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Live by the sword
Die by the sword.

     Sad but is there a probability it's true...

When I was a kid (4 or 5 ) we had this toy it was a
large box with hidden mazes on drawers balanced
on pivots and the object of this toy was to feel or
intuit where a particular marble was and to tilt the
various trays or drawers with knobs on the outside
 of the box  that moved the rigged mazes so the
colored marbles would come out of the box.

[ The fact is the senses can and do "trick" us and most times
 guessing or following ones gut is all one can do without a big
budget think tank to prove ones theories regardless of the facts ]

It was my only toy. (I also had a pet spider a
 Black Widow ) After a while you could almost
 see through the box and it wasn't fun any more.
This web site is still fun because the marbles
 are still invisible ED. Working on main page
   We are in a slow motion contest to wake up and become what we want others to be,
so my resolution is not to be distracted from my goals .

We suggest you visit FS.O-AST there like
 the www version of Paul Crasners The Realist

My web page keeps growing  the whole site is
 forming and re-forming amoeba like in the back of
my mind.

We are in a perpetual rebuilding process as I  learn
 to use the tools.  I started out with Trellix site builder , now
 defunked bought up by the Co that also sell Cute FTP ,The
 Site Builder works the same as before except  It now cost
$ 60 + it might be worth it to bail on WUSIWUG but Html
 is a smaller learning curve than $60.US right now its against my philosophy and my budget time over money is
a tough split  plus the fact I am an certified idiot. Although
 some other dimmer bulbs than I claim”dude IT’S easy”.  

This also stretches what's left of my brain or what ever this
is that keeps me awake blab blab blab .I have turned off the
 TV for the most part and guess what? The multi personality is back  regurgitating and misspelling stuff, poised to say
something inappropriate in public to some pen head
that disagrees as a reflex and is not interested in any
thing but what ever works for that moment to sound
cool or smart .
More Like This.
ONCE UPON A TIME: Like the time I was popping off to
 an ex-Nazi at a Bachelor party that my  fiancée of 3 years set up with a  bunch of her Boss's Corporate cronies or hers (or more likely my Dad's and/or her Dad's, Swiss Westmoreland Kissinger types, real geezers), we arrive by cab and are directed to separate entrances as though we were planning to split up at this party. Two matron types whisk her away at the top of the steps as a this very liveried dude, the butler or the owner of this town house, carriage house, practically shoves me to  this heavily studded, over large wooden sort of side door: "The gentleman's entrance, Sir." It opens easily and once inside he turns on his heels and scurries away chattering orders to two much younger attendants as though finally relieved of the ordeal of our encounter.I enter the immediate long hall and peer tenuously into the first room just off the main hall way. It is empty except for a pale, gaunt, black-haired man wearing a tux and Black tie, smoking a French cigarette (Gaulois) with it's typical acrid, bluish smoke curling up in invented, spiraling rivulets toward the dark, sculpted Tudor ceiling. This guy says, "So, Mr. Mingus, what would you have us do about the impending
riots?" in a thick but polished, German accent, and I say, trying to get a rise  out of him, something like a ferocious fantasy of a modern  Madison Ave Psycho Fascist capitalist Tool, you know, tongue in cheek like a Lenny Bruce bit, almost in dialect, but clearly  sarcastic and heavily ironic, very Jules Fifer.( as if this guy really was “Kernel Klink” from Hogans Heroes”) "Well,  you take the T.P.F. busses with the windows made  of bullet proof glass and deploy all that
 (I was guessing) barbed wire we (the city of New York)
just bought and cordon off the main  points of the Lower
East Side and Harlem cutting off the rioters in the there neighborhoods, and then "we" announce an Amnesty on
 TV & Radio for all those giving up there weapons. Then
and we put all of the school-aged kids in the abandoned Army barracks in New Jersey.

If the holdouts refuse to give up, we'll we make another
 public offer of amnesty but first turn off the water.

Then “we” turn on some gas and any one stupid enough
 to still hold out will gas themselves. I laid this on pretty
heavy and Herr. Corn-ball Kernel kink buys it!!!

He leaps to his feet as it to beguin a one man  standing ovation & rushes over to me and does a Hitler salute &  clicks his heals two times Klack! Klack! (how do they do
 that ?),  saying what he construed to be the highest complement that he probably gave any one in his entire life, conceding he was a real Nazi X, or otherwise he's standing super serious, gushing and grabbing for my hand warmly. I
 reach up in reflex to wave him away and he clasps my hand
 with both of his as he says  " Had HITLER Met YOU he  would never have killed a single Jew!!"

Meaning Jews, in his estimation, are "naturally superior
 to Blacks so they were (also) misjudged by him and by
 Hitler because, as far as cruelty and efficiency and
economy, I had described a perfect final solution, albeit
off the cuff, and so more's the reason to "honor me with
 his appraisal and high praise."

“You must meet my dearest friend,” he says, sweeping
me in to the room of hovering, tuxedoed super rich
 geezers sucking on Havana’s , nipping some very
 expensive Napoleon Brandy and idly fingering various
 delicacies as drone like servants scurried about them
 in a ballet of cigar ash catching as they talked through
 there clenched teeth. Get it? This guy blurts out,
 “Gentleman, you must meet Herr Mingus !!

But first let's have Pierre (not his real name ) tell us all
 the story of how we first met.

Thereby hangs a tale. This Guy is French old school
right out of Casablanca, a cross between Peter Lory
and  Pierre Salinger in a rumpled Sears Roebuck
navy blue blazer and a old Bertie on top of his balding
Rudey Juleiannie comb over. In a cackling gurgle,
dignity mustered as if this hopefully will be the last time
 he ever has to say this, yet with some strain of pride
 and gratitude, he says "Politics make strange bed
 fellows. " As he is saying this, a door to the dining
 room opens briefly casting him, so to speak, in a
sort of  spot light. “Would you believe it?  This Man,”
to Herr. Shickelbuddy, “this man executed my entire
 family right in front of me.  Of course I was a mere
child at the time... And That was War..." He went into
 all of the details in turn,  telling us
of this hideous deed, somehow detaching himself
as he spoke in an even tone, his heavy  accent almost
 melting away as if  insulating himself with tones of
humor returning to him like he was much practiced
at it. And then the  X-Nazi Oil magnate says "What
ever," brushing him aside with a sweeping theatrical
 Bull fighting gesture and continues “And now I want
 to introduce you to the brilliant Mr. Mingus” I fainted
dead away on the spot  where I stood and spent the
entire evening in a torpor from the Guzzled Napoleon.

 I can only dimly recall eating an entire Chocolate
 Torte ???????? Cake. Most all of the evening is a
A mind wipe names and location. It did happen in
 Manhattan. These people are all real and probably
 still alive albeit old, old, old, but still powerful, so
 powerful they think that they are part of global
 leadership, unbroken by time, concreted to the
so-called Holy, Roman Empire and other so called
high places.  In my weakest attempt at a self mocking
 bravado I say "Fuck em if they cant take a joke."

© 1999 Charles Mingus III AK A ED:

A link to an artical on art
This site under construction most every thing on these pages is from some one that believes strongly, I should read it.

 I try  by  putting it on this site this doesn't mean I agree with or am occupied with
 all of this material it is a lot to digest and
 it might disturb you so if you  have a difulcituty with the concept of free or simbolic speech check out another page  on this web site via the A-index page.
 Photoalbum has some of my art from the past.  Be well ED :

What did your Presidents
Grandfather do durring ww2?

Or go to Michael Moors

Check out Prescott Bush the Nazi as the real author
of GWB's true,  motivation and follow through on
Hitler agenda Eugenics and Manifest Destiny .
The booze & dope is just self medication.

© 2002 Charles Mingus III AK A ED:

I It’s like water clear this stuff is only a big diversion, in my
opinion check out Mind Control there are oceans of web
sites on Goggle and other the search engines  the sites
 are almost religious... In there editors belief system's I say
 systems because they say once "THEY " are in you THEY control  you forever  [So how do The Editors  of the web sites break free? To give there warnings about mind control  if they have got to them in there brain’s  ]  even Timothy Mc Veigh’s was alleged to have complained that "THEY" implanted him & plugged him in to a transmitter, now that is the opposite of his posture of a totally  "I AM"  the boss,  the master of my fate" pail rider skin head buzz cut loan wolf master race dude.

. Allz I kan say is IF you have voices in your head telling you to do bad stuff to people you don't even know and you can remember what they say get a pencil and paper and right it down and try to note the date and place and turn
your self in to your self !

That is take responsibility for the fact that the dreamer is all of the parts of the dream.

What ever we think, in there or out there or in it  would be
IN there, the sum total of a waking dream or night- mare is from the world to you through your five   senses ( seeing ,hearing , smelling ,touching & tasting ) I don't believe any
one would create a device that could override that and not
exploit it further than putting stupid ideas in zombies heads so they would do what they are told also I very much doubt that any one can afford to transmit a personal  “evil kill order” to you, you have the “control switch”...  

Switch to a pencil and paper will usually work ok so then if you read the stuff out loud to your self and if its still real scary save it, then later after awhile have a trusted friend or  family member read it again. But NOT out loud at first that way you can figure out for sure if its the stuff in your head that is the urgent feeling to act on the voices command.

Next have one of your friends read it again but out loud
that way you can figure out for sure if its stuff in your head
 is your stuff or someone's "orders".

  Because this stuff sounds like advice to a real person that " hears voices in there head.

" I must offer the standard disclaimer the devil mad me do it is not a good excuse because receiving the transmission of  " evil thoughts " is not a legitimate legal defense in any court of law on the planet earth or for that matter any of the 3 dimension’s of life where physical action may occur is still a place where YOU are responsible for what ever you do even if you think
you are not .

Please read the Nuremberg Law pertaining to that in times of Worl War 2.

But this is the web and MY disclaimer applies my intent is not to advise any one  to become a playwright but worse thing could happen to the voices in your head to find a reality in speech of others so you can think about what you think about

The mind is vastly huge capacity & infinitely flexible and
it and will only grow if  you "think" out loud give your self permission to express your deepest innermost  thoughts loves hates fears whatever write
 it down into songs poems plays stories perform them and
 the big monster will go away because ( No devils no
gods no angels no holey mission no evil stupid
killing machine no implant can make you do
something only you are responsible for what your sack of meat does so watch it Bub ! )

 You can say any thing you want out loud and it will prove
 weather you are a Schizophrenic nut-ball or a budding
playwright or novelist or poet just remember to put on your
 Aluminum pie plate hat under your watch cap so no more
 transitions come in.
 Also visit the copy right webs.

First thought best thought.  If it doesn't scare you what good is it, oh yeah it might make you laugh.

There is more money in funny stuff, go to a comedy club and try it . nock um dead ( make them laugh there ass’s off.)

Even the boring comics make money!!
Just tell them exactly what you think, most inner thoughts that are scary to us are really funny when spoken out loud.

Frame some of you're most scary thoughts as Questions and ask the audience " Did you ever wonder if YOU were being controlled  and wonder who controls the controllers of the  controllers, controllers?" . Any thing that pops into your head could be a 3rd rate SI-FI plot because that stuff is from old transmissions ( On T-V ) but the original order from a fresh tape will have the quality of vintage paranoia and most of it will pay the rent in one way or other ask Mr George Carlin or Mr Steven King there both as nutty as a fruit cake but they both are both laughing all the way to the bank...

Later! ED.

© 1998-2003 Mingus Designs  08 / 18 / 01 Charles Mingus III Linked Rant use back button
More mind control stuff.
I can't imagine that all of this stuff is true, but just in case that guy I met 35 years ago skulking around the fringes of the campus in Pasadena CA was a real victim of the CIA "Mind Control" (? ) Nazis etc. with
 his aluminum pie plate under his navy blue wool watch cap & stinking of "Piss,paranoia pot & Booze" and ranting like a schizophrenic ( about chip implants in the human bran) and , and dodging invisible death rays wallowing on the sidewalk like that baldhead
guy from the 3 stooge's...

Just in case this stuff is or could be real, this page exists for the critical, the ridiculous, the wholly
absurd and the plausible root of such beliefs and, dare I suggest, delusions. Delusions can be tricky that's why I have a single page for the Uni Bomber Manifesto.

Not Manson or any group leader, just the possible universal unconscious stream of consciousness that "transition" or that "Auditory Hallucination," that voice IN the head that is basically YOU awake or In a trance, Or a long suppressed Rant boiling over to a new clarity, in to a poem. (It could happen!) The mad gone sane, the sane without a clue or a care, stuck in the amber of all that bureaucracy and eye ball to eye ball rectitude

The inmates in the emergency ward (NYC it self is an asylum some say) explaining the method you must employ to get your med's and how to neutralize them so you can actually leave the hospital alive and intact "not a victim of Psycho surgery" or in a chemical straight jacket .

Yes folks there were actually X  Nazis, lots of them,
giuliani.html) You likely won't ever know if you are
real lucky you will never feel the blow back from our policies.

Yes CIA personnel in southeast Asia brought and
sold heroin to the US. For eight years, heroin was smuggled inside the returning corpses of American military men who died in Vietnam- then sold to major city urban ghettos.

[As of now the Taliban and the"northern alliance "are Doing Opium big
 time any one in the press or our government suggest "we" bomb  the Poppy fields or nuke the people that are killing us with drugs ?]

Just like in  The Living Theater Play The Connection  with Warren Finity ,Canada Lee's kid Carl Lee & that tenor sax player Jacky Mc Leen.

Seneca was the tutor of Nero and in the end Nero,
his infamous student, had him kill himself shortly before He, Nero, was to do the same. All civilizations have at their core a hubris that is ultimately toxic. And that arrogance, most can perceive but choose to ignore, may in our time come crashing down as the guy in the foil hat made from pieced together "Dolly Madison" Alumunum Pie Plates with  flies buzzing around his head claiming That the Pope was a Nazi  (VaticanNazis.html )&The President, President Franklin Roosevelt.... Wanted  the Japinese to Bomb Perl Harber!! (The evidence is very compelling that the Roosevelt Administration deliberately failed to act to stop Pearl Harbor in order to mobilize enough
And  that the  FBI was Corrupt and Homosexual or
 & China in partnership with the Global  Mafia & CIA  
 got their Atomic Bombs from the sale of Heroin  during the 60's, dances a Bo Jangles tat-too on a plank & drops invisibly into oblivion singing I told
Hey, we are all Walking on a plank of some sort we may not see and the guy with the scimitar and that fake pirate eye patch poking us in the back and nudging us forward inch by inch toward a visible emotional abyss may be our boss, not some conspiratorial evil maniac, just a guy who can perceive you or me as lesser and act on a whim accordingly.

Nothing more sinister than not following the "golden rule." Ah, but that IS politics in a nut shell. Mind control mass culture one-on-one,
what's the difference?

 We are ultimately held by fact of free will or at least
 a memory of it. One must act and think in some fashion. Who should our actions benefit, ourselves alone or all society? We alone can choose. If we are still ambulatory and cognitive,we still have a chance to get it right .

 R@wman & Mud Boy CM3 & Calus O Forthought
This hoakey master race stuff is becoming
 slicker and sicker
As Iv'e proposed in two previous installments, any human we collectively
 venerate as a "hero" is typically the product of disinformation, historical distortion, or media hype.
Take every thing you can as an advantage & remake your pathetic racist inbred DNA ,  wash  them genes  
as hard as  you can, Lucy is still there.

What a clown Steven Hawking has become, can't accurately define the notion of the universe right, so now he wants  eugenics guess what you perfidious
fool Hitler would have snuffed his cripple ass out  a useless feeder he killed even the blind ! You Boched
 it You fix It.ED.

The prepaired mind can see this masterrace shit cuts
both ways ask the Chinese.


SG3/1 (Draft revised 8 September
 Draft BSE controls
first draft report madcow
http://www.bsereview.org.uk     Gang related The following
 year, Sandoz merged with another Swiss drug company,
Ciba Geigy, to form a powerful and very wealthy new drug
corporation - Novartis. Today, Novartis is in
competition with a couple of U.S.-based biotechnology
firms for a share of what is predicted to be an $11 billion
annual market for pig organs and associated drug
treatments 8 - if it works, and if it is allowed to go ahead.
If You  are  the Master Race
Why Do You Need To Docter Your DNA?

Not rated Bail to the new world Order  http://www.greatdreams.com/cnsprcy.htm  


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