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 They say men of power move little, they dont have to.
" It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." Aristotle

     LOOK WHAT I FOUNDANOTHER FYI RE : http://PacSigns.com/
 memoralize your poetry as an enamal sign  or make  a bunch of them up as bumper stickers..
Anti Nuk stuff

  This thing really works!
 So you say you want mind control  I'll give you mind control, 2 names Soupy Sales Chuck Barrass and Lennie Bruce that's  2 because Soupy
 Sales, Chuck Barrass are the same guy even if there not they are you know what I mean  they did exactly the same thing  linking  Child's play
& mindless entertainment just when we needed it  Lenny Bruce was a NGO a loose cannon he was the free lance dreamer who turned media
 mogul on to the nightmare of free will, they wanted  him to teach  to retire  to sell out but the record says he bailed some say it was Rubyitis a
"Bolushi" a hot shot... he was murdered  because he wouldn't or couldn't shut up and  he  pissed off the pope and the mob and the KKK
 because he mocked there tiny worlds with creativity and in as much as these guys are Feudal lord dudes and push very hard  Lenny bailed
 but not before creating 500,000 Lenny clones and a lot of hard core laughter and 3rd eye openings  as in  where ever you go then  that is
 where you are. And outsid chance for the comedy hall of fameis is bill hicks comic clone of lenny bruce http://www.bilderberg.org/tonyhom.htm
R@wman © 2003.
What this is about ?? "As I always say first get there atention then baffel them with bullshit " R@wman © 2003.
 Click the DSO link below to see  what our taxes are going to pay for next. Real EM  WW3 weapons not the
Fun with Paranoia Mind Control fanticy but a real tools package Just what the Dr. ordered Dr. Joseph Mengele
the Nazi, that is & his budds Dr. Joseph Goebbels  & Dr. Fritz Haber, click this cool link & go see  for your self
 why the two Dr. Joe's would Love this...
e  to sell out but th
The Brain Machine Interfaces Program represents a major DSO thrust area that will comprise a multidisciplinary,
 multipronged approach with far reaching  impact. The program will create new technologies for augmenting human
 performance through the ability to noninvasively access codes in the brain in real time and integrate them into
 peripheral device or system operations, Perhaps what every body on the paranoid wavelength
 was Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing about..
 Thanks Chris

    By Richard Boylan Ph.D Copyright © 2003

THE SECRET SHADOW GOVERNMENTA STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS                                       
  By Richard Boylan Ph.Dan
 The secret "shadow" government is the large organisational network which operates alongside the officially elected and appointed government of the United States of America. Just as with the official government, the secret government has functional branches.
 "my god is not a landlord or a pimp" R@wman

 This guy Tony Gosling is from England and he believes in a book that is only 5,000 years old edited by kings to inspire hope while one colonizes the world but this did
 not stop him from listing some stuff he found that is more than worth the time it takes
to review. My copy  is rework in progress the page has not been fixed up with all of the links yet this tedious work is under way.
  I have chosen the best parts in my view and have and will continue to review them
 but it will take some time. so you can go there  via his link  click the pix or use the text Excellent links, informative links to cool and  crazy people

http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm it is like the Mae Brussels Puzzle but with a lot of mumbo jumbo about god who I suppose in his mind is a bearded Englishman...
Go see the current "master file" on General REINHARD GEHLEN the key man in the Master plan "The enemy of My Enemy is my Boss!"
If we want a truly scary view of the world look to the facts that some scientist are uncovering every day  the tectonic plates are moving and cause all kinds of EM
havoc  that fit no myth or guide book because the stuff if beyond our emendate comprehention doesnot make it "From God ?" or aan unseen hand .
I prefer the "crazy mixed up world view scribbled by Mae Brussel it has humility
and humor and leaves open the question of outcome most of the anti NWA & Illuminati warriors have given up  Doing any thing but  reporting and speculating on a history  common
 to us all. Interpellation and action are required..ED


 | Good Links | Bad Links
Links to uplifting webzones
Hey, wonderful things are happening........
Many of the links on this web-page are out-of-date. You can often find the new page simply by searching for the page description with a search engine (not Google). If that fails try the wayback machine at www.archive.org You might just get lucky, but the Google cache is 'mysteriously' blank or half-blank whenever the truth has been taken out.
No insulting cattle-fodder commercials here,
sit back... enjoy the best of virtuality -
This page has plenty of visionary stuff plus
 sites by good people exposing the two-faced
 money grabbers and other elitist types.....

[DISCLAIMER - there are some sites here which I have listed
 as 'good' for the often unique facts they provide - I do not
agree with ANY racist views which might be expressesd
on them - Tony]

On this links page:
All time great links
Most recent additions
Alternative News
Finding your way around the net & free software
Micro radio - Pirate radio
Useful Links pages
General goodlinks - not-so-recent
All time great --- Good Links:
* Get a global view from the http://www.unobserver.com/
* UK/US WMD in detail http://www.eoslifework.co.uk/u232.htm
* Media ownership 1 http://www.mediachannel.org/ownership/
* Media ownership 2 http://www.londonfreelance.org/owners/

* Thirty-one media professionals lost their lives
in 2001 for doing what they were paid to do --
keeping us informed
* Non-patronising help for homeless people
* Wall Street and the rise of Hitler. By Antony C. Sutton


* George Bush Senior - the unauthorised biography -
 a must-read
* Gardening http://www.thrive.org.uk/
* The Guardian's 'Big Brother' surveillance special
* Social Network Diagrams of Elitists

* George Bush Senior - the unauthorised biography -
 a must-read

* Gardening http://www.thrive.org.uk/
* The Guardian's 'Big Brother' surveillance special
* Social Network Diagrams of Elitists
* Excellent research on the UK Labour Party
* Your cyber identity http://www.googlism.com/
* Advertising slogan generator
* Rogue Traders - fraudsters -
* Because newest is not always best
* Find old & censored web pages

* Cartography of Contemporary Control Systems

* Flying Fish - excellent articles by an
anonymous aquatic skydiver

* Internet Rights 1 http://www.fipr.org
* Internet Rights 2 http://www.cyber-rights.org
* Internet Rights 3 http://www.eff.org/
* Internet Rights 4 http://www.acm.org/serving/
* Internet Rights 5 http://www.democraticmedia.org/
* Robust ISP will not take websites down for political reasons

* CIA infiltrating Universities
* Where are you on the political map?
* Top French Investigative Journalism
* Mothers against videogame addiction and violence
* Real U.S. Journalists
* Active resistance to surveillance

* Rock solid info. on CIA Corruption

* Westcountry enviro/social matters
* Microwave mast sanity and action
* Critical of the Establishment
* Money is a lie
* The Blue Green Earth
* Photographer Nick Cobbing

* Free Press? CIA financed according to
 Frances Stonor Saunders' book 'The
Cultural Cold War'

a similar Swiftian STYLE allegory ED

* They Live - dedicated to the film
Here are some cheerful little quotes from the movie ... still it is only a movie.... isn't it ?
 You see them on the street. You watch them on TV.You might even vote for one this fall.You think they're people just like you.You're wrong......Dead wrong.  "We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are nonexistent.They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices ...their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance.They have made us indifferent, to ourselves, to others, we are focused only on our own gain. They are safe as long as they are not discovered ...that is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep, keep us selfish, keep us sedated...they are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor.We are their cattle.We are being bred for slavery."  "They use their tongues to deceive, The venom of snakes is under their lips, Their mouths are full of bitterness and curses, And in their paths nothing but ruin and misery, The fear of God is not before their eyes, They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders,
They have recruited the rich and the powerful, And they have blinded us to the truth,
Our human spirit is corrupted, Why do we worship greed?  Because, outside the limit of our sight,
feeding of us,  Perched on top us from birth to death, Are our owners, our owners, They have us,
They control us,  They are our masters, WAKE UP! They are all about you, all around you."

Disclaimer - All Images and sounds on this site remain the property of the original copyright holder.
* Scallywag Magazine
* Food for the Soul
* Basque separatist media
* What a top web site (it's ours)
* Behind the news - TiM
* Environmentalists fitted up
* Dice George's Stonehenge Campaign etc.
* Photographer Tash Lodge's site
* Subterranea Britannica
* Live Beat Dads UK - family support
* Medical Aid for Palestinians
* How the World Really Works
* The Cancer Conspiracy http://members.shaw.ca/jmoelaert/
* News from a Russian perspective http://english.pravda.ru
* Direct Democracy for Europe  http://www.iri-europe.org
* Squall Mag - for sorted itinerants http://www.squall.co.uk
* Corporate Europe Observatory http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo/
* Correcting the vision of corporate media http://www.medialens.org
* Banner Heather's Teknopunx http://www.teknopunx.co.uk
* Turn your vegetables into fuel http://www.veggiepower.org.uk
* U.S. plc. spies on U.K. plc. http://www.gn.apc.org/cndyorks/mhs/
* Campaign for Press and Broadcast Freedom http://www.cpbf.org.uk
* UK Monetary Reform and Real Economics http://www.ProsperityUK.com
* The Bible supports organic weed http://www.christiansforcannabis.com/
* Please Support the Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu!
* Advisory Service for Squatters http://www.squat.freeserve.co.uk
* Variant Magazine - from Glasgow
* Corporate Watch - anti corporate issues - Oxford
* George Bush (Senior): The Unauthorized Biography http://www.tarpley.net
* Holocaust Now - UK government's genocide of Iraqi people
* Good info on US military and parapolitical technology
* Guide to Britan's Nuclear Trains

* Microwave phones and base stations fry your body

* Campaigns against road-building schemes in the UK
* Cryptome - Dutch site which keeps sensitive info. available
* Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education http://www.fame.org
* Covert Action Quarterly http://www.covertaction.org/ &  http://www.caq.com
* Challenge Magazine - Middle-East news http://www.odaction.org/challenge/
* Cashless Society and Microchip Implant News
* The Architecture of Modern Political Power: Luciferianism/Maitreyanism: A

Kinder, Gentler Reich

"We are in the process of destroying an entire society. It is as simple
and terrifying as that. It is illegal and immoral". -Denis

Halliday, former UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq, October 1998

Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq
Some dead links are in text only - like this http://www.somewhere.net/anywhere/
Most recent goodlinks
US harboured the head of the Gestapo

The funders of the Eugenics movement: Andrew Carnegie,
Edward Henry Harriman, DuPont, Kellogg and John Davison
Rockefeller http://www.eugenics-watch.com/roots/chap12.html

Check out R@wmans ref to Dr. Joseph Mengele
 of Auschwitz and Fritz Hauber.ED.

Controversial Goodlink!
See some of the hate-mail I recieved because of the link below!!
I have been accused of being a fascist.

A figure from the extreme right David Irvine nevertheless exposes a great deal about the Nazi obsession with mind control. Though he, at times, at times appears to talk admirably of the techniques used by Hitlers propaganda minister what he reveals about this most pernicious Nazi - and the links between his techniques and modern Western mind control.
You will need Adobe Acrobat...

David Irving 'Goebbels. Mastermind of the Third Reich' ISBN 1 872197 13 2

"WRITING THIS BIOGRAPHY, I have lived in the evil shadow of  Dr Joseph
 Goebbels for over six years. Four years into the ordeal, I had the immense
good fortune to become the first? and so far only?person to open the
complete microfiche record, made by the Nazis in 1944/1945, of Goebbels?
entire private diaries and papers from 1923 to 1945; the Red Army had
placed these in the secret Soviet state archives in Moscow. There they
languished until the ninety or so original Agfa boxes containing the
1,600 glass plates, on which Goebbels had had the diaries filmed for safety,
were discovered by the Goebbels Diaries expert Dr Elke Fr?hlich in March

From Chapter 38: Knocking out Front Teeth

"As the British expeditionary force fell back in disarray towards the beaches around Dunkirk, Goebbels? black transmitters were softening up the French public and doing all they could to generate amongst the poilus the feeling that they were already done for. He himself wrote many of the scripts for ?Concordia? and ?Humanit??, including a religious service of cunningly pacifist flavour. His purpose was simple: to spread despondency and dismay among the French. This he did by reporting rumours that Paul Reynaud?s regime was fleeing Paris; by urging all French patriots to withdraw their bank savings immediately lest the Nazis confiscated the banks; and by broadcasting meaningless code-phrases to a non-existent French un-derground; Hitler directed him to talk freely about this fictitious ?Fifth Column.? His transmitters gave helpful advice to the French on surviving the cholera epidemic (there was none); and how to hoard scarce food supplies. No true Frenchman, they warned, should trust the perfidious English. He spread rumours of peace talks, then claimed a day later that Britain had torpedoed them. Gutterer and Raskin faked the diary of a British soldier describing his sexual exploits among the wives of Paris. Other stations spread word of appalling atrocities, designed to choke the French roads with panic-stricken refugees. He brought to bear the main transmitters of Radio Cologne, Leipzig, and Stuttgart, to beam these poisonous messages into enemy territory."

Controversial Goodlink! [above]
Britain is and always will be the most accepting and tolerant nation on earth don't let these pathetic politicians spoil it for their self centred gain and power they seek! http://www.silentmajority.co.uk/
The Complete Avengers - No killing women, no blood, no hand guns for Steed, no police:
ATTAC is the Association for the Taxation of financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens. http://attac.org.uk
Ethical Hackers EHAP is a non-profit corporation formed to actively seek out and stop the exploitation of children on the
Internet http://www.ehap.org
Attack on Corporate Identities http://www.nologo.org
Campaigning against the Elites http://www.abjpress.com
Getting Open Source Logic Into Governments
Campaign against Paedophilia http://www.capuk.freeserve.co.uk/index.htm
Committee on monetary reform http://www.comer.org/
AutoBuyology: Survival Tricks To Avoid the Great American Car Deal Wreck http://www.autobuyology.org
Fox TV anti-censorship court case http://www.foxBGHsuit.com/
Teccies you can trust www.techead.co.uk
The Prisoner Appreciation Society http://www.theprisonerappreciationsociety.com/
Both these links are to a fine new book - check it out:

Clough Williams-Ellis built Portmeirion from 1925 to 1975 on his own private peninsula on the
 coast of Snowdonia in Wales. He wanted to show that 'the development of a naturally beautiful
site need not lead to its defilement'. His lifelong concern was with Architecture, Landscape
Design, the protection of Rural Wales and Conservation generally, and he strove at Portmeirion
 to give his ideas physical expression. He fought for Beauty - "that strange necessity".
 Portmeirion is owned by a Registered Charity called The Second Portmeirion Foundation.
All the cottages in the village are let as part of the Portmeirion Hotel and the village also has
 several shops and restaurants and is surrounded by the Gwyllt sub-tropical gardens and
 woodlands and miles of sandy beaches.http://www.portmeirion-village.com/main.english.htm
The powerful influence of Video News Releases http://users.actweb.net/~eye/corporate_news.htm
Nazi Unranium used to bomb Japan http://www.u234.net/
The Primary Objective of Project Censored is to explore and publicize the extent of censorship in our society
Presswise Trust - helping victims of the UK press

Anonymous pilot's chat zone - The Professional Pilots Rumour
 Network (PPRuNe) is a website dedicated to professional pilots
 and those who are considering a career as a pilot.

Microflies - Mechanical insects ready to spy on you!

UK Indymedia centre

SPUC was launched in 1967 to campaign against the Abortion Act.
 As the first "right to life" lobbying and educational organisation
established anywhere in the world, the Society defends the human
 rights of the child in the womb. We also campaign against other
threats to the right to live: especially euthanasia and human embryo
 experimentation. We promote.the welfare of unborn children and
 expectant mothers, and we challenge the promotion of abortion
as a means of population control - especially in China and the
developing world. http://www.spuc.org.uk/

Paris May 1968 graffiti http://www.slip.net/~knabb/CF/graffiti.htm
Talk on Holocaust Revisionism http://www2.prestel.co.uk/littleton/w2holrev.htm
Top 100 messianic Jewish websites http://www.messianic.com/top/
Masonic symbolism - some good reference info http://mercury.spaceports.com/~persewen/logos_index.htm
Why global government is wrong http://web.inter.nl.net/users/Paul.Treanor/worldgov.html
Namebase - check out connections of 'top' people! http://www.namebase.org/
Why Waco - documentation & commentary on Waco fiasco http://home.maine.rr.com/waco/ww.html
Nerve Gas primer - organophosphate=nerve gas=pesticide, we are being poisoned!
Stop the RIP Bill http://www.stand.org.uk/

Some sensible stuff on the Illuminati http://members.tripod.com/~RobertGillette/Illuminati.html
Electronic Frontier Foundation web freedom http://www.eff.org/
RIP Bill - Gestapo Bill http://www.stand.org.uk/
Get your teeth into these UK Green Activism pages http://verdant.cjb.net/
Anti-Terrorism bill - Find out if you are a terrorist http://www.new-labour.com/
Conrado, interesting personal site http://www.conrado.net/
Archive to lots of conspiratorial government corruption
Anti-Illuminati page from Sweden http://www7.tripnet.se/~esa/home/
Same site - English Index http://www7.tripnet.se/~esa/home/eng/sections/contents.html
Good Geezers anti scientology page http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/
Useful on all privacy/Intelligence stuff http://www.securitysearch.net/
Who's who in renewable energy
Pesticides Action Network http://www.pan-uk.org/
Truthseekers Magazine, from Devizes, Wiltshire
All Conspiracy, No Theory http://www.steamshovelpress.com

Jello Biafra's site

The RIP Bill - Greennet's reply to the Gestapo Bill

A cloud of dust on the horizon doesn't have to mean the
 Indians are attacking. But woe betide the watchman who
 waits until arrows whistle overhead before alerting the
 sleeping camp... http://www.poroti.freeservers.com

Sources of more balanced
News and Information

NEWS http://www.alternet.org
NEWS http://www.centrexnews.com
NEWS http://www.link.no/IPS/eng/last.html
NEWSLINKS http://www.truthinmedia.org/news.html
MP3 based site http://www.radio4all.net/
Not all that alternative but not bad http://www.newsmax.com/uk/
Pre second coming news of relevance http://www.messianic.com/
Netizens for spin-free news http://www.centrexnews.com/
The conformist news wire http://www.konformist.com/
The Propaganda Index http://users.actweb.net/~eye/propaganda.html
Renegade news list http://fornits.com/renegade/
Project censored email list http://www.projectcensored.org/list.htm
UK Indymedia centre

Freezerbox is dedicated to the belief that an active, informed
citizenry is crucial to the stabilization of spaceship Earth,
which right now--judging from the state of the environment
 and extreme global inequality--is not on a sustainable, just
path. Not even close. http://www.freezerbox.com/

We Hold These Truths - erosion of freedom exposed day-to-day

Slightly Alternative - not very

Earth Changes news http://www.earthchangestv.com/breaking/
Action for solidarity UK news http://www.actionforsolidarity.org.uk/
European News - very good http://www.einmedia.com/briefs
New Internationalist - Brilliant Mag. http://www.oneworld.org/ni/
Scallywag Magazine http://www.scallywag.org/
Scandals In Justice magazine http://www.scandals.org
High traffic but good intl news list STOPNATO-subscribe@listbot.com
The Global Arms network and alternative news about it http://www.indg.org/do.htm
Reachout Trust - anti-Cult http://www.reachouttrust.org/regulars/news/headlines.htm
Future events http://www.hubcom.com/fens/
Amazing Christian News Service http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/headline.html
World Net Daily http://www.worldnetdaily.com/
Squall - Alt. news now downloadable in acrobat format! http://www.squall.co.uk/
The global best alternative news http://www.ips.org/
Sightings - consistant http://www.sightings.com/
Leftlinks includes plenty of news pages http://leftlinks.tripod.com/index.html
Alternative news from the US - good site - http://www.motherjones.com
INFOWARS http://www.infowars.com/

Consortiumnews.com was founded in 1995 as a home for investigative
 journalism. We have produced more than 200 original stories on topics
ranging from national security to the environment, from politics to foreign affairs
Kennedy Assassination News http://www.webcom.com/ctka/pr-main.html
New Dawn - http://www.newdawnmagazine.com
Nexus - http://www.nexusmagazine.com
Exposure - http://www.exposuremagazine.com
Urban 75 good UK based street info. http://www.urban75.com/Action/news.html
Alternative Kosovo news http://members.xoom.com/_XOOM/jurcevic_z/
Stop NATO aggression on Yugoslavia campaign - copy their imagelink to your site
Yugoslav info service http://www.yu/
More alternative war reporting http://www.cs.msu.su/war.html
Independent journalism on Kosovo http://www.b92.net
War analysis from Z magazine http://www.lbbs.org/Zmag/kosovo.htm
The real reason for the war? - sealing the resources of the region
Pictures of Adolf Clinton http://members.xoom.com/adolfclinton/
Stop NATO aggression on Yugoslavia campaign - copy their imagelink to your site
The NATO charter, which they have now broken by attacking Kosovo and Serbia
The real news - Free Press International http://www.realtime.net/~dream/wfp.html

a-infos - Not so highly reccommended since Illan Shalif
has started refusing to distribute my info!

Association of Alternative News Weeklies http://aan.org/\

Third Position News- some interesting views - but beware the bigotry

Alternative Radio http://www.freespeech.org/alternativeradio/
Arm The Spirit http://burn.ucsd.edu/~ats/
To find any newsgroup posting in any category http://www.dejanews.com/
LIP Magazine Archive http://www.NETural.com/lip/filehome.html
Finding your way around
 the net & free software
Search engines Useful stuff for budding webslaves
Get going with EMAIL Internet learning zones Open
source software - breaking Microsoft and opening
up the virtual commons Free Software Alternative
 Browsers Useful links pages

Search Engines:
Can you trust search engines? These are the so-called
 indexes of the world wide web - but corporates and other
money rich information peddlars pay to have their sites
sent up the index - altavista has recently started doing this
 for instance so have a good trawl for new search engines
 every couple of months -IE. there is no way you can entirely
 trust a search engine to be idealogically unbiased when it
may be owned and run by a profit hungry corporation.
My page http://www.bilderberg.org/changes.htm appears
way down the altavista listings even when a search is done
 on the title phrases and metatag phrases. Don't trust all
search engines.
A good tip is to constantly hunt round for and use new
search engines. Regularly try a narrow search for an
obscure/controversial subject on several different search
 engines - you'll be able to experience for yourself how
partial search engines like Yahoo are by doing this.

http://www.shria.com - Shria Serach Engines
http://www.find-information.net - Find Information Network
http://www.phree.com - Free Stuff
http://www.searchtext.info - Search Text Information
All The Web http://www.alltheweb.com
Search engine news http://www.searchenginewatch.com/
List of search engines
Lots and lots of search engines to choose from!
Altavista http://www.altavista.com

Meta search engines (which send queries
 to several search engines) are better
because the page you want may not be
 registered with whatever individual
search engine you choose. All the
 following are meta-search engines:

Cyber 411 http://www.cyber411.com/
Profusion http://www.profusion.com/
Ask Jeeves search engine http://www.askjeeves.com/
Dogpile http://www.dogpile.com/
All4one http://www.all4one.com/
Debriefing http://www.debriefing.com/
Highway 61 http://www.highway61.com/
Husky Search http://huskysearch.cs.washington.edu/
Inference Find http://www.infind.com/
Mama http://www.mamma.com//
Metasearch http://metasearch.com/
Savvy search http://www.savvysearch.com/search
Search.com http://search.cnet.com/
Starting Point http://www.stpt.com/
Verio http://search.verio.net/
Disinformation search - not a metasearch - anyway, can you trust it? http://www.disinfo.com/
Useful stuff for budding webslaves
Free webspace
Free webspace http://www2.50megs.com/
Free web pages: http://www.portland.co.uk
Free webspace http://www2.fortunecity.com/
Free email and webspace http://www.tripod.com/tripod/
More free webspace http://www.freeservers.com/
20 Megs free webspace http://www.fortunecity.com/join/index.html
Free 15 Mb web hosting without ads http://www.free.prohosting.com/
Free web pages http://www.angelfire.com
Free space for worthy causes http://www.havenco.com/about_havenco/ngo.html
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (11 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].Search and other useful services
Freenet - safe information storage http://freenet.sourceforge.net/
Somewhere safe for your data?? http://www.havenco.com
Check out Domain names & IP addresses
Very cheap UK internet access http://www.redhotant.com/
Free Email lists and archive http://www.topica.com/
Free email lists http://www.listbot.com/
Lovely Linux - virtual commons http://www.linux.org/
Get Linux at Redhat http://www.redhat.com/
Find out who controls each domain name http://www.networksolutions.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois/
Greennet support http://www.gn.apc.org/support/web/members/
Anonymity from XS4ALL for free http://www.xs4all.nl/uk/freedom/index.html
Help from greennet http://www.gn.apc.org/design/training/links.html
Search engine news http://www.searchenginewatch.com/
Register domain names http://www.register.com/
How good is your site http://websitegarage.netscape.com/news/
Win 3.xx software http://win3x.tucows.com/index.html
Archive your maillist messages for free: http://www.mail-archive.com/
A powerful organisation that seems to control top level domain names http://www.icann.org
Controling access to the web http://www.cybersitter.com/
Test to see if your site is filtered by the cybersitter types http://www1.surfwatch.com/testasite/
Linux is secure say GCHQ
email lists for free http://www.listbot.com/
Networking tutorial http://marsbard.com/stuff/pixie.txt
The web changes. Spyonit.com tells you. Wherever you are http://www.spyonit.com/Home
Find out who controls each domain name http://www.networksolutions.com/cgi-bin/whois/whois/
Register a .int domain name http://www.iana.org/int.html
If 'link rot' is killing your site - sort it for free http://www.SEVENtwentyfour.com/
Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain http://www.liberty.org.uk/cacib/
Top level domains: .com, .net, .org etc. http://www.networksolutions.com/
UK domain names: .org.uk and .co.uk http://www.internetters.co.uk/
Anfy - amazing graphics software - http://www.anfyteam.com/indexen.html
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Domain Name Registration http://rs.internic.net/faq/new-reg.html
Net mechanic - optimises your site - more free stuff than the site below http://www.netmechanic.com/
Website Garage - make your site load more quickly etc. general website diagnostics and advice
Join Geocities - free homepages http://www.geocities.com/join/freehp.html
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Internet learning zones
Background - LINX - the London Internet Exchange http://www.linx.net/
Learn how to use the internet - e-mail etc. http://www.learnthenet.com/english/index.html
Internet introduction - netiquette http://www.fau.edu/rinaldi/net/index.htm
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (13 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].Back Orifice - a privacy invading programme http://www.nwi.net/~pchelp/bo/bo.html
Open Source software vs. Microsoft
Why is open source software a good idea? http://www.opensource.org/halloween1.html
Followup stuff on the battle between the virtual monopolists and the virtual commoners
Free Software
Shareware searchable index http://www.shareware.com/
Loads of internet software - download links http://www.thai.net/highway/download.htm
Pkzip software download http://www.dcity.org/8051/software.htm
International PGP Homepage for encrypting email http://www.pgpi.com
Download Povray brilliant software - The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality, totally free tool for creating
stunning three-dimensional graphics http://www.povray.org/
Some old arcade games rehashed for the PC - shareware http://www.champgames.com/
Good site for downloading Zip software http://www.monterey.edu/netcom/Jump-Start/winzip.html
Internet Relay Chat Software http://www.tucows.com
Alternative Browsers
Ghostzilla, the camouflage Browser http://www.ghostzilla.com
Whole list of different web browsers (not internet explorer or netscape) to download
Details of the Lynx Browser http://www.crl.com/%7Esubir/lynx/release.html
The Opera internet browser page http://www.promo.net/opera/index.html
Netcom Browser http://www.netcom.com/software/index.html
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Mark's Links http://www.nucleus.com/~markv/hotlinks.html
Good intelligent LINKS page  http://ihg0.herts.ac.uk/ (updated from previous site)
A random person's quality links page, well, Ians actually http://www.zenatode.org.uk/ian/
World Index Of Green Organisations http://utopia.knoware.nl/users/oterhaar/greens/intlhome.htm
General Anarchist international links page http://flag.blackened.net/revolt/inter.html
Internet activism links http://www.halcyon.com/blackbox/hw/netactivism.html
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (14 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].List of Interactive Games on the Web http://www.leftfoot.com/games.html
Freedom of speech - Access to the media -Micro/
Pirate radio
Alternative Radio - Tapes of how free radio might sound - possibly the best interview collection there is?
San Francisco Liberation Radio http://www.slip.net/~dove/links.html
Free radio Berkley - one of the best http://www.freeradio.org/
Radio Mutiny http://www.thud.org/mutiny.htm
Pirate radio for all http://www.radio4all.org/
FAIR - What's wrong with the news? http://www.fair.org/media-woes/media-woes.html
General Goodlinks, not so recently added
Anti-Citibank http://www.citi-critic.de/aufruf_english.html
PACT http://www.pact.co.uk
Jam Up Echelon Day http://proxys4all.cgi.net/echelon/
Silent Majority site http://www.silentmajority.co.uk/
New Internationalist - Brilliant Mag. http://www.oneworld.org/ni/
Martian's Mail Archive http://www.mail-archive.com/frendz@marsbard.com/
Scallywag Magazine http://www.scallywag.org/
Scandals In Justice magazine http://www.scandals.org
Anti-Scientology - The Fishman Affadavit and links http://www.df.lth.se/~triad/Fishman.html
Fishman Affadavit itsself - Are scientologists told to murder people?
The History of Money - Interesting Website Interesting Family http://www.ex.ac.uk/~RDavies/arian/llyfr.html
Political scandals - an excellent reference guide http://www.ex.ac.uk/~RDavies/arian/scandals/political.html
The Media Channel http://www.mediachannel.org/
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (15 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].RAF pilots have their say anonymously - rebels in the RAF!
Adrian Arbib's pics http://www.arbib.org/
Spot the government agent! Some good research on how the spooks operate
Simon Jones campaign http://www.simonjones.org.uk/
Weekly Updates For Christians On The New World Order http://www.cuttingedge.org/news/headline.html
Export Credit Agencies Watch http://www.eca-watch.org/
Rebel US Police and Army pissed off with the enemy within http://www.posse-comitatus.org/
Echelon Watch - Echelon is perhaps the most powerful intelligence gathering organization in the world. Reports suggest
that this network is being used to spy on private citizens everywhere, including on the Internet. This site is designed to
encourage public discussion of this potential threat to civil, liberties, and to urge the ,governments of the world to protect
our rights. http://www.aclu.org/echelonwatch/index.html
List of World Intelligence agencies with links http://www.fas.org/irp/world/index.html
Links to resources on UK intelligence agencies http://www.fas.org/irp/world/uk/index.html
Freemasons and Illuminati originators of wars - Catholic Site http://www.webcom.com/enddays/masonry1.html
Secrets of the Illuminati http://hometown.aol.com/NCSCIA/Illuminati.index.html
Channel 4 Producers' Guide http://www.channel4.com/producers/
Bugging of the IRA http://www.independent.ie/1999/342/d10a.shtml
Bugging of the IRA http://www.irishnews.com/k_archive/280498/nnews4.html
Bugging of the IRA http://www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,3939956,00.html
Bugging of the IRA
Bugging of the IRA
Phone tapping of Mobiles and allowing that evidence in criminal cases
Worthing eco action http://www.worthing.eco-action.org/
Comedian Chris Morris totally weird and wonderful site - what British culture would be like if the BBC hadn't destroyed
it http://www.koekie.org.uk/funnel/
The Truth Campaign http://www.vegan.swinternet.co.uk/truthcampaign.html
David Irvine's Campaign for truth in History - his arguments are highly suspect and were proved wrong in court but
nevertheless a fascinating libel case raising questions about the control of history http://www.fpp.co.uk/online.html
The wonderful world of reviving old 386's http://hjem.cybercity.no/~npw37414/default.htm
Corporate Europe Observatory's Global Compact http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo/untnc/intro.html
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (16 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].April 30th 2000 Direct Action http://www.drink.to/dissent
The Global Arms network and alternative news about it http://www.indg.org/do.htm
The Taboo - Forbidden Knowledge http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/
Look at how much they know about you!! - excellent internet privacy campaign http://privacy.net/
Have a good Levellers Day out in the Oxfordshire Countryside http://www.levellers.org.uk/
Squall - Alt. news now downloadable in acrobat format! http://www.squall.co.uk/
Mediachannel - featuring Alternative News Search http://www.mediachannel.org/
Where'dya want to fly to cheap and when? http://www.easyjet.com/brains/tf-core.plx
Become a freelance writer and link up with the NUJ http://www.gn.apc.org/media/linkup.html
Splice - The Genetics Forum http://www.geneticsforum.org.uk/latest.htm
Sustainable Economics Magazine http://www.sus-tec.freeserve.co.uk
Campaign for planning sanity http://www.onlincam.freeserve.co.uk/
Play GCHQ's little game http://www.gchq.gov.uk/challenge.html
No Gold in Fort Knox http://www.fgmr.com/right2know.htm
What's happening to the world's gold supplies? http://www.fgmr.com/
Facts on fissile material http://www.ieer.org/fctsheet/index.html
European Federation of Green Parties NEW SITE http://www2.europeangreens.org/europeangreens/
Nuclear Free News http://www.nuclear-free.com/english/frames7.htm
Right Livelihood Awards - The Alternative Nobel Prize http://www.rightlivelihood.se/
Genetic Engineering Network http://www.geneticsaction.org.uk/
Gulf War Veterans of the USA http://www.gulfwarvets.com/
Mid Atlantic Anarcho Infoshop http://www.infoshop.org/
Conspiracy Cartoon http://www.ar.utexas.edu/Staff/White/Blue1.html
Very Good Non Governmental Information - Mohammed AlFayed's Site http://www.alfayed.com
Subvertising http://www.subvertise.org
4 Later UK TV http://www.4later.com
UK Independence Party - Get Out of the 'European Union' Nightmare http://www.independenceuk.org.uk
King Arthur http://www.lib.rochester.edu/camelot/cphome.stm
The Anti-Terrorism Bill get.to/raif
Exodus Collective - Movement of Jah People http://www.exodus.sos.freeuk.com/
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (17 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].Bunk the Tube including 'Barrier Kamikaze Charge' http://www.urban75.com/Action/tube.html
Barrister Raif's legal stuff site http://www.blagged.freeserve.co.uk/
Eric's Squatted page http://www.squat.freeserve.co.uk/eric.htm
ASS Advisory Service for Squatters http://www.squat.freeserve.co.uk/
Hengist McStone's pages http://website.lineone.net/~hengistmcstone/
Auzzie Eco-action and links http://www.lockon.org/
Reclaim the Streets - RTS constantly good site http://www.greennet.org.uk/rts/
Money Is Unreal - some what is money and why is it a fraud analysis - http://www.uhuh.com/unreal/contents.htm
A book that tells the whole history of money http://www.ex.ac.uk/~RDavies/arian/contents.html
Banner Heather's site technopunx http://www.teknopunx.co.uk/
Nice, people friendly software company http://www.objective.co.uk/
Freemasons Corner from a Christian point of view http://www.cuttingedge.org/fmcorner.html
Goralski's changed his homepage http://www.nls.net/mp/tony/
DAMN - Direct Action Media Network http://damn.tao.ca/index2.htm
Electric Vehicles http://www.electrifyingtimes.com/
WTO Independant Media Centre in Seattle http://www.indymedia.org/
Wandsworth Ecovillage http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/9000/wwecovil.htm
Junk Science - Scientists who talk rubbish in an attempt to confuse us http://www.junkscience.com/
Earthships - independant dwellings http://www.earthship.org/
Christian Anarchism - from Norway http://www.oftedahl.com/randy/ca.htm
Secret Societies and Religious Cults, Denominations, Orders http://www.totentanz.de/kmedeke/cults.htm
Linux is secure say GCHQ
Music Industry Human Rights Assoc. http://www.mihra.org/2k/
Open Directory Project http://www.dmoz.org/
Policing the News press articles http://www.gn.apc.org/tash/surv_eu.htm
Subvertise http://lightning.prohosting.com/~subvert/subverts/thubm.html
New Producer Alliance http://www.npa.org.uk/
How does money work http://landru.i-link-2.net/monques/monques.html
Causes of fear and paranoia - false terrorism http://sightings.com/politics6/fake.htm
Each cigarrette takes 11 minutes off your life they say
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (18 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].Life on Virginia's Death Row http://www.blagged.freeserve.co.uk/vcrrc.htm
Excellent and fascinating Y2K page - just shows you how little we know! http://www.conspiracywatch.com/y2k1.htm
Investigative journalist Duncan Campbell's greennet site http://www.gn.apc.org/duncan/
Nine companies control virtually all the major media in the United States. Welcome to the world of Corporate
Democracy http://www.freespeech.org/
CO-OPERATIVE LINK EXCHANGE http://www.bristle.co.uk/linkex.html
The Lord of the Rings and the New World Order etc. 1 http://www.users.cts.com/king/e/erikt/tolkien/gdfchrst.htm
The Lord of the Rings and the New World Order etc. 2 http://tolkien.cro.net/else/gdfchrst.html
Education Otherwise, registered charity, and Home Education membership support organisation
John Taylor Gatto - alternative education writer http://www.choiceineducation.co.uk/gatto/index.html
'Choice in Education' Publishes a monthly newsletter, and distributes resources useful to HEers:
Educational Heretics Press - good books on Home Education
Educational Heretics Press site 2 http://www.gn.apc.org/edheretics/index.html
Mayday 2000 action plans http://www.freespeech.org/mayday2k/
The Illuminati in the year 2000 http://hometown.aol.com/ncscia/politics/index.htm
Bristol's alternative magazine http://www.bristle.co.uk/
Supporting psychedelic and medical marijuana research since 1986 http://www.maps.org/memsub.html
Wind power and links http://lowimpact.com
The world?s dominant power and the principal architects of policy within it - Noam Chomsky's speech on Human Rights
The Co-op - bank - shops etc. http://www.co-op.co.uk/
Liberty is an independent non-governmental organisation which works to defend and extend individual rights and
freedoms in England and Wales http://www.liberty-human-rights.org.uk/
AGENCY http://www.isleofavalon.co.uk/local/h-pages/pro-freedom/
Association of Investigative Journalists - We aim to encourage greater use of, and discussion about, investigative
journalism amongst journalists, producers, editors and other professionals. http://www.aij-uk.com/
Hengist McStone's anti website site http://website.lineone.net/~hengistmcstone/index.html
Some interesting ideas and links http://www.perceptions.couk.com/
Sharkey's New World Order pages http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/2101/
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (19 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].The last days of Jim Morrison http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palladium/1409/quietday.htm
Duncan Campbell's Surveillance Abuse report http://www.gn.apc.org/duncan/stoa_cover.htm
Earth First Website http://www.snet.co.uk/ef/
Entertaining and sometimes informative articles - from one extreme to the other - watch out for the so-called evidence
that the Royal Family are reptilian shape-shifters! by David Icke http://www.davidicke.com/icke/article.html
Waco - the shocking truth - regularly updated with the most recent articles http://www.waco93.com/
Weirdness abounds at Denver New World Airport! http://www.geocities.com/Baja/5692/
The murals are probably the weirdest bits of all - careful dropping acid round here -http://
All latest antiwar news - loads of info - war is murder for profit http://www.antiwar.com/
Just say NO! to the New World Order - information for LIFE
Truth In Media's roundup of the various influences in the New World Order
Low Level Radiation Campaign website - Chris Buzby campaigning to stop our irradiation http://www.llrc.org/
North East Direct Action website (that's Newcastle - Tyneside) http://www.sandyford.techie.org.uk/subvert1.htm
Find out the latest on Depleted Uranium http://www.egroups.com/list/du-list/info.html
Anti-Zionist Jewish criticism - Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by Professor Israel
Shahak http://abbc.com/islam/english/books/jewhis/jewhis1.htm
Third World Network - web resources http://www.twnside.org.sg/
Lots of masonic symbolism with explanations http://www.conspiracywatch.com/Illuminatisym.html
Computer and internet news - alternative http://slashdot.org/
NUJ freelance newsletter http://www.gn.apc.org/media/flindex.html
Diggers 350 article http://www.tao.ca/~freedom/FIN/bi4.html
Exposing the CIA site http://www.dcia.com/
Information on disinformation - Searchlight Fascist/Antifascist magazine
James Bond Info site http://www.ianfleming.org/
"The name's Bond, James Bond." http://www.mcs.net/~klast/www/bond.html
Illuminati Quotations http://vvv.gh.wh.uni-dortmund.de/illuminati/Illuminati-Quotes.txt
Illuminati News - http://mercury.spaceports.com/~persewen/illum_index.htm
Unsorted page of Illuminati material http://vvv.gh.wh.uni-dortmund.de/illuminati/
US Disarmament information site http://prop1.org/

Depleted Uranium information resources
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New World order - Norwegian site http://home.sol.no/~abels/kinfoe.htm
KLF FAQ http://home.sol.no/~furfjord/klf/klffaq.html
Operation Deliberate Force - explaining the farcical 'campaign' in Bosnia http://www.pagefast.co.uk/ripley/
Info on Commercialisation and centralisation of the media - Canadian media awareness site
English Digger Ranttt http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/6036/
Duncan Campbell's Interception Capabilities 2000 report
The European Surveillance papers http://www.heise.de/tp/english/special/enfo/default.html
New hope for Journalists in new media http://www.ifj.org/jetpilot/intro.htm
Food not Bombs -Top US help for hungry homeless people
Mutant Dance - Bristol http://www.mutant-dance.org.uk/
Finnish Digger Site Engelska revolutionen: utj?mnarna, gr?varna och pratmakarna Alla m?nniskor har str?vat efter frihet
och de rika som ser det sk?ms och ?r r?dda f?r den. Ty den kommer i narrkl?der. Gerrard Winstanley
Levellers' Day http://www.netmobile.com/levellers/
Background on US Politicians http://www.vote-smart.org/ce/
David Shayler's site http://www.shayler.com/
What is The New World Order? http://www.sightings.com/political/deathtonwo.htm
Grattan Healy analyses the future of Europe http://home.ease.lsoft.com/archives/baproject.html
RADwaste - Radioactive Waste and where to find out what it is and how to stop it http://radwaste.org/ngo.htm
Campaign for Press and Broadcast Freedom http://www.cpbf.demon.co.uk/events.htm
ASEED - Simply excellent - including much criticism of Corporate Europe http://www.antenna.nl/aseed/index.html
The Ecologist - brilliant mag http://www.gn.apc.org/ecologist/
Some enlightened insight into how the Turin Shroud was formed - The Formation of the Shroud's Body Image
A Muslim view of the genocide in Iraq http://www.muslims.net/islamparty/iraq25.html
Mark Purdey Explains the simple fact that Organophosphate pesticides caused BSE
Mark Purdey Gives more explanation of what Organophosphates are and how they caused BSE
.Depleted Uranium - UK Gulf Veteran Ray Bristow's report and others
George Bush - The Unauthorised Biography http://www.padrak.com/alt/BUSHBOOK_INDEX.html
Bohemian Club and other research http://www.4rie.com/
Various powerful cabalistic groups http://www.4rie.com/secretsocieties.html
Bohemian Grove Action Network http://www.sonomacountyfreepress.org/bohos/bohoindx.html
Index of Bohemian Grove reportage http://www.sonic.net/~kerry/bohemian/index.html
State Resistance in Northern California - Sonoma County Free Press http://www.sonomacountyfreepress.org/
Nukes at Bohemian Grove - http://www.sonic.net/~kerry/bohemian/grovenukes.html
Corporate Europe Observer's latest discovery - another stitch up http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo/tabd/berlin99/
Illuminati News from Sweden http://www.islandnet.com/~persewen/illum_index.htm
Matt Kidder - Tolkien http://mason.gmu.edu/~mkidder/jrrt.htm
Anti-Depleted Uranuim Campaign http://www.iacenter.org/depleted/kaku.htm
Earth First! Action Update http://www.eco-action.org/efau/aulast.html
Eco Action in the UK and abroad http://www.eco-action.org/
Hackers Magazine - Giant archive too http://www.2600.net
National Union of Journalists http://www.gn.apc.org/media/nuj.html
MEDIA UNIONS' HOME PAGE http://www.gn.apc.org/media/
Press Freedom etc. The Society of Editors http://www.ukeditors.com/
Black Flag magazine http://flag.blackened.net/blackflag/
Good bible quotes http://www.zipcon.net/isaiah/Jesus.HTM
UK workers and union activism on the net http://www.labournet.org
Automatic site mirroring software from apc http://mirrors.nodo50.org/
Throw back the veil of deceit hiding the origins and operations of the corrupt banking plutocracy that owns and rules
America, and is gradually and clandestinely imposing a worldwide tyranny on the rest of mankind.
Recent lists of names of the elite etc. http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/weekdx.htm
Cancel third world debt with Jubilee 2000 http://www.jubilee2000uk.org
Australian ploughshares site http://www.freespeech.org/ploughshares/
Searchlight - anti-fascist magazine http://www.s-light.demon.co.uk
The Art of Deception, corruption in the USA http://www.thegrid.net/clear/huck.htm
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (22 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].Money and confusion arising as a result http://pages.hotbot.com/politics/vois
ASS Squatters information pages http://www.squat.freeserve.co.uk
Barry Smith - New world order prophet? http://www.Barrysmith.org.nz/
Peace Brigades International http://www.igc.apc.org/pbi/index.html
Dissenters' discussion and free web pages http://www.silentmajority.co.uk/
The Ethical Consumer magazine http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/
Christian Radio Liberty - Criticism of the New World Order http://www.radioliberty.com/
Mona's Middle East and Balkan pages of articles and papers - v good selection
Against the EU - Frequently Asked Questions http://members.aol.com/eurofaq/
Scottish Green Party http://www.scottishgreens.org.uk/
Paul Mobbs' Free Range Activists Networking, Genetic Engineering, Planning etc. http://www.gn.apc.org/pmhp/rangers/
Home Page of Anthony E. Goralski, Grandson of Nicholas II - Last Emperor of Russia. He takes strong views on the
mess Russia's in now
June 18th international day of action against the global economic centres http://www.j18.org
Kebele Kulture project, ex-squat now a housing co-op and new Gloucester Road squatted Community centre in Bristol
Levellers' Day to commemmorate the anniversary of the double-crossing of the Levellers at Burford
National Critical Lawyers Groups http://speke.ukc.ac.uk/law/spu/clg/index.htm
Grattan Healy's Page - European Green Party researcher - Celtic mysticism from the heart of the EU
Campaign for an Independent Guernsey http://www.cig.cc/
Leeds Alternative Technology - Leeds A.T., solar/wind power etc. http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/2494/
Subverting tyrany in Newcastle with direct action http://www.newcastle54.freeserve.co.uk/subvert_menu.htm
Dr Kitty Little speaks out against the genocide carried out by the west in Iraq
The Wobbler Zion Train http://wobblyweb.com/
The Awareness Centre - Excellent collection of enlightening freethought
David Icke - goalkeeper for Coventry City, BBC TV Sports presenter, then UK Green Party. Now campaigning against
the New World Order http://www.davidicke.com/
Dwayne Sheffiels - Information for enlightenment http://web2.airmail.net/dsh440
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (23 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:04 AM].Biblical prophecies: Babylon=USA follow links from this page http://www.truinsight.com/
Save Britain's Heritage - old buildings under threat http://www.savebritainsheritage.org/
The Environmental Team is UK based organisation dedicated to protecting the environment through direct
AK Press - Alternative info Distribution from Edinburgh http://www.akedin.demon.co.uk
Neither Left nor Right but the Third Position - Smash the New World Order http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/third-position/
Screen Edge Alternative videos http://www.screenedge.com/index.htm
Campaign to stop greenfield development of housing in the UK http://www.urgent.org.uk/
Outlaw TV http://outlawtv.simplenet.com/
Albion Awake! - Christian Anarchism http://www.albionawake.co.uk
Reclaim The Streets http://www.gn.apc.org/rts/
Edinburgh Autonomous centre http://www.punk.org.uk/ace/
Bill Hicks' Recordings http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Cafe/2677/billrecs.htm
Cornerstone Resource Centre http://www.sol.co.uk/d/diffusion/cornerstone/crc/crc.htm
Flying Fish - excellent articles by an anonymous aquatic skydiver http://www.flyingfish.org.uk/index.htm
Guilfin - Alternative info http://guilfin.quarks.co.uk/
Earth First! UK http://www.k2net.co.uk/ef/earthfirst.html
The recently-revealed truth about the Manhattan project http://u234.com/
Article search http://dialog.carl.org:3015/
Various conspiratorial/occult books http://www.illuminet.com/conspira.html
End Time Delusion - could it be true?? http://www.mt.net/~watcher/endtimedelusion.html
Restoration 2000 A new politics for America http://www.nebonet.com/headhome/rest2000/rest2000.htm
Kett's Rebellion anniversary http://www.paston.co.uk/commonlot/
Punch Magazine - the revelations contained within led to the political demise of corrupt Trade and Industry secretary
Peter Mandelson http://www.punch.co.uk
Food Not Bombs, latest from the US-archive: http://archive.foodnotbombs.ca
Food Not Bombs -active cities: http://webcom.com/peace
Prince Charles' website - Charlie loves organic food, refused to go to the millenium dome party and also refused to join
the freemasons, not at all bad for a royal http://www.princeofwales.gov.uk/
Information on highly dodgey occultist groups that spy on their members - such as New Acropolis etc.
What social problems may have links to occult groups http://www.stelling.nl/simpos/social.htm
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (24 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:05 AM].Exposed - Scandals in European Justice http://www.xs4all.nl/~scandals/
Statewatch: monitoring the state and civil liberties in the European Union http://www.statewatch.org
New SchNews site - from Brighton - essential weekly [emailed] newssheet http://www.schnews.org.uk/
Stop the crazed demonization - Iraq action coalition http://leb.net/IAC/
Site of former MI5 officer David Shayler http://www.shayler.com/
Info on former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson http://www.inside-news.ch/shayler/!milosev.htm
Information warfare on the world wide web - wise up here - "The U.S. Department of Defense is committed to ensuring
that in the next conflict it is we that will control the EM spectrum" http://www.fas.org/irp/wwwinfo.html
The Ecologist magazine - the international journal of the environmental movement http://www.gn.apc.org/ecologist/
Worthing's Anarchist tearooms http://www.worthing.eco-action.org/teapot
Brighton's Anarchist tearooms http://www.k2net.co.uk/ef/teapot/teapot.html
The Great biodiesel powered Veggievan with pictures of the van that runs on second hand chip oil
Illuminati - some kind of occult order that is supposed to control the world http://www.prolognet.qc.ca/clyde/illumin.htm
Doc777 Esoteric information bureau http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/akeldama/index780.html
Babylon's New World Order Index http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/2175/babylon.html
Matrix Magazine - good reference and news on elites http://www.parascope.com/matrix.htm
The Winds - News service - anti authoritarian http://www.thewinds.org/
Z-Net - generally good magazine for positive social change http://www.zmag.org/weluser.htm
SPRAWL club in London http://www.dfuse.com/sprawl/program.htm
The satellite that promised to link up the people of the world - Telstar 1
Corruption in Church and government http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/akeldama/index780.html
Threat to basic civil liberties in Europe - Schengen Information System http://www.geocities.com/Baja/9776/surv_10.htm
Barry Smith - his article on how God is being replaced with 'global citizenship'
Church of Scientology raids xs4all dutch internet provider http://www.xs4all.nl/~tank/fishman/home.html
Online books 'Citizen Beware', 'Laugh at the Devil' and 'The Wigged Mafia' http://www.citizenbeware.com/
Privacy International - the right to privacy http://www.privacy.org/pi/
Stephen Turoff - Psychic Surgeon! Is he for real? http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~antje_c/vstephen.html
Corporate Europe Observatory, our potentially thorny future http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo/
TABD, the Atlantic MAI? http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo/tabd/index.html
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (25 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:05 AM].Why the rave scene is so cool http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/tash_lodge/hist_5.htm
Nigeria's independence elections rigged http://www.libertas.demon.co.uk/introduction.htm
Crazy modern industrialism deciphered - at last! http://www.mega.nu/conspiracy.html
Summary of excellent report: 'Europe Inc.' http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo/eurinc/eursum.html
Jubilee 2000 - campaigning to end third world debt http://www.jubilee2000uk.org
Protecting yourself from government surveillance http://www.SPYCOUNTERSPY.com/
Denver airport's weird murals criticised http://thewinds.org/arc_editorials/newworld/denver_airport05-98.html
Jon Peel's website http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/peel/
Sorry, there is no good reason to ban a book http://Banned-Books.com
Sex facts from the bible http://www.gelservices.com/bsf.html
Noam Chomsky interviewed by John Pilger in 1992 http://www.homeusers.prestel.co.uk/littleton/jp_noamc.htm
The world of biodiesel http://www.veggievan.org/biodies.html
Book of Jasher http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Troy/1852/bookofjasher.htm.html
Housing Co-ops - more info?: http://www.scs.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/coops.html
Young People's empowerment magazine http://www.activate.8m.com/
Low Impact Services http://www.lowimpact.com
Radio Caroline http://www.radiocaroline.co.uk
John Muir Trust http://www.ma.hw.ac.uk/jmt/
Free popmail accounts! http://www.softhome.net/services/
How You Are Being Economically Raped - and - What You Can Do About It
The real UK Socialist Party http://www.socialistparty.org.uk/
David Shayler MI5 article http://www.itn.co.uk/Britain/brit0827/082704.htm
Trident Ploughshares 2000 http://www.gn.apc.org/tp2000/
Biotech meetings one might consider attending if one wished to protest about genetic engineering
The Lobster - UK based Parapolitics, intelligence and state research journal - The Business!
Sabotage index http://www.cafeunderground.com/Cafesite/Rooms/Ozymandia/sabotage_index.html
People's Global Action - Peaceful protest against globalisation criminalised in Swizerland

   People's Global Action http://www.agp.org/agp/index.html
MAI links:
MAI-NOT research, articles and links http://www.flora.org/mai-not/homepage.htm
North East Green Party up-to-date MAI Links http://www.gn.apc.org/negreens/mai-home.htm
Oxfam's MAI page http://www.oneworld.org/oxfam/policy/papers/mai.htm

Another Dutch MAI information site

More info on the MAI and on the conclusions of Earth Summit II

Who are the global media giants?

Challenge Magazine - A balanced Jerusalem human
 rights magazine on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Radical Routes - the UK's most sucessful secondary co-op - helping get co-op's around the country off the ground - and
helping them grow http://www.radicalroutes.org.uk
Introduction to The Quakers on the internet http://www.quaker.org/fwcc/EMES/booklet.html
Brazilian Landless - Sabasten Salgado's photos http://www.nytimes.com/specials/salgado/home/
Super Heroes Return Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Bullshit http://fornits.com/renegade/articles/308.htm

Macrovirus help from Microsoft

Money Creation and control of the news

How You Are Being Economically Raped -
 and - What You Can Do About it

The real UK Socialist Party

Information on spy satellites

Military training to fight in cities

Housing Co-ops - more info?: http://www.scs.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/coops.html
Young People's empowerment magazine http://www.activate.8m.com/
Genetic engineering links site http://www.argonet.co.uk/users/john.rose/
David Icke - goalkeeper for Coventry City, BBC TV Sports presenter, then UK Green Party. Now campaigning against
the New World Order http://www.davidicke.com/
The Biggest Fraud Exposed - One hell of a good yarn - Brilliant eco-friendly inventor destroyed by the banks - Download
zipped word file http://www.bagequip.demon.co.uk/
Corporate Europe Observatory - Excellent site on the new and nasty european nightmare http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo/
Earth First! http://www.k2net.co.uk/ef/pubs/aulat.html
Reclaim The Streets: http://www.hrc.wmin.ac.uk/campaigns/rts.html and http://www.gn.apc.org/rts/
The Coming Battle a complete history of the national banking money powers in the United States

Watcher site - but watcher out for
 non-existent extra-terrestrials

Australian stop MAI site http://www.avid.net.au/stopmai/
Canadian anti-MAI site http://mai.flora.org/
Campaign to close Menwith Hill http://www.gn.apc.org/cndyorks/mhs/index.htm
Intelligence Online Fortnightly news http://www.indigo-net.com/intel.html
The Counterfeit Kingdom - Christian message/end of the world
Pluto Press http://www.leevalley.co.uk/plutopress/
Loads of lyrics to songs to be found http://www.lyrics.ch/
John Peel and Andy Kershaw playlists http://www.avistic.demon.co.uk/
International Rivers Network - campaigning against inappropriate dams etc. http://www.irn.org/
Nativeweb - indigenous people's resource centre http://www.nativeweb.org/
Transnational Institute - making all the right noises http://www.worldcom.nl/tni/
Satirical Magazine under seige? http://www.scallywag.org/
Who Killed Diana? http://www.scallywag.org/diana/index.html
Moving Vision - conscious video http://www.movingvision.demon.co.uk/
Monetary Refoem - The Moneymasters! http://www.themoneymasters.com/article.htm
Middle East Realities - Washington based research site on the realities behind the Middle East conflict
Earthsharing the earth's survival site! http://www.earthsharing.org.au
Anti Surveillance and privacy rights http://www.spy.org.uk
BBC Monitoring at Caversham, near Reading, listen in to TV and radio around the world http://www.monitor.bbc.co.uk
Natsios Young Architects - an enigmatic site with empowering and/or subversive info. http://jya.com/index.htm
Find out who is watching you on CCTV http://merlin.legend.org.uk/~brs/cctv/Suspects.html
March For Land, Brazilian Semterra Film from TVE http://www.tve.org/sisters/march.html
MST Brazilian Landless Movement's English page, I think this is their main site in Brazil but I'm not sure if it is an
'official' site http://www.ibase.org.br/semterra/indeng.htm
BBC News Online - the authorised version of the news, combined with a good alternative source could be useful, but
watch out, the BBC are prone to forgeting to tell you certain unpaletable bits of news - like that a grisly bunch of bankers
are doing their best to throw the earth down the toilet http://news.bbc.co.uk/low/english/world/

Global Commons Institute -
 just the coolest bunch of dudes with loads of
 flashy graphs and diagrams on how to STOP
global warming and get this planet sorted

Le Monde Diplomatique -
 for those in the know this is an excellent way to
 keep up with events behind the scenes

Campaign against European Monetary Union -
 including Bilderberg http://www.sjgwp.co.uk/noemu/

See how much information about you your computer
 gives away as you surf

Irish Mexico Support Group

Free Radio in California

Critical Political - A whole load of links to subversive and corrupt organisations

Sumeria - exposing global corruption -
 Bilderberg - Microsoft - War on Hemp -
 Dangers of artificial sweetners - and
suggesting alternatives

TEAM is The European Anti-Maastricht Alliance
 It was founded in Edinburgh in 1992. It is a network
 of organisations both inside and outside the European
 Union. We oppose the Maastricht and Amsterdam Treaties
 as threats to democracy

The Vegan Society

/RENEGADE/ is: "A newsletter of Witness,
Conscience, and Activism" http://fornits.com/renegade/
Outstanding pro & anti globalisation links page

News from Scotland with 'banners' Heather

G.L.O.B.E. - Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced
 Environment - Climate change, conferences

Civil War site dedicated to John Lilburne

The propaganda analysis page

Concious Rasta Perspective - from Long Beach California

Index to texts of Old Testament Apocrypha

Funky Irish Site that includes The Glen of the Downs road protest

Genetix action on the web:

Australia's Alternative News Network

Dutch Coalition for a Different Europe

Tools For Change - Activist Workshop & Lecture Series

Music Industry Human Rights Association

Free Scotland - Independence Campaign!

.FACTNet International Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network, Inc. -
 A nonprofit information archive and referral service protecting freedom
 of mind by exposing harms caused by cults and mind control

Radical Economist who's getting exasperated
with the world's economic system

The Charity Commission -
How to set up a trust/charity and list of all UK charities

THIRD WORLD TRAVELER provides alternative
travel information and news for those wishing to
travel to developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin
America, the Caribbean, and Oceania

The Global Directory of environmental campaigns...
Oxfam and The Venue Magazine

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives -
 stop moaning, get into some positive solutions!

Natty Trust - The Natural Trust in Brighton

An introduction to The Great Mystery of the Great Whore
 of Babylon Unfolded - by George Fox

Education Otherwise - organisation encouraging home education

Free Kurdistan - press agency site -
 freedom of information under attack! -
 This site has disappeared!
Witness freedom of
information biting the dust!!!!

Search the House of Commons site

Holy Mount Athos - fancy a holiday in Greece?

UK Multilateral Agreement on Investment links page

Vendor and Artist News From New York City http://www.openair.org/alerts/artist/nyc.html
US Anti Car Site - The information contained on this website may help save you and yours tens of thousands of dollars or
more over a lifetime, which may be invested or used for other personal or social benefit or charity.
List of sites critical of the Multilateral Agreement on Investments http://www.alternatives.ca/ami/web-ami.html
World Wide Arts Resources - including artists index http://wwar.com/
AR Orage - A working class vision of the human potential http://www.gurdjieff.org/
How Democracy in Alberta was helped along by CH Douglas and his ideas of Social Credit
Pre-Raphaelite Chat - The Correspondence of John Ruskin and William Holman Hunt
Jackie Morris - great eco-artist http://www.jackiemorris.clara.net/
Positive Futures Network http://www.futurenet.org/Default.htm
The International Forum on Globalization - is a new alliance created by sixty activists, scholars, economists, researchers,
.and writers to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education in response to the rapidly emerging economic
and political arrangement called the global economy http://www.ifg.org/
Z-Times - When sometimes all the news is not fit to print http://www.zpub.com/z/zt-up.html
Defining sustainability - descriptions of analytical techniques and short articles describing key issues of economics,
ecology and social justice http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~ashes/
Renegade- excellent recent news articles index http://fornits.com/renegade/
A lovely book on the place of forests in Western Civilisation http://www.ecobooks.com/forests.htm
The Killing of the Countryside - a book by Grahame Harvey
Edinburgh Autonomous Centre - Counter Information http://www.punk.org.uk/ace/
Built environment network - linking up people interested in green building, architecture and planning
Housing - a quick fix or life in a bender - Gloucestershire County Council
John's Gospel (1) http://www.sni.net/bible/ASV/John.htm
John's Gospel (2) http://www.csn.net/~mpj/johnix.htm
The Directory of Social Change http://www.d-s-c.demon.co.uk/
What you don't know about Economics - can hurt you!
 Economics made really simple - the truth behind the banks
The right to communicate virtual conference starts 20 april 1998
Gaia Books


 R@wman 03

John Peel - ex pirate radio broadcaster on Radio 1 FM
Paul Vinogradoff (1854-1925) on Agricultural Services,
Economic Conditions of the Roman Empire in the 4th Century,
The Foundations of Society (Origins of Feudalism), Feudalism
 and Villainage in England Download the internet relay chat
program and have an internet chat!

Privacy International - campaigning against state intrusion
The International Privacy Rights Server
Festival Eye Magazine
Earth First! Action Update
Fancy joining or starting a UK community? Places Needing People
Armageddon: The Final War!
Anti phone-tapping campaign
The best CCTV information/analysis page
The McLibel film Two Worlds Collide

   Nottingham Rainbow centre
Home education means your kids dont get brainwashed! Education Otherwise
Spectacle alternative videos including Exodus
Spectacle alternative video links
The English Diggers
Environmental Activism Website - Paul Mobbs
Commonwealth Journalists Association
Commonwealth Press Union
Commonwealth Broadcasting Association
Broadcasting associations - useful contacts
Thomson Foundation
Example image map of the world
The Village Labourer
The Manor and the Village Community
Domesday Book and Beyond: Three Essays in the Early History of England
Stonehenge Campaign etc.
Groundswell Homeless people's Self Help Directory
Monetary Reform Magazine
The Money Masters - the video with the answers
Biblical references to the present day
Cuba Solidarity Campaign
UK Permaculture Association
Deep Ecology - A positive way forward
Scotland - Land Rights - Colonised Land, Colonised Mind
Dick Gauchan discography

Scottish land and history - FAQ

Leon Rosselson the singer
What is 'the state'? Rousseau's theory of the state by Bakunin
Old Testament Apocrypha
Institute for Cultural Ecology PGA
Anarchist Frequently Asked Questions
.Palestinian Isreali Conflict resolution
Fawlty Towers
People's Global Action against 'free' trade and Globalisation
The Possibilities Of Citizen Led Town Planning
Cambridge Econometrics
Hopi sustainable community
Native American Honour the Earth campaign
Centre for Human Ecology
The Social Crediter, ending the money power
Reclaim The Streets
Earth First! UK
Squall Magazine
Tip off a Toff with comedian Mark Thomas and The Lie Of The Land...
Arm The Spirit
a-infos, information of interest to anarchists
Envirolink news
Oneworld News Service

Radio Islam - Not necessarily good, certainly interesting.

The hunt. Sicko aristo's.... privileged parasites prancing through the pastures. They're so brave! They get off on
terrorizing helpless animals!Watch out you puffed up inadequates, the heroic Hunt Saboteurs Association are
after you!
The Evolution of Civilisation & Tragedy and Hope - Re-discover history and the hidden forces running through it with
Carroll Quigley
Ecstasy... the drug... get the facts
UK Corporate Watch web resource on anti corporate issues. - Oxford http://www.corporatewatch.org.uk
The 'work-ethic' is a contradiction, wage-slavery can and should be abolished... find out how in Bob Black's 'The
Abolition Of Work'
Knowledge is power... Sadie Plant, Intelligence is no longer on the side of power
The fearless Assynt Crofters have successfully fought off feudalism.
Fed up with living in a claustrophobic cattle-ranch / labour-farm of a city? Get on The Global Ecovillage Network
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (33 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:05 AM].Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales
Back to the index
Excellent links, informative links to cool and crazy people
http://www.bilderberg.org/goodlink.htm (34 of 34) [7/5/2003 6:18:05 AM].

Tony's links to malignant
Awake oh reader! Ghastly things are happening.
No, the world is not remotely 'okay'. Grit your teeth
and prepare to discover how deeply unsatisfactory
it really is.
Many of the links on this web-page are out-of-date. You can often find the new page simply by
searching for the page description with a search engine (not Google). If that fails try the wayback
machine at www.archive.org You might just get lucky, but the Google cache is 'mysteriously' blank or
half-blank whenever the truth has been taken out.
Links to the nightmare, dressed up to look all slick and
sophisticated. Links through to criticism of these misguided souls.
Link Categories:
Disinformation - -skewed news
Miscellaneous - latest additions
The Power ?lite - their sites and criticism of them on the world wide
The Banks - the unaccountable force behind the globalisation
The world's military 'intelligence community'
Big bad oil and Chemical companies
Disinformation - Slick and designed to confuse - BLACK
PROPAGANDA.Mad Cow Disease - BSE - Organophosphates - Our food poisoned!
Miscellaneous other sites packed full of bad vibes
And Finally....
Have a laugh the disinformation - spot the black propaganda at
skewed news sites
Right wing US http://www.freerepublic.com
Miscellaneous - latest additions
Some dead links are shown thus - in plain text
Funding Terrorism: The Carlyle Group
American leadership is good both for America and for the world; that such leadership
requires military strength, diplomatic energy and commitment to moral principle; and
that too few political leaders today are making the case for global leadership.
The Project for a New American Century, or PNAC, is a group founded in 1997 that has
been agitating since its inception for a war with Iraq.
USJFCOM concept key to success in war - A concept developed by
U.S. Joint Forces Command is meeting with much praise after its
employment in the war on terrorism. United States Joint Forces
Command http://www.jfcom.mil
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