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"We don't know who discovered water but we can be pretty sure it wasn't a fish"  -- Marshal McLuhan
Rawman the puppet that's a critic not a critic that's a puppet                      © 2003  Charles Mingus III AKA ED
R   o   l   l   i   n    T   H   E      O   L    B   a   l   l        O       W   a   x    "   D  o  n   t       A   X    M   e    w   h  y   ?
  © 2001- 2003 Mingus Designs                                            
Welcom : Christoph The art on this page is an excersize  in the use of  the Freeware Bata version of the Old Russian Targa Vid file maker DD-Title there are many  permutations on the following pages as one of which can be used for Christoph Mayer's project they were all large before  I posted them on this website for review I will "finish" it with whatever text copy you need to add. It depends on which one you like and what more you want to add to it so it can be finished.
The "MAJESTIC K FUNK" group recoarding experament the work is not copyright free but  I wave any Fee.
 I DON'T  clame the name Majestic K Funk or the final selected art work or any connection to it or them as as group.
I am offering the ART Work TO YOU on a one time basis so pick one as my contrabution to the Noizart.com project.  I was thinking perhaps you can use the CD to rase the money to pay for the covered tuend The "MAJESTIC K FUNK"    group recoarded and publish them .  Either as a very talented cover band or You might work with them on there or your origonal material. You have many options. I am looking forward to discussing  this and our many projects with you.                 
Be well CM3
   © 2003 Charles Mingus III AKA ED


I put the CD up to the screen to size this picture , it looks like it is better to fake the water  at this scale
it may look like water but this photo at least at this scale is a poorly warped gradient image suggesting water
 but not as evocative of water at this scale ( sized to match the CD )  so I think the best bet is to go with  one
the of others synthetic moor symbolic graphic designs it's up to you.

                                           This is a nice picture of water did you make it?

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