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Valery Oisteanu <zendadanyc@earthlink.net>

Re: Rent a poet for a revolution
  Manifesto for the Abolition of Bureaucracy

  To be and not to be in failed American democracy
  Watch the surf going up
  While the Navy bombs beaches of Puerto Rico
  Can we survive the environmental conspicuous consumption
  Living next to the nuke dump, next to the oil drilling
  Can you keep any individuality in the age of cloning?
  Can you be yourself in a genetical brain manipulation society
  Let¹s abolish medieval bureaucracy
  Abandon the shabby machines of voting
  The rigged system behind closed doors
  De-vote electoral college
  Delete the elite
  Dissolve two party system
  To be or not to be an American is the question
  Dissent by any means necessary
  Against cultural colonialism
  Art as an instrument of exploitation should be abolished
  All artists should go on strike
  Against the prostitution of the art institutions
  Against art as money laundering machine
  Against the academies, the prizes, the competitions
  And the army of dealers, auctioneers and agents
  Power to the creative
  Power to the poets who are resisting greed, hate and intolerance
  Ride the volcano of revolution into the sea
  Blessed are the shamans, the stray holy-men of jazz
  The underground gurus who are proving
  That the collective subconscious is not a given
  It has to be creat

  So power to the creator.