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     In Motion Magazine Nic Paget-Clarke
        © 2003  Nic Paget-Clarke Publisher, In Motion Magazine <publish@cts.com>

Subject:  IMM Update - Vol 9, No. 1 - 27
new articles Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 22:38:57 -0700
Dear In Motion Magazine readers,

Thank you for asking to be placed on our list of people to notify
when new material has been added to In Motion Magazine
(Art Changes / Rural America / In Defense of Affirmative Action /
Global Eyes / Photo of the Week / Autonomy: Chiapas - California /
 Education Rights / Healthcare / Human & Civil Rights / Email, Opinions
& Discussion). All recent articles can be reached at

Listed by magazine section:

1. Art Changes / From Where I Stand

In Celebration of Charles Jikki Riley January 10, 1946 - March 24, 2003
Atlanta, Georgia

Interview with Walter Chakela Playwright, poet, and arts administrator
at the Windybrow Centre for the Arts"
Johannesburg, South Africa

(A poem)
by Theresa Davis-Fowler
Atlanta, Georgia

Images of No War
"This is what democracy looks like"
by Nic Paget-Clarke
San Diego, California

2. Global Eyes

Interview with Vandana Shiva - Discussing "Water Wars"
Resurrection of commons, community rights, and direct and basic democracy
Interview by Nic Paget-Clarke
Johannesburg, South Africa

Interview with Tom Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network
"First and foremost is our right to exist and to make our own decisions ..."
Johannesburg, South Africa

Justus Lavi Mwololo speaks about Kenya's agriculture
"Farmers, we have to put forward our agenda."
"Johannesburg, South Africa

Interview with Sindiswa Mahuza
Unemployed women create vegetable gardens in Khayelitsha
 "By having land people will create jobs for themselves"
Johannesburg, South Africa

3. In Defense of Affirmative Action

28. Asian Pacific American organizations file support for affirmative
action at the U. S. Supreme Court Interview with Vincent Eng
National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium
Washington, D.C.

Rev. Jackson Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court to Extend Affirmative
Action, Not End It  Rev. Jesse L. Jackson
Chicago, Illinois

Why Angry White Guys for Affirmative Action are Marching to the
 Supreme Court  "There isn't a white judge on today's Court that
 hasn't benefited from affirmative action"
by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

Students Outraged by Bush Attack on Affirmative Action
United States Student Association
Washington, D.C.

4. Rural America

Exploring Sustainable Hog Production Methods for Missouri Farmers
by Bryce Oates, Rhonda Perry and Kevin Webb
Missouri Rural Crisis Center Columbia, Missouri

Family Farmers Denounce House Bill That Will Limit Local Control
Missouri Rural Crisis Center
Jefferson City, Missouri

Global Grassroots: Gaining Ground
Ronnie Cummins
Little Marais, Minnesota

EPA Bows Down to Corporate Agribusiness Pressure Releases
 Watered-Down CAFO Rules that Endanger the Rural Environment Campaign for Family Farms and the Environments

Columbia, Missouri

5. Email/Opinions & Discussion

How Bush Betrayed Our Troops
by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

No Oil For Blood: A Post-War Boycott In The Making
by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

President Bush's Press Event in the Azores "Fantasy Island"
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson
Chicago, Illinois

Presidential War Is Unconstitutional
by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

Colin Powell: A Hawk With Smooth Talons
by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

A Timely Book: "Target Iraq: What The News Media Didn't Tell You"
A review by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

A Time to Break Silence: U.S. complicity in Saddam's crimes against humanity
by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

The New Face of Racism
by Lauren Carter
Plainville, Massachusetts

When Will We Ever Learn?
Dr. King's Forgotten Speech on Peace
by Paul Rockwell
Oakland, California

6. Community Images: Photography Gallery

Memories of Shionoe (20 Images)
by Bruce Akizuki
Shionoe, Shikoku, Japan

San Francisco Anti-War March and Rally (2-16-03)
Bruce Akizuki
San Francisco, California

7. Photo of the Week - now with an archive of 276 photos.

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Nic Paget-Clarke

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