"We don't know who discovered water but we can be pretty sure it wasn't a fish" -- Marshal McLuhan
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RE: Subject Welcom :  http://TheGiganticHeartlessMultinationalCorporation.com/  Old Opening  Date:  Mon, 5 May 2003 17:37:59
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Things were so bad in the past that most historians are generally optimistic. But this guy closes the book on the species  
check out die off & the VIP- FYI CIA doc no more bullshit WYSIWYG. Garbage in Garbage out. Believe it or Not!
RE: Subject coming soon :  http://TheGiganticHeartlessMultinationalCorporation.com/  Date:   Mon, 5 May 2003 17:37:59
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 Arjun Makhijani  19 March 2003 http://www.ieer.org/comments/econ/oil$euro.pdf
    A briefing paper of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research on the global  economy
Gang related  Saddam's last laugh  
The Dollar Could be Headed for Hard Times  if OPEC Switches to the Euro(March 2001)
Arjun Makhijani, Saddam's Last Laugh ? http://www.tompaine.com/feature.cfm?ID=4110%20
SADDAM’S LAST LAUGH   The Dollar Could be Headed for Hard Times if OPEC Switches to the Euro

 Saddam's Last Laugh The Dollar Could be Headed for Hard Times
                  if OPEC Switches to the Euro http://www.tompaine.com/opinion/2001/03/09/index.htm


 ( Draft revised 8 September 2000)
FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY  Draft    BSE controls first draft report madcow

Gang related
The following year, Sandoz merged with another Swiss drug company, Ciba Geigy
to form a powerful and very  wealthy new drug corporation - Novartis. Today, Novartis is
 in competition with a couple of U.S.-based biotechnology firms for a share of what is
predicted to be an $11 billion annual market for pig organs and associated drug treatments
- if it works, and if it is allowed to go ahead.

Gang related

  This is a 3D Collage or photo essay/collage it uses electronics some from a
 Christmas card ( hiden from view ) that plays musical theam's like Noel & some
 devices that twinkel a few  strands of small lights glowing behind the cut out life
 sizes Child's image made  by enlarging a color magizine photo glueing it to a cu
t out silowett duplicat made of sheetof  a of alumunum ( to prevent it from warping )
 that fits the inside dementions of a frame made the size of a mans shirt box  covered
 with as many demonations of forign curency that were available at the time.
The  consept came from combining the deeply moving comments of Ms. Aubrey
Hepburn as see on TV during an interview a year before her death from cancer.

 And the text of a very very cruel joke told by a  jaded & boorish pseudo hipster at a
 reseption held  for a small group of  Swiss Authors, poets and novelist given on the
ocasion of there reading  poetry & excerprs of there novels at  the NY YMCA earlier that
evening it was sponsered by the Swiss Embassy held in the privet home of the ambasidor
at that time in NYC  

The joke is about: how to tell when on the beach of SanTrois Pey  in sonny Southern
 France which one is Ethiopian ( an actual African  )  There the ones with there Roluxes
around there waists.

 No one laughed but him but I think that was actually in deference to my presence because
 he made the rounds telling it over and over &  got a few  stifled chuckles  and all though
not the life of the party my self nor any one suggested he be thrown out for such savage
 bad taste.
 I met many good people at the party waiting for my friend, one of the Swiss authors to
         show up all evening  that summer , I also met the Ambassador of Austria also a poet.  

but that is another story
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" We don't Know who discovered
 water but we can be pretty sure
it wasn't a fish "

What a Hypocrisy

By 1988 50% of  all fertile female native American women were sterilized
 ( source Women of All Red Nations a UN - N.G.O.)   by there "family "doctors
 many without even ever being told. That was & is an act of cultural racism
( We all must be accountable for ) at best and profound example of the still
rampant institutional racism in this country  as act of government policy that
could be protested but HIV-aids and many other examples of the  bigger
picture more important facts of life eclipsed this and many other stories the
grater shame & perfidy, is it is an on going audiatude that " They" are baby
machines living off the government "they" have too many kids!
 For Christ Sake !!??"

 What on earth should people do just die out for you on Que. ?
So now so called whites want to "do a sweat lodge" ritual and I suppose instructed
by a Japanese anthropology student ( from Palo Alto CA or MIT who  will lead the
Paoite ceremony at Pueblo Disney just before every one does a power lunch
munching on sacred blue Corn chips and McDonnell Clone Buffalo Burgers
in there Air conditioned "Space suits provided by NASA so they don't suffer Heat
stroke as they check there portfolios via Solar powered wireless laptops as they
take pictures of themselves naked  in front of the photo holograms of sacred the
Anasazi petragliphs  while spouting quotes from Iron horse Sitting Bull & chief
 Dan George Crazy Horse & Malcolm X.
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the graphics. I will spell check and
 grammar check later .some day...

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RE: Subject Welcom :  http://TheGiganticHeartlessMultinationalCorporation.com/  Old Opening  Date:  Mon, 5 May 2003 17:37:59