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Isn't this America the land of the  free and innocent until proven guilty.

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on  the path  to evolution

Sue Coe
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Thursday, April 17th, 2003
UN role
The European Union has apparently called for a central role for the UN in the rebuilding
 of Iraq.

The Statement

The wonderful world of Conspriacy Theory
You have to love the human mind, the way it works and is open to so many possibilities. One of the side-effects of freedom is the platform it allows the fruitcake in our society to spout their paranoid musings on the world. Some of these are interesting with an alternative slant on history. Others are just plain loony. Any additions or suggestions for
a good read plus thoughts are very welcome

this one is x~watcher/nwo.html" this one is x http://www.mt.net/~watcher/nwo.html

this one is x

This one looks like an interesting resource...

Have fun. There are loads more out there! Useful keywords to search for, illuminati, new world order, world government, etc.
[Prescot Bush Nazi history CIA Drug's NWA  LSD CIA ajor General Reinhard Gehlen  (funwithparanoia)

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The New World Order movement is extremely powerful. But if the majority of people
understand its methods & motives it will be forced into greater caution. The Great Plan
may take much longer & when the New World Order is officially declared people will
recognize it for what it is. More importantly people will know that the movement has
deliberately killed billions.
Therefore you can help by WARNING OTHERS.
Tell as many people as possible about this site. http://conspiracy.freewebspace.com/

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on  the path  to evolution

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"A puppet that is a critic not a critic that is a puppet!"