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What did your Presidents Grandfather do durring ww2?

Or go to Michael Moors See Stupid White Men

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IT'S FREE WILL... Does not excuse, this is BS

   "Reasons for the feather less chicken experiment: Overheating
 of chickens, more meat, etc. See article attached to photo. "
Personal message:
Unfortunately, your overall, normal rhetoric seems biased agains
 the Jewish people.
Hey this chicken thing is a callous  and cruel abomination
  CM There are those that say the real Jews are black. Free Will...
This can be proven do a DNA test on the Christian and Hebrew  bones in the Roman Catacombs
they were not Eastern Europeans.

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"This remark is from a long time aquantiance I suppose he might think of himself as Liberal- Zionist"
 I don't agree with the idea that there are degrees of humanity that entitle any one to more cake.ED.

 "I guess you have a seed of hate (self hate?) planted so deep that in this
 life time you will not be able to get past this serious problem. You always
manage to point to some "bad" thing about Jews."

[ Nobody is perfect is a perfect excuse. "They would do it to me if they could,
 so  according to this belief system it's ok if I do it to them first, This  in my
opinion is  Preemptive Strike is a still  HitlarianBlitzkrieg type Shoot first ask
QuerstionsLater type of thinking resulting in REAL mass murder." So how
does it go?

 First consider a group criminal, assume they are ALL guilty of some crime
done to you, and attack them for all your worth kill women and children first,
 total genocide.

Take their stuff copy their ways  eat their food steal there music call them
thieves and liars when their kids hate you call them Wet backs, Niggers,
 Kikes, Gypsies, Bimboo's  whatever.

 Oh yeah 500 years ago 1,000 years ago "you say" somebody gave
you a god or a deal allowing you to do what ever you want you read
that every day and you will believe it and the real human history means
nothing to you You can make it up as you go along until some one with
more cake comes along  and really does it to you for real while you
were busy blaming your victim.

you say it's 5,000 years ago some dude called Abraham of Babylonia
was the grate grandpa of  all you guys he was the one from Iraq that
made a deal with god and boom the world owns you a living and you have special rights over all humans because you are the chosen well that was almost believable but what about every body else claming
there human rights  the same as you more  no more no less  2 billion humans from the part of the world called Asia which was on earth
 before  Abraham!

What about there rights Did the real estate deal includ the whole planit?
So when some one asks you why, you can say might makes right, It's
Manifest Destiny  ]

"Hating and anger is bad and probably the reason why you have not been
accepted by your peers and the professionals who could make a big difference
 in your life. Specifically, I mean, those that could give you money.

 No one person or group is responsible for the probelms in your life, or those
that trouble the inhabitants of this planet. Try forgiveness. "

Good points and true but the concept has little to do with  fatherless chickens and appropriation of the truth or do
you  really believe the findings of scientist the science of Archaeology it self is a anti Semitic plot to attack "Your
 People"  Lucy a Black Conspiracy" &  all of the clear proofs that this planet has a single history.

And the species a single origin?

OK ! You too?
I am not a Zionist. I see what is happening and am disappointed that things are
so bad. But I am specifically concerned about the American part in the things
that kills instead of heals.

 We are poring gasoline on the fire.

 50 years x 4$ Billion $ = $22,000 $  US $ Per Israeli citizen per year .

Add it up, and "You accuse Blacks of welfare cheating " talk about entitlements...Or Special Interest Groups .

For that kind of money ( you could have sent the hole country to Harvard
& Yale) I will say what  I think is happening is wrongs, so much money
 from US & for no good to come from it will be a travesty.

[ Meanwhile 30  to 75 million in Africa human will die in
another Holocaust "WE Will Ignore " While we make the
 world safe for Republicanism!
Not bombing poppy fields but the dopes that live in Iraq.]

 We have purchased a nation & again Germany is some how deep
 into it behind the scene giving ( selling as we do ) 1/2 of all
the weapons to Israel too.

Even so there is trouble in paradise Germany  has a 15% unemployment rate
an it is growing !
Isrial is blaming the over whelming facts of there land grab on there victim
and has become a Ghetto for the worlds Jews as some  will say a colony
of German & US Power  a refuge camp for an increasingly anti Semitic
planet that is little more than a killing ground what would you expect any
people to do. Sterilize them selves walk willingly in to ovens.

 Or murder there children like god told Abraham to do??
 Yes A global Ghetto origonally  to keep the Holocaust  victim  from returning
 to Europe and getting real reparations & reinstatment as a  victime of EUROP
, some how there is no "law of return for Holocaust Jews to return to  Europe
 or "emigrate " to the USA  & yet  English & Americans can decree one and
say  there is one that is 5,000 years old for a state Israel  but none for  the
native Humans that were forced to relinquish 75% of the best land & water
 they occupied in the name of  the holy god , on a planet  that has at least 200,000 years of human history .

"In a widely publicized letter to Israel's ambassador to Germany, Norbert
 Bluem, a former labor minister under Chancellor Helmut Kohl, described
 the Israeli offensive as a "war of annihilation" - the very term employed by
 Adolf Hitler to describe the1941 invasion of the Soviet Union."

My god is not a landlord or a pimp.
 ©  1998-2000 Mingus Designs    

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Slowly but surely ( that is the way most pedophiles work there prey too)  we are becoming
true Nazis psychologically by connecting virility to courage and national pride we will forget
the very human qualities we pledged to defend and become totally pre occupied with how we
look rather  than what we are doing this I believe is the case of the hidden violent acts we
condone THE VIOLENT act we do nothing to see We stop looking at the details and give
THEM the green light to kill IN OUR NAME.

 Arafat or any body they want in the name of national defense. As we justify the ultimate
goal that of the erasing the complete removal and extinction. We allow others to conger
up the same tried and true images of our enemies as Vermin and  less than human
Just like Hitler & Georbles did it in the 1930' s we are preparing to do the ultimate evil.
That of passively doing nothing as this monstrosity begins again to take place ,in the
 shadow of war even grater horrors AIDS death Famine avoidable but in the back of
our mind a NEEDED evil...  ED



Another unedited heap from rawman:
This text will become part of R@wmans Rant page for Ouchy Gobeldegook
Slowly but surely ( Just the way most pedophiles work there prey too)  we are becoming
true Nazis psychologically by connecting  Vanity  Ego &  a myth  of virility to courage
bravado and national pride we will forget  the very human qualities we pledged to defend
 and become totally preoccupied with how we look rather  than what we are doing
 this I believe is the case of the hidden violent acts we  All condone as Americans,
 THE VIOLENT act  is we do nothing to see more of what is right now and for the next
 5 or 6 years a scalding cauldron of lies and omissions.  We have stop looking at the
details, giving "THEM " the green light to kill IN OUR NAME.

 Kadaffi Arafat  Sadam  what ever buggy man  they show  us,  any body they want in the
name of national defense , Hangum ! Hangum High  !! As we justify the ultimate
goal that of the erasing the complete removal and extinction Of the un washed ,
The poor. We allow others to conger up the same tried and true images of our enemies
 as Vermin and  less than human  " He even kills his own people ! "  
Just like Hitler & Georbles did it in the 1930' s  through the 40's Hitler killed 10 million
German citizens Our best & Brightest helped him ) we are preparing to do the ultimate evil.
That of passively doing nothing as this monstrosity begins again to take place, in the
 shadow of war an even grater horrors AIDS death  & avoidable famine and untold misery
to come )  but in the back of all of our minds a NEEDED (I suspect) Actual Evil Agenda
Let um die ,more...  ED

One reason I don't like so called environmentalist  as a rule is they have
no declared agenda. Just prohibitions like the Bible thumpers they hate.

"The world Is Over run with people AIDS is as Blessing In Disguise
 That > IS WHAT YOU THINK < Right ! "
Almost every body I ever  met  that was what they described  as WHITE
  said There are just too many people  "The world Is Over populated" they were
 Parroting what ever the Echo Freaks ever told  them in magazines and on TV...
People don't investigate generally and when we do we carry our preconceptions
 into our "discoveries and big picture is a mess of preexisting rhetoric and
obsolete  geopolitical game plans generally the US is seen as a super power but
some see it as a puppet state of a conspiracy to "rule the world" One world "
Government some would call it the failing of the ultimate  Imperialism  due  to
Geo. Political  corporate Greed & an inability of the have nations Citizens to empathize
 with the current horror this is why we have fallen back into the old moldy war mode
 war where we humans are in the drivers seat in control of life and death on earth units
 profit and loss Cost Benefit Analysis and unless there is  is a new Holocaust via Military
Dictatorship that resulted from a Dictator who took over his countries government and
acted by Fiat " in the name of peace "we wont even notice the hostile Genocide by
"benign neglect" its just 3rd world debt at it's extreme slavery and the colonialist legacy
 of illiteracy and corruption...

Even thought they all said they were "Against the WAR " They relay were saying
 Gee there are gifting  to be too many people that look like you...
 " I sure hope they WILL  DIE SOON AND MAKE SPACE FOR ME  !!
Living Room as Asshole Hitler used to call it ...
 Killing Field the hole stinking EARTH  is a virtual killing field of benign neglect  
Wake Up. You Are Not a Tourist...

 We are being led by numerous faceless un-elected bureaucrats that it apears
 have performed a "virtual bloodless takeover " it all boils down to the equation
 of a balance of powers  Vs absolute power corrupting absolutely"
they are no longer satisfied with running drug and corrupting forcing government
     officials deeper in to hell now the shell game has become a Los Los Vagus
     Lounge act slight of hand  in which the Magician's tear up the Constitution and fold
   the bits together into a bogus door flap .
     and with this replace it with there much loved brighter newer version.allbeit
    written in cripto fashest doublespeak the names have been changed to
     protecttheinnocent the game is the same except the stakes and the aginda
      are never derectly stated.

Look up the book "the rape of the mind "

  To: undisclosed-recipients:;  Subject: Does this makes sense: The president's real goal in Iraq Atlanta Journal-Constitution 9/29/02 Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 00:35:57 EDT
   the author of this commentary,  JAY BOOKMAN  is the deputy editorial page editor of The AtlantaJournal-Constitution,

  The official story on Iraq has never made sense. The connection that the
  Bush administration has tried to draw between Iraq and al-Qaida has always
  seemed contrived and artificial. In fact, it was hard to believe that smart
  people in the Bush administration would start a major war based on such
  flimsy evidence.

  The pieces just didn't fit. Something else had to be going on; something was

  In recent days, those missing pieces have finally begun to fall into place.
  As it turns out, this is not really about Iraq. It is not about weapons of
  mass destruction, or terrorism, or Saddam, or U.N. resolutions.

  This war, should it come, is intended to mark the official emergence of the
  United States as a full-fledged global empire, seizing sole responsibility
  and authority as planetary policeman. It would be the culmination of a plan
  10 years or more in the making, carried out by those who believe the United
  States must seize the opportunity for global domination, even if it means
  becoming the "American imperialists" that our enemies always claimed we

  Once that is understood, other mysteries solve themselves. For example,
why does the administration seem unconcerned about an exit strategy from Iraq once Saddam is toppled?

  Because we won't be leaving. Having conquered Iraq, the United States will
  create permanent military bases in that country from which to dominate the
  Middle East, including neighboring Iran.

  In an interview Friday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld brushed aside that suggestion, noting that the United States does not covet other nations' territory. That may be true, but 57 years after World
War II ended, we still  have major bases in Germany and Japan.
We will do the same in Iraq.

  And why has the administration dismissed the option of containing
and deterring Iraq, as we had the Soviet Union for 45 years?
Because even if it worked, containment and deterrence would not allow
 the expansion of American power. Besides, they are beneath us as an
 Rome did not stoop to containment; it conquered. And so should we.

  Among the architects of this would-be American Empire are a
group of  brilliant and powerful people who now hold key positions in the Bush administration: They envision the creation and enforcement of what they call a world wide "Pax Americana," or American peace.

 "Pax Americana," or American peace.
             ( READ WORLD WAR #3 ED.)

 But so far, the American people have not appreciated the true extent of that ambition.

  Part of it's laid out in the National Security Strategy, a document in which each administration outlines its approach to defending the country.

The Bush administration plan, released Sept. 20, marks a significant departure from previous approaches, a change
 that it attributes largely to the attacks of Sept. 11.

  To address the terrorism threat, the president's report lays out a newly
  aggressive military and foreign policy, embracing pre-emptive attack against
  perceived enemies. It speaks in blunt terms of what it calls "American
  internationalism," of ignoring international opinion if that suits U.S.
  interests. "The best defense is a good offense," the document asserts.

  It dismisses deterrence as a Cold War relic and instead talks of "convincing
  or compelling states to accept their sovereign responsibilities."

  In essence, it lays out a plan for permanent U.S.
military and economic domination of every region on
 the globe, unfettered by international treaty or concern.
 And to make that plan a reality, it envisions a stark expansion of our global military presence.

  "The United States will require bases and stations within and beyond Western
  Europe and Northeast Asia," the document warns, "as well as temporary access
  arrangements for the long-distance deployment of U.S. troops."

  The report's repeated references to terrorism are misleading, however,
  because the approach of the new National Security Strategy was clearly
 not inspired by the events of Sept. 11. They can be found in much the same
  language in a report issued in September 2000 by the Project for the New
  American Century, a group of conservative interventionists outraged by the
  thought that the United States might be forfeiting its chance at a global

  "At no time in history has the international security order been as
  conducive to American interests and ideals," the report said. stated two
  years ago. "The challenge of this coming century is to preserve and
enhance  this 'American peace.' "

  Familiar themes

  Overall, that 2000 report reads like a blueprint for current Bush defense
  policy. Most of what it advocates, the Bush administration has tried to
  accomplish. For example, the project report urged the repudiation of the
  anti-ballistic missile treaty and a commitment to a global missile defense
  system. The administration has taken that course.

  It recommended that to project sufficient power worldwide to enforce Pax
  Americana, the United States would have to increase defense spending from 3
  percent of gross domestic product to as much as 3.8 percent. For next year,
  the Bush administration has requested a defense budget of $379 billion,
  almost exactly 3.8 percent of GDP.

  It advocates the "transformation" of the U.S. military to meet its expanded
  obligations, including the cancellation of such outmoded defense programs as
  the Crusader artillery system. That's exactly the message being preached by
  Rumsfeld and others.

  It urges the development of small nuclear warheads "required in targeting the very deep, underground hardened bunkers that are being built by many of our potential adversaries." This year the GOP-led U.S. House gave the
  Pentagon the green light to develop such a weapon, called the Robust Nuclear  Earth Penetrator, while the Senate has so far balked.

  That close tracking of recommendation with current policy is hardly
  surprising, given the current positions of the people who contributed to the
  2000 report.

  Paul Wolfowitz is now deputy defense secretary. John Bolton is undersecretary of state. Stephen Cambone is head of the Pentagon's Office of Program, Analysis and
Evaluation. Eliot Cohen and Devon Cross are members of the Defense Policy Board, which advises Rumsfeld. I. Lewis Libby is chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney. Dov Zakheim is comptroller for the Defense Department.

  'Constabulary duties'

  Because they were still just private citizens in 2000, the authors of the
  project report could be more frank and less diplomatic than they were in
  drafting the National Security Strategy. Back in 2000, they clearly
  identified Iran, Iraq and North Korea as primary short-term targets, well
  before President Bush tagged them as the Axis of Evil. In their report, they
  criticize the fact that in war planning against North Korea and Iraq, "past
  Pentagon wargames have given little or no consideration to the force
  requirements necessary not only to defeat an attack but to remove these
  regimes from power."

  To preserve the Pax Americana, the report says U.S. forces will be required
  to perform "constabulary duties" -- the United States acting as policeman of
  the world -- and says that such actions "demand American political
  leadership rather than that of the United Nations."

  To meet those responsibilities, and to ensure that no country dares to
  challenge the United States, the report advocates a much larger military
  presence spread over more of the globe, in addition to the roughly 130
  nations in which U.S. troops are already deployed.

  More specifically, they argue that we need permanent military bases in the
  Middle East, in Southeast Europe, in Latin America and in Southeast Asia,
  where no such bases now exist. That helps to explain another of the
  mysteries of our post-Sept. 11 reaction, in which the Bush administration
  rushed to install U.S. troops in Georgia and the Philippines, as well as our
  eagerness to send military advisers to assist in the civil war in Colombia.

  The 2000 report directly acknowledges its debt to a still earlier document,
  drafted in 1992 by the Defense Department. That document had also envisioned
  the United States as a colossus astride the world, imposing its will and
  keeping world peace through military and economic power. When leaked in
  final draft form, however, the proposal drew so much criticism that it was
  hastily withdrawn and repudiated by the first President Bush.

  Effect on allies
The defense secretary in 1992 was Richard Cheney; the document was drafted
  by Wolfowitz, who at the time was defense undersecretary for policy.

  The potential implications of a Pax Americana are immense.

  One is the effect on our allies. Once we assert the unilateral right to act
  as the world's policeman, our allies will quickly recede into the
  background. Eventually, we will be forced to spend American wealth and
  American blood protecting the peace while other nations redirect their
  wealth to such things as health care for their citizenry.

  Donald Kagan, a professor of classical Greek history at Yale and an
  influential advocate of a more aggressive foreign policy -- he served as
  co-chairman of the 2000 New Century project -- acknowledges that likelihood.

  "If [our allies] want a free ride, and they probably will, we can't stop
  that," he says. But he also argues that the United States, given its unique
  position, has no choice but to act anyway.

  "You saw the movie 'High Noon'? he asks. "We're Gary Cooper."

  Accepting the Cooper role would be an historic change in who we are as a
  nation, and in how we operate in the international arena. Candidate Bush
  certainly did not campaign on such a change. It is not something that he or
  others have dared to discuss honestly with the American people. To the
  contrary, in his foreign policy debate with Al Gore, Bush pointedly
  advocated a more humble foreign policy, a position calculated to appeal to
  voters leery of military intervention.

  For the same reason, Kagan and others shy away from terms such as empire,
  understanding its connotations. But they also argue that it would be naive
  and dangerous to reject the role that history has thrust upon us. Kagan, for
  example, willingly embraces the idea that the United States would establish
  permanent military bases in a post-war Iraq.

  "I think that's highly possible," he says. "We will probably need a major
  concentration of forces in the Middle East over a long period of time. That
  will come at a price, but think of the price of not having it. When we have
  economic problems, it's been caused by disruptions in our oil supply. If we
  have a force in Iraq, there will be no disruption in oil supplies."

  Costly global commitment

  Rumsfeld and Kagan believe that a successful war against Iraq will produce
  other benefits, such as serving an object lesson for nations such as Iran
  and Syria. Rumsfeld, as befits his sensitive position, puts it rather
  gently. If a regime change were to take place in Iraq, other nations
  pursuing weapons of mass destruction "would get the message that having them
  . . . is attracting attention that is not favorable and is not helpful," he

  Kagan is more blunt.

  "People worry a lot about how the Arab street is going to react," he notes.
  "Well, I see that the Arab street has gotten very, very quiet since we
  started blowing things up."

  The cost of such a global commitment would be enormous. In 2000, we spent
  $281 billion on our military, which was more than the next 11 nations
  combined. By 2003, our expenditures will have risen to $378 billion. In
  other words, the increase in our defense budget from 1999-2003 will be more
  than the total amount spent annually by China, our next largest competitor.

  The lure of empire is ancient and powerful, and over the millennia it has
  driven men to commit terrible crimes on its behalf. But with the end of the
  Cold War and the disappearance of the Soviet Union, a global empire was
  essentially laid at the feet of the United States. To the chagrin of some,
  we did not seize it at the time, in large part because the American people
  have never been comfortable with themselves as a New Rome.

  Now, more than a decade later, the events of Sept. 11 have given those
  advocates of empire a new opportunity to press their case with a new
  president. So in debating whether to invade Iraq, we are really debating the
  role that the United States will play in the years and decades to come.

  Are peace and security best achieved by seeking strong alliances and
  international consensus, led by the United States? Or is it necessary to
  take a more unilateral approach, accepting and enhancing the global
  dominance that, according to some, history has thrust upon us?

  If we do decide to seize empire, we should make that decision knowingly, as
  a democracy. The price of maintaining an empire is always high. Kagan and
  others argue that the price of rejecting it would be higher still.

  That's what this is about.

  Bookman is the deputy editorial page editor of The Atlanta
  Journal-Constitution ---------------------------------------

  "Rebuilding America's Defenses," a 2000 report by the Project for the New
  American Century, listed 27 people as having attended meetings or
  contributed papers in preparation of the report. Among them are six who have
  since assumed key defense and foreign policy positions in the Bush
  administration. And the report seems to have become a blueprint for Bush's
  foreign and defense policy.

  Paul Wolfowitz Political science doctorate from University of Chicago and
  dean of the international relations program at Johns Hopkins University
  during the 1990s. Served in the Reagan State Department, moved to the
  Pentagon during the first Bush administration as undersecretary of defense
  for policy. Sworn in as deputy defense secretary in March 2001.

  John Bolton Yale Law grad who worked in the Reagan administration as an
  assistant attorney general. Switched to the State Department in the first
  Bush administration as assistant secretary for international organization
  affairs. Sworn in as undersecretary of state for arms control and
  international security, May 2001.

  Eliot Cohen Harvard doctorate in government who taught at Harvard and at the
  Naval War College. Now directs strategic studies at Johns Hopkins and is the
  author of several books on military strategy. Was on the Defense
  Department's policy planning staff in the first Bush administration and is
  now on Donald Rumsfeld's Defense Policy Board.

  I. Lewis Libby Law degree from Columbia (Yale undergrad). Held advisory
  positions in the Reagan State Department. Was a partner in a Washington law
  firm in the late '80s before becoming deputy undersecretary of defense for
  policy in the first Bush administration (under Dick Cheney). Now is the vice
  president's chief of staff.

  Dov Zakheim Doctorate in economics and politics from Oxford University.
  Worked on policy issues in the Reagan Defense Department and went into
  private defense consulting during the 1990s. Was foreign policy adviser to
  the 2000 Bush campaign. Sworn in as undersecretary of defense (comptroller)
  and chief financial officer for the Pentagon, May 2001.

  Stephen Cambone Political science doctorate from Claremont Graduate School.
  Was in charge of strategic defense policy at the Defense Department in the
  first Bush administration. Now heads the Office of Program, Analysis and
  Evaluation at the Defense Department.</XMP>  >>

  Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot
  drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence
  multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending
  spiral of destruction .... The chain reaction of evil--hate begetting hate,
  wars producing more wars--must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the
 dark abyss of annihilation."      -Martin Luther King, 1963

  TIKKUN MAGAZINE September-October 2002
Jewish Denial A Bimonthly Jewish Critique of Politics, Culture, & Society | Volume 17 Number 5 Read selections from the current issue by clicking on underlined article titles!

 Tikkun Magazine, Denial: American and Jewish Style

How have the Jews, immemorially associated with suffering and high moral
purpose,become identified with a nation-state loathed around the world for
 its oppressiveness toward a subjugated indigenous people?

Shortcut to Zionism's Bad Conscience  

 Let me begin with some blunt questions, the harshness of which matches the
situation in Israel

  Kim Chernin |

                 I am thinking about American Jews, wondering why so many of us have
                 trouble being critical of Israel. I faced this difficulty myself when
                I first went to Israel in 1971. . . > > >

Joel Kovel |
                 Let me begin with some blunt questions, the
                 harshness of which matches the situation in Israel/
                 Palestine. How have the Jews, immemorially associated
                 with suffering and high moral purpose, become identified
                 with a nation-state loathed around the world for its
                 oppressiveness toward a subjugated indigenous
                 people? . . > > >

 Neil Altman |
                  There has been a good deal of talk lately
                 among psychotherapists about how our expertise may be
                 valuable in thinking through political impasses, such as
                 that in the Middle East. Therapists who are concerned
                 about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (but not immediately
                 affected by it) can see quite clearly how Israelis and
                 Palestinians continually reinforce and validate fears about
                 each other, all the while believing that the other side's
                 untrustworthy behavior was always, and will always,
                 remain. . . > > >

                 Starhawk | Supporting justice in the current crisis in the
                 Middle East is not easy. The issues are painful for any Jew
                 to face. . . > > >

 Dennis Fox |

 I've never hung out in the political center before, so maybe I'm just a little
 oversensitive to getting trashed  from both ends of the Middle East divide.
 Still, I expected it. . . > > >

  Michael Lerner |

We live in a society whose bottom line is money and power. What is "real" in our
 society is only that which can be verified  (or at least falsified) through
 some set of sense experience. . . > > >

 Zygmunt Bauman |
 Shortcut to The Crisis of the Human Waste Disposal Industry Http://www.tikkun.org/magazine/index.cfm/action/tikkun/issue/tik0209/article/020913g.html

 A specter hovers over the planet—the specter of xenophobia. Old and new, never extinguished or freshly unfrozen, lit up tribal suspicions and  animosities have mixed
and blended with the brand-new fear for safety that has been distilled from the old
and new uncertainties and insecurities of our liquid-modern  existence . . > > >

              Moving south: A mere three decades ago,Portugal was (alongside Turkey) the main
                 supplier of the Gastarbeiter feared by the German Bürger to despoil his homely
                 townscapes and undercut the German social compact, the foundation of his security
                  and comfort. Today, thanks to its sharply improvedfortune, Portugal has turned
                 from a labor-exporting into a labor-importing country.

                 The hardships and humiliations suffered when earning bread in foreign countries
                 having been promptly forgotten, 27 percent of Portuguese have now declared that
                 crime-and-foreigner-infested neighborhoods are their main worry. The newcomer
                 politician Paulo Portas, by playing a single, fiercely anti-immigration card,
                 helped the new right-wing coalition into power (just as Pia Kiersgaard's Danish
                 People's Party did in Denmark, Umberto Bossi's Northern League in Italy, and the   
                  radically anti-immigrant Progress Party did in Norway—all countries that not so long
                 ago sent their children to far-away lands to seek the bread which their homelands
                   were too poor to offer).

                 All such news made it easily to the first page headlines (in Britain, the Guardian
                 headlined the "UK plan for asylum crackdown" on June 13, 2002, and there's no need
                 to mention tabloid first-page banners .…). The main bulk of the immigrant-phobia,
                 however, stays hidden from Western Europe's attention (indeed, knowledge,) and
                 never makes it to the surface. "Blaming the immigrants"—the strangers, the
                 newcomers, and particularly the newcomers among the strangers—for all aspects of
                 social malaise (and most of all for the nauseating, disempowering feeling of
                 Unsicherheit, incertezza, precarité, insecurity) is fast becoming a global habit. As
                 Heather Grabbe, research director for the Centre for European Reform, put it, "the
                 Germans blame the Poles, the Poles blame the Ukrainians, the Ukrainians blame the
                 Kirghiz and Uzbeks"—while countries too poor to attract any neighbors desperately
                 seeking a livelihood, like Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, or Slovakia, turn their wrath
                 against the usual suspects and stand-by culprits: the local but drifting,
                 fixed-addresses shunning, and therefore "newcomers" and outsiders, always and
                 everywhere—the Gypsies.

------ Original Message --------Subject: The Ethics of Revenge
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 01:42:56 -0400 From: magazine@tikkun.org
To: You :ED.
The ethics of revenge--by a father who lost his son to terror

A speech made by Yitzhak Frankenthal, Chairman of the Families
 Forum, at a rally in Jerusalem on Saturday, July 27, 2002, outside
 the Prime Ministerís residence.

My beloved son Arik, my own flesh and blood, was murdered by
 Palestinians. My tall blue-eyed golden-haired son who was always
 smiling with the innocence of a child and the understanding of an
 adult. My son. If to hit his killers, innocent Palestinian children and
 other civilians would have to be killed, I would ask the security
forces to wait for another opportunity. If the security forces were to
 kill innocent Palestinians as well, I would tell them they were no
 better than my sonís killers.

My beloved son Arik was murdered by a Palestinian. Should the
security forces have information of this murdererís whereabouts,
 and should it turn out that he was surrounded by innocent children
 and other Palestinian civilians, then ñ even if the security forces
knew that the killer was planning another murderous attack that was
 to be launched within hours and they now had the choice of curbing
a terror attack that would kill innocent Israeli civilians but at the cost
 of hitting innocent Palestinians, I would tell the security forces not to
 seek revenge but to try to avoid and prevent the death of innocent
civilians, be they Israelis or Palestinians.

I would rather have the finger that pushes the trigger or the button
that drops the bomb tremble before it kills my sonís murderer, than
 for innocent civilians to be killed. I would say to the security forces:
 do not kill the killer. Rather, bring him before an Israeli court. You
are not the judiciary. Your only motivation should not be vengeance,
 but the prevention of any injury to innocent civilians.

Ethics are not black and white ñ they are all white. Ethics have to be
 free of vengefulness and rashness. Every act must be carefully
 weighed before a decision is made to see whether it meets the
strict ethical criteria. Ethics cannot be left to the discretion of anyone
 who is frivolous or trigger-happy. Our ethics are hanging by a thread,
 at the mercy of every soldier and politician. I am not at all sure that
I am willing to delegate my ethics to them.

It is unethical to kill innocent Israeli or Palestinian women and
children. It is also unethical to control another nation and to lead it to
 lose its humaneness. It is patently unethical to drop a bomb that kills
 innocent Palestinians. It is blatantly unethical to wreak vengeance
 upon innocent bystanders. It is, on the other hand, supremely ethical
 to prevent the death of any human being. But if such prevention
causes the futile death of others, the ethical foundation for such
 prevention is lost.

A nation that cannot draw the line is doomed to eventually apply
unethical measures against its own people. The worst in my mind is
 not what has already happened but what I am sure one day will.
And it will ñ because ethics are now being twisted and the political
and military leadership does not even have the most basic integrity
to say: ìwe are sorryî.

We lost sight of our ethics long before the suicide bombings. The
 breaking point was when we started to control another nation.
My son Arik was born into a democracy with a chance for a decent,
settled life. Arikís killer was born into an appalling occupation, into
 an ethical chaos. Had my son been born in his stead, he may have
 ended up doing the same. Had I myself been born into the political
and ethical chaos that is the Palestiniansí daily reality, I would
 certainly have tried to kill and hurt the occupier; had I not, I would
have betrayed my essence as a free man. Let all the self-righteous
 who speak of ruthless Palestinian murderers take a hard look in the
 mirror and ask themselves what they would have done had they
 been the ones living under occupation. I can say for myself that I,
 Yitzhak Frankenthal, would have undoubtedly become a freedom
fighter and would have killed as many on the other side as I possibly
 could. It is this depraved hypocrisy that pushes the Palestinians to
fight us relentlessly. Our double standard that allows us to boast the
 highest military ethics, while the same military slays innocent
children. This lack of ethics is bound to corrupt us.

My son Arik was murdered when he was a soldier by Palestinian
 fighters who believed in the ethical basis of their struggle against
the occupation. My son Arik was not murdered because he was
Jewish but because he is part of the nation that occupies the
 territory of another.

I know these are concepts that are unpalatable, but I must voice
them loud and clear, because they come from my heart ñ the heart
of a father whose son did not get to live because his people were
blinded with power. As much as I would like to do so, I cannot say
that the Palestinians are to blame for my sonís death. That would be
the easy way out, but it is we, Israelis, who are to blame because of
the occupation. Anyone who refuses to heed this awful truth will
eventually lead to our destruction.

The Palestinians cannot drive us away ñ they have long ac
knowledged our existence. They have been ready to make peace
 with us; it is we who are unwilling to make peace with them. It is we
 who insist on maintaining our control over them; it is we who
escalate the situation in the region and feed the cycle of bloodshed.
 I regret to say it, but the blame is entirely ours.

I do not mean to absolve the Palestinians and by no means justify
attacks against Israeli civilians. No attack against civilians can be
 condoned. But as an occupation force it is we who trample over
human dignity, it is we who crush the liberty of Palestinians and it is
 we who push an entire nation to crazy acts of despair.
Finally, I call on my brothers and sisters in the settlements ñ see
what we have come to.

The Tikkun Community is working in the US to bring this kind
of a message into the public arena.  Here is how:

1. We are creating local Tikkun Communiies in each region. Can
you help us create one in your area?  Contact us and we will

2. We are creating a national Tikkun Campus Network  for each
college and university. Founding conference: Oct 11-14, NYC at
John Jay College and Stephen Wise Free Synagogue. If you
know any college students or professors, tell them about it.
Speakers include Rabbi Michael Lerner, Cornel West, and
Susannah Heschel. More info: marisa@tikkun.org

3. We are organizing a daily media critique--to insist that the
media give voice to the kinds of perspectives articulated above.
To help us: media@tikkun.org

4. We are organizing a national Teach-In to Congress. We need
people to come to Washington, D.C. from every Congressional
district in the U.S.--and we are giving you plenty of advance notice
to plan to be there. It will be April 27-29, 2003.  Come and bring
your friends--it's one way to get this perspective into public discourse

5. To make all the above happen, we need your help. Please
JOIN the Tikkun Community (membership: $120/yr for incomes
over $80k/yr, $80 for incomes $35k-$80k/yr;  $40 for incomes
under $35k/yr and students..  Or, if you don't want to join,
just send us a tax-deductible contribution. We can't do this
without your support--your agreement with the perspective
feels good, but we actually need your involvement in some
very concrete ways.  Send the money to Tikkun Community,
2107 Van Ness Ave, Suite 302, S.F., Ca. 94109.

6. Please go to our website at least once a week and read
through what is up there. www.tikkun.org Particularly check
our Calendar, our Current Thinking, our Media Critique,
and our Current Projects of The Tikkun Community.

Here is the reality: we are five people putting out the magazine
and trying to build this movement. We need your help. Can
you contribute your skills in some way? Will you call media
on our behalf? Can you design a brochure or an ad for us
so that it looks elegant?  Do you have web-design skills and
can you work in cold fusion?  Could you come to SF and
volunteer at our office?  Could you help us do mailings or
phone call solicitations for donations or leaflet in your area?
Can you invite people over to your home and show a video
that we are preparing that presents a balanced view of the
Middle East?  Can you lead a study group around the new
book by Michael Lerner  Healing Israel/Palestine that should
be available in October (free to members,
Contact Liat at 415 575 1200 or email community@tikkun.org
++++++++++++++++++   Not ... RATED  ED.

"CHICKENS 100's of types"
Chickens Wya ! Therws all kind ah! Chickens, shoot less see... then therez thoes Black Simatas there
a Bantum breed of Ring Neck Samertrn's N tho's Jersey White Giants. Dumb clucks inbreed till There too
Dang stupid to Shit (poop) Hell There Al-Lbal Ta blow up on you as peck your eyes out just Caus they
CAN almost flap n' claw up to your face as quick as lightning...If you lett um!...
Mumm! Less See now thers Two Half Dozen type O! Leggerns An Er? Um! Thers Dorkens D-O--R KINGS
 Hal what a name dork king heads Ha! Ha!
 There a hundred variety of chickens, from every whear on earth, modern breeders play with them like they was machines.
 (Just about Aint Got No Natural Nothing LEFT ) NEW HAMP SHIRE ..RED, Plymouth Rock, RED, BLACK N, WHITE, AGAIN THERE BEEREED to White as a sorta last legs towrope or tie-up on that GENETIS ER? GENETIC DIA
 DE People "IS" Gosst'a Haz! Ther! CHICKUNS YOU ALL!!
(the customer is all Wise right? right!)

 there own accord some die in a pile of Feathers N a sopping puddle of Guts n the Ilks of all breeds
 and persuasions, but most do what there DESIGNED to do, Pump-up On There Slot or Track on the tread mill and swallow down whats pumped in to uM. As far as that goes, thoes hose sucking birds are being fed the chopped up remains of there less agile brothers, its ridiculous...
Mutant Canabal chickenz "ENOUGH TO MAKE YOU GO LACTO-OVA or even Vigen???".

I Love My Beer Battered Honey Mustard Dipped, Extra Crispy Micro Waveable Mystery Meat.
"Just like Momna us to make
"Yea !" .,,"Yea"...
"Yaea!" "YO! you Bet?" "Me too"
"Mee TO!" Pass the Plutonium please!"

Go to Daniel's Den   
Daniel Pouzzner's Home on the Web
The inclusion of material authored by a particular individual must not
 be construed as an endorsement by myself of other views of that individual,
 or of positions or practices of any organizations with which that individual
is affiliated.  Indeed, the inclusion of material must not be construed as
 endorsement of that material, since some material is included purely as an
 example of wrong thinking (usually adorned with an editor's note to that effect).

  Moreover, though I make an earnest effort to assure that material authored
by others and distributed by my web server with the appearance of endorsement
does not do violence to my own positions, some such material will sneak
through _ this is a very large web site.

 Sometimes, I am specifically aware of statements with which I disagree,
 but I let them through because they are small blemishes in otherwise admirable
 substantial works, and because the issues are addressed sufficiently,
accurately, and prominently elsewhere in the compilation.  

Finally, note that I have no personal, business, or formal affiliation whatever
 with any of the individuals or organizations whose material appears in this
compilation, though I have exchanged email with a handful of them

the material in this compilation is distributed under the terms of 17
USC &sect; 107, i.e., without profit, to those who have expressed a prior
interest in receiving the included information for research and
educational purposes.

Movie DVD Pick  of  the Summer
I learned all I need to know about the arts in "The Blarney Stone",
"The Kiwi" & The Frog Pond "Bar's 28 years ago .ED.
In honor of  the mediocre saxophonist Mr.Alan Eager who still thinks I am from PR and  he is better artist than Charlie Parker, there is no accounting  for taste he remained an artful person I am sure. Hower grotesq his visions and delusions of grandure wete when I met him

" I am practicing with my eyes as a musician does with  his instrument."
©  2002 Adger W. Cowans

Cover: Large photo: protesters in Bogotá, Columbia; top inset:
street performance at entrance of Art / 33 / Basel, 2002; bottom inset:
 performance in Vietnam by Duh Khanh, 2000.


  or this racism4dummies

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Although this paper was written in 1993, with the increasing momentum of the reparations movement it remains relevant.  --TOPLAB Reparations and A New Global Order: A Comparative Overview by Professor Chinweizu
African Experience
Thanks  Kim                        kimnora.com

Occult , covert and internecine are not the same thing.
Edward O. Wilson On Ants and Humans
 is a well-known biologist and professor of entomology at Harvard University. His latest book, In Search of Nature, is published by
Allen Lane in the UK. articles
  If Homo sapiens goes the way of the Dinosaur, we have
 only   ourselves to blame.

For more tech info check out  the cool  stuff at links below
       Fire Ant                Ant Answer Man        Mech. Ant An Answer?
The war with nature is important now more than ever. Digital dear ticks called "Viruses" Cost us time money and grief but there isn't any goofy geeky nurd  that
 I can garrote at the end of the rainbow, there may be more Vectors from Plumb Island than we think but the conspicuous squaller that is nature is flipping us the ultimate Bone. No  mater what we intend good things can be turned into "Evil Things This Way Come." All we can do is guess what our best intentions will become. Micro cooties with cameras may help us kill very pesky critters but they can also make moot any concept  that we call the right of privacy. ED.
I don't care who is doing this thing to chickens it is an abomination on the path to
the American shark farm cemetery x-Nazi technology or modern eugenics what's
next growing fur  in the poor  and homeless so they wont  need to work and they
can keep warm under the bridges and in the abandoned buildings of old town until
we need to harvest there organs and mystery meat ... This Story isn't Mad Scientist
 Hoax it's Government funded Research with no ethical guidelines and perhaps a
 terminal type of gargantuan sadistic hubris, arrogance greed for profit and ironic
cruelty and a contempt for life considering...
 Read This Book
Industry of Identity Deficit - Author: Betsy U. Chang
... Betsy U. Chang was born in Seoul, Korea in 1954
. In 1964, her family moved to Hong Kong where she
 attended King George V School until 1972
. She holds a B.Sc. ... www.id-deficit.org/author.htm

       This book is a response to (1) the reports of the
       killing of James Byrd Jr., a resident of Jasper,
       Texas, on Sunday morning, June 7, 1998 and (2) the
       coupling of identity deficit with the industries of
       identity, which will continue to compound social
       problems while disproportionately filling the coffers
       of commercial interests.

  A True Must Read!


A Map of Yahoo! - Mappa.Mundi Magazine - Map of the Month
By Martin Dodge, CASA
ET-Map was created may
wish to consult the
research paper "Internet
The top-level of ET-Map,
created by a team led by Hsinchun Chen.
© National Science Foundation,
                   NOTused by permission.
This image is based on the ET-Map created by a team led by Hsinchun Chen. ? National Science Foundation,used by permission.

 Copyright © 1999, 2000 media.org. ISSN: 1530-3314

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David's Link Farm
how to and what  napalm not rated:

 patenting frenzy of the Internet,
bioinformatics, and electronic commerce

this also looks interesting netbility.com
no info on  this yet

The social theory of rock

The social theory of rock was elaborated by musicologist Theodor Adorno, who
 came to the United States in 1939 to head the Princeton University Radio Research
 Project. 17 Adorno writes: "In an imaginary but psychologically emotion laden domain, the
 listener who remembers a hit song will turn into the song's ideal subject, into the
person for whom the song ideally speaks.  At the same time, as one of many who
 identify with that fictitious subject,  that musical I, he will feel his isolation ease as he
himself feels integrated into the community of "fans." In whistling such a song
he bows to a ritual of socialization, although beyond this unarticulated subjective
stirring of the moment his isolation continues unchanged . . .
Addicted conduct generally has a social component: it is one possible reaction to
the atomization which, as sociologists have noticed, parallels the compression
of the social network. Addiction to music on the part of a number of entertainment
listeners would be a similar phenomenon."
The hit parade is organized precisely on the same principles used by Egypt's Isis
 priesthood and for the same purpose: the recruitment of youth to the Dionysian
In a report prepared for the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research,
 Paul Hirsch described the product of Adorno's Radio Research Project.  
According to Hirsch, the establishment of postwar
radio's Hit Parade "transformed the mass medium
into an Agency of Sub cultural programming. Radio
 networks were converted into round the clock
 recycling machines that repeated the top forty hits.
" Hirsch documents how all popular culture movies,
 music, books, and fashion is now run on the same
 program of preselection.
Today's mass culture operates like the opium trade: The supply determines the demand.

Manifest destiny & designer Eugenics with a cunning
geopolitical twist first claiming "my god is better than
your god" then decreeing himself dictator for life then
god Adolph Hitler. Remember to remember.
Nazi Racial Legislation:
The Nuremberg Laws

One of the earliest statements of the Nazi party--the policy document
of 1920 known as the Twenty-Five Points--explicitly foreshadowed
the exclusion of Jews from German citizenship (Point 4).Thus, as soon as Hitler
came to power in 1933, no time was lost in proceeding against Germany's Jewish citizens. In the early months
of the regime, they were prey to unbridled violence by Party activists during the so-called Brown Terror. Officially,
steps were immediately taken to dismiss Jews from the civil service, reduce their number in the professions, and
 curtail the students in schools and colleges. Partly as a ploy to bring order to the shameless Party activism
against inoffensive citizens and to clarify the regime's attitude to German Jewry, the two measures outlined
below were passed at a meeting of the Party Congress at Nuremberg on Sept. 15, 1935.

Two of the laws are outlined below. The third, the Reich Flag Act,
decreed the new German national flag to be the Nazi swastika flag.

                    Law for the Protection of German Blood and German "Honor"
( ED: Can we say Mitochondria DNA & Lucy)

Firm in the "knowledge that the purity of German blood" is the basis for the survival of the German people and inspired by the unshakeable determination to safeguard the future of the German nation, the Reichstag has unanimously resolved upon the following Law, which is promulgated herewith:

Section 1
Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or some related blood are forbidden.
Such marriages contracted despite the law are invalid, even if they take place abroad in order to avoid the law.

Section 2
Sexual relations outside marriage between Jews and citizens of German or related blood are forbidden.

Section 3
Jews will not be permitted to employ female citizens of German or related blood who are under 45 years as housekeepers.
Like Hitlers Grandma when she worked for the Rothshield family ! ED
Section 4
1. Jews are forbidden to raise the national flag or display the national colors.
2. However, they are allowed to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this right is protected by the State.

Section 5
1. Anyone who disregards Section 1 is liable to penal servitude.
2. Anyone who disregards the prohibition of Section 2 will be punished with imprisonment or penal servitude.
3. Anyone who disregards the provisions of Sections 3 or 4 will be punished with imprisonment up to one year
 or with a fine, or with one of these penalties.
. . . .

 The Reich Citizenship Law, 1935
Article 1
Section 1
A German subject is one who is a member of the protective union of the German Reich and is bound to it by special obligations. . . .

Section 2
1. A Reich citizen is that subject who is of German or related blood only and who
 through his behavior demonstrates that he is ready and able to serve faithfully the
German people and Reich.

2. The right to citizenship of the Reich is acquired by the grant of citizenship papers.

3. A citizen of the Reich is the sole bearer of full political rights as provided by the law.
In the subsequent clarifying regulation of Nov. 14, 1935, a Jew was defined as anyone who was descended from: (a) at least three racially
full Jewish grandparents or (b) two full Jewish parents if he or she \belonged to the Jewish religious community (i.e., an observing Jew)
 ; was married to a Jewish person; was the offspring of a full Jew (as defined in a.) or the offspring of an extramarital relationship with a full
Jew. Neither could a Jew be a citizen of the Reich, vote or hold public office .Incidentally, persons of mixed Jewish blood (i.e., half-Jews--with
one or two Jewish grandparents) were absolved from these restrictions,
though, again, Jewish observance tightened the restrictions.


this text is distinct but this will change radically in to ouchey gobeldegook

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