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      FRONTLINE: The Sinister Face of 'Neutrality... from individuals - including gold dental fillings extracted
from corpses ...dollars worth of gold, jewelry and art ... over $100 million millions of in gold bullion to ...
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Backwhen 4 R@wman>    MY OLD PAL  Mae Brussell Archive NewsMakingNews  
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   By C.Mingus III all rights reserved
 Backwhen, in a happier time we all knew what was EVIL  &  who was  Evil & we really  gave our
selves to the pursuit of avoiding if at all possible any thing to do with it  or THEM  you know what I mean ?
Now we all gotta get much Ice ,BMW's, Rock what ever. That diamond is you know  like outta South Africa
we forget the source of all this stuff is still  Slavery or what, I guess it's because of all of those monster films
you know  like people suffer for  fun ,who kills kids with books and bullets or songs as  sport Oh! Yeah they
 brought back Slavery first in WW2  with the Big corporation's in Germany and then with dope after WW2
because WE were for the first time a real coherent group to be reckoned with because we had a 45 auto
and M1's no crosses could be burned to make us move out of our brand new homes with FHA & veteran
loans and WE were reading And had news papers and land and banks and teachers  my mom went
 from being a house made 7 days a week to working extra jobs to put herself through nursing school
Licensed Vocational Nurse .Guess what she became after all that work ,she became the head nurse of
 the hospital that I was born in .But that old evil finally caught up with her too that hospital wanted to
"save money"  so some of the higher-up's could have two houses and two cars and pay a lot of
Alimony and send there kids to jivey league colleges.So they initiated an evil (  the Docters wanted a
 German  type efficancy Like HMO's" but they hadent ben invinted yet ) and it was her job to enforce
 it  by the book . It was a real killer a bestial deal with the devil  it was a very toxic disicion making
 process .

 If a welthy gezer had a hearrt attack or a child was shot and the chief of sergery is out playing golf or
up to his elbows in gizzerds or doing a nurse and is otherwisw unavailable,My MOM deturmened who
 got  what imeadiate care & what doctor. They called it "TREAGE " .But it finally took its toal on her sole
in the form of cancer. Calsifacation of the Paracardium her heart turned to stone! Really ,that of corse made
 it stop ... It"s The" buroacracies" it's the farty anal retintiv litte bean counters that are at it 24_7  that  are
constantly aranging the death on earth units & conceptually diluteing real life in an  attempt to process nature
 out of life so they can sell it back to us as say Vitimins. They will fail  but the surly have the US in there grip a
seond time  in my life time and now with whatever mental or phisical poision they can trick up to weeken the
 future you or me LSD,Herowin,Crack,Cokane , ECSTASY,XYZ OR  Freez Drided Mongolian Yack Spluge
what ever they are giving out free samples as usual . They are at it agan. every 6 or 7 years New crisis old
script Theyre not burning the books anymore They just dont buy any new ones .
They Never quit but nither will I.  
 4 R@wman n Mudoy