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YearZero Magazine: Protest, culture, arguments, chaos, Noam ...
... am definately delighted that, once again, John ywaninglyboring Pilger ... Though I find
Pilger's tone overly emotive at ... it wrong), I actually enjoyed this article. ... 4500e5b04718f890aa373366243f165f.php -
Still cant find the book...  

911 Censorship In America This Website Was Removed From Google And Every Major Search Engine. Why?
[This may have been true but today the 911 time is at the top at ED]
Comprehensive Minute By Minute Timeline On 911 by Mark Elsis,
Comprehensive list of 65 websites

 The looming Question is "what if they are right...
[It is very important to think when you search, is there another way to say this that can encompass
the subject from it's apposing point of view in this case the website above fairly or unfairly states
 the US government didn't create an accurate time line and they do not display the US governments
 Time Line nor should they IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to think for your self,and challenge any
something for nothing readymade packaged deal with an agenda that you may not actually agree
with  but have swallowed hook line and sinker because of the emotional appeal and the converse
can become the case so be aware of your motives and check the facts as you find  them. Wright
 nothing in stone don't jump to conclusions search share and question every thing. ED]

GS2) us government timeline is accurate 911
Library - Internet Reference Collection - September 11, 2001
... a glossary of terms, a timeline and links ... based group dedicated to providing accurate
and comprehensive ... news sources, including selected US government websites ...
 GS3) 911 us government timeline is accurate
 GS4) 911 us government timeline is not accurate

War news: Sept. 11 News Service, the war on terrorism and Iraq
... The legendary Cold War propaganda outlet for the US government now has a website ... weeks
to 18 months left in the war, say two US academics on ... The 911 Timeline. ...

These guys say they have all of the Answers and Questions

In the case of intelligence agencies and recent events, one can conclude that:
"The maximum of professionalism does not allow for perfectionism."ED


[ "To further circumvent the kowtowing and cowing no show Congrass
 Bush  Rumsfeld  & Chaney want to streamline the Constitution ?" ]

9-11: America?s ?Reichstag Fire?

  9-11: America?s ? Reichstag Fire?

CIA and DoD Attempted To Plant WMDs in Iraq and Failed July 2, 2003  Pentagon Whistleblower Reveals CIA/DoD Fiascos...
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I feel if this is as accurate as it appears the government is totally lying and are more than guilty if mass murder .
                   Expencive useless crap we can't use to protect us, all it can do is kill some unarmed civilians.

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