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sign o de beast!

[PART 1]

[last update: July 1996]


                                       by Agent 'Wolverine'

(Pretty inflammatory title, huh? Well, let's just see if there's any evidence whatsoever that something so unbelievable could be
happening here in America. The following information may sound almost unbelievable to some, in fact almost as unbelievable
 as the reports of horrendous genocidal atroci- ties that had made their way out of Nazi Germany during the course of World
War II -- those reports that many in the U.S. Government believed were too incredible to be true, those reports which they finally
 believed... yet only when it was too late to do anything about it. As for the information which follows, I cannot claim full
responsibility for these revelations. The only explanation that I have for the consolidation of this information as it appears in this
database is that it is the result of a supernatural manifestation of synchronicity, wherein I was 'led' to be in the right place at the
right time in my research into the current activities of the 'Nazi' conspiracy in present times. Apparently "Truth" is a vital force
 in and of itself. The Truth can be buried and stomped into the ground where none can see, yet eventually it will, like a seed,
 break through the surface once again far more potent than ever, and nothing can stop it. Truth can be suppressed for a "time",
 yet it cannot be destroyed. I believe that what you will read throughout this database is information which has been
suppressed for years, yet which is now breaking forth like water from a shattered dam, in spite of all attempts to hold it back.
It is information whose time has come. So be it. - Wolverine)


(Quote from Louisiana District Attorney James Garrison... during the trial of Clay Shaw -- accused by Garrison of coordinating
factions of the Mafia, the CIA and the Military-Industrial Establishment in the conspiracy to murder President John F. Kennedy
on Nov. 22, 1963)

As World War II was drawing to a close and General George Patton was making his deadly push into the heart of Europe in
pursuit of Nazi forces who were beginning to realize that their fascist empire was about to crumble -- or so it seemed -- a
counter-measure was put into effect by deep-level agents of the Nazi S.S. This bold and brazen plan was to effect not only an
escape of the inner core of the Nazi S.S. but also to implement an infil- tration of the United States' military-industrial
establishment using Nazi S.S. 5th column agents in America who would be instructed to blend-in with the population and
coordinate their corporate armies in preparation for a future attempt to take control of the American government from within!

So, how were the Nazi's able to infiltrate the heart of American Intelligence without giving themselves away? They would have
to have recieved backing from a very powerful organization already operating within the confines of the American Republic.
The only thing more powerful than the American govern- ment itself, the Nazis discovered, were the multi-billion-dollar
corporate empires which had a considerable influence on the American political sys- tem behind-the-scenes. One of the most
powerful of these financial empires had put Dwight D. Eisenhower into the presidency, as well as one of their own family
members into the Vice Presidency. This financial empire was none other than the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION. This
foundation had a great deal of influence in the media and, in turn, in manipulating public opinion in favor of their own political

According to the well-known International economist Dr. Antony Sutton, the Rockefellers not only helped to finance the Nazi
Empire -- the Rockefellers being long-time members of Bavarian-German secret societies that were determined to rule the
world by establishing a totalitarian 'New World Order' -- but their STANDARD [EXXON] OIL company had literally
provided the 'fuel' for the Nazi War machine's conquest of Europe.

Nelson Rockefeller (who was later manipulated into the Vice Presidency) initially brought 3000 crack Nazi S.S. agents into the
United States and gave them new identities and positions within their corporate empire, or within allied corporate structures,
most of these being part of the so-called Military-Industrial Establishment. This super-secret operation was called PROJECT
PAPERCLIP. Also, several former Nazi scientists from the Peenemunde Aerodynamics Institute which built the 'V-1' and 'V-2'
rockets which reigned terror upon England were placed in positions of influence within these corporate/military establishments
as well.

The UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION [NWO] was initially created by the Bavarian secret orders (or the Bavarian
Empire) and is ultimately being run from Bavaria, Germany -- although they will never admit to this. Former U.N. Secretary
General Kurt Waldheim, an Austrian, has been accused by many of being an undercover Nazi war criminal. He was allegedly
one of several Nazi infiltrators who helped form the 'unofficial' genocidal policies of the UNITED NATIONS
ORGANIZATION. The Genocidal and Population Con- trol plans of the United Nations are not too difficult to document. The
U.N. - N.W.O. (UNITED NATIONS - NEW WORLD ORDER) also plans to foment anarchy and race riots in America in
preparation for the implementation of Executive Orders which will be used to establish martial law and the presence of a
UNITED NATIONS "peace keeping force". They will use the excuse that since "we" have sent "peace keepers" to other
countries, we in America are not exempt from U.N. intervention in a time of internal instability. However, these U.N. 'Blue
Helmets', once they have estab- lished their presence, WILL NEVER LEAVE willingly. Instead they will be used to force
Americans to conform to the fascist Bavarian "New World Order" via its "Trojan horse", which is known today as the

Now before you accuse me of suffering from paranoid delusions, I would CHALLENGE you to read this entire series of files,
and THEN you can accuse me of paranoid schitzophrenia if you wish...

When and if a "U.N. Police Action" is taken against America, the first order of business will be to confiscate all personal
weapons (take away the right to bear arms -- in fact the Gun Control Act of 1968 was lifted in its entirety from the Nazi
Weapons Law of 1938, which was supposed to curb "gang activity" between Nazi and Communist Party thugs); outlaw all
non-sanctioned religious activities (remove freedom of worship -- or initiate an "inquisition" against all religions that are not
approved by the "New World Order"); and confiscate all two-way communications devices such as computers, telephones, fax
machines, etc. (disabling freedom of speech -- of assembly, free expression, etc. You doubt that such Executive Orders for
"Emergency" contingencies are on the books? Then read the concluding files in this series. Better yet, read all the files in order
and you'll get a remarkable overview of what is taking place in this world. Remember, knowledge is power and power is
protection. - Wol.). These three foundational freedoms, as well as the rest of the BILL OF RIGHTS, will be eliminated if these
enemies of freedom and justice have their way. 'Dissenters' will either be shot on site or will be taken to one of the 13 [or more]
CONCENTRATION CAMP centers that have been prepared and ARE NOW operational within the United States. Eleven
of these have been identified as follows:

Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas; Ft. Drum, New York; Ft. Indian Gap, Penn- sylvania; Camp A. P. Hill, Virginia; Oakdale, California;
Eglin Air Force Base, Florida; Vendenberg AFB, California; Ft. Mc Coy, Wisconsin; Ft. Benning, Georgia; Ft. Huachuca,
Arizona; Camp Krome, Florida.

There is much evidence that the Nazi's have also been infiltrating the 'militia' movements through right-wing para-military
factions such as 'The Order'. This may serve several purposes, among them being to discredit the militias, and more
importantly to bring them under Fascist control. A fascist-controlled militia might be swayed into accepting a totalitarian
 government under the cover of anti-Socialist
"Americanism". Actually Nazism IS Fascist-Socialism [National Socialism]
in its worst form, but the Bavarians with their Machievellian / Hegalian philosophy do not want us to be aware of this. They
have intentionally created a chasm between the Republican and Demo- cratic parties through their control of the media.
In the same way they have more-or-less conditioned Americans to vote for either one of two agendas -- two political parties,
 both of which have been infiltrated by National Socialist agents -- even when there are very qualified can- didates within
other parties that have been ignored by the media. Those within the militias or patriot movements who fall for the

 'White America' propaganda have apparently not read-up on the writings
of the founding fathers in regards to the conviction that all men are created
equal. We had to endure a bloody civil war over whether or not we were
 going to maintain this philosophy, or revert to a perpetual slave state.

The threat to America is not one of race, but of ethics. We are not endangered by any particular race, but by a racist
philosophy. America was intended to be a land where the oppressed from EVERY COUNTRY might come and seek
refuge from the tyrannies under which they suf- fered in their own lands. The threat comes instead from those national
 or international socialist governments who are enraged that there would be some place on earth where people would
band together in a republic which would seek to exclude the foreign elite from ruling over the 'lower classes' as their
 absulute overlords. Sadly however, these tyrants have targeted and infiltrated America for the specific purpose of
destroying her Constutution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and all of the founding principles upon
 which they were based. In our references to Germany, Austria and Italy as major threats to America throughout these
files, we do not use these terms in reference to the German, Austrian or Italian races or cultures in themselves. Instead,
 we refer to the ages-old secret organizations and societies which com- pose the remnants and descendants of the inner
 elite of the old Roman [and the so-called 'holy'Roman] Empires which have continued to flourish in direct succession
 from the ancient pagan cults which controlled the inner core of that ancient empire. That ancient empire never really
 died, but still spreads its deadly tentacles throughout the world in search of that which it can devour, control and conquer.
And it is still determined to bring the entire planet under its absolute control, as has been its ageless goal...

Another organization that should be looked into is the German- spawned O.T.O. or ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTUS,
Aliester Crowley's cult which had deep fascist political connections. Also, the German born SKULL & BONES
SOCIETY of which both George Bush and his father Prescott were members. Bush Sr. assisted in the financing
of the Third Reich in collaboration with the Rockefellers, and George Bush himself had stated at one point "Isn't it
about time we forgive the Nazi War Criminals?". Bush's constant reference to a "New World Order" and his former
position as CIA and later MJ-12 director (although the latter position was not a 'public' office) is suggestive.

John Hinkley Jr., the one who tried to assassinate President Reagan when Bush was vice president, had strong ties
with American Nazis as well as to the Bush family. Well, George [Herbert] Bush couldn't have wanted to take control the
presidency by default now could he? It is interesting to note that Sirhan Sirhan, the man who killed Robert Kennedy, was
involved with a circle of 'spy'chiatrists who had deep fascist "Intelligence" agency connections. Sirhan was also a very
susceptible hypnotic subject, which is why many have alleged that he was used as a programmed "Manchurian Candidate"
 type sleeper- assassin by a fascist element within the CIA. The CIA itself is an extremely compartmentalized and factioned
organization, and the NSA and NSC which ultimately supervise the CIA may have wanted it that way, so that it could be more
easily regimented.

Another recent "connection" involved a former employee of the CIA's Wackenhut Security Organization, which has a strong
presence with- in the Nevada Test Site, one of the most sensitive military research centers on the planet. This employee,
Michael Riconosciuto, implied that fascist infiltrators have taken control of certain parts of the Test Site, especially the
underground facilities where mind control, bio- genetic and advanced aerospace research is being carried out. There are
unconfirmed "rumors" that people have been abducted and taken to these facilities for research purposes. Riconosciuto
actually made an attempt to get a helicopter filled with documents and evidence of illegal and unconstitutional activities,
out of the Test Site. The air- craft according to Riconosciuto was shot down and all five personnel on board were killed. Michael
Riconosciuto's father, the late Marshall Riconosciuto, was a blatant supporter of Adolph Hitler, and was a close associate of
Fred L. Crisman -- the man who Louisiana Attorney and JFK assassination investigator James Garrison tied to Clay Shaw.
Garrison had identified Shaw as the CIA - Mafia go-between in the JFK assassination. In fact, when Shaw heard that he had
been ordered to appear at a court hearing supervised by Garrison to examine his potential ties to the assassination, one of the
first persons he called was Fred Crisman. Apparently Clay Shaw was terrified at the prospect of being convicted. Crisman had
connections with the Military-Industrial Complex, the CIA, Organized Crime, and the Operation Paperclip crowd according to
Garrison. If there was anyone who had an over- view of the fascist conspiracy in America, it had to have been Crisman. Clay
Shaw may have been convicted if not for the fact that Garrison's star witness David Ferry had died mysteriously just a few
days before the hearing was to begin (see the movie "J.F.K.")... But let's return to the beginnings of the Nazi fifth-column
 infiltration of the United States intelligence, government and corprate structures.

After the initial 3,000 Nazi's were brought into America, means were implemented to bring in even more of their
numbers. Do you think the Nazi Movement just gave up and died when the Allies liberated Europe? Don't kid
yourself. They merely went UNDERGROUND.

The secret Nazi underground empire is now even more determined
 to destroy America than it ever was, because it was America with it's
"all men are created equal" philosophy which ensured the destruction
 of the Nazi military forces in Europe under the American General George

Under Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen and his 3,000 Nazi S.S. agents, in association with Otto Skorzeny and former
 C.F.R. president Allen Dulles -- who was Nelson Rockefellers cousin, the CIA and the NSA were formed to replace the
Naval Intelligence agencies of World War II. This was imple- mented with the help of the Rockefellers and Nazi sympathizers
 within U.S. Intelligence who were mostly initiates of Bavarian Masonry. Of course the most powerful positions in the CIA
and NSA were given to the Nazi agents themselves. It was quite a feat to create a Nazi Intelligence "fifth column" in
America without us being aware of it.

 It was even more of a feat to carry out a partial fascist coup d'etat of the American
government in 1963 when the Nazi "german-ated" CIA killed president John F.
Kennedy -- along with over 200 material witnesses throughout the ensuing
 years -- in true Nazi fashion. Earlier that year, Kennedy had threatened MJ-12
member Gordon Gray that he was going to "dismember" the CIA unless they
 got out of the international drug trafficking business.

Kennedy had fired Allen Dulles as CIA director because of his deceitful
dealings with other government agencies, since Dulles had worked to
make the CIA not just an intelligence-gathering service but the absolute
controlling-force over all other government Intelligence agencies and
a  "secret government" in and of itself. Dulles apparently had a personal
vendetta against the President.

As for General Reinhard (Richard) Gehlen, this war criminal was formerly the head of Nazi military intelligence on the
Eastern Front, where a lot of the worst atrocities were committed. Gehlen was 'appointed' head of the counter-espionag
service of the new West German state UNDER C.I.A. SUPERVISION.

In 1951, as the democratically-elected president of Guatemala Juan Jose Arevalo left office, he commented sadly,
"Roosevelt lost the war, the real winner was Hitler." Arevalo was essentially pressured out of office by Col. Jacobo Arbenz,
who immediately imposed a National Socialist dicta- torship on Guatemala which included the illegal confiscation of lands
and corporations. During his reign of terror tens of thousands of Guatemalans turned up missing, never to be seen again.
Their fate has been a matter of debate, however there are those who claim that Arbenz was a member of a secretive
'underground' occult order. After his atrocities became too widespread for comfort, the CIA supposedly backed the
overthrow of the Arbenz regime, however they left the country in no better condition when they allowed it to revert back
 to a military police state where demo- cracy was just as dead as it had been under Arbenz.

Now ask yourself, just WHY has the CIA been so interested in over- throwing third-world countries and
 installing puppet dictators? Could it be that they are involved in a long-term program to implement a
global fascist dictatorship?

One of Gen. Gehlen's covert operations included the financing of and diversion of attention to the "Red Menace" while the
Nazis continued to consolidate their control [like termites] into the "woodwork" of the American establishment. The Nazi
cancer can also be likened to a "tapeworm" that has eaten through the "body" of our Constitutional government, devouring
billions of dollars through illegal taxation to support their continued war crimes. Where has all this money gone? Mostly
toward the building of multi-billion-dollar underground New World Order / Nazi-CIA operational "Black Budget" bases or
 bunkers from where they intend to implement their planned take-over of North America. Some of these secret facilities
are reportedly located in, near or directly 'below' the following areas:

*Dougway, Utah [works "in conjunction with" the Groom Lake, NV base] *Dulce, New Mexico [Archuleta Mesa, Mt.
Archuleta NE of town] *Los Alamos, New Mexico [underground research base; works icw Dulce] *Mercury, Nevada
[multi-leveled underground facilities; works icw Groom Lake] *Madigan Military Hospital [50 mi S. of Seattle, WA], via
sub-basements *Deep Springs / Bishop, California [exact location uncertain...] *Montauk Point, Long Island [8-level
underground facility below 'closed' AF base] *Lancaster, California [Military-Industrial Facilities surrounding the city]
*Langley, Virginia [CIA headquarters -- at least 7 levels deep] *Page, Arizona [via hydroelectric dam? Works icw Dulce &
Groom Lake] *Reno, Nevada [exact location of underground facility uncertain...] *Granite Mt. [E. of S.L.C., UT;
underground "Storage Vault" serves as a "cover"] *Ute Mountains, Utah-Colorado [Sleeping Ute Mt., etc. Works icw Dulce
base] *Mt. Lassen, California [exact location of underground facility uncertain...] *Mt. Weather, near Blumont, Virginia
[Underground FEMA headquarters] *I.T.T. Corporate headquarters, New Jersey [underground base access terminal]

There are reportedly over 120 of these full-fledged "ground-scrapers" that have been built with funds gathered from the Nazi
corporate empire, international CIA drug activities [with the assistance of the Bush family's ZAPATA offshore oil platforms
through which drugs were funneled into the U.S., by-passing customs agents], and illegal taxation of Americans. Top
positions of the IRS are reportedly occupied by Nazi agents, and it is said that approximately 5% of the tax income is
skimmed off the top and channeled to various Nazi projects. These N.W.O. ground-scrapers or bases are connected
via subways using nuclear excavation technolo- gies developed by their contacts within Rand and Los Alamos Labs.
At this time, these nuclear-tipped drills are capable of excavating a tunnel at a rate of 5 miles per hour with absolutely
no waste material. This is accom- plished by the nuclear drill which melts and cracks the surrounding rock into a state
of incandescence, and the molten rock is then pressed into the peripheral cracks as the machine passes through,
 where it cools into an extremely tough, glazed casing or lining.

So then, exactly where are the Krauts hiding? Can we name some of the institutions which are actually covers for the Nazi
corporate cons- piracy?

I will divide the following groups into three different 'agendas', you might say, in which the Nazis are involved. First we have
those organizations which are involved in world Corporate-Political control. In other words, those corporations that are using
their financial and political muscle to work toward the establishment of an agenda which Adolph Hitler himself referred to in
the title of his second book, which was called the 'New World Order'. The International corporate terror and extortion rackets
 run by Otto Skorzeny and the German 'Krupp' family would fall into this category (The Krupps built munitions plants for the
Nazis during World War II; financed the secret microwave-mind-control projects of the Brookhaven National Laboratories
 that were carried out within a secret underground facility below Montauk Point, Long Island; and also control a major portion
 of the I.T.T. Corp.). Ab- solute global economic control is intended to be a major factor in the estab- lishment of the 'Fourth Reich',
and these Nazi's reportedly CALL themselves 'THE ORDER' [OF THE FOURTH REICH]. This absolute global economic
control can be seen by the fact that the incorporation's for all of the inter- national economic 'bar codes' must all be registered
through a central pro- cessing center in -- you guessed it -- Germany. Here are some of the alleged Corporate Nazi institutions
or organizations, to name a few:

















Next we have those that are involved in the Global Aryan Master Plan, Racial Genocide, and even Ritual Abuse, Mind
Control, and Human Sacri- fice rings. OK, before you say this is going too far, go and dig up some history on the satanic or
occult links of the Bavarian Illuminati, Bavarian Nazi Party, the Bavarian Thule Society, the Rosicrucian Order of Bavaria, the
Bavarian Vril Society, the Bavarian Skull & Bones Society, and all of the lesser-known but numerous interlinking societies that
are tied-in with the above. Why Bavaria? Simply because during the Roman Occu- pation of Egypt in ancient times, Bavaria
served as the military center of the Roman (and later the so-called 'Holy Roman') Empire, and the deeply occultic Bavarians --
the fierce HUN tribes who had so much pull in the Roman government that they could more-or-less install whoever they
wanted into the Roman Empirium -- had 'adopted' the gnostic-satanism practiced by the early Egyptian sorcerers, and brought
it to Germany and Rome. This included the practice of ritual abuse and sacrifice. The "Holy Roman Empire" [HO.R.E.], which
we can thank for dragging all of Europe down into the Dark Ages, has traditionally encompassed Germany, Austria and Italy --
the "Triple Alliance" which had initiated the first AND second World Wars. Here then are some of the modern-day covers for
this activity (by the way, have you ever wondered what happens to a large majority of America's missing children, the so-called
'Milk Carton Kids'? Also, the reference to the 'American Psychiatric Association' is based on the fact that the APA may have
had some connection with the CIA 'spy'chiatrists and hypnotherapists who had known ties to Sirhan Sirhan before his
assassination of Robert Kennedy; the fact that the original APA mem- bership for some strange reason included over 2,000
German nationals who 'immigrated' to the U.S. following WWII; and the fact that the APA is an organizational member of the
NATIONAL COALITION TO BAN HAND- GUNS -- which is now known today as the C.S.G.V.):


Post 911

Obsessed with the non issue of immigration,which is a smoke screen
for home grown race problems festering beneath the flag waving ,
still the white supremacist bullshit artist talking separate but equal...
Ever been to the Plymoth Plantation in MA.  
You are all desendant from slaves this is not a unifying Americs
issue it will fail you will fail, love will end your feer.

and or

                      By Peter Brimelow
That  was then this is now...

Whites are now claming mix race people once considered Afrogenic are not
"black Black" simply because of the graying and browning and yellowing and
 infertility & birth rate (Abortionas Birth controol etc) of American whites as well
 as the broken promise of cloning to "replenish"?...
Heather Locklear is black...You know like some Puerto Rico and Jamaicans
 and Louisianan's are. Color is not the thing its the Genes dominant and recessive

frontline: merchants of cool: interviews: mark crispin miller | ...
Mark Crispin Miller is a media critic, professor at New York University,
and the author of Boxed In: The Culture of TV. Can you ...
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 Talking about shoot from the lip warhead dumb blonds. ED

"Then she said: "My only regret with Timothy McVeigh
     is he did not  go to the New York Times Building."

      " I told her to be careful."

"You can lead a whore to culture but you cant make her think."
Ann Coulter -
Got a mouth lik a $5. hooker
In the 60's tough minded
women were every where
but now we see only plastic copies, looks like there is only one  left
So Miss Ann you're saying "My only regret  with Timothy McVeigh "  is he did not go to the New York Times Building"

Pottymouth like Adolph

What a pretty mouth...
Like a $5.00 hooker...
She is bashing Ted Kenedy to stay on the Coctail circut and with her new book she might get on the B list...

Infamous for a toung that could
shave a pineapple...Thinks killing
people is funny... and will never
 run for an office... Wheeze!
Where is Phillis Schlafly when you need her? She had dignity she had culture and told it lik she saw it she most of all rooted for life allbeit unborne... Most of all she hat that cool Minny Perl Hat and was in touch with real fealings and was
 not a slick snotty scum sucking gutter bucket bimbo's & media whores who will say any thing for
a buck...
 Steaming heaps of  fresh hate just like Dr. Garbles...
She says Liberals Hate America but that McVeigh blurb
is pure neo Nazi clap trap Mc Veigh was pissed at Wacky Waco and She seems to be in some sort of accord with him. In our opinion he was a convicted TRAITOR and he is probably not in her book as such..
She & her Publisher aparently wouldent know a Trator if he was pounding them in there ass!!  Mc Veigh Killed Americans befor 911not republician Americans or democrat or black or white or pokadot or liberal Americans He was nuts and stupid  and apearintly
not without his fans!  ED

"You're right, after 9/11 I shouldn't say that," she said, spotting a cab and grabbing it.

michael gordon gordonm40@cox.net Thu, 22 Aug 2002 19:23:32 -0700
Ann Coulter -- the liberal Anti-Christ
 So Miss Ann you're saying " My only regret with Timothy
  McVeigh "  is he did not go to the New York Times Building"
22 Aug 2002 19:23:32 -0700

"It's ok to blow up  Oklahoma's GSA building and the World Trade Cinter Building "
& kill kids, there just collateral damage! Just little American children they are your
 enemy because they might what one day have grown up to read that Worthless  
NY Times ?"
God dam right you shouldn't say it and if you think it  I hope you might live to rethink it .
As an American YOU might be free in the USA to say what ever  you want but one day
 that way of devaluing others will catch up with you and Your Kind. You talk like you
 think your Shit doesn't stink. But rememeber words Rhyms withTurds...

   Copyright extremists shouldn't control information    (Townhall.com)
                        Townhall.com is running a column on copyright by  Phillis Schlafly - not
                        somebody we would normally look to as an ally. "The purpose of copyright law
                        is to provide incentives and protection to authors to create and publish original
                        works, not give corporations the power to control the flow of information. We
                        should not permit copyright extremists to exploit current laws for that goal, and
                        we should reject their demands that Congress give them even broader power to
                        control and license information."

Washington Post  Richard Cohen August 15, 2002
Blaming of the Shrew
May I say something about Ann Coulter? She is a half-wit, a termagant,
 a dimwit, a blowhard, a worthless silicone nothing, physically ugly and
could be likened to Eva Braun, who was Hitler's mistress. As it happens,
these are all descriptions or characterizations Coulter uses for others
in her book, "Slander." It ought to be
 called "Mirror."...[MORE]
St Petersburg Times
August 26, 2002
Bestseller trampled under footnotes
Slander, conservative Ann Coulter's bestseller about ''liberal lies'' gets counter-punched by
 the left at the hands of fact-checking critics on the Web.

*Funny,pleasure,jest,playful,toung in cheek,nonsence,good times, ... Free Jokes. Dunway Enterprises Australia.
Suppliers of Direct Mail Order Products.Books - Software - CD's - Reports - Videos - Business Opportunities &

Doctor comes home and finds he has no water so he calls a plumber,
 the plumber walks in and has the water back on in 5 minutes.
The plumber turns around and hands the doctor a bill for $275.00.

The outraged doctor stammers "I'm a Neuro-surgeon, not some
damn dumb plumber, and I don't even make that much for 5 minutes

The plumber smiles and says "Yeah, I know, I didn't make that
much when I was a Neuro-surgeon either"

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Excerpt: Fact-Checking The Blonde Banshee   
   Ann Coulter Is Unmasked

   Eric Alterman is a columnist for the Nation, MSNBC.com and Worth Magazine. His new book, What Liberal Media, is now available.
This excerpt is one of three from Eric Alterman's book, What Liberal Media (Basic Books, 2003).

Click on the links to read Eric Alterman's excerpts about Bernard Goldberg and his book, Bias, and on the intolerance of conservative

I first met Ann Coulter in 1996 when we were both hired to be pundits on the new cable news station, MSNBC. Still just a right-wing
congressional aide, she had been hired without even a hint of journalistic experience, but with a mouth so vicious she made her fellow leggy blonde pundit, Laura Ingraham, look and sound like Mary Tyler Moore in comparison.

   Coulter was eventually fired when she attacked a disabled Vietnam veteran on the air, screaming, "People like you caused us to lose that war." But this was just one of many incidents where she had leaped over the bounds of good taste into the kind of talk that is usually
   reserved for bleachers or bar-fights. In her columns, published in one of the most extreme of all conservative publications, Human Events, she would regularly refer to the president of the United States, Bill Clinton as a "pervert, liar and a felon" and "a flim-flam artist." She termed the First Lady to be "pond scum" and "white trash." The late Pamela Harriman a "whore." Coulter said these things all the while appearing on-air in dresses so revealing they put one in mind of Sharon Stone in the film, Basic Instinct.

   The greater Coulter's fame, the more malevolent grew her hysteria.
 In her 1998 book, High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case against Bill Clinton, she wrote, "In this recurring nightmare of a presidency, we have a national debate about whether he 'did it,'
 even though all sentient people know he did. Otherwise there would be debates only about whether to impeach or assassinate." Such was the wisdom of the alleged "Constitutional scholar" whose work George Will quoted on ABC's The Week. (Will is not very particular about his sources. I counted exactly one work of history in Coulter's copious footnotes. Coulter has also been accused of plagiarism by a former colleague, but denies the charge. )

Shortly after 9/11, Coulter became famous again when she suggested, in a column published by National Review Online, after seeing anti-American demonstrators in Arab nations, that we "invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." Coulter's column was dropped by the magazine, but not because the editors objected to its content. Editor Jonah Goldberg explained, "We ended the relationship because she behaved with a total lack of professionalism, friendship and loyalty." (Coulter had called the editors "girly boys.")
   Coulter remained unbowed. At a meeting of the National Political Action Conference, Coulter advised, "We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed too. Otherwise they will turn out to be outright traitors." She also joked about the proposed murder of Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta.

   In her second book-length primal scream, published in the summer of 2002, Coulter compared Katie Couric of the Today Show to Eva
   Braun. (She would later add Joseph Goebbels after Couric challenged her in an interview.) She termed Christie Todd Whitman, the former governor of New Jersey and the current head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a "dimwit" and a "birdbrain." Sen. Jim Jeffords is a "half-wit." Gloria Steinem is a "termagent" and "deeply ridiculous figure," who "had to sleep" with a rich liberal to fund Ms. Magazine. But the errors are even more egregious than the insults, and her footnotes are, in many significant cases, a sham. The good folks at The American Prospect's web log, "Tapped" went to the trouble of compiling Coulter's errors chapter by chapter. The sheer weight of these, coupled with their audacity, demonstrates the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of a journalistic culture that allows her near a microphone, much less a printing press.

 Coulter's view of the U.S. media can be summed up as follows: "American journalists commit mass murder without facing the ultimate
   penalty, I think they are retarded." In the New York Observer, published in one of the two cities attacked on 9/11, Coulter joked about how wonderful it would have been if Timothy McVeigh had blown up The New York Times building and murdered all of its inhabitants. Apparently nothing -- not even the evocation, serious or not, of the mass murder of journalists -- could turn Coulter's love affair with the so-called liberal media sour.

   For such comments, she is celebrated and rewarded. While promoting Slander, Coulter was booked on Today, Crossfire (as both a guest and guest-host), Hardball, The Big Story with John Gibson, and countless other cable and radio programs. She was lovingly profiled in Newsday, the New York Observer and The New York Times "Sunday Styles" page, while also enjoying a seat at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner as a guest of The Boston Globe. She was even invited on ABC's Good Morning America as an election analyst in November 2002. In The Wall Street Journal -- a newspaper that had actually been destroyed by terrorists, and whose reporter,Daniel Pearl, had been murdered by them --

Melik Kaylan defended her comments in Coulter-like fashion.

 He argued, "We have been programmed to think that
 such impassioned outrage, and outrageousness, are permissible only on the left, from counter-culture comedians or exponents of identity politics.

" He also compared Coulter's alleged "humor" to that of Lenny Bruce, Angela Davis and the Black Panthers.

Too bad, therefore, as Charles Piece pointed out, the conservative media darling has yet to be "arrested and jailed for what she said (Lenny Bruce), prosecuted in federal court (Angela Davis) or shot to ribbons in her bed (the Black Panthers)."

 Eric Alterman has more information on his book available at

Start looking for a better way:State of California project:
VOXNYC: "Alternative Energy"
10/17/2002 Entry: "Alternative Energy"
How Is Bush Going To Protect Us From
Terrorists When He Can't Even Protect
Us From His Oil Company Buddies?
by voxfux
Solar and wind energy production is ready - now - to solve many of
our problems, but this truth is being systematically wiped out by an oil
industry, keeping close tabs on the "alternative" energy models. Turns
out that solar Isn't "Alternative" at all. In fact it's potentially our primary
source. But this fact threatens to imperil the fortunes, privileges and
destiny of our industrial oligarchy... and they are fighting to keep their
hands on power - their fingers wrapped around our necks.

Its time for a paradigm shift - A new Manhattan
 Project. The goal -  Complete energy self
sufficiency in five years. We could do it with
 the money this Bush nitwit will waste pursuing
another desert boondoggle, another oil war.
The Technology is here now for  free clean
energy forever - All it takes is leadership...

But don't expect it from the Bush cabal, soaked in oil and cowering under
the petrochemical industry juggernaut, they can barely think beyond their
usual profiteering and looting of the US treasury to set us on the right track
 towards free and clean energy self  sufficiency. (In fact they make a big
effort to assure that these technologies will not come to light.) ush and his
cabal of treasury looters are jeopardizing generation after generation of
American's lives and safety with their thirst for another stab at some serious
 war profiteering.

Meanwhile in Denmark... In four years time, one third of Denmark's
energy demand will be met by alternative energy sources and especially
wind turbines along their coastline.

Yet right here in America we've got one of the best potential
 sources of alternative energy in the world, a source that would
make any progressive energy policy maker blush with envy -
The blazing sun of the deserts of the American Southwest.
Herein lies the key  to power a nation. But we're being lied to,
on a massive scale. The lie of omission.

The potential of alternative energy to be a cure to many problems that the
US faces is tremendous but we are being kept from realizing it. Bush
types use mock techniques to disinform the people. Try to run a tank on
solar panels, was a noted standard disinformation slogan from the days
thirty years ago when the concept of photovoltaic power generation was
 first popularized.

And our science is now littered  with decoy studies  planted by the Oil
lobby designed to look like legitimate "studies" by independent think tanks.

 Many painting a dismal picture of alternative energies' future. Most such
studies say that it's too expensive or it can't be done. Which for the
Bushes is a truism - for the truly cannot do it - So, soaked in oil and arms
profits, their judgement anbehavior is  beyond redemption. Theirs is the
single most flagrant conflict of interest in the world today and one which
 now threatens the whole world.

As for the Danish - It's no joke, it's a victory! Ask the Danes four years
 from now when they have freed themselves from the shackles of this
dying petrochemical paradigm. They will describe great public benefit by
shifting to the new clean way of energy production - removing themselves
 from this filthy cycle of oil grabs posing as legitimate wars.

How is Bush going to protect us from Islamic terrorists, when he can't
even protect us from the ravages of the big oil company's and their oil
Bush is quite well placed to benefit from our dependency on this dirty oil
paradigm. It causes us to subvert governments abroad (and our values
of decency, at home, in the process). By buttressing brutal non democratic
governments like the Sauds we simply lose any moral high ground and
 invite attacks in retaliation. It is simply not the American way - And it's
totally unnecessary.

The American way would be to build fields of photovoltaic cells in the
deserts of the Southwest - End of problem. Just shift the paradigm -
Build a new ! Energy Heartland !and a new future with clean air and
 no more bullshit oil wars. After factoring the in 500 BILLION DOLLARS
 the US spends annually to enforce the bloody oil paradigm, (military and
 intelligence budget) the price of solar vs oil plummets. But our economists
 have no equations to factor in such details as blood, environmental
devastation, political chaos when defining "real costs" of our dependence
 on fossil fuels. Solar and other forms of energy are ready today - the
 math works.

The state of California is forging ahead with alternative energy and the
Europeans are full speed ahead. But Bush will not even acknowledge,
much less inform us of the possibilities of a future of clean free electricity.
Bush has no investments in a renewable
future, so don't expect any progress -
Just oil and arms - That's it for the

But imagine - Electricity for free. The technology is here. The benefit
to Americans would be immediate and significant.
Wake up Wake those around you upTell ten friends, to tell ten friends.

Start looking for a better way:
VOXNYC: "Alternative Energy"
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