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 Sketches Of Sculptures
 " The Ecologist "
                                  © Copyright 2003 Mingus Designs

                                  "the man that never sleeps"
© Copyright 2003 Mingus Designs  So this is a finished one...

© Copyright 2003 Mingus Designs   ( A ) How    ( B )   What

This is an inked & painted drawing that took all of 5 minutes to complete
the pencil work,  then I took about a month of Sundays to realize it was done
 in the pen brush and India ink layer.  I detailed the final bits in water color
all in all not bad  it is approximately 4 x 5 inches un-mounted signed & dated
front and back  It has a extremely real portrait of a drug crazed teen using
the side walk and gutter as if it were a R-mutt stall at Mc Sorley's  Ail House
you can see the Horgoth like detail of her needle scars (tracks) On her forearm.

   A  drawing from Avenue  C NYC Circa 1960  4"x5" pencil on paper
© Copyright 2003  Charles Mingus III       "The Village"               $10,000.00 US


                                R@wman web

  © Copyright 2003  

 © Copyright 2003  

         © Copyright 2003  Charles Mingus III

                                                                       © Copyright    2003  Charles Mingus III

© Copyright 2003  Charles Mingus III

      R@wman Graphic of actual R@wman
                                           © Copyright 2003  Charles Mingus III

                 © Copyright 2003 Mingus Designs   "Kill Box Display case for Photovoltaic R@wman "


Hans Holbin  "the dance of death "     William Hogarth
"Gin Lane"  Japanese Bunraku Puppets with a healthy
bit of the Mexican Day of the dead Boneheaded humor...
and Boink !  The Gut Buster " The Ecologist "

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                      © Copyright 2003 Mingus Designs  How I animate the 2 inch skeleton.

Things have away of reinventing  themselves this is a sketch of how to  turn a 2 inch skeleton
into an  animated figure  that can move in an amazingly realistic way its previous incarnation was
as a "Tom Caravel" ice cream cake Halloween decoration . I purchases approximately 500.00 worth
of the little suckers , and to date have parts for 6 or 8  full figures the real number is more like 4.
Its hard  to say.  Any way my eyes went south and I quit  (re) making them for about 6 years
 ,but now I can say I found an ophthalmologist who prescribed new lenses that may make it possible
to do the close up work that is so essential to the success of the hollow out of the plastic and  faking
the tiny rib cages and carving the super magnets.

Notes 4 " They Saved Hitler's Brain " This page is from the note book for a "Animatronic robotics head of Adolph Hitler in a bottle without any mechanical connection the "eyes "change color and it moves, the
room is lit internally and it will likely be a totally robotics room box that was lots easier to think up than to
really build just the consideration of the notion of reparations for the victims of the war was a stumbling block
no doubt some family members that  I never met ..
Because the American view is that only some not all victims of  WW2 deserve "OUR " ?
Sympathy no I feel that the truncated vision of what we call history is not sufficient not just "the movie versions" but  personal recollections of a Black Jew I don't need prompting to feel something about that
terrible conditions against All Life at that time that happened during my child hood I have been told by a
lot of my pears, the particulars of there specific Horror they experienced during  the war( WWII) that
 should have been the last inhuman history but it wont be. I can't help saying there are too many things
 to say it all on a single page, that won't do .
Just that the movie "They  Saved Hitler's Brain" started me thinking about all this and I realized that old
saying of my grappa "Never let any one chose your enemies" has new meaning  in these very interesting
play back of the issues, master race indeed ! Fraud and Scam ! Mirror of humanity, wars are allot of
things .
 Hey it could Happen again if people get scared enough or poor enough or stupid with greed enough
to for get the lessons. Gotta tell you this, most people are not evil jerks or cruel & stupid but they can be conditioned over time  by hate fear or pain or fear of pain to do any thing. [ rape of the mind]

I remember an elementary school classmate's dispassionate horrifying description of his mothers death
in England during the War . He and his sister talked at length about the blitz bombing of England his home
 was hit he and his sister hid during a raid one day the could not find there mother un till a they saw a dog eating on her severed head...

Now that didn't get in to a movie yet, but some A Hole will  plot it in to one, any thing if it will fill seats
the trouble is that that kind if memory will never be sweetened up by any thing you can see on a screen
 to many propaganda points showing the Nazis in there shiny boots smacking there fancy swagger sticks
 first all you will ever see read or get to hear about life is going to be purpose built to sell you something .

All I want to do is get it out of my head, let it go free  my mind of the image of that little blond pink kid
talking without a tear or quaver in his voice about the dog eating his moms head dragging it down the
street as more bombs fell all around him and his little sister...
Its like they were dead too.

© Copyright 2003 Mingus Designs "they saved Hitler's brain didn't they"

© Copyright 2003 Mingus Designs Detail of "Nixon head. Pencil Neck"

         R@wman at 17

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Another  drawing from Avenue  C NYC  

    © Copyright 2003 Mingus Designs Another  drawing from avenue  C " 8"X10" pencil on paper "