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One of the most powerful motives that  attracts people to science & art is the longing to escape from every day life. Einstein
Current works of master artist John A. Parks


KING, Elizabeth (Michigan b. 1950)    


   King's work combines sculpture, film, and installation
strategies. Together, they form an interwoven language of
physical and virtual elements. Her work draws upon early
automata, the history of articulated mannequins, and the
alchemist's homunculus. After completing graduate work
at the San Francisco Art Institute in the early seventies,
she lived in California, New York and Italy before settling in
Richmond, Virginia where she is School of the Arts
Research Professor in the Department of Sculpture at
Virginia Commonwealth University. King was a 1996-97 Fellow in the Visual Arts at the Bunting Institute at Radcliffe
 College in Massachusetts.  Her book "Attention's Loop"
was published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York in 1999.
Kent Gallery, NYC: Artist's Biographies


Disclaimer: The editors of Paris Transatlantic would like to point out that the content of this interview does not necessarily represent the opinions Paris Transatlantic the text that follows is a fascinating documentation of
 the opinions of Sunny Murray one day last November.
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  Gloria Nixon - Crouch       

  "In His Hands" 9.5" h x 13" w  © Copyright 2002  Gloria Nixon - Crouch  March 2 - 30, 2001     

                             Adger W. Cowans

  " I am practicing
 with my eyes as a
musician does with
his instrument."
©  2002 Adger W. Cowans


... Hugo de Pagano Gallery 24 West 57th Street, New York,
New York 10019 contact: Hugo de Pagano
Telephone: 212-262-2703, fax: 212-262-2927
 hours: Tuesday-Saturday

just what it says

Commercial art link

Directory of creative Russians in New York & other parts of the US
This site is not an online gallery. Artists presented here are not members of  some group
and most of them have never met each other (however, we imagine that being here can
 lead to collaborations and stuff). The main idea of  this site is to eventually become a
directory of young creative Russians in NY and other parts of the US.
Some really cool art books


not launched still in bata
         R@wman at 18
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C  u  r  r  e  n  t  l  y      b  e  i  n  g       h  o  s  t  e  d     b  y    T   P  M

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 +++++++++   Adger W. Cowans          +++++++++
 " I am practicing with my eyes as a musician does
 with his  instrument."

  Adger W. Cowans
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               To see some of his work visit  the Brauer Museum of Art ,Link address is:

 connecting. con?nect (k -n kt ) v. con?nect?ed, con?nect?ing, con?nects v. tr.To join or fasten together.
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4.[Middle English connecten, from Latin c nectere, connectere : c -, com-,com-+nectere, to bind; see
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Source: The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language,
Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by
Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
Vocabulary \Vo*cab"u*la*ry\, n.; pl. Vocabularies. [LL. vocabularium, vocabularius: cf. F.
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If you are an Artist send us your URL's so we can link to
them or arrange an exhibit  ...
2  links to  making toons with asci alphanumeric characters
so called ASCI  ART


 Get Information on picture encrypting software at :

Says they will soon offer an online gallery of visual  artists
with artwork for sale directly from this site like

            has  full directions and a contract for visual
            artists  to review. For full details, visit here.
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