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My stuff...
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My Archives & Art Works This page has work I have sold & working ideas for a class.
BUMBLEBALL   De-mining  & leads to Dronestuff  more about Ideas on  how to  Un-mine the world
TPM The Peoples Museum  lots of work to set it up & follow up
pentagohanareah This page in memory of Flow Kennedy
Big Page FUNWITHPARANOIA This page is the one the with many  chills n 'spills
  Avoid FUNWITHPARANOIA if you dont have the time or speed...

  Mine-sniffing rats
Mine-sniffing rats are the sole focus of Apopo, a Flemish
acronym for "product development geared toward the demining
 of antipersonnel mines." The group is the brainchild of Mr.
 Weetjens' brother Bart; a college friend, Christophe Cox;
and a University of Antwerp professor, Mic Billet, now Apopo's

The three decided in the late 1990's that so-called biosenso
 animals with great noses were the future of land-mine
detection, but that there must be creatures better suited for
the task than dogs.

With a grant from the Belgian government, they began hunting
for an animal with a dog's sense of smell, but none of its
drawbacks. They approached Ron Verhagen, the head of the
university's biology department, for help. "And that," Mr.
Weetjens said, "is where rats came along."

Specifically, along came Cricetomys gambianus, also known
as the Gambian and African giant pouched rat. Up to 30
inches long, it thrives in most of sub-Saharan Africa, lives
up to eight years in captivity and is "savage" in the wild,
Mr. Weetjens says, but so docile when bred that some people
keep them as pets.

Each rat gets to sweep a 10-by-10-meter square of land on
which two defused mines or TNT scents have been hidden.
Finding the mine or scent earns a click and a bite of banana
or peanuts. Failure generally earns a second try. Some rats
try to game the system, scratching the earth randomly in hopes
of getting free treats. But the trainers feed them and sound
a click to signal success only when they scratch the right spots.

Joao Silva for The New York Times
trainer removes a harness
from a Gambian giant pouched
rat after it located a land mine.
Joao Silva for The New York Times
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