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I can't vouch for viability of the anti virus list below.
AVG 6.0 is a Free Edition  Anti Virus AVG+6.0+freeGoogle+Search
& there are a number of Free Firewall's at Free ware site
on the web I like& used Zone Alarm from Zone Labs Inc.
zonealarm Google+Search All I will say is it worked for me.

Do You need a backup software  buy GoBack 3.0 Deluxe,


...and it's free!
This group looks good, if you nee to send to
 lists check them out .
Processor is THE magazine
 ( a paper really) to get if you are in the corporate
computer world and interested in used stuff.
Free registration for site -

Last Update March 3, 1998 by Morris Rosenthal
Links to vendors of used, refurbished and obsolete parts.
 I compiled the list from visiting their web sites, I've never directly
contacted any of these folks ( I'm not making any representations
about their service, quality, etc.. It's all caveat emptor. BTW,
some of these folks are obviously running their own servers on
slow phone lines - try reloading a few time if you get errors.

New & Used Computer Parts And Online Auction
All used stuff, well organized, good prices.

CPU's and stuff from Pentium III on down -
 currently selling used 468 DX2/66 CPUs for $16

           Lots of ISA stuff, many newly
                    obsolete adapters -         

New and used IBM Notebook and Desktop
 and Toshiba Notebook parts -

Refurbished and second inventory
 printers and notebooks.


Refurbished Notebooks ranked by price,
 cheapest 486 based start around $199 -

Data recovery and
 hard drive repair -
        not rated

Everything in tape drives and archival
 storage, they even repair and rent stuff -
Join our EZ Systems email list
 Call  800-392-6962   714-662-4959
3400 W Warner Ave. Suite C
 Santa Ana, CA 92704

Used Cisco routers, switches and access
servers plus all interface modules.
 Don't send me your configuration questions. -

FYI you probabably allready know this .

"Furthermore, the paper computer and the coded machine may be used to call the
attention to relevant restrictions imposed by computers, as the fact that they are
deterministic, condemned to the executions of their programs, that computers donít
make decisions, but follow logical choices, that everything inside a computer must
be quantified, etc. We think that every new knowledge on technology being taught
should always be followed by a criticism on its restrictions and the behavior it
forces upon the user. In the case of computers, this is clear: when a general user
is giving a command to the machine or a programmer is developing programs, they
have to exercise a very restricted class of thoughts, in fact thoughts that can be
inserted and correctly interpreted by the computer. This "machine-thinking" must be
compensated by intuitive thinking such as that exercised when doing some artistic
activity, which we consider the correct antidote to excess of "machine-thinking" (5).