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?Hitler: History's Aryan Potty Mouth? by Bob Armstrong

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Hitler: History's Aryan Potty Mouth by Bob Armstrong

On a spring afternoon in 1930, Hitler wore his favorite uniform when Geli Raubal came for a visit: black trousers and a khaki military lounge jacket without insignia. Geli dished him up his favorite meal, a porridge soup made of flour, butter and caraway seeds seasoned lightly with salt and vinegar. When finished with his soup, Hitler gazed longingly at Geli, apretty blonde 17-year-old, his half-niece. (Geli's mother was Hitler's half-sister.) Hitler, who had been involved with Geli for about a year, moved next to her, put his arm around her and asked her to do something. Oh, Uncle Alfy, I don't know, that's so disgusting.

But Hitler always got his way. Geli complied. Hitler took off his uniform and stretched out naked on the floor. Geli squatted over him, pissed on his chest and then took a dump on the face of the Fuehrer.
Millions would have loved to do the same.
Did this happen? Historical evidence suggests Geli and some other frauleins treated Hitler to golden showers, and maybe a brown out or two.
This story of Hitler's perversion, without the specific details, first emerged during World War II. Otto Strasser, an early confidant of Hitler, fled to Canada after Hitler had Strasser's brother, Gregor, murdered. Both brothers belonged to a radical faction of the Nazi Party which emphasized the socialism in the Nationalist Socialist program.
As Hitler gained power, many of the radicals were liquidated.
On May 13, 1943, Strasser was interviewed in Canada by officials of the OSS, the
forerunner of the CIA. Geli, he said, had told him what she had done to Uncle Alfy. Hitler made her undress, said Strasser. He would lie down on the floor. Then she would have to squat over his face where he could examine her at close range and this made him very excited. When the excitement reached its peak, he demanded that she urinate on him and that gave him real sexual pleasure."
This item in the OSS report, written by Dr. Walter Langer and other American
psychoanalysts, was not made public until 1971, and subsequently published as a book, The Mind of Adolf Hitler. It caused quite a stir at the time among historians who, for the most part, had reached a consensus that Hitler was celibate. Though Geli's story was well known among historians, they tended to discount Strasser as an unreliable source, due to a tendency
to exaggerate on all matters of Hitleriana .
One of Hitler's guards, Wilhelm Stocker, interviewed in 1973 by Glenn Infield for his book, Eva and Adolf, said "Geli admitted to me that at times Hitler made her commit some acts in the privacy of her room that sickened her but when I asked her why she didn? to refuse to do them she just shrugged and said that she didn't want to lose him to some woman who would do what he wanted.
Geli did not live to tell her story. In September, 1931 she was found dead in her bedroom with a bullet through her heart. Hitler?s Walther 6.35 pistol was in her hand. Her death was ruled a suicide, but much mystery still surrounds the case.
Father Bernhard Stempfle, who befriended Hitler and helped edit Mein Kampf for
publication, claimed Hitler wrote Geli an explicit letter in 1929 mentioning his favorite form of amusement.
Geli never got the letter. It fell into the hands of Hitler's landlady's son who in turn sold it to a man named J.F.M. Rense, a collector of political memorabilia and a friend of Father Stempfle's. Rense bought the letter for Stempfle, but before turning it over to the good priest, he indulged in a bit of blackmail. He contacted Hitler and demanded a "donation" for his good work: accumulating Nazi artifacts for a future museum, sans the letter, which was returned to Hitler by Father Stempfle.

Stempfle's story is credible on two counts: 1) he was Hitler's friend, and 2) Hitler, knowing the priest had the goods on him, probably had him killed. In June, 1934, the Night of the Long Knives, a good many people who were in a position to embarrass Hitler were murdered, including the priest, who was found in the forest with three bullets in his heart.

Stempfle's account is in The Psychopathic God: Adolf Hitler by Robert Waite, who
unearthed evidence of Hitler's S/M tendencies. Hitler enjoyed playing a game with
his valet, who would tie his tie and tighten it while counting to 10.
In the early 1930's, shortly before coming to power, Hitler turned his attentions toward
another teenage girl. Henny Hoffman was a beautiful, 15-year-old blonde, and the daughterof a photographer. Hitler paid a visit to her house and when he left, asked the pig-tailed girl in a flannel nightgown for a good night kiss. When she refused, he beat his hand with his whip. She continued to see him but talked a little too freely with her parents about her new friend, though exactly what she said is not known. Her father confronted Hitler. He left satisfied, securing a job as Hitler's personal photographer.
Rich women were among Hitler?s earliest sympathizers. He spent a great deal of time
charming them in their salons where they served him tea and walnut cake and gave him money for the Nazi crusade. Victoria von Dirksen, the step-mother of the German
ambassador in Moscow and the widow of a wealthy industrialist, gave a good chunk of her
fortune to the cause. Winifred Wagner, the widow of Richard Wagner's son, was thought tobe a possible candidate for Mrs. Hitler. Although they never married, she had many wealthy friends whom she convinced to give money to the Nazis. Hitler loved Wagner's music, but there is no indication that the composer's daughter-in-law showered the dumpy dictator with anything other than opera.

Other well know women in Hitler's circle included Leni Riefenstahl, the former actress
turned cinema photographer who directed and filmed Triumph of the Will, the infamous1934 propaganda film; Unity Mitford, an exuberant English blonde studying art in Germany, and Viorica Ursuleac, the dramatic soprano of the Berlin opera.
John Toland, who wrote a two-volume biography on Hitler, says "It was not sex that Hitler sought from such charming women but the stimulation that his suppressed bohemian nature craved. Toland is among those historians who claim Otto Strasser's story about Geli Raubal's golden shower is nothing more than sensational hearsay given credence only by those who wanted to believe the worst of Hitler.

But the following tale corroborates Geli's story. On one occasion, after Hitler became the first superstar in 1933, he invited the actress Renate Mueller to spend the night at the Chancellery. Her director, A. Zeissler, knew something was troubling her when she returned the following day. She told Zeissler that Hitler started off the evening by treating her to all the details involved in the Gestapo techniques of torturing their victims. After this erotic warm-up, both took off their clothes. Mueller assumed they were about to fuck, but instead,Hitler fell on the floor and begged her to kick him,
 said Zeissler. ?She demurred, but he pleaded with her and condemned himself as unworthy, heaped all kinds of accusations on his own head, and just groveled in an agonizing manner. The scene became intolerable to her, and she finally acceded to his wishes and kicked him. This excited him greatly, and he begged for more and more, always saying it was even better than he deserved and that he was not worthy
to be in the same room with her.

The actress did not speak of a golden shower, but clearly Hitler"s need to grovel under a boot indicates a darker desire than merely the stimulation of his bohemian nature. I

n The Mind of Adolf Hitler Langer builds a strong case for sexual displacement;
 that is, Hitler got his sexual kicks not through his dick, but with his eyes, his mouth
 and a babe's butt.

The famous hypnotic Hitler glare was a substitute for sex.  Many of his associates
told of Hitler's craving for strip shows. He could never find enough peelers to satisfy
 him, and frequently invited them to the Brown House in Munich for private shows.
He had an excellent porno collection made for him by the friendly photographer Hoffmann; and had blue movies made for his private viewings. His own artist's hand was fond of drawing dirty pictures.

In addition to Geli squatting over him so he could examine the hidden mysteries of
 a pure Aryan woman, Langer notes a telling incident from Captain Ernst Roehm, the head of the Brown-shirted SA. At a social gathering Roehm jokingly told a friend in Hitler's presence that the Fuehrer liked watching girls working in the fields. When they stand in the fields and bend down at their work so that you can see their behinds, that's what he likes,especially when they've big round ones, Roehm snickered.

Hearing this, Hitler stiffened and glared at Roehm with compressed lips. Later,
Roehm got into all sorts of political hot water with his boss, but held high the
 swastika until the end.

When shot as a traitor under orders from Hitler in 1934 during the Night of the Long
Knives, Roehm blurted out his last words, My Fuehrer! My Fuehrer!

Stories circulated for years about Hitler's balls, or the lack of one. A report on February 29,1936 by Janet Flanner, the Paris-based correspondent for The New Yorker, noted There is a rumor that Hitler was wounded genitally in the war.?
Hitler was wounded twice and almost blinded by mustard gas in the trenches of
the Somme, but his wounds were not of the Sun Also Rises nature. That aside, Flanner, a shrewd observer of politicians, went on to say. "His real abnormality apparently consists of the insignificance of his sexual impulse, probably further deadened by willful asceticism.

Emotionally, Hitler belongs to the dangerous, small class of sublimators from which fanatics are frequently drawn.?

Neither Flanner in 1936 or Langer in his OSS report compiled during the war knew
for a fact that Hitler was a one-nutter. This was only discovered in May, 1945, when Russian doctors performed an autopsy and found that he was sexually malformed.

One-nutters are by no means pathological sex freaks. However, when combined with other infantile disorders, this condition can be a problem.

In The Mind of Adolf Hitler Robert Waite notes that in his reading of psychological studies of disturbed youngsters I had to keep reminding myself that the studies were
 concerned with American boys and not with young Adolf Hitler.

 He exhibited all their symptoms: hyperactivity, learning difficulties, chronic indecision
and the tendency to lie, exaggerate and fantasize.
Though normal sexual intercourse repelled him, a powerful unconscious stream of sexual fantasy came out not only in a perverse way with women but in his tedious tract, Mein Kampf. This book, which runs to a half-million words, is a hodgepodge of Jewish racial nonsense, Marxism, the monarchy, the stab in the back theory for Germany losing World War.I, the decline of theater, dadaist art and his fear of syphilis and prostitution all of this superimposed on Schopenhauer's philosophical take on the power of blind will overcoming any obstacles at hand.

Hitler said he became an anti-Semite as a young man when he discovered the Jew was the cold-hearted, shameless and calculating director of prostitution, though that may not have stopped him from enjoying the pleasures of a hooker. Hitler's photographer, Heinrich Hoffman, claimed der Fuhrer picked up a prostitute during his early political campaigning in Munich and subjected her to his usual degradations.

Knowing he was a rabid anti-semite, she told him she was Jewish and teased him about having intimate relations with a Jew. A week later he returned with several Nazi thugs who gang-banged her while Hitler watched.

He then slapped her across the face and left. In addition, rumors were rife when Hitler was in power that he had contracted syphilis from another hooker after World War I. But historians tend to discount both Hoffman?s story and the V. D. rumor.
His long-running affair with Eva Braun was hardly normal, but if there was any coprophilia going on, she didn?t talk about it. Eva, who didn't give a hoot about politics (but did get turned on by being the number one lady in the Third Reich) concentrated on trying to put him in a good mood. Like Geli Raubal, she met Hitler at age 17, and at one point tried to commit suicide.

Hitler?s sex life will always remain a mystery of conflicting positions among historians,
researchers and investigative reporters So what was his thing? Straight? Celibate? Homo? Kinky? Your call.

?Hitler: History's Aryan Potty Mouth? by Bob Armstrong

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Hitler: History's Aryan Potty Mouth by Bob Armstrong