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  by Ruth Altmann © 2003

  What we see when we look at the piles of paper on our
  desks is, in a sense, the contents of our brain.

  Nietzsche thought that to live keenly, we need to grasp
  life's tragic fragility, even its futility.

  Mae West said a gal needs four animals in her life: a mink
  on her back, a jaguar in her garage, a tiger in her bed, and
  a jackass to pay for it all.

  Miles Davis's trumpet whispered, its Harmon mute pressed
  to the microphone, making listeners lean closer to hear the
  cry at its center.

  Commenting on New York, Alan Alda told the interviewer,
  "I saw a woman in the Park feeding a  swan sardines from a
  can with chopsticks."

  Privacy and individualism are basic to our democratic,
  capitalistic system, where nonintervention in motherhood is
  the personal analog to nonintervention in the marketplace.

  Dynamics, space and time--the dancer may call one or
  another to your attention, but actually she keeps these
  three strands of interest going all the time, for they are all
  simultaneousl present in even the simplest dancing.

  Dozens of people, including children, were buried alive as
  they slept--no one inside survived.

  Scientists in Texas have cloned a cat; Dr. George Seidel, a
  cloning researcher, said he heard from many interested pet
  owners; he remembered one woman who called him about
  her cat named Stinky, who had died earlier and she had put
  it in her freezer. "She asked me what we could do and I
  told her to take Stinky out of the freezer and bury it."

  Americans have always held a deep antagonism for the
  pretensions of high art.

  The desire for straight hair emerged in the 1960's as an
  emblem of hippie freedom and, at the same time, a sign of
  preppie nonchalance, like a twin set of pearls.

  "I miss my sons, but there was nothing to eat, so I had to
  sell them."

  A longtime favorite of our customers, the Schmeckerbecker
  Putter, comes equipped for every occasion: A built-in
  compass helps you find your way out of the rough; a candle
  illuminates the 18th hole after drk; a rabbit's foot gives you
  luck; a 40-inch tape  eliminates arguments over  'gimme'
  putts, and an air horn commands silences or speeds up slow

  All dogs possess a kill-the-rodent gene except Pomeranians
  who have a kill-the-ankle gene.

  Relationships between intellectuals should be as clear as

  During a personal appearance, Pauline Trigère was asked
  what she really wanted to be and she replied, "A

  Great television comedies have something in common: You
  can go the the bathroom and come back and you don't
  really miss anything.

  Sam Goldwyn said, "When God made Errol Flynn, He gave
  him a brain and a penis, and just enough blood to run one at
  a time."

 © 2003 Mingus Designs

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