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"We don't know who discovered water but we can be pretty sure it wasn't a fish"
 -- Marshal McLuhan
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** Deserves a Star for its Sheer Visionary Perversity, July 2, 2003
 Reviewer: John M. K. (see more about me) from Camas, WA United States
William J. Bennett clearly shows us the frustrated...sensitivities of Jack Smith, as manifested in a
manner that only a right-wing repressed degenerate gambler can express.
Bennett- whose very name conjures up the nemesis in an Arnold Schwarzeneger movie- claims
some kind of "moral clarity" which I guess the Muslims see they as possessing too.

And that, once again is the paradox of William J. Bennett, whose work reveals so little insight into
the man himself. Gone is any sense of humility, awe, or any semblance of a genuine "religious"
 feeling. "Bennett" - and I'm thinking of that movie where they kidnap Ah-nold's daughter- has only 1
religion- the religion of stirring up the red meat in the crowd of the resentful.

 These people- the customers of baldness cures, gold scams, "Painters of Lite," are perennially like
Charlie Brown with the football being held out by Lucy van Pelt; Bennett plays a really good Lucy
here, but don't kid yourself: Bennett is a wealthy man, who wants to get even wealthier, who wants
you to become poorer and more subservient to the masters of war, so that you give your body and
your childrens' bodies as weapons to the war, so that you will be murdered for money, if it rakes in
more money.

 It is, in the end, true moral clarity: but one recoils in disgust at "Bennett's" vision.
 Buy into Bennett's moral clarity, then at the peril of your own soul, at the peril of your life.
Remember the enemy, as Heller's Yossarian noted, is whoever is going to get you killed. --This text
 refers to the Paperback edition.
so wear's that buddy of yours
an your
 x boss

Osams be Be
What is Your next


I much prefer the sincere and free American approach of Charley Daniel's who called for "Lake Afghanistan" That kind of has a nice ring to it but
that would preclude an Oil Pipe Line oh how's about bombing the poppy fields as Tony Blair Promised or did the murdering scummy pay you guys off. How many sandwiches can you eat at one time If I held this rhetorical type of patriotism in such high regarded as you suppose you do I wouldn't be selling it at $12.00 plus's tax I wouldn't be trying to divide America I would want to unite America but You right wing parrots are only interested in winning about the liberals who you hate hating you
what a load of crap you spew weren't you the Drug Czar or something or was that the Edification Czar what a spoiler you do the terrorist job for them with your sanctimonious whining about the mythical left that blames America first sure America is mucked up but its the bozos that profiteer war that make it so You're such a bunch of losers no mater how much money you steal with this brainwashed heard paying you there guilt money you cant erase the fact that there was an obvious stand down of the military on 911 and you and your cronies are part of a gigantic mind fuck.
Parrots Or /Parasites

Why we Fight
"The Cobblers children have no shoes."       Consider the source

 Its not one of throes Who shot John? (JFK) conspiracy web sites Le Pentagate may ask more
questions  then it answers and weather your ready to ask and answer them your self is totally
up to you...
Thierry Meyssan is the French guy who is saying its be afraid to translate it correctly because
its not the best thing to do at the moment considering how  the U.S. gov would take it, and probably
 black list anyone who did translate it, and not try to make him sound like a paranoid conspiracy
 freak. this is an accompanying frence/english translator   http://trans.voila.fr
you can yse the url and it will give you an entire web site  free copy of the book more or less ...
But we can go to a on line translator and read most of it  the most important is the actual
sources he got the stuff in the book from was actual US Gov. website and publicly available from
 there actual website and he lists all of them an a page I will check it out later it looks very "real"
to me.

Some one suggested He faked it or the picture but to think an author can insert stuff into the
CIA  Fact book so a web surfer would go to the actual CIA web site and view Faux pix and be
 tricked into believing they were actually at the official website of the CIA  is to say the least
 asinine because one place you can be sure that wont happen is at the CIA web site.

Don’t even dream of Hacking into the CIA web site THEY CREATED THE WEB !

That’s right the CIA invented the world wide web HTTP WWW all of it The monitor everything!!

They are masters of the Game dirty tricks and Encryption and layers and layers of Fire wall and
 mail bombs and Magic bullets that can shut down you PC  cold if you think someone is out there
 using hobby gear to get into the us/gov  web sites and CHANGE stuff that would be grounds for
 seeing your self as a true conspiracy nut with out the capacity to differentiate between a prank
 and a life threatening act during a time of war .

Which this is apparently till further notice ok!

So if you muster up the energy to search through the 800 pages of research to figure it out for
yourself  its there waiting  to be examen because a bunch of people who thought enough of
Your freedom to know got a law passed .
Freedom of information Act  foia.fbi.gov/



 I made it a home page so one of my browsers will open up to it ( you can setup a Netscape
 browser so YOU can archive hole pages as save as ... in  Netscape it works like a search engine
 and data base  that you can also save as HTML.) That way I can check out more of this stuff.

You just have to use it With Out Fear because there will be no one to blame when perhaps we all
 figure out That the first real time (While you are alive not in human history) there was a BIG LIE
 we were to fucking lazy or selves satisfied to look for the truth and hid under a blanket of
platitudes and hip cynicism pretending IT will go away, something stinks and you know it!
Don’t blame the messenger! ED

  Translator http://trans.voila.fr   Home page of TM http://www.911investigations.net/

Translator http://trans.voila.fr    
Home page ot TM http://www.911investigations.net/

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." -- George Orwell
Stepford Citizen Syndrome: Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor is Brainwashed
 September 5, 2002 By Maureen Farrell Though much of the world is convinced the 2000 election was  a coup d'etat,
and many believe we're being lied to regarding 9/11, we Americans are unaware of how numb we seem. Not only
are we being coerced into World War III, but at this very moment, unnamed souls are secretly locked away, the Army's
 drafted plans for civilian detention camps and there's a Shadow Government buzzing beneath our
streets. And yet, we continue to ignore the oily elephant in the living room.

I remember the stories of  Subic Bay & Angles City as two the most wide open sex
 hell holes on earth they were totally under the control of US military, as bases .
It took an act of god to shut them down ( a volcano eruption)  the largest population
 of 5 year old boys on earth with HIV AIDS even the catholic church was appalled,  
although the story has receded into faint memory the Spartan culture that spawn
that evil is th fact at the core of this curious habit of subjugating the most innocent
creatures one can find in order to (?) prove ones masculinity ! Why not build
 Schools & hospitals for the children instead of mucking them?

Clayton  wrote  Forwarded:Re: Iraqi prostitutes back on the streets after Saddam


  Iraqi prostitutes back on the streets after Saddam

Iraqi prostitutes back on the streets after Saddam

BAGHDAD, April 29 (Reuters) - Um Jenan used to wear gold jewellery, tight jeans and see-through
 blouses to attract VIP clients to her apartment in Baghdad -- until the masked men in black packed
 her into a minibus and drove her away.

When they laid out her body in front of her home the next day, she was dressed in loose-fitting sweat
 pants and a T-shirt. A banner on the wall above said "God is greatest!." Beside her lay her severed head.

"I couldn't stop looking at her," said Ali Waad, who was 11 when Um Jenan was murdered by a death
squad loyal to Saddam Hussein in 1999. "Other boys burst out crying, but I just stood there staring at the

Such was the brutal justice meted out to prostitutes under the rule of Saddam, driving the world's oldest
profession deep underground in recent years. But since U.S.-led forces toppled Saddam three weeks ago,
Baghdad's sex workers have slowly crept back to the capital's bombed-out streets.

Prostitutes face new dangers in a city ravaged by looting and lawlessness, but most are keen to take
 advantage of  the power vacuum until a new government is established and religious leaders clamp down
 on their trade.
In a country where many women dress all in black and most wear headdresses, high-buttoned loose blouses
and long skirts, heavily made-up streetwalkers stand out on the kerbside. They open their shawls to reveal tigh
 trousers and bright-coloured tops for drivers passing slowly by.
"They are all over the place now -- I see them everywhere," said Ahmed Sabri, a taxi driver. "I could always spot
them before, but now it's so obvious. They are not afraid and do it far more openly."


Prostitution flourished in Iraq in the 1990s as U.N. sanctions, imposed after Saddam's troops invaded
Kuwait in 1990, brought economic hardship, forcing many women to offer their bodies for cash --
a trade abhorred by devout Muslims.

Government officials in BMWs and Mercedes, with pistols strapped to their waists, used to come to see
 Um Jenan and about 30 other prostitutes in the drab "Saddam Complex" of sand-coloured apartment blocks
where they lived.

Shop owner Wisam Mohammed remembers seeing Um Jenan, who was in her 40s, dressed in revealing
outfits, buying cigarettes, make-up and perfume in his general supplies store.

Then one day in 1999, the group of men dressed in black with their faces covered took Jenan away and
 decapitated her. After that, the slick cars stopped coming to the "Saddam Complex" and the prostitutes
quietly moved away. Baghdad residents say such gruesome punishments were meted out on prostitutes
 across the capital that year in a sudden crackdown on an illegal trade that had been tacitly tolerated by
 Saddam's secular government. Media restrictions meant Iraqis heard about the executions only by word
 of mouth, and estimates vary on how many people were killed -- from dozens to hundreds.

Still, most agree on the cause of the crackdown -- foreign pornographic videos of Iraqi prostitutes wrapped
 in the black, white and red national flag, and, according to many versions, dancing on a portrait of Saddam.
The insult sparked the attacks by Saddam's Fedayeen loyalist militia on prostitutes, pimps and particularly
 anyone suspected of selling girls abroad.

Baghdad's prostitutes no longer fear attacks from the Fedayeen. But the city is fraught with new dangers.
One woman, who was repeatedly approached by drivers as she stood by a major Baghdad thoroughfare --
 ostensibly selling soft drinks -- said a friend was killed by a client the night before.
With chipped black nail varnish, faded pink lipstick and missing teeth, the woman, who gave her name
as Mawah and her age as 20, said prostitutes were terrified just before the war because of rumours there
 would be a fresh beheading spree.

"It's great that Saddam has gone because we no longer live in fear," she said. "But it's dangerous work
. There's no control and everybody has got guns -- even the boys."
Across the street there is more evidence sexual repression left the city with Saddam's fall -- business is
 brisk at the Atlas cinema that no longer shows censored films with even the kissing edited out.
The dingy cinema has two posters touting soft-porn movies. One pre-war film, "Miranda," has the low-cut
 blouse of the star blacked out but alongside it this week's release advertises a blonde in black suspenders
and bra writhing on a bed.

Amar Adnan, the cinema manager, shows off the "Blue Chill" poster with a wide grin. "This is freedom.
t's so wonderful they kicked Saddam out," he said.
U.S. soldiers who man checkpoints and guard government buildings sitting on tanks say men approach
them to offer cigarettes, Pepsi Cola, gum -- and frequently prostitutes."We have orders not to buy anything
 from the Iraqis. And hookers -- that's a big no-no," U.S. Private Hassan Seyhun said.

Shopkeeper Mohammed is also not buying.

 He worries the sudden resurgence of prostitution will spread through the city and stain the reputation of
 his quiet neighbourhood again.

"When I saw Um Jenan's body lying on the pavement, I felt no pity at all," he said. "That's what should be
 done with them."

© Copyright Reuters Ltd. All rights reserved. The information contained In this news report may not be
 published, broadcast or otherwise distributed without the prior written authority of Reuters Ltd.

04/29/2003 11:47
 Middle East  Jobs • Summer • Everything < $50

TREASON AND SEDITIONOperation Vampire Killer 2000 - The Lawful Path
In defining "treason" and "sedition" we look to the Fifth edition of Black's Law Dictionary. pg.
1345, and pg. 1218
TREASON: The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to
which the offender owes allegiance; or of betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power.
SEDITION: ...knowingly becoming a member of any organization which advocates the overthrow
or reformation of the existing form of government of this state by violence or unlawful means.
The facts and information about some of the persons and their actions listed in this special report is
prima facie evidence of their long involvement in activities directly designed to overtly overthrow
the lawful, constitutional government of the United States of America. These individuals thus hope
to deliver the People of the U.S. into the hands of a foreign power known as the United Nations,
which is actually an oligarchy of the world's super-rich, who have no allegiance to any one nation
and who control the U.N. from behind the scenes.
The Lawful Path    http://lawfulpath.com
        Narrow is the Path to the Truth



 Consider the source .

Blame The Messenger

 May you live in interesting times.This says it all: Quote of the day...
"You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy,
 the best golfer is a black guy, The Swiss hold the America's Cup, France
 is accusing the US of arrogance, and Germany doesn't want to go to war."


XSIte of the day   Le Pentagate <TV show, a spinoff of x files states USA  military agency will destroy world trade
cinter for fun and profit !! 2 YEARS BEFORE ! http://www.themareks.com/xf/gunmen.html   Le Pentagate IS A BOUT
 THE PENTAGON. A coupal of good friends of mine says "any body can fake photos with a free graphics program."
But I say the only way to find out is to at least look at some if not all of the material" WE HAVE" Provided to us by
our government..  Its not good enough to say its fabricated or “One of my best friends died at the Pentagon &
its an insult...” to what? LOOK at the evidence or wonder as you are fond of saying “WHAT IF IT  TRUE”.  

  (What is Fake is #1 No Ben Lad Den, Not fake we are in anther Viet Nam!  Not good ! Who Profits? )
His conclusions true or what the sources are real the compialation was not done by any American news agency
 Le Pentagate. The book is on line and you can read it free! It's in French all you nee to do is use a
translatortant than reading what a foreigner thinks is to read from their actual source material in English
it is free &  from the horses mouth all the web sites I visited are vast & are actual bonafide US Government web sites
his referenced are real !!  You can check it out yourself, or not but don't whine who knew!  If next week it turns out you
 were so busy feeling morally superior to Clinton or the democrats to not smell the other rat breath breathing down
your neck eating what's left of your brain
If the links are dead find your own.. On this book and the fact that >

 AT LEAST LOOK AT Le Pentagate English  ? http://trans.voila.fr/ano?anolg=65544&anourl


Stepford Citizen Syndrome: Top Ten Signs Your Neighbor is Brainwashed
 September 5, 2002 By Maureen Farrell Though much of the world is convinced the 2000 election was  a coup d'etat,
and many believe we're being lied to regarding 9/11, we Americans are unaware of how numb we seem. Not only
are we being coerced into World War III, but at this very moment, unnamed souls are secretly locked away, the Army's
 drafted plans for civilian detention camps and there's a Shadow Government buzzing beneath our
streets. And yet, we continue to ignore the oily elephant in the living room.
"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a
   revolutionary act."  -- George Orwell