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 Fine Arts World Academy // F.A.W.A.

One of the goals of the F.A.W.A. is to make the connection of artists to nature as a part of
themselves. This we feel will introduce the artist to the new millennium. One of the first
lessons they will learn is what makes this era different from previous times is that we are
 not looking out at nature but we are looking at our own nature in nature, as a part of nature.
We hope to go about this in Belize. One of the assets of the F.A.W.A. is approximately 50
acres of land in the Kayo district highlands. The idea is to turn the site into a healing and
creative environment to increase the creative powers of the individual. I have outlined how a
 day's activities would proceed. That said, we F.A.W.A. have been working on a few projects.
 We are currently working on an exhibition of birdhouses, by individual artists, including some
 of the best artists on the east coast. The plan includes an auction, the proceeds 1/3 of which
go to a bird awareness program for youth, 1/3 amount to the artists, and 1/3 amount for production.