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  This is the image: music stuff

this once linked to a spactucular gallery of Eye candy or i-candy
more properly named because it wad full of larg

Your computer desktop is boring.
Click here to checkout some cool eye candy.
             Although it isn't nessarry for a page that claims brevity and randomness as it's reason for being

webz o the week

                    The Harrow Technology Report
         Exploring innovations and trends across technologies,
           so we can understand, and prosper in, a world of
               double-exponential technological growth!

but they have bikerodnkustom

not rated yet

But, your vote is only counted
 if you go there through the link

I'm down to #49. I think Choppercabras are cheating, they're up to #11.


random word combin / poems /words
the source
And the winner

 (9 of 29) [08/23/2001 5:05:19 AM]

this is the link to the page that exposes the other dirty
geens biz thatmay be off line off line off line

 The 2 links below are to a massive and well
 organized data base a good example of linear
 & lateral presentation

                            Art Buy the*$#@^&*!~ Pound!!!!
 DON'T MISS OUT, YOU *$#@^&*!~ ERS! and we mean *$#@^&*!~
business PAL

      Bata Dase        http://askeric.org/Eric/             

Bulldog focuses on the development of digital
asset management solutions designed to
 leverage media assets into revenue-generating
 digital products. Bulldog drives digital asset
management solutions that are used by the
 world's most successful media-rich
 organizations to cut costs, enhance revenue,
and increase their strategic advantage in the
digital marketplace.

Mag/Pie Records is currently a one woman operation

David's Link Farm updated 2001-04-18.


                           Poet Vince Quatroche of Fredonia, New York

The Noam Chomsky Archive http://www.worldmedia.com/archive/
     "The Conservative Voice of Today's University Campus"  Founded 1958
just in case you want to have an alt site to the Noam Chomsky Archive

The Foundation Center -
Your gateway to philanthropy on the World Wide Web
Philanthropy News Digest, RFP Bulletin,
                                                    Just click here!
The Foundation Center's Guide to Proposal Writing
There use to be lots of free ISP's consider the source ...

Puppet's Puppet's info puppet's Puppet's
Puppet's info puppet's god
    http://www.netbility.com/NET_P-51.html NEW BROWSER

not a tipical  URL
*** this is  interesting  ***
just click on this stuff and see what happens
* ** *** **** ***** ****
Possible cheep www hosting compair and see  http://www.powweb.com/compare.html
If you know about a better deal tell us so we can post it
Find a free isp  or something elae at http://www.turbofind.com/
3#D Stuff
Step by step how 2 * #D + free download of "Depth charge developer studio"
which converts a scanned stereo pair into to the .jps file type ( ready to project or
display on the web with the " vrex depth charge plunge in" .
Human Interface Technology Laboratory - Home Page http://www.hitl.washington.edu/

 The HIT Lab is pleased to announce that ARToolKit version 2.11 is available for free download.
ARToolKit is a software library thet enables augmented reality (AR) applications to be built using
 accurate computer vision based  tracking techniques. Links to check at this site: SIGGRAPH 2000
Magic Book demo (see picture  at right) and Shared Space Project pages.
( techy toyz would a roze smell az sweety  )
    Hot ! New Products not rated yet
This stuff is absolutely nessarlly
Now you can hunt with the next generation Gold Bug - - - The Gold Bug-2 - - - a
              detector that carries on the Gold Bug's well-deserved reputation as the world's
              premier nugget hunter.   Like the original Gold Bug, the Gold Bug-2 is designed from
              the ground up for the sole purpose of finding gold nuggets.
                        ( techy toyz would a roze smell az sweety  )     

  This stuff is not really needed but it would be nice if every body had all this junk !!
Private DVD theater puts a floating 6-foot screen right before your eyes. It's called sleep

... The display is self-illuminating, using active matrix electro-luminescence technology.
The computer display is sharp and readily apparent to the viewer in the .

Movie Stars Fear Inroads by Upstart Digital Actors
Old news
Tele-immersion project on Internet2 page:
If you don't have internet2 access, go here:  http://www.advanced.org/
Mission The goal of Advanced Network & Services is to advance education by accelerating
 the use of computer network applications and technology by: Successfully demonstrating
 and disseminating the  applications and  technology; Catalyzing adventurous experimentation
 and the creation of critical infrastructure and applications; Extending the evolving best practices through studies and experimentation;and Participating in the  creation of relevant standards  
and public discussions of  this subject  
Web streaming

phone hacking
... there easier ways to get ... of a trace - let alone ... down a cell site ... Hands Free. Like ... will
find Cheksum ... These numbers are ... ie phone #, including ... and various model ...
                                                                      Hovering around the fringes
http://www.hovertech.com/     Big Bukz lots o Hype

Darlene Nguyen-Ely  new work
  (starting on this page and go on for many more by clicking the small image at the bottom of the page)
            Arts > Movies > Filmmaking > Directing > Directors > W > Wenders, Wim   
UTEOTW / Welcome to the End of the World... an attempt to pay tribute to my favourite film,Until the
End of the World,and its director, Wim Wenders. Please read the Important Notes before venturing on ...
 Until the End of the World / The Logic of Wim Wenders... Wim Wenders was born on 14 August 1945
 in Dusseldorf.He went to film school in Munich ...
Until the End of the World / Wim Wenders - The Official ...
... Director: Wim Wenders Screenplay: Wim Wenders Peter Carey Director ... Colour Original
Title: Until the End of the World Original Language: English. ..
Until the End of the World - Director's Cut
... to track progress on any possible "Director's Cut" release of Wim Wenders' film,
"Until the End of the World" (aka "Bis ans Ende der Welt"). I saw UTEOTW twice ...

a r t :
  Study of Art Gives Insight Into Brain's Structure
ASCI type  ART

web art  can be fun and some times ...
Complete list of artwork featured at Jerry Jazz Musician

the name says it all
http://www.artsports.com/*** Sombody has got to do it!
Handcrafted Judaica created from Mixed Metals and Fused Glass.

A very good sounding free web the price is  right.

There use to be lots of free ISP's consider the source ...



... The Holocaust in Pictures

Pictures Exhibition -

Homepage of the artistically deranged www.neumedia.net/ pandora.
Home of the hopelessly offensive and

Fuck Farts v2.0:Links
... to come off the East Coast in a LONG ASS FUCKING TIME
. http://www.freespeach.org/deadcopsMDC,
best band ever!! http://www.sweetteenfuck.comSweet

                       Category: Business > Insurance >
                       Government Agencies > United States
 Make Money?  Is this a need or is it a want ?   Save 3$ a day 20 to 60  = 1million$ US
#1Description: Organization of insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the four US...
Welcome to the NAIC If you are not taken to the NAIC Web site Description:
 Organization of insurance regulators from the 50 states, the District of Columbia,
and the four US..http://www.naic.org/ -
Description: A non-profit, largely volunteer organization dedicated to investment education.
NAIC Online for Investors and Investment Education... you to join us as we celebrate
 fifty years of creating Better Investors. NAIC's approach to long-term strategic stock
selection leads to the discovery of good ... http://www.better-investing.org/

 NAIC Software
     ... Making investment decisions using NAIC Products is easy! Even if you are a computer
     novice, you can do the NAIC forms in a fraction of the time it used to take ...
    http:// www.better-investing.org/computer/software.html - 4k
     [ More results from http://www.better-investing.org ]


       ****** buy cheep sell dear...*************
[_____When it comes to art  that is still true ______________________________________]

Click this to download an  Acrobat document
... primarily comprised of manu- facturers,
importers, converters and jobbers ... COMPANY
Rosenthal & Rosenthal, Inc.
 is a ... real estate and art. 22 Sterling Factors ...
Welcome to Rosenthal & Rosenthal, Inc.... For more information about our sevices,
please contact us at: Rosenthal & Rosenthal,Inc. 1370 Broadway New York,
NY 10018 Tel 212-356-1400  Fax 212-365-0900 ... www.rosenthalinc.com/ -
 Rosenthal & Rosenthal, Inc.      http://www.rosenthalinc.com/
     www.rosenthalinc.com/black.htm -  [ More results from www.rosenthalinc.com ]


Cafepress A web modle biz Sells YOUR Tee Shirt &Coffie Mugs etc.
more info from google.com

       ***** http://www.guitarsite.com/classical.htm ****  

To day we discovered the name of the hole in the gitar, sound hole!!
*** Rated  3 stars   SIGHT UNSEEN
* Brice 4 users tutorials


Not the Christic Instutes law sute but Velly Interesting.

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival - Home Page
... Can Do | Contribute | Community | Book Store | Film Festival | Search | Site Map
| Contact Us. Copyright 2001, Human Rights Watch 350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor ...
Description: Fiction, documentary and animated films about human rights.
Category: Arts > Movies > Film Festivals >
My site

More stuff on the Subject of Floatingcity's Comming soon.
My stuff

The BGRG is the professional organisation for geomorphologists
 in the British Isles but it has many overseas members.

GGG is a purely electronic journal, with no paper edition

666 ALERT  Bill Gates' real name is William Henry Gates III.

hovering black triangle


 Search for a job by country, find a local branch office
 or JOB'shop kiosk, link to an Adecco online recruiting
partner, or try the working at Adecco section.
 CNN - Coke CEO Roberto C. Goizueta dies at   65 - Oct. 18, . ...
His motto: return on investment and stock
  price. "The curse of all curses is  the revenue line," he once
  said, referring to the need to be profitable. ...
  Because of your leadership position, you have been selected to apply for a FREE
 Charter subscription to DARWIN magazine. RSVP please at
And Did I say  it is totally FREE.   http://www.omeda.com/cgi-win/dar.cgi?+DEM20. Do it now!

 PC-solutions PYRAMID ValueStation  PYRAMID EPAC sound-insulated housing
 PYRAMID Sphinx PYRAMID Micro ATX PYRAMID NetStation Configuration examples

caveat emptor :
I have no idea what this stuff Really IS but the
 page "reads well" a  "good AD".
Whatever they're selling  this ad will likely do the trick.
One thing they follow the first rule of Advertising ...
#1 First GET there Attention !!
#2 then Baffle them with BS!

 looks like a Juno.com Advertising Design.


In Depth Arts - 3D and 2D Art, Desktop Wallpaper, and Software Reviews!
Gold Effect Tutorial - link fixed

                            Just added a new tutorial for achieving a gold effect or guilding using only
 PSP 6 or 7. No add on or plug in filters required. It is very short and shows how in a few
easy to follow steps.
Gold Effect
Fantasy Inspirations Bulletin Board > PSP Tips & Tuts

 earthCurves Seegmiller Art  Bryce Forum Poser Arcana  Vista Internet Products
 Toobs Tiled Textures | Home | Galleries | Contests | Reviews | Staff | Contact Us |
Other Sites On The In Depth Network: In Depth Arts · In Depth Discussions · In
Depth Downloads · In Depth Hosting · The Masters Collection

 Download Amapi 4.15   Click HERE To Download Amapi 4.15 for the PC
  Click HERE To Download Amapi 4.15 for the Mac

                   Important Information Regarding Your
                        Download - PLEASE READ

                Thank you for your interest in Amapi 3D. By now you
                probably are downloading a full version of Amapi 3D
                v4.15 from the InDepth Arts website,
  License Password  Here is the license password you may use to
                permanently enable Save and
                Exports:  24276bc07521d7f4b

                If you copy&paste this into the password field upon
                starting up Amapi, make sure there's no leading or
                trailing blank (whitespace) in the password box.

                Amapi's New Home at Eovia.com

                Amapi's new home is EOVIA, a TGS Company. Visit
                http://www.eovia.com to see what's new in Amapi 3D
                v6 and learn more about the new CARRARA too.

                Why Register?

                We recommend that you register your copy of Amapi
                3D, so that you may qualify for upgrades and special
                discount offers in the future and so that you may be
                amongst the first to learn of new features, releases,
                patches etc... You can "Register Online" in the
                COMMUNITY section
                at http://www.eovia.com

                When you register your Amapi 3D 4.15, please use the
                following registration key when asked for the
                password: A3D4DL10889IDA

 I want to 'Register Online' at Eovia now - I really appreciate this free stuff!
Upgrading to Amapi 5 or 6  If you like Amapi 4.15, you will *love* Amapi 3D v5.15
 and even more so the new v6 with its export to 3Space for the web! See
 for examples, and http://www.tgs.com/3space
for all about 3Space technology.

Contact Brian Patera at brian@eovia.com for current  upgrade pricing from v4.15 to v5.1 or
 v6. As of this writing, Amapi v5 is being offered
 at significant discount, but who knows how long
 it will last...

                Getting Started With Amapi

                Here are a few quickstart tips:

                * Make sure your graphics card has a recent (latest)
                driver (OpenGL, RAVE (Mac), GDI (PC)). If you're not
                sure, visit the website of the graphics card
                manufacturer and look for their latest drivers.

                * use the Basic Wireframe mode initially to become
                familiar with Amapi

                * use the Workshop interface with the unique set of 3
                toolkits on the right

                * use both hands if you can, one on the mouse/tablet,
                the other on the arrow keys for view control

                * Visit http://www.eovia.com and look for new tutorials
                and newsletters. Some great new tutorials are also
                posted at http://www.tgsmirror1.com as well.

                * Need the Amapi 4.15 manual in print? It is available
                for $25 plus S&H while supplies last - contact
                brian@eovia.com. Or get the HTML version
                downloaded from tp://ftp.tgs.com/Amapi/Doc/

                The TGS Amapi team thanks you for your interest in
                Amapi. Don't hesitate to contact support@eovia.com if
                you need assistance.
 Upcoming Tradeshows Come see EOVIA's latest product demonstrations at
MacWorld expo this summer, July 18-20, at the Javitts Center in New York, or
during SIGGRAPH expo in Los Angeles at the LACC, August 14-16.
 Enter your email address to be the first to know when new special offers
become available


10  yeah 10
after  the editing

Each entry on this page is a personal reference ,there will  a maximum of  10 things,
 that may be 10 categories or 10 single specific items listings not in any order but all
important & well worth a virtual  glimpse or an in the flesh view and in some cases a
regular rerun .
  Welcome to the online home Mingus Designs This site is constantly changing
 & improving with the addition of new and useful information and graphics.
 Bookmark this page & come back often to take advantage of the most current stuff.

OK so we will rate some and not others ,time is money and there is a spell checke
 that comes with the free Trellix off line web site builder so if its on this page we
recommend it .

Charles Mingus III rating method = 4 Star ****   All Top 10 all  Grade A #1
 Very Good ****    A1 Good  ****   Super Interesting Tech *****  The Rapture
more ...
No book No movies NO cloths No Work No toys No porno No food  We like this sort of thing but
Go somewhere els to find stuff about that stuff unless its really extra important and very good
and worth sharing and made by a real person or it is a really good and useful tool, no electric tape
measure or how to cook authentic Elvis Chicken wings we already have that  recipe *

Categories & criteria under consideration are  stuff that:
 Big time = Anti or Pro something we think is important.
Stuff that shines & glows = Animal Vegetable or Mineral Warning !!
Live stuff = Art  events ( I never go to ) But you might want to.
Good idea = stuff to see or do
( great net stuff = Free or worth $ ,job stuff
Conspiracy weirdo science & Paranoia stuff = Proof that is at least on the web  

 ChECK OUT some other sites while they last

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