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Hello Everyone This is a broadcast message from Greg in
 Australia  to everyone who emailed  me over the last several weeks requesting
certain albums and tracks in my vinyl record collection, and perhaps some other
 miscellaneous tracks.

I've also cc'd a few other people who might be interested.

A couple of weeks ago my turntable and pre-amp were (partially) fixed so
that I could resume playing and digitising records. I have also acquired a
copy of CoolEdit 2000 software that performs sophisticated signal analysis
 and filtering. I've been using my holiday time to engage in a frenzy of conversions
 of vinyl to CD, and hence to MP3 as well. I started with the most requested albums
 and threw in some of my personal favourites and rare or obscure albums.

The recording process is quite tedious: I clean each record with a warm damp slightly
 soapy cloth, then wipe it dry with tissue paper. I record each side as one big WAV file.
In CoolEdit I remove DC signal bias, clean a section of background noise then analyse
 it and filter it out. I manually find and remove large clicks and pops then use a plug-in
 filter to remove 'crackle' from any spots where it's noticeable (usually in quiet passages).
Finally I chop the large file back into individual track WAV files (to create a CD) and a
Fraunhofer IIS encoded 160kb/sec MP3 files on my server.

Did you understand that? There will be a test later! Overall, I'm stunned by the effectiveness
 of the filtering process. I think some of the files now
sound better than the original studio master tapes.

If you go to this page you will see the updated list of MP3 files on my

Scroll down near the bottom of the page to the two last sections were I list my
vinyl tracks, here you will find the music that might interest you. The following
complete albums have been converted:

Alan Price - O Lucky Man (1973)
Doggerel Bank - Silver Faces (1973)
Ivan Rebroff - Collection (1980)
Ivan Rebroff - Russian Songs (1976)
Lisa Bade - Suspicion (1982)
Paul Robeson - Voice of The Mississippi (1986)
Portsmouth Sinfonia - Worst of the Portsmouth Sinfonia (1971)
Spirit - Potatoland (1981)
Steeleye Span - The King of Elfland's Daughter (1977)
Suszanne Fellini - Fellini (1980)

Full contact details can be found at

I also have every Beatles song from every original album as 212 MP3 files
(220 songs) that fit almost exactly onto one CD. I've carefully checked each
 song for quality and consistency and I've named, numbered and sorted the files.
 Let me know if you're interested in this one as well.

Some of you are interested in parodies of classical music, 'bad' music or
musical comedy. If so, have a search through the web page for: Tom Lehrer
(2 whole albums), PDQ Bach, Carl Stalling, Vivian Stanshall, Florence Foster
 Jenkins (the world's worst opera singer), MC Hawking, Mel Brooks, National
 Lampoon, Rutles (brilliant Beatles parody), Spike Jones, Weird Al Yankovic.

I also have two Victor Borge LPs, but they won't be converted for a few
weeks yet. Watch the web page for them to appear, or let me know if you're
really keen to get them.

I have AudioGalaxy running for about 8 hours each day and usually all
weekends, so I hope the AudioGalaxy system registers my files and makes
 them visible in searches by other users. I don't know how to determine if
this is happening reliably, but I have some small evidence it's working because
 I've seen a few uploads from my freshly created vinyl files.
I know that some of you don't use AudioGalaxy and will need to get the files
some other way. There are multiple ways I can think of:

  1. Email me for the IP address to use anonymous FTP.

  2. Give me your mailing address and I will mail you a
     CD either as a standard music Compact Disc or as a
     data CD of WAV or MP3 files (whatever you choose,
     but a data CD is more flexible).

  3. You buy me first class return airline tickets to where you
     live and I will bring the CDs with me.

I can only send you the raw CD in a thin case without fancy labels and jewel
 case inserts. For my own collection I scan the covers and print colour labels
 on photo-quality paper, so they look like the real thing. This is very time-
consuming and the paper is expensive. What I can do for you
instead is include the scanned images of the album covers on the CDs
(data CDs only) and you can figure out how to print them yourselves.

Cheers, Greg
Full contact details can be found at