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Barney Rosset   
  EvergreenReview <evergreen@nyc.rr.com>

From:   EvergreenReview <evergreen@nyc.rr.com>
Subject:  Our Humanity Is Still Here Date:      Sat, 15 Sep 2001 From:   
  Barney Rosset

We have some sayings; We shall overcome, Our flag was still there ---
we,that part of humanity which  has learned, with such great sacrifice,
to try and learn to accept all of us, to take the risk to encompass the
multi-splendored  panoramas of all peoples, to allow the burgeoning
 of such things as the right to speak out , no matter how unpopular
 your thoughts might be, to take the terrible risk of letting all peoples
proclaim their beliefs, without fear of becoming outcasts, are we now
 prepared to give this all up for the benefits of a police state which we
 have fought all these years to avoid, because one vicious group
of money laden killers has tried to destroy the very values which we
claim to be part of us.

Can we  not understand, even while we understandably protect ourselves,
that despite the good things we have done to help others, has also
resulted in the protracted poverty and misery of so many in the other
parts of our common planet and this part of our lives has made us the
prey of the monstrous, anti-human , wealth endowed creatures, who so
 often with our complicity, have found us only too easy a target for revenge.
Now our President immediately gets 40 billion dollars more for the
defense of our country - and just for a moment, let us imagine how this
additional 40 billion might be used.

What if we set aside a part of it, to be used immediately to set up a
world park where the twin towers had been. What if we were to ask all
countries and peoples of the world to work with us , to contribute their
work, their people, their individual expertise, to come, now, right
away, to help rebuild the infrastructure necessary for daily life and
then go on to making a glorious site for the celebration of holiness on
earth. Instead of God Bless America, how about letting Humanity Bless
Humanity in all its Sacred Forms.

Instead of phallic fingers to the sky, have vistas of beauty to the sea,
put there by all of us, owned by all of us, a place for Americans to
show their pride and love for all of us. Would the bin Ladens of the
world attack that symbol, shielded by the earth and the ocean. Who
would celebrate a destruction of that. Let that place, lower Manhattan,
pay tender love for those who perished there in order that a new kind of
human consciousness could arise. Let such a place start immediately,
with the kind of self-sacrifice now being made by American workers
 and doctors and engineers and police and military forces, people of
 all callings and religions, men , women and children, calling upon their
peers from all over the world, to come and participate , to alleviate
our tragedy, to make what we have lost become a new found value,
 to not forget those grieving families, to retain this wonderful always
newly generated ability to work together, to regroup and regenerate
 new life.

Let us think of this out pouring of grief and love and generosity as
carving out the pathway for a humanity which can live side by side,
without destroying the very freedoms which it has created with such
bloodshed, because of the very weaknesses always lurking within
ourselves which we so detest to see from the outside.

Let a chance be given to a beautiful world site bordering the ocean,
singing a clear message, all are welcome. The bin Ladens will need
another target. Let us not provide them with more such symbols: twin
towers, pentagons, overgrown military installations, mountain hideouts
for the elite.

Intelligence can also reside in the soul, in the hearts of all humans.
Missile  defense  and bombs need not  represent our highest achievements.
 If we can resist the siren call of the closed society, the walled in special people,
and reach out to the real future, a place of holiness for all, in all places, a sharing
of our bounties for the common good, not just for the defense of the already empowered, but for all of us, then one can die, believing that there is a truly holy
future,  and that what one has tried to do and believe in can be passed
on to that which we call humanity.

We do not need  special dispensation from outside forces, but we can gratefully
 accept help from others of compassionate beliefs. However ultimately and eternally
we need our own inner souls to rest intact.

Humanity, bless humanity.