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With Liberty And Justice for All !

"Memo 2 Chinese USA doesn't keep it's promises,
USA promised 2 million “Brassaro's” citizenship
during WW2 but gave it to X-Nazis instead."

Mexicans expelled in 30s ask for justice

Gary Younge in New York
Thursday July 17, 2003
The Guardian
Hundreds of thousands of Hispanics, many of them US citizens, were rounded
up in Los Angeles and forcibly deported to Mexico during the Depression to
protect white people's jobs, according to a civil case being brought in the

The Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund and the law firm
Kiesel, Boucher and Larson are seeking class-action status for the suit,
brought on behalf of an estimated 400,000 people of Mexican descent.

It claims that local officials working with the federal immigration
authorities carried out a "coordinated, aggressive campaign to remove people
of Mexican ancestry from California in large numbers", in violation of their
constitutional rights.

"This lawsuit goes to the essence of who we are as a state and the dignity
of a people," Raymond Boucher told the Los Angeles Times.

"We have to recognise that in the 1930s we used the Mexican population as a
scapegoat. Until we take an honest look in the mirror, none of us is truly

One of the plaintiffs, Emilia Castaneda, said she was nine when she was
forced to leave her home in 1935. She was loaded on to a train and sent to
Mexico after her father was put out of work by the campaign against foreign
labour. "We cried and cried," she said. "I had never been to Mexico. We were
leaving everything behind."

They returned to her father's home state, Durango, where they were referred
to as repatriadas.

Her Spanish was weak and her family was initially passed between relatives
until they found somewhere to stay.

Only when her godmother in Los Angeles obtained a copy of her birth
certificate and sent it to her could she return, after presenting it to the
US immigration authorities.

"As an American, I didn't deserve to be deported," she said. "All Americans
should know this is part of our history so we don't have to experience this

"Somebody could say: "We were wrong for the injustices committed to you, and
apologise for what was done. Maybe other people who are still in Mexico
would hear about this and would come back."

An estimated 60% of those forcibly removed were US citizens.

Mexican immigration became a national issue in the 1920s when the pool of
cheap labour Mexicans provided in the west became a source of contention
with the rural south, which felt it was being undercut.

By 1930, with unemployment and demands for state welfare growing, President
Herbert Hoover began a "repatriation" programme.

The plaintiffs are hoping for the kind of compensation package given by the
Reagan administration to Japanese Americans interned during the second world
war, settled by the threat of a class-action case.

Joseph Dunn, a Californian state senator who has been building up a case for
the Mexicans for the past year, presided over a hearing yesterday to examine
the forced removal.

"The deportation programme of the 1930s is not a proud chapter in American
history," he said.

"Hopefully, by acknowledging this, we can minimise the likelihood of
unjustly treating future immigrants to this great nation."

Mr Dunn has brought together a number of scholars who have studied the era,
who testified in favour of the plaintiffs. Francisco Balderrama, professor
of history and Chicano studies at Cal State University Los Angeles, said the
forced removals "became a model for the rest of the United States".

Kevin Johnson, an associate dean at the University of California Davis
School of Law said: "It's a bedrock principle of US immigration law that US
citizens cannot be removed [from the US]. This is why this episode is so
troubling to me."

A lawyer for the city, Rocky Delgadillo, said he had not yet seen the case,
which was lodged on Tuesday, and so could not comment.
Its a good Idea to Lie during A war to get what you want...

Ask some Geezers such as Strom Thurman or Jessy Helms what
they thought about the US offering to US citizenship and they wont
deny they did it but will say "they deferred that offer to make room
 for returning GI's and bunch of Nazies after WW2.

" USA promised “Brassaro's”
citizenship during WW2."

" Lost in the sauce they're owed Really Big Bucks and vindication
 they were true patriots (not stay at home like Cubans) and all
 you hear is illegal from the ungrateful  whining punk Republiklan
nube racist pigs." even the nubee Zionist Johnny come lately
hate them just like the were Wannabe be Honorary white who
 vilifies so called black leaders rather than lending a hand like
blacks did for the Holocaust Jews.

I guess its a bootlicking technique perfected by getting all thoes war bucks ( not for schools or hospitals)
 out of us and in away this works the best defense is a good offence...But dude get a grip guess who is next
on the list swarthy boy... ED

[The story below is a typical misleading bullshit cover up stating
and denying facts confusing the Reparations issue, the hole
 thing is dependant on the lack of scholarship by historians and
 racism to hid the facts in plane sight.

 Keeping it buried for 50 years was easy!

But this is going to be a Giguando Law suite once the class
action notices trickle down to the victims of the big lie,
for 50 years we have herd them called every name in the book
 illegal's and wetbacks and all the time we owe them at least the
medical care and education due any citizen as well as respect
 of true fighting Patriots Mexican Americans.
They along with Blacks & Women were the Home Front
building Airplanes Tanks ,Guns  and all of the food,yet all were

                      By Peter Brimelow


to freedom..."
  — George W. Bush,
  commenting on the website
Coulter, Ann: Treason
... entire liberal establishment ferociously defended him against charges of treason
-- and tried to ... War -- and how liberals use it to deny credit to Ronald Reagan. ...
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Mexicans who worked U.S. farms in '40s get help in legal battle

Sacramento Bee
December 30, 2002

- Thousands of Mexican workers who were brought to the United States in the 1940s to pick peaches, plow fields and toil on
the railroads have been granted more time in their quest to recoup wages that they earned, but never received.

The California Legislature this year approved a measure that will give the workers - known as "braceros" - three years to sue
for withheld wages, which are estimated to total hundreds of millions of dollars.

Though the impact of the law depends partly on the outcome of a class-action lawsuit already in the federal courts, it has
nonetheless been hailed as an important legal tool that will bolster the case on behalf of the braceros and their heirs.

"The legislation was a great victory for the braceros," said Enrique Martinez, a San Francisco attorney involved in the
class-action lawsuit. "It shows that the state Legislature recognizes the importance of this case and recognizes the
contributions that these men made to the California economy."

The bracero program, which was designed to fill a labor shortage during World War II, lasted from 1942 to 1964. During that
time, an estimated 4.6 million work contracts were issued to Mexican workers who were willing to provide manual labor on
American farms and railroads for pay.

Between 1942 and 1949, the U.S. government deducted 10 percent from each bracero's pay. They money was to be sent to
bank accounts in Mexico and held there until the workers returned to Mexico to claim it.

But very few of the workers ever saw a penny of that money. Though it's not clear how much is still owed, advocates say
braceros and their descendants may be entitled to several hundred million dollars, including interest.

"I feel like I've been cheated out of that money," said Cecilio Santillana, 75, who worked in Minnesota, Michigan, New
Mexico and Texas as a bracero. Now a resident of San Jose, Calif., he participated in the guest-worker program from 1948
to 1962, picking cherries and preparing cotton fields for sowing.

Santillana said he never attempted to claim his money because too many of his friends had tried and failed.

"We worked for the money," he said. "It should be returned to us."

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starting search on the politics
[PDF]CONTACT The Phoenix Project March 10, 1998
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... out of the Southwest.? ?These militant Mexicans have established ... He counted six
US deaths, two in ... the reaction, Americans, including today?s college students ...

Public Papers of the Presidents • Harry S. Truman • 1952-53

Address Before the National Conference on Citizenship.
September 17, 1952

                Date: Thu, 01 May 2003 15:58:59 -0800
                Subject: Dennis Kucinich

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Peter do you know how much can he keep if he looses
just lookat the millions raised by "canidates" like Jerry
Brown, Ralph Nadir & Eugene McCarthy That  $25.00 =
 1/3 of my weekly food budget family of two.
Your terms are  vague and have no reality to me.