under these
                conditions, including those who contributed to this report and especially
                to Professor Fleischmann.

                As I write this Foreword, California is experiencing rolling blackouts due
                to power shortages. Conventional engineering, planned ahead, could have
                prevented these blackouts, but it has been politically expedient to ignore
                the inevitable. We do not know if Cold Fusion will be the answer to future
                energy needs, but we do know the existence of Cold Fusion phenomenon
                through repeated observations by scientists throughout the world. It is
                time that this phenomenon be investigated so that we can reap whatever
                benefits accrue from additional scientific understanding. It is time for
                government funding organizations to invest in this research.

                Dr. Frank E. Gordon
                Head, Navigation and Applied Sciences Department
                Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego

                TABLE OF CONTENTS

                S. Szpak and P. A. Mosier-Boss

                S. Szpak and P. A. Mosier-Boss

                Melvin H. Miles

                Part I: Development of Diagnostic Criteria
                Part II: Application of Diagnostic Criteria
                S. Szpak, P. A. Mosier-Boss, M. H. Miles, M. A. Imam and M. Fleischmann

                Scott Chubb

                NAVY LABORATORIES


                VOLUME #2

                TECHNICAL REPORT 1862
                February 2002

                Thermal and Nuclear Aspects of the Pd/D2O System
                Volume 2: Simulation of the Electrochemical Cell (ICARUS) Calorimetry

                S. Szpak
                P. A. Mosier-Boss

                Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited

                Systems Center San Diego

                SSC San Diego
                San Diego, CA 92152-5001


                The calorimetry of any electrochemical cell involves two type of
                activities: data collection and data evaluation. The required data are the
                cell potential-time and cell temperature-time series. The evaluation is
                based on conservation laws subject to constraints dictated by cell design
                and the adapted experimental procedure.

                Volume 2 of this report deals with the modeling and simulation of the
                Dewar-type calorimeter. It was written by Professor Fleischmann to provide
                an authoritative discussion of the calorimetry of electrochemical cells.
                The emphasis is on the interpretation of data and the accuracy of the
                determination of the excess enthalpy generation via the appropriate
                selection of heat transfer coefficients. The discussion of the calorimetry
                of the Dewar-type cells is presented in the form of technical report for a
                number of reasons, among them: (I) its length would likely prohibit
                publication in topical journals, (ii) to clarify misunderstandings
                regarding the principles of calorimetry as applied to electrochemical cell
                in general and to the cell employed by Fleischmann and his collaborators,
                in particular.

                S. Szpak and P.A. Mosier-Boss, eds.

                TABLE OF CONTENTS

                SYMBOLS USED

                DESCRIBED IN
                SECTION 4
                ICARUS-2 SYSTEM
                AND DATA




                Apart from some fragmentary investigations, primarily related to the study
                of the self-discharge of batteries, there exists no well defined set of
                studies in the field of the electrochemical calorimetry. We note that such
                studies would allow the investigation of the thermal behavior of a wide
                range of reactions, especially irreversible processes. Thus, the
                establishment of an accurate model of an experiment is very important.
                However, as this aspect is not generally understood, we felt it necessary
                to produce this document.

                In spite of its length, this volume only covers the analysis of a data set
                generated by calculation and one measurement cycle for a "blank
                experiment." We believe that it is very important to produce a detailed
                analysis and account (as far as is possible at this stage) of the
                methodology which we adopted. This is especially important in view of the
                misleading comments which have been made about the calorimetry of the Pd/D
                system. Taken at face value, one must believe that the workers concerned do
                not understand the difference between differential and integral
                coefficients, the disadvantages of differentiating "noisy" data as compared
                to integrating such data, the differences between the precision and
                accuracy of data evaluations, the recognition of "negative" and "positive
                feedback," the analysis of cooling curves, etc. They do not understand
                relaxation nor recognize the presence of strange attractors and the way in
                which the effects of such complications can be circumvented. [1]

                It is relevant here to reflect on the precision and accuracy of the
                experiments. Of course, if the precision is high, then there will be no
                difficulty in interpreting changes in the rates of excess enthalpy
                generation as small as 1 mW at the 10-sigma level. [2]. Of course, the
                question of the magnitude of the errors raises three further important
                questions: (I) what error limits are required so as to be able to detect
                excess enthalpy generation at an adequate level of statistical
                significance? (ii) what is the difference (if any) between the experiments
                carried out with ICARUS systems and ICARUS lookalikes and with other types
                of calorimetry? (iii) how can one assess the error limits of a given piece
                of instrumentation?

                The answer is that one simply stops the development of the methodology when
                one is able to make an adequate set of measurements. We note here that this
                particular specification is itself dependent on the physical size of the
                systems being investigated as well as the chosen operating conditions. In
                our particular investigation the limit was certainly reached when the
                errors had been reduced to the 0.01% level. Naturally, the first question
                impacts on the second and we note that it is the use of less precise and
                accurate calorimetric methods which has bedeviled so much of the research
                in this field. The reason is that with the use of less precise/accurate
                methods, it becomes impossible to monitor the build-up of excess enthalpy
                generation. This then brings us to the third question and the answer to
                this is exactly with the methods outlined in this document, at least as far
                as isoperibolic calorimetry is concerned (although it is not very difficult
                to specify improvements in those methods!). [3] It is relevant that
                although errors had undoubtedly been made in setting up these experiments,
                the detailed data analyses had also shown the way in which such errors
                could be allowed for. [4]

                To reiterate, we considered it necessary to produce this document for the
                following reasons: Firstly, it is always essential to determine the
                Instrument Function (or of a parameter or sets of parameters which define
                the Instrument Function) and to validate the methods of data analysis. Such
                validation is best done using simulated/calculated data. Secondly, one
                needs to see the extent to which "blank" experiments conform to
                expectations. Thirdly, one needs to investigate the ways in which methods
                of data analysis may fail.


                (l.) Of course, it is possible that the researchers concerned do not
                understand any of these matters, but what is so remarkable is that they
                have failed to understand these topics even when they have been described
                to them.

                (2) However, the high precision of the instrumentation (relative errors
                below 0.01%) has been converted into a 10% error by the group at NHE. It is
                hard to see how anybody can make such an assertion while still keeping a
                straight face. If the errors were as high as this, then it would be
                impossible to say anything sensible about calorimetry - for that matter, it
                would remove one of the main planks of scientific methodology

                (3) The answer to this question brings us to very interesting further lines
                of enquiry which can be summarized by the question: "why is it that NHE
                have never made any sets of raw data for blank experiments available for
                further analysis?" If one considers this question in a naive way, then one
                would say that there can hardly be any reason for not releasing data sets
                which do not show any generation of excess enthalpy!

                (4) Instead of seeking to establish the correct way(s) of calibrating the
                systems, the group at NHE used the procedure leading to (k^',0 R)362,
                probably coupled to timing errors in the calibration pulse which they did
                not allow for. Needless to say, this produced nonsensical results which
                they used as a justification for substituting an invalid method of data
                analysis. Moreover, this invalid method of data analysis was applied to
                just two experiments, regarded as being typical, although the fact that
                there were malfunctions in these experiments has also been pointed out.

                These reports are available at:
                Vol.I, 3.5 Meg   ~121 pages

                Vol. II, 178 pgs, 42,810 kbytes

forwarded as a courtesy from www.integrityresearchinstitute.org

Brittany spears!! didn't she retire?

From: Cicero
Category: Urban Legend / Myth / Hoax
Date: 31 Mar 2003
Time: 11:37:04
Remote Name:


Im waiting for the charlton heston course on loop structure and advanced algorythms in software
engineering. http://www.britneyspears.ac/lasers.htm

Last changed: March 31, 2003

   "A call to create a United States of Africa"


Tunis, 13-15 June 1994

    Mr Chairman,
    Distinguished Heads of State and Government,   Heads of Delegations, Your Excellencies, Ministers,
    Ambassadors and High Commissioner,  Comrades,  Ladies and Gentlemen.

    In the distant days of antiquity, a Roman sentenced this African city to death: "Carthage must be destroyed
(Carthago delenda est)".

    And Carthage was destroyed. Today we wander among its ruins, only our imagination and historical records enable us to
    experience its magnificence. Only our African being makes it possible for us to hear the piteous cries of the victims of the
    vengeance of the Roman Empire.

    And yet we can say this, that all human civilisation rests on foundations such as the ruins of the African city of Carthage.
    These architectural remains, like the pyramids of Egypt, the sculptures of the ancients kingdoms of Ghana and Mali and
    Benin, like the temples of Ethiopia, the Zimbabwe ruins and the rock paintings of the Kgalagadi and Namib deserts, all
    speak of Africa's contribution to the formation of the condition of civilisation.

    But in the end, Carthage was destroyed. During the long interregnum, the children of Africa were carted away as slaves.
    Our lands became the property of other nations, our resources a source of enrichment for other peoples and our kings and
    queens mere servants of foreign powers.

  In the end, we were held out as the outstanding example
of the beneficiaries of charity, because we became the
permanent victims of famine, of destructive conflicts and
of the pestilence of the natural world. On our knees because
 history, society and nature had defeated us, we could be
nothing but beggars.

    What the Romans had sought with the
destruction of Carthage, had been achieved.

    But the ancient pride of the peoples of our continent asserted itself and gave us hope in the form of giants such as Queen
    Regent Labotsibeni of Swaziland, Mohammed V of Morocco, Abdul Gamal Nasser of Egypt, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana,
    Murtala Mohammed of Nigeria, Patrice Lumumba of Zaire, Amilcar Cabral of Guinea Bissau, Aghostino Neto of Angola,
    Eduardo Mondlane and Samora Machel of Mozambique, Seretse Khama of Botswana, WEB Du Bois and Martin Luther
    king of America, Marcus Garvey of Jamaica, Albert Luthuli and Oliver Thambo of South Africa.

    By their deeds, by the struggles they led, these and many other patriots said to us that neither Carthage nor Africa had
    been destroyed. They conveyed the message that the long interregnum of humiliation was over. It is in their honour that we
    stand here today. It is a tribute to their heroism that, today, we are able to address this august gathering.

    The titanic effort that has brought liberation to South Africa, and ensured the total liberation of Africa, constitutes an act
    of redemption for the black people of the world.

  It is a gift of emancipation also to those who, because they were
white,  imposed on themselves the heavy burden of assuming the mantle of rulers of all humanity. It says to all who will listen and understand that, by ending the apartheid barbarity that was the offspring of European colonisation, Africa has, once more,
contributed to the advance of human civilisation and further
 expanded the frontiers of liberty everywhere.

    We are here today not to thank you, dear brothers and sisters, because such thanks would be misplaced among
    fellow-combatants - we are here to salute and congratulate you for a most magnificent and historical victory over an
    inhuman system whose very name was tyranny, injustice and bigotry.

    When the history of our struggle is written, it will tell a glorious tale of African solidarity, of African's adherence to principles.
    It will tell a moving story of the sacrifices that the peoples of our continent made, to ensure that that intolerable insult to
    human dignity, the apartheid crime against humanity, became a thing of the past. It will speak of the contributions of
    freedom - whose value is as measureless as the gold beneath the soil of our country - the contribution which all of Africa
    made, from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the north, to the confluence of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans in the

    Africa shed her blood and surrendered the lives of her children
 so that all her children could be free. She gave of her limited
    wealth and resources so that all of Africa should be liberated.
She opened heart of hospitality and her head so full of wise
    counsel, so that we should emerge victorious. A million times,
 she put her hand to the plough that has now dug up the
    encrusted burden of oppression accumulated for centuries.

    The total liberation of Africa from foreign and white minority rule has now been achieved. Our colleagues who have served with distinction on the OAU liberation
committee have already carried out the historical task of winding up this institution,
which we shall always remember as a frontline fighter for the emancipation of the
 people of our continent.

    Finally, at this summit meeting in Tunis, we shall remove from our agenda the consideration of the question
of Apartheid South Africa.

    Where South Africa appears on the agenda again, let it be because we
 want to discuss what its contribution shall be to the making of the new
African renaissance. Let it be because we want to discuss what materials
it will supply for the rebuilding of the African city of Carthage.

    One epoch with its historic tasks has come to an end. Surely, another
 must commence with its own challenges. Africa cries out for a new birth, Carthage awaits the restoration of its glory.

    If freedom was the crown which the fighters of liberation sought to place on the head of mother Africa, let the upliftment
, the happiness, prosperity and comfort of her children be the jewel of the crown.

    There can be no dispute among us that we must bend every effort to rebuild the African economies. You, your excellencies,
    have discussed this matter many times and elaborated the ideas whose implementation would lead us to success.

    The fundamentals of what needs to be done are known to all of us. Not least among these are the need to address the
    reality that Africa continues to be a net exporter of capital and suffers from deteriorating terms of trade. Our capacity to be
    self-reliant, to find the internal resources to generate sustained development, remains very limited.

    Quite correctly, we have also spent time discussing the equally complex questions that bear on the nature and quality of
    governance. These, too, are central to our capacity to produce the better life which our people demand and deserve. In this
    regard, we surely must face the matter squarely that where there is something wrong in the manner in which we govern
    ourselves, it must be said that the fault is not in our starts, but in ourselves that we are ill-governed.

    Tribute is due to the great thinkers of our continent who have been and are trying to move all of us to understand the
    intimate inter-connection between the great issues of our day of peace, stability, democracy, human rights, co-operation
    and development.

    Even as we speak, Rwanda stands out as a stern and severe rebuke to all of us for having failed to address these
    interrelated matters. As a result of that, a terrible slaughter of the innocent is taking place in front of our very eyes.

    Thus do we give reason to the peoples of the world to say of Africa that she will never know stability and peace, that she
    will never experience development and growth, that her children will forever be condemned to poverty and dehumanisation
    and that we shall for ever be knocking on somebody's door pleading for a slice of bread.

    We know it is a matter of fact that we have it in ourselves as Africans to change all this. We must, in action, assert our will
    to do so. We must, in action, say that there is no obstacle big enough to stop us from bringing about a new African

    We are happy, Mr Chairman, to commit South Africa to the achievement of these goals. We have entered this eminent
    African organisation and rejoined the African community of nations inspired by the desire to join hands with all the countries
    of our continent as equal partners.

    It will never happen again that our country should seek to dominate another through force of arms, economic might or
    subversion. We are determined to remain true to the vision which you held out for South Africa as you joined the offensive to
    destroy the system of apartheid.

    The vision you shared with us was one of a non-racial society, whose very being would assert the ancient African values of
    respect for every person and commitment to the elevation of human dignity, regardless of colour or race.

    What we all aimed for was a South Africa which would succeed in banishing the ethnic and national conflicts which
    continue to plague our continent. What we, together, hoped to see, was a new South Africa freed of conflict among its
    people and the violence that has taken such a heavy toll, freed of the threat of the civil strife that has turned millions of
    people into refugees both inside and outside our countries.

    We all prayed and sacrificed to bring about a South Africa that we could hold out as a true example of the democracy,
    equality and justice for all, which the apartheid system was constructed and intended to deny.

    The vision you shared with us was one in which we would use the resources of our country to create a society in which all
    our people would be emancipated from the scourges of poverty, disease, ignorance and backwardness.

    The objectives we will pursued was the creation of a South Africa that would be a good neighbour and an equal partner with
    all the countries of our continent, one which would use its abilities and potentialities to help advance the common struggle
    to secure Africa's rightful place within the world economic and political system.

    Thus must we build on the common victory of the total emancipation
of Africa to obtain new successes for our continent as a whole.

    Mr Chairman:

    We are ready to contribute what we can to help end the genocide that is taking place in Rwanda and bring
 peace to that troubled sister country.

    We also join the distinguished Heads of State and Government and Leaders of Delegations in urging a speedy
    implementation of the OAU and UN decisions aimed at resolving the question of Western Sahara.

    We extend our best wishes to the leaders and people of Angola in the fervent hope that the process of negotiations
 in which they are engaged will, as a matter of urgency, bring about the permanent and just peace which the people
of that country so richly deserve.

    Equally, we would like to express our deep-felt wish that the necessary measures will be taken by all concerned to
    guarantee the success of the peace processes in Mozambique and Liberia, to end the war in the Sudan and protect
    democracy and stability in Lesotho.

    We also appeal to the world community to respond in a sensitive and generous manner to the famine that threatens the
    peoples of East Africa.

    Mr Chairman, our delegation is also happy to announce that we have had the honour to pay the subscription that the OAU
    has levied for South Africa. In addition, and as a token of the commitment of the people of our country to support Africa's
    peace efforts, we are glad to inform the Assembly that we have also made an additional contribution of R1 million to the
    OAU fund for peace.

    We congratulate you, Mr Chairman, on you election as the current chairman of the OAU and thank you, your government
    and people for the extraordinary welcome you have extended to us. We are indeed glad to be here because Tunisia was
    among the first countries on our continent to respond to our appeal for help, when we were obliged to take up arms to fight
    for our liberation.

    We thank our brother, President Hosni Mubarak, for the outstanding work he did during his chairpersonship, including the
    direction of the efforts of the OAU as it helped us to deal with political violence in our country and ensure the holding of free
    and fair elections.

    We salute too, our Secretary-General, HE Salim Ahmed Salim, the OAU Secretariat, the OAU Head of Mission to South
    Africa, Ambassador Joe Legwaila, the Heads of State and Government and the people of our continent who helped us
    successfully to walk our last mile of the difficult road to freedom.

    To you all, we would like to say that your sacrifices and your efforts have not been in vain. Freedom for Africa is your
    reward. Your actions entitled you to be saluted as the heroes and heroines of our time. On your shoulders rests the
    responsibility to restore to our continent its dignity.

    We are certain that you will prevail over the currents that originate from the past, and ensure that the interregnum of
    humiliation symbolised by, among others, the destruction of Charthage, is indeed consigned to the past, never to return.

    God bless Africa.

    Thank you.

  Probe Ministries Living in the New Dark Ages Lou Whitworth
            Is the Sun Setting On the West?

                 It was 146 B.C.In the waning hours of the day a Roman general, Scipio
                 Africanus, climbed a hill overlooking the north African city of Carthage.
                 For three years he had led his troops in a fierce siege against the city and
                 its 700,000 inhabitants. He had lost legions to their cunning and endurance.
                 With the Carthaginian army reduced to a handful of soldiers huddled inside
                 the temple of their god Eshmun, the city was conquered. And with the enemy
                 defeated, Scipio ordered his men to burn the city.(1)

                 Now, as the final day of his campaign drew to a close, Scipio Africanus
                 stood on a hillside watching Carthage burn. His face, streaked with the
                 sweat and dirt of battle, glowed with the fire of the setting sun and the
                 flames of the city, but no smile of triumph crossed his lips. No gleam of
                 victory shone from his eyes. Instead, as the Greek historian Polybius would
                 later record, the Roman general "burst into tears, and stood long reflecting
                 on the inevitable change which awaits cities, nations, and dynasties, one
                 and all, as it does every one of us men."

                 In the fading light of that dying city, Scipio saw the end of Rome itself. Just
                 as Rome had destroyed others, so it would one day be destroyed. Scipio
                 Africanus, the great conqueror and extender of empires, saw the inexorable
                 truth: no matter how mighty it may be, no nation, no empire, no culture is

                 Thus begins Chuck Colson's book, Against the Night: Living in the New Dark
                 Ages, a sober yet inspirational book on facing the future as involved Christians.
                 He returns to this scene frequently in the book as a reminder of the transitory
                 nature of nations and cultures. The author, chairman of Prison Fellowship and
                 ex-Watergate figure turned Christian evangelist, sets forth a warning for the
                 church and for individual believers.

                 Just as the Roman general Scipio Africanus saw in the flames of the city of
                 Carthage the future fall of Rome and its empire, Colson believes that we are
                 likely witnessing in the crumbling of our society the demise of the American
                 experiment and perhaps even the dissolution of Western civilization.

                 And just as the fall of Rome led into the Dark Ages, the United States and the
                 West are staggering and reeling from powerful destructive forces and trends that
                 may lead us into a New Dark Ages. The imminent slide of the West is not
                 inevitable, but likely unless current, destructive trends are corrected. The
                 step-by-step dismantling of our Judeo-Christian heritage has led us to a slippery
                 slope situation in which destructive tendencies unchecked lead to other
                 unhealthy tendencies. For example, as expectations of common concern for
                 others evaporates, even those who wish to retain that value become more
                 cautious, reserved, and secretive out of self-defense, further unraveling the
                 social fabric. Thus rampant individualism crushes to earth our more generous
                 impulses and promotes more of the same. Other examples could be
                 enumerated, but this illustrates the way one destructive, negative impulse can
                 father a host of others. Soon the social fabric is in tatters, and impossible to
                 mend peaceably. At this point the society is vulnerable both from within and
                 from without.

                 The New Barbarism and Its Roots

                 We face a crisis in Western culture, and it presents the greatest threat to
                 civilization since the barbarians invaded Rome. Today in the West, and
                 particularly in America, a new type of barbarian is present among us. They are
                 not hairy Goths and Vandals, swilling fermented brew and ravishing maidens;
                 they are not Huns and Visigoths storming our borders or scaling our city walls.
                 No, this time the invaders have come from within.

                 We have bred them in our families and trained them in our classrooms. They
                 inhabit our legislatures, our courts, our film studios, and our churches. Most of
                 them are attractive and pleasant; their ideas are persuasive and subtle. Yet these
                 men and women threaten our most cherished institutions and our very character
                 as a people. They are the new barbarians.

                 How did this situation come to pass? The seeds of our possible destruction
                 began in a seemingly harmless way. It began not in sinister conspiracies in dark
                 rooms but in the paneled libraries of philosophers, the study alcoves of the
                 British museums, and the cafés of the world's universities. Powerful movements
                 and turning points are rooted in the realm of ideas.

                 One such turning point occurred when Rene Descartes, looking for the one
                 thing he could not doubt, came up with the statement Cogito ergo sum, "I think,
                 therefore I am." This postulate eventually led to a new premise for philosophical
                 thought: man, rather than God, became the fixed point around which everything
                 else revolved. Human reason became the foundation upon which a structure of
                 knowledge could be built; and doubt became the highest intellectual virtue.

                 Two other men, John Stuart Mill (1806-73) and Jean Jacques Rousseau
                 (1712-78) contributed to this trend of man-based philosophy. Mill created a
                 code of morality based on self-interest. He believed that only individuals and
                 their particular interests were important, and those interests could be determined
                 by whatever maximized their pleasure and minimized their pain. Thus the moral
                 judgments are based on calculating what will multiply pleasure and minimize pain
                 for the greatest number. This philosophy is called utilitarianism, one form of
                 extreme individualism.

                 Another form of individualism was expressed by Rousseau who argued that the
                 problems of the world were not caused by human nature but by civilization. If
                 humanity could only be free, he believed, our natural virtues would be cultivated
                 by nature. Human passions superseded the dictates of reason or God's
                 commands. This philosophy could be called experimental individualism.

                 Mill and Rousseau were very different. Mill championed reason, success, and
             material gain; and Rousseau passion, experiences, and feelings. Yet their
             philosophies have self as a common denominator, and they have now melded
              together into radical individualism, the dominant philosophy of the new

 According to sociologist Robert Bellah, pervasive individualism is
destroying the subtle ties that bind people together. This, in turn, is
threatening the very stability of our social order as it strips away any
 sense of individual responsibility for the common good. When people
care only for themselves, they are not easily motivated to care about
their neighbors, community life devolves into the survival of the fittest,
and the weak become prey for the strong.

The Darkness Increases and the New Barbarians Grow Stronger

"That phrase reaks with the smugness of the ages as in Barbarians
Grow Stronger as if we we the civilised didnt steal every thing from  them..."
 Are you un hypnotized
"Here is a more curious case:
white cats, if they have blue
 eyes, are almost always deaf."  

FYI Advances in Organic Semiconductors, Organic Metals,
 and Conductive Polymers "Nice to have a reasonable
explanation of the blonde blue-eyed inability to listen."

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/2944922.stm  'Black Afrikaner' story to become film
[The notion that any behavior is "DARK" is clearly the impotent Low Birth Rate "White" construct, deflecting the responsibility to the other rather than taking responsibility for there action's mostly that of omission & obfuscations. Thus our society is basically so race based it will never be free of this "Black White" Dichotomy until "Whites"& Blacks" both realize they have constructed a False History by "Whites" erasing the "Black" history and then claming it as there own. IE: Whites clamed to be Egyptian (depicting the boy king Tutankhamen as European) a notion as ridiculous as
the Indo Arian clam yet it persist as the big lie.

Rebellion is an art best defended by its final assimilation of & by the tyrants that cause it resulting in an integration of  almost all aspects of  "the other " into "main" stream behavior. For Americans this was a long term process begun at
the end of World War 2 and culminating in almost total absorption of the "Black Culture" with its origins in the
schematics of behavior projected by "Whites" onto the "Blacks and Poor.

An ever descending spiral of "less than white" manifestations in almost every social category with the exception
of the "public Image" Whites have not &  can't relinquish the total control of the Beauty Queans & TV Que !  Or the central concept of  what is Good or exultant otherwise in there words they will cease to exist.

This now includes Cloning attempts to produce a Super Man or superior White (Arian?) just like Adolph Hitler
wanted to only now its driven as it should be by individual choice and ability to pay so the Chinese will still win
The rule of  the So called "white" man is over ... Try joining the HUMAN RACE.

 In the face of the Multitude of physically superior "Black Americans" can it be far behind the sudden discovery of superior intellectual "Black" achievers finding support in the paranoiac dominating society determined to destroy
them at all costs , yet some how finding a way to exploit even that as was done in the 60's with a proliferation of
"Big arts by "Blacks" as so called Jazz Rebels the proto type of today's "Cool "...

Indifferent to  the Italian Renaissance computation of the totality of public image via controlling the notion of god
by portraying them selves in the first advertisements. Imperialism personified as Godhead and overlord where
all esthetics are filtered via that lenses that withers all it circumscribes.

Devaluing it for a false notion of what is so called Classical Esthetics forging a fraudulent vision that corrupts the
souls of all of it's supposed subjects.
 No one will dispute the historical fact that the war making general from Africa, from the state of Carthage  that
 fought the Empire of Rome  for over 15 years and was ultimately defeated  was an African an intelligent foe of
the Roman conquest of the known world. Why then are any of the depictions of him only as if he were White
a non African a Roman in mediations and busts of  the General Hannibal as a portrait by persons that may have
actually seen him what is the purpose of such an extreme  distortion of his features and Identifying traits
of his Afro-genesis ask why the roman kings also generated a series of such lies as to the specifics of the race
of Christ in their temples such as the Syteen Chapel and the Vatican City is this obfuscation harmfully and
intentional You betcha! Interdiction & dispensation of souls sold to Spain & Portugal to validate the Slave
 trade in Africa in fact provides proof of the lack of holiness in the roman empire and so-called classic beauty
is nothing more than an advertising trick a form of mantra and hypnosis snap out of it all are beautiful and
if not beauty is as beauty does esthetics is ethics...

That is precisely the nature of cultural Genocide practiced from that time to now nothing African can be
shown as High and Strong and Smart and superior and all high things must be whitewashed and naturalizes
in front of the public much like the Vikings would dethrone a defeated king by whacking out his heart and
lungs in one fell swipe of a sharp blade and with bear hands rip out the still beating heart and lungs to be
displayed on the bare earth before the eyes of thus slain former monarch as if this were not enough the wife
and kiddies would be part of the raping and plundering most often this to was part of the defeating army's way
 of saying to all this will be an end of the line for any and all who clamed this land.

Now that is a real Booty Call Ms Anne the Fannie Coulter the Vikings called it "The Blood Eagle" we called them Barbaric they would call us lunch they were real Cannibalistic. So when you speak of Classical culture remember
that all of the peoples on this earth have at one time ruled it with an iron fist and had slaves and human sacrifices
and made some good contributions to human race while doing it we are all part of  so start sharing quit being
so stingy you aren't all that smart or good or kool that you don't need  allies...
What THEY are counting on is the fact that YOU  were borne yesterday...]

                 Today the prevailing attitude is one of relativism, i.e., the belief that there is no
                 morally binding objective source of authority or truth above the individual. The
                 fact that this view tosses aside 2,500 years of accumulated moral wisdom in the
                 West, a rationally defensible natural law, and the moral law revealed by God in
                 the Judeo-Christian Scriptures seems to bother very few.

                 Relativism and individualism need each other to survive. Rampant individualism
                 promotes a competitive society in which conflicting claims rather than consensus
                 is the norm because everyone is his or her own standard of "right" and "wrong"
                 and of "rights" and "obligations." The marriage of extreme individualism and
                 relativism, however, has produced a new conception of "tolerance."

                 The word tolerance sounds great, but this is really tolerance with a twist; it
                 demands that everyone has a right to express his or her own views as long as
                 those views do not contain any suggestion of absolutes that would compete with
                 the prevailing standard of relativism.

 Usually those who promote tolerance the loudest also
 proclaim that the motives of religious people are suspect
 and that, therefore, their views on any matter must be disqualified.

Strangely, socialists, Nazis, sadomasochists, pedophiles,
 spiritualists, or worshipers of Mother earth would not be

Their right to free expression would be vigorously defended
 by the same cultural elite who are so easily offended when
Christians or other religious people express their views.

                 But this paradoxical intolerance produces an even deeper consequence than
                 silencing an unpopular point of view, for it completely transforms the nature of
                 debate, public discussion, and consensus in society. Without root in some
                 transcendent standard, ethical judgments become merely expressions of feelings
                 or preference. "Murder is wrong" must be translated "I hate murder" or "I prefer
                 that you not murder." Thus, moral claims are reduced to the level of opinion.

                 Opponents grow further and further apart, differing on a level so fundamental
                 that they are unable even to communicate. When moral judgments are based on
                 feelings alone, compromise becomes impossible. Politics can no longer be
                 based on consensus, for consensus presupposes that competing moral claims
                 can be evaluated according to some common standard. Politics is transformed
                 into civil war, further evidence that the barbarians are winning.

                 Proponents of a public square sanitized of moral judgments purport that it
                 assures neutrality among contending moral factions and guarantees certain
                 basic civil rights. This sounds enlightened and eminently fair. In reality, however,
                  it assures victory for one side of the debate and assures defeat of those with a
                 moral structure based on a transcendent standard.

[ Hey what is more moral or better about some people that
claim to be superior or better than any body else, Christian
 or Muslim Buddhist or what ever if you say your better because
 your White or Christian or whatever remember words rimes
with Turds iron crosses swastikas eugenics ethnic cleansing... ED.]

                 Historically, moral restraints deeply ingrained in the public consciousness
                 provided the protective shield for individual rights and liberties. But in today's
                 relativistic environment that shield can be easily penetrated. Whenever some
                 previously unthinkable innovation is both technically possible and desirable to
                 some segment of the population, it can be, and usually will be, adopted. The
                 process is simple. First some practice so offensive it can hardly be discussed is
                 advocated by some expert. Shock gives way to outrage, then to debate, and
                 when what was once a crime becomes a debate, that debate usually ushers the
                 act into common practice. Thus decadence becomes accepted. History has
                 proven it over and over.

  When will you people acknowledge the facts of history and work to roll back the
 privilege that corrupts the good in you (Good is what good does) under the
 sanctimonious veneer of false priority you proclaimed.

 Consider Racism Nazism's and their ongoing power over the world that is the real
 evil behind cloning and abortion as birth control and rampant dope addiction in our
 streets  yet all you talk about is some amorphous too lenient permissive so called
 liberal while turning a blind eye to the agenda that Hitler and his CIA cutout group
 had and its clear that you benefit as Christian whites but be aware Hitler declared
 himself to be god as  and your ill gotten gains will become losses when it suite them.
What you're looking fore is justice in the world but it just doesn't exist.

Turn off your laugh track. self centered you hid behind mediocrity when its in your
 favor and run away from it when you don't like it.

                 Where Do We Go From Here?

                 Questions arise in our minds: How bad is the situation? Is it too late to stop or
                 reverse the downward trend? If it's too late, do we wait, preserve, and endure
                 until the winds of history and God's purpose are at our backs?

                 When a culture is beset by both a loss of public and private values, the overall
                 decline undermines society's primary institutional supports. God has ordained
                 three institutions for the ordering of society: the family for the propagation of life,
                 the state for the preservation of life, and the church for the proclamation of the
                 gospel. These are not just voluntary associations that people can join or not as
                 they see fit; they are organic sources of authority for restraining evil and
                 humanizing society. They, and the closely related institution of education, have
                 all been assaulted and penetrated by the new barbarians. The consequences are

                 The Family

                 The family is under massive assault from many directions, and its devastation is
                 obvious. Yet the family and the church are the only two institutions that can
                 cultivate moral virtue, and of these the family is primary and foremost because
                 "our very nature is acquired within families."(2) Unfortunately when radical
                 individualism enters the family, it disrupts the transmission of manners and
                 morals from one generation to the next. Once this happens it is nearly
                 impossible to catch up later, and the result is generation after generation of rude,
                 lawless, culturally retarded children.

                 The Church

                 The new barbarians have penetrated our churches and tried to turn them into
                 everything except what God intended them to be. Even strong biblical churches
                 have not been immune to their influence. Yet only as the church maintains its
                 distinctiveness from the culture is it able to affect culture. The church dare not
                 look for "success" as portrayed in our culture; instead its watchword must be
                 "faithfulness"; only then will the church be successful. The survival of the
                 Western culture is inextricably linked to the dynamic of reform arising from the
                 independent and pure exercise of religion from the moral impulse. That impulse
                 can only come from our families and from our churches. The church must be
                 free to be the church.

                 The Classroom

                 The classroom has also been invaded by radical individualism
                 and the secular ideas of the new barbarians. We must resist
                 putting our young people under unbridled secularistic teaching,
                especially if it isn't balanced by adequate exposure to Christian
                 principles and a Christian world view.
             To believe that it can do so is to invite tyranny.ED

                 The State/Politics

                 Government has a worthy task to do, i.e., to protect life and to keep the peace,
                 but it cannot develop character.

               To believe that it can do so is to invite tyranny.

                 First, most people's needs and problems are far beyond the reach of
                 government. Second, it is impossible to effect genuine political reform, much
                 less moral reform, solely by legislation. Government, by its very nature, is limited
                 in what it can accomplish. We need to be involved in politics, but we must do
                 so with realistic expectations and without illusions.

                 Our culture is indeed threatened, but the situation
          is not irreversible if we model the family before the
          world and let the church be the church.

[ What church ? The Clergy that allowed the
one social critic minister to be crushed by
 the press and the Co-Intel-pro activities  
of the Government without a word of support
 for him when Bishop said "Considering the
injustice America is heaping apron the country
 of Viet Nam for all intent and purposes God
 is dead!"

 Which Church the god is a white man do what I say
not as I do Strom Thuman the bastard maker racist
asshole Prayer in School hypocrite church.

Or the Arabs and Muslims is worshiping the devil
 only the white god is real...
Israel... Don't get me started....ED]

"My god is not a landloard or a pimp" R@wman
[ Will none of these Casseroles say that "preemptive" wars is Adolph Hitler's policy!ED]
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                 A Flame in the Night

                 This is an important work, one that every Christian would benefit from reading.
                 Though Colson's subject--the ethical, moral, and spiritual decline that many
                 observers forecast for our immediate future--is bleak, the work isn't morose or
                 gloomy. His focus is on opportunities and possibilities before us regardless of
                 what the future holds. In the book's last section, he calls for the church and for
                 individual Christians to be lights in the darkness by cultivating the moral
                 imagination and presenting to the world a compelling vision of the good. He
                 outlines three steps in that process.

                 First, we must reassert a sense of shared destiny as an antidote to radical
                 individualism. We are born, live, and die in the context of communities. Rich,
                 meaningful life is found in communities of worship, self-government, and shared
                 values. We are not ennobled by relentless competition, endless self-promotion,
                 and maximum autonomy, nor are these tendencies ultimately rewarding. On the
                 other hand, commitment, friendship, and civic cooperation are both personally
                 and corporately satisfying.

                 Second, we must adopt a strong, balanced view of the inherent dignity of human
                 life. All the traditional restraints on inhumanity seem to be crumbling at once in
                 our courts, in our laboratories, in our operating rooms, in our legislatures. The
                 very idea of an essential dignity of human life seems a quaint anachronism today.
                 As Christians we must be unequivocally and unapologetically pro- life. We
                 cannot disdain the unborn, the young, the infirm, the handicapped, or the
                 elderly. We cannot concede any ground here.

                 Third, we must recover respect for tradition and history. We must reject the
                 faddish movements of the moment and look to the established lessons from the
                 past. The moral imagination (our power to perceive ethical truth[3]) values
                 reason and recognizes truth. It asserts that the world can be both understood
                 and transformed through the carefully constructed restraints of civilized behavior
                 and institutions. It assumes that to approach the world without consideration of
                 the ideas of earlier times is an act of hubris in essence, claiming the ability to
                 create the world anew, dependent on nothing but our own pitiful intelligence.

                 In contrast to such an attitude, the moral imagination begins with awe,
                 reverence, and appreciation for order within creation. It sees the value of
                 tradition, revelation, family, and community and responds with duty,
                 commitment, and obligation. But the moral imagination is more than rational. It is
                 poetic, stirring long atrophied faculties for nobility, compassion, and virtue.

                 Imagination is expressed through symbols, allegories, fables, and literary
                 illustrations. Winston Churchill revived the moral imagination of the dispirited
                 British people in his speeches when he depicted the threat from Hitler not as just
                 another war, but as a sacrificial, moral campaign against a force so evil that
                 compromise or defeat would bring about a New Dark Ages. British backbones
                 were stiffened and British hearts were ennobled because Churchill was able to
                 unite rational, emotional, and artistic ideas into a common vision.

                 Western civilization and the church are currently engaged in a war of ideas with
                 new barbarians. Whether we have the will to be victorious will depend in large
                 measure on the strength and power of our moral imagination. Charles Colson's
                 book, Against the Night: Living in the New Dark Ages, can give us guidance
                 in this crucial task.

                 © 1996 Probe Ministries


                 1. This essay is in large measure a condensation of several chapters of the
                 author's work; consequently, quotations and paraphrase may exist side by side
                 unmarked. Therefore, for accuracy in quoting, please consult the book: Charles
                 Colson, with Ellen Santilli Vaughn, Against the Night: Living in the New Dark
                 Ages (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Servant, 1989).

                 2. Russell Kirk, The Wise Men Know What Wicked Things Are Written on the
                 Sky (Washington:Regnery Gateway, 1987), 24.

                 3.For fuller discussion see Russell Kirk, Enemies of the Permanent Things:
                 Observations of Abnormity in Literature and Politics (New Rochelle, N.Y.:
                 Arlington House, 1969), 119.

                 For Further Reading

                 Kirk, Russell. The Wise Men Know What Wicked Things Are Written on the
                 Sky. Washington:Regnery Gateway, 1987.

                 Muggeridge, Malcolm. The End of Christendom.

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                 MacIntyre, Alasdair. After Virtue. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame,1981.
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                 affiliated with Christian Information Ministries. He is a graduate of Northeast Louisiana
                 University (B.A., Sociology and English, and M.A., English) and Dallas Theological
                 Seminary (Th.M., Pastoral Theology). Prior to joining Probe, Lou taught English literature
                 and composition at the college level and served with Campus Crusade for Christ in the
                 Military Ministry as well as the Singles Ministry. He is the author of the Probe booklet,
                 Literature Under the Microscope: A Christian Look at Reading.

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